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January 24th, 2008, 6:11 PM
The world of Pokemon is huge, with many different people and ways to compete using the creatures known as Pokemon. As everyone knows, after earning 8 gym badges one may enter a contest specific to that region. Some trainers are satisfied with winning the Pokemon League, but other trainers have a will. A desire. To keep battling, and find more and more increasingly difficult opponents. These trainers are the ones who are never satisfied with just getting the best pokemon, they want to prove their strength.

The setting of this story takes place in the near future. Giovanni had finally gotten sick of having his name related to the now laughable Team Rocket, who sported failure after constant failure. The embarrassment of Team Rocket was finally too much to handle. For years, Giovanni traveled the world, finding the best trainers he could, and recruited them to join him in his ambitions. The new ambitions of not just stealing Pokemon. They didn't need to. They already had the best. This new ambition, was simply domination and recognition. Thus the new Team Havoc was born.

Team Havoc's movements were well organized and seemed to almost happen over night. They proceeded to advance through the region of Kanto, leaving fear in their wake. The team finally settled in Saffron City where they proceeded to take over the entire city. The two small gyms fought valiantly but were crushed and exiled from the city. Team Havoc's reign corrupted the city and lead to the eventual total domination of Saffron City by Team Havoc. Every store, gym, and household was under their control. Even Silph Co. fell into their hands, allowing them to get a hold over the many new technologies that Silph Co. designed. Nothing in Saffron happened without first going through Team Rocket and Giovanni and there was nothing anyone could do about it.

After having complete control over Saffron City, it had been a mere 6 years. The town thrived on corruption and now had no permanent residents. Giovanni became quite proud of his gang's new home base and decided that it was finally time to purge the globe of anyone who could oppose him and his elite trainers and either have them join his side.... or destroy them. And with a wave of his hand, he sent out scouts all over the globe, seeking the best trainers. For a whole year, the trainers were watched. Everything about them, their battle styles, their mannerisms, and the way they handled their Pokemon. A year later, the scouts returned. With the names of many trainers, anyone capable of competing with Team Havoc. And with these names, Giovanni sent them a letter of recognition and invitation via carrier Pidgey.

"Dear *your name here*,
We have been keeping an eye on you for the past year. We have watched your battle/contest style and presence and decided that you are among the best of the best trainers. With that being said, the time has come. Team Havoc has no rival power on this entire planet, and in order to prove this, Team Havoc has organized a league and following tournament. You have been hand selected by Team Havoc scouts to enter the Team Havoc Fight League and test your might against Team Havoc and other trainers from around the globe.

If you wish to accept this challenge, bring 3 of your best Pokemon to the northern gate of Saffron City on Sunday, July 1st. You will rendezvous at the north gate of the town. Upon arrival, present this letter to the guard and you will be granted access to Saffron City which will be shut down to host this incredible event. This letter is your ticket to almost anything in the entire city. You will receive VIP lodging including 5 star meals and accommodations in the Grand Havoc Hotel complete with training and recreation facilities. Battle rules will be explained to you upon your arrival to Club Havoc in the heart of Saffron. Looking forward to your participation. And remember, there are no nice guys. Only winners and losers.


This is where you come in. You are a trainer who has been scouted and received a letter of recognition from Giovanni. You will meet at the North gate of Saffron City on the night of Sunday, July 1st.

*Even though some of you will be evil, sinister trainers, we must all respect each other as a member of PC.
*If you do not post for a length of time without notice, it will be assumed that you died of a FREAK ACCIDENT (perhaps the victim of a hit.)
*Each trainer is allow a minimum of 1 pokemon, and a maximim of 3.
*Do not GodMod
*Please avoid unnecessary spamming
*It is strongly recommended that you type in the standard English language. Failing to do so in complete disaster of grammer and literary skills will result in kick from RP.
*Unfortunately, no legendaries may be used. (EV train! ^^)
*Have fun, and make this as interesting as possible!

Sign up
Name: Reina Oosaki
Preferred Nickname: Rei
In-RP age: 18
Hometown/Region: Dewford Island, Hoenn
Gender: Female

Appearance: Reina is a short girl, reaching only about 5'3 and she is very physically fit, a mere 105 pounds and quite athletically built. She has fair skin, long flowing red hair which reaches down to her mid-back. She has bangs that almost cover her eyes with a few rogue strands sticking up and out that she just can't seem to tame. Her eyes are large, soft, yellow eyes that are very gentle when she's not battling that is...She is a very modestly beautiful girl and doesn't tend to try and parade her beauty. She wears a burgundy tank top with a dark green jean jacket over the top of it. Below the tightly fitted tank top is a tan and burgundy plaid short skirt. The majority of her legs are exposed but she does have high socks that almost reach to the tops of her shins. Her shoes are a simple pair of black and white converse style tennis shoes.

Personality: Reina, is what you would call a stereotypical red head. She is quick to judge, quick to act, and is not to be messed with at any time. She is very manipulative and is quite the expert in male psychology, usually being able to get them to do whatever she wants, because of this, she is quite the flirt but you can never tell if she's being serious about it. She has a burning passion for battling and loves the feeling of a victory. More times than not, her pokemon share the same emotions. The Oosaki family has a very solid motto of "Go big, or go home." Which is exemplified through the Pokemon she battles with. Though she is a small girl, she enjoys using gigantic pokemon to execute her battles strategies. Although that being said, she doesn't use only large pokemon. In a battle situation, Reina will not stop battling until the opponent has stopped moving. All of the hits she deals with her battle style are designed to render a pokemon immobile using powerful single hits that were known for their ability to knock out certain pokemon in 1 hit during the tournaments.

History: Reina started training relatively late for a typical trainer. She started a bit different than most trainers as well. Her parents gave her an Onix, a symbol of great power for the Oosaki family, then sent her out into the world. She quickly conquered the Hoenn gyms and placed 2nd in the Hoenn league her with little effort. She immediately moved on to Johto and demolished those gyms, easily making it to the league and ended up placing first in the Johto league the following year. After winning the Johto league, which was quite recently, she received her letter from Giovanni inviting her to challenge the Havoc League. When she read that this was a challenge beyond what any trainer had ever seen, she jumped at the opportunity to put her and her Pokemon to the test.

Additional Information: The Oosaki family all receive Onix as their first Pokemon and are all quite versed in the ways of rock and ground type Pokemon. Because of this fact, Rock and Ground are Reina's specialty and she is very rarely out battled when fighting against one.

Short Literary Sample: I wrote the RP

You may have a minimum of 1 Pokemon and a maximum of 3.

Pokemon: Onix
Nickname: Edge

Personality: A larger than normal Onix, it was Reina's first pokemon and definitely her best trained. It is completely loyal to her and always obeys without fail. It is also defensive of his beautiful trainer. If he senses a threat to Reina's safety he will coil himself around her to protect her from harm.

Set Attacks: Dig, Iron Tail, Stealth Rock, Rock Blast, Bind, Slam

Pokemon: Ursaring
Nickname: Sunny

Personality: This particular Ursaring is definitely the brawns of Reina's pokemon and it knows it. Sunny boasts its powerful muscles and huge girth in battle and has strength that can be rivaled by few.

Set Attacks: Hyper Beam, Hammer Arm, Metal Claw, Cross Chop, Bulk Up, Crunch

Pokemon: Cubone
Nickname: Cubert

Personality: Cubert is the exact opposite of what is expected from one of Reina's Pokemon, he's very small, even for a Cubone. This particular Cubone is a rare case. It refuses to evolve but has a habit of picking fights with other Cubone and Marowak and taking their bones if they are stronger than his own. Through this process, Cubert has obtained quite a solid bone and increased his strength exponentially. The potential strength inside Cubert is un real and he commonly shows it to taunt his opponents by maybe smashing holes into buildings or cracking the earth with his club. Cubert loves attention and it shows through his over the top attacks. He is a fierce battler despite his size and this usually leads to victory through relentless assault.

Set Attacks: Bone Club, Bonemerang, Focus Energy, Skull Bash, Iron Head, Screech

1. EvKay - Reina Oosaki
2. Ninetails - Ringo Murakage
3. Trainer Kat - Takuya Miyamoto
4. Jim - Ayukat Tajiri
5. AluminumKnight - Derek Hightower
6. Marilyn - Maria Yatokimo

January 25th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Name: Estelle
Preferred Nickname: Essie
In-RP age: 17
Hometown/Region: Sinnoh
Gender: Female

Appearance: short spiked black hair with red tips. Wears a black leather miniskirt and a red tube top.

Personality: evil. Giovanni hand-selected her.

History: Used to be a waitress at a cafe until she became a trainer. Her first pokemon was an Eevee, her first catch a Absol. Loves to fight.

Additional Information: Not much really... has a crush on one of the Team members.

Short Literary Sample: Armada dipped her feet into the icy water, a chill running down her spine. It didn't matter how she felt now. Soon it would all be over, no more pain, no more weakness. "NO, ARMADA! WAIT!" Her brother called. Tears were streaking down his face as he ran.

Pokemon: Jolteon
Nickname: Spike

Personality: Mean, hates any who come in her way against her master.

Set Attacks: Spark, Thunder, Thunder wave, Bite, Thundershock, Swift

Pokemon: Absol
Nickname: Kei

Personality: same as Jolteon's, only meaner...

Set Attacks: Shadow ball, steel fang, bite, quick attack, swift, iron tail

Nickname: Lex

Personality: tough, fighter. Hates pokeballs, so walks by Estelle. First pokemon of estelles.

Set Attacks: Razor leaf, swift, quick attack, magical leaf, giga drain, poisinpowder

January 25th, 2008, 8:46 PM
Name: Cyro Smith
Preffered Nickname: Cyro
In-RP age: 20
Hometown/Region: Snowpoint City, Sinnoh
Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears the usual Lab coat, with black undercoat and tie. He usually wears balck slocks and black leather shoes. Wears his hair in a funky fashion with blue bangs(untypical for a scientist). Cyro stands 5.4 feet and weighs about 45 kilos. Often looks serious because of his outlook. He always carries a red backpack with lots of pockets for latter use and also a large black attache case that's presumely his telescope. He wears a black army watch in his left arm. He never wears any other accessories because he said it will look ridiculous on him.

Personality: When somebody will approach Cyro(asking for questions for example.) he will almost never answer. In fact he rarely interacts with all sorts of people. He's intelligent and quickly decides what attacks his pokemon will use. He is also adventurous and likes to go to wild places like Mt. Coronet and the like. He is curious about oddities and usually investigate and experiment them. He is very coldhearted in pokemon battles and opponents find him very diificult to battle. Although he's like this, he is quiet humble and never gloats like most people do. He thinks nothing but himself his pokemon, and his studies. But it changed because of the letter sent by Giovanni, devoting himself to defeat this "Team Havoc" no matter what the cost.

History: Born in Snowpoint City, he is very well known for his knowledge about pokemons. At first he disliked poemons, but as he was studying near a steam he saw a hurt Absol. He had no other choice but to help him. That provoked him to help all pokemons, by becoming a trainer himself and a scientist.

He enrolled in an unknown University with high marks. After 2 years of studying, he decides to become a trainer and a researcher. After 6 years of being a trainer, he enrolled again in a academy in which he had finished his course. He became a powerful trainer known for his signature moves. Currently studying Astronomy in the a observatory, he continually searching for a comet. He usually wake up in the dawn, and devote himself finding his dream comet.
When he heard of this new evil team, he packed his necessary things and went to investigate. But on his 5th day of travelling, he recieved a letter inviting him to participate in this event. Cyro sworn himself to win in this event no matter what the consequences.

Additional Info. : Likes ICE CREAM!!!!

Short Literary Sample: Walking back and forth across the room, W. pondered on how that Darkrai got in there.

As he was thinking, he heard muffling sounds. It was the bouncer, still frozen.

"Will you keep quiet!! I was thinking on how..." he paused. 'Maybe he could be of help, but can we take the risk?'. "Eric we need your assistance!" The Lucario said(through telepathy of course)'What can I do now?'

"Break that ice that keep that man frozen"

'But master, will you take the risk?'

"Nah... we might able to get some imformation out of him" W. said defiantly. After a few seconds the blue sphere Eric charged hit the ice. W. suddendly grab hold of the pale bouncer, sneering at them.
"What's going on? " Horo shouted as the team heard a explosion inside. The bouncer still sneered at them. "You can't get near that thing near at you? Heh, heh, heh..."

"Tell me now, is there another way to access to the next floor without encountering that, that thing?! Answer me!" Horo shouted. "Why should I?! Huh?????!!!!!!" the bouncer shouted back, still pale as ever.

"Because you have to... Ceryl hypnotize him" Celia said slowly.

In the matter of seconds, the bouncer is in hypnosis.

"Now tell me, how to access the next floor without endangering ourselves" W. said.

"Uh... uh?? What? Oh, there is a secret entrance, right next with the door with the, the codes. Just unlock the right combinations and your done..." the bouncer droned. Then he fell asleep.

W. shook him, "What is the combinations?" The bouncer droned on the combinations then he fell into deep sleep again.

After Johannes tied him up, W. unlocked the combinations, and then a secret door appeared next to the door in which W. unlocked. "It leads to a Spiral staircase, a small one." W. observed.

"Right then! Let's go!" Horo said.
Pokemon: Glaceon
Nickname: Gale
Personality:Before she evolves, she's very obedient and cheerful. After she evolves she became very proud of her powers. She would often induce blizzards whatever the weather. She would usually stop this if she is given a flower. To sum it all, she is playful and naughty.
Set attacks:
-Ice Fang
-Sheer Cold
-Zen Headbut
-Giga Impact

Pokemon: Absol
Nickname: Xander
Personality: Generally, Xander is a calm and quiet type. He would always roam around in the mountains scouting for danger ahead. He likes to be noticed sometimes. He would really enjoy if he won in a battle.
Set attacks:
-Night slash
-Destiny Bond
-Steel wing
-Dark pulse
-Mean look
-Psycho boost

Pokemon: Milotic
Nickname: Kate
Personality: Rash but not proud. Ever since she evolved he had a special liking for Cyro. She would use Safeguard whenever Cyro's in a bad mood. She preffers to swim in freshwaters than in seawaters(choosy). She hates extremes even though his master likes it.
Set attacks:
-Hydro cannon

January 26th, 2008, 12:26 AM
Name: Bradley Xavier Matthews XIII

Wow, are all your characters named Brad? He sure is a little different from the Brad in After the Apocalypse (at least personality-wise).
*And yes, hair can be any colour--that is an anime law and Pokemon is an anime. Hooray for purple, hot pink, blue, and green hair!

But I will not RP the same character three times, (yes, Lupin's my favourite out of all the characters I've created, but...) even though I'm not able to post in the other two RPG's at this moment. Instead... I'll play his son. O.o

Name: Ringo Murakage
Preferred Nickname: Ringo, but goes by "Shadowcat" as a stage name (as in during a battle)
In-RP age: 15
Hometown/Region: Saffron City, Kanto (more precisely, just outside Saffron City)
Gender: Male
Appearance: Ringo is still a short little boy (well, he can't be called a little boy anymore, but...), only 4'7" tall. His skin is a pale peach colour, his figure pleasantly slim and seeming slightly muscular, although he really isn't the strongest boy out there. When looking at only his face you might think he's a girl, with his often cute facial expressions and his long, straight, blood-red hair. Or maybe it's his deep and bright indigo eyes. But anyways, Ringo's outfit consists of what looks like a deep blue turtleneck sweater without sleeves, baggy dark grey pants, black sneakers, and black gloves. He also carries around a shiny black handbag (kind of strange for a boy to be carrying a handbag, isn't it...?) with his initials, RLM, on it.
Personality: Ringo is remarkably intelligent and mature for his age. However, he doesn't like to make challenges for himself--he prefers to think of practically everything as being easy (or at least relaxing). He also has a lot of self-confidence and also believes in those he's very close to, especially his Pokemon and his parents. He really thinks very highly of those people/Pokemon. At the same time though, he also enjoys taking after them, although deep inside he knows he can never be as good as them. He's quite modest in this way and in general--he doesn't exactly see himself as being the best, but he does like to show people what he can do. Unfortunately, "what he can do" might as well be "what his parents or Pokemon can do", as he inherited much of his skills and two of his Pokemon from his parents. So it can still be said that he has yet to discover his true inner self, or that he is too absorbed in his parents' lives and principles to follow his own. But at least he's good at following role models.

As far as Pokemon go, Ringo loves and respects them. To him, it's a huge relief that Team Havoc is not like the Pokemon-stealing Team Rocket. In his mind, Pokemon do humans a favour by offering them companionship, protection, and inspiration, in return for power and strength and care.
History: Ringo was born to a happy couple living in New Saffron City, the only part of Saffron City (the outskirts) which wasn't completely taken over by Giovanni. His mother was a prominent Pokemon trainer/coordinator who also ran a sort of shelter for stranded or abused Pokemon, and also happened to be Sabrina's cousin. His father recently became a a sort of independent detective or private investigator, and was once a high-ranking member of Team Rocket. (Interesting combination...) As a little boy, Ringo was quickly introduced to Pokemon, and frequently interacted with his parents' Pokemon as well as the Pokemon in the shelter. After a while, he even got to keep an Abra that was in the shelter.

Ringo spent much of his early life staying at home with his mother and the Pokemon shelter. It was at home that he did most of his Pokemon training; often times Mum would get him involved with Pokemon battles by having him practice with his Abra. Mum especially enforced trust and connection to one's Pokemon, and she herself had a telepathic connection to her Pokemon. Over time, Ringo developed the same telepathic connection to his Abra--although that was pretty easy because Abra was Psychic-type.

Occasionally, Mum took Ringo with her when she went to visit her aunt in Pallet Town. Her aunt was Professor Willow, who replaced the late Professor Oak as the Pokemon professor of Kanto. Unfortunately, Professor Willow gave up all of Professor Oak's outdoor lab space, and stored Pokemon in a sort of secure virtual environment. It can also be noted that she was a sort of an inventor as well, and was recently working on a "Pokevice"--an upgraded version of a Pokedex/Pokenav/Poketch put together. After a while she gave the prototype to Ringo in order to test it out.

Also occasionally, Dad took Ringo with him on certain missions he decided to undertake. It can be also noted that he was a highly skilled thief and a pretty well-experienced Pokemon trainer as well. (Ringo especially took a liking to his Umbreon and Honchkrow.) Ringo really came to like these little outings, and caught onto Dad's practices pretty well.

Over time, some Team Havoc scouts moved into the Saffron City area (they went there first, since Team Havoc started in Saffron City) and eventually started watching the Murakage family's actions. ...But quite interestingly, this particular scout had been fired from Team Rocket ages ago for being "too good to steal Pokemon", but seemed to fit Team Havoc perfectly. Anyways, the scout frequently watched Ringo and his mother with their training sessions. Lovely little Yamiko (that's his mother's name) proved to be a very talented Pokemon trainer, who obviously was trying to teach Ringo everything she knew. Then the scout made to follow Ringo everywhere else he went... and ran into a blast from the past. More precisely, it was someone who called himself Lupin, someone the scout remembered from Team Rocket and had received several harsh lectures from, someone who also happened to be Ringo's father.

The scout initially wanted to recruit Yamiko into Team Havoc, and thus told Giovanni about her. He didn't bother mentioning Lupin because he had a personal grudge against him from the Team Rocket days. But the scout also suggested giving Yamiko the chance to bring Ringo along with her. But Giovanni considered the idea of recruiting a mother and child a bit on the weak side, and so edited the letter quite a few times afterward (due to ambivalence about whether or not to recruit Ringo's father as well). When the scout found out about this editing, he seized the letter and threw it away (and was fired from the team soon afterward).

...However, the letter happened to find its way to Ringo after all--he found it on his bed one evening. It said something like this:

"Dear Kelsey Ringo Murakage and Edwin Tasselbury,
We have been keeping an eye on you for the past year. We have watched your battle/contest style and presence and decided that you are among the best of the best trainers. With that being said, the time has come. Team Havoc has no rival power on this entire planet, and in order to prove this, Team Havoc has organized a league and following tournament. You have been hand selected by Team Havoc scouts to enter the Team Havoc Fight League and test your might against Team Havoc and other trainers from around the globe.

If you wish to accept this challenge, bring 3 of your best Pokemon to the northern gate of Saffron City on Sunday, July 1st. You may also bring your son Ringo parents (NO!) to the gate. Upon arrival, present this letter to the guard and you will be granted access to Saffron City which will be shut down to host this incredible event. This letter is your ticket to almost anything in the entire city. You will receive VIP lodging including 5 star meals and accommodations. Battle rules will be explained to you upon your arrival to Club Havoc in the heart of Saffron. Looking forward to your participation. And remember, there are no nice guys. Only winners and losers.


P.S. I am sending you here alone, so do NOT bring your parents here on any account. Just because your father was in Team Rocket doesn't mean he's allowed into Team Havoc as well.

P.S.S. I will see you in your place in the shadows."

(The bold parts were edited in at the last minute by Giovanni; the different font piece was added in by someone else.)

Additional Info: For some reason Ringo is very bad with computers--he's kind of intimidated by them. He tries to get over this "fear", but... Also, out of the three Pokemon he's bringing with him, only the Alakazam is truly his. He's actually borrowing his father's Umbreon and his mother's Mismagius, but he's worked with them before anyways. Oh, and Ringo is usually out and about at night, just as his parents were. It's just an awkward way he was raised... (Instead of the classic "working 9 to 5", he usually sleeps from 9 to 5.) Also, as far as Pokemon battles go, Ringo is probably most noted for telling his Pokemon to do things other than attacks (i.e. Alice, just sit there and gaze at the Rattata!"), but obviously more complex than that...

Short Literary Sample:
"Wait, what...?" Ringo was all of a sudden left in near darkness, and had lost track of where his father had gone.
I swear, he has a way of disappearing at times... now somehow I have to find him. ...Oh wait, I see something over there. Hey there, you can't disappear forever...

"PIIIII!" The Pichu jumped up in surprise when Ringo tapped it on the back.
O.o I can't believe I mistook a Pichu for him... Ringo thought as he pulled his hand back, just in time to avoid getting Thundershocked. A split second later, he had to jump to the side to avoid yet another Thundershock. Then he quickly got back up, and ran off into the trees. For a while he stood there with his back to a tree, watching the Pichu stomp away out of the corner of his eye. Yet at the same, he noticed a familiar shadowy figure walking towards him.

"Oi, there you are," Ringo said quietly and with relief. "Had an issue with a Pichu."
"Which obviously you handled quite well," his father replied. "Battling the Pichu instead would have been a pointless waste of time anyways."

Yes, that was short... more examples can be found in the RPG's listed in my signature as well.

Nickname: Alice
Personality: Alice is not a very aggressive Umbreon--in battles she prefers to evade the foe's attacks (which she's excellent at doing) and attack more stealthily. She also does not like to fight during the daytime, and is a devout nocturnal Pokemon. She's generally a very finicky Pokemon, especially in the way of appearance and food preference. Also, she hates the colour red, so it's a good thing her eyes are more magenta than red. (But she can tolerate darker reds, as in the colour of Ringo's hair.) And she got her nickname from the way her fur shines in a brilliant shade of blue when sitting under a full moon.
Attacks: Trump Card, Snatch, Psychic, Faint Attack, Moonlight, Double Team

Nickname: Golden Fox (as Alakazam sort of looks like a fox and is gold-ish colour)
Personality: Golden Fox is a quick-thinking and loyal Alakazam, and even has a telepathic connection to Ringo. All three of these are huge plusses in a battle--Ringo hardly ever talks while Golden Fox's in battle, so nobody who can't read minds can figure out what Ringo has planned out for a battle. Often times Ringo and Golden Fox will both come up with ideas for what to do in a battle, and Golden Fox will quickly come up with a compromise and act it out. Outside of battle, Golden Fox is the one who ensures the safety and well-being of Ringo and the other Pokemon, so he's a sort of guard for the group.
Attacks: Psychic, Teleport, Calm Mind, Miracle Eye, Psycho Cut, Energy Ball

Nickname: Sorciere
Personality: Sorciere is a sadistic, battle-loving Mismagius who treats practically every battle like a contest battle. She likes to make a spectacle of her attacks, and even likes to modify her attacks to have a slightly different shape or effect at times. She's also very independent, and will often come up with her own ideas of what to do in a battle. It's a good thing Ringo is good at altering his own strategies...
Attacks: Shadow Ball, Psychic, Dark Pulse, Perish Song, Curse, Confuse Ray

January 26th, 2008, 2:12 AM
I have now posted my sign up for my character in the RP. I'll be controlling Reina along with all NPC's in the RP. But now, i'll be posting the accepted RPers. I will be very strict in this RP, only allowing who I perceive to be the best possible RPers for the job. please, take no offense if you do not get accepted. You may of course, try and repost your application to be more acceptable.

Armada - Denied. Your char needs a lot more work to fit this RP's requirements. You need more on your appearance, personality (both pokemon and trainer), and history. I'm looking for a great deal more detail in every aspect. I'm willing to work with you considering the adjustments to the the character. But for now, the decision remains firm.

Brad, Apocalypse Lord - Denied As usual, your character is pretty much above the strength of every other character. I wont be accepting Shiny Pokemon without reasonable background to them, and I wont be accepting 8 foot tall super humans. Your Pokemon don't even have moves they would typically learn in a normal environment which I was also being expecting from your sign-up. Rotom can't punch. Charizard can't use Energy Ball. Actually, most of the moves you have chosen aren't even clause-able through normal means. Maybe after an application re-vamp, I will consider the application. It will need a major over-haul though, with moves a Pokemon can actually learn.

No Fictional Moves.

Quasar99 - Denied To be plain and simple, your application is lacking in every field. I apologize but it just isn't enough to make it into this RP. The character description and Pokemon personalities are just too skimpy in context.

Ninetails - Accepted! thats EXACTLY what i'm looking for in RP applications! The only quirk is that i'm not going to be accepting shiny pokemon, but I'm sure that wont be a problem. Welcome to the Team Havoc Leage and Tournament.

If you do not get accepted, feel free to PM me if you changed your application to try and fit the standards. I will only be accepting


If you do not meet the acceptable character requirements in your second character post, you will not be accepted. I expect this to be a very literate, very fair RP. So yes, you may post again but I wont even be considering the application after the second post.

Trainer Kat
January 26th, 2008, 6:57 AM
I miss Taku-bear wayy too much. <3
Don't you laugh at my Gengar's name either. Gastly looks like Gantz. ._.

Name: Takuya Miyamoto
Preferred Nickname: You shorten his name, he kills you.
In-RP age: 19
Hometown/Region: Lavender Town, Kanto
Gender: Male

Takuya wears his hair down. Taking care to straighten the unruly mess every day, his black locks fall across his face, styled with a drastic side part. His green eyes peek out from under the sharp fringe, always circled with black eyeliner. A natural blonde, Takuya dyes his hair carefully, making sure his roots never show. The level of primping he does rivals that of a teenage girl. His abdomen is usually hugged by a slim fitting band tee. A black stud belt holds his skinny jeans onto his small frame. On his feet are black converse, with white trim on which he occasionally colors. The only accessory he wears is a single lip ring on the left side of his face.

Personality: Takuya is not a nice person. Period. He's often stand-offish, and quick to insult. He's boastful and arrogant, though those are two of the only boyish aspects of his personality. He's much like a girl in that he gets grossed out easily. He's always seen in girl's clothing and makeup. Takuya will get offended if his name is shortened at all, and will snap at the phrase "Taku-bear", to which he is often referred by hormonal teenage girls who can't get enough of his good looks. In fact, he is rather disinterested in girls, period, especially girls who use little pathetic rat-like Pokemon, of which Snubbull is a prime example. Takuya hates Pokemon that aren't of the Ghost, Poison, or Dark types. He only uses Pokemon he thinks can cause some serious damage to other Pokemon. Takuya believes that Pokemon are only tools to achieve fame and power, and would never consider (or admit) them to be friends. He's a heavy smoker.

History: Takuya's history is fraught with what would be considered bad luck to others, but what Takuya himself seems to flaunt. He grew up in Lavender Town. Initially a nice, quiet area, Lavender Town became a place associated with death. Living relatively close to the burial grounds, Takuya familiarized himself with death, and on more than one occasion, strived to achieve it, actions for which he still bears the scars. His Gengar came to him while he was sleeping, at that point a Gastly, and ate a bit of his dreams every night. As a result, Takuya became a partial insomniac, and he can be found roaming about at night. When he turned 16, he took a job burying dead Pokemon. While most would consider it emotional or hard, Takuya enjoyed it, as he was able to be around his two favorite things as a result--ghosts and death. Soon after, he caught his first Pokemon--a Gastly who had grown strong as a result of feeding off Takuya's dreams. Because the ghost had a part of Takuya inside of him, the two are extremely close, and the Pokemon will not listen to anyone else.

Additional Information: Takuya refuses to handle Pokemon that aren't of his type specialty. He also carries rather nasty scars on the inside of his wrists, as well as two relatively minor scars on his right leg, though he won't tell anyone what caused them.

Short Literary Sample: xD It's coming from the birth of this character.

Twilight Emblaze Academy. It was an elite school, attended only by those extremely gifted in battle. Today was the day that incoming students had to prove themselves in battle. If they fell short of expectations, they would be punished with a lower rank than desired. Students from all over were gathering here for this momentous occasion. After all, it was every newcomer's dream to be accepted into the academy.

Takuya Miyamoto was one such individual. The boy had applied simply to show he was strong enough to get in--nothing more. Initially, he had no intention of actually attending the prestigious university, already arrogant to the point where he felt he needed no more training. After careful consideration, he gave in and showed up. After all, not every trainer gets the opportunity to study at Twilight Emblaze, and even fewer have the skills to graduate.

Based upon looks alone, Takuya didn't seem like someone to have any skills in battle. No, he looked like he would prefer trimming hair and fur at some backwater salon. At 5'10", he wasn't the tallest boy in the crowd. He was skinny to the point of being unhealthy. No body fat graced his body, and his bones poked out beneath his ghostly pale skin. Ebony hair fell flatly across his face, the result of hours, maybe more, of primping. Black eyeliner was smeared across his lower lids, and from his lip hung a single metal ring. His black shirt was much too tight, though the black and grey striped hoodie was a looser fit, making him look a bit less thin. His jeans however, were a different story. The dark blue denim hugged his calves and thighs, obviously pulled off the girls' clothing rack. They looked insanely uncomfortable, though the apathetic look on his face proved otherwise.

Giving the morbid-looking boy a final touch of horror was a black ball floating by his side. The ball was surrounded by a cloud of purple fog, and when seen from what appeared to be the front, was accompanied by a pair of red eyes and a fang-laden mouth. This was a Pokemon, and was the reason all of these people were gathered here.

"Well, Gastly," Takuya began in a monotone voice. "Let's go find this stupid colosseum so we can destroy these wimps..." The Pokemon gave what appeared to be a sharp nod and began floating alongside the boy.

"Oh my gawd, look!" Takuya turned his head, making eye contact with a ditzy looking blonde. The only thing worth noting about her were the long blue hair extensions that spilled down her shoulders. "He's looking!" she squealed to her friend, a tiny, shier brunette. "Oh my gawd, he's so dreamy!"

Takuya shot them a glare. Maybe if you spent as much time training as you did ogling, you would have a shot at getting a good rank. Idiots. he thought, fuming on the inside.

As he reached the entrance to the colosseum, he spotted a girl and her Vulpix sprawled out across a nearby bench. "Weak.." he mumbled, audible enough but directed at no one in particular. He took a seat near the front of the stadium, arms twined together in a vivid display of rebellion, the Gastly hovering obediently beside his head.

(All are male, as Takuya refuses to use a weak female Pokemon.)

Pokemon #1: Gengar
Nickname: Gantz

Personality: Gantz's favorite past time is to scare young children. He has a slightly darker hue than most Gengar, which he uses as his advantage to blend in to the surrounding scenery. He is terribly mischievous, and has been known to stoop to thievery on occasion. He was Takuya's first Pokemon, and thus, has a special bond with Takuya that can never be broken, though you'll never hear the boy admit it.

Set Attacks: Shadow Ball, Dream Eater, Sludge Bomb, Thunder, Shadow Claw, Hypnosis.

Pokemon: Spiritomb
Nickname: Mori

Personality: Mori is a typical Spiritomb. It, like Gengar, enjoys scaring people. Spiritomb, however, has a rather bad tendency to free roam when Takuya allows it, and often results in a lot of people either put to sleep or confused.

Set Attacks: Hypnosis, Confuse Ray, Toxic, Shadow Ball, Dark Pulse, Nasty Plot

Pokemon: Houndoom
Nickname: Blade

Personality: Blade is Takuya's guard dog and reaper of sorts. It usually makes its appearance early on in the battle, demolishing as many opponents as it can before fainting. Takuya uses the Houndoom almost as a sacrifice so that Gengar can have an easier time eliminating the enemy. There have only been a few battles that Blade has seen the end of, as he usually is forced to take the fall for Gengar. He bites anyone that gets too close to Takuya.

Set Attacks: Crunch, Fire Blast, Dark Pulse, Hyper Beam, Protect, Double Team

January 26th, 2008, 8:11 AM
Trainer Kat - Wondrous as expected. Of course you are Accepted

January 27th, 2008, 4:40 PM
name:tommy thumb
age: 15
preferred name: tomtom
gender: male
hometown: blackthorn sity
description: notmal but w/ red eyes and wite hair gurls luv him
personality: nice and cool except when angry he loves his pokemon
history: he was kidnapped by lugia and when he excaped found an egg with a riolu inside he beat the leagues in kanto johot and sinnoh
additional infomatin: he is scared of girls even tho they like him a lot
pokemons: lucario salamance and shiny charizard
short sample: “i'd better go heal my gortle” said the commander

What, did you think I was being serious?

Ayukat Elizabeth Mary Tajiri IV

Preferred Name:



Olivine City/ Johto.

Ayukat Elizabeth Mary Tajiri the fourth -or more commonly known as Aya- is as classy as her name sounds.

The girl hails from a hugely rich family which reflects exponentially on the way she looks. The girl has pale skin like that of a porcelain china doll although it's usually hidden beneath a thick crust of highly expensive make-up and clothing. Her eyes are like a pool of dark chocolate, perfect in every way. Aya stands at about 5”2 and weighs a tiny bit over 100 pounds. Her hair is long -waist height- , straight, thin and most importantly the perfect and extremely jet black colour is so dark that light cannot escape it's surface.

She is usually expected to dress formal for every occasion but as she is away from the great house of Taijiri she garbs herself in a black, long sleeved, shirt with monochrome (black and white), striped sleeves. She wears equally as black, slim fit, denim jeans -which are retained by her Trainer's PokéBall belt- and to finish it off she wears a pair of high heeled black boots that elevate her a couple of inches.

When asked to define Aya in one word it's too difficult. When asked to define her in many the words that pop up the most are 'snob', 'soulless' and many profanities that are too unsuitable to be listed. She has utter contempt for people she views as unworthy, which tends to be most people in general. However as she was bought up she has utmost respect for anybody superior or at her level in the social ladder.

She's vicious and sarcastic when needs to be and is cruel to people almost all of the time, usually digging at their weak-points. Her personality is inspired by the way she was bought up. Coming from a very rich family makes her feel superior to everybody else and is partial to turn her nose up at people whenever. Aya always gets her own way, no matter what and is quick to drop names to impress people. Finally she can manipulate most people -especially boys- to do whatever she wants.

Besides 'superior' people she only shows respect and compassion for her best -and only- friends, her Pokémon.

She lost most of this attitude when she became a trainer but regained it when she returned home for a year.

Aya was bought up in a very rich, snobby and safe environment due to her family's immense riches from their, top-of-the-range, Pokéball manufacturing business.

Being the only daughter of Otomayim Tajiri Jr., Aya was one day expected to take over the hugely successful family business that was founded by her Grandfather, and as such she's very valuable and led a life of solitude; her only real human contact was that of family and extremely strict tutors. Ayukat was to be the best. The only friends, or friend, that Aya had in her youth was a Snubbull. This Snubbull in particular was found by Aya herself at one of her holiday mansions as an egg left by some Pokémon that had taken occupation of the Mansion while it was vacant. She raised the egg in secret until it hatched two months later. Throughout next three years, Snubbull was kept secret inside a diamond encrusted Pokéball she had stolen from her Father's company warehouses on a visit.

At the age of ten Aya was allowed to finally -legally- own a Pokémon and leave on a journey, however her family was reluctant to let her discover into the huge outside world.

At the age of twelve she managed to escape to the streets for a while and participate in her first Pokémon battle ever. The adrenaline of the battle made her aspire to become a Pokémon trainer even more -even though she lost- and for the following few years she convinced her Father that she could only learn the responsibility needed to run a huge corporation from life experience and she was allowed to start her journey.

She didn't know she was being supervised by people hired by her Father until she had earned her first badge. She sicked Fag, her Snubbull on them and made sure she was never followed again.

By the time Aya was sixteen, she earned 7 of he Kanto badges but failed to achieve her eighth in the deadline and missed the Indigo Plateau conference. However she earned her last badge as soon as the tournament was over.

For the last year, Aya has been back at home training for next years Pokémon league tournament and has regained her snobby attitude.

Extra information:
Aya has short-sightedness (Myopia) he has a pair of corrective eye-glasses but refuses to wear them.

“Best name ever, Fen-Fe-” Roisn stopped in mid sentence as she heard the blond haired girl make sure that Fen only let Kat herself, call him by that pet name; and not wanting to be the object of Kat's affliction she kept quiet.


The gang of new Trainers had finally left the confines of Pallet Town. The change was dramatical. Pallet was known for being a rural area but it was nothing compared to the countryside that was Route one. The grass was nearly ankle height and the trees were illuminated by the orange hue that was the late afternoon sky. A Pidgey and a Spearow seemed to be patrolling the perimeter around a large tree and there were a few Rattata gnawing on the tree's branches. It must have been over an hour -or longer- since the gang left Professor Oak's lab. Roisin herself was expecting a lift to Viridian, imagining the Professor charging through the woods in a huge Jeep. The thought of it made her laugh and she pressed onwards.

A few minutes later Roisin had decided to lean on the huge tree that the bird Pokémon were protecting. She felt like procrastinating her journey to Viridian city until the morning, but ring-leader Kat had plans of being at Viridian forest by nightfall, something that takes most Trainers a few days, never mind hours, Kat was slightly too optimistic and extremely challenging to say the least. Roisin continued to lean against the tree. Suddenly there was a a slight weight n her head, spread out over six different points. She reached her hand up to find out what it was. What Roisin found made her shriek so loud that every bird Pokémon in the tree darted off in different directions. She threw what ever it was on the floor in front of her.

“Oh my god, I spider... It was on my hea.!!” Roisin yelled as fast as she could, disregarding the English language. Suddenly the tiny green spider Pokémon leaped forward and unleashed a silky spiderweb from it's mouth between two small purple tusks. Roisin only just managed to dodge the web. Wait, I'm a Trainer now.

Roisin seized the PokéBall from inside her bag and threw it in the direction the the small spider Pokémon. “Totodile, Go!” she shouted. In a flash of bright white light her Pokémon emerged. Still sleeping.

“Totodile wake up!” she yelled. Totodile carried on sleeping. “Damn you!” out of anger she grabbed her Pokémon's newest toy, the rubber ball, and chucked it at the sleeping beauty. ”Wake-up-now!” she shouted, luckily for her the ball hit Totodile on the head, snapping him out of his unconsciousness.

A startled Totodile yelled:“To-to?!!” as if to say 'who threw that?!!'

“Totodile, that Spinarak, it's time for my first battle!

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb158.png vs http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb167.png

(Stolen! xP)

“Totodile, use scratch attack!” Roisin commanded. Before she had finished talking, Totodile had already bounded into the air and was hastily descending upon Spinarak with it's claws bared. Spinarak didn't move until Totodile was extremely close. Just before the scratch made contact, Spinarak unleashed another Spider web, negating the attack.

“Totodile!” Roisin shouted as the Pokémon struggled to break free. Wait, the PokéDex may help. The brunette whipped out her PokéDex and pointed it at Spinarak. It displayed it's picture and read it's content.

“It sets a trap by spinning a web with thin but strong silk. It waits motionlessly for prey to arrive.” the smooth female voice announced.

Spinarak waits for it's prey... If I can free Totodile he's close enough to make a full on collision with his attack and considering the Pokémon's frail defense it would weaken it enough for a capture...

Roisin smirked.

“Totodile, free yourself with scratch and then use scratch again on Spinarak!”

Totodile did exactly what it was told, freeing itself perfectly. The crocodile Pokémon was a competent battler. Totodile delivered the final scratch to Spinarak and the Pokémon was sent a fair distance by the powerful attack.

“PokéBall, Go!” Roisin yelled as she threw her PokéBall at Spinarak. My first capture! The PokéBall was mere inches from Spinarak when suddenly the bug Pokémon launched it's spider web attack once again leaving the thread covered PokéBall to fall in front of it. As if to rub it in the Spinarak scurried off as if nothing had happened.

Roisin sighed and groaned exhaustedly. She picked up the silky PokéBall and plodded over to Totodile; who was already gnawing on the toy ball again.

“Come on Totodile... I just hope non of the others saw that...”

Then Totodile and Roisin plodded along glumly back to the rest of the group.


Species: Granbull
Gender: Female
Nickname: N/A
Personality: Granbull is the 'team leader' and a staple Pokémon on Aya's regular team of six. This Pokémon was Aya's first Pokémon and the two share a very deep bond. She is very proud and has the exact same personality as her owner, due to growing up together, which is a bad thing as she and Aya usually end up arguing because of it. Granbull has a Diamond encrusted dog collar. She has an incredibly strong bond with her owner.
Known Moves: Crunch, Rage, Shadow Ball, Thunder Bolt, Water Pulse, Ice Fang.

Species: Gligar
Gender: Male
Nickname: N/A
Personality: Previously known as 'Skar' due to the huge scar across his chest. The Gligar obtained the scar in the wild; in a battle with a Gliscor. The Pokémon refuses to evolve, no matter what and strives to become stronger than any Gliscor. It was expelled from it's pack in the wild due to aforementioned battle and found by Aya. Gligar is too overprotective of his friends and stands up for the weak. He has a strong sense of justice and is almost a brother to Aya.
Known Moves: X-Scissor, Earthquake, Psychic, Double Team, Ariel Ace, Protect.

Species: Lickilicky
Gender: Male
Nickname: Bero
Personality: Bero is an extremely gifted and powerful battler; probably the strongest on Aya's team. He's very bashful, playful and kind and will do anything to make people happy. The all-around kindhearted Pokémon is quite naive and accident prone which sometimes leads to hilarious situations. Aya could trust Bero with her life.
Known Moves: Hyper Beam, Power Whip, Defense Curl, Rollout, Gyro Ball, Supersonic.

January 27th, 2008, 5:03 PM
rofl. Jim you're too funny. I did think that was a serious application for a second... but your real application is Accepted

We have 4 RPers, i would like 5 or 6 before we begin the RP

January 28th, 2008, 1:28 PM
This is the first time I've posted here in the RP forum, but that's only because I was only interested in doing a more advanced/mature RP. I'll provide a sample of my writing from a different forum, so you can be the judge.

Name: Derek Hightower (I noticed that the others have Japanese names. Would you prefer that?)
Preferred Nickname: Derek
In-RP age: 19
Hometown/Region: Cerulean City, Kanto
Gender: Male

Appearance: Derek is thinner, but no stick, weighing about 175 lbs and being 6' tall. He's in shape simply from travelling so much, but he's not buff. He has dark brown hair and green eyes that sometimes show brown around the center. He hates how straight his hair is when it grows out, so he keeps it short. He meticulously keeps his chin strap-style beard and is proud of it. His skin isn't very dark, but isn't pale either. He isn't particularly attractive, though he looks older than his age, and that works to his advantage sometimes.

Derek wears mostly simple clothes. He doesn't mind dressing up, but prefers to wear T-shirts or hooded sweatshirts along with cargo khakis or jeans. He doesn't really take his appearance too seriously, and usually just throws on the first clothes he sees in the morning. The only thing you'll never see him wearing (unless it's very cold) is a hat. His clothes really reflect his personality well.

Personality: Derek is an easygoing guy, for the most part. He doesn't worry about much. In fact, this is one of his faults; he can easily overlook and miss out on important things by simply not worrying about them. He also loses and forgets things often. However, he is smart, and has always been good in pressure situations such as tests and battles, due to him not getting nervous.

Derek doesn't just let anything go, as some who meet him think. Certain things annoy him very much, and he will get mad and let you know what he thinks, especially when it involves someone being unkind or unfair. It's hard to predict what he will do, as sometimes he'll let something go, and another time he'll adamantly resist the same thing.

When it comes to battling, Derek gets quite intense. He is friends with his pokemon, and has plenty of fun with them, but when it's battle time, they know to not mess around, and are very willing to do whatever Derek tells them.

History: Derek was brought up in a middle-class family in Cerulean City. Neither of his parents had ever been trainers, but he was drawn to pokemon immediately. He bothered the Cerulean gym leader, Misty (I'm not sure on the timeline here, there seems to be something I'm missing in the background of this RP, but I think it's some years after the initial Kanto adventure), so much that she gave him a Clamperl as his first pokemon when he was 12.

At first simply content to play with his pokemon, when he was 16 Derek started to get into battling, and developed a strong passion for it. Within a year he was able to overcome his former idol, and proceeded to breeze through the Kanto gyms, qualifying for the Kanto league and taking 4th place. Wanting to see other places, and looking for some more training, he headed to Hoenn and there became quite strong, taking 1st place in the league at 18. He has recently returned home, hoping to take on the Kanto league again, only to find a letter from Giovanni inviting him to the Havoc League.

Short Literary Sample:
The smell of smoke filled Rafael’s nose. What? he thought, sitting up in bed, still half-asleep. Then, as sleep began to leave him and his mind cleared, he realized that his house was on fire. He quickly grabbed his swords and knives and his armor, and ran outside into the brisk early morning air. There, in the street stood a monster of a man, and Rafael knew who it was immediately. It was Lorch, the muscle-bound head of one of the largest local gangs.

“You’ve had this coming for a long time, Rafael,” boomed Lorch. “You’ve disrespected me one too many times.” Lorched lifted up his greataxe and rested it on his shoulder.
“Oh, gee, Lorch, I disrespected you?” sneered Rafael, “It’s no wonder your gang is a bunch of lowlifes that only fight when they have a bunch of their friends around. They’re soft, just like their leader.”
“No more talking,” said Lorch, “Now you die!” He charged Rafael, who bolted down the street. Lorch could not keep up, and it was a simple enough task for Rafael to duck down an alley to lose him.

Pokemon: Arbok
Nickname: Razor
Gender: Female
Personality: Even though Derek's Gorebyss was his first pokemon, Razor is the one that he is closest to. It's hard to see why, however, since Razor is nothing like Derek. Razor is a fiercely competitive pokemon, and always wants to be the best. She doesn't like it when the other members of the team do something she can't, but she adores Derek and he can always calm her down. If you ask him about why he puts up with her, he'll tell you that she really has a heart of gold, just doesn't like to show it.
Set Attacks: Poison Fang, Wrap, Crunch (is this ok? Arbok doesn't learn Crunch, but it really should...), Glare, Haze, Pursuit

Pokemon: Gorebyss
Nickname: Flow
Gender: Female
Personality: Though Derek may be closest with his Arbok, Gorebyss was his first pokemon, and that bond will always be special. Flow is a caring pokemon, but loves to battle as well, and reflects Derek's personality almost perfectly, sharing his forgetful and easygoing nature. This makes her also the opposite of Razor, which leads to some conflict within the team.
Set Attacks: Psychic, Confuse Ray, Amnesia, Surf, Refresh, Aqua Tail

Pokemon: Venomoth
Nickname: Dusty
Gender: Male
Personality: Dusty is a very excitable, sometimes even goofy, Venomoth, and is all but oblivious to the shaky relationship between Flow and Razor. Derek finds it hard to contain Dusty in a pokeball, so usually he is fluttering around Derek's head. As hyperactive as Dusty is, during battles he becomes serious out of respect for Derek, and battles just as tenaciously as any of his pokemon. Because of Dusty's good disabling moves, and the fact that he's usually outside of his ball anyway, he is almost always the first pokemon Derek uses.
Set Attacks: Silver Wind, Sleep Powder, Stun Spore, Disable, Morning Sun, Confusion

January 28th, 2008, 3:02 PM
Aluminumknight - you are accepted good signup. And no, it doesn't have to be japanese

It was brought to my attention that i accidentally deleted the first parts of the post without knowing.... I've fixed it the best I could... hopefully we'll get more sign ups as well. But.. we have 5 trainers now, so i'll be starting!

Also, be sure to check the OOC thread on the lounge!


A full moon hung over the clear sky as a slight breeze rustled the trees around. The region of Kanto around these areas had become a mere shadow of its once safe glory. Walking the paths at night was quite dangerous and trouble could lay around every turn. The scene had every aspect of a typical haunting scene. The moonlight created vivid shadows across the ground, only lighting the clearings. But over the hill, just at the end of the route, the destination could be seen. The once peaceful looking Saffron City now almost had the appearance it was on fire. The city boasted a glorious array of neon lights from the tops of all the buildings, with the sign for "Club Havoc" being seen clearly and higher than all of the other signs in the middle of the city. The guard tower looked peaceful compared to what was on the other side of its doors.

Reina approached the tower, walking slowly, grasping her shoulder strap school bag which she kept her supplies in. In her right hand, she clutched a slightly crumpled piece of paper with gold trim along the outside. It was her letter from Giovanni. Along her side, her escort for the night walked along side her with small waddle like steps. Her small companion was about knee height and carried a bone roughly the size of its body which it had taken from a Marowak in an epic battle, months prior. The Cubone walked confidently at Reina's side, twirling the bone carelessly with a happy look in its eyes. As the two neared the guard house, Reina couldn't help but notice how excited her little Cubone was to participate in the battles that lay ahead of them.

"Oh Cubert! You're so cute when you're like this!" Reina squealed to the little Cubone.

The Cubone's eyes instantly narrowed at her at being called 'cute'. He stopped swinging his bone around and clutched it tightly as they neared the door of the guard house. It held out the bone threateningly near the wall and eyed Reina.

"Oh don't you dare." Reina said sternly to the Cubone as they stood at the door.

"....Bone." The little Cubone responded sternly, still waving the bone threateningly towards the wall.

"You don't scare me, Cubert. No matter what you do, you're adorable." Reina said calmly to the Cubone.

Cubert couldn't handle being called cute or adorable. The little guy was quite proud of his strength.

"Cu....BONE!" The Cubone yelled as it smashed its club against the wall of the guard tower, crumbling a hole in the wall in which air rapidly escaped and light poured out.

Reina sighed to herself and ignored the hole, walking through the door. The guard stared at her angrily as the Cubone walked in after her, with a confident stride in his step, twirling the bone again.

"Sorry sir... It was my Cubone... I'll take care of it." She said as she slapped the VIP Letter on counter top. "I'm Reina Oosaki, i'm here for this tournament.

"Oh!" The guard said perking up and greeting her properly. "I'll have that wall repaired in no time, please don't let it concern you. Please wait over there until the other trainers arrive." He said to her as if he were apologizing for breaking the wall.

Reina looked down at her Cubone who had a cocky sense of winning the argument between the two of them. Reina reached down, snatching the bone from Cubone and held it above his head, crossing her arms. She walked over to the wall and leaned against it. Cubone followed, jumping helplessly trying to retrieve his bone from Reina.

"I'm keeping this until you learn to act right." Reina said to the little pokemon as it jumped with all its might, only gaining a small amount of altitude. Cubert eventually stopped jumping and sat against the wall. Cubert's eyes teared up slowly as it began to cry rivers of tears, reducing him to a mere shadow of the Cubone who moments ago, smashed down a cement wall.

"No matter how much you cry, Cubert! I'm not giving it back!" Reina said sternly to him as if it was a child.

She sighed to herself, ignoring the little Cubone's adorable but loud sobbing. Reina was clearly used to dealing with this scenario with Cubert. She stood, watching the door wondering what other trainers would be joining her.

January 28th, 2008, 10:41 PM
And no, [the name] doesn't have to be Japanese.

Of course not--if Ringo had acquired his father's last name instead of his mother's, his name would definitely not be Japanese. (But then of course, Ringo happens to be Japanese for apple. No wonder I had him encounter a Pichu in my RP sample. XD)

In the RPG I'll often be calling Ringo's parents by their names, since it's easier to use Yamiko and Lupin than "Ringo's mum" and "Ringo's dad".

THANK YOU EVKAY for starting the RPG on the night of a full moon! You just put Ringo's (or should I say Lupin's) now un-shiny Umbreon in a good mood!

And now for Ringo to approach the tower.
Ringo was taught at an early age to befriend darkness, and what better form of darkness was there than the night? When the wonder of the night is combined with the magic of the full moon, it creates a certain energy and arousal in the world (not to mention that in the old days it was responsible for triggering the transformation of werewolves). Speaking of werewolves, a particular Mightyena walked by Ringo's side that night, around the deserted park in New Saffron City. This park was nice and dark, save the full moon--a nearby hill blocked the blinding neon lights from the main part of Saffron City.

The Mightyena wasn't the only one with Ringo that night. Ringo was also accompanied by his father and his two borrowed Pokemon. Also his father's Honchkrow flew above in a circle, as if to alert the presence of other people. Beside father and son, a Mismagius floated in the air, her orbs glowing sinisterly in the night, keeping an eye out for any wanderers from which she could take energy. Up ahead, a little Umbreon was curled up on a rock, bathed in moonlight. Her fur was tinted a dazzling blue by the moonlight, the very blue colour from which she got her name, Alice.

"Arr... Arr... Ooooo, arr..."
A growling sound faintly touched the ears of the Mightyena, who started growling softly as well.
"Yes, Sirius, what is it?" Lupin asked, as the owner of the Mightyena. He said this in a fairly exasperated fashion, as there were countless times before when Sirius acted funny during a full moon. Perhaps this was due to his tendency to stargaze and moon-gaze, which according to a very esoteric legend led dogs to a place where they eventually evolved to wolves and such.

A familiar-looking Poochyena came out from between trees. Immediately Sirius stared at the Poochyena blankly.
"Oh, is that Starlet again?" Ringo asked. Starlet was a little Poochyena who had had a crush on Sirius for a long time.
"Arf! Arf!" Starlet started barking at her Mightyena crush.

"Misss..." Sorciere, Yamiko's Mismagius, floated gracefully towards Starlet, her eyes and orbs starting to glow purple. Then, a similarly-coloured energy field formed around Starlet like a cloud. This "cloud" was being sucked away into a ball in front of Sorciere, which eventually entered Sorciere through an orb. Starlet felt dizzy and fell to the side, her tongue hanging out, possibly daydreaming (or nightdreaming, rather) about frolicking about in the meadows with such a handsome, strong, caring Mightyena as Sirius was.

After Sorciere took some of Starlet's aural energy, Alice rose from her spot in the moonlight and trotted towards the little Poochyena. Then she pawed at her, bit her gently on the neck, stepped on her for a while, and walked back to the moonlit rock she was sitting on before. Starlet whimpered and crawled back to the trees.
"Come on Alice, we really had better be moving," Lupin demanded. "The Fight Club is not likely to wait for a late entry."

It was only a few more minutes before the small group approached the wall that surrounded the main part of Saffron City. Along the wall was the guard tower through which Ringo was supposed to enter. The guard tower had a hole in the wall next to the door, probably made by a Pokemon. Anyways, the group stopped behind a tree before reaching the tower. The Honchkrow that had been circling above landed next to them, and Ringo stared at the tower and the moon for a while before facing his father. However, he had nothing to say to him at first.
"...Well, it appears I can't go any further," Lupin finally said to Ringo. "I certainly could find a way to slip past those walls and join you, but I simply won't if there's no good reason to. And remember..."
Here Lupin whispered a series of things in Ringo's ear, so that no passersby could possibly hear. At that point a stray moonbeam reflected off his glasses in a certain way, as always happened when he came up with a good plan.
"Yes, yes, brilliant plan, Dad," Ringo replied. "And I'll take good care of la Sorciere and little Alice in that wonderland over there."
"Yes, I'm sure you would."
With that, Lupin handed Ringo two Pokeballs--one was for Alice, the other for Sorciere.

Barely any more words passed before the two had to part. Ringo would have to spend quite a while now without the indigo-eyed, telepathic woman dressed in purple from which Ringo got his blood-red hair, and without the thin, wavy-haired man dressed in black who was walking away from him.

With Alice and Sorciere still by his side, Ringo opened the door to the guard house. Sorciere floated through the door after him, and Alice crept through the hole in the wall nearby. Immediately a guard stopped the boy.
"And who might you be?"
"I am Ringo Murakage, and I was invited into Team Havoc by Giovanni." Ringo then took a letter out of his pocket and handed it to the guard. The guard looked over the letter with a frown on his face, then eventually spoke.

"Ah yes, Ringo. I meant to have a few words with you once you arrived here. It seems that you have been conditionally accepted into this tournament. I just spoke with Giovanni a while ago, and he said something about 'not wanting to waste money by keeping you here'. Now that would..."

"...If money is a problem," Ringo interrupted, "I can pay for..."

"Do not interrupt me," the guard snapped. "This is a warning--if I see any misconduct or suspicious activity from you, you will be disqualified from the tournament, and be kicked out of Saffron for good. Understand?"

"...Yes, yes, I perfectly understand."
"Good. Now first let me ask you a few questions, Ringo Lupin Murakage. Where did you get your Pokemon?"
"Golden Fox, my Alakazam," Ringo answered, taking out a Pokeball, "was my first Pokemon. I got him from the Pokemon shelter my mother owns. Sorciere, my Mismagius, was the first Pokemon I ever captured on my Pokemon journey. The first town I visited was Lavender Town, you see, so I encountered her near the Pokemon Tower. And lastly, Alice, my Umbreon, was a prize I got from a little battle competition in Cerulean City. I got her as an Eevee, and over time she became Umbreon. I'm mostly about at night, you see, so that happened relatively quickly."
Ringo had rehearsed this lie countless times in his mind before coming here--he figured the guards would be wondering about his Pokemon.
"I see," the guard replied. "Second question. What do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A gym leader was what I originally had in mind," Ringo guessed. "I figured that maybe if I win this tournament, I could open a Pokemon gym just outside Saffron City. I figure it'll be an excellent source of income if nobody can beat me."
"Good, good," the guard nodded. "And lastly... how did you get that letter?"
Ringo thought a while before deciding to answer honestly.
"...I dunno, I just found it on my bed once, maybe it was mailed to me or something."

The guard was deep in thought as he walked over to a sign-in sheet on the counter to check Ringo off. Meanwhile, Ringo caught sight of a girl whose red hair was longer and brighter than his own. She was talking to a crying Cubone. Ringo merely glanced at her before looking away--he thought the girl might think oddly of him because of all the questions the guard asked him, or perhaps because he had a Mismagius.

January 29th, 2008, 6:10 AM
((eh, my history doesn't exactly jive anymore since you've posted up that background; want me to redo it? For instance, Derek was beating the Kanto gyms when Havoc had already taken over...))

Saffron wasn't too far from his home in Cerulean, so Derek left his hometown a bit early in order to get there on time. The night was quiet, and there was a full moon out. As he approached the city, he started to see the neon lights on all of the buildings. The city looked completely different, and Derek shivered. He looked up at Dusty, who was fluttering excitedly around Derek's head. The Venomoth seemed to not be concerned, which helped to calm Derek down. "Or do you not even notice?" said Derek, laughing. Dusty chirped happily as if to say, "Notice what?" Derek knew that Dusty simply loved to be out and about again after a few months at home, doing only light training.

The pair approached the northern gate, which surprisingly had a hole in the wall, through which Derek could see two other kids. He immediately sized them up. There was a girl that looked about his age, and a very short boy who looked very young. The girl was talking to her Cubone, who seemed upset about something. Not much to tell from that, Derek thought. He turned his gaze to the young boy, who was speaking with the guard. The boy had kind of an effeminate look about him, and didn't look very threatening. However, he had a Mismagius and an Umbreon with him, both usually strong, even menacing, pokemon. Derek wasn't too surprised. Throughout his travels he had learned that age and size weren't everything.

Derek walked up behind the boy, Dusty following closely. The Venomoth had calmed down quite a bit, probably because of the eerieness of this whole place combined with the Ghost and Dark pokemon near him. To be honest, Derek was a little nervous as well, which didn't happen often. The boy was just finishing telling the guard about his letter, and the guard walked over to what looked like a sign up sheet and checked the boy's name off. The boy stepped to the side, glancing at the girl and her Cubone, while Derek went up to the counter. He fumbled in his back pocket for a second while the guard stared at him until he produced his letter, crumpled and a little torn. The guard looked it over and nodded. "Welcome to Saffron, Derek," he said as he went over and checked Derek's name. "If you'd wait over with the other guests for a minute, we'll get you inside." Derek went over and leaned against the wall next to the hole, with Dusty perched on top of one of the pieces of concrete. The girl seemed to be busy with her Cubone, and the boy seemed a little off-putting, so Derek decided he'd keep to himself unless someone approached him.

January 29th, 2008, 8:43 AM
ooc: Heh, no problem about the full moon, i found it more fitting. And i'm sure your history is okay, aluminum. If you remember, theres smaller gyms around Kanto as well aside from the 8 main ones. And don't forget about the ooc thread everyone :)

Reina watched as a young red haired boy walked through the door with his two Pokemon. The guard seemed less than courteous to the boy, quite the opposite treatment that she had received just moments ago, even after breaking their wall. She stood studying her encounter as the sound of Cubone's crying began to dull down.

The guard walked around behind the desk, marking the boy off as another boy walked in, accompanied by a Venomoth. Reina was actually quite pleased with the assortment of pokemon she was seeing while the trainers entered. The second boy pulled his crumpled letter out of his back pocket and smacked it on the table, proving his eligibility to be there.

Reina watched the two and noticed the red head boy glance her way and immediately shift his gaze. Reina grinned slightly and called over to him.

"Hey...kid, c'mere" She called to the boy, wagging an index finger beckoning him closer to her, not worried about introductions yet, "What was that guard so uptight about?"

While waiting for an answer, she noticed Cubert had stopped crying. "here." she said low as she tossed him his bone. The Cubone excitedly jumped and caught the bone, coveting it away from Reina's sight. It looked upon the bone with large eyes, watery with tears of happiness.

"Bone! bone! bone!" It cried excitedly, slamming the bone on the ground and causing the tower to shake.

"Cubert! Enough!" Reina said sternly to the Cubone.

He immediately stopped, and shifted its body away from Reina, coveting the bone again, afraid that she would snatch his bone again.

January 29th, 2008, 9:30 AM
Ringo walked a litle closer to the girl who had just talked to him--the one with the previously crying Cubone. The Cubone had calmed down by then--maybe he just needed company.

"Oh, it's not much. My father was in Team Rocket long ago, you see, so I suppose the guard was a little suspicious of me. I probably won't be around much while here in Saffron--apparently I won't be staying in the same hotel and such as the rest of us. But no matter--I'm sure Alice and Sorciere (and Golden Fox) and I will figure something out."
It helps to have someone with Teleport.

As Ringo mentioned his Pokemon, he gestured to the Umbreon, who was trying to chat with the Cubone, and the Mismagius, who was watching Derek come in.

"Anyways, I'm Ringo--what's your name? You know, at least I'm glad you're excited about the tournament--or are you? No matter."

After the girl responded, Ringo glanced over to the older boy and his Venomoth. The boy seemed to be fair-minded and easygoing, just like Ringo sometimes was.

"Erm... I suppose you're excited about the tournament ahead?" Ringo asked nervously--he really was alien to starting conversations with people. Obviously a person who wanders about all night would not meet too many people to talk to.
"Obviously I'm looking forward to it," Ringo continued, "although being particularly excited is a different matter. And I can almost tell your Venomoth is excited, am I right?"
Ringo noticed the Venomoth excitedly fluttering about on his perch on the concrete.

Meanwhile, Alice was standing near Reina's Cubone, gazing at his cute, bony head. Yes, even Alice had to admit little Cubert was adorable, but she kept that comment to herself rather than mention it like Reina did. But she did say something to Cubert:
<"I hope to see that powerful Bone Club of yours in the tournament. Maybe we'll battle someday.">
Alice looked at the hole in the wall as she muttered her string of "Um Umbreon"s to the Cubone, and wondered what string of "cube cubone"'s she'd get in reply.

OOC: It's so much fun to have characters talk with each other :D
*As you might figure out, I put the Pokemon's speech in triangular brackets, so that you can understand what the Pokemon meant to say. Pokemon can communicate with each other, so I guess that's valid.

January 29th, 2008, 1:18 PM
OOC: AluminumKnight's/Derek's Dusty is a Venomoth, not a Dustox. Easy mistake to make though. :D

The extremely confident and glamorous girl was not at all phased by the moonlit, sinister looking, trees or the spooky, derelict building that had apparently once been a daycare center. The girl was called Ayaukat Taijiri, or Aya for short. The dauntless girl pressed forwards towards the northern guard tower which seemed out of place compared to the chaos that lay behind it. Behind the tower lay New Saffron City. The light pollution was so horrific that the fiery orange glow could be seen from the port in Vermilion City, which Aya herself witnessed when she docked there yesterday, every building, tower, skyscraper; every structure was abundant with huge neon lights.

Having only been eleven at the time, and living in Johto, Aya herself wasn't fully aware of the history of New Saffron City, only when it happened and who was behind it. Luckily Team Havoc, unlike its predecessor, hadn't even set foot in Johto as of yet.

A powder-pink scorpion like Pokémon could be seen in the distance, heading towards Aya. The Pokémon wasn't flying, but soaring majestically towards the girl garbed in black. The Gligar had attempted, on his Trainer's request, to glide over the city so it can report back any information it gathered. After gliding from back from New-Saffron, Gligar made a swift landing on Aya's shoulder; he shook his head indicating he didn't manage to see anything. It wasn't long before Aya realized why it didn't manage to survey anything. First of all there were fling Pokémon guarding the whole city ranging from hundreds of small and weak flying types like Zubat and Dustox to large and majestic Pokémon such as Pidgeots and Fearows.

“It's okay, I wouldn't expect you to battle all them,” Aya told her Pokémon, her voice was cold and smooth, yet with an undertone of forced emotion. “It wouldn't surprise me if they had a few Aerodactyl under their wings.”

Within a matter of minutes, Aya and Gligar made their way to the guard tower. There was a threatening looking hole in the masonry, gray wall. Aya pushed open the door. Inside she was greeted by trainers and Pokémon of all sizes.

First of all there was an average height female with long red hair who was part of a conversation with a short boy with crimson hair and finally there was a relatively tall male with a very dark brown hair. The trainers were all with at least one of their Pokémon, at the moment she could see a Cubone, -whose bone club seemed slightly larger than the average Cubone were equipped with- a purple moth Pokémon which she recognized as a Venomoth; quite rare in Johto, and three more Pokémon: Alakazam, Mismagius and Umbreon.

Before making eye contact or talking to any of the others, Aya handed over her letter -still in pristine condition- and walked off without even looking at the man who accepted it and handed it back after checking it's authenticity .

“I guess it's only fair to show the common-folk what they're up against,” the snobby girl thought to herself as she seized two Pokéballs from her belt. The first was just like a regular Pokéball, however it was an indigo colour at the top -instead of the usual red- and was encrusted with a small gem, about the size of a pea. The second was a Premier Ball, exactly the same to a regular Pokéball, except that the top of it was pure white -like the bottom- and the band around the middle was a blood-read colour. Aya threw the two Pokéballs into the air, which synchronously exploded open and released their contents in a flash of bright, white light.

The resulting Pokémon were a huge purple bulldog Pokémon, standing on two legs, it's most prominent feature being its enormous canine teeth, extruding upwards from it's lower jaws. Granbull had a diamond encrusted collar around it's muscular neck. The second was a large round Pokémon, dark pink in colour. It had white markings below it's chin and yellow markings in its' large belly. It's most distinguishable feature was it's extremely long tongue that could stretch to extremely long lengths. Granbull and Bero the Lickilicky.

“Hello everyone, my name's Aya. Remember it because I'll be walking all over you,” the girl announced to the room. For once she had decided to make it sound as more of a friendly and endearing joke than the snobby tone she would usually use, however in her head she knew it to be the truth.

She contemplated approaching somebody and being friendly, but instead opted for a solitary action, she leaned against a wall and waited for other people to make the first move. This made her feel more powerful and in control. Granbull sat by her owner's leg obediently, earning a pat on the head. Gligar had managed to catapult himself up to a very high window ledge, where he lay back and gazed out of the window, whereas Bero was being it's friendly self and approached the Mismagius and struck up some sort of conversation.

“This is going to be a long evening,”

January 29th, 2008, 1:51 PM
"Erm... I suppose you're excited about the tournament ahead?" The young boy had asked. Derek lifted himself from the wall, but leaving the conversation open for a split second was apparently enough.
"Obviously I'm looking forward to it," the boy, who Derek had overheard call himself Ringo, continued, "Although being particularly excited is a different matter. And I can almost tell your Dustox is excited, am I right?" Derek smiled.
"Well, I don't know about my Dustox, but my Venomoth is excited," he laughed, turning towards Dusty, who seemed to sense that he was being talked about and flew up from his perch, resuming his fluttering around Derek's head, "Aren't you, Dusty?" Derek playfully swatted at the Venomoth, who deftly avoided the swipe, chirping "Ven! Ven!"
"It's been a few months since we've had any real battling, so yeah, I'm excited. My name is Derek, by the way."

Just then another girl came into the tower with her pokemon, a Gligar, diverting the attention of Ringo and Derek. She was dressed in black, and was thin and pretty in a doll-like way. She went straight to the counter, handed the guard her letter, and promptly turned around, tossing her 2 other pokeballs. “Hello everyone, my name's Aya. Remember it because I'll be walking all over you,” she declared as a Granbull and Lickilicky appeared. She went over and leaned against the wall of the waiting area opposite Ringo and Derek.

Derek turned to Ringo and raised his eyebrows, as if to ask Do you believe that?

Trainer Kat
January 29th, 2008, 2:23 PM
Dear Takuya,
We have been keeping an eye on you for the past year. We have watched your battle/contest style and presence and decided that you are among the best of the best trainers. With that being said, the time has come. Team Havoc has no rival power on this entire planet, and in order to prove this, Team Havoc has organized a league and following tournament. You have been hand selected by Team Havoc scouts to enter the Team Havoc Fight League and test your might against Team Havoc and other trainers from around the globe.

If you wish to accept this challenge, bring 3 of your best Pokemon to the northern gate of Saffron City on Sunday, July 1st. You will rendezvous at the north gate of the town. Upon arrival, present this letter to the guard and you will be granted access to Saffron City which will be shut down to host this incredible event. This letter is your ticket to almost anything in the entire city. You will receive VIP lodging including 5 star meals and accommodations in the Grand Havoc Hotel complete with training and recreation facilities. Battle rules will be explained to you upon your arrival to Club Havoc in the heart of Saffron. Looking forward to your participation. And remember, there are no nice guys. Only winners and losers.


"Hmph. What a waste of time. Everyone knows I'm the best, anyway." Green eyes smothered in eyeliner peered up from the white slip of paper clutched in a pale white hand. Well, one green eye, at least. The other was hidden behind a clump of ebony hair that matched the fingernail polish slapped skillfully onto the figure's nails. Takuya Miyamoto. Age nineteen.

Takuya wasn't particularly tall. At 5'10", he was at least taller than most girls, though often the shortest male in any given room. Not like it mattered to him, anyway. He was every female's worst nightmare. In fact, he detested girls. So much so that he refused to raise any female Pokemon (and if by chance he caught one, it was promptly sold on the black market).

He was lovely though, no matter how you looked at it. Every female's dream on the outside. Almost like a candy-coated chocolate--pretty on the outside, but an ugly black on the inside. His shaggy jet-black hair was parted drastically to the side. He wore too much eyeliner for a boy, and he always looked bored or disinterested. A tight black band tee always went on under his grey-and-black striped hoodie, also a tight fit. He was abnormally skinny, and bones could be seen through his skin. His fingernails were painted a deep black. Tight, form fitting jeans adorned his lower half, held up by a stud belt, though they still fell lower than his hips. The icing on the cake was a single lip ring on the left side of his face.

The boy was from Lavender Town, home to the most frightening Ghost Pokemon. He grew up around death, and buried Pokemon for a living. Some said he was possessed, others claimed to see Ghosts around him. Some even claimed that Takuya himself was a ghost. He was always one of the eeriest people.

He stood outside Club Havoc. Neon lights surrounded the building. It was much too happy for his taste. Time to have a little fun. Slipping the letter into his jeans pocket, he stepped up to the guard.

"Letter?" The guard demanded.

"Letter?" Takuya repeated, a confused look washing over his face. Secretly, he reached to his belt, removing a Pokeball. He gently pressed the button in the center, releasing a fat, spiky purple ghost. It was undeniably a Gengar. "Do your stuff, Gantz," he whispered.

The guard was quickly getting frustrated with Takuya's antics. Too frustrated. As he dealt with the emo boy, Gantz passed through the wall with ease, opening the door to the other side.

"Hmm...you might want to get that hole in the wall fixed." He chuckled. "This building is crap!" As the guard turned his head, Takuya snuck in through the door. Inside was a bustling mass of trainers and Pokemon alike. As he walked in, he noticed a girl leaning against the wall, a Granbull at her feet. He couldn't help what came next. First, a snort, followed by a full-blown laugh. Then full-blown hysterics.

"You..what..." He could barely release the words through his laughter. "What the hell is that thing?!" He laughed at the Granbull. As he poked fun at the pink bulldog, Gengar began to join in.

January 29th, 2008, 5:36 PM
Don Pearleon

Don The Don Pearleon



Vermilion City


Don Pearleon never leaves the mansion looking anything short of extravagant. The fair-skinned teenager sports a black bandanna around his brow, tied up tightly at the back. Russet bangs hang over the decorative handkerchief, sharp tips hovering above deep brown eyes. His face is clear of blemishes and possesses a natural smooth and soft tone, one that would appear more appropriate for a girl. Despite his mature age, Don Pearleon has never once had to shave. Don Pearleon is of a slim build, technically a little on the underweight side. But for every ounce of muscle he lacks, he compensates for, with an ounce of jewellery.

Don Pearleon rocks bling-bling on just about every human body part possible, from the diamond-encrusted jewels sparkling on his earlobes, to the iced-out ring on his left pinkie. Suspended on the thick chain around his neck, a round gigantic pendant, decorated with expensive crystals and gemstones, hovers above his chest. A high-class bracelet adorns his right wrist, while his left is occupied by an extremely pricey gold watch, boasting enough value to feed an entire small nation. Even his teeth get a taste of the glittering action, as Don Pearleon has fitted glistening grills upon his pearly whites. Don Pearleon will never be caught dead wearing anything worth less than a thousand dollars (not even at his funeral, as he has arranged to be buried in a Cadillac). While his unadorned t-shirts and baggy jeans may appear simple, they are in actuality very expensive, as are his designer shoes.

Don Pearleon is a walking, talking, gleaming incarnation of Fort Knox.


To call Don Pearleon a materialistic person, would be the understatement of the millennium. Don Pearleon takes great pride in all his possessions, particularly his jewellery collection. At the same time, he does not view himself as a spoiled person. Practically everything he has, he had to work for, and as such, he feels he has the right to be proud over. Perhaps, the only rival to his love for his jewellery would be the love for himself, Don Pearleon. To highlight this point further, Don Pearleon often refers to himself in the third person. However, Don Pearleon does not look down at the people who do not have what he has. Instead, he encourages them to ‘get their hustle on’ if they want to make anything of themselves. On a few occasions, Don Pearleon has also been seen to donate a portion of his massive earnings to charity. In addition to that, Don Pearleon always carries a pen around with him, in the event one of his fans recognizes him and requests for an autograph. He refers to it as ‘giving tha love back to my peoples’.

Don Pearleon is an undeniable hip-hop enthusiast and self-made rapper/billionaire. He has quoted on many occasion that hip-hop is his life. His love for the art extends further than just his multi-platinum record sales, for not only does Don Pearleon rhyme on his own records, but also every time he opens his mouth. Although his rhymes are often labelled corny and nonsensical, Don Pearleon promises he will never stop. Don Pearleon holds a lot of respect for people who know how to make buckets of money in a relatively short amount of time (much like him). Another quick method to gain Don Pearleon’s respect is to either defeat him in a pokémon battle or prove to him that you have skills.


Don Pearleon was the lovechild a broken, homeless couple. Despite the fact that they had little means to raise him in a proper environment, his birth sprung a sense of hope in both of their hearts. Very early on, his parents knew he was a special baby, and the very first words he uttered further confirmed their belief:

‘Mama, mama, I like silk

Mama, mama, give me milk’

At the time, no one made much of it. Sure, it was a little out of the ordinary, but they never considered Don Pearleon ‘ordinary’ in the first place. Later, they would learn that that was not the only time the boy would ever speak in rhyme, for every thing else that Don Pearleon said was in rhyme, whether he meant it to be, or not. It was almost like a curse.

Shuffling this minor detail aside, his parents introduced him to pokémon when he was six. They were a poor family and earned a great deal of their money through illegal pokémon fighting networks on the streets. They thought best to teach their son how to become a powerful trainer so that in the event that they died prematurely or could not be there for him any more, he would have a means for making money and taking care of himself. Mentored by his parents, Don Pearleon spent six years mastering the art of training. He had engaged in hundreds of illegal pokémon battles by the time he reached the age of twelve.

As he grew older, Don Pearleon came to realise that the type of life his family lived was not an honest one. His conscious got the better of him and soon he decided to leave the criminal pokémon world, perhaps troubled the most by how the trainers treated their pokémon. His parents told him they would have quit long time ago too, had they had any other means to make money; they asked him how he planned to make a living.

The answer came in the form a flyer Don Pearleon fatefully stumbled upon, depicting a rap artist wearing a lot of jewellery and obviously suggesting a luxurious lifestyle, but more importantly, an honest one. He yearned for that type of lifestyle. Don Pearleon asked himself why it would be impossible; after all, he had the natural talent to rhyme (literally since birth). All he needed to do was find someone who could see his potential and get him a record deal. Sure enough, Don Pearleon’s persistence paid off. His first album sold over ten million records, making him an instant millionaire, and still only at thirteen!

He bought his parents a mansion in Saffron City, where the three of them lived like royalty. Despite his major success, Don Pearleon retained the childhood passion of training that his parents installed in him at an early age. He continued to improve himself as a pokémon trainer, all the whilst juggling his skyrocketing musical career. Four years and eight albums later, Don Pearleon was a household name and listed as one of the richest people in the Kanto Region, owning at least one mansion in every city. He relocated to Vermilion City, hoping for a quieter lifestyle.

One day, Don Pearleon would discover that his Saffron City mansion, as well as the rest of the town, had been seized by some criminal organization. It would not be long until Don Pearleon received a letter in the mail:

"Dear Don Pearleon,
We have been keeping an eye on you for the past year –”

Don Pearleon immediately shrugged it offas just another stalker obsessed with his celebrity status. But then something within him urged him to continue reading. As he did, he discovered that this was no typical stalker. Someone out there was willing to throw an entire tournament and invite him just so they could meet him in person. What enticed him the most however, was the mention of other trainers, supposedly ‘the best of the best’ that would also be there. Don Pearleon figured he had nothing to lose. His career was booming and he was interested to meet these other hyped trainers, not to mention his curiosity concerning his seized property in Saffron City had not died down.

Within seconds, Don Pearleon had packed all his necessities and favourite pokémon. He set off for Saffron City as soon as possible.

Additional Information

Don Pearleon can break dance.
Don Pearleon always speaks in rhyme.


Nickname: Big Jig
Personality: This is one Jigglypuff with attitude! He wears a small bandana around his head and a custom made expensive watch on his little hand. Similar to another famous pokémon of the same type, Big Jig always carries a microphone with him. Rather than singing however, he raps into his microphone, often enticing his opponents into bouts of slumber.
Set Attacks: Sing, Double Slap, Rain Dance, Mimic, Ice Punch, Secret Power

Nickname: Brudda
Personality: Don Pearleon raised this pokémon since it was a little Squirtle. Brudda enjoys helping his trainer in anyway possible, whenever he can. This Blastoise is very protective of Don Pearleon and seen by most to be a pokémon version of a bodyguard. He has a stern forefront which he only lets down in the presence of Don Pearleon.
Set Attacks: Skull Bash, Hydro Pump, Surf, Protect, Iron Tail, Aqua Jet

Nickname: Geniveva
Personality: Geniveva is a cunning Persian boasting a fondness for jewellery and material things. Of all Don Pearleon’s pokémon, she has a personality that resembles Don Pearleon’s the most. For this reason, Don Pearleon loves to keep her close. She’s always his first choice for a travelling partner.
Set Attacks: Pay Day, Fury Swipes, Double Team, Aerial Slice, Hyper Beam, Attract

The post below is to serve as my short literally sample too.

~ IC Post ~

Loud music could be heard in the distance, growing more noticeable in volume as the stylish limousine pulled up at The Fight Club’s watchtower. The guard stationed raised his eyebrow at the latest arrival.

The music stopped in accordance to the car’s engine. The passenger seat opened and an extremely buff man, clad in a black suit and dark shades, stepped out of the vehicle. Abiding by a silent disposition, he made his way to the rear of the limousine, holding the door open for the celebrity within.

Don Pearleon stepped out of the vehicle at his own pace. He surveyed his surroundings behind flashy sunglasses, not impressed at all by the crummy building before him or the huge chunk of the wall missing. He furrowed his brow at the lack of a red carpet set up for his arrival. There was no excuse for it, he decided, as they were well informed that he had been invited. The neon lights were a nice touch though, as the colourful rays reflected brilliantly off his jewellery. The bodyguard appeared by the young master’s side, always available to meet his every request.

“Would you like me to escort you to the tower, sir?”

Don Pearleon saw no point in that. There was a whole city stretched out after the entrance to that tower. It was not reasonable to expect his security to hold his hand throughout the whole journey. Besides, he had his pokémon for that. He waved a hand at the guard, as if to dismiss him of his services.

“Nah. Aint gon’ be no need for that, Bob.

Ya’ll can leave now, ya’ll done yo’ job.”

Bob nodded promptly. He pressed the young master for anything else he may need help with, and after receiving a negative answer, he re-entered the limousine and informed the driver of their dismissal. The pair wasted no time in driving away from the shanty looking area. Don Pearleon smirked, although he could not blame them; it did not appear to be the friendliest of neighborhoods. He fished a pokéball out of his pocket and released a massive Blastoise. The turtle pokémon nodded at the young master before assuming a protective position behind him. Brudda needed no instructions on his purpose to protect Don Pearleon.

The celebrity, and his designated pokémon bodyguard, made their way to the tower at a casual pace. Don Pearleon did not care if he was late. There was no way he was rushing for anyone, especially those who could not have been bothered to bring out a red carpet. The guard’s eyes sprung open, larger than ostrich eggs, as he recognized the celebrity in his midst. His entire all-business demeanor fell away almost immediately.

“Whoa! Wow! The one and only Don Pearleon! Don The Don Pearleon! Wow, they said they’d invited you but I didn’t think you would actually show up! My kid’s a huge fan, man and . . .”

Don Pearleon nodded through the man’s praises as if he was deeply interested. Several minutes later . . .

“. . . that was a smash hit! You killed it with that last verse, man. Anyway, as much as I’d like to prove how big of a fan I am, I’m kind of on the job right now. I’m going to need your letter as proof, you know, for security purposes.”

Don Pearleon searched every pocket on his body but found no letter hidden in any of them. He slapped his forehead, realising he had left the confirmation letter in the limo.

“Talk about acting like a blonde bimbo,

Don Pearleon left his letter back in the limo.”

“You know what? Don’t even worry about it!” The guard winked. He pulled up his sleeve, exposing his right forearm. “Just give me an autograph! Sign right here, and everything will be taken care of.”

Don Pearleon shrugged. He went along with the solution. The guard squealed in delight, which was rather worrisome for a man of his stature and profession. Nonetheless, Don Pearleon had long gotten used to the uncanny reactions he evoked in his fans. The bouncer informed him that they had arranged a VIP pad at the highest floor especially for him. After more minutes of praising and butt kissing (Brudda even had to step in to prevent the guard from trying to touch the young master), Don Pearleon finally made his way into the building.

Inside, there was a large assortment of trainers and their accompanying pokémon. Don Pearleon immediately considered them his competition. He rested his shades on his forehead, counting the seconds until someone recognized who he was. Brudda, his trusty Blastoise bodyguard, kept sight over his shoulder of any suspicious activity.

(OOC: Phew...)

January 29th, 2008, 5:39 PM
I've edited my post. Just tell me if you accepted it.

January 29th, 2008, 5:40 PM
Degenerate: you're too funny, i love that char. Accepted I'm just going to say you came in at the wrong time to be noticed... but don't worry, you'll get proper star treatment from Reina soon enough <3

Quasar99: I'm sorry, but even though it has improved, your pokemon are still using impossible moves and your posting style isn't quite what i have in mind for this RP. I'm sorry to say, but Declined.

"My names Reina..." she barely spurted out before Ringo turned to the other boy in the room and began conversing with him.

Reina shrugged it off and continued to watch the door and Cubone's little pokemon conversation with Ringo's Umbreon. Though she wanted to say it, she dare not tell Cubert how cute he looked. The door suddenly opened, and a pale girl with jet black hair walked through. Everything about her seemed snooty, all the way down to the way she presented her neatly still intact letter to the guard. Reina narrowed her eyes as she watched the girl move graciously to through the guard tower and take her place among the trainers.

“Hello everyone, my name's Aya. Remember it because I'll be walking all over you,” the girl announced to the room as she released her Pokemon out onto the floor in front of them. Reina barely had time to react before another trainer, a cute boy with a somewhat dark aura, barged his way into the guard tower.

"Hm... he's kinda cute..." Reina thought to herself as she watched the boy enter. He looked down at the Granbull and Lickylicky in front of him and began laughing. A twisted almost sadistic laugh it seemed. He pointed at the Granbull with giddy delight as his Gengar joined in on the fun.

"What the hell is that thing?!" he said as he laughed uncontrollably at the Granbull with the diamond collar.

Reina couldn't help but giggle along with the boy, as the diamond collar around the Granbull's neck WAS a bit much, and not to mention completely unnecessary. Reina scanned the room, every trainer seemed to be showcasing their pokemon except for her. She began fidgeting with the black Heavy Ball containing her Onix, but decided against releasing him

"bleh... Edge wouldn't even fit in this tiny hut...Its better to keep him a surprise until the battles start..." Reina thought to herself. Her thoughts were interrupted by the guard who cleared his throat, demanding attention of the trainers. He walked to the door on the other side of the tower, leading to Saffron. He cleared his throat one more time, demanding silence and began to give their instructions.

"This door will take you to Neo-Saffron. Giovanni has given.....most...of you special treatment while in this city. Carry your letter with you and hold on to it as if it were your identification. The letter is your proof of being invited and will grant you access to the majority of Neo-Saffron such as the shopping mall, grocery store, and VIP suites inside of the Grand Havoc Hotel along with all the training facilities and areas within it. It is now 12:01am, Giovanni has instructed you proceed immediately to Club Havoc to have your skills tested one last time before the league begins. The order of which each of you will fight will be given to you upon arrival. The match will be a 1 on 1 so please think of your Pokemon choice as you travel. If you do not win, you will be expelled with no questions asked." The guard said sternly, taking a short breath. "If you do manage to stay in after the preliminary matches. Stay out of restricted areas and obey the basic city rules. Misconduct will not be tolerated in the city Giovanni worked so hard to create. Now without further ado, on behalf of Master Giovanni, i welcome you all to Neo-Saffron: The Haven of Havoc. And remember...we're watching your every move."

The guard finished, pushing the back door open and beckoning the trainers through the door. Reina pushed off the wall and walked through the door, instantly bombarded by all of the neon signs which flood the city's skies. Reina stood frozen in awe for a second but quickly remembered the task ahead of her. She walked briskly with Cubert trotting along behind her. After such a long journey to get here, Giovanni wished to see them in action first hand...

"This has to be a test of endurance... we've all been traveling to get here and now he wants us to battle against no doubt completely fresh opponents. Very shrewd, Giovanni...I really have no choice in the matter, Edge will be my choice for the battle, lead with your best foot forward." Reina thought to herself quietly as she strolled through the bright city. After a while of walking in silence, she was standing before the mighty double doors of Club Havoc...

ooc: I skipped the walk to the club since it was just a small half hour walk or so... late sign ups feel free to arrive somewhat late or better yet, we can say that you arrived earlier today and have been waiting.

January 29th, 2008, 11:10 PM

Aluminum Knight: Whoops... XD That's what you get for nicknaming your Venomoth "Dusty".

Jim: Ringo's Alakazam is still in his Pokeball. Only Mismagius and Umbreon are out.

Trainer Kat: Since when has 5'10" been short?!? And I thought Ringo's father was "tall" at 5'9"...

Ringo stopped all conversation with Reina and Derek when a trio of other trainers entered the room. The first was obviously a very rich and snobby girl named Aya, who Ringo completely ignored. Deep inside he knew that Granbull was a pathetic excuse for a dog Pokemon (Houndour comes close as well), and for a moment he wished that he had borrowed his father's Mightyena instead of Umbreon, so that he can wage a dog fight against this arrogant young lady.

Fortunately, Ringo kept his thoughts about Aya to himself, but Sorciere took on a different approach. For Aya's Lickilicky started talking to her. For a split second Sorciere thought Bero had some sort of crush on her, from the way he was looking at her, but quickly pushed the disgusting idea out of her mind. In the conversation, she brought up general topics such as the weather, and even managed to ask Bero about his trainer a bit (especially "How do you get used to her?"). She ended the conversation by sticking her tongue out at Bero, then turned immediately towards the door...

Sorciere's face was contorted with displeasure when a Gengar floated through the door. Her body glowed a deeper shade of blue than the glow in a Psychic attack, a true sign of loathing. If she could communicate telepathically to the Gengar, she would say, "I'll show YOU who the master of the shadows is!"

Ringo had a similar reaction when a black-haired, emo-looking teenage boy about as tall as his father slipped past the guard into the room. However, Ringo certainly did not glow like Sorciere did, nor did he so much as frown. Instead he stared at him with a similar amount of loathing, although at that moment he was also standing underneath a light that made his hair look more like fire. At that moment he completely understood how his mother's beloved Mismagius felt, much like having a telepathic connection to her. But it really was more like empathy, which he occasionally felt with his Pokemon. Perhaps that was a trait passed on to him by his mother. Anyways, when Takuya entered the room, Ringo thought for a split second that his father had entered the room instead, for the method of entry was very similar to the way his father would have done it. (Except his father would not have used words or a Pokemon to distract the guard.)
I know frustration and rage are both pointless, Ringo thought as he continued staring at Takuya. They only get one distracted in a battle. I will remain calm throughout the tournament, stay true to myself and my Pokemon, and use my abilities as well as the Pokemon's abilities to their fullest potential. This act of secrecy and calmness truly is the best way to ensure a person's demise.

A voice then sounded in Ringo's head: You are very wise for a fifteen-year-old. Ringo recognised this voice as belonging to his Alakazam. He could not fathom how an Alakazam can employ telepathy while inside its Pokeball, but...

In this stream of thoughts about Takuya, Ringo barely noticed the last man to walk into the room, one who looked and acted like a celebrity. Ringo faintly recognised him as Don Pearleon--apparently his music was very popular with people his age. However, Ringo wasn't a particular fan of him--or rap music in general. He even kind of detested his style of music as a kind of cheapness.
Well, with little to go with besides rhymes and beats, it might as well be poetry written on poorly synched drum patches, rather than "music", Ringo thought, mainly in order to distract himself from Takuya. A good beat best functions if it's paired with a good melody and perhaps tight, catchy lyrics to match, as in Eurodance for instance.

Ringo's new train of thought about music types was soon halted by an announcement from the guard to enter the club where these trainers will have their battling capabilities tested. He was also told to think about which Pokemon to use in the test--and thus took on a new train of though as he walked. While he walked, with Alice and Sorciere still by his side, he wasn't solely focused on his thoughts--he had learned countless times before to always be aware of one's surroundings. So Ringo walked briskly towards the club, staying far ahead of the other trainers who were walking. If anyone caught up to him, he just started walking faster, or running if he had to. He was careful not to abandon his Pokemon, but that was hardly a problem because a Mismagius can fly and an Umbreon can run faster than a human.

As Ringo walked, he shielded his eyes from the annoyingly bright neon lights all around him. For a moment he was thankful that he would not be staying in an equally bright five-star motel--perhaps he could try to find a darker and more peaceful spot to sleep in. But this was not on his primary list of worries--his normal bedtime was still about nine hours away. For now he just took a pair of sunglasses out of his handbag and put them on. He felt a little calmer, now that he was away from the other trainers and able to see where he was going a bit better.

Ringo looked briefly upwards to see a bunch of bird Pokemon circling in the sky. There were Fearow, Pidgeotto, Zubat (wait, that's not a bird)... and some bigger and shadowy bird which he couldn't see too well. Anyways, speaking of Pokemon... By the time Ringo got halfway to the club, he knew exactly which Pokemon he'll be using for his first test.

OOC: Obviously I don't hate Granbull or Houndour or rap music myself, but count on Ringo to think hater-type thoughts at times... -.-

January 30th, 2008, 6:52 AM
The self-control exercised by the common folk in the small room impressed Don Pearleon. Very rarely did an A-Class celebrity such as himself walk into any public place and not encounter screaming fan girls, overenthusiastic lovers of his work or downright psycho’s who wished to touch any part of his body and never wash their hands again. Don Pearleon got over the awkward reception fairly quickly. The subtle atmosphere made Brudda’s job a lot easier.

Don Pearleon’s gaze shifted horizontally amongst the sea of faces. He took note of a redhead bearing unruly bangs, clad in a burgundy top and a matching plaid skirt, a noticeably short one at that, teasing her Cubone. Shyness never met the girl. Despite the somewhat revealing outfit, she kept her wits about her, and looked good doing it too. It was such a shame she had yet to acknowledge the star in her presence. Don Pearleon imagined she would make an exceptional groupie.

Don Pearleon briefly focused his attention on another kid, one that stood out, and not for good reason either. The dark male had a strange vibe about him that he could only describe as ‘emo’. Don Pearleon winced at what looked like a ball of metal sticking out the side of his lip. Don Pearleon understood the affection for jewellery better than anyone, but for the love of Tupac, he could not fathom why anybody would want to put a hole in their face. No matter, he would just have to be extra cautious around the dude. There was no telling what the emo would do to others if he did that to himself.

Moving on, Don Pearleon set his sights on a pale girl sporting remarkably long and dark hair. At first glance, she immediately reminded him of the emo kid. However, there was no denying class once one saw it, and Don Pearleon saw it, in not only her attire, but her mannerisms as well. Leaning against the wall, exhibiting that arrogant don’t-give-a-damn-about-you attitude; oh yeah, Don Pearleon could tell she was the rich type. Don Pearleon’s scrutiny was interrupted by the emo kid, as he approached the rich girl, half-dying in a rage of laughter. Don Pearleon was too far away to hear what that was all about. He was not about to eavesdrop either, no, a celebrity like him would not be reduced to such a lowly act.

Instead, he moved his observation to one of the taller members, probably the tallest person standing the room. Apart from his towering physical stature, nothing really stood out about the lad. He appeared to be the average brown-haired green-eyed boy, although the well-groomed beard insinuated he was anything but a boy. Perhaps, he would be a good person to ask advice for in the future.

With that, Don Pearleon’s observations accounted for everyone in the room. Or so he thought. There was one more person he had not quite taken notice of. It was no wonder either; the boy was comically short (below Don Pearleon’s eye level). Don Pearleon looked down to meet the young boy’s eyes, who surprisingly returned the gesture for a brief moment. He appeared to be thinking something. Don Pearleon wondered if he would be the first to recognize who he was. Well, if he did recognize Don Pearleon, it probably was not for good reason, as the celebrity detected a tint of disdain on the kid's features. Maybe he was another hater. Don Pearleon shrugged indifferently; it was hard for him to get mad when he had so much money in the bank. Besides, Don Pearleon had money stacks that stood taller than the kid.

Don Pearleon’s attention was diverted by the arrival of the guard. He delivered a brief introduction and instructions to proceed to Club Havoc. Don Pearleon considered asking the redhead to walk with him, but she was first to zoom out of the room, long gone before he even had the chance. Well, his second option was the rich girl; they already had something in common after all. He turned to the large Blastoise behind him and pointed out the girl.

“Yo Brudda, I’mma go talk to that chick in black.

I trust you to look around and have my back.”

“Blastoise!” Brudda agreed firmly, keeping a cautious eye on everyone in the room as the pair walked over to her. Don Pearleon was displeased to discover the emo kid was harassing her about her Granbull. Brudda picked up on his master’s discontent and prepared to unleash a Hydro Pump attack on the trainer when Don Pearleon stopped him with a raise of his hand, as if to say he would take care of it. The celebrity tapped on the kid’s shoulder to grab his attention.

“Hey emo, don’t you got somewhere else to be?

Like cutting yourself in bathroom maybe?

Please step out of my way, dear fellow

You’re seriously messing up my mellow.”

And with that, Don Pearleon powered his way in between him and the rich girl. Brudda stood firmly in front of Don Pearleon and the rich girl, arms crossed, delivering a frightening glare at the emo kid. The Blastoise was not about to let him interrupt his master. With the emo kid a non-threat, Don Pearleon proceeded to address the girl.

“Wassup, mommy? You know I just had to come by,

When I spotted you across the room looking so fly.

Why, you looking cuter than an Eevee cub.

I was hoping you’d walk with me to the Fight Club.”

Don Pearleon openly admired her long flowing hair as he awaited her response.

January 30th, 2008, 7:16 PM
Here's my sign up :).

Name: Maria Yatokimo

Age: 15

Hometown: Pewter City, Kanto

Gender: Female


Personality: Maria is like the ocean; calm and serene at most times, but sometimes full of rage, and hurtful. From far, she seems like an ordinary girl. But really, she is truly amazing if you get to know her. She is kind, and is always there for you to complain. She'll listen attentively, and give her advice. Many people ask her advice in certain situations, and she always does her best to help them. She is the perfect shoulder to cry on, but under all this helpfulness, she hides her own feelings.

She is not the type to wear her heart on her sleeve, like many of her friends, but keeps it all hidden. Under her bright or cheerful smile, or her sympathetic look, she hides her sadness. When she was only four, her sister died, leaving a great wound in her heart. She never really recovered from this unfortunate event, but she tries her best to cope.

Although she may seem as sweet as a puppy, and full of harmony, you must beware. When she is angry, Maria is the type of person that brings the 'Harm' out of 'Harmony'.

Maria weighs only a hundred pounds, and is five feet, six inches tall.

History: As it was stated before, Maria's sister died when Maria was only four. This caused devastation to her family, and none of them were ever truly the same. When this event happened, Maria was entrusted with her sister's dearest and only pokemon; her Growlithe.

Growlithe has certainly played a great part in her process of healing, and when Maria was truly feeling like killing herself, Growlithe was always there to help her.

RP sample: Seproth lounged in her chair comfortably, spreading her long legs over the table in front of her. Her purple-red eyes scranned across the street over the top of her book, focusing on the tall building just opposite of her apartment. From her position, she could see everything that occurred, right down to the scrawny boy that was currently loitering around outside. Lazily, she got up and stretched, walking across the opulent carpet to the full length window. It seemed that some people had beat her to it. After all, her intention for moving into this pathetic neighbourhood was not for pleasure purposes- It was solely for the museum there, or more specifically, the new exhibit there. Every rumour that had ever emerged about the exclusive treasure map, she had tracked down, even those that had been obviously fake. Finally, she had come to this place, only to be outdone by some amateurs that would get caught in a millisecond, ruining the chances of the serious players after the prize. Still, there was no need to get worked up over it. In fact, the idea of someone getting the map before her suited her perfectly. All she would need to do was to steal it from them. One person was easier to breaker than a dozen security guards.

Strolling out of the room down the stairs, Seproth went out of the big double doors and crossed the street. Now that some thieves were finally taking action, she had to be in the correct place if the loot was to be hers.


1) Arcanine

Personality: He has taken the role of being Maria's sibling; he shares many experiences with her, some sad, others joyful. Arcanine can be as playful as a puppy, and is very obedient and strong.

Attacks: Fire Fang, Overheat, ExtremeSpeed, Hyperbeam, Crunch, Agility

2) Absol

Personality: He is very sophisticated and quiet. He is not likely to join in a game, but merely enjoys watching it while bathing in the sun. He is extremely protective, and he is very useful.

Attacks: Ice Beam, Razor Wind, Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Shadow Ball, Perish Song

3) Flygon

Personality: He loves to fly, and carry Maria on his back while doing so. He loves to participate in activities, and never likes being alone. But when it comes to battling, he is ready.

Attacks: Earthquake, Dragonbreath, Dragonclaw, Solarbeam, Arial Ace, Steel Wing

The personalities of my pokemon are a bit short, I know. But I'm too lazy to make up more stuff right now :)

January 30th, 2008, 7:21 PM
your signup looks great, Marilyn but uhh remember you do get 6 attacks and not just 4... i like your signup so go ahead and edit, and do your introduction. look at the ooc post in my post above for late entry intro instructions

January 30th, 2008, 7:47 PM
OoC:I don't have tonight. Tomorrow, I promise.

January 31st, 2008, 6:00 AM
((Bleh, sorry about not posting yesterday, it was far from a normal day for me. Shouldn't happen very often))

Derek was silent as another trainer entered with a Gengar. He was extremely thin, and Derek immediately noticed, and was disgusted by, the unbelievably tight jeans he was wearing. He also looked like he was wearing makeup. Again, another trainer who, based upon his looks, didn't appear to be very strong, but the Gengar following him proved otherwise. The new trainer, after spotting Aya's Granbull, immediately started making fun of it.

Just then, yet another trainer entered. Derek immediately recognized him as Don Pearleon, the rapper. Surprised, he looked around at the other trainers to try and see their reaction. However, the guard's reaction was enough for all of them. For guy who tried to exude a "business only" attitude towards the rest of them, he sure turned into a drooling fangirl when he saw Don. As for himself, while he was surprised to see such a celebrity with them, he wasn't a particular fan of the genre of music Don used. Besides, Derek was here to battle pokemon, not get autographs.

After a minute of the guard embarassing himself, Don joined the other trainers. However, just as this happened, the guard, who seemed to have regained his composure, gave the trainers instructions to go to Club Havoc to participate in their first test. Finally, Derek thought, already beginning to think of what pokemon he would use for this 1 on 1 battle. The redheaded girl and Ringo took off immediately, while Don approached Aya and started to strike up a conversation. Derek shook his head, a little dissapointed that the girls would now be monopolized, though Aya seemed too stuck up for him anyway. Pushing those thoughts from his mind, he and Dusty followed Ringo out the door. He took the half-hour walk as an opportunity to prepare himself for the upcoming battle.

January 31st, 2008, 8:17 PM
IC: Maria

The girl ran as fast as she could. Why was it that she time she needed the train the most, it had to be three hours late? Three whole hours of anxiety and wild thoughts about what Giovanni might say. When the train did arrive, Maria ran in as fast as she could, and nervously tapped her fingers along the windowsill the whole ride.

When her stop had come, she had never felt happier in her life to get off a train, which was something very odd for her. Maria is the type of person who can never get enough of travelling. Trains, planes, boats, bikes or even by foot, she longed to see new things, and to feel that wonderful sensation surge through her body when she felt safe and content. But this ride was agony for her. What if Giovanni yelled? What if he hurt her? She thought many questions in her mind, but none could get answered until she got there.

She quickly ran off the train, and into the direction given on the invitation. When she had recieved the piece of paper, she was pretty surprised, but when she thought of it for a while, she wasn't. Giovanni only picked her because he knew her true strength, and he knew the destruction she could cause with her pokemon.

While she ran, she glanced at her watch. 12:00 on the nose. She could still make it without being late. She was not far now, yes, she could see the building. Mustering all her power, she went into a final sprint all the way inside. She quietly entered without many people noticing her, and she listened to further instruction.

Phew, she was safe, and no one would know she was late. She pushed back her sweaty straw colored hair back, and clipped on a barette. She nervously tugged at the hem of her dress, and prepared her mind for the battle that was about to come. She was always ready, and she knew she would probably win without even trying. Still, she always felt that bit of nervousness in her heart. Only a bit, but it was still there.

After a while, Maria became curious of the people around her. She was instantly drawn to the boy with the dark hair, and cold chilling expression. She knew she was going to end up talking to him. She always knew who'd she befriend. And if he didn't want nothing to do with her, she'd be even more persistent. She saw another boy, who she recognized as Don Pearleon the rapper. She had heard of him, and seen a few pictures. There were a few girls, and then Maria began feeling bored.

She went to make conversation with the dark haired boy. "Hi, I'm Maria. What's your name?" she asked pleasantly. She knew he was going to hate her. That was just what made her want to befriend him more.

First post here :)

February 1st, 2008, 12:15 AM
As Ringo walked through the city, one of the first things he saw was the mall, which stood out with especially bright neon signs to his left. It looked like a very classy mall, and quite possibly not the only one in Saffron (maybe it was a huge shopping centre or something). Elegant-looking fountains featuring life-size sculptures of Pokemon glittered and splashed around the front, and sparkling lights and storefronts shone through the windows. The only thing missing there was the people--occasionally one or two employees wandered in and out, but there were no shoppers whatsoever. Maybe it was closed--after all, it was just after midnight.

Ringo also saw a few other buildings that looked less flashy beyond it--these looked like promising places to sleep during the daytime, as they looked like they might have had some dark areas in them. Beyond that, far in the distance, was the outer wall of Saffron City--and the guard tower he had just gotten through. For a while, Ringo thought he saw a tiny black speck just on top of the wall, but soon it disappeared.

Meanwhile, Sorciere and Alice were engaged in their own conversation. Although Ringo could not understand Pokemon speech, he had gotten to the point where he could occasionally pick up parts of what his Pokemon meant to say. And "his Pokemon" also included all of his parents' Pokemon, and a brief moment with a Pokemon or two from his mum's Pokemon shelter. So altogether, the other Pokemon he was really close to were Bellossom, Clefable, Hypno, Gardevoir, Ninetales (from Mum), Mightyena, Honchkrow, Arcanine, Dusknoir, and Weavile (from Dad). Not to mention the three Pokemon that were with him at this moment. Anyways, Sorciere and Alice chatted away...

<"I certainly hope it is I who gets to battle in this one-on-one,"> Sorciere declared.
<"You are quite the showoff. You always were--ever since you were a Misdreavus. Pride is a deadly sin, you know.">
<"Ha! So is envy!">
<"...You calling me envious? Of you?!? YOU stick needles into yourself and make too much of a spectacle of your attacks. Why don't you join the emo kid.">
<"That wannabe? And who are you to accuse me of making a spectacle of my attacks, Mrs. Moonlight-Psychic-Faint Attack contest combo?">
<"...You know I was only joking. Really.">
<"Aww, a witch has no closer companion than a black cat.">
If Sorciere had arms, she would be hugging Alice at this point.

Ringo managed to catch the part where Alice called Takuya a wannabe, and smiled for the first time at the mention of his name.
Wannabe, now THAT'S a good way to put it. Honestly, I'm surprised he doesn't know my father. All right, I can't get too vengeful over this. All I have to do is be myself in this tournament, and mantain the most wonderful relations to these three Pokemon. And besides, the tournament is not my primary concern while I'm here.

By that time, Ringo had walked or ran so far ahead of Reina and Derek that he decided there was time to take some side routes. He could see the club building ahead of him in the distance, but for now he decided to head along a street that led off towards the right. The first thing he saw along the street was a giant glowing billboard that advertised Don Pearleon's latest album. Ringo obviously didn't pay much attention to this, but the thing he did pay attention to was the very foot of the billboard, where a thick wire led from the pole into the ground, with a few flashing lights at the base. It almost seemed that there was a secret switch or something located behind those tiny flashing lights... Anyways, a guard stood at the far side of that particular block--he appeared to be watching for anyone who passed into the street beyond. Did this mean that the street beyond was one of the restricted areas that the trainers were not allowed into? Hmm... now this was certainly very interesting.

So interesting that Ringo kept this place in mind as he continued along the way to the club. While he was at it, he withdrew from his handbag a square device that was a brilliant shade of purple and had a Pokeball design on front. A press of the button at the centre of the design clearly revealed that this was a Pokevice--or rather, the Pokevice--that Professor Willow had just recently developed. Three screens showed up on the Pokevice: the large one in the middle had a menu with options like "Map", "Pokemon", and "Contacts"; the smaller one on the side showed information on his Alakazam, and the little one on top, which only had room for one line of text, said "Golden Fox"--the nickname of his Alakazam. Ringo ignored the other two screens and selected "Contacts" on the menu, then a sort of map feature. The window that popped up next was a map of the surrounding area. Neo Saffron was a large blotchy area in the centre of the map, because Professor Willow had no information on what was inside the city. It also showed the outskirts of Saffron. Two red dots also showed up on the map. One had the name "Yamiko" above it and was located in the same spot as his house was. The other was labelled "Lupin" and was located just outside the northwestern border of Neo Saffron. Finally, Ringo spotted a yellow dot inside the blotchy mass of Neo Saffron--which he knew to indicate his current location. Anyways, this was the only thing he needed the Pokevice for at that moment, so he closed it and put it back in his handbag.

About fifteen minutes later, Ringo was standing against the wall of the club, somewhat near the front doors. Later he spotted Reina walking towards the doors.

Omega Saikon
February 2nd, 2008, 11:39 AM
Too late to join? I hope not, I was already interested in one RP that was too far ahead and I was too late. Hope this registration is good enough as well -

Name: Taide Moruko

Preferred Name: Tai
In-RP age: 18
Hometown/Region: Goldenrod City, Johto
Gender: Male


The male; I'm going to change his outfit a bit.

Scratch off the heart on his black shirt within your mind if you will. Keep the plaid button-up love sleeved shirt under that though, also the denim jeans fit in there quite fine. Weighs about 130 lbs., and exactly 6'0" in height, Tai has an athletic figure upon himself.

Personality: Cool, casual and solemn, Tai isn't one to argue much. If someone approaches this fellow with a sort of aggressive manner, Tai is one to simply back off and respond with an articulate and modest comment. He loves to think things out, and can get into deep thought if something is bothering him. Although when Tai does get angry, he likes to calm himself down with a walk along the lake near his home, or the field of grass which most people take walks through to enjoy the weather.

Tai is also quirky and fun when hanging out with his friends, and fooling around with his family. He just loves to be random and in that happy mood and enviornment. He loves to spend time with his loved ones, mostly his Pokemon, taking them out of trips to their homelands so Tai can show them where their species would live at.

History: Born in Goldenrod City, Jhoto, Tai is accustomed to the city life. Growing up as a child, his parents would take him to the mall every weekend and take him to the roof to look through the telescopes and see far away places. As a kid, Tai enjoyed it very much, and always looked forward to the weekends because of it.

Tai was always a happy kid, "suave," is what his teachers would call him throughout his school years. He was also extremely intelligent for his age, finishing with the highest marks in his class by the end of each school year. He also liked helping his classmates and others who needed assistance. Those traits and qualities what were his parents taught him from a very tender age.

He really never thought about owning a Pokemon as he grew up, he was only really focused on his schoolwork, and he always wanted to be a university professor. But during middle school he recieved his first Pokemon anyways. A companion of sorts.

When Tai entered high school he started getting into sports. He played soccor his freshmen year, and was acknowledge for his grades. That is when he got promoted to the 11th grade, skiping all 10th grade classes and taking senior leveled courses as a junior, such as Trigonometry Honors and English III. After graduating high school, Taide planned on moving to the region of Sinnoh by himself to go to a Division I ranked university and planning to study literature, though he changed his mind and decided to remain in his hometown for a while to spend time with his family and Pokemon.

After a while not going to school and such, Taide spent much time with his Pokemon, and decided to start his own Pokemon journey. He trained with his Pokemon mostly everyday, catching others Pokemon and battling Gym Leaders. Anything that was a challenge, Taide liked.

Then one day, he received a letter of recommendation to be a part of this tournaments of some sort, the Team Havoc Fight Club.

Additional Information: Taide loves sweets.

RP Sample:

Huff huff huff…

Alexander was completely exhausted, as he appeared there, between the two aligned towers, exactly where the rope he built had ended. He looked down, and sighed. All his belongings laid there on the grass below, he looked up once again only to find that time was his enemy. The sun had now risen higher, and Alexander estimated that it was about 6:30 am, he had about 20 to 30 minutes left, or else he would be detected escaping the premises.

After finally crawling down the two towers, Alexander wiped the sweat of his face with the back on his tie. Before leaving, he got dressed in a white button-up shirt with a tie and pants. He had packed everything he needed in one backpack, along with finally placing his newly received Pokemon in his PokeBelt.

Where to go now… Maybe I should travel to the heart of the city? I might be able to throw a distress signal into the air, like a ‘Q’ by jet? This is a tough one, coming in contact with the other now Team members.

Alexander began to walk along the lake which surrounded the Headquarters of Team Rocket, thinking carefully, and letting his eyes take in his environment by wandering wherever they please, although in the back of his mind, something was questioning him most.

When and where would be the proper time to release my ancestors Pokemon?

This would lay in his mind his entire trip, he knew it. There was nothing he could do now. He had escaped him former team without question, no doubts and whatnot, and heading to wherever destiny takes him to find Team Quantum. He knew sooner or later something big was going to happen, but it didn’t bother Alexander at all. All he needed to do now was find his allies, there was no way he could get rid of all evil teams alone. All of these things needed to be done, and so many questions needed to be answered, but Alexander Octivium needed to take everything step-by-step.


Name: Blastoise
Nickname: Tordek
Personality: This Pokemon lives for battling. It's mindset in battle is to use brute strength to tower and man-handle all other Pokemon that he comes across. Tordek has many scars upon his rock-hard shell, and loves to spend time with Taide outside of battle. This was also Taide's first ever Pokemon. (Squirtle, now Blastoise)

Set Attacks: Rain Dance, Skull Bash, Aqua Tail, Flash Cannon, Hydro Pump and Protect.

Name: Empoleon
Nickname: Empire
Personality: Empire's desire in battle is to win tactifully, using strengths and weaknesses to his advantage. A smart Pokemon since birth, Empire's passion is battling - like all other Pokemon - but he loves to do it his way and his way alone. This Empoleon is twice as big as a regular of its species.

Set Attacks: Brine, Aqua Jet, Swagger, Drill Peck, Whirlpool and Metal Claw.

Name: Tyranitar
Nickname: Beast
Personality: Just as it's nicknamed, this Tyranitar is a beast. Used for strength and a sort of secret weapon of Taide's, this Pokemon loves to keep his foe's guessing what move he'll pull off next. After fully growing up, this Pokemon use his moveset to the fullest.

Set Attacks: Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dark Pulse, Payback, Sandstorm and Ice Fang.

Wow, that was some hard work. -sweat drop-

February 2nd, 2008, 3:48 PM
Hey, that sign up is from PokeDream.

I saw it in an RP....

February 2nd, 2008, 4:26 PM
First, a snort, followed by a full-blown laugh. Then full-blown hysterics. A moderately tall, yet somehow average height male, caked in makeup , was laughing at her prized Pokémon. If it was the jewel encrusted collar that her precious Granbull was wearing was the problem, she'd understand. The collar was a gift to the Pokémon when Aya was young and didn't realize how out of place it looked, however Granbull and the collar were inseparable. This was not the case, the flamboyant character and a huge blob of a ghost Pokémon were practically rolling on the floor, laughing their asses off.

"You..what..." He could barely release the words through his laughter. "What the hell is that thing?!" He laughed at the Granbull. As he poked fun at the pink bulldog, alongside his Pokémon.

“Haha... That guy's funny, so is his big strong Pokémon,” Aya laughed sarcastically. Suddenly her face twisted into that of an evil face, her voice accompanied it, becoming crisp and chilling; “Granbull, Shadow Ball.”

Granbull barked his name as he assumed battle position on all four legs. She raised her head in the hair and generated a huge ball of swirling black energy above her head. “Graaw!” she roared, and she launched the attack at the Gengar, hitting it square in the face, a Super Effective hit. The hit wasn't supposed to be much, if anything at all. It wasn't supposed to seriously hurt Gengar, not too much anyway. Aya whipped her head round to face the over the top, flamboyant boy.

“And because you're not a Pokémon you think you get let go with a warning? Oh no, I believe in equal treatment.” Aya smirked as she relished in her own evil. “Bero, come here and teach emo-boy a lesson, if you would be so kind?”

Upon hearing his name, Bero the Lickilicky happily plodded over to Aya's side.

“Bero, use Supersonic,” Aya's smirk intensified as the huge pink blob Pokémon inflated his chest. Bero promptly opened his mouth, reveling the majority of his tongue, and then, through his mouth, he shot many rings of energy which all collided with the male. Aya immediately stopped paying attention to whatever happened after that. Her attention was diverted to another source.

"This door will take you to Neo-Saffron. Giovanni has given.....most...of you special treatment while in this city. Carry your letter with you and hold on to it as if it were your identification. The letter is your proof of being invited and will grant you access to the majority of Neo-Saffron such as the shopping mall, grocery store, and VIP suites inside of the Grand Havoc Hotel along with all the training facilities and areas within it. It is now 12:01am, Giovanni has instructed you proceed immediately to Club Havoc to have your skills tested one last time before the league begins. The order of which each of you will fight will be given to you upon arrival. The match will be a 1 on 1 so please think of your Pokemon choice as you travel. If you do not win, you will be expelled with no questions asked." The guard said sternly, taking a short breath. "If you do manage to stay in after the preliminary matches. Stay out of restricted areas and obey the basic city rules. Misconduct will not be tolerated in the city Giovanni worked so hard to create. Now without further ado, on behalf of Master Giovanni, I welcome you all to Neo-Saffron: The Haven of Havoc. And remember...we're watching your every move."

“Finally...” Aya thought to herself. She immediately took out the purple Pokéball, encrusted with the tiny diamond and the premier ball. She pointed them at Granbull and Bero respectively, held out her left arm and whistled. The Gligar who was casually lounging in the high windowsill immediately swooped down and landed on Aya's arm, promptly taking position on her shoulder.

The guard pushed the door open and the first effect was like stepping out of a cinema on an insanely bright day. The neon-lights were overwhelming. Easily comparable to part of the fictional city of Los Angeles. She shaded her eyes as she excited the tower. The huge moon couldn't be seen whatsoever. When she looked up all she could see was a sickly orange glow, light pollution.

After about half an hour of walking, Aya was approached by a slender, bandanna wearing boy, garbed in jewelry.

“Wassup, mommy? You know I just had to come by,
When I spotted you across the room looking so fly.
Why, you looking cuter than an Eevee cub.
I was hoping you’d walk with me to the Fight Club.”

At this point Aya could not be held responsible for her actions. Her vein pulsed like a wild Primeape, her face as red as a Charmeleon's. The punch she delivered would give a Hitmonchan a run for his money. The obnoxious rapper must of staggered, or flown, at least three feet away due to the impact; Gligar had nearly fallen off her shoulder. Aya took a deep breath and pressed onwards. It wasn't long until the mighty double doors of club Havoc were in view. It had apparently once been Silph Corporation, back in Old Saffron, or that's what she was told. There she stood, Gligar on her shoulder, awaiting the challenges inside.

Edit/OOC: 900th Post ^_^

February 2nd, 2008, 5:26 PM
Reina pushed open the massive double doors, opening the portal to a completely dark room. Cautiously, she took a step into the room, then another. Suddenly lights clicked on all around. The area was shown to be a vast building, with the center now gone with balconies wrapping around the walls up to the huge ceiling. As the lights came on, the room seemed to come to life. Hovering cameras began to swarm the trainers and buzz around their heads, each of their faces showing up on massive screens placed throughout the building. In the center of the building was a large hole in the floor. Reina walked closer to it, for it to be revealed as the battle arena. It was at least 50 feet down and seemed to be a typical dirt field. High up on top of the building was a glass room, obviously where Giovanni was going to be watching the battles. Suddenly a loud startling intercom interrupted all of the trainer's thoughts.

"Welcome, trainers. I am the one who has summoned you here, Giovanni. I wish to see your skills in battle before competing in my league. By now you should have chosen your 1 pokemon to fight with and should be ready to do battle with your opponent. The battle will be against my agents, you need not know their names, just their numbers. The order will be as follows and will be posted on one of the monitors for reference. Battle well, trainrs." The voice suddenly cut off as a list of names scrolled down the monitor into place.

1. Taide Moruko
2. Reina Oosaki
3. Ringo Murakage
4. Maria Yatokimo
5. Takuya Miyamoto
6. Derek Hightower
7. Ayukat Elizabeth Mary Tajiri IV

"Taide Moruko, please advance to the arena. The rest of the trainers are free to watch the matches until their turn and after they finish." The voice added after the names were displayed.

Reina walked to the edge of the arena wall, then leaned over it, looking down into it. She seemed unimpressed by the arena's plain appearance but at least it wouldn't provide any major faults during battle.

"Cubert, return. I don't want you out until later." She said calmly as she called the little pokemon back into its ball. She turned around resting her arms against the railing putting on her best *i'm so hawt* pose as she flipped her hair back behind her shoulders. She sized up the other trainers once more, scanning everything about them from the way they talked to the way they stood.

"I think i'll just use Cubert for this match... If I need to pull out Edge already... for just the test matches, then I don't deserve to be here..." Reina thought to herself, still looking at her competition. She fiddled with Cubert's pokeball in her hand while she waited for the first match to begin.

OOC: I'll be posting what pokemon everyone will be against in the OOC thread. You can give the pokemon's trainer a name if you want, or you can just call him "Grunt" doesn't matter

February 2nd, 2008, 5:53 PM
Without waiting for the boy to reply, Maria went to look at the list. She was fourth, leaving her plenty of time to choose which pokemon would be chosen for this battle, and which attacks to use.

Absol hasn't had a good fight in quite a while. I think he'll be the one this time. He'll do fine.

Maria pulled out her shiny pokeball, which she had polished while she was on the train. She threw it up into the air, and called out, "Absol, come on out!"

The white pokemon landed quietly on the ground, and took a position in front of his trainer. He stared at her curiously with his wide, red eyes, and waited further instruction.

"Okay Absol, we have a battle soon. I want you to defeat the pokemon you're battling very quickly. I don't care if it has a superior type to you, you're going to win it anyways. Got it?" She said strictly, with a determined look on her face.

"Ab, Absolll," the furry pokemon replied. He stood up and growled, as a sign he was ready to win.

Maria walked over to sit down, Absol training at her feet. She sat, and stretched out her long legs. She closed her eyes, and took a few minutes to relax and calm down. She took a deep breath, and stared at the ceiling with her wide eyes.

Yes, she was ready for this.

Omega Saikon
February 2nd, 2008, 6:09 PM
Hey, that sign up is from PokeDream.

I saw it in an RP....

OOC: Yeah Stardust, I'm Chrizz on PD. :P

February 2nd, 2008, 8:25 PM
Name: Mix Tsukishimo

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Appearance: http://i147.photobucket.com/albums/r307/writer245/Anime/girl89.jpg

Personality: Mix is a shy, quiet girl. She is often afraid of getting embarrassed, which is why she does not voice her opinion in some matters. She is afraid to speak, since she does not wish to upset anyone with her beliefs and thoughts, this resulting in her having no friends.

Mix is so quiet that sometimes, people don’t notice her. She is forgotten very often, but that doesn’t bother her. The only thing that really matters to her is the health of her pokemon.

Mix is very helpful at home, and takes care of her three younger brothers, since her mother is usually ill. She always cleans the house, and is an excellent cook. She raises her brothers to be respectful and use their manners, and she succeeds in doing so very often.

With pokemon, Mix is a completely different person. She is enthusiastic and cheerful, and she sings to them. Her voice is pure and angelic, but she hides it from everyone. She could never bear singing to other people, but remains content with having her pokemon as an audience.

History: Mix currently resides in Oldale Town, and lives on a farm with her mother and three younger brothers. Her father left her family when her mom was pregnant with triplets, the three younger brothers. After giving birth to them, Mix’s mom was never the same, resulting in Mix taking care of her brothers most of the time.

Mix received her first pokemon when she was ten years old, and traveled all through Johto, Hoenn and Kanto. She has placed highly in all Tournaments, because of her hard work and collaboration with her pokemon.

Mix has only traveled through Kanto and Johto. When she is at home, she spends a lot of time training her pokemon to perfection.


1) Noctowl

Personality: Noctowl is very curious of everything. He always adventures out to see new things. He loves battling.

Attacks: Hypnosis, Dream Eater, Confusion, Aerial Ace, Psychic, Shadow Ball

2) Luxray

Personality: Luxray may seem tough, but he is very sweet. He loves to be babied, and loves when Mix pets him. When he has to fight, of course, this whole act is out the window. He is tough and intimidating.

Attacks: Iron Tail, Thunderbolt, Thundershock, Shockwave, Hyper Beam, Bite

3) Charizard

Personality: Charizard is like Mix’s protector. He worries a lot about her, leaving him frantic when she is out of sight. Her brothers love Charizard, and when they behave very well, Mix lets them ride on his back through the skies. Charizard enjoys this more then they do.

Attacks: Seismic Toss, Dragon Claw, Heat Wave, Overheat, Flamethrower, Steel Wing

Trainer Kat
February 3rd, 2008, 7:16 AM
“Haha... That guy's funny, so is his big strong Pokémon,” Aya laughed sarcastically. Suddenly her face twisted into that of an evil face, her voice accompanied it, becoming crisp and chilling; “Granbull, Shadow Ball.”

Granbull barked his name as he assumed battle position on all four legs. She raised her head in the hair and generated a huge ball of swirling black energy above her head. “Graaw!” she roared, and she launched the attack at the Gengar, hitting it square in the face, a Super Effective hit. The hit wasn't supposed to be much, if anything at all. It wasn't supposed to seriously hurt Gengar, not too much anyway. Takuya's laughing ceased when the attack struck his Ghost Pokemon square in the face.

"You little...brat," he snarled. "I'm gonna kill you!" Any normal person would have left immediately--though Takuya wasn't the most menacing individual, he could be rather frightening when he wanted to be. Not Aya. She simply whipped her head round to face the over the top, flamboyant boy.

“And because you're not a Pokémon you think you get let go with a warning? Oh no, I believe in equal treatment.” Aya smirked as she relished in her own evil. “Bero, come here and teach emo-boy a lesson, if you would be so kind? Bero, use Supersonic.”

The pink Lickilicky opened its mouth and shot rings at Takuya, which hit him square in the chest. They came right before he was going to laugh at the equally hilarious blob Pokemon. As the rings hit his abdomen, he felt weak. Holding his stomach in one hand and his mouth in the other, Takuya fell to his knees, feeling like he was going to throw up what little food was in his stomach. When the wave of nausea passed, he stood, legs still wobbly as his eyes tried to focus. Everything looked weird. The walls appeared to shapeshift into windows, like they were in a huge glass building. Gengar appeared to be gone. Takuya stumbled over to one of the windows, careful not to touch it, lest his 103 lb body would break it. And that's when he saw her--a pretty girl. Lovely blonde hair, thin, radiant white skin...she was decidedly perfect. And Takuya hated girls. Upon further inspection, he noticed she was wearing far too much jewelry. But he had to talk to her.

"Heyy," he slurred, approaching the blonde beauty. "How are you, gorgeous?" The blonde looked horrified...what he could make out, anyway. "So listen," he continued, still trying to pick up the girl. "You should, uh, walk over to the fight club with me." It was at this point where he started to regain his senses. Gengar...Gengar was down by his feet, flailing his arms and shaking his head furiously.

"What, Gengar?" Takuya's question was cut short as he looked up, following the "girl"'s feet, all the way up to her face. She was no girl. "She" was Don Pearleon, the famous rapper. Don Pearleon was giving him the most sinister glare, full of hate. The color drained from Takuya's face as he came to realize he had just been hitting on Don Pearleon.

"S-Sorry..." he stammered, cheeks turning from pale to red. He had, for once, lost his cool complexion. He just hoped no one was around to see his blunder.

At that, he realized that everyone had begun to file out of the room. The rapper pushed past the emo, apparently trying to catch up with the rich witch from earlier.

Before long, they arrived at the club. The whole way, Takuya had been silently fuming over his mistake. Hit on Don Pearleon in public? Mistake him for a girl? He hated girls! His cheeks burned all the way to Club Havoc. Once inside, he was approached by a girl with sandy blonde hair.

"Hi, I'm Maria. What's your name?" she asked pleasantly.

"Buzz off," Takuya scoffed, sending Gengar to check the list. He was to go sixth. Well, that would give him plenty of time to get over the humiliation he was currently feeling, at least.

OOC: Sorry, getting to the club was a little rushed. He didn't really interact with anyone though, and I can only write so much emo-ing about Don before it gets boring. xD

Omega Saikon
February 3rd, 2008, 10:30 AM
Taide stood in the mix of the crowd of Pokemon trainers, absorbing his overwhelming surroundings. He had been standing inside a large stadium, lights on each corner and stands over and over each other were completely empty. A large compartment made of crystal clear glass lay on the middle of the stands, with a man wearing an orange-redish tux sitting in a chair with many symbols around it giving the scene a bit of a royal feeling to it. He sat with a smile on his face, scratching the head of his over sized cat-like Pokemon, Persian was it's species' name. A sudden voice came out of the intercom which immediately turned the little crowd of trainers silent.

"Welcome, trainers. I am the one who has summoned you here, Giovanni. I wish to see your skills in battle before competing in my league. By now you should have chosen your 1 Pokemon to fight with and should be ready to do battle with your opponent. The battle will be against my agents, you need not know their names, just their numbers. The order will be as follows and will be posted on one of the monitors for reference. Battle well, trainers." The voice suddenly cut off as a list of names scrolled down the rather large monitor which hovered over our heads and around the stadium into place.

1. Taide Moruko
2. Reina Oosaki
3. Ringo Murakage
4. Maria Yatokimo
5. Derek Hightower
6. Takuya Miyamoto
7. Ayukat Elizabeth Mary Tajiri IV

"Taide Moruko, please advance to the arena. The rest of the trainers are free to watch the matches until their turn and after they finish."

Upon hearing his name first, Tai lowered his head and stared fiercely onto the ground. He knew what was about to happen. He knew he had to win this match to advanced further into this system of the over-powering Team Havoc. He wanted to finish this fight club off strong, but to do that he had to get past the first round. He moved his right hand to his lower back and clipped off a red and white Pokeball from a belt which held 2 others. He then gripped the Pokeball and put it under his face where he can see it.


He lowered his hand and began walking towards the middle of the stadium, taking foot upon a dirt covered arena where battle was going to take place. Across the field, he saw a Pokemon Trainer in all black with a H on the left side of his shirt and jet-black pants walking toward the arena holding a Pokeball.

Must be a grunt.

"Begin." immediately came from the intercom.


Taide swiftly through the Pokeball into the air as for a half-second the gleaming light of scarlet and silver blinded Tai momentarily and the Pokeball opened, revealing a glowing light which started to form into a large turtle-like Pokemon. As the light dimmed down and the Pokeball came back to Tai's hand, the Pokemon he had chosen was Tordek, his Blastoise. It was a large Pokemon, with a light blue for it's semi-slimey skin and a beige coloring of it's under part. It also had a rough shell revealing many many scars and two tanks emerging near his shoulder.

His foe was quickly revealed, it seemed as the Grunt he was facing released his Pokemon at the same time Taide did. It was a Charizard, a large lizard like Pokemon with large wings for flying.

http://pokedream.com/pokerep/images/diamondpearl/front/009.png VS. http://pokedream.com/pokerep/images/diamondpearl/front/006.png
Tordek versus Charizard

With a nod from Taide, Tordek knew immediately what to do.


Tordek closed it's eyes and a blue aurora surrounded the Blastoise as rain began to appear out of nowhere, seemingly because of Tordek's Rain Dance attack.

"I make it rain," said Taide as a slight smirk came across his face. "Hehehehe."

The Grunt's Charizard had now began to fly in mid-air, struggling a bit due to the large drops of water slapping against the Charizards rough-like skin. The Grunt commanded an attack which Tai barely heard due to the rain making a large amount of noise and the opponents Pokemon began to engulf itself in a large flame, and immediately began charging in mid-air towards Tordek. It was obvious to Tai that this was one of Charizard's best moves in it's movepool, a Flare Blitz.

"Counter it with a Flash Cannon and a Aqua Tail following it, make it quick will you?"

With the words Flash Cannon coming out of Taide's mouth, the Blastoise opened it's mouth and a blinding light came from his mouth. When Tordek closed his mouth, he moved out of the way as Charizard was blinded and thought Tordek was in the same spot. "Fool," Taide murmured under his voice as the Charizard came into an overpowering collision with the dirt on the battle Arena. After, a cloud of dust formed around the collision area and it began clearing up with the rain. Tordek's tail was surrounded in another blue aurora and charged at the dent the Charizard formed. Tordek began to thrash it's tail around furiously on the exact spot where Charizard was. It seemed like nothing was happening, and once the dust cloud was completely gone, the dent lay there formed into the arena as the Charizard was no longer there.

"It used Dig, BEHIND YOU!"

Tordek jumped into the air as quickly as possible as Charizard charged out of the ground. The Blastoise seemed ready for that exact move, because the battle was soon over.

Tordek blasted Charizard away with a Hydro Pump in the center of Charizard's body which was forced opposite Tordeks'. With that, the battle was completely done. Once Charizards body lay on the floor motionless, the PA came on.

"Winner of Battle number 1, Taide Moruko."

OOC: All of the text in italics is what Taide was thinking.

February 3rd, 2008, 2:55 PM
OOC: PERFECT! Don Pearleon is unconscious. This makes what I was planning to have Ringo do next do much easier...
While Reina and a few other trainers entered the club, Ringo decided to stay behind for a little while, for he saw something interesting a little ways away: Don Pearleon walking towards Aya, and Takuya standing near him as well. Takuya was saying something to Don, which Ringo barely heard the end of by the time he walked closer to them. By that time Gengar was starting to get Takuya's attention, and Takuya apologised to Don Pearleon (though Ringo had no idea what about). A short while after that, Aya punched Don Pearleon, with a punch so powerful that Don flew about three feet and landed unconscious on the ground. Both Aya and Takuya walked away from him, looking either angry (in Aya's case) or embarrassed (in Takuya's case).

Ringo smirked at this opportunity--the opportunity he looked for ever since meeting Don Pearleon (and perhaps Aya as well). Ringo walked over to him and knelt down next to him. Don's Blastoise was running towards him upon seeing him punched. Before Bruddah could get too close, however, Ringo was already leaning over Don Pearleon, saying "Are you okay?" whilst occasionally glancing at the Blastoise. Ringo was leaning over Don, who was lying on his back and not saying a word. Then, while Blastoise took a threatening glance at Aya (perhaps deciding whether or not to use Hydro Pump or something on her), Ringo noticed a bit of money in Don's pocket, probably a leftover tip for his chauffeur or something. This he quickly snatched before Bruddah looked his way again.
"Oh," Ringo muttered as he quickly got up and put his hands into his pockets, "I'll leave you two alone now."

Ringo walked hastily back to the club, where Sorciere and Alice were looking up at the order by which the trainers were to battle. Ringo saw that he was going third.
Three is a magic number, as Mum used to say, Ringo thought as he went over to the side of the ex-Silph Co. building to sit down. When the time was right, he would look at the money he had just stolen to see how much it was worth. But he couldn't help but smile to himself at this little act.

What Ringo didn't realise, however, was that Takuya's Gengar had managed to see Ringo bending down in souch a way over Don Pearleon that looked like he was about to either hug him or give him CPR.

OOC: I really had to rush this post, but I wanted to post before anyone does anything else to Don Pearleon! I have to go now! Bye!

February 3rd, 2008, 5:12 PM
ooc: Stardust - Declined - To be honest, the reason is personal bias and the application was a bit skimpy as a whole.

Reina watched Taide battle closely, scoffing the match up he was given.

"Winner of battle number 1, Taide Moruko" The intercom blared overhead.

"Hmpf...a Charizard for an opener, he had better win if he's using a Blastoise..." she said under her breath as she watched him leave the arena. She gave a small push off of the edge she was leaning against and popped her pokeball into the air then snatched it quickly. The intercom came in loud over them once again

"Next trainer, Reina Oosaki. Please enter the arena."

Reina made her way around the back of the arena then down the stairs which lead through a room and onto the arena floor. Reina looked up, seeing the heads of the other trainers high above her. The arena really didn't look this deep from up top. She looked across the arena to see the Havoc member appear from the opposite entrance. Reina grinned and decided to make the first move.

"Just to give you some advantage, I'll show my pokemon first! heehee!" She said in a giddy tone. "Cubert, honey! Come on out!"

Reina tossed the pokeball into the air over the arena and the tiny Cubone appeared in the center of the arena, twirling its bow happily. The other trainer followed suit and tossed out his pokemon.

"Venusaur... Go." the grunt said harshly.

The massive Venusaur appeared in the arena, easily towering high above Cubert. Cubert stopped swinging his bone and placed a firm grip, ready to start.

"Begin." the intercom cut in.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb104.png vs. http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb003.png

The Havoc trainer immediately took the initiative, wasting no time to attack.

"Venusaur. Razor Leaf."

The Venusaur instantly began to spread the leaves around the arena which screamed towards Cubert. Reina didn't even issue a command, Cubert knew what to do. He spun his bone furiously, knocking the leaves to the side.

"Cubert, honey... show him how Reina Oosaki wins her matches...If he gets up after these hits, then you don't get to fight in the match, dear." Reina called out to Cubert in the arena. "End it now please, give it the Bonemerang to club combo."

Cubert clutched his bone apprehensively at the mention of not being able to battle in the next match, then turned his gaze back to the Venusaur. Cubert's eyes narrowed as he jumped backwards, launching his bone at high speed towards the Venusaur's face. The bone ricocheted off Venusaur's head and spun high into the air. The grunt called out attacks but the Venusaur simply stood dazed from the blow. Cubert followed quickly, jumping on the Venusaur's head and using it to catapult high into the air, snatching the bone from the sky. Cubert pulled the bone over his head and brought it down samurai sword style, straight on top of Venusaur's head. Cubert seemed to pause for a moment after the blow, while the force of the hit sunk in. Suddenly the earth beneath Venusaur began to crack underneath as a crater formed beneath it, sinking it into the earth. Cubert landed softly on the ground and stepped back to inspect his work. The Venusaur struggled but appeared to be completely immobilized then collapsed in a heap.

"Thats how we do it, Cubert!" Reina called from across the arena. "You can go ahead and just call me the winner!" Reina shouted towards the intercom, "That Venusaur wont be getting up for a few weeks! heehee!"

"eh-hem... The winner of battle number 2.... is Reina Oosaki" The voice said, stuttering a bit at the display of the tiny pokemon's raw power.

"Yay! come on back Cubert, baby!" She squealed in happiness as she recalled Cubert to his pokeball and exited the arena joyfully.

February 4th, 2008, 12:26 PM
By the time ringo had sat down in the club, a battle was about to begin on the battlefield in the centre. The challenger was Reina, the red-haired girl who was first to arrive in the guard tower, and Cubert was standing in front of her. The grunt who was battling her sent out Venusaur.
Venusaur versus Cubone? Ringo thought. One Grass-type attack from Venusaur and Cubone might be out of the match. This shouldn't take very long...

It was a short battle, as Ringo expected, but the outcome was the opposite of what Ringo expected. Venusaur didn't even get a chance to attack in the battle--Cubone used a combo consisting of Bone Club and Bonemerang, causing the floor of the battlefield to give out and Venusaur to fall in. The Venusaur soon found itself unable to escape this trap, and therefore lost the battle.
"eh-hem... The winner of battle number 2.... is Reina Oosaki," called a voice whose speaker could not be seen. (Maybe it was Giovanni.)
That must mean I'm next... Ringo thought, still a bit surprised at how short and unexpected the battle was. But he didn't allow himself to be surprised much longer--he had to stay focused on the battle that was ahead. Sorciere and Alice were sitting or floating next to him, but it was Sorciere that got more attention from Ringo at that moment.
"Sorciere, are you ready for battle?" Ringo asked the Mismagius.
Ringo glimpsed a reddish gleam in Sorciere's eyes--one that usually appeared when she was eager to battle. More precisely, it indicated that she was viciously excited about the battle--she couldn't wait to cause some serious damage to whatever Pokemon she was up against. It would especially be fun if her opponent was a Pokemon who mainly used physical attacks. Those mundane fighters were fun to "magick around" with.

Ringo was about to get up when...
"Ringo Murakage," called the same voice, "please wait a few moments while we repair the battlefield. That figures--there was a huge hole where the grunt's Venusaur once was, and to be fair to eveyone, the battlefield needed to be smooth again. However, the repairing process didn't take too long--the battlefield dropped down to who knew where, and a new battlefield slid in from underneath a wall. But anyways, while this was going on, Ringo used these few seconds in the darkness of his seat to examine the money he had just stolen. He pulled it out and found two paper bills--each worth 10000 Pokedollars.
Wow, that's a quite a lot of money for me, Ringo thought, though it probably barely made a dent in Don Pearleon's riches.
Ringo took his wallet out of his handbag and put the new money inside of it. By the time he finished with that, it was his turn to walk up to the edge of the battlefield.
"All right Alice, you can stay here and watch if you want," Ringo said to his Umbreon as he walked away. Alice wore an awkward expression as he did--she probably thought it was she who got to battle first, as was often the case. But for some reason or another, Ringo decided that Sorciere was a better choice. But at least Sorciere liked battles a lot more than Alice did, so the little Umbreon was quite relieved as she sat in the chair, excited to see how Ringo and Sorciere would do in the battle.

After Ringo took his place on the battlefield and Sorciere floated over the battlefield in front of him, a grunt walked up to the other side of the battlefield. Ringo recognised this grunt--he was Bruce, another grunt that used to be in Team Rocket. Ringo had heard about him from his father, as he was the friend of the Team Havoc scout who got fired after messing with Ringo's letter.
"Well hello there, you son of a wolf," Bruce said as he took out a Pokeball. Ringo rolled his eyes briefly at this little comment.
My father picked his nickname for a very good reason (although I don't really know what it is), so haw dare he insult it. Speaking of nicknames...
"Hello there Brucey boy," Ringo replied. "I'm Shadowcat, and I'll be battling you. All right Sorciere, time to wipe Brucey out!"
The grunt grumbled at this statement Ringo made. "How dare he call me 'Brucey boy'... that's what Lupin used to call me."
"Kabutops, I choose you!" The fossil Pokemon emerged from its Pokeball and clapped his scythe-like claws together.
Kabutops, eh? Ringo thought. Wonderful! Low HP and low Special Defense, and Mismagius is faster.

"Sorciere, start off with your Confuse Ray!"
"Missss..." Sorciere's speech sounded like a hiss at this point, as it often did when she was in a battle.
The Confuse Ray was truly a spectacle. It came out as a thin spiral of dark energy, which arced upward and bounced along the floor of the battlefield in the direction of Kabutops.
"Dodge it, Kabutops!" Bruce commanded. The Kabutops jumped out of the way of the bouncing confuse Ray Attack, although it couldn't help but look back at it and admire its mesmerising beauty. Such an intricate dark spiral flowing and bouncing along, sending circular waves of energy outward when it hit the floor... This was definitely one of Sorciere's favourite contest moves. But this was not a contest--it was a battle, so the Confuse Ray had to hit. Sorciere glowed with a familiar blue aura--her Psychic attack. Except she didn't use it on Kabutops--she used it on her own Confuse Ray, in order to direct it towards Kabutops. Just when the bouncing and arcing Confuse Ray about about to hit the edge of the battlefield, it rebounded and gracefully leapt back towards the Kabutops. Soon enough it made contact, enveloping Kabutops with a purplish aura for a while.
"What the..." Bruce stammered--he didn't expect the Confuse Ray to hit his Kabutops. Great--now Kabutops was confused. "Hmm. Try using Aqua Jet!"
Kabutops was feeling dizzy, yet barely heard its trainer's command. Kabutops launched itself at Sorciere, a wave of water in its wake.

"Try again, Kabutops," Ringo muttered to himself as he watched the Kabutops' attack. Ringo didn't need to tell Sorciere what to do next--they had rehearsed this before. Ever since redirecting the Confuse Ray, Sorciere had been keeping an eye on Kabutops, still enveloped in her psychic blue aura. She had been waiting for Kabutops to attack, just incase it wasn't affected too much by the Confuse Ray. Yet still, Kabutops had barely made contact with Sorciere in the quick Aqua Jet attack, so Sorciere took a little damage before the Psychic attack took over Kabutops.
"Yes, Kabu... wait, what?"
Bruce watched as his Kabutops hovered in the air, surrounded by the same blue aura as the challenger's Mismagius. After a while, Sorciere's eyes glowed particularly bright--the force of this extra psychic energy threw Kabutops in an elegant backwards flip. After doing a full flip midair, it hit itself in the hip with his own scythe--one of the places where he wasn't covered too well with rocky armour. Then he crashed head-first into the pole behind him, and fell to the floor.

"Darn Psychic attack..." Bruce mumbled. "Kabutops, quick!"
Kabutops didn't need further commanding--"quick" meant to use the same attack again. So it surprised Sorciere by hitting her with another Aqua Jet. Unlike the last one, this one did quite a bit of damage. So much that Sorciere fell to the floor and struggled a bit before keeping herself afloat again. She looked to be very badly damaged.
Was that a critical hit? Ringo wondered. If it is, Sorciere had better be careful to avoid any other attacks...
"All right Sorciere, now use your Shadow Pulse combo!"
Ringo told Sorciere to use her favourite combo ever, which was equally effective in battles and contests. First, Sorciere summoned an orb of shadow energy, cloaked in an aura of darkness.
"Misss... magius."
Sorciere focused on Kabutops with all the force of her mind, regardless of whatever pain the aftershocks of the Aqua Jet caused. Then she fired a wave of dark energy at the Shadow Ball--a spiraling wave o black the enveloped the Shadow Ball, so that the whole attack looked like a black comet. This flew straight at the Kabutops, leaving a trail of dark energy behind it.

"Whoa! Kabutops, dodge and use Night Slash!" That'll KO that Mismagius if it hits. Hee hee hee.
Kabutops was mid-dodge when its scythes glowed prematurely, and it hit itself with the Night Slash instead. This didn't hurt too much due to its armour, but the Shadow Ball/Dark Pulse combo from Sorciere did. Black flames and purplr smoke hovered above Kabutops for a while before landing and fizzing away into nothingness.
"Ka... bu... topsss..." Kabutops fell to the ground.

"Kabutops is unable to..." the voice started, but then... "Oh wait, not yet."

For the Kabutops leapt back up, severely damaged from the attack but still having barely having enough energy to continue the battle.
Now it's in the bag.
"Now do another Dark Pulse."
Whenever Sorciere was asked to do a Dark Pulse by herself, it could mean only one thing. Sorciere summoned a field of dark energy in front of her, which swirled around and materialised into a dragon. This dragon roared and its bright purple eyes glowed, as its energy-made form flew straight at Kabutops, its black energy-made fangs bared.
"Kabutops, fight back with Ancientpower!" Bruce shouted.
Kabutops got to the point where it summoned a few rocks around him and prepared to make the attack cut right through the dragon and hit Sorciere. But Sorciere came prepared as usual--she used ehr Psychic attack again to hold the rocks in place. The rocks glowed purple and spun around, then disappeared in a flash of what looked like faery dust. So much for that Ancientpower attack...
"Try using X-scissor!" Bruce told Kabutops. He figured the energy-made dragon was Dark-type, so X-Scissor would be super-effective.
Kabutops lashed at the dragon with its scythes, but the dragon was too quick for it. The dragon bit Kabutops on the head then surged through the rest of Kabutops' body. Kabutops' scythes, meanwhile, cut through the dragon without doing anything--after all, it was sort of made of ectoplasm. Meanwhile, the darkness that enveloped the Kabutops was no longer a dragon, but an energy field that whirled around Kabutops, draining its energy by the second.
"Mis mis mis..." Mismagius cackled in delight as she watched the Kabutops inside the dark vortex. She then made some of the dark energy form into black flames that spun around the Kabutops. These were not actually fire--they were more motes of dark energy that had a burning effect similar to fire. Although they weren't able to cause burns. Anyways, the darkness continued to swirl around the dizzy and weakened Kabutops...

"All right, Sorciere, you can stop now--I think Kabutops is done..." Ringo knew how Sorciere liked to do a lot of damage to her opponents even after they fainted.
Sorciere obeyed Ringo and stopped her attack, but afterwards she extracted a wisp of aural energy from the Kabutops and absorbed it into one of her orbs. She usually did this after a battle--it was her method of obtaining energy.

When all was done, Kabutops lay motionless, yet barely alive, on the floor.
"The winner of the battle is Ringo Murakage, a.k.a. Shadowcat!" the voice announced.

Sorciere began to feel the pain inflicted upon her from Kabutops' Aqua Jet after the battle, but it was nothing she couldn't handle. She had, after all, gotten worse damage in battles before, and had used Curse, a self-damaging attack, before. So Sorciere grinned and turned around to follow Ringo back to the chair where Alice was sitting.
"Umbre umbreon!" Alice cheered as Ringo sat down next to her.
<"That really was a wonderful battle, as usual,"> Alice said to Sorciere in a string of "Umbre umbreon"'s.
<"Naturally,"> Sorciere replied, feeling extremely proud of herself.
Yes, you performed excellently, said a voice in Sorciere's mind.
OOC: I'll leave it up to you to decide who that voice came from... though if you look at Ringo's history it's pretty obvious...

February 4th, 2008, 5:50 PM
Maria watched attentively as the boy before her battled. She was seated calmly in the stands, and was observing the pokemon’s techniques. She was quite impressed with the force in the attacks, and knew right away the boy would win. After a few minutes of battle and a near fatal Aqua Jet, the boy succeeded, and left the field. Maria stood up and stretched her legs.

“Maria Yatokimo, please report to the battlefield for your battle,” the voice on the loudspeaker said. She could not see a person, was it maybe Giovanni? Probably not, he was too special for something like this. Probably petting his Persian and discussing his plans to take over the world.

Maria calmly walked to the battlefield, and held Absol’s pokeball in her hand. Was this the right pokemon to pick? After a few minutes of thought, Maria decided she wanted to use Flygon. Absol had gotten into a battle a few days before, and was still not fully healed.

“Sorry Absol. You’ll fight very soon, I promise, but today’s just not your day.” She lightly kissed the pokeball, and slipped it into her pocket while pulling out another.

She came to the field, nodded fiercely towards her opponent, a Grunt, and the battle quickly began.

[CENTER] http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa330.png VS http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa445.png[/IMG (http://pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa445.png%5b/IMG)]

Maria lifted the pokeball over her head, and gracefully released it into the air. “Flygon, do what you always do. You’re very best!” Flygon quickly nodded to her, and flew happily up to the ceiling.

You could tell this pokemon loved to battle. He whizzed happily around, waiting for his opponent to be released.

The Grunt released his pokemon, a Garchomp.

[I]Hmmmm, good thing I picked Flygon. Garchomp is weak against Dragon type moves. Just my luck. I’ll be able to defeat him even quicker.

Maria took the first turn, and politely asked Flygon to perform his attack. “Flygon, please use Dragonbreath!”

Flygon wasted no time in flying above his opponent and attacking. His mouth, acting like a cannon, shot out the fire (or whatever it is..) quickly, proving him to be strong and extremely quick.

The Garchomp was extremely affected by this. It fell to the ground and quickly staggered back to its feet. This was the part of the battle Maria hated the most; watching the other pokemon in extreme pain. She wanted to end it quickly, and send the poor pokemon to the Pokemon Center as soon as it was over.

“Garchomp, come on buddy! You could stand up!” the Grunt encouraged his pokemon, an obvious look of pain in his eye. He probably hated to see his pokemon like this too. Garchomp stood up, and took up a battle pose. “Great buddy! Now, use Giga Impact!”

Garchomp prepared for his attack, and launched it skillfully into the air. Unfortunately, no matter how strong it was, it never would hit its target. Flygon dodged the attack as if it were nothing, and seemed happy while he was doing it. It was almost like he was putting on a show.

“Okay Flygon, just finish this whole thing off with Aerial Ace.” Maria said, getting ready to rush to the soon to be extremely injured pokemon. Flygon chirped happily, while lifting himself as high as he could, and then flying straight down at full speed, hitting his target straight in the stomach. The Garchomp fell, and without another word, Maria was declared the winner.

As soon as the match was over, Maria ran over to the injured pokemon. It’s trainer was kneeling beside it, looking panicked and worried.

“I’m so sorry about hurting you’re pokemon so much. It just had to be done.” Maria apologized, kneeling beside the trainer.

“It’s fine, but I didn’t expect you to be so strong! I didn’t see it coming.” The Grunt said, putting on a small smile.

“You better bring him to the Center right away, so he’ll be in tiptop shape tomorrow.” Maria said, standing. The Grunt nodded to her, recalled his fainted pokemon back and quickly walked away.

Maria whistled to Flygon, who came to her quickly, and she petted him. She praised him on his good battle, and called him back to her pokeball so he could have a good rest.

With a big smile on her face, Maria walked off the field.

Trainer Kat
February 4th, 2008, 6:47 PM
Hmmph. Takuya let out a sigh and a yawn as the battles dragged on. Boring. As always, he thought. The only battle that had mildly impressed him was that redheaded broad's.

"Well..." he began, speaking only to Gantz the Gengar, who was sitting on Takuya's lap. It was something he wouldn't have tolerated in public under normal circumstances, but since Gantz had just gotten hit in the face with a Shadow Ball, the boy figured he could allow it. Despite the fact that Gengar was somewhat scary, this Gengar looked almost adorable at this particular moment, sitting flat on his bum in his trainer's lap, legs stretched straight out in front of him.

"What did you think of that Reina girl, Gantz?" The Gengar rolled his eyes. "Yeah, I don't like her either, but she beat a Venusaur with a pathetic little Cubone." He laughed. "Maybe the Venusaur was just improperly trained!"

During this time, the boy with the Mismagius had swiftly won his battle against a Kabutops. Neither the boy nor his ghost had been paying close attention. That is, until the blonde from earlier showed up with a Flygon, who swiftly disposed of the opposing Garchomp. It was at that point that she apologized to the trainer. Takuya's expression went blank.

"What...the hell is she doing...? How...pathetic." He scoffed at her. She was weak, that was all there was to it.

"Takuya Miyamoto, please report to the arena at once."

"Well, Gantz, that's us." The Gengar shook his head defiantly. Takuya simply grinned and walked into the arena.

"Hmph. Youz think youz a match for me?" The opposing trainer, a man by the name of Luke, growled. A big burly guy, Luke would probably throw something like a Steelix at him. No matter. Takuya could handle anything.

"Go! Salamence!" Luke roared, throwing a PokeBall. The sphere opened, and, in a flash of red light, a blue dragon emerged, giving a roar that far surpassed that of his trainer. The corner of Takuya's mouth curved up into a grin.

"Gengar!" he yelled, raising one arm and snapping his fingers. His challenger guffawed.

"What, youz thinks Pokemon just rain from da sky or somethin'?" At that, Gengar leaped from the top of the concrete wall, falling the full fifty feet before landing squarely in front of Takuya.

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb373.png vs. http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa094.png

"As a matter of fact, I do." The boy retorted. "Gantz, use Shadow Ball." The Gengar leaped backwards, forming a ball of purple energy between his two chubby hands before releasing it, sending it flying towards the Salamence. The dragon was a huge target, and slow at that. The ball hit him square in the chest.

"Salamence, Dragon Claw!" Luke yelled. The dragon roared and charged Gantz, who easily jumped to the side, producing another Shadow Ball and hitting the Salamence.

"Gantz, this has gone on far too long. Finish it!" Takuya screamed, eyes full of hate and anger. The Gengar sent rings of energy flying towards the dragon. A Hypnosis attack. Perching on the now sleeping Salamence's skull, Gengar began to absorb energy. Dream Eater. The dragon fell hard and fast. Never mind that Gengar was rightfully too weak to battle, having taken a super effective hit to the face earlier. He could still live up to his trainer's expectations.

"No!" Luke yelled, recalling Salamence and falling to his knees. Takuya walked over to the trainer and crouched in front of him, placing one cold finger under Luke's chin, tilting his face up to look him square in the eyes. Bringing his face close to the other trainer's, it certainly looked like Takuya had a habit of seducing boys. That is, until he spat right in Luke's face, flinging him to the side and kicking him in the ribcage.

"That's right!" Takuya cackled insanely. "You see that? I. Am. The. Best!!"

"T-T-Takuya Miyamoto wins!" the announcer said fearfully.

February 4th, 2008, 7:34 PM
The battles after Reina's tended to drag on. She wasn't used to not striking down opponents in one hit and it almost felt like they were just wasting time. They all had unnecessary movements in their strategies... thats what almost got them hit. Reina released Cubert out of his pokeball once more and picked him up, hugging him to her chest to let him see over the edge at the arena. The boy... Takuya, was beginning his match.

"Alright Cubert... you watch all of their movements, know how they battle... we wont be beaten by these chumps... especially that girl.... What on earth was she thinking? Such a soft attitude has no place in a setting like this. I sure hope she knows what she's getting herself into because if she fights us, she's going to need a bit more than a pokemon center..." Reina said silently to the little Cubone held cutely in her arms.

Reina inspected Takuya and his Gengar closely as they battled.

"Hmpf.. flashy entrance..flashy battle styles... their ego is going to be what gets them defeated...Edge wont give them time to play around like that... and neither will you, right Cubert?" Reina said as she fiddled with the black pokeball on her waist a little bit.

The battle in the arena finished as Takuya proceeded to taunt the other trainer at his defeat. Reina scoffed at the scrawny kid and his Gengar and turned her back to the arena.

"Hmpf... I'd almost be scared of his little tough guy facade if he didn't look more like a girl than I do..." Reina said quietly to Cubert as she giggled. "That being said.... watch out for that Gengar if we go against him, got it?"

Cubert nodded in compliance and they both proceeded to sigh a deep breath in unison, awaiting the final few battles so they could get out of there...

February 5th, 2008, 9:11 AM
((Haven’t posted for awhile, so I’ll make up for it with an uber-long one :) ))

When Derek heard that each of the trainers were going to battle, he got excited. He hadn’t battled seriously for awhile, so it would be nice to let his pokemon unleash their full power again. Dusty, too, seemed to get even more excited. Derek wondered if the Venomoth’s change of mood was from the news of battling, or simply because he could sense that Derek was excited. “Ven! Ven!” chirped Dusty, again fluttering excitedly over Derek’s head, seeming to forget about it’s previous nervousness around all the ghost pokemon. Derek was lost in thought about what pokemon he should pick to use in this battle as he followed a few of the other trainers into the battle arena. Where they entered into the arena was actually a balcony; the arena itself was sunk 50 feet down into the middle of the room. Even higher above the balcony was a glass room that reminded Derek of a press box. An intercom buzzed to life:

"Welcome, trainers. I am the one who has summoned you here, Giovanni. I wish to see your skills in battle before competing in my league. By now you should have chosen your 1 pokemon to fight with and should be ready to do battle with your opponent. The battle will be against my agents, you need not know their names, just their numbers. The order will be as follows and will be posted on one of the monitors for reference. Battle well, trainers." The voice suddenly cut off as a list of names scrolled down the monitor into place.

1. Taide Moruko
2. Reina Oosaki
3. Ringo Murakage
4. Maria Yatokimo
5. Takuya Miyamoto
6. Derek Hightower
7. Ayukat Elizabeth Mary Tajiri IV

Derek looked up at Dusty. “Second to last?” he asked the Venomoth, “Looks like we have some watching to do, Dusty.” Dusty reacted simply by saying “Ven! Veno!” and resuming his fluttering, which had ceased when the intercom came on. Derek settled down into a seat and watched as the first boy, Taide, whom Derek had not seen in the tower earlier, stepped into the arena. Derek looked around at the other trainers to see if anyone reacted to this new boy. Everyone seemed to be preparing for their battle. They all knew that this was very important: a loss meant they would be going home already. He watched as the redheaded Cubone trainer from the tower retracted the pokemon into his pokeball and flipped her hair back, leaning against the railing. She wasn’t as classically beautiful as that dark-haired Aya girl, Derek thought, but she definitely wasn’t unattractive.

Just then, Derek heard the cry of the battlers releasing their pokemon and snapped his attention back to the arena, realizing that he was staring. His focus turned to the battle, where Taide seemed to have lucked out, getting a Charizard as his opponent whilst using a Blastoise himself. He easily disposed of the Charizard, and the redhead, whose name was apparently Reina, was up next. Despite having an unfavorable matchup against a Venusaur, Derek was impressed with how easily her Cubone won. Ringo battled next, and was the only one to have a slightly harder time with his battle against a Kabutops. There was another new trainer, Maria, up after Ringo. She won easily, much like Taide and Reina.

Derek was especially interested in seeing the next trainer, the emo kid. He watched as the boy's Gengar easily defeated a Salamence. Nothing too special, though his Gengar looked tough. However, after the battle the boy proceeded to spit in the Havoc grunt's face, throw him to the ground, and kick him in the ribs. Wow, thought Derek, only a trainer with serious self-esteem issues would stoop so low. I almost hope I lose to him someday, because if he did that to me, he wouldn't be walking out of here. He was up next, apparently, but he figured he'd wait for the official announcement to start moving.

Derek was impressed by the rare pokemon their opponents were using, but they didn’t seem to know how to use them. Perhaps they were pokemon given to them by Giovanni specifically to give the trainers a challenge? That was no way to win battles. Again, Derek found his mind wandering, and forced himself to focus, as he was up next. He looked over at Dusty, who had taken up a perch beside him. As soon as Derek looked at the bug pokemon, he cried “Ven! Venomoth!” and took off into flight again, excited at the prospect of battle.
“Sorry, buddy,” said Derek apologetically, “I can only use one in this battle.” He retracted Dusty into his rarely-used pokeball, smiling at the pokemon's whining.

"Derek Hightower, please report to the arena at once," boomed the intercom, and Derek made his way down the stairs into the arena. He walked out onto the dirt to take his place across from his opponent, a Havoc grunt who grinned evilly upon Derek meeting his eyes. Derek kept a stern, serious face as he returned the grunt’s gaze, releasing his pokemon.

“Razor! You got this!” The Arbok appeared, giving it’s best menacing “Arrr-bok!”

“Tyranitar, let’s do this!” cried the grunt as he released the huge pokemon, causing the dirt in the arena to begin flying around in a sandstorm.

Without even flinching at the sight of the rare and strong pokemon, Derek yelled out his first command. “Razor! Use Glare!”

“No, Tyranitar! Don’t look into it’s eyes!” cried the grunt, but it was too late. The Tyranitar had already met Razor’s eyes, and was partially paralyzed by the move.

“Good, Razor! Now use Poison Fang! Go for his belly!” Derek knew this move wasn’t very effective against Tyranitar’s Rock typing, but he hoped Razor’s poison would be able to wear the beast down.

“Tyranitar,” yelled the grunt, “come on!” The Tyranitar was struggling to move. As Razor approached him, the grunt tried to yell out orders, “Use Crunch!”
Razor lunged at Tyranitar, sinking it’s fangs into the pokemon’s hide. At the same time, Tyranitar managed to bite Razor hard in the neck. Razor recoiled and let go of it’s grip on Tyranitar, hissing as she tried to hide her pain. “Good job Tyranitar!” shouted the grunt, “Now finish him with a Slash!” Fortunately, the effects of Glare were still giving the Tyranitar a hard time.

“Razor, dodge it!” yelled Derek. Razor was easily able to dodge the Tyranitar’s clumsy attack, and both Derek and the grunt began to see that the Tyranitar was weakening due to the poison previously inflicted. Derek smiled as the grunt realized his plan and contorted his face with anger.

“Come on, Tyranitar!” shouted the grunt, “Try Dark Pulse!” The Tyranitar, barely able to keep it’s eyes open, attempted to gather energy to attack, but to no avail. A loud thud was heard as the Armor pokemon fell to the dirt.

A triumphant smile crossed Derek’s face as he petted the back of Razor’s head. Razor, still trying to hide her pain, looked as menacing as she could as she stared down the grunt, who was frustrated at his pokemon, recalling the fainted Tyranitar into it’s pokeball. Derek whispered “Good job Razor, you showed that beast.” Derek withdrew Razor and left the arena without another look at his defeated opponent, climbing up the stairs. As he re-entered the viewing area, he couldn’t help but to quickly glance Reina’s way before sitting down. He began to go over the battle again in his head. Given the type disadvantage, Derek thought, I think I did about as well as I could have.

February 5th, 2008, 9:28 AM
The battlers in the tournament were by no doubt excellent Trainers who raised their Pokémon as best as they possibly could. A prime example was the Cubone battling a very short battle against a Venusaur, with all the odds against it Cubone had won. The Gengar and Takuya had been impressive in their short battle. Sorciere the Mismagius and the blonde girl with her Flygon had fought adequate battles also, not to mention Derek Hightower's victory against a Tyranitar with no less than an Arbok.

“None of the Trainers are fighting to their full potential, up to yet none of the battles has lasted more than five minutes, they don't want to give away their strategy.” Aya thought to herself. “However I've picked up on at least one battle style; The redhead, she focuses on combos and brute force to try and KO the opponent as fast as possible. I think the emo-boy focuses on evasion and trickery. I'll deal out my victory fairly quickly,”

“Ayukat Tajiri, please proceed to the battle arena,”

“Come on then Gligar, let's show them what you've got,” she said to her Gligar, still perched on her shoulder. The duo proceeded down to the battle arena. The battler was already present, she was a regular Team Havoc Grunt, with the black uniform, regular letter H, she had red shoulder length hair.

“Ha, we'll flatten you in three seconds flat,” the Grunt yelled from the other end of the dusty battlefield. She held out her Pokéball and threw it into the center. In a flash of white light her Pokémon was revealed. The Pokémon was a Pterodactyl Pokémon. It had huge wings and saw like teeth. It screeched an almighty screech upon release and soared into the air.

“Hm... Perfect.” Aya pointed her arm up towards The Pterodactyl. With it's inability to fly and it's ability to glide, Aya had to use her arm as a sort of runway so the Pokémon could take off. “Go Gligar, and let's finish this quickly.”

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb207.png VS http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfa/dpmfa142.png

Gligar soared straight at the Aerodactyl -who must be at least 40 feet in the air- awaiting his orders from Aya.

“Ha, that runt? Aerodactyl finish it quick, Hyper Beam!” the grunt screeched. Gligar continued to soar towards Aerodactyl. The Pterodactyl produced a large ball of yellow-orange energy infront of it's mouth and launched it as a beam. The attack was mere inches from Gligar when Aya finally commanded an attack.

“Gligar! Double Team!” she shouted. Gligar instantly 'split himself' into many fake copies using his speed; the copies surrounded Aerodactyl. The Hyper Beam was so large that it took out at least four of the copies and a larrge chunk of the field below. “Okay, Gligar, use Psychic to smash him into the floor!” The copies of Gligar all vanished leaving one remaining Gligar behind Aerodactyl. Gligar withdrew his tongue into his mouth and closed his eyes. He seemed in deeep concentration for a very short amount of time and finally produced a thin pink aura. Aerodactyl was glowing pink also. Suddenly Gligar opened his eyes -which were glowing the same colour- and punched the air -towards the ground- which sent Aerodactyl smashing down to the arena. “Now that it's grounded an Earthquake will effect it..”

“Aerodactyl! Get up!” the Grunt yelled. The Pokémon obviously wasn't hers as she seemed unaware of Hyper Beam's secondary effect.

“Gligar, swoop down and finish it with an Earthquake!” Gligar did as he was told and majestically delved down towards the recharging Aerodactyl. The scorpion Pokémon smashed it's tail down into the ground sending rocks up from everywhere, all colliding with the Pterodactyl Pokémon.

“Ayakut Tajiri is the winner...” the nervous guy on the intercom announced. Gligar didn't have a scratch on him. Aya held her arm out and allowed Gligar to swoop back into his position on her shoulder and they both proceeded back towards the rest of the group.

February 5th, 2008, 10:52 AM
OOC: Trainer Kat: Ringo's Mismagius battled a Kabutops, not Salamence... Ah well, probably just a typo.
Ringo had been thinking mainly about Aya and Takuya ever since his own battle ended, and waited in anticipation to see how those two would do. After all, he showed the most negative of attitudes towards both of them upon meeting them back in the guard tower. He even half expected Takuya to use Gengar in his battle, and Aya to use Granbull. But anyways, as for Takuya specifically, by that time Ringo's attitude towards him had calmed down a tiny bit. At first he saw him as a lame "wannabe" imitation of his father, but then figured that given the chance, he just might identify with him. That is, as long as Gantz doesn't get too close to Sorciere. Ringo really wasn't here to make friends, but if he had to, Takuya seemed like the best candidate so far.

Anyways, although Ringo still kept himself aware of what was going on behind him and around him (though all he noticed was an electrician unplugging something from the wall with a fairly loud zap), he kept his main focus on the battles going on in front of him, while Sorciere commented to Alice about the flaws in the Pokemon's strategies. Let's see, first Maria battled a grunt's Garchomp with her Flygon. Hmm, a battle of two Pokemon of the same types. However, the hyperactive Flygon seemed to be more Flying-type than Ground-type, and made quite a spectacle of attacking and dodging mid-air. Okay... was it Ground-type or Flying-type? It sure seemed like the latter. Anyways, the battle was extremely quick, just like Reina's was. Basically, it went: Flygon used Dragonbreath. Garchomp used Giga Impact but missed. Flygon used Aerial Ace. Whoopee. Anyways, Maria ended up apologising to the grunt for hurting his Garchomp, but that was understandable. Ringo was completely aware how painful attack impacts could be. It seemed that Ringo was constantly around people and Pokemon that have experienced many different types of pain--people who tried their best to keep Ringo away from the pain they felt. Yes, the Pokemon had battled or had major clan issues, Mum was cursed, and Dad was tortured. Yet Ringo experienced none of the above, and apparently Golden Fox (his Alakazam) had never taken too much damage in a battle. If he started to sense tough times in a battle, he usually teleported away rather than let himself get hurt. Did a world without much pain really mean a life with something "missing"?

Takuya was up next, and to this battle Ringo paid special attention. (Although apparently Takuya didn't pay much attention to Ringo's battle.) As expected, Gantz battled, against a Salamence in fact. Hmm, now what sneaky strategies would Takuya pull off? For a brief moment Ringo thought about how his father battled, just as a comparison. Let's see, most of the time spent dodging attacks and picking at weak spots... adding in a dramatic climax full of personal flair when the time is right... finishing the battle wih a bang... Anyways, as for Takuya's battle... Ringo was thrown off a bit. The Gengar attacked straight away with a Shadow Ball, which hit the Salamence directly. Then he did the same thing again, after dodging a Dragon Claw by jumping to the side. Finally he put Salamence to sleep with Hypnosis, and then KO'd it with Dream Eater. It was an onslaught of attacks, save the Hypnosis (which was necessary for the Dream Eater to work anyways) and the quick dodge. Ringo quickly abandoned the ties he put to his father and Takuya. Not only that, after the battle, Takuya showed a display of plain old low rudeness, in the form of spitting in the grunt's face and kicking him. Talk about unnecessary...

Was there any battle that would take longer than Ringo's did? Ringo's battle surely took a few minutes, with the preparation of attacks and the action by both Kabutops and Sorciere. Ringo wondered if Derek's battle would last a little longer than Maria's and Reina's and Takuya's did... Well, it was longer than the others--Razor, Derek's Arbok, had to do quite a few attacks against Tyranitar due to type disadvantages. But it worked out--Razor managed to paralyse and poison the Tyranitar, whilst getting into a "bite fight" with it. Then Tyranitar had a hard time using Slash and Dark Pulse, and ended up fainting from the poison. Surely, Derek's battle was a prime example of how status problems can be very effective in weakening a Pokemon. It's no wonder that status problems make a Pokemon easier to capture, not to mention two of them at the same time.

Lastly came Aya's battle--her Gligar versus the grunt's Aerodactyl. (What was it with the fossil Pokemon?) Again, this was a battle Ringo paid special attention to--he almost expected Aya to show lots of pride and style in the battle. Let's see--a stylish Gligar? O-kay... Anyways, first Aerodactyl used Hyper Beam at the gliding Gligar, but Gligar dodged it at the last minute with Double Team. Then Gligar used Psychic (Wha...?), concentrating a bit and finally surrounding himself with a thin pink aura, contrary to Sorciere's thick blue one. Well, Gligar had low Special Attack, maybe that was a factor... Anyways, once Aerodactyl was on the ground, Gligar did his first stylish move in the battle (although the surprising Psychic attack may have counted)--a majestic swooping dive towards the ground. The dive ended in an Earthquake, which KO'd the Aerodactyl. Anyways, Ringo was overall unimpressed with another quick battle, but still he couldn't fathom how in the world that Gligar could have learned Psychic. He probably learned it the same way a... Sunflora would have learned Flamethrower. And what's more, it was effective. Not strong enough to do a whole lot of damage by itself, but effective.

Although the battles were now over, Ringo wanted to stay in this building a while longer. He enjoyed the darkness of the seats surrounding the battlefield, and would regret going back into the world of blinding neon lights. Those lights really were evil--they block the view of the stars and occasionally the moon (no wonder his father's Mightyena often shouted threatening barks at Neo Saffron), and they suck up all the electricity of the surrounding areas. At his house in the outskirts of Saffron, frequent power outages occurred in order to direct more electrical supply to Neo Saffron. Ringo really wanted to go out and find a light switch or two (or perhaps a hundred) that would turn off all those annoying lights. Now that would be a good thing to do.

Meanwhile, Sorciere and Alice had their little chat, although Sorciere did most of the talking.
<"Hee hee, that Kabutops was so fun to toy with!"> Sorciere giggled.
<"Pssht, you nearly got KO'd by an Aqua Jet.">
<"So? I still won, right? That Aqua Jet was merely a small price to pay for that Kabutops' demise. Call it pre-deed karma, if you will.">
<"Small? ...You really do remind me of Lupin. Both of you look at pain like it's nothing. I really don't see how you can do that... for me I just carefully avoid it.">
<"Yes, I know, you run around dodging attacks and slowly wear the foe out.">
<"I take a different approach in the daytime, if I absolutely HAVE to battle in the daytime.">
<"...Anyways, what did you think about the other battles?">
<"I can't wait to see you battle Gantz,"> Alice commented. <"If he uses Hypnosis on you...">
<"Oh come on. I know how to counter hypnotic waves. I did it before in that battle with that Hypno.">
<"Yes, that was what I was about to say... Still, you did well. I mean, you did a longer and more showy battle than the others did, but still...">
<"Oooops! I forgot that this was a battle, not a contest battle! I'm so used to making everything a spectacle!">
<"Keep it up. Really."> Alice nodded, then curled up on the chair she was sitting in. She wanted to stay in this cozy darkness forever.

February 7th, 2008, 8:43 AM
Reina scoffed at the rich girl battling. although it was true, her Gligar did make quick work of an Aerodactyl. Despite the girl's nasty attitude, Reina hated to admit to herself that she was a little happy seeing other not fully evolved pokemon on the field.

"Hmpf... i guess the competition is going to be pretty stiff if i have to fight one of them in league or tournament battle..." Reina said quietly to herself as she turned away from the arena. "Cubert, return."

She swung the doors open and stepped into the brisk night air. The Havoc Hotel's bright neon lights were easily visible from the club. Reina set off towards the hotel, at a quick and steady pace. Cute girls like her needn't be out this late at night, especially wearing a mini skirt in a city run by gangsters...

Reina finally arrived to the luxurious doors of the hotel. She stepped through them and walked in, entering a grand lit hallway with crystal chandeliers hanging above and a small reception desk in the middle of the room. A cute young woman stood quietly in the little kiosk, awaiting the trainer's arrival. Reina approached the desk and slid her crumpled letter between them without saying a word and inspecting the grand hotel.

"Reina Oosaki?" the receptionist questioned.

"aye? oh yes, that's me." She responded quietly.

"You'll be staying in room #2, down the hall to your left. Remember to keep your letter with you. You have access to every part of this hotel, you have the option of room service or eating with the other trainers that accompany you in the dining hall. There is a training center and swimming pool for training your pokemon and recreation. There is also a lounge area for post battle relaxation including a pool table, music, and drinks. Please enjoy your stay and good luck." She said as she finished explaining slowly as she slid Reina's room key across the table.

"Thank you, ma'am" Reina said as she picked up the key and walked to the left towards the hallway leading to her room. Upon reaching the doorway, she found the door to be an elevator instead of a hallway like she previously thought. She rode the elevator to the only floor posted on the buttons aside from the floor. Upon reaching her floor, she stepped out. It was a normal looking hallway, dimly lit with a pale orangish color. She scanned the side of the hall, finding room #2. She pushed the door open and her eyes widened with pampered delight. The room had fantastic designer furniture, complete with a hot tub and lovely view of the city. She couldn't believe what she was going to be staying in, definitely a good reason to keep on winning, just to stay here. Reina plopped onto the half circle couch in the middle of her room and immediately dozed off. The matches would start the following evening... she definitely needed to be rested up. No doubt the trainers were going to be tougher than the wimps she fought earlier tonight.

February 8th, 2008, 10:28 AM
Derek watched as Aya battled an Aerodactyl with her Gligar. The Havoc grunt went for the KO right away with a Hyper Beam, and that proved to be her downfall, as the Gligar was able to pin the flying pokemon to the ground and use Earthquake for a super effective hit. It was pretty imaginative of her using that Psychic (it's rare to see Psychic on a Gligar, Derek thought) to throw Aerodactyl down.

After the girl had returned from her battle, the trainers were given instructions on where they were staying. Derek was anxious to get to the hotel, as he was exhausted. They had arrived at midnight and then walked a half hour and THEN all battled, one by one. He made sure he still had his letter with him, and once assured, headed to the hotel, behind Reina. She always seems to be in the lead... Derek thought as he entered the hotel. He presented his letter to the receptionist, who informed him that his room number was 4. After dropping off Razor to get her wounds from the battle healed, and reassuring her that he would be back for her in the morning, he proceeded to his room.

Although he knew going into this that they would be staying at a nice place, Derek was still taken aback by how roomy and fancy his room was. It had expensive furniture, a huge couch, and a great view, not to mention a hot tub. The room was so large, his pokemon could easily stay out of their pokeballs. Knowing they would like that, he released Flow and Dusty. Flow, happy to finally be out of her ball, wrapped her slender body around Derek with affection. Dusty, excited to have such a big room, immediately fluttered throughout the entire area. "Now you guys have to let me sleep," Derek said to the pair, "We have a big day ahead of us tomorrow." With that, Flow let go of Derek and he flopped down on his bed. He looked at Dusty. "Lights?" Dusty flew over to the lightswitch and flipped it, and Derek was sound asleep in minutes.

February 9th, 2008, 12:23 AM
The chat between Sorciere and Alice was interrupted by an announcement from Giovanni.

"Attention all trainers!" Giovanni announced from the top of the tower. "I have to say that all eight of you have passed the test, although some of you have clearly done a better job than others in the battles."
There was a pause, during which Giovanni probably mentioned a few names to himself.
"Now, I understand that it's past most of your bedtimes, so fortunately a grunt will now be directing you to the hotel you will be staying at. Good night and good luck everyone."
They'll need it.

Hotel? What hotel? The part of the letter that mentioned the five-star hotel was crossed out on Ringo's copy--what did that mean? Oh well, it didn't matter now. Sleep was not on Ringo's list of things he had to take care of now, although most of the other trainers were heading off to bed as the grunt directed them to the hotel. He just sat there in the darkness of his seat for a while, although after a while he carefully got up and crouched behind a row of seats.
"Psst, Sorciere, Alice, come here a bit."
The two Pokemon followed Ringo to his hiding spot. Upon their arrival, Ringo pointed to a hole in the wall behind him.
"Why don't we see what's in that tunnel while we're here?"
"Umbre umbreon," Alice whispered to Ringo. Then she turned to Sorciere.
<"It seems like a good idea--why not check it out? Oh wait, me first!">
Alice leapt over Ringo and entered the hole.
Aha! I haven't gotten the chance to do that since I played leapfrog with my brother!
Alice was referring to the time she was still a wild Eevee living in Floaroma Meadow, before Lupin caught her and ever since was always the one to initiate such an investigation.

Sorciere rolled her eyes and entered after Alice and Ringo. She thought it was in her best interest to turn invisible and slip through edges of metal walls...

The tunnel ran into a tunnel that seemed to wrap around the edge of the battlefield. Ringo could see the surface of the battlefield through a series of round windows, but not a soul in the tunnel. It was a very narrow tunnel, barely big enough for him to stand up in, and barely wide enough for him to walk sideways in. Ringo kept looking to his right to see if anyone was there; Alice was scouting the area ahead of him to see if she could see anybody. Sorciere was invisible, so that didn't apply.

However, the tunnel proved to be nothing interesting--soon it led to a dark, empty room with a door leading to the outside. Hmm, now this was an interesting back door to remember in the future. This door led to the back of a dumpster that lined an alley. Whew, an alley that was at least partially dark--for the blazing of nearby lights still went on in the distance. But the good thing about this alley is that there were little nooks and crannies where the light was even dimmer--two such places looked like possible "bedrooms" because they looked like they could also block out sunlight in the daytime.

Ringo kept this alley in mind as he walked along and out of it, taking a little time to put his sunglasses back on before entering back into the neon world. Sorciere was a little more used to bright lights, so she floated alongside Ringo with few problems (although the lights still annoyed her). Alice scurried along underneath her, in the shadow of her dress and hat. Fortunately, Sorciere didn't mind a female Pokemon being underneath her skirt. If it were Ringo or Golden Fox...

Speaking of Ringo and Golden Fox, at that point Ringo let his Alakazam out of his Pokeball, shaking the Pokeball beforehand. Golden fox understood this signal--the second he emerged from his Pokeball, he teleported away.

Meanwhile, in the outskirts of Saffron...

Yamiko was not tired either--in fact, it was only a while ago that she woke up. She had been sitting in the same spot for about a half hour, with a purring Meowth in her lap and with many thoughts on her mind. She had been thinking about her son, about the battle he was fighting, about how her own Mismagius was doing with him...
"Ree-owr," the Meowth muttered as it stretched out and walked away from her. Then Yamiko got up, with quite a bit of difficulty due to staying in a sitting position for so long. She had a bit of a headache, but it was nothing unusual to her. Only a Psyduck would be able to better handle a headache.

The fan was on, and Yamiko was not wearing her usual purple sweater--just the light purple shirt underneath and a pair of jeans she had just bought two days ago to replace the black pants she had worn ever since she first met her husband. After all, it was warm on this midsummer night--Ringo and his father must be really lucky to be asleep during the hot hours of the daytime. Anyways, Yamiko walked downstairs to be greeted by a crowd of anxious Pokemon--they reminded her of a group of fans waiting for a celebrity's autograph. Some of the Pokemon cheered, including a group of gossippy Oddish that she had recently taken in. A Bellossom was seated behind them, acting much like their mother (although she really wasn't).
"So what's the news on our brave little Mismagius?" the Bellossom asked telepathically.
"Well, Sorciere won a battle," Yamiko said aloud, so the other Pokemon could understand her. "She even got to use her favourite contest combos. She didn't use Curse, but..."
"Aww..." Bellossom then sighed.

Meanwhile, just outside Neo Saffron

"Kazam!" Golden Fox reappeared in the same park that Ringo was in just an hour or so earlier with his father. Speaking of "his father", there was someone this Alakazam was supposed to meet here...

After only a few moments, a Mightyena walked up to Golden Fox and barked.
<"Hello Sirius,"> Golden Fox greeted. <"Fancy meeting you before Ringo.">
<"Oh? You mean you didn't see Ringo since this morning?">
<"Well, I saw him, but I only was with him for a split second now before coming here. After all, he did mention that I was supposed to come here after an hour.">
<"Indeed,"> said the Mightyena. <"Ah, here comes Lupin now.">

"So, how did the viewing go?" asked a familiar curly-haired man, his glasses shining briefly in the moonlight.
"...Ah yes. Yes. Oh, interesting. That Mismagius... Oh, and how did it... I see. Well."
Golden Fox was trying to talk telepathically to Lupin, be he never did as good a job as with Ringo, who was his trainer, or Yamiko, who had lots of experience with telepathy. Fortunately, he was able to communicate with worldess thoughts and brief images.
"Yes, so Ringo saw me, eh?" Lupin finally asked Golden Fox. By that time, a Dusknoir was approaching them, and a Weavile watched from a tree.
<"Saw, but didn't recognise..."> Sirius muttered.
<"Perfect--when are we going to sneak into Neo Saffron?"> the Dusknoir asked.
"Ah, Shinigami, Hopscotch, good, you're both here." Lupin glanced at the newly arrived Dusknoir and Weavile. "Obviously Wheeler would be asleep now (the coward), so... Golden Fox, how about we tell the tale, say?"
<"Why don't you do the storytelling--I gotta get back to Ringo."> With that, Golden Fox teleported again.

"...so this means there's quite possibly a sort of passageway leading underneath there, an underground Neo Saffron, if you will..."
Lupin didn't go into the details on how beautiful Sorciere's Dark Pulse or Confuse Ray was--he just proceeded into more "important" stuff. Soon enough, he was exiting the park, Sirius and Shinigami and Hopscotch following him (Hopscotch the Weavile leapt from tree to tree). There was still so much to do...
OOC: From here things will get interesting.

Trainer Kat
February 10th, 2008, 5:10 PM
After Takuya's little display post-victory, he made his way back up into the stands to watch the final two battles. First was Derek Hightower, who was narrowly victorious. Even with a blatant type disadvantage, his Arbok still managed to defeat his opponent's Tyranitar, though not without suffering some war wounds. Finally was that rich chick, who used a Gligar against an Aerodactyl. To make an otherwise unimpressive match notable, it seemed that Aya's Gligar had learned the move Psychic.

"Hmm..." Takuya mumbled, his hand absentmindedly placed on the top of Gantz's head, who had resumed his position in his master's lap, legs straight out in front of him. "You don't see that everyday." He glanced down at his Pokemon. "You'd better be careful when you fight that one, Gengar. Who knows what other surprises it has?" The Pokemon merely grinned up at his master, who had gone back to watching the arena intently. It was at that point that Giovanni made an announcement.

"Attention all trainers! I have to say that all eight of you have passed the test, although some of you have clearly done a better job than others in the battles." There was a pause. "Now, I understand that it's past most of your bedtimes, so fortunately a grunt will now be directing you to the hotel you will be staying at. Good night and good luck everyone."

"Tch," Takuya scoffed, standing. Gantz leapt off his lap, landing by his side. "Who needs to sleep?" A girl with lavender hair approached him, obviously someone who would be showing him to the hotel.

"I'm Anya, and I'll be showing you to your room. Right this way, Mr. Miyamoto." She led him out of the club building, out onto the streets. "You know..." she began, her back turned to him as she walked in front of him. "I watched your battle. I have to say, that's really impressive." She giggled and turned her head to the side, looking at him out of the corner of her equally lavender eyes. "I'll be looking forward to your next matches."

"Whatever," Takuya mumbled. He could care less about some lame tramp. The chick obviously knew next to nothing about Pokemon, and was probably just saying those things in an attempt to get Takuya to notice her.

Tch, she's a girl, what do you expect? he thought. Girls aren't good for anything.

"Well," the grunt said, holding open the door to the hotel. "Here we are." Takuya's green hues scanned the lobby. Five star indeed. He entered, beginning to approach the desk. "Wait," the grunt protested, hand pressed lightly against his back. "I almost forgot, here's my number..." With that, she pulled out a piece of paper and scrawled ten digits onto it. "In case you can't sleep," she added.

"I'm an insomniac," Takuya shot back, leaving the girl stunned. He made his way to the front desk, approaching the woman behind it.

"Takuya Miyamoto?" She asked, confirming his identity. The emo boy gave a swift nod. "You'll be in room 5. Enjoy your stay, and please, remember not to lose your ticket. You'll have access to all of our luxurious facilities, including a pool, training center, and lounge. Meals will be provided for you, and you'll also have the option of ordering room service, or dining with the others. Now, do you have any questions?" Takuya shook his head. "Good, now here's your key." With that, the attendant dropped the key into Takuya's awaiting hands.

The boy made his way to his room, taking in all the luxury. It wasn't everyday a guy like him got to stay in a place like this. Once he reached his room, he unlocked the door and entered, flipping on the light. The room was impressive. First stop was the bed. He lay down on the edge of it. For the first time in days, a smile crossed his lips.

Clean sheets... he thought as Gengar climbed up onto the bed, sitting down. It almost makes me want to go to sleep...that is, if I could. Takuya stayed like that for a while.

He figured since he couldn't sleep, he would at least check out some of the facilities that broad had mentioned. After all, everyone was probably asleep by now, so he wouldn't have to worry about running into anyone. He exited his room quietly, after which he walked down the hall to the lobby. He had no idea where anything was.

February 10th, 2008, 5:55 PM
IC: Maria watched as the other trainers did extremely well in their battles, and had to admit she was quite impressed. She frowned sternly when Takuya had battled, and her frowned deepened when he spat on and kicked the poor grunt. She wondered if anyone would notice if she slugged him, but then decided against it. Something was definetly wrong with this guy, and she couldn’t help but be curious as to what. She smiled when everyone had finally finished battling, and was quite excited to know what they were to do next.

“ Thank you to everyone who has battled. We are glad to say that you have all fared very well, and we will give you instructions on what to do next. Everyone will spend the night in Havoc Hotel, which is a five star hotel. All accomadations are included, so we will have an assistant direct you to the hotel. Good night everyone.” The voice spoke clearly from the loudspeaker, but Maria couldn’t believe her ears. She had never been in a five star hotel, since the Pokemon Center was always the best she could do. She was approached by a young man, who was probably the assistant.

“Hello Miss Yatokimo. Please let me direct you to the hotel.” The man seemed quite nervous to be around her. He fidgeted with his shirt before walking stiffly to the door, she trailing behind him. He had fairly light hair, and small brown eyes. He was rather short, and not too thin.

“Okay, that sounds fine to me! I don’t usually stay in hotels, so I’m pretty excited about this,” she said enthusiastically.

“Um…. I thought your battle was pretty amazing. Flygon is very strong.”

“Why thank you!” They had now neared a large, beautiful building. The man didn’t even have to tell her; she knew this was the hotel. When she was finally delivered safely inside, she mumbled her thanks as she walked around the place, eyes huge. She walked over to the front desk, where she was greeted by the receptionist.

“Hello Miss Yatokimo, and welcome to Havoc Hotel. Your room is number 4. As a guest, you can use all the facilities found in the hotel. Don’t be afraid to call the front desk if you are experiencing any problems. Here’s your key. We hope you enjoy your stay.” The receptionist spoke in a robotic, but professional way. After handing Maria her key, she turned around and began other work.

Maria walked into her room, and was pleased by it’s beauty. It was large, brightly lit room, with a huge bed that looked extremely inviting, and beautiful matching furniture. A large TV faced her bed, and she decided she would maybe watch a movie during her stay.

She slipped into her nightgown, and happily jumped into bed. She tried to sleep, but found out she was too excited to do so. She was expecting herself to fall asleep the instant her head hit the pillow, since she had had a long day, but her body had decided otherwise. She was wide awake and extremely alert, and her body felt like it could do three hundred sit ups without breaking into a sweat. Sighing, Maria got out of her bed and put on her ballerina flats. Instead of waiting to fall asleep, she could at least waste her time by checking out the facilities. She stepped out of her rooms, still in her nightgown because she thought that everyone else was sleeping, and she set down the hall. She walked quietly, but as she turned the corner, she bumped into someone. She tripped over her own feet, but quickly got up to apologize.

“I am so sorry,” Maria apologized quickly to the person standing in front of her, and quickly realized it was Takuya. “You can’t sleep either I see. Would you like to join me on a walk to check out the facilities?”

OoC: Is it alright that I bumped into you Kat?

Trainer Kat
February 10th, 2008, 6:13 PM
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Takuya stood in the lobby, staring at the TV set through half closed lids. He seemed to be mesmerized by the moving picture. As his hair fell in his face, he would brush it away, expressing a bit of frustration at the uncooperative fringe. The boy was clearly bored with the world at the moment. Apathetically, he pressed his tongue to his lip ring and began to move it from side to side. Gengar released a small grunt.

"Mm...Gantz? You want to go steal dreams, don't you?" The Pokemon nodded. Takuya chuckled softly. "I suppose you can do that later when I head back." He tapped his foot impatiently on the carpeted floor. "What the hell, let's go back now. I'm bored and there's a TV in the room anyway." With those words, he turned to make his way down the hallway to his room, only to be greeted with a head on collision. Maria.

“I am so sorry,” Maria apologized quickly to the person standing in front of her, and quickly realized it was Takuya. “You can’t sleep either I see. Would you like to join me on a walk to check out the facilities?”

"...I don't sleep," he mumbled. After a slight pause, he finished with a sigh. "Yeah, whatever. I'll go." Upon noticing her nightgown, he blinked, giving her a blank stare. The thing wasn't exactly something that most girls went walking around in, as it seemed slightly revealing.

"What are you...wearing?!" he exclaimed.

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February 10th, 2008, 6:48 PM
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A second later, Takuya had responded. "...I don't sleep," he mumbled. After a slight pause, he finished with a sigh. "Yeah, whatever. I'll go."

Maria didn’t even want to question why he didn’t sleep. He was probably an insomniac. She had never met an imsoniac, and she was now full of wonder about how they could stay awake forever. Don’t they get tired? But then again, she was quite surprised he had agreed to go with her. A boy who seemed this distant, well it was quite odd. She saw him staring at her nightgown, and she quickly blushed.

"What are you...wearing?!" he exclaimed.

Ignoring her embarrassed state, she boldly said, “What? You’ve never seen a nightgown before? They are quite common around my parts. Honestly, you’ve never seen one of these?”

She was not really expecting to see him, nor anyone else walking around at this time of night. She did not exactly regret changing, since this was her most comfortable nightgown, but now she wished she had put on a bathrobe. Her nightgown was light pink in color, with lace fringes on all the corners. It was light, and only a bit revealing. But now that she thought of it, she did not exactly care. This was Takuya, an emo kid. Why would she care whether he liked it or not.

Trainer Kat
February 10th, 2008, 7:15 PM
“What? You’ve never seen a nightgown before? They are quite common around my parts. Honestly, you’ve never seen one of these?” Maria's statement was quite bold. The boy merely shook his head. He had exchanged enough words with the girl for now. The movement disturbed his bangs, and the hair fell loosely in his eyes, causing him to look more like a sheepdog than an emo kid. With one flick of his neck, he threw the fringe back to its normal place.

Without saying anything to Maria, Takuya began to walk along the walls of the lobby, his head turned towards the structure. He was obviously looking for something. Eventually he stopped before a medium sized map just to the right of the TV. Leaning towards it until he got at eye-level with the laminated piece of paper, he stared through his half-closed lids. Turning back towards Maria, he pointed to his left, giving her an apathetic look. He doubted she would be able to read his little gesture, so he decided to give her a few more words.

"Training center's that way." He continued to point, flexing his finger as if to emphasize that they should go down that hall. Gengar took one look at Maria before turning back towards the hall. Takuya began to walk down the hallway. He threw his right arm up before saying in a monotone voice; "Come on."

OOC: In an effort to get these posts a little longer, I'm gonna allow you to just make him come with you. xD I can add the dialogue in and his reaction and stuff, but in your next post, you could arrive at the Training center, and just assume that Taku-bear's following.

Sir Aaron1017
February 10th, 2008, 8:38 PM
With a sigh, Lexie pulled herself out of the pool at the Grand Havoc Hotel, which by the way, was the size of an Olympic Pool. "I guess that I could go back to my room" She thought to herself, so she grabbed the towel that was sitting on the back of the deck chair, and dried her hair, then wrapped it around her waist. She saw her reflection in the surface of the pool, and shook her hair in an attempt to get in into a manageable position, which in turn made it worse. Her black two-piece swimming suit fit comfortably, so she barely even felt it was there, which made her double check, just in case. She slipped on her sandals, and walked slowly into the hall. The cool breeze from outside as it hit her damp skin made her shiver unconsciously.

When she rounded the corner of the hallway into the lobby, she noticed two people starting to walk down a hallway, a boy that had long black hair, and a girl that was wearing something pink, which she guessed was some type of sleazy bed wear. She hadn't seen many people here before, and she was dying to talk to someone. She had tried to make conversation with the lady at the front desk, but she didn't cut it, she was just too old, and was just there to give information about the facilities and rooms.

Without even thinking twice, she ran after them and started yelling "Hey wait up!" The two looked her direction and made her feel slightly uncomfortable. When she finally caught up to them, she said "Hi, my name is Lexie, but you can call me Lex."

February 11th, 2008, 5:11 AM
"Attention all trainers! I have to say that all eight of you have passed the test, although some of you have clearly done a better job than others in the battles." There was a pause. "Now, I understand that it's past most of your bedtimes, so fortunately a grunt will now be directing you to the hotel you will be staying at. Good night and good luck everyone."

Aya, was leaning against a wall during the prior announcement. Once the mysterious-sounding announcement had finished echoing throughout the room, Aya stood up. She straightened her clothes and then reached to her belt. She reached for the Johto-exclusive Fast Ball; a regular looking Pokéball but with two symmetric yellow circles on the left and right sides of the Pokéball and a prominent electric bolt of the same colour at the top. She seized the Fast Ball and pointed it at Gligar. She didn't speak a word to the Pokémon as the red beam withdrew him. She shrunk the Fast Ball and re-attached it to her belt. She grabbed the indigo, gem encrusted Pokéball and released her 'signature' Pokémon, Granbull. The flash of evanescent light revealed the Bulldog Pokémon. Granbull sat proudly at her owner's feet.

Because of this display most of the Trainers had already left her.

“Come on Granbull, let's go check out this Hotel.” The girl exited the building with her Pokémon in tow. The walk wasn't very long, but she had underestimated the distance, possibly due to the bright lights. As she arrived she pushed through the beautiful doors and entered a grand and beautifully lit hallway, furnished with crystal chandeliers amongst other furnishings. The inside of the building was a huge contrast to the outside. “This Hotel reminds me of home, and there's not one place in this world that has achieved that,”

Granbull, who was walking on all fours, seemed equally amazed as the duo slowly approached the dainty woman in the kiosk.

“And last but not least, Ayukat Ma-” the woman started but was abruptly interrupted by the black haired girl.

“Aya. Aya Tajiri the fourth,” the girl loathed her full name, she absolutely despised it.

“Oh, I'm terribly sorry,” the woman apologized courteously, however sounding a little annoyed. “You will be staying in room #7, unless you have any objections to that number?” she added sarcastically. “I thought not. Keep your letter with you at all times and enjoy your stay,” the woman added a forced smile at the end and handed her the room key.

A few minutes later, as Aya was climbing the stairs, she managed to catch sight of three of the battlers, the emo boy Taku, and two other girls, both wearing... well not much. [OOC: It's like Kat with Kozue and Fen in Grand Tournament (on Route 1) but in reverse XD].

“Hm?” Aya said to herself, quite surprised at the seemingly 'random' scene. “Peculiar, I was sure he was more of a guy's guy, well. Good luck to him with those two. Didn't know he had it in him,” Aya laughed as she finished talking to herself. She made sure she could easily escape before emitting a loud wolf whistle down the corridor and then escaped undetected.

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February 11th, 2008, 9:34 PM
OOC: Hmm, if Ringo doesn't have a hotel room and practically everyone else is in the hotel...
<"So what are we going to do until it's time for bed?"> Sorciere asked Alice, who was still underneath her.
<"Well, I suppose we'll do something very interesting indeed,"> Alice guessed. <"There's something about human-Pokemon moments that are just so... amusing.">
<"Of course, it's also fun to wander off on your own,"> Sorciere commented. <"If you were me, say, you'd probably spend a lot of time collecting energy from people. Of course, I just did that with that Kabutops, so... Wow, this will be my first time on a nighttime adventure with Ringo. I wonder if it'll be different from my daytime adventures with Yamiko in the past. I only remember two of those--they were when I was still a Misdreavus, and before Yamiko met Lupin.">
<"But nighttime adventures are more fun!">
<"I know--but others get in the way of my energy-stealing searches, so I always go alone.">
"Come on you two," Ringo said to the two Pokemon, after incomprehensibly listening to their conversation. "Let's wander 'round some more. I think that's what we had planned, right?"
Alice stifled a giggle as she nodded in agreement.

This particular street was emptier than the one that led from the club to the hotel. It was an empty street, true, and it had more bright lights and fewer neon signs, but this street also held memories. To his left was a large, gray building with a stylish, almost wavy roof, and glass doors leading to a hallway whose floor was lined with a carpet that was ornately decorated and looked to be made partially of gold. Ringo remembered going inside this building several times--this was Sabrina's gym. Sabrina had been a good friend of Ringo's mother, and she was a very interesting person otherwise, and she and her parents were the only people Ringo had ever heard of who were able to use telekinesis. After being exiled out of Saffron City, Sabrina had moved to Pallet Town, staying with Professor Willow, who also happened to be her mother's cousin. Sabrina still came to visit the Murakage family occasionally, but this was a friendship that had become severed ever since the invasion of Team Havoc. Such sad memories...

Ringo thought about entering the gym, but the guard standing just inside the glass doors told him otherwise. Upon seeing this guard, Ringo made a particular hand signal to Sorciere and Alice, telling them to keep quiet. After all, there was a good chance that this area was restricted, or that he had a curfew he hadn't been told about... Anyways, Ringo then focused his attention to the right side of the street, where there were a row of small houses. Ringo's face lit up almost as brightly as the neon signs in the distance when he saw these--one particular house here was the reason why Yamiko and Sabrina met in the first place. It was the house directly across the street from Sabrina's--which was easy to identify because the walls were slightly cracked, due to an episode in Sabrina's youth when she used her telekinetic powers to break down the house. Anyways, the house in the row across the street, the one that had the faded red number 14 on the door, was the house that Yamiko had lived in in the first years of her life. Her friendship with Sabrina had originated when she saw Sabrina across the street and became interested in her. Anyways, Yamiko's father lived there for a long time--from the time Yamiko was born to the time Team Havoc took over the city. Now Grandpa lived in Lavender Town, in a house previously occupied by Ringo's great-great-grandmother. Anyways, this house was not guarded at all--in fact, Team Havoc had done nothing with it since taking over the area. It was a small house, after all--so there was little use for it. Some of the larger houses now housed Team Havoc members, but this was one of the lucky ones to remain unoccupied. Anyways, before seeing Ringo off, Mum had given him a key to this house, and it was this key that Ringo now used to that door numbered 14...

Apparently, Grandpa had been in a hurry to snatch every personal possession he could find before being "evacuated", so he said--there were pieces of paper lying on the floor here and there, an overturned chair, and a tiny ballet shoe. This had obviously belonged to a young Yamiko, long ago when her main childhood ambition was to become a dancer. Her first ballet shoe--this might be a cherished memory to dear old (well, mid-thirties isn't that old...) Mum, so Ringo picked it up and put it into his handbag. Anyways, after that Ringo began to take a look around, the quiet Sorciere and Alice splitting up to explore on their own. The study to the left held a desk with scattered papers all over it, an empty bookshelf, and an elegant-looking red leather chair, which Grandpa had bought two days before the Team Havoc invasion. The room to the right of the main hallway was large, dark, and completely empty, as it had been for the last thirty years. An odd smell lingered near the kitchen sink, probably from the refrigerator whose contents were probably all mouldy. The bathroom was again barren (wait, does a bar of soap count?), but there was still a small bed in a small room beyond it. Perfect--Ringo could sleep here tomorrow! He didn't need a hotel after all.

Sitting on the bed, Ringo let Golden Fox out of his Pokeball at last. Here would be a very awkward place to place a surveillance camera or something, after all--yet just incase, Ringo had closed the curtains on a window to his left. Alice lay curled up on the bed next to him, and Sorciere floated by in front of him.
"Well, I must say it feels just like home here," Ringo said at last.
"It's very welcoming," Golden Fox said telepathically to Ringo. "You think that if your grandfather had a Kadabra, an Alakazam would feel very welcome here."
Ringo smiled at Golden Fox, then started to pet Alice.
"Umm breeeon," Alice sighed. A bed provided a nice place to rest for a while.
"Well, we got plenty of time--we certainly could rest here for a few minutes. Let's try not to stay too long in any room that has windows..."

Ringo got up, probably for the restroom, while Golden Fox lay down on the bed.
<"This bed is even softer than the one in my Pokeball,"> the Alakazam commented.
<"Very true..."> Alice muttered.
<"Oh come on, don't fall asleep. If anyone should be tired, it would be me, after that battle... Ah well, I'm okay."> Sorciere still felt a little shaken by that Kabutops' Aqua Jet.
<"You'll be fine, after a good day's rest and a break from battling,"> Golden Fox suggested. Then he closed his eyes and started to fall asleep. He was normally asleep at this time, being the "day watcher" for Ringo, but he was so excited for Ringo for the last hour that he was awake for a short while. Besides, if any further test battles took place around noon, someone needed to be fully awake...

February 14th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Reina arose the next morning with a wide stretch. She looked towards the large window in her room which had the curtains drawn shut. She walked over and braced herself for light as she threw open the curtains. The morning light burst through the room, exposing everything to the new day.

"perfect! hmm first round matches are tonight, i'll be fighting the REAL trainers, FINALLY." Reina said aloud. She let Cubone out onto the floor in front of her.

"Well Cubert! tonights the night we make ourselves famous! Thousands of people will be lining those balconies, just to see how strong we are..." Reina froze at the thought. Cubert looked at her in question for a moment before she finally spoke.

"thousands... of...people....I NEED NEW CLOTHES IF I'M GONNA BE BATTLING IN FRONT OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! COME ON CUBERT!" Reina said in a panic. She reached down, grabbing Cubert's bone and pulled it and the little pokemon behind her as she dashed by the table grabbing her letter and sped out the door.

Reina flew through the elevator door, skidding to a stop in the middle of the hotel. She then turned to the door and charged down the street towards the mall in the center of town.


After hours of shopping, and a handful of bags, she slumped back to the Havoc Hotel and plopped onto a chair in the lobby. Cubert trailed slowly behind... clearly worn out from Reina's shopping, he collapsed at her feet.

"aw... Cubert, i'm sorry baby...take a rest.. i'll just use Edge and Sunny tonight." Reina said in a patronizing tone. "Come on back, babe." she said as she recalled Cubert back into his pokeball.

"Uhm... excuse me? Miss Reina?" a voice called from across the room.

"Yes?" She responded curiously. noticing it was the secretary at the center kiosk again.

"Mr. Giovanni has sent battle orders down and would like me to relay them to you. Only the even numbered battlers will be fighting tonight. From now on, the matches will be 3 on 3, and there is a chance you all COULD be facing each other. The order of battle between the few of you fighting today will be decided tonight. Mr. Giovanni also requests the other trainers come watch from a private box reserved for you all on the 4th floor of Club Havoc. To see more of the competition" She said happily.

"Thank you so much!" Reina responded cheerfully. "Now... lets see, i was trainer #2... so I guess i'm up tonight... and poor Cubert is so tired out...When all else fails, i guess its up to Edge to clean up the arena. Oh well, I can decide later. I wonder what the other trainers have been doing all day in preparation for tonight...thousands of spectators..." She thought to herself as she let out a VERY heavy sigh, she leaned back in her chair and thought about the match to come tonight....

and what she was going to wear...

Sir Aaron1017
February 14th, 2008, 7:48 PM
"I am tired, so I will see you guys tomorrow, O.k.?" Lexie said to the two. She turned on her heel, and walked down the hall, turned right, and headed to her room. "I really need to go get new clothes tomorrow. All I have are those stupid..." She mumbled, then went into deep thought. She continued until she reached the door with an 8 on it, then slid her key, and turned the knob, pusing the door open. She stared at her room for the third time since she had been in the hotel. It was spectacular, better than she was used to, thats for sure.

"Espeon, come on out!" Lexie said in a whisper, bringing the psychic cat out of it's sluber from the ball, to have her jump on the bed. returning to sleep. She changed to her pajamas, then slipped under the covers on the queen-sized bed, petted Jewel, and fell asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow.

When her alarm clock went off, she threw it across the room, breaking the second one this week so far. Grogily, she walked to the bathroom, took a shower, brushed her teeth, then went and got dressed in her usual outfit. She had atleast seven pairs of each item, and they were getting boring. She fixed her hair, grabbed her pokemon belt, then ran out of the room, with Jewel hot on her heels.

When she finally made it downstairs, she saw a red-headed girl sitting on a bench in the lobby, obviously contemplating something that was troubling her.

"Hi! My name is Lexie, what is yours?" She said warmly, trying to be as friendly as she could because she was in a desperate need of social activity.

((OOC: I am sorry for the small post, but I was dying to get some conversations going with Lexie))

February 15th, 2008, 11:26 PM
"All right, Sorciere, Alice, Gold... Golden Fox?"
At that point, Ringo saw his Alakazam lying on his grandfather's bed, sound asleep.
"Right, of course, it's way past your bedtime. Don't worry Golden Fox, you need not be interrupted until the sun comes up."
With that, Ringo returned Golden Fox to his Pokeball. His Pokeball was easy to tell apart from the others--it was the Luxury Ball. Alice was kept in a Dusk Ball, and Sorciere was kept in an ordinary Pokeball. (Maybe the reason why Sorciere tended to be so flashy is because she had the least flashy Pokeball?) Ah well--after all, Sorciere was the first Pokemon his mother captured after a long break from Pokemon training in her youth, but for a long time afterward, she was also her best Pokemon. Sorciere had shown an unforgettable attitude, style, and flair in contests and battles alike for as long as Yamiko could remember (or at least as long as she was a Mismagius). It could also be noted that the Dusk Stone that evolved her to Mismagius was a present Lupin gave to Yamiko shortly after meeting her, making this event extra special. Ringo really ought to have been proud of bringing two Pokemon here that had such interesting trainers and interesting histories in themselves. It was these characteristics that Ringo thought about very frequently in his spare time.

"Now," Ringo continued, "what else shall we do until twilight breaks?"
Alice looked up at him abruptly, awakening from her short beauty nap. She then yawned and shook her head. It really was embarassing for her to doze off in the middle of the night...
A pause.
"...Don't worry, I got a few things planned. Come on, you two. It's time for another night adventure. Sorciere, I hope you'll enjoy this."
I already am, Sorciere thought, a mischievous smile on her face. Absorbing aural energy from people or stray Pokemon was fun, but what was it like doing something else...?

A while later, Ringo was out on the streets again, Alice walking in front of him and acting as a scout. She often did this while walking around with Lupin, but she felt slightly uncomfortable this time because all the streetlights "ruined the darkness" that she so loved. It had nothing to do with the fact that it was Ringo instead of Lupin, although deep down inside she wondered about the possibility of Ringo being "less experienced" at sneaking around in a place like this. Anyways, fortunately, nearly all of the neon signs were unlit so late at night, although a few streetlamps were still lit. After all, when more electrical devices are on, it costs more money and presents the (although very small) risk of deadly short circuits. So Ringo was finally able to see properly without his sunglasses.

Within a few moments, Ringo lost track of Alice. For a split second, he was worried about where she'd gone, but then he remembered his father mentioning that Alice occasionally "found something of interest" and stayed out of sight for a while. So maybe Alice found something suspicious, some little gadget in a hole small enough for only her to fit through... Anyways, Ringo decided it must be best to just continue on with whatever he was doing. Perhaps Alice would find some way to return to him...? Ringo wasn't sure, so he just figured that if his father often did it, it was okay for him to do it too. So he continued walking, searching for a place of interest...

The first place Ringo came to was a large parking lot filled with trucks and a few workers. This was the back of the grocery store, and there were people out and about restocking it. Ringo even managed to snatch an apple from one of the trucks before disappearing into a dark area behind the store. (An apple--how appropriate, since his name meant apple.) After a short amount of thought, he took two apples, and gave one to Sorciere to hold. At that point, Sorciere was invisible--Ringo had told her to stay that way so as to not stand out. So all of a sudden, one of the apples seemed to vanish into thin air...

This wasn't the place Ringo was interested in though. So Ringo wandered around the side of the building, to a place across the street where there was a very narrow alley-ish space between the buildings. Hmm, this seemed to lead somewhere... Anyways, as Ringo crossed the street, he could see the ex-Silph Co. building--from now on he would use this as a landmark because it was the tallest building in the city. Nobody was on this street, not even a guard or anything... Anyways, Ringo was about to make his way into the narrow dark space, when the faint outline of Sorciere's eyes appeared next to a wall.
Hmm... it appears this space is guarded a different way.
This eye signal Ringo went over with Sorciere indicated that Sorciere spotted a surveillance camera and has just turned it off. This was a job that Lupin's Dusknoir usually did, but a Mismagius was better because she was smaller and had an easier time slipping through walls and turning invisible. (Whenever "Shinigami", Lupin's Dusknoir, did it, the faint outline of the "face" on Dusknoir's body still showed up. But it often scared people anyways, so...) Ringo smiled at his mother's Mismagius when he passed by the spot Sorciere indicated, and continued into the dark space.

It was such a narrow space, lined with pipes and minuscule electric lights. These lights looked strikingly familiar to the lights at the bottom of the signpost Ringo had seen earlier... did this lead to the same area as a supposed secret door beneath that signpost did? Ringo thought about this as he slipped through the narrow space, thankful that he wasn't a very bulky person, careful to make as little sound as possible. Of course, he happened to wear the quietest shoes of his family, so any sound other shoes might make would not likely be produced by his own. Anyways, at the end of this passageway was a pitch-black hole, in front of which a serious-looking Mismagius floated. Ringo could barely see her in the near darkness, not to mention that he had just recently been in the face of bright lights. Those annoying lights really impaired night vision... Anyways, Sorciere pointed out one thing on the floor by shining a dim light from her orbs: Alice's footprint in a dusty spot. Hmm, it seems that Alice wandered into this very hole a few moments ago...

It seemed safe after all, so Ringo decided to follow, tiptoeing ever so carefully along the solid floor of the tunnel, every single one of his senses alert as ever. If any thoughts had wandered around in his mind, they now were silenced by... No wait, that's not right--that statement only applied to his father. A sudden thought about his great-aunt, Professor Willow, crossed his mind as he wandered through, probably based on a tale about the professor crawling through a log to reach a shiny Shroomish. Anyways, all was fine so far. More electrical signals, a hole too small for Ringo to fit through (but Alice probably went through there), a few wires on the floor, a door that required a card key to get through, a smaller, cupboard-sized door that Ringo could probably crawl through. This door was also locked, but it required a regular key rather than a card key to open. Ah, here we go. Ringo reached into his handbag, feeling around for... an apple? Nope, this wouldn't help. His Pokevice. Not quite. Pokeballs--nope. Something smaller, certainly... Ouch, if he were not wearing gloves, he would have pricked his finger. Ah well, this thin, crooked (ha ha, crook-ed, get it?) sharp-ish (whatever... -.-) object did help, because Ringo used it to pick the lock. This was something he could never be as good at as his father always was, but nevertheless, he managed to open the door and crawl in...

FLASH! BZZZT! Ringo spotted a flashing light in a distant room, and possibly the sound of a short circuit or something going off.
What was that? both Ringo and Sorciere thought. Sorciere, keeping herself invisible, immediately headed over to the source of the light, checking that no grunts or anything were around. After a few minutes, Sorciere turned visible again, and faced Ringo with an awkward facial expression--it consisted of both worry and amusement--in fact, Sorciere seemed to be on the verge of laughter. Then she nodded in the direction of the flash of light, indicating that Ringo should follow her.
What--did something good and bad both happen as a result of that flash? Ringo thought as he headed towards the next room. As he did, he thought he passed by a window above him through which he thought he could see the full moon in a clear black sky. Ah well, he didn't pay much attention to that--he was too focused on the elusive flash.

As Ringo entered the room, he nearly tripped over something soft on the ground. Ringo looked down in the dim light of an electrical device of some sort, to see a little man lying unconscious on the floor. He could briefly make out the Team Havoc symbol on his shirt. The man also had a remote control in his hand, which seemed to be broken. But it was what was beyond this man that caught Ringo's attention--something that Sorciere was staring blankly at. In the centre of the room, among a mess of wires, was Alice, also lying unconscious on the floor.
"Whoa! Alice!" Ringo blurted, though still quietly, rushing over to the little Umbreon to hopefully wake her up. The second Ringo touched her, he pulled his hand back--he had been shocked by static electricity.

Electricity...? Ringo suddenly figured out what happened, and thus turned to Sorciere.
"...Would you mind relieving some of Alice's shock?"
"Miss miss." (With pleasure.)
Sorciere was a twisted little fiend--any kind of pain excited her, no matter how much damage it did. Ringo obviously knew her too well. Even Yamiko was occasionally hesitant to let Sorciere hurt herself, so this was an honour indeed. But anyways, what pain? Well, Sorciere floated over to Alice and touched her, feeling a similar jolt of static electricity that Ringo did. She kept doing this until the shocks came no more.
Well... it doesn't... hurt as much as... a needle... Sparks flashed around Sorciere during the pauses in this thought of hers.
"Really, that was brave of you," Ringo commented afterward. Okay, so Ringo was worried--he just hid it.

"Come on Sorciere, let's get out of here, and fast," Ringo commanded after picking up Alice. (He had to free an Umbreon claw stuck in one of the wires.) After Ringo shook her a bit, Alice finally managed to open her eyes, but she still felt very weak.
"Miss..." Sorciere felt quite a bit disappointed that her first nighttime venture with Ringo had ben cut short, but she ended up following Ringo out, slumped over a bit while she floated by. On the way out, though, a nearby surveillance camera caught them--well sort of. It only caught two passing flashes of dark clothing, too close and blurry to identify.

"...Um bree on..." Alice mumbled, cradled tightly in Ringo's arms. Ringo was sitting against the wall of the alley next to the club where the battles were held, giving the poor little Umbreon a sort of massage. Mum had made a discovery that this type of "touch therapy" worked well with both aches and small injuries, and also tension. Electrical shock certainly counted as a type of "tension", because tension is caused simply by nerve impulses in the body. Alice was starting to feel a bit better, but she still felt as if a fire had burned her from the inside and left no burns but the same amount of pain.
"Oh right," Ringo remembered, "I have here..."
After a bit of rummaging around in his handbag, Ringo took out a tiny bottle of a yellowish liquid, with a spray on top. A Paralyse Heal. Spray, spray, spray... fidget fidget fidget, wince wince wince, fidget fidget fidget some more...
"Ummm..." Alice squirmed around in Ringo's lap and did something that felt like a shiver, then stood up and tried to walk. She succeeded, but occasionally limped on random legs.
"It's all right," Ringo reassured. "I think you'll be fine if you rest a while."
Back into the Dusk Ball Alice went. Anyways, when Ringo re-entered the street again, he noticed that all the lights were out...

Ringo spent the next few hours wandering a bit around the city (the lights came back on after fifteen minutes or so), watching the fountain in front of the mall, and having a little picnic with two apples and a few biscuits he found near the hotel where everyone else was staying. After this, he entered that hotel. Pretty much everything was closed inside of it, except for the front desk, where the receptionist yawned as he passed by. But this didn't mean that he was alone--soon enough he spotted Takuya wandering around the hall that led to the training centre. Ringo waved faintly to Takuya as he passed, then stared at him uncertainly. Ringo had been meaning to talk to him for quite a while now, but after the excitement of tonight, his mind went blank with ideas of what to say. Finally, before Takuya got the chance to shrug or say "What?", Ringo backed away, hinting that they'd talk sometime later, and wandered around the hotel some more. He spotted the training centre, a swimming pool, a lobby with a TV, a row of hotel rooms, a dining hall... nothing particularly interesting at the moment. That is, except one particular locked door that was located near the entrance to the dining hall... Ah well, he didn't want to try anything while Takuya could possibly see him, so Ringo just left the hotel.

Eventually, a few hours later, Ringo stood outside with his three Pokemon (Golden Fox had just woken up) to watch the sun rise.
"And so," Ringo said after a while, "another night comes to a close. Now it's nearly time to await the next night. Soon we shall rest until..."
"Umbre umbreon..."
"Oh, right, thanks Alice. ...Until the opportunity for trouble arises again." Hmm, Team Rocket's motto used to be "prepare for trouble", right?
Alice was feeling a bit better, but she would probably feel even better after a good day's sleep. She was limping less and less as time went by, and still felt a little weak at times, but it wasn't as bad as when she was initially shocked.

A while later, after the sun got a good distance above the horizon and the neon signs came back on, Ringo returned to his grandfather's old house and, along with Alice and Sorciere (Golden Fox kept watch near the front door), went to sleep an hour early.

OOC: Whoa, that was a long post... Ah well, so much can happen in one night.

February 18th, 2008, 8:39 AM
Rolling onto his side and throwing the sheets off of him, Derek rubbed the sleep out of his eyes. He stretched, feeling very well rested. The bed was so comfortable. He smiled as Dusty, who must have been waiting for him to get up, flew over to him, crying "Ven! Venomoth!" as if to say, "Let's get moving!"
"Whoa, buddy," Derek said to the pokemon, "Give me a few minutes to get ready at least!" Patting Flow on the head as he walked by, Derek took a shower, got dressed, and brushed his teeth, then plopped down on the couch to think about what to do. Dusty was still fluttering around, but Derek had grown so accustomed to his antics that he could block it out. I really wanted to try out the training facilities here, he thought.
"Hey guys," Derek said, getting the attention of Flow, "what do you say we go check out the training facilites?" Both pokemon let out excited cries, indicating that they were anxious to do something. Derek returned Flow to her pokeball, apoligizing but reassuring her she'd be out again in a few minutes.

Derek stepped outside his door, followed closely by Dusty, only to get almost run over by Reina, who was dragging her Cubone behind her. He was so surprised he couldn't even manage a "Good morning" before she was gone. He didn't notice anyone else out in the hallway, so he proceeded to the training center, picking up Razor on the way. The facilites were huge. They had all sorts of equipment, including dummies to be used for testing attacks, a pool, several different mock battle arenas, and more ((I'll not describe everything so that someone else can add stuff they might want)). Derek figured Flow was ready for a swim, so he went over to the pool and let her out. "Now, don't tire yourself out too much, Flow," Derek said to her, "We might have to battle later today. Just get a nice easy workout in." Flow swam in a circle and responding with a "Gorebyss!" that indicated she understood. Leaving her there, Derek went over to the dummies and let Razor out of her pokeball. He thought about having Razor and Flow do a practice battle, but Razor tended to take things too seriously, especially when Flow was involved, so instead, he had Dusty and Razor practice attacking the dummies, even having Dusty paralyze the Arbok so that she had to work through the paralysis.

After an hour or two, Derek decided that was enough. After all, they would probably be battling tonight. He figured relaxation time was in order until they got some official word from Giovanni, so he went back up to his room, again letting his pokemon out so they could enjoy the lavish quarters. He fired up the jets in the hot tub and got in, closing his eyes. After a few minutes, there came a knock at the door. He could hear a muffled voice say, "Hello? Mr. Hightower?"
He yelled back, "One minute, I'll be right there." He wrapped a towel around his waist to prevent dripping all over the room and answered the door.

"Hi," said a young woman. Derek recognized her as one of the receptionists in the hotel lobby. "Mr. Giovanni has sent battle orders down and would like me to relay them to you. Only the even numbered battlers will be fighting tonight. From now on, the matches will be 3 on 3, and there is a chance you all COULD be facing each other. The order of battle between the few of you fighting today will be decided tonight. Mr. Giovanni also requests the other trainers come watch from a private box reserved for you all on the 4th floor of Club Havoc."

"Thank you," Derek said. An awkward silence fell over the two for a few seconds, as Derek seemed to forget it looked like he was wearing just a towel.

"Well, good luck!" said the woman, and she turned and walked away. Derek went back into his room and finished drying off. He was the 6th battler last night, so that meant he was battling tonight. He looked over at Razor and Flow.

“You guys ready?” Both pokemon gave affirmatives. “Good, tonight will probably be tougher than last night. But don’t worry, there’s no way we can lose.” With that, Flow and Razor were returned to their pokeballs, and Derek proceeded to the lobby. When he got there, he saw Reina sitting down in a chair talking with a girl that Derek didn’t recognize. He saw her pokeballs, however, so figured she must be another trainer that had arrived at a different time than the rest of them. Not wanting to interrupt their conversation, he sat several chairs down from the pair, content to just sit and wait for further instructions.

February 19th, 2008, 9:05 AM
OoC: I am sooooo sorry I couldnt post before. My computer broke down on me, and I was out of school for a few days. Im in school right now, so heres my post. It might be a bit short, since I only had twenty minutes to type it out.

IC: Maria

A small frown fell upon Maria’s face. The boy was looking at her as if she was incredibly incompetent, and unable to understand anything. She bobbed her head up and down deeply, meaning to tell him she was not stupid and understood him very well. He followed her as she walked down the hallway, with his Gengar following too. As Maria walked, she felt as if she couldn’t breathe. Everything was so amazing. The decorations were the perfected way top describe perfection. All the colors seemed to blend just right, and the chairs and couches around seemed just so inviting. Vintage paintings were hung all over the walls, and Maria could’ve sworn she had seen some of these in a museum. Maria, being mesmerized by what she saw nearly bumped into a wall as the hallway made a sharp turn. Takuya did not even seem very impressed by any of this, which she thought was crazy. Sure, he was pretty good looking and all, but he seemed so unhappy and monotone. As if he didn’t have any emotions in him. If he did, he probably hid them very well, putting up this act as a barrier.

Maria realized that a girl had been running after them, and she had finally caught up. She was quite pretty, long dark hair and becoming blue eyes, and was wearing a bathing suit. She was probably at the pool, which was Maria’s best guess, that was obviously right. She spoke quickly, her breathing heavy, and before Maria could even say anything back, she left. Making a mental note in her head, Maria decided she would try to speak to the girl in the following day. She continued on, until they had finally reached a large door. She pushed it, and was shocked at what she found. The room was very large, being bigger than a gym. The walls and floor were white, giving the room an extremely hip and high tech feel. There were a few battle floors, and a lot of training equipment. Maria now wished she had brought her pokemon, so they could see all of this. But they were now probably sleeping, and she did not want to disturb their sweet dreams.

She tested some of the equipment before looking at the clock It was now extremely late, way past the time she usually went to bed at. It was at least past three, and she now felt her tense muscles burning. She had had a very long day, and was now feeling very tired. She yawned loudly, before going up to Takuya, who was looking around the room, the same look on his face as before. She walked up to him, and said, “It’s really late now. I’m going to bed.” Without even thinking, she gave him a small hug, which lasted maybe only a nanosecond. She was very used to hugging people. Her friends, her family, her pokemon,…anyone. She did not even feel embarrassed, and while she walked away, she turned her head, smiled and waved.

She ran up to her room, and jumped back into her bed. Sleep came to her very quickly, and before she knew it she was sleeping deeply, dreaming of her family.

February 20th, 2008, 7:44 PM
Reina looked up from her exhaustion, noticing a girl approaching her.

"Hi! My name is Lexie, what is yours?" she said nicely.

"hello there!" Reina replied happily, glad to meet someone who wasn't despicable here. Although she knew niceness in the arena would do her no good. "Lexie aye? my names Reina. Are you a trainer here? I don't seem to remember you battling last night..." Reina questioned the girl with a curious face. After waiting for a response, she followed up.

"sheesh i have to battle tonight....what about you? I'm quite nervous... even though Edge is ready to battle. Oh Edge is my favorite pokemon by the way... you'll be meeting him tonight! teehee!" Reina said with a falsely happy sounding tone of voice, one that would lead to disbelief of her true intentions.

After the brief talk with Lexie, Reina stood up, stretching, looking at the time.

"welp... i think i need to go prepare for my match, it was nice meeting you! maybe you'll see me battle tonight?" She said as she walked to her room to prepare.


The day went by as Reina prepared, she left the hotel, dropping off Cubert's pokeball at the front desk to be healed and made her way to the Havoc Club. Upon entering there, it was an entirely different scene than she was used to. The lights were off, but there were strobe lights, lazers, and loud music pumping all over the room from huge sub woofers. The people were grouped high into the building on every floor, packed to the brim, some dancing and some looking over the edge, cheering on matches. There were already battles happening in the arena down below. Pokemon battling each other viciously as drinks were served up top and the crowd cheered and hollered with every heavy blow landed. Reina looked up to the screen above the arena, seeing her name with the other even numbered trainers battling tonight

Main Event Battle order

1. Maria Yatokimo
2. Derek Hightower
3. Lexie Volari
4. Reina Oosaki

"Hm... looks like Lexie is battling tonight, At least i get to see what she's got." Reina said curiously to herself. "And looks like i'm last... at least i get some time to rest up before the match and enjoy the other's battles."

Reina walked over to some stairs at the side of the club, showing her letter she was allowed into a high up glass room, overlooking the arena clearly and away from all of the clubbers and loud music as it still pumped down below, still audible though muffled by the glass. She took a seat near the window and sat quite lady like, crossing her legs and looking over the side watching a vicious match, A Hitmonlee against a Hitmonchan on an ice field.

"Hm... the arena changes climate for every match... should make things a little awkward but i think we can still do it... Looks like both trainers anticipated the type advantage of the ice field and picked pokemon to counter it..fighting types... interesting." She thought to herself as she sat watching the match, waiting for the others to arrive.

Trainer Kat
February 22nd, 2008, 11:27 AM
"Hey wait up!" Takuya turned over his shoulder, noticing yet another female heading his way. He rolled his eyes as she caught up to him and Maria, panting. "Hi, my name is Lexie, but you can call me Lex." The boy blinked at her.

"'kay," was his only response as he turned back to face Maria. An awkward silence filled the room, finally cut by a loud wolf whistle, followed by Lexie.

"I am tired, so I will see you guys tomorrow, O.k.?" Lexie said to the two. With that, the newcomer left, leaving Takuya alone with Maria. He began to inspect the machinery, looking down at Gengar for approval. The ghost simply grinned up at his master. Shortly after, Maria notified him of her departure.

“It’s really late now. I’m going to bed.” Without even thinking, she gave him a small hug, which lasted maybe only a nanosecond. Takuya stood there, motionless, until she let go. The expression on his face had not changed at all. As Maria bounced happily down the hall, she turned and gave the emo boy a smile, followed by a small wave. Shoving his hands in his pockets, Takuya just blinked at her.

"Well, Gantz," he mumbled, looking at the purple Pokémon. "Should we walk around a bit?" The ghost nodded. There was no need to go back to the room, as the two would not be sleeping. Instead, they went straight to the cafeteria, which was all but deserted, since everyone but they would probably be asleep by now. The eerie pair approached the lone cashier. Gantz's narrow eyes scanned the rows of food before slapping his palm down on the glass, patting the area where his desired meal rested.

"Two of those," Takuya said in an apathetic tone, much like the expression that clung to his face. The cashier swallowed heavily and removed two sundaes from the chilled display, setting them on the counter, complete with two spoons. When the boy failed to ask for Takuya's money, he came to the conclusion that meals and whatnot must be complimentary. Gantz climbed up on the counter, hoisting his pudgy body up onto the flat surface, and held the spoons in his tiny fist. Takuya lifted the sundaes up, one in each hand, and began to exit the cafeteria. The two took their place in front of the TV in the main lobby. Once more, Takuya begrudgingly allowed his companion to sit in his lap.

"But this is the last time," he insisted, even though both of them knew it wouldn't be. Clutching his sundae in both hands, Gengar ate messily, dripping bits of vanilla and fudge on Takuya's jeans. The boy rolled his eyes, but didn't protest. Dipping his own spoon into the sundae he held in his hand, Takuya removed a scoop of vanilla ice cream, bringing the chilled metal to his lips. Like everything else in this place, the taste was exquisite. Once he had finished the ice cream, he set the once-filled dish on the table next to him, taking Gengar's finished sundae from him, setting both empty dishes down. Gengar turned to him, vanilla and chocolate smeared across his face. At this, Takuya cracked a smile, using the bottom of his shirt to wipe off the mess. This left a sticky area along his tee-shirt, one which he wouldn't even bother to change for. He stayed in this spot until morning, his eyes locked intently upon the TV.

At this point he stood, carrying Gantz with him back to the room. He lay down on his bed. It would be just a while before he would have to reapply his fading makeup. Time passed as Takuya lay there. Night fell like a blanket. Standing, he reached for his eyeliner and made his way over to the mirror, where he applied thick streaks of black to hide the bags under his eyes. He exited, making his way back to Club Havoc, where he would watch the others battle.

February 22nd, 2008, 10:31 PM
Ringo had gone to sleep an hour early, but the next evening, he didn't get out of bed until about six o'clock. He had woken up about an hour before then, but was just lying there, thinking about last night's battle and the moments he spent with his father before taking his first steps into Neo Saffron. After a while, Sorciere floated over him and greeted in a loud, high-pitched voice,
"Misss! Magius!"
"Oh, good evening Sorciere," Ringo replied, sitting up in the small bed. "I was just thinking about you--your battle last night."
Sorciere rolled her eyes. Oh come on, that was nothing. Wait to see how I fare in the next battle.

About a half hour later, Ringo emerged from the bathroom, fully dressed and ready for the day--er, night. ...Although his hair was still a little damp from the shower. This was okay--it only made his hair look darker. Upon re-entering the bedroom, he put his shoes on, and then slipped his gloves on, though a bit more carefully and stylishly than his shoes. He really was proud of the leathery feel they gave to everything he touched. Anyways, after Ringo picked up his handbag, he left the house, Alice and Sorciere and Golden Fox following closely behind. Golden Fox always enjoyed a nice walk in the evening--it felt good to walk instead of teleport once in a while. He admired the deep blue shade the sky was at this moment, or at least what he could see of the deep blue shade of the sky. All the neon lights and such distracted him from seeing it fully.

"Well, Alice, are you feeling better now?" Ringo asked the Umbreon, having just put his sunglasses on because of all the lights.
"Umbre. On." Alice nodded slightly as she trotted along down the street. A good day's sleep really did help with any type of non-serious pain. But still, Alice felt a little tingly from the electric shock she experienced last night. Oh well, at least it was nothing terribly harmful--it was hardly any different from a Pikachu's Thunderbolt attack. And the little massage she received from Ringo afterwards helped too, although it didn't feel as good as when Lupin held her on his lap and rubbed her back. There was just something about his hands that felt better than gloves.

Ringo was starting to feel hungry, because he had only eaten an apple since yesterday. Maybe one of the first things on his agenda was... breakfast? Supper? What do you call it when the first meal after waking up is in the evening? Anyways, Ringo and his three Pokemon walked by the hotel, and thought he could point out some familiar faces through the glass doors. But speaking of familiar faces, a woman spotted Ringo and started running towards him. It was probably one of the hotel clerks.
"Hey! Ringo!" the woman called out. She was the daytime receptionist at the hotel, one who was older and less cute than the nighttime receptionist. Ringo nearly jumped at this sound, thinking the woman caught him in some sort of trouble. He started to turn around and run the other way when he noticed that she was not a guard.
"Oh, what is it?" Ringo finally asked.
"My assistant and I have been waiting for you all night yesterday and all day today," the woman explained, still panting slightly. "We didn't see you in the hotel at all."
"I did enter the hotel for a while, but nobody was at the reception desk."
"Oh yeah, that's another thing," the woman added. "You do have a hotel room, you know--you could have slept here last night."
"...I do?" Ringo wondered. "I thought the letter said I didn't..."
"Well, I talked it over with Giovanni the other day, and he decided that it was my choice whether or not to give you a room. I didn't want you sleeping on the street, after all."
"Oh, that's all right..."
Ringo decided not to mention his grandfather's old house, because he was probably not supposed to be in it anyways. Meanwhile, the receptionist took a key out of her pocket and handed it to Ringo.
"You're in room number 3. But it's probably not a good idea to head there just yet. There will be battles going on very soon in Club Havoc, after all. But not to worry--you won't be battling tonight. Only the even-numbered trainers battle tonight."
"Oh, okay..." Ringo didn't really want to talk to the receptionist much longer, so he started walking in the direction of the club.

After a while, Ringo spotted Takuya walking towards the club. When he did, he turned to his Pokemon first (Alice was walking underneath Sorciere for shade purposes, as before).
"Hold on a minute, I have something I want to say to Takuya. (I think I have something to say to Takuya...) You three can head over to the club if you want--that way you won't have to be in all the bright lights."
With that, Sorciere and Alice immediately dashed towards the door of the club. Both of them opened each side of the door telekinetically, and rushed into the darkness.

Then Ringo approached Takuya, Golden Fox keeping a short distance away.
"Erm... good evening, Takuya," Ringo greeted. He really didn't know what to say. He had many thought about him flowing through his mind, but several of those thoughts could not be put into nice words. Nevertheless...
"...I apologise for glaring at you last night... it's just that for a second you reminded me of someone. Anyways, your Gengar battled quite well last night. He really does have a good trainer, after all. And as for what you did after the battle..."
Whoops, wrong words there at the end. Ringo fixed this up quickly...
"...Nice, really. Adds a bit of style."

Ringo didn't want to say much more to Takuya so as to not sound annoying, but could only guess how Takuya would respond. As the two approached the club, Ringo walked ahead of Takuya, and held the door open for him.

February 23rd, 2008, 12:36 PM
Aya finally reached her room, number seven. She pushed open the door, behind it was a huge room. The room had everything, a huge king-sized bed with fluffy white pillows and an equally as comfy looking duvet. A wardrobe, an on-suite bathroom, a small plasma screen TV mounted on the wall and a sofa to sit in whilst enjoying it. Granbull immediately pounced onto the bottom of the bed and curled up, he seemed almost too comfy and it would be a problem removing him from such comfort the next morning. The room rivaled that of the girl's own bedroom. Aya got changed into the pajamas that were located on top of a small dresser and delved into the bed herself falling, almost immediately, asleep.


Sunlight poured through the window. It was the warmth and light that awoke the sleeping beauty, not the PokéGear alarm that had been screeching for the past two hours. It was a few minutes before she could bring herself to leave the comfort of the king-size bed to turn off the alarm from the PokéGear in her bag. Still half asleep the girl plodded into the luxurious bathroom.

She was in and out of the shower in no time, psyched for the oncoming battles. She dried herself, dried and straightened her hair and then got herself dressed in a different pair of clothes -however identical to the ones of the day before- and set off down to the reception to inquire about battles, Granbull following solemnly, still extremely tired and groggy. The same small woman was at the reception. As Aya approached her the woman seemed to groan, obviously expecting the worse.

“Yes, madam?” she asked Aya sarcastically.

“I was just wondering. When will I be battling?” Aya asked.

The woman punched something into the computer and looked back at Aya.

“Tomorrow,” she snorted. “There's a few battles going on tonight, if you wanna watch then make your way to club Havoc.”

“Thank you,” Aya giggled at the women's utter loathing of her.

“Have a... nice day,” the woman spat, emphasis on the word 'nice'.

“I will!” Aya chirped sarcastically as she exited through the doors. It wasn't long before the girl and her Granbull reached the doors of the towering sky scraper. The whole city looked amazingly different in the day time and the streets were a lot emptier than the Grunt-infested rat hole of the previous night. “So, I guess I won't be battling today. I guess I can watch the strategy of some of the others,” Aya thought as she entered through the huge doors and took her place in the stands.

OOC: OMFG That's way shorter than it looked in OpenOffice! I mean, I knew it was short, and it was meant to be. But it looked longer than this. Ah well, there's not much I can do really atm, not to mention I have a lack of inspiration ;_;.

Sir Aaron1017
February 29th, 2008, 5:41 PM
"Hi! My name is Lexie, what is yours?" Lexie said to the girl sitting in the lobby.

"hello there!"the red-headed girl replied. "Lexie aye? my names Reina. Are you a trainer here? I don't seem to remember you battling last night..."

So her name is Reina. She seems nice. The reason you didn't see me last night is that I arrived a day before the rest of you. I fought two days ago with a few other people, although I dont think that they are part of the tournament. I stayed all of yesterday in most of the facilities here. If you have time, you need to check out the pool. It is so great.

After she finished saying her two-cents, Reina said, "sheesh i have to battle tonight....what about you? I'm quite nervous... even though Edge is ready to battle. Oh Edge is my favorite pokemon by the way... you'll be meeting him tonight! teehee!"

" I also have a battle tonight. I am staying in room 8, so if you ever want to talk after the battle, or just whenever, I will be there. If not, here is my cell number." She reached into her pocket, tore off a peice of her small scratch book, and wrote down the numbers. "You can reach me at any time, so dont be afraid to call."

Lexie was flipping through the rest of the pages of the little pad when she hear Reina say something. "welp... i think i need to go prepare for my match, it was nice meeting you! maybe you'll see me battle tonight?" After that, she walked away, and Lexie stared after her.

Well, I hope I get to battle her. She looks like I could beat her, but you can never be sure with some people. I will have to keep my eye on her... she thought.

She looked at the time, and decided that she could head over to the Havoc Lounge and just hang out until the battle. She checked her belt, making sure her pokeballs were there, and then headed towards the large doors.

When she passed the front desk, the woman sat up straight, and asked, "What can I do for you Miss Volari?" "Can you keep me informed on where Reina goes. I don't want any suprises from her."

She walked away before the woman could reply, and pushed though the front doors into the city, the neon lights hitting her in the face, but she didn't care, she was used to them...