View Full Version : LF: TRU Manaphy

October 1st, 2007, 5:49 PM
I have loads of Shinys including Shiny Dialga, Shiny Palkia, Shiny Uxie, Shiny Mesprit, Shiny Azelf, ect. I want the Toys 'R' Us Manaphy (the one with the Red Scarf) untouched. Post away!

October 1st, 2007, 5:51 PM
i have a tru manaphy untouched and legit with the red scarf i want a shiny dialga and shiny palkia is that okay my manaphy for your shiny palkia and shiny dialga

October 1st, 2007, 8:36 PM
In your Sig, it says that you clone with AR. If you want my Pokes, the Manaphy must NOT be AR cloned!

October 2nd, 2007, 2:26 AM
well I have one to but everything I owon is cloned with ar.

October 2nd, 2007, 3:06 AM
ill trade one not cloned with ar! it was clone 1 time with pokesav. lol