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October 5th, 2007, 10:43 PM

Sinnoh;- Quite a beautiful land. The peace. The unnatural controlled. The rule over disasters. The dormant land. The ocean. The beauty of nature; And finally, the control and balance of Dark and Light. This was only possible, due to the Pokemon Legendary Order. The peaceful guardians of the lakes, Uxie, Mesprit, and Azlef. Dialga and Palkia, the rulers of space and time no longer clashing. Disastrous control from Heatran. The land dormant from Regigigas, the calm ocean from Manaphy, natures beauty from Shaymin, and the Dark and Light order, of the four most powerful Pokemon of all; Arceus and Cresselia, controlling light, and Giratina and Darkrai controlling over dark. This, was the Legendary Order that kept peace in Sinnoh, ever since decided before the Pokemon Region's were even created.

Back in that time; In the dawn of the Pokemon World, Arceus and Giratina stood as equal rulers, along with Darkrai and Cresselia standing as Guardian's. All was peaceful, until Darkrai was beginning to get envious of the power Cresselia and Arceus held. Darkrai a dark, and devious plan to out rule the Pokemon of Light, and make the world of Pokemon into a dark void of its own to rule in for all of eternity. It soon began to carry out its plans; By first overruling Giratina's power, to make an attempt at destroying Arceus. Darkrai confronted Arceus, dark power flowing around it and pure evil in its eyes. A war waged in between the two powers; Each slowly pushing each other back. Darkrai's power was immense, almost defeating Arceus in the final shot of the Light vs Dark war; A simple charged power of light contacting with the top power of Darkness. Darkrai pushing the light of Arceus as much as it could; But the light prevailed over the Darkness. Arceus summoned all its strength; To send the power of Dark and Light back at Darkrai's power. This, overwhelmed the Dark Pokemon.

Upon contact from the Pure Light of Arceus, a mass explosion happened around Darkrai. The light began to slowly drain the dark energy, destroying it. Darkrai fell to the ground, immensely damaged. Arceus, was of course angry, about how another Pokemon of the Order could turn against itself to envy. Arceus sealed Darkrai into a dark void; Along with Giratina, to watch over Darkrai, in case it tried to get out. Concealment was the only option; Darkrai's power was too great. At the final meeting of the Legendary Order of Pokemon, plans were made just in case of Darkrai's return, if it were to happen. A Projectile weapon was made, with the power of light infused in it, with a seal of a moon crest from Cresselia. The Weapon was hidden in Earth, in the Sinnoh Region, deep underground. Though, through the thousands of years of time, the land has changed, moving the ground upwards possibly. Along with that, Darkrai's power gaining over the thousands of years; Planning for a final return possibly. Soon.... The Hour Of Darkrai Shall Be At Hand...

Where you come in;-

You are a present day Archaeologist/Trainer. Thats all I can think of. This is roleplay, you decide how you fit in with the story :D

1. Basic PC rules. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=91723)
2. Roleplay Rules. (http://www.pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=78898)
3. No Godmodding.
4. All Roleplay Posts must be at least four lines long. Comprendé?
5. Character Control is only aloud under permission of the Roleplayer due to abscense. If you are given Character Control permission, you must show proof.
6. Good Grammar, please.
7. No winning every battle you get in :0

Now that we got that down, shall we go on to the Sign-Up's?

(Full Given) Name;-
Nickname;- (optional)
Age;- (14 and up please.)
Appearance;- (BE DESCRIPTIVE, kthx.)
Special Trainer Skill/s;- (From Pokemon Training, to Science. You name it.)
Pokemon;- (Three is the limit.)

Name;- Micheal Dwench Ehstro

Nickname;- Mike, Mikey

Age;- 16

Gender;- Male

Hometown/Region;- Twinleaf Town Outfields, Sinnoh

Appearance;- Atop Mikey's head sits a hat that is literally to big for his head. If someone is looking at him from below, about half an inch of free space, as a ring. The hat color, is completely black, all of it but on spot; The front of the hat, where the outline of a Crescent Moon. His hair color, like his hat is jet black. There is a slight sheen in his hair, however. The length of his hair, matches up to about 6-7 inches, with a slight curl, covering up his ears and forehead. The eye color; Gray. His skin tone is Caucasian. The clothes consist of a short sleeved black shirt, and your average pair of lighter blue pants. The shoes, are black, with a tongue that sticks out a little, with loose laces. Around his left arm, is a spiral, with six small, "pod" like attachments. The purpose of this, is to hold his Pokeballs, though for the moment, he has three. His height, matches up to 5'11" at the dot. Due to being this height, he is thin. Weight is about 104ibs.

Personality;- Due to his dark appearance, one can only guess that his attitude itself is rather dark; Lonely to be exact. Throughout his life (this will be explained later in History) he hasn't come in much contact with other people his age. Only has he come contact in with, were his Pokemon. Whenever he approaches someone, he becomes nervous, and quiet, though he usually is. Mikey can get angry, very easily, lashing out ruthlessly. This has tuned him out from Society, a social outcast; A reject. On rare occasions, he speaks out; When talking about Archaeology.

History;- Like any other trainer, he was able to start out at age 10. He had three other family members; A mom, a dad, and an older brother, by about two years. On the day of his Birthday, he was given a Pokeball for a present from his father; Though Mikey was not to let the Pokemon inside, until a truly desperate, and needed moment. Mikey had a good 10th Birthday, little did he know, it would be the night of his problemed future. Mike was having a good night sleep; Till he heard his parents releasing sounds of pain, though they were still sleeping. They were being attacked; In their dreams. The face of a dark Pokemon flashed before his eyes; Causing him to wake up, frightened. The house was dark, and the sounds of pain went on from the parents for minutes on end. Both of the children were too scared to even get up out of their beds to see what was happening. When morning dawned, the two rushed into the parents bedroom to see a horrifying site; In their dreams, the parents were killed. By who? Darkrai. The two, looked shocked. The face of the dark Pokemon flashed before their eyes one more time; And the house began to fall apart. They rushed out of the house; Once outside, they saw their house fell apart. Their parents; Dead. Status; Homeless. This hit the two with a ton of bricks. Their entire world had just crashed down upon them. Two Years later;- Mikey and his older brother had set up a house in Sandgem town. For two years, they lived a good life. Until, on his birthday, his 12th birthday, it happened again. The brother, who had cared for Mikey for those two years; Was quickly killed by Darkrai; In his dreams. This time Mikey had no hesitation. He immediately rushed to his brothers room, but the brother was already dead. Once again, the face of Darkrai appeared before him. The house began to fall apart. Mikey stood outside, crying, upon getting out of the house. He is now all alone in this world. He waited another year; One he used for study, of the dark Pokemon, to figure out what it was. He read about the proclaimed Ancient Projectile Weapon, that would defeat Darkrai. This, interested him in Archaeology. He set out on his adventure; At Thirteen. He still has that, "Yet to be out of the ball" Pokemon, he has never released it from its ball ever.

Special Trainer Skill;- Archaeology, Battling.

Pokemon;- Onix, Lucario, ___

Obtained; While in Mt. Coronet, at age Fourteen, he found the rock to be hard. He befriended a weakened Onix in the Mountain, causing Onix to become Mikey's Pokemon. Onix is used to help with digging, but it is quite the battler.
Personality; Helpful, and nice. Possibly to nice for its own good, a good friend of Mikey. Only time Onix gets real angry, is in battle.
Moveset; Iron Tail, Dragonbreath, Dig, Explosion

Obtained; When Mikey was Fifteen, he was excavating around Iron Island, hoping to find possible clues. Only thing he found; Was a Pokemon egg, which rolled from a certain spot in the wall. Mikey left the island, and kept the egg, wondering what would hatch from it. During a warm summer, the egg hatched; Emerging from it, a Riolu. Mikey decided to take a break from his studies, to play with the baby Pokemon. A period of Three months past; Mikey and Riolu riding on Onix's head. Riolu soon jumped off; And Onix let Mikey down. Mikey stood in front of Riolu, who began evolving. Riolu evolved into Lucario, now becoming a powerful asset to Mikey's team.
Moveset; Psychic, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere

No further information can be given about this trainer's last Pokemon, who has never been released.

Have fun people~

King Cosmic

October 6th, 2007, 8:15 PM
(Full Given) Name;- Alexander Dark

Nickname;- (optional) Alex

Age;- (14 and up please.) 15

Gender;- Male

Hometown/Region;- Vermilion City, Kanto

Appearance;- (BE DESCRIPTIVE, kthx.) Alex has black hair, and dark eyes. He wears mostly dark colors, usually a black T-Shirt and a blue vest over blue jeans. His hair is short and spiked, and his eyes are almost always emotionless, unreadable. He looks like a sad person, but actually isn't. He wears a red belt, which holds his Poke Balls. He is of normal size, and doesn't stick out in a crowd. If he were to be chased and go into a group of people, it would be extremely hard to notice him. He brings a bag of items around with him.

Personality;- Alex is a happy, friendly kind of person, despite his appearance. He loves his Pokemon, and would do anything for them. He hates all evil, and if the world was in danger, he would be the first one to step up and try to save it, even if it cost him his life.

History;- Alex started training when he was 12, two years after most kids. He also started with Cubone, unlike most kids. Most people classify him as a different kind of trainer, since he started differently, but he likes to be different. Cubone evolved late, but got extra power since it trained more prior to evolving. Six months after that, Alex found Riolu's egg, and brought it with him. Soon after it hatched into Riolu, he caught a Chinchou, and both of them evolved less than a month later. Soon after this, he learned about Darkrai, and went on a journey to stop him.

Special Trainer Skill/s;- (From Pokemon Training, to Science. You name it.) He is good at using items to help him in battle, and knows a lot about the uses of them. He carries a lot of them around in a bag.

Pokemon;- (Three is the limit.) Marowak, Lucario, Lanturn.(If I can't have another Lucario, then Marowak, Houndoom, and Lanturn.)


Obtained; Marowak was Alex's first Pokemon, given to him as a Cubone by his father, a world renowned archaeologist and Ground type Pokemon scientist. Alex loved ground type Pokemon, so his father gave it to him for his 12th birthday. It evolved about six months later, and became extremely powerful.

Personality; Marowak is an incredibly powerful Pokemon, and can defeat lots of enemies, but it isn't very clever. It can be outsmarted by other Pokemon quite easily, but still wins many a battle.

Moveset; Bonemerang, Rock Slide, Brick Break, Aerial Ace.


Obtained; Alex had gone on a trip to Sinnoh when he was 13, and was in Canalave City when a strange man came up to him. He touched Alex's forehead with his palm, and a strange, ancient-looking marking appeared there. Then he passed out. Alex woke up, and forgot what had happened. He was next to a blue egg. He picked up the egg, inspecting it. He figured that he couldn't leave it, and brought it with him, leaving back for Vermilion.

Personality; Lucario is also powerful, but less than Marowak. He is also much smarter, and can speak human language. He also has the power of persuasion, and can trick a Pokemon in battle. He has won many important battles by outsmarting the enemy.

Moveset; Flash Cannon, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Calm Mind.


Obtained; Alex went on a vacation to Johto when he was 13, soon after when the egg had hatched into Riolu, but before it evolved. He landed in Olivine City, and decided to enter a fishing contest. He soon encountered a Chinchou, and caught it easily. Another trainer who had entered the contest, however, had been looking for a Chinchou and tried stealing it. Alex sent out his Riolu, and it quickly got the Pokemon back. The Chinchou suddenly used Surf by itself, and washed away the trainer. Alex won the contest and took the Chinchou, and a few months after Riolu evolved, Chinchou did too.

Personality; Lanturn is a mix between Marowak and Lucario, almost as strong as Marowak, and almost as smart as Lucario. It can do both: outsmart Pokemon and beat them in battle with power, but it uses its mind more, both for a challenge and because it's fun to mess with the enemy.

Moveset; Thunderbolt, Surf, Confuse Ray, Thunder Wave.

If I can't use Lucario, just tell me and I'll get Houndoom instead.

October 7th, 2007, 10:27 AM
Name-Chang Wufei
Hometown/Region- New Bark Town, Johto

Appearance- Black hair with a little ponytail at the bottom, eye color black, weight 185lbs, height 6'2", Wears a dark blue shirt and a pair of white pants with a black belt holding it up.

Personality-Headstrong, But very kind

History- Began to be a pokemon trainer at 10 years old, Has traveled all over Kanto, johto and Hoenn training. Considered one of the best trainers around. has spent 1 and a half years in Sinnoh, And still doesnt know how he got involved in this mess.

Special Trainer Skills- Pokemon Training, battling, Martial Artist, and Doctor (For both Pokemon and humans) in training

Pokemon- Sneazel
Obtained- When Wufei was 11 years old he came across sneazel badly injured, Afterwards he took her to the Pokemon center. After she was released she refused to leave his side.
Personality- She is a fun loving pokemon that never stays in a pokeball, And is mostly seen siting on Wufei's right shoulder.
Moveset-Focus Punch, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, and Metal Claw.

Obtained- Was caught outside of Dewford Town Hoenn in as a Riolu.
Personaliy- Hardworker, Wufei has taught him that to have something you have to work for it, kind to other pokemon and humans.
Moveset- Iron Tail, Blaze Kick, Aura Sphere, and ExtremeSpeed

Pokemon- Garchomp
Obtained- Caught as a Gible on the way to Sinnoh.
Personality- Although he looks scary he's more peacful than anything, But challange him to a battle,or Treaten and/or hurt his friends he won't hold back in a battle.
Moveset- Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, and Fire Blast

October 7th, 2007, 10:33 AM
Name;-Jake Anthony Ryan
Hometown/Region;-Sunnyshore City Sinnoh
Appearance;-Dark green eyes,emerald necklace,green stary Poketch,green jacket,green runing shoes with a red star at the botom,black belt,and green blue jeans with a pokeball on every pocket
Personality;-Hyperactive,loves to have fun,really cocky.
History;-Jake was born into a wealthy family in sunyshore city on febuary 14 and always got what he wanted and was always interested in contests and gym battles.As he grew older he damanded a pokemon and on one fateful birthday he received a chimchar the second he saw it he named in Chimy,then he decided to compete in contests and gym battles,he wanted to start from sandgem town like most trainers.so when he got his license from Prof.Rowan he asked if he could have another companion so rowan gave him a an evee that just hatched.
Special Trainer Skill/s;-contests,gym battles, his own brand of poffin

Obtained;From 11th birth day after demanding a pokemon
Personality;arogant and can smell out trainers by there lust for battle
Moveset;flame wheel,brick brake,close combat,thunder punch

Obtained;obtained from Prof.Rowan and evolved in eterna forest
Personality;Cheery and never LEAVES the battle till the end
Moveset;Shadow ball,magical leaf,razor leaf and absorb

October 7th, 2007, 10:42 AM
Wooty, I will place you under Pending.
Still need to see a History section, so we know your character's backround.

darkdragonmaster24;- I will place you under Pending. Still need to see a bit more detail in your sign up sheet.

treeko3605;- Sorry, yeah. But I quoted your Sign Up, and my good friend Mozilla Firefox found errors everywhere. So for as of now, until you fix that, Denied, sorry.

Edit;- Wooty added a History. Accepted.

October 7th, 2007, 10:54 AM
I just put my history section in. Am I in now?

October 7th, 2007, 10:54 AM
do you meen spelling wat do you meen

October 7th, 2007, 10:58 AM
do you meen spelling wat do you meen

Yes. No offense, but 'meen' and 'wat' are spelled like 'mean' and 'what'. For that reason, Denied.

October 7th, 2007, 10:59 AM
i will start editing it in a min.

October 7th, 2007, 11:00 AM
Name: Shep

Age: 22

Gender: Male

Description/Appearance: 6’2”, tall, a bit more athletic than your typical swimmer’s build. He has light brown/dark blonde hair that he keeps very short. He wears a forest green hoodie over a white shirt, with a pair of cargo shorts and brown sandals. He has a fairly youthful appearance with his clean shaven face. His bright blue eyes always stand out in a crowd. He has a dark green messenger bag that has quite a bit of wear on it. He has used it since he started training Pokemon to hold his Pokeballs and various other travel items.

Hometown: Shep originally grew up in Pewter City, he couldn’t take the life there, as there weren’t very many serious Pokemon trainers around, and it wasn’t the best place to learn more about water Pokemon, his specialty and favored type. He now resides in Mizuteal Town, a small town (Shep hates city life) where the majority of people are in to some form of Pokemon training. He is the gym leader there in this region (Oakwood Region/obviously I created).

Personality: Shep has a pretty reserved personality, for the most part. He is slow to trust people, but is generally warm and kind. Aside from traveling with some trainers here and there he would meet while traveling. He only has one friend, Ryan, whom he met when he began working at the Mizuteal Town gym. Ryan trains a variety of Pokemon however, and maintains the gym while Shep is away. Shep usually doesn’t take leadership roles, he usually lays low and is more of a support member to any team. Both Shep and Starmie always take a Shepherding approach to a team. They see themselves there to help guard the sheep. Since he is more reserved, he has a more cynical/sarcastic humor style.

History: Originally from Pewter City, Shep set off at a young age training water Pokemon. His past wasn’t the worst, but it wasn’t the greatest. Shep hated life in Pewter City, it was dry and boring for a youngster who desired to be a Pokemon gym leader. He didn’t hate his parents, but they really didn’t connect with each other, so Shep didn’t have the strongest relationship or ties to them. However, he grew a much greater respect for his parents when he was young (about 7) his mother gave him a Staryu she purchased while vacationing. He was too young to begin training yet, but as soon as he turned 10, his parents let him go to make his dreams of becoming a gym leader true.
Ever since he has trained and loved water Pokemon. At 20, Shep visited a small town called Mizuteal town and was the last challenger to an all water Pokemon gym that was on the verge of closing down. The gym leader was old in age and wanted to retire, Shep’s then evolved Starmie easily trumped all three of the leaders challenging Pokemon and was offered a position at that town to lead and maintain the gym. Shep accepted after seeing how much the town relied on that gym to bring in tourists and as a center for the local trainers and breeders to come use its facilities free of charge. Today, although he loves the town he decided he needed a break and is taking a few months of a sabbatical to discover some regions he has never been to. Shep decided to head of to the Sinnoh region as it is the furthest from the Oakwood region than the Jhoto and Kanto regions, plus Shep has little desires to visit the Pewter area ever again.

Pokemon Obtained: As you can see from my Avatar Shep trains a variety of water Pokemon, and only one non-Water type, his Graveler early in his adventures traveling through Mt. Moon. However for this journey Shep has only brought three Pokemon with him as he hadn’t intended on doing much battling.

Starmie-his first, oldest, and most powerful Pokemon. As Starmie is quite the seasoned fighter it hasn’t lost too many battles in recent years. It’s personality takes mostly after Shep’s as they grew up together. Shep talks to his Starmie often as Starmie uses its psychic abilities to communicate back through images and emotion. Starmie is very protective, especially over the rest of Shep’s Pokemon.
Moveset: Pyschic, Thunderbolt, Hydro Pump, and Recover

Octillery-Shep hasn’t had his Octillery for too long, minus a Masquerain a friend gave to him as a Surskit two years ago, it is the Pokemon Shep has had the least amount of time with. Shep got it around three-four years ago but it has proved to be a vital part of Shep’s team as its variety of abilities prove useful against many different Pokemon types. It has a very calm personality, and other than Shep it doesn’t really socialize with any other Pokemon or people. It only trusts Shep and the rest of the team. However, other than Starmie, Octillery doesn’t really communicate much with the rest of the team. Many think he looks a bit depressed, however, his eyes just give that impression, he’s just a bit of a loner. However, like all of Shep’s Pokemon, it respects Shep and does what it can to be a team player when it needs to be.
Moveset: Flamethrower, Energy Ball, Water Gun, and Charge Beam

Seaking-Shep’s second Pokemon he caught as a Goldeen quite quickly while fishing near Cerulean City. Shep is pretty close to Seaking as it represents the first obstacle he faced as a trainer. She is a strong Pokemon that is very happy go lucky. However, when its time to battle she’s ruthless, tearing her enemy limb to limb. Shep has worked on her to calm her down a bit in battle, but she has a fighting spirit when faced with a challenge, her Horn Drill has ended battles near record setting gym times. Many regulars to the gym say she’s quite a different Pokemon when a challenger comes. Normally she’s kind to gym visitors and allows them to feed her, however, if she finds out the visitor is going to be a challenger, Seaking keeps far away.
Moveset: Blizzard, Horn Drill, Hyper Beam, Aqua Ring

October 7th, 2007, 11:05 AM
okay check it again i corrected my repulsive speeling

October 7th, 2007, 11:10 AM
treeko3605, you had to have someone else correct your spelling, meaning you didn't correct it yourself. Sorry, can't have someone like that in my roleplay. Denied.

Edit;- shep, excellent sign up. Accepted 8D

October 7th, 2007, 11:12 AM
hey cut me some slack im only 9 and most word i use are to complex for me to spell and i do it to save time

October 7th, 2007, 11:13 AM
Let him join he's almost half our age.

October 7th, 2007, 11:13 AM
Full Name: Ezekiel Zealus

Age (14-15 and up, please.)- 16

Nickname (optional)- Zeke

Special Trainer Skills- Knows a lot about the history of Pokemon.

Gender- Male

Appearance- If you ever saw Zeke, you'd most likely classify him as "emo". And you're probably right. He always has his orange hooded sweatshirt on so very little people have seen his spiky, red hair. As the hood covers the top portion of his face, a black bandanna is tied around his face and blocks everything else except his eyes, which is the only visible thing on his face. If his personality doesn't drive you away, the sight of those crimson red eyes will. His green cargo pants seem to be the only thing that can fit his long, slender figure, as that's all that he ever wears. He also wears black and white sneakers, but they are very worn out.

Personality- As stated previously, Zeke tends to be very "emo" at times. He rarely talks to people whom he has no business with. He gets very bored of things easily so he tends end battles and conversations quickly. At times, he can be ruthless in battles just so he can move on his journey. If he does come to a situation that requires a lot of time, he'd probably just quit. The only beings he feels comfortable around are his Pokemon, and even they get on his nerves at times. On the subject on Pokemon, he is very knowledgably although very little people know this.

History- The reason for his personality is his rough childhood. His father was extremely abusive and his mother was barely ever home. He and his sister were forced to fend for each other. That is, until his drunk father got in to a car accident with his sister in the front seat. Both died on impact and his mother refused to be his guardian if she were to do it alone. He was sent to his uncle in Sinnoh to live the rest of his life and eventually, begin his journey. Although his uncle was a nice man, Zeke's childhood had already taken a toll on his conscious and he was left to deal with the pain. He spent two years at a Pokemon academy before going off on a journey at the age of twelve.

Home Region- Hoenn

Pokemon at hand (No more than three.)- Monferno, Vibrava

Poke-nickname (optional)- Fern
Gender (if one)- Female
Poke-personality- Very talkative and energetic, she gets on Zeke’s nerves a lot. She doesn't get along with Flint, Zeke's Flygon, but the two have helped each other out in tight situations.
Obtained- Chimchar was the Pokemon given to him by Professor Rowan.
Moveset- Blaze Kick, Counter, Mach Punch, Dig

Poke-nickname- Flint
Gender- Male
Personality- Almost as "emo" as Zeke, if not more. He desperately misses his original owner and compensates by doing his best for Zeke.
Obtained: As a Trapinch, he was Zeke's sister's pet back in Hoenn. Zeke was able to have him tag along on the trip to Sinnoh.
Moveset- Dragonbreath, Gust, Faint Attack, Sand Tomb

EDIT- Forgot to spellcheck. Finished now

October 7th, 2007, 11:18 AM
Let him join he's almost half our age.me or some one differant? if me thanks for standin up for me

October 7th, 2007, 11:19 AM
Glajummy, excellent sign up. Accepted.

darkdragonmaster24 and treeko3605; Don't defend the denied; And stop posting in this thread, please. You will not be able to change my mind, sorry. And darkdragonmaster24, you are off of pending and into denied. I will not tolerate defending the denied. This is my roleplay.

October 7th, 2007, 11:19 AM
Is it me or is every characters a male. I mean we need at least one girl.

October 7th, 2007, 12:02 PM
(sorry for a delayed reply; FF isn't loading.)

treeki3605, I am pretty sure I asked you not to post in this thread anymore. Though that is your last post, I would appreciate it if both you and darkdragonmaster24 would not post in this thread anymore, as you are both denied.

October 7th, 2007, 12:31 PM
Need a girl? Well, here I am!

Name;- Nicole Alexandria Smith
Nickname;- Nikki, but prefers Nicole
Age;- 17
Gender;- female
Hometown/Region;- Sunyshore City, Sinnoh
Appearance;- Nicole is what most people would call "attractive". Her hair is thick, dirty blonde hair about a foot past her shoulders. Her eyes are sky blue, and she has a bit of a tan. She is about 5' 5" and weighs around 90 lbs. Nicole's clothing is: a dark blue jean miniskirt, a pink sleeveless shirt, and black flip-flops. She wears a gold ankor neclace.
Personality;- Nicole is actually rather mysterious; little is known about her. She is rather modest and quiet. She is somewhat depressed because of her past, and has rather low self-esteem. Deep down inside, she is rather friendly and socialable, but just needs friends to open up to.
History;- Nicole was abandoned out on the streets when she was 5. Up until she was around 10 years old, she was all alone. She was adopted by many families, but normally ran away because they weren't very nice. She currently has a very rich family, but they don't say simple things like, "I love you." That much. She is thinking of running away from them, but is afraid she won't find anyone else.
Special Trainer Skill/s;- Nicole is an acceptionally good Pokemon trainer/coordinater/.
Pokemon;- Persain, Ninetales, Houndoom

Persain (Kitty)
Obtained; Kitty was obtained as a Meowth. Unlike most kids in Sinnoh who had Chimchar, Piplup, or Turtwig as their starter at age 10, Nicole got a Meowth at age 7. She got Kitty when she was out on the streets, and until she stole a Pokeball from a local mart 3 months later, which was when Kitty evolved, she normally rode in Nicole's shoulder.
Personality; Kitty is a bit of a showoff. She can a bit of a jerk, but will respect you very much if you earn it. She is also very sneaky, because back when Nicole had no money, she often assisted in the theft of objects.
Moveset; Slash, Water Pulse, Shadow Ball, Bite

Ninetales (Blaze)
Obtained; Blaze was obtained when Nicole was 11 years old. She started following her around, and when Nicole finally noticed, she relized that Blaze wouldn't be a bad addition to her team. Because of this, she caught her. About a year later, Nicole stole a fire stone and used it to evolve Blaze.
Personality; Blaze has a very similar personality to Nicole. Beautiful but misunderstood, and rather confidential, and even somewhat depressed. Unlike Nicole who is normally rather serious however, Blaze normally is very playful.
Moveset; Flamethrower, Dig, Quick Attack, Roar

Houndoom (Doom)
Obtained; Nicole obtained Doom as a Houndour at age 14. He was traded for Nicole's Charmander, who often ran away and never listened to her. He evolved soon after.
Personality; Doom isn't the kind of Pokemon you want to make mad. Don't get me wrong, when it comes to female Pokemon, he is a gentleman, but when a male Pokemon makes him mad, its a scary sight. He is rather vengeful.
Moveset; Fire Blast, Crunch, Shadow Ball, Dig

Wow, this is like, my 1st team without a Raichu...

Hope it's good enough...

October 7th, 2007, 12:38 PM
And you are right it is. Great sign up sheet raichuchika, accepted 8D

Cosmic Tyrant
October 7th, 2007, 1:54 PM
Name;- Terrence Coture
Nickname;- Terry
Gender;- Male
Hometown/Region;- Mauville city, Houen

Appearance;- Terrance has an appearance that intimadates, plain and simple. His long blonde hair sweeps to his lower back and he has tied it into a ponytail using a black band, and his bangs go near his eyes. His eyes are a brilliant blue. His body tone is somewht muscular, and his skin is very fair. He wears a dark grey tanktop with a black denim vest over it, the vest having a bit of wear and tear on it. He also wears black jeans, the jeans being torn on the bottoms, and black combat boots. Other things to note on his appearance are black knuckle gloves, black make-up he wears around his eyes (No he's not gay) A black zirconium studded earring in his left ear, a black bandana he occasionally wears if the circumstances are right, and a silver chain with three pendants: One that is the shape of a skull, one that resembles the male symbol, and one that looks like a flying dragon, from left to right.

Personality;-Terrance, for the most part, is a biker. He loves to show off his dominance in anything he accells at. And for the most part, he is usually able to back up his arrogance. Some say that Terrence isn't trusting or caring enough, and that may be true. See, Terrene is in a phase where everything he does is considered "tough" or "manly", so he tends to act on what he thinks a "real man" would do. His macho pride has set himself away from a lot of his peers, but he has always had a few admirers, the latter of them being sixteen year old fan girls. Terrance also has a lust for power and violence, so that, along with his obsessive arrogence, has fuled a love for fighting.

History;- The thing about Terrence that people seem to miss is that he doesn't really have a birth town. You see, his parents were on a deep sea exploration when his mother went into labor, so Terrence was literally born in the bottom of the sea. But they lived in Mauville, so that's what they tell everybody else: That Terrence was born in a hospital, just like everybody else. His father was probably the one individual that fueled his personality. They did everything together, watching shows, fixing choppers, you name it. When Terrence was 10, his father opted him ho go see the world with pokemon. Terrence was a little unsure at first, but when he eventually warmed over, he was happy. Terrence has been busy ever since.
Special Trainer Skill/s;- Terrence has a licence to drive a motorcycle, and on top of that has a motorcycle to use it with.

Pokemon; Feraligatr, Clefairy

Pokemon;- Feraligatr
Obtained; When Terrence ws first beginning, he ran into a breeder who randomly gave him a pokemon egg and said "I can't give this egg the care it needs to hatch. You take it!" So terry carried it around, just waiting for it to hatch. Once the Totodile came out of the egg, he made sure to give it lots of care and love. Now, Terrence and Feraligatr are inseperable.
Personality; Feraligatr tends to use it's superior power rather than it's wits in order to win battles. Not that Feraligatr is dumb, it's just that Feraligatr has more use for brawn than brains in the battlefield. Feraligatr rarely loses his matches, but when he does, he tend's to get a bit emotional. But Feraligatr always seems to snap out of it just fine, and then it's back to battling.
Moveset; Aqua Tail, Crunch, Superpower, Ice Punch

Pokemon;- Clefairy
Obtained; When Feraligatr was only a Croconaw, Terrence decided he needed another pokemon. But which one? One thing's for sure. He never would have thought his choice was a pink fuzzball. When he first saw the Clefairy, it was just another notch under Croconaw's belty as far as Terreence was concerned. But the Clefairy's overall toughness and nerve opted Terrence to capture it.
Personality; Clefairy isn't as toughas it is ruthless. Clefairy will do anything and everything in order to win a battle. Clefairy may not be as victorius as his partner Feraligatr, but Clefairy knows that he can always prove himself again in the next battle.
Moveset; Metronome, Meteor Mash, Minimize, Mega Punch

October 7th, 2007, 2:46 PM
Can I use darkdragonmaster24's character?

October 7th, 2007, 2:58 PM
Can I use darkdragonmaster24's character?

Sorry but no. Be original and make up your own character.

October 7th, 2007, 3:02 PM
can I at least use his pokemon if he agrees?

October 7th, 2007, 3:04 PM
You can go ahead and use his Pokemon but not his character.

October 7th, 2007, 4:05 PM
Name-Ray Byakko


Age- 18


Hometown/Region-Mahogany Town/Johto

Appearance-(Working on it.)short spiky black hair, red headband with a yin yang symbol, tiger shaped birthmark on his left shoulder. a black t-shirt and a pair of black pants. eye color: light blue. skin color: tan. Gray Niki's shoes with a silver N on the side with white shoelaces. Height 6'4". Weight 176lbs.

Personality- caring and Hardworking.

History-When Ray was 9 he took a summer job at the gym cleaning. Ray always cleaned everything to where it was almost completely spotless, He also became friends with the gym leader Pryce. When Ray turned 10 and was preparing to go on his pokemon journey, But Pryce stopped him and gave him a Sneazel (Ray's first pokemon) as a sign of friendship and for cleaning the Gym so well everyday and Ray made a promise to come back and become the next gym leader. Ray traveled from town to town defeating gym leaders and catching pokemon. after he defeated all the gyms in johto he moved on to Kanto. And repeated the Process and the same with Hoenn. After defeating the last Gym leader in Hoenn Ray was heading back to his home town, But on the way back he was challenged by a mysterious cloaked figure and defeated. The cloaked figure then told him that if he wanted to get stronger and have new challenges then head to the Sinnoh region, Before leaving. Ray thought hard about what those words, Until finally he came to a concussion. He and his pokemon would go and face this new challenge. And then he would go back home and take over the Mahogany Town gym. So far he has spent a year in Sinnoh region.

Special Trainer Skills- Training, Battling, Strategist, Doctor (for both pokemon and humans), Is able to learn fighting styles pretty fast.

Obtained- Explained in history
Personality- She is a fun loving pokemon that never stays in a pokeball, And is mostly seen siting on one of Ray's shoulders.
Moveset-Focus Punch, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, and Metal Claw.

Obtained- Was caught outside of Fortree City/Hoenn in as a Riolu.
Personality- Hardworker, Ray has taught him that to have something you have to work for it, kind to other pokemon and humans, But fierce in battle.
Moveset- Iron Tail, Blaze Kick, Aura Sphere, and ExtremeSpeed

Pokemon- Garchomp
Obtained- Caught as a Gible on the way to Sinnoh.
Personality- Although he looks scary he's more peaceful than anything, But challenge him to a battle, or Threatened and/or hurt his friends he won't hold back in a battle.
Moveset- Giga Impact, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, and Fire Blast

October 7th, 2007, 4:18 PM
MasterPhoenix4, could you possibly add a bit more to your Appearance section? I didn't get much of an imagination from it :x

October 7th, 2007, 4:21 PM
Any ideas I can't think of anything.

October 7th, 2007, 4:24 PM
Well, till you can think up of anything else, I will place you under Pending.

Edit;- Denied. I mean, you are using a character from a show (he showed me picture of his character through PM). Not what I call originality, sorry. Denied.

October 7th, 2007, 5:22 PM
Can't I just change it? I didn't think you meant we couldn't use characters off a show.

October 7th, 2007, 5:26 PM
Can't I just change it? I didn't think you ment we couldn't use characters off a show.

Ever wondered what I meant by my favourite word, O R I G I N A L I T Y?

October 7th, 2007, 5:27 PM
Sorry, I have a mental disease that makes me not be able to comprehend things sometimes.

Cosmic Tyrant
October 7th, 2007, 8:22 PM
Alright, Madina Lake, I've finished my profile. If you're not too happy with something, just let me know and I'll do my best to fix it!

October 7th, 2007, 8:41 PM
King Cosmic are accepted. Awesome sign up.

Edit: We can can start now. But the sign ups are not closed. Roleplayers can sign up at any time as long as its not near the end of the roleplay :K
So let us begin...

It is a dark night in the peaceful region of Sinnoh; But a restless night for a trainer in Route 218. By the waters edge a trainer sits against a tree, with a dark looking attire. His legs and arms are curled up against his chest, arms folded over bent knees. He seems to be asleep, being still as a statue, but he is awake. This trainers name; Is Mikey. This trainers sad story is not one to be shared proudly; No living relatives this trainer has. He sits against the tree pondered in thoughts, of Archaeology. He releases his current position, and crosses his legs, putting each elbow on each knee as he looks downwards. On his wrist, there his a spiral holding each of his Pokemon, though three only show. Mikey moves his right arm for a small moment, to pick up a Pokeball off of the spiral on his left arm. The Pokeball he picks up is a rusty, old Pokeball, that seems to have never been opened. Mikey looks down at it, quickly looking upwards at the stars afterwards. A small wind blows. The trainer speaks out;

"I wonder if the day will ever come.."

He gets up onto his feet, looking down at his reflection in the water. He puts the rusty Pokeball back onto its pod on the spiral, and begins heading to Canalave City. Along the way, he searches for other trainers, simply by looking side to side; To hopefully avoid any. The trainer releases a yawn; While entering the gates to Canalave.


ooc;- Well, theres the first roleplay post, if you call it that; It was a "late at night" typing XD
But like I said, people are aloud to sign up at anytime.

October 9th, 2007, 6:34 AM
A cool, crisp breeze was in the air. It felt refreshing and relaxing as Shep continued lying on the large blanket he had laid out near the pond where his Pokemon enjoyed a nice swim. It was getting late and considered heading to the Pokemon Center at Canclave, the gate was literally a few feet from the entrance.

Shep looked up to the shade tree that was directly in his sight as he lay there, enjoying the beautiful autumn weather. He hadn’t been in this region for a few years and forgotten how beautiful the fall was here in the Sinnoh region. Shep could tell that the leaves had changed to a beautiful rust color, but it was getting too late and dark to notice the colors. He noticed his stew had been boiling for long enough now. The warm vegetable stew felt good on this cool fall night. I think I’ll just camp out here tonight, I just love these cool fall nights.

“Burrr…burr” Shep heard in the distance. He noticed his Starmie laying up by the shore edge of the pond. It’s central core had a beautiful glow to it. It was said Staryu and Starmie often did this on nights, especially on nights like this, a cool breeze blowing, a beautiful full moon. Shep continued to stare with wonder, he could attest to what Pokemon scientists said, in his old journeys, even when it was only a Staryu, it had done this often at night. Shep’s Octillery and Seaking both lay at the bottom of the pond, enjoying the rest for the night.

Shep kept the fire going as his sipped some of his vegetable stew. “Well, I’m low on vegetables and dried fruit.” Shep used the last of his bread to sop up some of the remnants of the stew. “I also hope there’s a good bakery in Canclave.” Shep said smiling. He discovered on his last set of travels he really enjoyed cooking while traveling. Younger trainers also usually benefited, as well as other unprepared travelers. Shep was quite a pack rat, however he packed much lighter this time as he left Graveler to help Ryan protect and clean the gym, rather than join him carrying his supplies.

He heard the footsteps of another trainer. Apparently, he had been sitting at one of the trees around here as he hadn’t heard the footsteps come from any distance. It looked like the trainer wasn’t in to camping out. Shep took notice as he watched the trainer walk by. He had only, barely caught it out of the corner of his eye, but he noticed the trainer was carrying a rusted Pokeball.

Shep watched the trainer walk away in the distance. He shrugged his shoulders, set out his dark green sleeping bag and tried to get some sleep.

October 9th, 2007, 11:07 AM
Nicole was still sleeping in her fancy bed. She got up and stretched, wondering if she should run away today. "Nah, I might never have the chance to be in a rich family again..." However, she did go outside. It was around 11:00pm, she was sleeping earlier, but sometimes Nicole can be rather nocternal when it comes to when she's sleeping or awake.

She sat back and stargazed. "The stars are so pretty tonight..." She sighed. "It reminds me of my old home... the good life. Sure, they weren't the richest family in the world, but unlike my last 10 or so families, I actually love them. Why did they abandon me, anyways..?"

A voice wake Nicole from her dreaming. "Hey Nikki, what's up? Wanna battle?" This voice sounded oddly familair... She woke up a little. "Oh! Didn't I order a restraining order against you, Colin?! And I only like to be called "Nikki" by my close friends! And you are NOT a close friend, to say the least!" Colin gave an annoying laugh. To go into detail, Colin was a kid maybe a year or two younger than Nicole. She met him when she was 13, and at her 3rd family. "Ok, I'll battle you... I'd love to see the expression on your face when you get BEAT by a GIRL!!!"

October 16th, 2007, 5:28 PM
OOC: I hope this RP didn't die because of the outage! I haven't had good luck lately with getting into stable RPs!

October 16th, 2007, 5:36 PM
shep;- Don't worry it didn't; I will post a roleplay when I am not swamped with homework, hopefully by the end of the night.

Cosmic Tyrant
October 16th, 2007, 8:30 PM
Terry decided to get on his hog and do a few laps around the outskirts of mauville before getting some lunch. It was 11:30 in the morning, and practically everyone was up around Mauville. He revved the engine a few times, before blasting off into route 218. He was careful not to tread too close to Verdanturf town, as they hated the loudness and the pollution that the bike made. And Terry would be danged if he had to give up his motorcyle. So Terry made most of his trip around the daycare. Big mistake! A guy stepped in his way and held out his palm. Terry stopped just inchs away and frowned. Terry knew of this troublemaker. His wild nappy hair was covered by a blue cap, and he had a blue jersy with the number "09" on it. he also had black jeans that sagged past his hips, black sneakers, and a gold necklace. "You've just spinned your last donut, nancy-boy!" The guy said very arragontly. Terry put his hand on his forhead. "Good lord, Tyrone, what are you talking about THIS time?" "you heard me, goldi-locks!" Tyrone said as he held up a paper. I got's me a potition here to ban you off of your motorcycle for good!" Terry got off of the bike and examined the potition closer. "Is that so?" Terry asked as he grabbed a lighter in his pocket. "Well, here's what I think of your potition!" He yelled as he pulled the lighter out of his pocket, flicked it, and set the paper on fire. "jeeze!" Tyrone yelled as he let the paper go and stomped on it. "Grrrrr! Now it's ruined! You'll pay for that!" Tyrone started, but Terry just smiled. "Oh please! You know as well as I do that you can't get a potition for banning somebody from riding a motorcycle, moron!" Tyrone got agrivated. "what'chu call me nerd?" he said as he stepped up. "You heard me, imbecile! You wanna figh about it?" Terry said as he stepped up as well, bearing his fists. By this time, a group of kids surrounded the two. They chanted "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Terry recognized the whole lot. There was Johnny, and Alison, and Drew, and Eddie, and even Sarah. Terry smiled as he noticed the one person he cared for outside his family. "So then..."Terry asked as he began to crack his knuckles. "Are we gonna do this, or what?" Tyrone stepped forward, then froze. His eyes widened. Then he uttered. "No way man! You scare me!" and ran off. "Hmph, fugures..." Terry said as he jumped back on his motorcycle and rode off from the scene...

October 19th, 2007, 1:09 PM
(Full Given) Name;- Uria Akira

Nickname;- Shiny-Kun (his last name Akira means Shiny or Sparkling in Japanese)

Age;- 17

Gender;- male

Hometown/Region;- Canalave City/Sinnoh

Appearance;- Uria is somewhat attractive and dark. Uria sports a white, silver trimmed vest over a black shirt that says, "Prepare to get OWN3D" and has a cancel sign behind the sentence. He wears blue denim shorts and black fingerless gloves. On his head he wears a black and gold headband. His eyes are red and have no pupils. He also has blond spiky hair and is a 5'9" and has an athletic build, but doesn't have very big muscles to where he looks like a street thug. On his right ear is a platinum ear ring in the shape of the Omega sign. His clothing gives him a cool but serious look. He weighs around 115 pounds. He wears blue sneakers and his bangs cover his left eye and partially the right eye. A scar goes across the top of his nose diagonally.

Personality;- Despite his clothing and physical appearance Uria is a very polite sort of guy. He loves the outdoors, especially the sea. His love really belongs to, of course, Pokemon and battling. He takes great care of his Pokemon and treats them like siblings. The same thing goes for most of his friends. If he ever gets angered enough he'll go into a rage that goes on for ten minutes or more. People get scared when it seems like it'll happen, but calm down right away when he changes his emotion. He's great at keeping secrets and knowing what to do in a serious situation.

History;- Uria was the former Champion of Sinnoh, and one of the most skilled ones too, defeating the Champion before him with only his three Pokemon. however, he got tired of it after three years (He was fourteen when he started his journey) and gave up the title to Cynthia, the current Champion. He decided to live a peaceful and quiet life in his birthplace, Canalave City. However, he lived alone. His parents died in a fire when he was only seven and he lived alone ever since, having a house bought for him by the citizens of Canalave. He continues to live there to this day, and gladly takes trips with friends on his boat to different places or just around the sea for a day or two. He never gave up on his dream of becoming one of the best Pokemon Champions in the history of the Pokemon League.

Special Trainer Skill/s;- Pokemon Training, Pokemon Battling, Breeding, Fighting/Combat

Pokemon;- Lucario, Milotic, Salamence

Lucario (Rio)
Obtained; Rio was Uria's very first Pokemon. Rio was hatched into a Riolu when Uria found him as an egg on the beach of Canalave, apparently it was abandoned by the original owner of the egg, who didn't want to hassle with hatching it. Uria took care of Rio ever since. Rio was one of Uria's most powerful Pokemon. Rio evolved into Lucario during a battle with Sunyshor City's Gym Leader, Volkner.
Personality; Lucario is quite active and happy at most times. He uses his brains and all of his speed and power for a battle. When he loses, though, he just shrugs it off and doesn't get moody about it. Being Uria's first Pokemon, he is also his most... Connected, in a way of saying it. They can speak to each other telepathically and read each other's minds.
Moveset; Dragon Pulse, Dark Pulse, Aura Sphere, Counter

Milotic (Milolo)
Obtained; Uria got Milolo as a Feebas when he was fishing in Mt.Coronet. After about 50 minutes he finally got one and started to train it and use her in contests. She finally evolved after her beauty was at its maximum during the Master Contest and helped him win. She was also a great asset to Uria's team during the Pokemon League.
Personality;Being the only female in Uria's team, she's always thinking ahead of her opponent's moves, like Uria would. She secretly loves Uria's Salamence, Salem. She's always trying to get his attention and always helping him out in a double battle.
Moveset; Recover, Hypnosis, Ice Beam, Surf

Salamence (Salem)
Obtained; Salem was found as a Bagon during Uria's journey. Salem was always out of his Pokeball and was never separated from Uria once. He evolved into Shelgon after many battles on Cycling Road and finally into Salamence after a battle with Aaron of the Elite Four.
Personality; He has a very distinct rivalry with Rio. They compete for Uria's attention and are sometimes oblivious to situations. They are still a great tag team, though, since they know they must work together to defeat their opponent. They are great pals too. Even when he's oblivious of Milolo's attraction to him he secretly has a crush on her too.
Moveset; Draco Meteor, Crunch, Giga Impact, Thunder Fang

October 20th, 2007, 12:22 PM
Name- Clifford Cleveland

Nickname- Cliff

Age- 17

Gender- Male

Hometown/Region- Celestic Town/Sinnoh

Appearance- Clifford is a non-emotive person. Although evilness burns inside his fake-heart, he doesn’t show any of the emotions he feels within, and as so his face is always serious without any smile or any frown.
He dresses up like a magician, due to his past, being a part-time actor in the near circus. He wears a long and dark hood, which gives him an Evil appearance, almost like a Vampire. He wears a dark purple sleeveless shirt and long dark trousers.
Although this mystical appearance, Clifford is an attractive young man. His hair is from a light-brown colour, which contrasts with his dark hood. Clifford has deep blue eyes, which are said to often hypnotise anyone that look into them deeply. In his right eye, he has a vertical scar that crosses his skin, right by the middle.
His sleeveless shirt reveals that he does some body-fitness, due to his good body shape.

Personality- Clifford is a non-emotive person, like it was said above. Because he had such a dramatic past, he was forbidden (by himself) to show emotion. This attitude turns him into a cold and arrogant person, whom no one wants to meet in their lives.
He likes to keep his privacy, and as so he doesn’t like to make any friends, nor knowing any person. Clifford is really selfish, and all he wants in his life is to reach his own objectives, doing whatever he has to do. He is determined and will do anything to achieve his objectives, even if that implies killing.

History- Clifford born in a problematic environment. He was born in a poor family, which had no money to give him the quality of life that a child of his age, shall have. Clifford’s mother died when he was just at the age of 3. So he always lived with his father, who was a bandit.
They had no money, and as so to get what he wanted to have, Cliff had to steal. In fact he enjoyed stealing the others’ things, to make them yours.
But one day, when he was stealing some money from an old lady, his father was captured by the police, and murdered due to thievery. Sometime later, the police found Clifford, at the age of 14, and declared him as a bandit, to be executed. Hopefully, Clifford escaped from the execution room.

Special Trainer Skill/s- Trainer and mainly a Thief.

Pokémon Form:

Pokemon- Skorupi

Obtained- When Cliff escaped from the jail/execution room, he encountered Skorupi, chasing his prey. He watched the battle, all the way to Skorupi's triumph. Seeing that powerfull creature, right in front of him, Cliff decided to capture him, and in fact... He did.

Personality- Skorupi is a very territorial and aggressive Pokémon. He protects his owner with her life, even if that implies Death. Clifford captured. He helps Clifford, performing his 'thief tricks'.

Moveset- Poison Fang, Iron Tail, Night Slash, Thief.

October 20th, 2007, 2:22 PM
Uria Ema and DrakO- Accepted, excellent sign up sheets.

And, sorry that the roleplay is a little slow peoples; But it was obviously because of the PC Downtime, slowing down everything ;;
Also, I might not be as active here as I used to be; Real Life problems and what not (schoolwork mainly :\). But I would like to keep this thread open. The Roleplayers seem to like it, so who am I to rain on their parade?
I will come on to check sign-up sheets, to deny/pend/accept, but as for everything else; Sorry for my inactivity.
So like I said, I would like to keep this thread open, so the Roleplayers can do there thing;
So, go ahead and Roleplay, Roleplayers XD

October 20th, 2007, 2:29 PM
Alex smiled, looking out over the open seas. His faithful starting Pokemon, Marowak was next to him. Alex was on a small ship, heading out to Sinnoh. Alex was done with his Pokemon adventure, and had since been extremely bored. He decided to go out to Sinnoh, and do extra training, to defeat the Battle Tower. He looked up towards the sky. Wingulls and Pelippers were gliding amongst the clouds, crying out their signature calls with glee. It seemed to be an innocent, happy moment in their lives.

"Wak, Marowak!" the Marowak, nicknamed Wak, called out. He seemed to be as happy as Alex in this situation. Wak was itching for a battle, though. The thought was nagging at him to meet new Pokemon, and train to be strong for his friend Alex. Most Pokemon referred to their trainer as their master. Alex's Pokemon, however, thought of him as a friend.

"I know, Wak," Alex said. "We need a fight."

"Oh really?" said a voice. Alex turned around. There was a boy around his age, wearing a green shirt and jeans. He had blond hair, and was holding up a yellow Poke Ball. "Because so do we. Go, Graveler!" He sent out a grayish-brown rock-type Pokemon.

"This should be good," Alex said. Wak nodded.