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September 16th, 2007, 8:40 AM
Pokemon Hope: Chapter One

PG 13: Warning, this is PG 13, this may contain some swearing and/or violence. This is not guaranteed but is here as a warning and warning only, if you are under 13 be warned, this may not be suitable for you.

Rules: Please follow these, if you do not follow the rules you will be banned from this Role-play and will not be able to sign-up again.

Rule 1: All post must be four lines minimum, this will enhance the fun and if not followed will get this Role-play a warning, so follow it please.

Rule 2: No character control without the permission of the person who created that character, this is a major rule and must be followed.

Rule 3: No dramatic or crazy storylines, if you want to create a dramatic storyline you must pm me first, at certain points in the role-play you will be given permission to start dramatic storylines.

Rule 4: Your post must be in good grammar, to many people make awful post that really don’t make sense to other readers, use a basic spellchecker to make sure your writing is correct, the spelling is not 100% necessary but the grammar is.

Rule 5: Try to post a lot, this is not really necessary but when you are in a major part of the story and then decide not to post for long, it can cause a major pause in the role-play, if you know you will not be able to post a lot try to give your friends permission to control your character slightly, you can only give them minimum permission where they can only move your character, to maximum where they can give your character a very brief amount of speech in case you leave halfway through a conversation. But then again, this is all up to you.

No more rules: I know, that was a lot of rules but this will enhance the length of the role-play and also the quality of it, trust me, the role-play will benefit from these rules.

PLOT: The region of Summermoon, a region that exists far away in the ocean of Waveluna, never has anyone entered, or left the region. The only way you would ever see it, is if you was born there. It sounds beautiful, Summermoon, it sounds cheerful and bright, but it is most definitely not. Because for the first time, a human from outside the region will enter, and learn exactly what the region is truly like.

This man who would enter the region is Samson Drake, a nineteen year old sailor, Samson was well-built, loved Pokemon, and loved to sail the sees, but never had he found anything as great as this discovery. (YEAH I KNOW, SOUNDS A LOT LIKE POKEMON DESTINY: CHAPTER ONE! WELL IT IS DIFFERENT!)
It was a bright and sunny day, the sky was a clear blue and not a cloud could be seen, and for the first time the Waveluna Ocean was calm, usually this ocean was fierce, mighty, and very dangerous to sail. Many people had attempted to cross the ocean and see what lies within it, but none had ever managed to get through. But, like most people of his age, Samson ignored the dangers, and decided to cross the seas, he felt like he was invincible and so, he began to cross the water, bringing no Pokemon, just a small mobile phone so he could contact his family and friends.

He sailed for only half a day before he came across a huge mighty region, it was ugly and dull, but looked very intimidating, the ocean got more and more dirty as he got closer and closer to the island, before he stepped on its land he picked up the phone and began to ring his mother.

“Hello?” He said brightly, beaming happily, “Mother, I have found a region!” He shouted jumping up and down, his mother shrieked with excitement, her son had made a huge discovery, “Mother, tell everyone, tell everyone you know! Love you…” He said now becoming slightly worried as he heard screaming over the large dirty walls surrounding the region, he approached a large door, it was closed and locked firmly, their was a small metal box on the gate with a button on it, he pushed it in and it made a buzzing sound, their was then an uncomfortable silence until finally a voice was heard from the box, it was loud and squeaky, and sounded as though it was shocked that somebody had pushed the button.

“Who is it?” The man said abruptly and extremely impolitely. Samson questioned himself, should he answer or not…He thought for a moment then began to speak cautiously.

“Hello, I am Samson…An explorer…” After Samson spoke these words the large brown gate swung open and Samson walked in to what looked like a ghost town, only screams could be heard and only deserted or burnt empty buildings could be seen. He then turned round quickly, he was getting out of here, but when he turned the door slammed shut, he then picked up the phone and rung his mother terrified.

“Mother!” He shouted, “Mother help me, I have just entered the region and I am looked in and-“ The phone was then cut off and nobody heard from Samson again, and this is where you come in…

You are one of ten; yes ten meaning only ten people can join, chosen to go on a voyage and find the region of Summermoon, but this time, you are not given a boat to take you there, this time you’re completely unaware of the whereabouts of Summermoon, so what do you do? Do you dare try to sail the Waveluna Ocean, do you make friends and decide to find another way to Summermoon, or do you go alone and face whatever lurks around and in the region.

What you do is up to you.

Chose your path wisely…who knows what truly lurks around the walls that surround Summermoon…


Signup Sheet.


Here is mine...

Name: Michael Smith
Nickname: Mickey (Like Mickey Mouse), Smithy & You can name me what you want.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Description/Appearance: Michael is around 4’7, he is quite small for his age and is slim, he has tanned skin and is mixed race, Michael wears on most days a short sleeved blue hooded top with the letters GC on them, (Goldenrod City), he also wears grey joggers with the letters GC on the side of them, GC is written in small blue letters and has a master ball next to them, Michael also has grey-green eyes, and very short black hair, his teeth are white and he has tiny nails as he bites them, that is one of his habits. Michael also wears a black backpack with the letters NBT (Newbark Town) on it; this hangs off one of his shoulders. Michael wears white training shoes that have no letters on them just the picture of a Master ball on the front of them, and when he sleeps, Michael wears a blue dressing gown with a great ball on them.
History: Michael was born in Goldenrod Town, Jhoto, he lived their for many years with his mother and father, Alan and Jacqueline Smith, after ten years Michael got his first job at an early age, he worked at the local Pokemon Day-care and played with the Pokemon that where left their, when he was twelve he found a Charmander crying alone in the garden of the Day-Care, it was very cold and the Charmander looked to be dying, Michael picked it up panicking and took it home, he then got it warm and gave it a blanket, Michael noticed the female Charmander was happy and healthy after two weeks in his house, so he took her out and was ready to release her, but she did not go, instead she hugged Michael’s leg and cried loudly, so Michael kept the Charmander and named it Delight. Michael only recently (3 months ago…) moved to New-Bark Town with his mother, his father Alan had left to see his family in Sinnoh, since then Michael has got a Pidgey named Treasure, he found his Pidgey while playing hide and seek with Delight, the Pidgey was chirping happily and began to follow Michael, It would not leave him, so Michael picked it up and then it became his new friend, Michael got Pikachu when he got his second job in Professor Elm’s lab just a week ago, it was given to him as he was the only person who lived in New-Bark and was an official Pokemon Trainer, so that is how he got Pikachu and named it Sparky, Now Michael lives in New-Bark happily, still working in the lab.
Other: Michael really dreams to work in Goldenrod City, he did once work in the Day-Care but he really wants to work in one of the huge buildings that tower over it, I don’t know if you figured it out but Michael likes Goldenrod City clothes.
Pokemon: Pidgey (Female, Nickname: Treasure), Charmander (Female, Nickname: Delight), Pikachu (Male, Nickname: Sparky)

Name: Raven Blue
Nickname: Rei (Pronounced Ray), Bluebird, Blue.
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Description/Appearance: Rei is around 4’9, she is a medium size for her age and is a medium weight, she has tanned skin just like Michael and wears plain blue jeans, and a white hooded top, Rei has long brown hair and very blue eyes, her teeth are pearl white and she smiles a lot, she wears a chocolate brown bag her hooded top has a picture of a Pikachu on it, he wears white trainers and when she sleeps, she wears pink pyjamas with pictures of various water Pokemon on them.
History: Rei was born in Lavender Town, Kanto, she only lived their for a few years with her mother, she had never met her father as he left when she was a child, after four years she got her first Pokemon, her best friend, Eevee, she chose not to nickname Eevee and to let it stay how it was, as it seemed happy with its current name, Rei has given her Eevee a fire stone, a water stone, and a thunder stone but Eevee refuses to evolve, this is ok with Rei as she is happy with Eevee as she is, at the age of eight Rei moved to live with her grandparents in Littleroot Town, their she met Professor Birch who told her how to catch Pokemon, using his advice she caught her second Pokemon Poochyena, it was female and so she called it Princess, since the day she caught Poochyena, Rei & her mother have lived at her grandparents house and lived their lives as normal.
Other: Rei loves to enter Poke contest but really wants to challenge the Elite Four, even though she thinks Pokemon fighting is wrong, challenging the Elite Four would be a great achievement.
Pokemon: Poochyena (Female, Nickname: Princess), Eevee (Female, Nickname: None)

I know, the Sign-Up sheet was long, but it will make the story much more fun.

September 25th, 2007, 7:57 PM
(Questions: Can the pokemon be evolved? I don't mean high-leveled, just evolved. Also, I hope it's okay that I only have one character? If not, I'll try to make another.)

Name: Penny Delacroix
Nickname: Panda, comes from the birthmark on her face.
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description/Appearance: Just under 5'0", Panda is short for her age. She has muddy blond hair that barely brushes her shoulders, light grey eyes that seem almost blue and pale skin with a light smattering of freckles. She usually wears a blue t-shirt with a black and white striped long-sleeved shirt underneath and baggy jeans. She holds her items in a washed-out blue shoulder bag, and wears dark blue converse shoes that are coated in dust. A dark brown birthmark covers her right cheek and the side of her head.
History: Born in a tent somewhere in the forests of Kanto, Panda's hippie parents taught her to be one with pokemon. Their little tent offered no technology or friendship other than a Koffing, who smelled bad anyway. Tired of the lonely life her family led, Panda fled to start her pokemon journey when she was twelve. She's explored Kanto, Johto and Hoenn regions, raising successful teams throughout the four years of training. Her favorite pokemon, Kanna the Mightyena, has accompanied her ever since they met each other just outside of Littleroot, and they are inseparable. Boo, her zubat, is purebred and comes from a long line of Crobats and Golbats, ones that Panda bred herself. She met her Clefairy, Pii, in Mt. Moon when she stumbled upon a sort of pokemon courtroom, with Pii acting as prosecution lawyer. All his life, Pii has wanted to be a lawyer, even though non-human lawyers are unheard of.
Other: Although Panda used to want to become the Champion, she quickly realized that she was better suited to exploring the world and breeding pokemon. She aspires to be a master breeder.
Pokemon: Mightyena (Female, nickname: Kanna), Zubat (Female, nickname: Boo), Clefairy (Male, nickname: Pii)

Evil Rocket Scientist
September 25th, 2007, 8:42 PM
Also making one character, don't worry, won't do the same as your other role play.

Name: Simp cattad (yes, he has the name of two abilities, scrambled up, guess wich ones)
Nickname: Bottle (referring to his habit to always carry everything in bottles, instead of a bag, prefer to called like this)
Age: 15
Gender: male
Description/Appearance: With green wild hair, a liking for impacting colors,deep look, and weird clothes, he is mistaken frecuently as a pokefreak, however, his affinity is more towards a treasure hunter.
actually acting freaky, and simple minded, but mistaken as dumb, because he sees life as a mattter of no worries.
History: "bottle" started training his pokemon since he has a memory, however, what he called poke training was called "poke wondering about like an idiot"; however, trough his mettods he mannaged to defeat two gym leaders, marrick from wumb island, and deng, from pichen port (this islands are part of a small community near shinnoh, going straight down from twinleaf for 5 days) however, he growed to get bored and moved to twinleaf town, where he resides, and it is a good friend of the missing sailor.
Other: "bottle" doesn't belive that defeating leaders is necessary to be good, and he thinks of himself as high as a pokemon champion, just to lazy to achive it, however, he might have a gym leader level, but he thinks to high about him, but only in his imagination, not as part of his ego.
altough a treasure hunter, he hasn't fight anything besides a spoink pearl between some tree branches.
Pokemon: Hippowdown ("female, unknown by "Bottle") Cacturne (female, known by bottle when he realised she was too afectous to be a male.)
Kingler (given to him by his parent, also female.)

punch bag
September 26th, 2007, 1:11 PM
Name: John Powell
Nickname: Hiker, because of his choice of cloths.
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Description/Appearance: Just under 150m, John is a little little for a teenager. He has spikey black hair which is ussulay covered by a hat, dark hazel eyes which are easy to get lost in and tanned skin with a cluster of freckles. He usually wears a green shirt with a jacket that has no sleaves and a pair of shorts with a camoflage paturn. He has dozens of those so he never runs out of them. His bag is a simple back pack which is ripped a bit since he has had it for 3 years. His shoes are simple sandles with nothing on them.
History: When John was born, in Sunnyshore City, his dad was exploring the Stark Mountain range, looking for a legendary pokemon. When John was 2 years old, that was the only time he saw his dad, and as an apology, he brought a freshly hatched mankey that was abondened as it was not strong enough. The two became instant freinds, and in time each others self esteem began to grow. When it came to the time to leave to go on his adventure, he went to the beach first, to begin to think what he should do. He decided to become a pokemon painter, and he ussually goes to the gym to draw gym battles.
Other: Because he hasn't sold his paintings yet, he decides to battle trainers that pass through the hotel.
Pokemon: Mankey (Male, nickname: Disco, since he loves to dance), Krabby (Female, nickname: Claws), Growlife (Male, nickname: Flame)

September 26th, 2007, 2:02 PM
Name: Shep

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Description/Appearance: 6’2”, tall, swimmers build with light brown/dark blonde hair that he keeps very short. Wears a forrest green hoodie over a white shirt, with a pair of cargo shorts and brown sandals. He has a fairly youthful appearance with his clean shaven face. His bright blue eyes always stand out in a crowd. He has a dark green messenger bag that has quite a bit of wear on it. He has used it since he started training pokemon to hold his Pokeballs and various other travel items.

History: Originally from Pewter City, Shep set off at a young age training water Pokemon. He remembers little from his past other than that at one point someone gave him a Staryu (he is unsure of who, yet knows he was very young at the time). Ever since he has trained and loved water Pokemon. At 20, Shep visited a small town called Mizuteal town and was the last challenger to an all water Pokemon gym that was on the verge of closing down. The gym leader was old in age and wanted to retire, Shep’s then evolved Starmie easily trumped all three of the leaders challenging Pokemon and was offered a position at that town to lead and maintain the gym. Shep accepted after seeing how much the town relied on that gym to bring in tourists. Today, although he loves the town he decided he needed a break and is taking a few months of a sabbatical to discover some regions he has never been to.

Other: Aside from a Graveler he has obtained on his journeys, Shep is devoted to Water Pokemon and knows them inside and out. Shep’s personality is fairly stable/happy, yet has a cynical/sarcastic sense of humor. He is fairly slow to opening up to strangers as he has always had some trust issues, but eventually warms up to people and has a good time.

Pokemon: For this adventure Shep only brought three of his Pokemon with him as he hadn’t intended on doing any battling. He has brought his Starmie (his most powerful Pokemon), his Seaking (female), and his Seadra (female).

September 26th, 2007, 2:10 PM
Seems pretty interesting.

Name: Alex Rodriguez
Nickname: Scarface (due to the large scar on his face obviously)
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Appearence: http://img204.imageshack.us/img204/7245/untitled50bf7.png

He stands at 5'9" and is actually quite skinny. You can guess the Pokeballs are along the belt, but of course; MapleStory doesn't have PokeBalls.

Personality: While Alex is the type that rushes when he knows what he thinks is enough about a situation, he's actually a decent stragegist and can exploit the weaknesses of a variety of enemies. Outside of battle, he's pretty calm and tolerant of others. Regardless of his history, he still somehow keeps up this personality and doesn't end up as the cold heartless being Team Rocket is like.

History: Alex was born in the projects of Celedon City, which were pretty dangerious by the time he was ten as the Rockets flooded in. Drug trafficing was common, along with other crimes such as murders. When 15, he was given an Espeon to defend himself on his occasional trips to school, going shopping, and the such. He bonded with the pokemon instantly, and they are very close friends. On his 17th birthday, the Rockets ended up murdering his family due to interfering with the drug trafficing buisness they set up, leaving him to survive on his own. This wasn't a big deal, though it only inspired him to catch a few Pokemon and train them in order to gain some sort of revenge with Team Rocket. Though this was quickly ended as he was assaulted by a Rocket and had 3 pokemon he recently caught stolen, leaving him to realize that revenge just won't work if one grunt was able to steal three pokemon that easily... Now, he's left with three Pokemon as he plans to sail to Summermoon.

Pokemon: Psyshine [Male Espeon], Balrog [Male Houndoom], Suicune [Female]

Tell me if legendaries aren't allowed, because if so; I will edit the third Pokemon I have.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 26th, 2007, 7:32 PM
Alright, I'll join, and I'll whip up two characters.

Name: Dawson Fitzgerald
Nickname: Moptop
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description/Appearance: Dawson, despite all odds, is a rocker through and through. His hair appears black, though in actuality it is a very, very, dark brown. Not to mention messy, as he tends to keep it medium length. Although it's his mop-top hair that's given him fame in his hometown, as well as other towns he's visited. I mean, it's kind of hard to be forgotten when you're the only molotto teen in the world with straigt hair that doesn't jet out in an afro. His build is normal, and his eyes are hazlenut. He usually wears a dark grey shirt that has the words "JUST DO IT" in red. He also wears dark blue jeans that have several tears on the bottom legs. His shoes are black with several streaks of blue on them. He has a black zrconium studded earring in his left ear, and wears a chain going from his back left pocket to a belt loop near his front left side. As far as personality, he is generally a nice guy. He doesn't like talking about himself too much, and enjoys being around large crouds. He tends to get very shy. He is especially fond of music, and he'll listen to just about anything. He is generally difficult to get angry, but be careful. He has his downsides as well. He's unchilverious, and vengeful to boot: If you cross him, he WILL get you back one way or another.
History: Dawson was born in Olavine city, and it made quite an impact. He diddn't make a whole lot of friendsdue to his hair thing, but he shrugged it off. His dad was working on the nearby lighthouse, and his mom was a novelist, so their family was pretty special. One day, Dawson decide to venture out to the world as a pokemon trainer. His parents wern't too into the idea at first, but they eventually warmed over. Dawson has been out on his own for a little over two years, but he had no idea what was in store for him...
Pokemon: Totodile, male (Chomp) Miltank, Female (Milky) Houndour, Male (Howler)

Name: Sarah Clair
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Description/Appearance: Sarah is tall for her age. She wears her blonde hair in a frizzy style that jets straight forward. She wears one medium sized gold hoop earing in each ear, and wears black eyeliner. She is normally seen chewing gum. Her normal ensamble is a pink tube top that covers her whole stomach and black jeans with black shoes. the shoes have bright pink laces. As far as personality is concerned, she is a very serious person. She has no problem going after things she wants. She is also very persuasive, which works. She also tends to get a little emotional, in which case she may cry a little, but usually she's alright.
History: Sarah was born and raised in Petalburg city. Her father was a gardener for a wealthy family up north, so she never got to see him too often, and her mother helped prof. Birch with reaserch, however that job wasn't full time. (It also payed a lot) Sarah was around pokemon all of her life, so when she decided to travle with them, her parents wern't surprized in the very least. She too has been out on her own for a little more than two years, just waiting for an exiting adventure.
Pokemon: Treeko, Female (Twigs) Poochyena, Male (Fang) Ralts, Female (Mystic)

September 27th, 2007, 5:57 AM
Ok you are all accepted, I think we have enough to start this now, Ok let's begin. I will start after you start. I am working on my fanfic.

Evil Rocket Scientist
September 27th, 2007, 8:46 AM
Well, Pretty cool chareacter you all, and with your permission, I Start.

Blue.- replied simp.-the sky is definetly blue.

His Kingler made a sign of agreement,while his cacturne moved her head from side to side, neglecting it.

Hippowdon, wath do you think?.-

Hipowdon was in the sand of the beac h facing the sky, with its belly on the top, It didn't move.

You laz...-

Simp,Simp!.- A woman cam erunning to simp.

What's up mom?.-

Samson...samson is missing, my sister told me about it!.-

And where he is you say?.- said simp looking to the sky.

Wavulena ocean.- said simp's mom.


What's up with you Kiddo, "cool"?, he is your best friend, go and find him!

Right, didn't tought about it... I guess I'm going..-

Sim stored his pokemon in his pokeballs, filled them all inside a bottle he carried attached to his belt and started walking, whil her mom looked to the floor, with a "you are stupid" look.

Simp, you don't have food or anything in your bottles, and.. you don't know where wavulena ocean is...-

oh right, I think I'll have to ask Champion's lucas mom for a map.- said simp while he stared to a house.- and I'm bringing a backpack, can you get me one?.

No more bottles huh?.-

People changes.-

and simp stared at the ocean, knowing that samson wasn't really ok, for more he tried to convince himself.

September 27th, 2007, 10:06 AM
Shep held his sandals as he walked along the shore. The cool air calmed his nerves as he really was unsure where he was, but the cool ocean air always made him feel at home. The chilly water occasionally brushed up against his feet. The sound of the rumbling ocean and the occasional pair of Wingulls that flew overhead created a calm atmosphere, yet there was a lingering feeling of uncertainty in the air.

This is what I get for leaving my map at the last town, Shep thought sarcastically, smiling at the situation. Shep’s three water Pokemon he had brought along with him swam along near the shore.

Shep paused and sat in the sand. “Take five guys.” He shouted over to his Pokemon. The Seadra and Seaking decided to take the break to go explore some of the ocean underwater. Starmie swam up to shore and rested next to its trainer.

Maybe it wasn’t a good idea to leave my Graveler at home when I was at the last Pokemon Center. Something just doesn’t feel right. He thought to himself looking down at Starmie. He did need the break though. Shep reflected on his many travels with Graveler carrying all the packing load and sometimes even Shep himself.

Starmie began communicating with Shep telepathically. Starmie rarely communicated in this way, only in times of extreme danger, and it only communicate in images using its small Pyschic type abilities. Shep, of course, could only communicate back vocally. Shep saw someone in pain. He was unsure of who this person was, he couldn't see any details in the image other than the silhouette of an adult. As quickly as the image came, it began to fade.

“Starmie, what’s going on?” Shep hastily replied as the image quickly dissipated from his mind. Starmie continued to lay in the sand, unable to share any more information. It only knew what it could sense, and even though in Starmie’s many years of training, it had very little Pyschic abilities (though were decently more powerful than most Staryu/Starmie)

Seaking and Seadra floated back up, apparently finding something to munch on as they finished chewing on some sort of aquatic plant. I hope we’re ready for this, Shep thought with a smirk as his two Pokemon friends had a snack.

Cosmic Tyrant
September 27th, 2007, 10:30 AM
Dawson made tracks on a dirt road that seemed to lead nowhere. There was a mountain region nearby the road, and it looked intimidating. " I'm not sure I'd wand to climb that..." Dawson said weirily as he came upon a small town. "Whoa" Dawson exclaimed as he saw around three people outside. "Talk about desolate. I wonder where we are." He wondered as he passed a TV store. "This just in!" A news reporter said from the TV channel. Dawson quickly paid attention. "A young sailor by the name of Samson Drake has been reported missing on an uncharted region. More of this story is to come." "Samson Drake!" Dawson exclaimed. "I remember reading about that guy in a magazin article, he's very famous for alot of his journeys." Dawson quickly became depressed. "I'd like to help, but what can I do?" he said as he walked out of the city.

At this tme, Sarah was in a remotely large city, where rumer spread like wildfire. By thetie the news was distributed, everyone in the city knew about it. Sarah was in shock. "Samson Drake, huh?" She said as she popped a stick of gum in her mouth. "I've heard about him, though I can't remember where..." She said as she left the town. She was now headinginto a forest like terrain, a lot of trees, but no winding paths. "That's strange..." She thought. "This place is a little too quaint to be a forest. Where am I?..."

September 27th, 2007, 11:13 AM
Alex was walking across a thick, dense, forest-like path while reading the local newspaper that his residence in Celedon City often recieved. Every once in a while he'd read it during his nature walk. While most of it was the common news about pokemon sightings and crimes commited by various gangs, though one specific line caught his attention.

"Well-known Samson Drake, the sailor who has safely sailed across the Waveluna Ocean and reported to have discovered a region; has gone missing," Alex read outloud. He began to read the rest of it, which had some line about how it's thought the Rockets might of kidnapped Samson. This wasn't news to Alex, well at least for the Rockets part. Team Rocket was always the scapegoat the media used when they were unsure of something. If the Elite Four was murdered, they'd blaim it on Team Rocket even if it was due to a legendary pokemon.

I see... This Samson Drake was supposed to be some sort of famous sailor, then why not try to find him. I wasn't created by Ho-Oh for nothing, and you definetely are bored; I can feel that, Suicune spoke to Alex. As an incarnation of the wind and water, it could speak to anyone through either of the two methods. This one was wind, which sent a chill up Alex's spine as he felt the wind suddenly going north.

"Suicune, that's damned scary. But I might as well," the Rodriguez trainer told the legendary pokemon, directed at the part about Alex being bored. That was ONE thing Alex Rodriguez could hide pretty well, and Suicune was able to manage to find out he had nothing better to do. Well Suicune isn't a legendary pokemon for nothing.

Speeding up, Alex headed for the beach. There was probably some sort of search group organized at the nearby coastal area, and going to this new region probably won't be that difficult with Suicune around.

September 28th, 2007, 6:58 AM
Shep continued laying in the sand, his eyes closed. The image kept replaying in his mind, although too fast for any detail, the image continued to haunt him. Who was this person? What happened to him/her? Where am I?, these questions continue to plague his mind.

As the wind shifted to the north Shep’s eyes opened. That was odd, He thought as he sat up. He stared out at the ocean before him. What is it about this body of water, he thought, as he noticed some dark cloud cover appearing to head this way.

Shep’s eyes searched and saw a Pokemon trainer with a scar on his face. The trainer appeared to have come from a rough neighborhood but Shep was surprised to see the trainer had befriended a Suicune, though Shep was unsure if the trainer had actually captured such a powerful, rare Pokemon.

“I suppose I could ask him for directions,” Shep muttered, looking down at his long-time partner, Starmie.

“Seaking, Seadra, return!” Shep shouted as from a distance as he held out two Great Pokeballs. This ocean, it...feels unstable…or something. I don’t trust leaving them in it, He thought to himself looking at the Pokeballs he had in his hand.

Shep dusted the sand off his legs, threw his forest green hoodie back on and jogged over to the Suicune and the trainer.

“Hello there,” Shep said looking down at the trainers belt for a moment, Shep wondered what other mysterious Pokemon the trainer kept with him. He continued, “If you can’t tell I’m not from around here, do you have a map or something, I have no clue where I am.” Shep tried to keep his excitement of seeing a Suicune up close contained. Such a beautiful water Pokemon would make a wonderful addition to his gym.

Shep’s Starmie caught up to its trainer, Shep noticed Starmie was standing a defensive stance. I wonder if I can trust these two, Shep thought to himself, regardless, Starmie is getting very stressed out about the situation.

September 28th, 2007, 12:48 PM
Alex noticed a trainer walking over to him and asking directions. A dark cloud was coming from the ocean's way, probably some sort of thunderstorm. The trainer looked at Alex's belt, probably from noticing Suicune...

I don't really like the cloud... Normally I'm used to Raikou's occasional storm clouds, but this is... different, to say the least, Suicune "said" to Alex. However the other trainer couldn't of detected it, as Suicune quickly diverted the wind a bit before it reached Shep. Suicune didn't trust others, due to the fact she was abused one way or another for her powers.

"Well, you are at Celedon Beach. A few miles from Celedon City, and it faces some ocean... Waveluna I think... I don't have a map unfortunately."

Alex's Suicune noticed that this trainer has a Starmie, in a defensive status. A few minutes before, the trainer recalled two more pokemon, a Seaking and a Kingdra. The trainer appeared to be a water trainer, which explained why he was at this beach. Most of the time dangerous pokemon were in the forest, and Rockets often were there for pokemon trainers to attack for their pokemon.

"Still, I don't recommend going to the forest alone with just water Pokemon. Sure they're powerful, look at Suicune. But the Rockets and pokemon there only leave me alone because of this wonder, my Houndoom, and my Espeon. Even then, I get attacked daily for them; but they know to leave me alone if I have my pokemon out. Natural hunters and natural battlers, really can't be messed with unless they get ambushed..."

Suicune looked at the cloud, which still was there.

Dammit, I have a bad feeling about this... How about you Alex? Suicune asked it's master again... True, Alex did feel something wasn't right with that cloud, but he'd wouldn't bother unless it'd become necessary. He shrugged off the question and rather waited for a response from this pokemon trainer.

September 28th, 2007, 1:40 PM
Shep thanked the trainer for the information while holding out his hand for a handshake.

“I appreciate your help, I haven’t been around these parts in years, I can’t believe how different it looks from when I was a new Pokemon trainer.” Shep looked down at his Starmie, then back to the trainer with a look of frustration on his face. “I have no fear of Rocket members, we’ve run in to them before from time to time back at my gym. I carry one of …well that’s not important, but what concerns me now is what is in this ocean” Shep glanced out to the ocean then back at the trainer with a deep expression of concern.

He continued in a more serious tone, “There is something not right about whatever is out there. My Starmie has picked up on it, which is why it isn’t being very trusting right now. It just wants to get out of here I believe. But I have to admit, I’m rather curious as to what is going on…”

Starmie’s central core grew lightly as tried communicate telepathically to Suicune. Starmie was presenting it with the vision it had given Shep earlier. Again, the image was short and frightening, but it was the only thing the aquatic Pokemon was able to pick up on. There was no further detail in the images at all, still the silhouette of an adult in pain.

Shep smirked. “Wanna…check it out…”

September 28th, 2007, 2:21 PM
Name: Jake Trinstar
Nickname: Rocky
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Description/Appearance: Jake wears a white top with a large white coat draped over it.He wears white trousers and a white hat.He is around 6'3".He has black hair and blue eyes.
History: Jake was born in Cerulean City.He and his parents then moved to Pewter City and Jake found his first Pokemon there.The small Pichu was wandering around aimlessly and Jake took care of it.The Pichu was then named 'Zap' and Jake and Pichu became great friends.
Pokemon: Pichu (Nick: Zap),Tauros (Nick: Satan)

September 28th, 2007, 9:56 PM
Suicune noticed some sort of message from the Starmie laying on the sand. It relayed the image of someone likely in pain from his stance. Suicune assumed it to be that sailor from before, probably on that region of his...

"Well, if we're ending up with going to that island, we're likely going to rush in unprepared... Hm... Still worth a try. Sure. Now we'll just have to manage across the ocean," Alex told the trainer, and noticed that the storm-clouds just continued, giving an ominous feeling of fear. Turning to the forest, Alex saw nothing that could possibly be spying on them.

"Sure, we'll go. Decision, final. Seems that nothing around here that could interfer is paying attention, so hopefully there should be no problems," Alex told Shep.

"I guess you can call me Alex, and you are...?" he continued. Suicune was sure she received the full message, and analyzed it.

Seems there's no signs of what could be wrong. The person in the image that Starmie relayed to me is likely Samson Drake, and it seems it's either the work of ghost pokemon; or some stupid organization like that Team Rocket. If it is Team Rocket, becareful. Remember last time, they almost bombed the Celedon Apartment Store just for a damned Master Ball, the legendary incarnation of wind and water told Alex with a look of concern on it's face. It was a bit worried now, wheither from the clouds or the person in the image.

September 28th, 2007, 10:26 PM
Where is everyone?

“I’m not usually one to just jump right into things, but this is starting to sound a bit exciting.” Shep smiled. “…and you can call me Shep. I’m a gym leader from a region far away from this area. Water Pokemon are my specialty.”

“So how do you suggest we go about getting to said island?” Shep asked as he recalled Starmie to its Pokeball.

Shep held the Great Ball that contained his Seadra. Looking at it, he pointed out the obvious, “We could always just go for a nice swim to it.”

Shep then felt a tad tense when he saw the look on Suicune’s face. It appeared to be a bit contemplative and a bit unsure of the situation, much like Starmie. Shep shook his head and thought, Well, I need a bit more excitement in my life.

September 29th, 2007, 9:20 AM
(wow, I just noticed that this started... sorry guys, been super busy at school :3)

Panda trotted energetically along the shore, glancing out across the water every now and then. A Mightyena ran out ahead of her, tail wagging, sniffing the exotic scents and chasing smaller wild pokemon.

Waveluna ocean... she thought to herself with a grin on her face. The famed explorer, Samson Drake, had gone missing recently and Panda was itching to go on an adventure. Kanna, her Mightyena, disappeared around a bend with Panda following at a slower pace. She had no idea how she was going to cross the ocean, having neglected to bring her Wailord, but she was sure she would find a way.

Suddenly, Kanna reappeared, running full-tilt towards Panda. The hyena-type pokemon stopped just short of bowling her over, tongue lolling. Kanna growled lightly, fur bristling.

"What's that Kanna? Little Timmy's fallen down a well?" Panda said, then grimaced at the terrible joke. Her pokemon seemed to scowl darkly, but her tail began to wag again. Panda stretched, eyes half-lidded.

"I'm sure they're friendly enough... and maybe they could help me get across, hm?" She continued, and started walking quickly around the bend. Spotting the trainers, eyebrows raised at the Suicune, she strolled towards them, followed by Kanna.

September 30th, 2007, 5:30 PM
"A nice quick swim across the water would be nice..." the trainer said, noticing the footsteps of a trainer and a pokemon behind him. He had one hand ready to grab the Pokeball on his right, containing Psyshine, the Espeon which ended up as his first pokemon. "Well Suicune probably won't mind if I end up taking a short ride. She's pretty fast and can walk on water. Besides, she's my only water pokemon, and that island is a decent distance away," Alex finished, before turning around.

Behind him was a female trainer and a Mightyhena, which was staring at the trainer. He noticed there was nothing that would indicate her being a Rocket. Most of them, even the ones acting as trainers, were mandated to have a R somewhere on the front of the shirt. Good, not a Rocket. I was getting tired of them, dodging them left and right just to leave Celedon City, Alex thought, before introducting himself.

"Hey there, I'm Alex and you are...?"

Normally Alex would bother to extend the introduction, but he was raring to just go and explore that new region. He was the type who wanted to rush into things when they felt they knew enough, and that mystery of Samson Drake was getting the better hand of him. Plus there was the fact he wanted to get out of the cloud's area. There's a chance the storm is probably in this area of the Waveluna Ocean, and Alex wanted to check...

Evil Rocket Scientist
September 30th, 2007, 5:58 PM
You!!.- shouted simp at the strangers in the beach, It was a long and harsh travel from littleroot to celadon, however, his friendship with Kammy,The owner of a plane much faster than any pokemon, gave him a hand.

The strangers in the beach starred at him, one had a huge scar in the face, the other one was a shorty girl.

there he saw somewhat of a sailor, with enough musculature to the incoming task he had for him.

Hey big dude, may I ask you a favor?.-

Simp paused and started to search in his backpack for a bottle.

Can you open me this bottle of pickless?, I would enjoy to share to all of you!.-

Everyone stared at him.

I putted my pokeballs in there and, you know...my pokemon are there, and I need them to go across the ocean to do something I really have just remembered I don't remember.-

By the way, My name is simp.- said after taking a long breath.

and it is, simp has always had bad memmory.

September 30th, 2007, 6:28 PM
Panda smiled, holding out her hand. "Penny Delacroix, at your service," she said cheerfully, and her Mightyena's mouth widened in what seemed to be a smile, though it was so full of sharp teeth it looked more threatening. She dropped her hand before Alex could shake it and stretched, looking over the ocean.

"You guys after the Samson Drake thingie too, then?" Panda asked, biting her lip nervously. "I don't suppose you guys have a boat or anything?" she turned back to the two trainers, still smiling, and trying to ignore the Suicune. Legendary pokemon always made her on edge, as she could feel their immense power like a constant buzz in her head.

She looked at Simp, a little confused by his odd behavior, and decided that being quiet was probably the best answer.

September 30th, 2007, 6:38 PM
"Nice to meet you Penny. Yea, we're after that dang sailor. One day he found a new region, the next he supposedly vanishes. Meh, it's still worth searching there," Alex said, as he noticed Simp. Another person, which confused Alex. The trainer ignored it, like Penny did.

"That other trainer is Shep, water-type Gym Leader in some other city. He's pretty friendly, unlike some sailors which end up going around town, challenging people to a battle to prove their superiorty, like a certain pokemon I own... Hm, getting to that island is something we're still planning out. The main idea is to use our Pokemon... I could use my Suicune; and he has a Kingdra... How about you?" Alex finished, before looking at the island. He had the thought to just rush in now, but that'd be pretty rude just leaving the other trainers behind.

"If you don't have a water pokemon, Shep could probably let you borrow one of his for the ride," Alex told Penny, glancing at the ocean.

September 30th, 2007, 6:52 PM
"I don't have a water pokemon on me... closest I have is my clefairy, and that's only because he knows ice beam," Panda sighed and went back to biting her lip, a nervous habit. "I'd love to borrow a water-type, if that's okay with Shep." She smiled at Shep shyly, not sure how to act around a gym leader. "I haven't heard much about Samson, only that he disappeared somewhere over Waveluna ocean," Panda's smile now had a sad, resigned quality to it. "Do you think we'll ever come back?"

October 1st, 2007, 6:53 AM
Shep smiled at the young trainer. He was usually slow to trust people, but this young girl had a cute innocence about her, Shep couldn’t just leave her here. He reached into his green messenger bag and pulled out the Great Pokeball that contained his Seaking. He looked down at the Great Ball and smiled, “Now be careful with her, she was my second Pokemon as a Goldeen.”

Shep looked out to Waveluna Ocean, and looked back at Penny as he handed her the Pokeball, “I’m sure we’ll be okay,” Shep smiled, “Besides, you’ve got the best Water Pokemon trainer around and the best Water Pokemon.” He laughed looking at Suicune.

Shep grabbed his remaining Great Ball from his messenger bag and threw it out into the ocean. As the pokeball returned to Shep, Seadra emerged from the water. “I’ll ride my Seadra, she’s my best swimmer, fast and strong in the water. I used to ride her a lot to train her for speed.”

Shep casually ignored Simp. The stranger made him feel a little awkward, and there was something about him Shep just didn’t trust. I’m keeping an eye on you, Shep thought as he took a quick glance at him.

Evil Rocket Scientist
October 1st, 2007, 8:46 AM
However!.- said simp while he stored the pickle bottle in his huge backpack.

Not everyone trusted simp, and it is partly, his fault.

Simp searched in his backpack for what apeared to be a orange rubber cube, however he started to pump it with his own breath in a smal gauge in the cube.

It's a boat I designed.- Said to the others as if they were in chit chat except he was ignored.- Even your fastest swimmers can't match a turbo boat like samson's, and this is the closest you'll ever have without paying stupid amounts of money.

Simp catched a bit of attention.

the design of this boat, Thanks to my dad, boost up the speed of any water pokemon, making my slow and bulky kingler swim as fast as your seadra, this is how I'm going to samson.- simp paused a while.- and I have enough supplies to share, so...may I accompany you?.


You can neglect, accept or whatever you want, don't feel compromised, also I allow slight character control.

October 1st, 2007, 11:26 AM
Alex did notice something just wasn't right with this kid, however decided to ignore it, feeling that this trainer could also be trusted. He nodded to Simp as the green-headed trainer looked at Alex. The Rodriguez kid turned around and Suicune began to walk to the water, knowing what she was going to do. Before walking on to the water's surface, she sent a message.

I haven't done this in a while... Would be pretty fun, and hey; we finally get to start what we planned, Suicune said, using the wind as it's method of speech. A breeze could be felt, and everyone likely heard it. If someone felt the wind, they could hear what Suicune was feeling.

"Same here Suicune," the trainer told his legendary pokemon before climbing on top of her as she began to walk on the water. Suicune literally didn't have any part of it's body sink below the surface beside the silk-like lines that were apart of it. Alex and Suicune then just waited, standing a short distance from the beach, where the point the water was four feet deep.

October 1st, 2007, 11:26 AM
As Simp was describing his contraption, Shep just began walking to the ocean where his Seadra waited patiently, enjoying the refreshing water. As it began to rain lightly Shep threw another strap onto his messenger bag, making it into a makeshift backpack. He took his hoodie and t-shirt off, placed it in the bag.

Shep threw some long gloves on his hands that reach up to his elbows. This was to help guard his body from the sharp spikes on Seadra. Seadra was able to control the poison from its fins from being released if Shep were to be poked by accident, however it was going to be a rocky ride so he knew he may be bumping into those spikes and wanted some protection for his skin.

As Simp continued blowing up the boat device, Shep just continued to ignore his presence and began to hold on right above where Seadra's fins met it's back. Shep lay his body in between the two fins as Seadra held them out. Shep wasn't trying to be rude by ignoring the guy, but he just found him to be to odd to trust. "Ready when you guys are!" He shouted looking at the fellow trainers. Then looked back at Seadra whispering, "Remember to keep a look out for him Seadra..." His Seadra nodded in agreement. Shep continued, "And let's stick close to Seaking. I'd feel responsible if Seaking were attacked and anything happened to Penny."

"Bloom!" Seadra replied.

October 1st, 2007, 12:36 PM
The Suicune began to prepare to dash across the ocean, but still waited.

"Heh, don't really worry about people getting attacked when Suicune is around, often she hates seeing others except evil gangs getting hurt. So she'll try to either take the hit if it's weak enough, or will distract the enemy," Alex yelled to Shep after overhearing what they said. It was true, often Suicune ends up stunning Rockets left and right with Ice Beam when Alex was their current victim. She never really liked to see people hurt, and would keep that part of her forever. Alex glanced back at the shore, seeing Penny and Simp preparing.

"Heh, let's just hope that this fun doesn't hurt us..."

Evil Rocket Scientist
October 1st, 2007, 12:40 PM
All set!.- Yelled simp.

The boat was at the shore, moving with the reaminings of waves, in the muddy sand.

Just a problem...I need kingler..can someone open the freaking bottle for me?.-

Simp was ready to search for samson, afterall he knew samson was not quite a very intelligent person, but was kindhearted.

And he knew samson's little secret, and he was worried that samson didn't found the region accidentaly, Instead, Simp tought Samson was tricked there.

October 1st, 2007, 12:50 PM
Shep glanced over to Alex. "Well I appreciate the offer, but I am confident Seaking can take care of herself. I just want to make sure the young girl stays safe. It is my nature to be protective of those I'm around, whether I trust them or not. That's how I got my name, Shepherd, I always watch over the flock."

Shep smiled, "Though it does feel a lot safer having such an awesome water Pokemon around, my team is honored to be working with you. But don't underestimate the strength of my team, we've been through a lot of battles together, as you can imagine."

The image Starmie had given Shep played in his mind again. Shep looked down with a serious look then back up to the now thundering sky. He whispered, "I don't think we're gonna make it unscathed, we'll need to be careful."

Shep cleared his throat then shouted. "Alright Seadra! Let's get moving!"

Seadra replied, "Bloom!" and began to swim at a moderate pace to allow the others time to catch up when they were ready.

October 1st, 2007, 4:29 PM
Panda let Seaking out of its ball delicately, and then recalled Kanna. She placed the Seaking's ball carefully into her bag, then stuffed Kanna's in after it. Making sure that her possessions were wrapped carefully in waterproof material, Penny got onto the Seaking. Her teeth found her lip once more and began to worry it as the pokemon swam forwards, joined the others in the water. She rode on her Wailord often enough, but wasn't used to a smaller pokemon. Realizing that she was clutching herself hard and staring into nothingness, Panda glanced at the others and tried to appear relatively normal.

Evil Rocket Scientist
October 1st, 2007, 4:50 PM

It looked like it was Simp's new catchphrase.
Simp crashed the bottle and extracted the tree pokeballs, storing two on its backpack,Simp then sent out kingler, wich looked astonished.

Hey, Kingler, Let me tie you to the special rope.-

Already set, simp took out of his backpack a pillow and lied in the boat's floor.

I'm going to take a nap.- Said simp, and he felt bad that everyone else had to be putting attention into riding their pokemon. "they sure are used to it" tought simp.

"maybe the girl isn't..." - and in his mind popped out an image, he was riding kingler, who was slower than a turtle with simp on it's head.Simp made a quirky laugh, like a maniac that talks to himself, and closed his eyes, hoping for everyone to be ready.

October 2nd, 2007, 6:28 AM
“Seaking! Sea!” Seaking joyfully shouted as it swam through the cool water. Seaking especially loved the light rain that was falling on her, it was almost as good as being underwater. She joyfully sped up and caught up with Shep and Seadra.

Shep noticed that riding Seaking was a bit of a bumpy ride for Pen. When Shep was sixteen, Seaking was only a young Goldeen so he had never ridden her at such a young age. Well, its better than having to worry about her riding right behind Seadra’s spikes, Shep thought.

“What do you think we’ll find when we get there guys?” Shep shouted to the others, trying to help balance out the lack of conversation, he wasn’t used to having to take the initiative so he hoped he didn’t come off as awkward, but aside from his gym assistant, his social life usually consisted of his gym Pokemon.

Seadra and Seaking started falling behind Suicune. As good swimmers as they were, they simply weren’t as fast as the legendary dog Pokemon that lead the way practically dancing with great beauty across the ocean. However, Seaking and Seadra didn’t seem to mind at all. It was obvious they were enjoying the cleaner water that was purified with each one of Suicune’s powerful strides.

Shep yelled to Alex. “So Alex, tell me more about yourself.” Shep wanted to know more about these two. They were kind enough, but aside from Alex’s fascination with Team Rocket, he didn’t know too much about him. “Like, how did you and Suicune meet up?”

punch bag
October 2nd, 2007, 12:52 PM
Hiker was painting the beautiful landsacape of the sea. His pokemon were playing around behind him, Disco was pelting stiks at Flame, while at the same time Claws was chopping down a tree.
Done thought Hiker as he looked at his finished painting. It was nice, but I wished there was somthing in the backround for onlookers at the painting to stare at. Maybe a pokemon.
I can almost see the legendary Scuicine racing across it. Hiker mused to himself, when he relised that there was a Scuicine, racing along the sea like it was a clear medow, and riding him was a trainer. There were two others riding quite immprisingly behind him. He didn't know how, but he knew this, they were going to the place where Samson Drake was last heard off. He also knew that he wanted to follow them. Recalling Flame, he tied a rope to Claws. A little note about Claws, he is faily bigger then the average Krabby, but still not as big as it's evolution, so Hiker knew that he could handdle the journey.
Going down to the beach, he scavenged until he found what he was looking for, pieces of wood. Using some Spinarak's string that he had bought, the same string he used for his Claws, he tied it together to make a raft/surfboard.
"Ready Disco?" Hiker asked to his mankey, who had decided to bask on his hat. He then gave Claws an x speed, and almost flew to where the little team of rescue helpers.

October 2nd, 2007, 5:34 PM
Panda relaxed slightly as Seaking sped up, and began to scan the horizon ahead. She regarded the bumps of far-off islands with interest, but realized that she had no idea where they were going. With a mental shrug, she decided that the others probably knew where they were going, or at least the one on the Suicune did... whatever his name was.

When Shep asked his question she didn't answer, partly because she wasn't sure and partly because she was still shy around the two. She had always found it hard to talk around others, particularly those of the opposite gender.

Evil Rocket Scientist
October 2nd, 2007, 6:07 PM
Sleeping in the boat, Simp was just behind the phter three trainers, taking a lonesome nap.

Suddenly he waked up.

Guys, there is an island at the nort and we will reach it in 10 hours, would you like to rest there?.-

shouted simp, unsure if the others heard him.

Simp had a map of a bit of the area, sketched by his dad, an explorer, and friend whit samson's dad, together they discovered some parts of wavulena ocean.

and now simp just realised, he was the only one there that had a map, a map only he could read because Simp's dad sketches weren't normal, for security, he used to say, and he had the responsability to track every sign to know where they where, so he couldn't be asleep like if nothing mattered.

However he layd down on the boats surface waqiting for a quick response.

October 4th, 2007, 11:51 AM
"Well, me and Suicune met up due to a family member," Alex told Shep. "She was caught fairly by my older sister, Saira. She now owns part of the Goldenrod Radio Tower's stock and such, and I'm pretty set for life with the money she gave me. Though Saira later on sent me a present containing Suicune's pokeball. It semed my sister never really had much time as a pokemon trainer, and is becoming more of a buisnessman, or you could say buisnesswoman," he finished. He took a short breath, and was ready to answer Simp.

"Well, I don't really mind resting or not. It's more the opinion of the entire group rather than my opinion. Hey, any signs of life on that island, or technology that you know of? If possible, I would like to get a pokemon of mine that's curren-" Alex stopped.

"Nevermind," Alex said, having remembered that modern-day pokedexes normally have a feature to allow even inter-dimensional transportation incase a Pokemon Center isn't available. He didn't know how they managed such technology, but whoever works this stuff out at Silph Corporation and the like sure know what they're doing.

October 4th, 2007, 3:56 PM
What happened to the creator of this one?
Shep noticed his Seadra looking a little tired as it had been swimming a bit more in the water than when the adventure had started. Shep wasn't fat, but at 6'2, and a strong build, he was a bit heavy for a smaller Pokemon to pull through the ocean.
Shep shouted up to Alex, "I guess a short breather for my water Pokemon would be a good idea, with the wind and rain it probably hasn't been the easiest situation for them."

Seaking shouted with glee as it made a nice hop, the splash back down in the water splatted quite a bit of water on Pen and Shep.

October 4th, 2007, 4:13 PM
He quit I think and probably started it on his forum. I'm gonna have to ask him if he's going to RP on this one...
Suicune was starting to move a bit slower, in order to let the Seaking and Kingdra swim slower if needed. She wasn't really that tired, but would know the break would be needed if we were going to the island.

"I see, then I guess the decision is almost final? We just have to wait for Penny's opinion, but it's possible she's likely going to say yes and jump on the bandwagon," Alex shouted. Going to the small island would be in Alex's interests, as he wanted to see if he could get Flygon.

October 4th, 2007, 6:39 PM
I haven't role-played around here for a couple years, is there some rule now about how many you can carry in a RP? I'd like to have my full arsenal for whatever challenge we create when we get to said island (since the owner of this RP is not around)

Shep thanked Alex for the response, "Hey and thanks for slowing down, non-legendaries have their limits ya know!" He chuckled.

Shep remembered what Alex had said earlier about getting his Flygon. He decided to make more conversation, "No offense to the three I have but I wouldn't mind making a changeup myself. If we'll be spending all our time on this island, it may be better to have a bit more variety in my team rather than Pokemon that don't battle well on land."

Shep pictured in his mind his Octillery using its flame thrower against Pokemon water types usually struggle against, His Graveler easily carrying heavy items and charging through difficult terrain, his Masquerain flying above trees to see what's ahead. Shep turned to Alex and asked, "What others do you have in your party? And how long have you been training Pokemon? I wouldn't mind battling you sometime...it would be interesting for my team to battle a Suicune!" Shep chuckled.

He then pictured the legendary dog Pokemon holding Seaking in its mouth as if it were about to feast. The typical anime-sweat bubble appeared of course. :laugh:

Evil Rocket Scientist
October 4th, 2007, 7:43 PM
Acording to this piece of crappy map, the life there is " 2-2 and a Rumiant pack".

And I think it means there are 2 house/buildings, In one side and 2 in the other, I might be wrong, and rumiant pokemon must be any cow like pokemon, alltough I read once rattata is a rumiant.., nevermind.-

Simp relooked on the map, and divised two tiny, very little drawings alongside the island.

And, If I am right, there seem sto be mangoes, so we may get some stuff, and yes there is a smal sign of civilization, I think, because smoke is rising in a little zone in the island... and there are no volcanic islands in wavulena.-

Oh, you have a suicune alex, cool.- Simp just had noticed this, and one may ask, He has a vast knowledge, and with that little attention...

Hey guys, think Hippowdons can swim?, I've never told mine to do it..well to do anything..-

Kingler had a face of "yes, he is a jerk, and I'm not with him"...or maybe he was just tired.

October 4th, 2007, 9:18 PM
(ooc: haha, oops. I can't get at the computer often, sorry about my slow replies. I'm going away for Thanksgiving (aka this weekend) and I won't be back until Monday night. If anyone wants to take control of my character, go ahead? Otherwise, I suppose I'll just drop out of the RP temporarily. You can either pretend that my character doesn't exist or is a compliant robot that does whatever everyone else does.)

Panda began shivering slightly, soaked in the cool seawater. "I wouldn't mind stopping for a bit," she called to the others, careful not to betray her shivering to the others. She hated being treated special, especially since she gets a lot of that treatment from people who think that short and female means helpless. It was, in a way, mostly true, but Panda still resented it.

"I think I have some food with me.. at least I better," she grimaced, knowing how bad she was with packing. "We could dry off and stretch our legs."