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September 9th, 2007, 4:40 PM
Dr.Alvin Wicked had been a man to persue his dreams. He wanted to be better than everyone else,he had convinced himself that he was. He fought his hardest and tried his best. He had beaten every person who dared to fight him. He was also a smart man, no one dare try to outwit him,for he always knew a way to turn the tables. So, why was he not chosen? It had been a surprise to him, that he had not been the chosen one of the three life or death gods. He had not been given the power that they had. He was not a chosen one by the elders.

He would not accept it, no matter what the circumstance he would not be outdone by ANYONE. Such people shouldn't rival him. He was greatness! He was a God! His overwhelming jealousy had gotten the best of him and he devised a scheme to confront these people. Day after day he carefully planned out his revenge against the world, getting alliances, picking out each and every flaw. It had to be perfect! No one would suspect him! No one would ruin his GAME.

Years passed. It took time to create perfection but he had done it! He had created his own world, in which the strongest warriors alive would be tested and torn apart by himself and his accomplices who he had deemed second only to him.


The lightning crashed onto the ground blinding you as it struck. You felt no pain but awakened in a strange land that felt too fake to be real. You know somethings wrong.


Ok here it is. You have been selected by Dr. Wicked to participate in his game. In this game it requires you to face challenges you normally wouldn't face in real life such as beating thousands upon thousands of bugs or competing in competitions to earn certain jewels to obtain more power. You may be asked to defeat an opponent within a certain amount of time. There will always be twists and turns throughout your journey and you must accept them or the results will be fatal, resulting in permanent death. Now matter what there will always be something at risk. So here's your job: Stop him. You may join in alliance with Dr. Wicked or others and vice cersa. This RP may or may not have a happy ending it is up to you. It might take you a long time but it's worth it right? You can RP as a life/death god or a ghost, human etc. Just NO MARY-SUE's. Come on we all need a weakness right? And no it cannot be you are too strong, that is not a weakness. Most technology such as iPods or computers don't exist in this world but there is still some technology here.

Ok I will play as Death God #1 and Dr.Wicked. There are openings for Death gods 1 and 2 as well as Life Gods 1-3. You can be human if you wish or some other race. I'll just need some details on it. Try to give your character a more video game character like appeal when signing up ok? Explain their moves and and personality in detail. That will gaurantee you being accepted. Weaknesses however can be short and to the point.

Life God #1: Open

Life God #2: Open

Life God #3: Open

Death God #1: Shadow_Yue

Death God #2: Open

Death God #3: Open

Sign-Up form:

Weakness(not optional):
Rivals(also optional):

Here is mine:

Name: Yuki Takahashi

Age: 18

Powers/Abilities: As a death god she is able to summon the dead at will. She also has her dog Cerberus a large three headed dog that she can summon with the seals in her right arm. The seals in her arm also hold together the lock to the gates of the underworld. She has three basic attacks she can use two out three needing her whip. One is the Disappearing Tornado, an attack that releases the fury of a tornado in a flash and can disappear in an instant, she needs her whip to do this. Second is the energy bomb a move that allows her to unleash multiple tiny orbs of darkness out of her hands and explode on contact. Third is the chaos and fury move, in which she uses her whip to unleash a fury of swipes and whips and she basically goes crazy with the whip all the while making sure she knoes who and what she's trying to hit. One of her hidden moves is when she borrows the scythe of the grim reaper and uses the arms and chains of the underworld to crush her opponents bones and disable them from moving. This moves also uses a ot of power and can be dangerous and fatal to use. Her last move is an illusion move that paralyzes the victim and uses chains and vines to bind the, to a metal wall in which they will slowly lose sanity and begin to go crazy until their body fails them and they die.

Weaknesses: Include lightning or any other type of electric shock. Losing her right arm which is the lock to the underworld means losing control of it and all other things she has sealed. This causes massive chaos and can end up deadly for her. Also hitting her in the back of her head will result in an immediate knock out. Yuki tends to try and think out what her opponent is going to do next and how they might try to trick her so she always thinks of the most complicated plans her opponent could have in store for her. This means she does not expect simple attacks and they can trick her easily.

Weapons: Her whip,chains,and seals.

Personality: She has always been the quiet and had never been thought of as a signifigant figure. She always kept her powers hidden in fear that people would expect too much from her if they didn't. This did a toll on her self-esteem and although she doesn't act like it it she has one of the lowest possible self-esteem ratings ever. She is also a very sneaky person and that affect most of her attacks as she normally gives surprise sneak attacks. Trusting is not really a word you could use to describe her, you never know the tricks she has up her sleeve and she could very easily be tricking you. Unless you've known her for a long time you wouldn't be able to trust her. Yuki may come off as the quiet,shy type her temper can flare in an instant if you say the wrong thing. She normally blows it off as just nothing but she can be very petty and get back at you when you least expect it. She is known to be a very serious very seeing how she gives everyone a blank stare no matter what they say. She scares people on many accounts though she doesn't purposely try to scare anyone, it's just her attire. Her response to something she normally wouldn't like is a scoff or scowl. Because she doesn't like her job she never takes it seriously and gets constantly bugged by the elders of the land to stop shirking her respnsiblities.( it really depends on her mood )

Appearance: Yuki has dark blue hair that reaches to her back which she normally keeps in a braid. She has dark golden eyes and a very pale featuers in her face. She has one double peircing on her right ear, the top holds a golden stub and the bottom a small golden hoop. In her left ear she only has one small golden hoop. She wears a black cape with a hood to hide her face all the time. Under the cape she wears a gray strapless dress that buttons down the middle. It has a golden sash tied around her chest area to hide her seals in. Yuki has black fingerless gloves that shield her hands from the damage created by her energy orbs. She wears gray knee high leggings and black boots that lace up.

History: Yuki was always a plain girl who didn't like to being too boring or too exciting. She had lived far on the ocean side in a small beach house on shore. That's why when she found out about her power she kept them a secret for a long time until the elders of the land found out and named her death god #1 at age 18. She was a race of half human half spirit aliens that had fled to earth to find a new land. It could have been anyone really,even a human but they had to choose her. The adopted daughter of a sweet woman who lived by her lonesome. Being told you hold the balance of the world really puts pressure on you.

Alliances: She has an alliance with the other 2 death gods.

Rivals: She is considered an evil being among the life god so she counts them as her rivals.

Race: Hlaf human, half spirit.

Gender: Female.

Dr. Wicked's will not be put up until later.

September 28th, 2007, 5:03 AM
Sign-Up form:

Name: Darx D. Inferno

Age: 19

Powers/Abilities: As one of the death gods he has the ability to control both the elements; fire and darkness. He can summon the dead by playing haunting melodies or elegies on a piano or organ. He has a pure black wolf acting as his shadow, which can rise when it's summoned by him. His basic attacks are mostly performed using his fists, he has few attack that use weopons, and they're all pretty complicated, and use more energy than his basic ones. One of his basic attacks is his "Inferno Fyst!", an attack that uses the element of fire, his metal plated gloved hand erupts into flames almost as hot as the sun, and he runs at his opponent with incredible speed and punches the opponent, setting them on fire and badly burning them, sometimes even incinerating them. He has another attack which has the same manuvours but uses the element of darkness, "Shadow Fyst!", instead of aiming it at the opponent and burning them, he aims it at their shadow, which his fist then absorbs the shadow, which is in a way stealing their soul and turning them into a zombie-like state, which he then can control. A move which damages both Darx and his opponent is his "Chaos Inferno!", he sends a flurry of punches, with his right fist slowly growing hotter untill it erupts into flames, and his left it starts glowing with darkness, untill he stops attacking the opponent and slams his knuckles together sending a small explosion that envelops both Darx and his opponent, draining both their energy. Darx's attack "Bustar Wolfe!" uses both his wolf and himself, he punches the opponent sending them back a few meters, and points towards them and whistles, which summons his wolf from the ground and it charges with great speed into the opponent, sending them back even further and onto their back. "Thirteen Blades!", is an attack that uses Darx's large sword, he twirls it above his head and swings it diagonally down, before it seperates into thirteen swords floating above him and the opponent, he then uses each one, fast enough for the opponent to only get a glimpse of when Darx changed swords. "Hell's Gate!" is an attack that uses his scythe, he opens a portal using its blade, and sends the chain to wrap around the opponent, and pulls them into the portal and slashes them with the scythe's blade. After using this attack, Darx usually collapses, and falls asleep as keeping the portal uses alot of his energy.

Weakness: Any water or light based attack. He also has a weakness of people getting too close to him, mainly women, he goes all weak and twitches a little. He is also weak against certain weapons, like ones held by angels, or ones that are holy or what he calls tainted by holy water, or made out of a holy metal.

Weapons: A large sword that can divide into numerous swords, a scythe(similiar to the grim reaper's, but the blade is a crimson red and has long dark chain attached to the end), elements; Fire and Darkness, his fists.

Personality: Darx has always been withdrawn and silent, never telling anyone, anything. He has always been feared by his quietness, as well as people not knowing if he's behind them or not. He's most stubborn when he's argueing about something he either thinks or knows is right. When he's in a fight, he let's the opponent attack first, that way he can work out where there's an opening, what their weakness is, or where their weak point is. Whenever he's hit, he just shrugs it off and grins back at the opponent, even if they've managed to knock him off his feet, he just gets back up and gives them a smile. When he is angered to a certain degree, he goes berserk and attacks in a frenzy, until someone can calm him down. He gets very annoyed when people ask what race he is, so he just shrugs and walks off. Just him looking at a person who's talking intimidates them, and makes them stutter, or stumble over words. When a female gets too close to him, his face goes a few shades pink, or red, and he starts twitching abit. His attitude changes when he's near a female, and he becomes shy.

Appearance: Darx has jet black, spiky hair. He has glowing blood red eyes, and is slightly tanned. He has a large scar that starts from the middle of his right shoulder blade to the middle of his left ribcage. He has a strip of white tape on his right cheek, going down diagonally, covering a small scar. Around his neck is a pendant of a wolf attached to a chain, which hides his horns. He wears a black leather jacket over a white buttoned shirt. His slightly baggy black leather pants cover the back of his black shoes, which have a red flame design on the sides. He has a black fingerless glove on his left hand, and a black gun-metal plated glove on his right hand which keeps his power to a certain level, so it doesn't go out of control. He wears black sunglasses to hide his strange coloured eyes.

History: Darx was always a shy boy who didn't like to go near people that much. He had lived deep in the forest, in a small hut with his older sister. He was told by his sister that he must always wear the pendant if he wanted to not frighten people. Darx found out about his power when his sister was attacked by a bunch of bandits, he incinerated them and half of the hut. His sister barely survived the bandits, by the help of an old man who walked by the area and found the wreckage, Darx and his sister. The old man was impressed and took them with him, he trained Darx untill the old man thought Darx was ready, and announced to him that he was to be death god #2, at age 19. He was a race of half human, half dæmons that had bred into existence to become semi-elite fighters. The old man could of chosen anyone in the whole world, probabley even a half humen, half animal but instead, the old man chose him. The one who could've turned out corrupt if his older sister hadn't found and looked after him. He didn't think he was going to bring honour to the other gods, being what he was...

Alliances: He has an alliance with the other 2 death gods. He is willing to make an alliance with anyone, as long as they don't backstab.

Rivals: Anyone who gets in his way, which can include his allies, and anyone cocky enough to think he's a pushover.

Race: Half human, half dæmon

Gender: Male