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Scarlet Weather
October 1st, 2007, 2:18 AM
Yes, I know, Los Endos isn't really Spanish, but it sounds cool anyway. XD And yes, this is unfinished, I have to come back to it later.


Funniest RPer: Jimz(1), ACC-M (3)

Most Creative RPer: Alter Ego (2), Random_Fan (1)

Laziest RPer: chomp (1), JBCPeace (1), Drapion_Dawg (2), JBCBlank (1) Everyone who signed up for Pokemon: Neo Genesis (1)

Most "Creatively Challenged" (AKA n00biest): ACC-M (2), Porygon-Z (1), Pokenaruto (3), Drapion_Dawg (1)

Best R.P. Plot: ACC-M and Porygon-Z present "The Land of Legends" (2), Pokemon: Neo Genesis (2), Y.Z. (3), Star in the Sky (2), Pokemon: Another World (1) (I'm assuming that's what Raichuchika voted for here)

Most Creative Plot-Writer: Porygon-Z (2), ACC-M (3), Archsage (2), Random_Fan (1), Alter Ego (1)

Scariest RP Master: ACC-M (2), Alter Ego (1), Mika-Chan (1), Archsage (1)

Most Devoted RPer: Chigiri (2), Orange (1), ~Hazel~(1)

Wordiest RPer: ACC-M (3), Random_Fan (1)

Most Helpful RPer: Mika (1), Archsage (1)

Most Annoying RPer: chomp(1), JBCPeace (1), ACC-M (1) (And for the record, I voted JBCPeace and not you, Raichu you little ingrate. >.<) Raichuchika (2), Rocketmembermichael (1)

Favorite RP Character (Male): Victor Antechronos-ACC-M (1), Julius Ecruteak-Porygon-Z (1) Cathal Sèitheach Arascain = Stray – Kogenta (1), Achan Smith-ACC-M (1)

Favorite RP Character: (Female) Silence-Alter Ego (2), Tacey Edgeworth-Alter Ego (1), Kyoko- Mika-Chan (1)

Funniest RP Character (Male): John-Random_Fan (1) Most of every character created by ACC-M (1), Asylum-Kogenta (1)

Funniest RP Character (Female): Li Meiling (Plum)-Phanima (1), Juanita Sanchez-Porygon-Z (1) (ZOMG, so many ties...)

Most Realistic RPer: Kogenta (1) (With a surprising lack of competition. XD)

Most Diverse RPer: Chigiri (1), Alter Ego (1) (What's scary is that I voted for Chigiri as a joke. *sweatdrops*)

Most Creative RP Promotional Banner Designer: Zaiku (4) (All hail Zaiku, uncontested lord of the promo banners! All of us bow before thee!)

The "Most Likelies"

Most Likely to Outsell J.K. Rowling's Books Someday: Archsage (1), ~Hazel~ (1), Alter Ego (1), Porygon-Z (1)

Most Likely to Pick a Career where Little to No Writing is Required: Mewthree (1) (ROFLMAO)

Most Likely to Revolutionize the Face of Roleplaying: Archsage (1), Alter Ego (1), Random_Fan (1)

Most Likely to Start Their Own Forum: Alter Ego (1), ACC-M (1)

Most Likely to Burn Out Their Caps Lock Button: ACC-M (1), Rena (1)

Most Likely to Have Their Gender Confused: Alter Ego (1), JBCBlank (4), ACC-M (1), Drapion_Dawg (1), Zaiku (1), Phanima (1)

Most Likely to Drop a Pop-Culture Reference: Zero. XD

Most Likely to Spend the Rest of Their Natural Life in Front of a Computer Screen: ACC-M (1), Porygon-Z (2)

Cutting to the chase here, I'll just announce that RPer of the Month goes to:

ACC-M, with a whopping five votes. Runners up include Hazel (1), Random_Fan (1), Alter Ego (2), and Porygon-Z (2)

Fallen Angel_Messiah Of Black Roses
October 3rd, 2007, 8:13 PM
Poser! that is not Spanish! Lol, Just kidding.

Use El Final, that doesn't sound as cool, but it's more accurate

October 4th, 2007, 1:30 PM
Aw, now that's no fair. :< If you're going to host it, at least take the time to tally everything up.

Scarlet Weather
October 4th, 2007, 1:40 PM
Right, right, Ms. "I don't want to get involved". I have been lazy. However, since Raichuchika screwed with her votes after September thirtieth, I can't do it as accurately as I might have. I'll tally up, but some votes may be a bit off from what they once were.

And I used Los Endos because it's also the title of a song by an old band called Genesis that I happen to like, so I finally got an excuse to make a reference. XD

October 4th, 2007, 5:32 PM
Wow. I don't spend THAT much time in front of the computer. And everything else I won was a tie. Oh well. I love it.

I also love Mizuki's new theme! ZOMG

October 5th, 2007, 3:56 AM
Boo, last month I pwned the competition by not being active whatsoever, and this month, getting more so active, I only get two ties and lose everything else? ;_;

Gee, I should be inactive more often. >.>

Alter Ego
October 5th, 2007, 4:18 AM
Right, right, Ms. "I don't want to get involved".

Nyu, that was uncalled for. Votes should be tallied on time for all categories, you know, not just your own landslide victory. ;3 Let's try to refrain from any name calling (even as a joke) so we don't get a repeat of the last voting thingamajigger's hassle, m'kay? If people tamper with their ballots afterhand just ignore all of their votes. O=

Aaanyway, yay for spread votes, I guess. Victory in two categories for me. (because I don't think one-vote wins really count) Ah well...figures, this has hardly been my most active month anyway and others deserve their time in the spotlight too. x3

Scarlet Weather
October 5th, 2007, 1:18 PM
Once again, you interpret what I intended as light-hearted jesting as an insult. I need to stop writing OOC like I talk. 0_o

Point taken, I was very lazy, and procrastinated. Major Gomen.

October 5th, 2007, 3:15 PM
As long as you've tallied 'em all up now, that's fine.

And I didn't take it as a jest either. xD; It just didn't sound like a joke at all to me, but uh, since it was, I guess that's fine. Just don't jest with me anymore, because it left me in a bad mood because I didn't want to say anything. xD;; I don't want to be involved with the votes, but as the mod I still have to walk around and make sure this runs in a proper way.

Anyway, I updated the rules with a section on the RPer of the Month, so lets all scurry on over and read them, shall we? I'll probably add to them as time goes on, but for now, this'll do fine. Also, the reason I'm asking you all to PM me before posting a RPer of the Month voting thread, is because these threads might be on and off, one month might have one and the next might not, so I'll have to know when to pay attention to them and close voting threads and stuff like that. So yeah, let's all read the new section in the rules.

October 16th, 2007, 1:05 AM
Most Creative RP Promotional Banner Designer: Zaiku (4) (All hail Zaiku, uncontested lord of the promo banners! All of us bow before thee!)

*Falls to the floor crying tears of pure joy*

YEEHAW! I won something, and I get to be an 'uncontested Lord' of something, I'm so happy I could make a promotional banner... And I do believe I will! Get ready for edits later, peoples...

But on topic, I'm happy you didn't count the vote I got for most annoying, or didn't Raichuchika's post deadline edits count, which I'm guessing they didn't. She only voted me annoying, because I voted her annyoing... Nah, I'm just kidddin', everyone has rights and reasons and whatnot...

Me having my gender confused because of my love of Gardevoir, which was pretty much an obsession, to the extent of...

"Hey, ever heard of Zaiku?"

"Hm, you mean, that dude who always has a Gardevoir as his RP Pokemon?"

"Wait, he's a dude?"

At this stage, I expect,

"Hey, ever heard of Zaiku?"

"Do you mean... I LIEK MUDKIPZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!"



*The two slowly compose themselves*


Edit: ACC-M, you should edit this to the top... http://img171.imageshack.us/img171/7641/seprpeo7.png (http://imageshack.us)