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September 30th, 2007, 5:22 AM
i have a jeremy tauros lv 25 id 13579 male lonely nature
i have a jermey psyduck lv 27 id 24680 male naive nature
i have a jermey growithe lv 32 id 24680 male serious nature
i have a jermey shellder lv 24 id 24680 male calm nature

i want a jeremy or i want 6 events in return any offers write the events or jeremys down and i will pick who i want

September 30th, 2007, 5:46 AM
i have a jeremy sandhrew,and other events.what will you trade for all.
(munchlax/naughty/lv20/boy japanese)
(garchomp/rash/lv100/boy japnese)
(magby/naughty/lv1/girl with magmarizer)
(zigzagoon/naughty/lv26/girl not a gamestop zigzagoon)
note:i cloned eevee 8 times
and have all her evelotions forms.
vaporeon at lv 25
jolteon at lv25
fareon at lv 25
espeon at lv57
umbreon at lv39
leafeon at lv 26
glaceon at lv26)
(bulbasuar/adament/lv5/boy/note:has ZERO 62267 as an OT)

event sets(all legit!!)

hondew set(has hondew mew and regis)
palcity set(palcity lucario proud of it`s power)
cherish event set 1(cherish whiscash and tropus)
eigakan movie set(with movie darkrai demo darkrai and 10th deoxys in all 4 forms)
doexys speical(island deoxys all 4 forms,10th deoxys all 4 forms,doel deoxys all 4 forms,and SPACE C deoxys in all 4 forms)
gamestop/EB games barry fix zigzagoon set(ruby zigzagoon is totuched at lv15)
pokepark 06(has mew jirachi celebi and meaoth)
atograph GTS phyducks(all 3)
sunday event(has wobuffet and pikachu)
Festa event(has all festa magmar,elecabuzz,and metang)

single events
no details will be spared
SPACE C deoxys(lv73 and lv75)
wish maker jirachis 3 at lv 5 and 2 at lv 100
channel jirachi at lv 5
toys r us mew 3 at lv10 a lv42 and a lv90
ranger manaphy 2 at lv100
algeto celebi 2 at lv10
10 aniv celebi 1 at lv 70 and a lv73 and a lv100
mattle ho-oh at lv70
rocks metang at lv30
Palcity - Lucario - Lv. 50 - ID: 07157 - (quick to flee)
Stamp - Absol - Lv.5 - ID: 30821
PCNYd - Altaria - Lv.45 - 00247
PCNYb - Shedinja - Lv.50 - 00134
PCNYc - Crawdaunt - Lv.50 - 00609 lv.50
PCNYd - Gardevoir - Lv.35 - 00017
PCNYd - Salamence - Lv.50 - 00018
PCNYd - Milotic - Lv.35 - ID: 00207
PCNYa - Aggron - Lv.50 - ID: 00442 lv.50
PCNYc - Kingdra - Lv.45 - ID: 00062
PCNYc - Exploud - Lv.100 - ID: 00598 lv.100
PCNYa - Gloom - Lv.50 - ID: 00148
PCNYa - pikachu - Lv.50 - ID: 00317
Pc Tokyo - Charmander - Lv. 40 - ID: 07207 - Cherish(date:jul.27,2007)
Concert - Chatot - Lv.25 - ID: 10286
DUKING - Plusle - Lv.14 - ID: 14526 -(shiny)
ken sugimori physduck id:38793
tanabata jirachi id.07077
Pokecenter(nagoya) - Totodile - Lv.10 - ID: 51224
nagoya treeko id# 51126 lv.10
10 jhre latios
10jhre charizard
10jahre lugia
10jahre ho-oh
10jahre latias
10ANIV - Bryant - Raikou - Lv.70 - ID: 06808
10ANIV - Bryant - Suicune - Lv.70 - ID: 06808
10ANIV - Bryant - Entei - Lv.70 - ID: 06808
10ANIV - Bryant - Latios - Lv.70 - ID: 06808
10ANIV - Bryant - Pikachu - Lv.70 - ID: 06808
hondew mew at lv33 cured
manaphy mizunotami lv5 ID:12226 has king`s rock
Fan Club - Magikarp - Lv. 5 - ID: 01256
TGCWC pikachu lv 50 ID:08197
Pokecenter - Bulbasaur - Lv.10 - ID: 60211
Pokecenter - Charmander - Lv.10 - ID: 60227
US Toys R Us - Manaphy - lv.50 - ID: 09297
pokebattle/trade day - sandhrew lv.12 - ID: 13579(jeremy,ask for more info)
10th anniv pokemon.
totched pokemon.
blubasuar at lv 70 trained a little (A)
raikou at lv 70 trained a little (A)
suicune at lv 70 trained a little (A)
typhlosion at lv 70 trained a little (A)
dragonite at lv 70 trained a little (A)
tyranittar at lv72 (A)
lugia at lv 70 trained a little (E)
ho-oh at lv 70 trained a little cured from pkrus (E)
raikou at lv72 (A)
entei at lv74 (A)
suicune at lv76 (A)
pikachu at lv 70 trained a little (E)
latios at lv 70 trained a little (A)
latias at lv 70 trained a little (A)
charizard at lv 70 trained a little (E)
pikachu cured from pkrus (E)
ho-oh at lv71 (E)
articuno at lv 70 trained a little (E)
entei at lv 70 trained a little (E)
suicune at lv 70 trained a little (E)
lugia at lv 70 trained a little cured from pkrus (E)
spainsh lugia at lv 100
spainsh ho-oh at lv88
untotched pokemon.
top uk (E)
10 jahre kanto lugia
10 aniv latias (JAA)

September 30th, 2007, 6:03 AM
Is anyones JEREMY actually legit here?

September 30th, 2007, 6:05 AM
of course they are legit okay

September 30th, 2007, 6:07 AM
if you need info on my sandhrew tell me but not right now i`am going in a trade.

September 30th, 2007, 6:08 AM
Yea info would be nice. Region, OT color, Nature and Gender. Then I can make a well informed decision.

September 30th, 2007, 6:15 AM
darksteel and fattyeater i updated the thread read it

September 30th, 2007, 6:19 AM
All hacks DarkraiMaster, sorry

September 30th, 2007, 6:21 AM
how are they hacked please tell me

September 30th, 2007, 6:25 AM
the details....i don`t know it looks hacked to me..
calm natured
arrived at lv.12
often scatters things
likes bitter foods
no ribbions
current level is 12 with no EXP.
how about that?

September 30th, 2007, 6:30 AM
i will get back 2 you hold on stay on