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used to be heather
January 23rd, 2008, 11:27 AM
colourless deck

Pokemon (22)
dratini neo destiny x1
dratini base x1
dratini team rocket x2
dragonair base x2
dark dragonair team rocket x2
dark dragonite team rocket x1
dragonite star promo x2
jigglypuff jungle x3
wigglytuff jungle x2
clefairy base 2 x1
clefairy base x1
clefable jungle x1
cleffa neo genesis x1
chansey base x2

Trainers (16)
bill x2
potion x2
recycle x2
goop gas attack x1
gambler x2
poke ball x1
switch x1
challenge x1super potion x1
energy removal x1
pokedex x1
lass x1

Energy (22)
random colours

I want to beat Daddy's Raindance deck, by building up good pokemon on the bench while putting the opponents defending pokemon to sleep
using jigglypuff & clefairy.It's not working:( can you help me.

I have access to most cards up to team rocket set.plus a few others.

January 23rd, 2008, 12:58 PM
Putting enemies to sleep is one of the most inconsistent strategies in the TCG. Using cards from Base-TR, the card that always will beat raindance is Base set Electabuzz. At a first glance it may seem rather puny, but in early game it is monstrous- amassing up to 50 damage on your 2nd turn for only 2 energy, doubled with their weakness and your high basic hp- it will easily disrupt a Raindance set up.
Also use Gust of winds to bring out and ko the dancing Blastoise, Imposter Professor Oaks Revenge significantly cuts your opponents hand to 4 cards, meaning that they will have a hard time Raindancing.
If you want to stick with Colourless Pokemon, use 4 Double Colourless Energies, they'll speed your game up significantly.

Idealistically you should aim for a 20/20/20 ratio to begin with. Trainers are probably the most influential on how a game develops, therefore priority should be taken on increasing these to benefit your deck

used to be heather
January 26th, 2008, 5:22 AM
thank you for your idea. I tried to make a new deck based on what you told me.

The BZZZZzzzzzt deck

Pokemon (20)
4 x Electabuzz (Base)
4 x Magnemite Base) h1
2 x Pikachu (Black Star Promo #4)
2 x Farfetch'd (base)
4 x jigglypuff (Jungle)h2
2 x wigglytuff (Jungle)
2 x Chancey (base)

Trainers (18)
2 x Imposter Oaks Revenge
4 x Oak
4 x Bill
4 x gust of wind
4 x energy search

Energy (22)
18 x Electric energy
2 x potion energy (team Rocket)
1 x Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)
1 x heal energy (Deoxys)

it almost beat the raindance I knocked out 2 blastoise's in one go with a self destruct(magnemite.)
do you have any comments?

about what I posted earlier. I played again and I beat the raindance! :) I got rid of all my prizes and there was nothing left on his bench. I gust of winded his magikarp and dark wartortles out and knocked them out with just 2 wigglytuffs.( I used do the wave and had 5 pokemon on my bench)

January 26th, 2008, 8:16 AM
That list is far more solid that the first, but still some cards aren't really top-notch. Imposter Oak's Revenge, particurlaly. Energy Search = why? With only one type of Basic energy if the deck, and nothing that cares about trainers (like item finder or w/e), why not just but the extra energy in?

The focus for this deck should be on aggro - try to beat him down before the blastoise hits. You maybe have a chance after he is down if you are playing against a poor build of raindance, but you should primarily be looking to kill quickly. Things like Chansey aren't the best at this. Farfetched is ok, but better alternatives exist. If he doesn't run Articuno, then Hitmonchan is the classic, turning this deck into a classic Haymaker - Raindance's nemesis back in the day. Add Scyther as well, if you wanna go the whole hog, though i'm not a fan of him recently. Decent trainers include Pluspower and Computer Search, and you already have the excellent bill and oak. Keep Wigglytuff, but cut Magnemite/Pikachu if you need the space, and Farfetch'd is subpar compared to chan or scyther.

January 26th, 2008, 1:35 PM
Things like Chansey aren't the best at this. Farfetched is ok, but better alternatives exist.

OK Lord Penguin.

She took out the Chansey and the Farfetch'd, and the energy searches.
Heathers deck now looks like ...
Pokemon (20)
4 x Electabuzz (Base)
4 x Magnemite Base)
2 x Pikachu (Black Star Promo #4)
4 x jigglypuff (Jungle)
2 x wigglytuff (Jungle)
2 x voltorb (Team Rocket)
2 x Electrode (Base)

Trainers (14)
4 x Oak
4 x Bill
4 x gust of wind
2 imposter oaks revenge

Energy (26)
22 x Electric energy
1 x Recycle Energy (Neo Genesis)
1 x heal energy (Deoxys)
2 x potion energy

And it's beaten the stuffing out of my raindance deck.
So now I need some feedback on my raindance deck :) :)

4 Squirtle TR 68/82
2 Dark wartortle TR 46/82
4 Blastoise 2/102
2 Magicarp Team Rocket 47/82
2 Gyrados 6/102 7/130
4 Lapras

4 Professor Oak 88/102
4 Computer Search
2 Item Finder
4 Pokemon Breeder

2 Pokemon trader
2 energy search (fossil)
2 bill
2 energy retrieval (base)
20 Water Energy

I/we have over 1000 earlyish cards to chose from, but obviously not every card, and not the kind of multiples we need for each pokemon.
However, any kind of feedback works for us :)

Heathers deck could do with a name as well. Any suggestions ?

January 26th, 2008, 7:50 PM
Run 4x Bill, there are virtually no reasons not to - replace the energy searches with the extra two. Unless they changed the rules, base blastoise can't evolve from dark wartortle, so cut them, and add maybe 2-4x Articuno. Some people prefer seel/dewgong from base set over magikarp/gyrados, for the twice as much hp on seel. But then, in this particular matchup, you probably benefit more from the grass-not-electric weakness on base gyrados. Aside from that you are looking pretty good. Maybe run a few less lapras, but tbh, there's nothing much more you can do without stepping outside the archetype. You might wanna tune the numbers a bit more, on the gyrados and karp, but essentially you are there.

EDIT: Just a quick note - her field is virtually all fight-weak. Add a random 1x brock's rhyhorn (the one with colorless horn toss attack) or something and you might win the occasional match just on that fluke :P

used to be heather
January 27th, 2008, 1:59 AM
We think my decks name should be funny so far we have thought of the bzzzzzzzzt deck please could we have some suggestions by the way rbridd is my dad.

January 30th, 2008, 6:51 PM
For Bzzzt, substitute in some Psychic-type Pokemon cards, particularily Mewtwo cards:
1. It goes along with the Bzzzt theme, because psychic-types zap the mind to control it.
2. It has a practical use in covering the fighting weakness.
3. Most older Mewtwo cards (and some new ones, too) can recall discarded Psychic energy cards from the graveyard.

For Rain Dance, see my nearly four month old post of this deck type, Rain Dance & Backup (http://www.pkmncommunity.com/showthread.php?t=107277). Not the best example, but still something to work with.