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February 2nd, 2008, 8:26 AM
Mythine- Sacred of the Four Lands

Sacred is simply an anagram for Scared......

Once upon a Time, there was a place. Somewhere magical, somewhere horrific. The god Arceus awakened from his slumber. He roared, and his call resounded through space. The Three Lands were born.

Midgard, realm of the humans, was only a lowly speck in the overall scheme of the Universe. Above them lay Asgard, the realm of the gods, birthplace of Arceus, Mew and those they commanded, legendaries. Below resided Utgard, home of the demons, where Darkrai and its minions ruled. In the ancient times, these three levels had co-existed, a union of hate and love. Humans and Pokémon lived in harmony in Midgard, worshipping the gods of the heavens, fearing the lords of the Underworld. Pokémon existed in all three of the worlds, each developing in their own way, until those of all three eras were vastly different. Pokémon of Asgard such as Blissey, Chimecho were gentle, healing, as their love sung happiness through the Three Lands. Pokémon of Utgard-- Houndoom, Mismagius-- lusted with hatred, greed, rage. Their bodies were lean, scarred with constant battles, where only the strongest survived. They were a race to be feared. Pokémon of Midgard were those who retained most of their primalistic qualities, those of a need for survival, a fighting instinct, yet still with empathy, love, strong within their souls. Then it happened. Ragnarok.

The worlds were thrown into a state of chaos. Asgard, overrun by demons, was on the brink of destruction. Those gentle souls stood no chance against the Berserkers that claimed them. A frenzy of Death and Dark was all that would await the world, where Midgard stood next in line for the Guillotine. And when it was that evil triumphed, the world would end. Souls would be empty, bodies mechanical with the necessities of daily life, paralyzed by fear, yet others even praying for Death.

In desperation, the gods broke an ancient taboo. Sacrificing their very lives, they created black winged reapers that came to be known as Grim Angels. Pokémon borne anew, a whole new level against their lowly peers. Ordinary Pokémon of Midgard, in comparison to the Grim Angels, were the equivalent of bugs in the soil. Nothings. Being that only survived to be stepped on by their lords. Each Grim Angel was armed, deadly, and ready to kill. Each wielding a godly weapon known as a Diviner, the angels entered battle. Through their fierce resistance, the angels brought the war to an end. The demons were sealed away, but the gods would soon follow. The gods left their power and knowledge in the heavenly isle of Mythine, the Promised Land, entrusting it to the Pokémon of care until their return. The Fourth Land was borne. A land Pure. Yet, with the events impending, soon to be no More.

1000 years have passed since the god’s demise, and those beings of the past have been decreased to nothing but legends for the children to rejoice. Ho-Oh, protector of the Tin Tower, shrine of the gods, was the Chinese Fenghuang (凤凰) and Greek Phoenix, symbol of the feminine grace. Lugia, Lord of those Above and Below, had been reduced to the Greek Halcyon. Rayquaza, the one who kept peace within Midgard, was now known as the Chinese ShenLong (神龙). Orca, Behemoth, Ra soon followed, twisted dedications to Kyogre, Groudon, Mew. Though still worshipped by humanity, in the eyes of men, they were nothing by stories, imaginary creatures. They were dead. The Legend of Mythine and those who lived in it was lost, though the envision of it would never fade. It became something more of a wish. The Garden Of Eden, it was called. Paradise. A place where men and pokemon alike could never reach. There were some Pokémon residing in Asgard and Utgard who had migrated to Midgard, for the loss of their lords were too hard a blow to bear, yet a majority remained in their birthplace. Those of Asgard eternally standing in vigilance, those of Utgard eternally plotting.

Technology had twisted the scrolls of Time, and with the invention of the Pokéball, Pokémon fell under the rule of humans. Unity had become a thing of the past, and with the birth of new evil such as Team Rocket, which tyrannized the Pokémon race, the world was unbalanced. Even innocent trainers, with only ten summers behind them, were deemed capable of using Pokémon, slaves, as beings created purely for battle. It was tragic. The gods had not created Midgard to be tortured in this manner.

Signs of the demon’s return have brought fear to this land. It appeared in all stories of humanity, call it the Apocalypse, Armageddon, it was there. Deep within their hearts, though unknowing of the Battle in the past, though unknowing of the existence of Utgard and Asgard, every human knew. Knew that there would be a day where evil would come. The day when Utgard would finally make its move, after ten centuries, the day has come. In Asgard, it was outright panic. Without the gods, none of the remaining Three Lands can withstand another war.

And so, the Pokémon of Asgard, proxies of the gods, made a decision. They will actuate the Retribution, unleashing the power within Mythine. The place where the gods had sealed their knowledge would finally have to yield, to save Midgard, to save Asgard. The Pokémon of Asgard selected the most powerful agents to carry out their plan, black winged angels of death wielding Diviners: the Grim Angels. But first, they would have to penetrate Mythine itself, a place untouched for centuries, untainted. Its defenses are godly, and its atmosphere in itself unpredictable. The land was designed by the gods- Now Asgard will have to defeat the gods to get their lost secret. The power to save Asgard. And with the unleashing of this power, would come destruction. Demise. Mythine would be no more. The Grim Angels were on a mission to destroy Mythine, to destroy all that resided in it, to wipe out every wisp of life there. Sacrifice. For Asgard to survive, Mythine must die. A cruel trade indeed.

Born anew for the first time in 1000 years, the angels will have to descend, to the sacred soil of Mythine. Yet first would await a perilous journey through Midgard. Many would hinder their path. The Pokémon Demons of Utgard, the Pokémon Trainers of Midgard, and the Warriors of Mythine. All to save one dying land, Asgard. There was nothing to do but fight, and for the second time since the time of Lord Arceus, would the four lands meet. Meet in battle. Death awaits with open arms.


Grim Angels
They are Pokémon, yet vastly superior. Defined by black wings, regardless of their original Pokémon species, these Grim Angels were created solely for battle. Individually, each holds within their souls strength and will almost comparable to those of the gods. Equipped, these Grim Angels are the essence of Power. They wield heavenly Diviners, crafted by the Gods themselves before their demise. For each Grim Angel, a sacrifice is required to obtain their Diviner. An Angel of the past sacrificed a physical part of his body- his wings. There was another who chose to lose his emotions, to prevent remorse at causing death, to enhance his strength in battle, unhindered by morality. One lost her future as the utmost sign of dedication to the gods. They must lose a part of themselves, yet it is only then can they have a bond to their weapon.

Those that reside in Midgard. Pokémon Trainers. They are unaware of this calamitic battle, yet they are able to feel unrest deep within their hearts. The appearance of Grim Angels has brought unrest into the world, with their arrival stirring rebellion in the hearts of Midgard Pokémon. Some, enlightened, attempted to break free of the chains of their masters, the humans. Others sought to follow these lords, whom in their eyes, were leaders, superior to them, one that would free them from slavery. Pokémon Trainers have trouble controlling the previously obedient creatures, and most are at a lost on what to do. Only those bonded by true friendship stick together. Other trainers, more of bounty hunters, seek to capture these super-powered Grim Angels, to make them their own, oblivious to their role, their importance, in literally saving the world from destruction. Others seek to join the Grim Angels in their lofty quest. Would it be these young ones to aid the battle as it were to come?

Defenders of Mythine
Literally nothing is known about them, except those who tremble in fear of their power. With gifts from the gods themselves, they are a tiny group of elites, trained to defeat the masses should outside forces decide to attack.

Sign Up Form

Species: (Human Pokémon Trainer or Grim Angel. Signups for Defenders of Mythine will be open after the RP has progressed sufficiently, or these poor RPers will be sitting around with nothing to do except strengthen defenses over and over again. By the way, Mythine Defenders can be anything. Humans, Pokémon etc. They can even be legendary beasts or plants if you have the imagination, yet you guys must run it through with me first.)
Age: (Only compulsory for humans. Grim Angels are newly created, with no memories of their past)
Appearance: (I don’t mind pictures if you’re a Pokémon trainer. They rock. But if you’re a Grim Angel, you’ll be hard pressed to find a decent picture of one)
Weapon: (Name of Diviner, specialty of the Diviner. Only applicable for Grim Angels. Alternatively, if you want your human to wield a minor weapon, use this section)
Pokémon: (Applicable to Pokémon Trainers only. Maximum of six. Personalities, Appearances etc -in other words a minor profile- of the Pokémon are not required, but it would be nice if you did add them. :3 I don’t mind new Pokémon trainers or trainer gods, but there’s a difference between the latter and god-modding, mind you.)
RP Sample: (Optional. Give it if you want, but your profile speaks for itself, actually)


~This is an adaptation of Riviera: The Promised Land. I’ll be delighted if you have some basic knowledge of Nordic Mythology or the game itself, but if you don’t, join all the same. I’ve explained most of the major points in the plotline, so it won’t be too hard to catch on.

~Standard RPing Rules.

~Yes, I’m aware that I’m a newbie with no posts and intro thread whatsoever, but honestly, who reads intro threads? Please sign up, I hope this RP will be successful. : D

~I don’t wanna talk about Godmodding, bunnying and etc. If you’re a good RPer you’ll know anyway.

~Please give me the respect of a decently long profile.

~Please give me the respect of a decently long IC post.

~I thank AstralFire for his nice guide to Legendary Pokemon.

Notes: I might be fairly inactive until March 8th (Exams, exams), but I'm posting this so we can get some signups first. Forgive me if this starts a little late, I've been busy recently.

Please Sign Up, I spent good time on this RP and I hope it’ll be a success. : D

February 6th, 2008, 5:27 PM
Name: W. Cyro Smith
Species: Human Pokemon Trainer
Age: 21
Gender: M

Weapon: ?
Pokemon: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb419.pngOttovan:
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpmfb/dpmfb321.png Gondou
Personality: When somebody will approach Cyro(asking for questions for example.) he will almost never answer. In fact he rarely interacts with all sorts of people. He's intelligent and quickly decides what attacks his pokemon will use. He is also adventurous and likes to go to wild places like Mt. Coronet and the like. He is curious about oddities and usually investigate and experiment them. He is very coldhearted in pokemon battles and opponents find him very diificult to battle. Although he's like this, he is quiet humble and never gloats like most people do. He thinks nothing but himself his pokemon, and his studies. But it changed because of the letter sent by Giovanni, devoting himself to defeat this "Team Havoc" no matter what the cost.

History: Born in Snowpoint City, he is very well known for his knowledge about pokemons. At first he disliked poemons, but as he was studying near a steam he saw a hurt Absol. He had no other choice but to help him. That provoked him to help all pokemons, by becoming a trainer himself and a scientist.

He enrolled in an unknown University with high marks. After 2 years of studying, he decides to become a trainer and a researcher. After 6 years of being a trainer, he enrolled again in a academy in which he had finished his course. He became a powerful trainer known for his signature moves. Currently studying Astronomy in the a observatory, he continually searching for a comet. He usually wake up in the dawn, and devote himself finding his dream comet.

Other: He likes Ice Cream and no other.

RP sample: To make the long story short, Turquoise got beaten up by that Shuppet, due to the lack of concentration. This makes W. agitated and to make matters worse, that Shuppet chased them around the Forest, firing Night shade after another. It must've take the liking of chasing them, which continued for some time. W. finally found a place to hide, under a damp cave in the edge of the forest.

Peering through it's edge, he saw that mad Shuppet still looking for him. He waited until that Shuppet is out of sight. He came out of the cave exhausted. The take a swig from his canteen and sighed. "That Shuppet's really mad, is'nt it?" he said to Turquoise, who is still badgering about their last battle. "Don't worry! You'll get the hang of it, I promise." he said, wiping his optical aid.

"We need to train on how to battle with ghost types, which is a nuisance..." he added.
He assembled his telescope and looked around. He saw some bunch of people in the northern edge of the Forest. He recognized them, they were his fellow trainers. He wiped again his optical aid. "Hmmmm.... we should follow them." he said.

"But keep an eye out for Shuppet, it may be sneaking around..." he advised Turquoise.

I hope this is enough...(I will edit this post later)

February 7th, 2008, 4:01 AM
I would like a reserved Grim Angel spot. My name will be Odin. My computer messes up my posts, so I am typing this at school.

February 7th, 2008, 6:15 AM
Quasar99 is denied, for the main reason that he didn't have the decency to edit a recycled profile. The personality is vague, and frankly the mention of 'Team Havoc' is so telling. History is also vague and has no relevance to the plot whatsoever. Grammar and spelling mistakes are also too common to be forgiven. Sorry. Still you can edit it. Make Personality more in-depth (If there's one thing I hate, it's vagueness), and I want the history relevant to the plot, to show that you even bothered to read it.

Brad, sure. :D I'm typing out my own profile right now, so you guys can see what are my minimum standards.

February 8th, 2008, 12:20 PM
Name: Odin
Species: Grim Angel. Yeah- I’ll be Charizard, but Fire/Dragon, instead of Fire/Flying.
Age: Obviously Non applicable
Gender: The Washington Monument, not the Pentagon
Appearance: Odin is white in appearance, and large. Due to being a grim angel, he has 12 black wings on his back. His fire, on his long, diamond spiked tail, is golden, and is much larger than normal. He is longer than most Charizards, and has a more Oriental appearance, considering he is a dragon. His muscular, diamond armor covered arms end in hands with five ruby claws- four in front, one in back. His arms are also adorned with diamond blades. His shoulders, neck and upper back are covered in sapphire armor. His torso is covered in emerald-inlaid gold, and his legs have more of the same golden armor. His eyes are white as well, but they see fine. Odin looks demented most of the time, especially when wielding his Diviner. Another note- he has hexagram halos, black in color, 7 per horn, around his two horns.
Weapon: This guy (called Odin) wields an especially deadly Diviner. Due to the fact that he gave up most of his emotions, and his sense of mercy, fate made him an angel of death. He wields a sword. Long, black and gold in color, in medieval European style. However, it can be a lot of other functions. For example, a chain inside it makes it a whip sword, when Odin wants. Another function makes the blade a ring, throwable for long distances. Another makes it a gun- turning the blade into a barrel. Its special power is opening other dimensions that Odin creates (No access into Mythine). This makes one touch of the sword especially deadly- the dimension is usually horrible. This Diviner is called… Ragnarok.
Pokémon: Nada!!!
Personality: Considering Odin has almost no emotions, his personality is cold, calm, and isolated. He has always been a loner, and does not like socialization. His few shreds of emotion are sinful- he is lustful, and has quite a bit of wrath. He is passionate for his duty, and job- especially for murder/killing. He was made a killing machine, and experiences no remorse, compassion, mercy or guilt over his violent work. He usually represses his lust, but not his anger or passion when it bursts out. This does not usually happen- Odin is often calm even in the most stressful of situations.
History: He was the first Grim Angel to ever be created. In the war, he attacked Utgard, and destroyed many of his enemies. However, he went into a deep sleep after facing Fenrir. He was a decorated warrior, and was powerful during the war. Now, however, he has no memories of that time. He already traded away all of his new emotions- to once again bond with his mighty sword.
Other: Nada
RP Sample: (Optional. Give it if you want, but your profile speaks for itself, actually)

February 8th, 2008, 8:24 PM
Name: Eve Darkstar (Not her actual last name, but...)
Species: Pokemon Trainer
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Appearance: Eve is exactly five feet tall, and looks quite a bit younger than she actually is. She looks much like a twelve-year-old girl who has been stranded and has barely been able to survive on the streets for some time. But what does that say about her appearance? Well, it refers to her thin figure, the adorable appearance of her deep blue eyes, and a few freckles on her cheeks help as well. Aside from that, Eve also has black hair that falls down to about her shoulders, and is relatively straight, rather feathery in texture, and frizzes easily.

As for outfit, Eve wears a long-sleeved shirt with black and blue stripes, with a black bow at the neck. Then there's a long black skirt with a bit of purple at the bottom, black boots with inch-high heels, and black beaded bracelets around both wrists, which have black hearts on them. She also carries a shoulder bag made of black and red vinyl, with a picture of a Skitty on front.

Weapon: Eve always carries a knife in her bag, for use in self-defense as well as, erm... other purposes...

Personality: Eve is a frail and saturnine young girl, with a sort of emo/goth-ish outlook on life. She has a hard time taking things seriously, which often dampens her fear of most things. However, once she realises how awful the situation really is (this can sometimes take a long time), she might start to panic and pull away at last. When around other people, her attitude turns rather apathetic, not to mention that she can easily watch someone get killed, say, without having the desire to rush to the victim's assistance. If someone close to her is in trouble, she'll either freeze up and not do anything (in her Pokemon's case especially), or vanish away (in a person's case, especially). But of course the latter is very common with strangers, and besides, she doesn't really feel close to any particular person yet.

Eve is the sort of person who likes to be in groups. She's okay with being alone, but somehow she feels more secure and confident when around people (or Pokemon) who don't worry about her or treat her like a queen. Yes, even the latter is true--somehow she's very uneasy about being the one in charge, and consequentially sees herself as a sort of subordinate in a group. She has a fairly low image of herself in general, and if she's angry or frustrated, she'll usually take it out on herself, in the form of self-blame ("I'm so stupid!") or self-harm (this is where her knife comes in). But other than that, she's open-minded and can easily adapt to fellow group members' ideals or characteristics.

History: Eve's life in Midgard would seem a safe and pleasant one--being born to sympathetic and loving parents who set time aside to care for her, good relations to Pokemon her parents owned, lots of toys to play with (dolls and Pokemon plushies were her favourites), and even a promised inheritance of her parents' Pokemon gym when she became a trainer. Her parents were not extremely rich, but Eve felt happier than a rich girl probably would have.

...It really would have helped if Eve had kept her mouth shut while with other children in her neighbourhood. She often mentioned being a gym leader someday, having a good collection of Pokemon plushies, and liking to cook. Most other children saw this as a rather odd combination, and thought her a rather bossy and arrogant "friend" to be with. Well, she was very energetic as a child, and just wanted to play, but... Still, having few friends didn't bother Eve too much, as she still was able to play with her parents' Pokemon, still able to watch her favourite TV shows, and still treated well by her parents. This kind of life continued partway into the school she ended up attending as well.

But when Eve became a teenager, things started to change, in school especially. The secondary school she was transferred to was a particularly hostile one, enhanced by the increasing amount of fatalism in the society. Signs that doom would come very soon erupted everywhere, and in school, students broke the rules, formed cliques or gangs, anything radical before the end came. And the majority of the cliques consisted mostly of goths and emos who could easily deal with doom and chaos yet to come. Anyway, by that time, Eve had taken on a tendency to want to be in groups, and for some reason or another (her own realisation of doom?) she was drawn more to the gangs and the gothic groups in school. However, most of these groups rejected ehr because she looked like a little girl, had "too good a life" to join them, or "just wasn't their type". Ever since then she strived to be like them, most notably adding in her own acts of vandalism in school (especially painting skulls and 666's on walls and such), which only led to being punished by teachers, and her parents finding out.

The second Eve heard that her parents would find out about the trouble she got into, she took the drastic way out by running away. She did not want to face her parents if she would be viewed as anything less than the perfect daughter. Ah well, she figured she could "live on the streets" for a while, venture out into the world, etc. etc. etc... And that's exactly what she did--or tried to do. It wasn't too long before the police found her and held her in the overcrowded jail (full of countless other fatalists who did radical things out of knowledge of upcoming doom) until her parents came to get her. Upon mention of the word "parents", Eve panicked, and kept wishing she could find some way to escape before they came...

Eve's wish came true one night when a Skitty came to rescue her. This Skitty belonged to her father, but had had a good relationship with Eve as well and thus tried to find her. (Besides, the Skitty had become "enlightened" by the Grim Angels, and decided to escape the slave-like confinement of a Pokeball.) But this didn't mean that "Tom-Tom" hated humans--Eve was his friend, even if she was human, and he knew she would never treat anyone as a slave. Anyways, after Tom-Tom helped Eve escape, the two traveled together, away from civilisation, and they protected each other from the evils that might be present in the world. Tom-Tom even tried to find Pokemon friends to accompany them, so after a while Eve was traveling around with five Pokemon she felt eternally thankful for, and kept a submissive attitude towards them.

Then came Grimley. Ah yes, Grimley... Grimley was a Grim Angel that was created out of an attempt to mock Blissey's happiness-loving attitude. The maniac, sinister, purple, black-winged Blissey soon found Eve and the Pokemon and laughed at the sight of them. Especially when one of the Pokemon told her that "Eve was their slave". Grimley thought this was hilarious, and decided to join the six-some on their travels and struggle for survival.

Currently Grimley is trying to coax Eve and the others into destroying Mythine. Hmm, this shouldn't be too hard...

Other: Eve doesn't keep her Pokemon in Pokeballs--rather, she just travels around with them. She actually feels rather subordinate compared to them.


Species: Skitty
Gender: Male
Appearance: The bottom part of his fur looks more white than yellow, but that's about it.
Description: Tom-Tom is a loving, caring, trustworthy Pokemon who never abandons his friends. He always is there to help those in need, and often tries to help people out without being asked to. This occasionally caused a bit of embarrassment among the others, as he might start patting people on the head with his tail for no reason. Uggh, there are so many reasons to want to chop off his tail... Not to mention that he really is a lover boy, and when he sees a female Pokemon he likes, his favourite thing to do is sit on his bottom with his tail held up in between his hind legs.

Species: Medicham
Gender: Female
Appearance: Her head and legs are more of a bright pink in colour. She also looks a little bulkier than most Medicham.
Description: Unlike Eve and most Medicham, Petaya loves to eat. She especially loves berries, the rare and hard-to-find Petaya being her favourite. (If she can't find one, she'll name herself after one.) She also likes to fight--while she's battling another Pokemon, she takes great pride in her own personal battle style. She uses a lot of karate and dance moves, and also likes to levitate herself. She really is energetic (maybe it's the sugar from all those berries), and will help out in any task that requires lots of physical activity, or telekinesis.

Species: Raichu
Gender: Male
Appearance: Blindey is a tad thinner than the average Raichu, and wears an eye patch over his right eye. He also wears an earring on his left ear--one with a diamond on it, and has a jagged scar just underneath his right eye.
Description: Blindey loves to dress up and accesorise himself--one of his favourite pastimes is stealing a piece of jewelry or an article of clothing from a person, trying it on for a short while, then throwing it in the trash if he doesn't want it. Although recently, he's been known to give some of his loot to Eve for safekeeping. He really loves to explore, to do things that might get him into trouble (he tried driving a car once), and especially to steal things from people. If he gets caught with this, he'll zap the person with a Thunderbolt, drop the item, and run away. One particular encounter led him to try and steal an expensive-looking watch from a person who happened to be a Pokemon trainer. Upon Blindey taking the watch off, the young man sent out his Houndoom, who tried to bite Blindey on the cheek--yet instead managed to stab one of its fangs into Blindey's right eye and make a deep wound further down his face. Blindey's eye never recovered, and the purplish scar remained next to his cheek. Fortunately, his right cheek can still produce electricity, and to compensate his partial blindness, his hearing got slightly better.

Species: Shiny Flygon
Gender: Female
Appearance: Despite being shiny, Gem's eyes are more of a golden colour, and the fan-thingy on her tail is pink with a red border. This colourful Flygon is slightly smaller than average, although she has no problem carrying the lightweight Eve on her back.
Description: Gem used to belong to a trainer, or should I say a Pokemon breeder. This breeder specialised in ground Pokemon, and was quite surprised when one of the Trapinch he hatched turned out to be shiny. Because of this, the breeder respected her a lot more than the other Pokemon, but the other Pokemon teased her as a Trapinch for being such an ugly green in colour. This continued for a few years until a Grim Angel showed up in the area. The Grim Angel came into contact with Gem and made a deal with her: if she left this "pathetic excuse for a Pokemon trainer", the Grim Angel would make her evolve to the much prettier Vibrava. The appearance-fussy shiny Trapinch accepted the deal, evolved, and ran/flew away from the breeder for good. However, upon leaving, she was bombarded by trainers who wanted to capture her--a shiny Vibrava is very rare. One such trainer captured her, and fed her enough Rare Candies to make her evolve to Flygon. But despite this, Gem never felt too attracted to the trainer, and felt rather like a prisoner inside her Pokeball. However, one day, a partially blind Raichu stole her from her trainer while she was still in a Pokeball, released her, and destroyed the Pokeball afterwards. Ever since then, this timid Flygon sought to avoid trainers and Pokeballs altogether. She also does not like to be alone, as company equals protection. Besides, if she hangs around Eve, trainers might think she already has a trainer...

Species: Seel
Gender: Female
Appearance: Puppy is named Puppy because she's a baby Seel. So she's only a foot and a half long, and weighs only thirty pounds.
Description: Eve found her as an egg one day on the slopes of a mountain near a river, and was puzzled when the egg hatched into a Seel. But anyways, as is the nature of a hatched Pokemon, Puppy thinks of Eve as her mother, and when she wants something, she whines like a puppy. She really does act like a puppy with flippers for the most part--not to mention she likes to lick Eve on the face whenever she gets the chance, and she also likes to be cuddled. This could prove a problem when she grows and/or evolves... ("Ouch, get this thing off of me before it breaks my legs!") But Puppy really is a sweet little Seel, and would definitely be the last one to abandon Eve (although Tom-Tom comes close).

Species: Grim Angel, based off of Blissey. She's Normal/Dark-type.
Gender: Female
Appearance: Grimley looks like a Blissey who is more capsule-shaped than egg-shaped. She's purple in colour instead of pink, except her "hair" and pouch are black. In the pouch is a purple orb instead of an egg, and on her back are black bat wings. Also, in place of her white "feathers" on her arms and body, she has black spikes. She also has little fangs as well.
Diviner: The purple orb in Grimley's pouch is actually the end of an extendable staff. This staff (which has a black spiked handle) is a magical weapon and allows Grimley to employ dark energy, and use some Dark attacks, like Dark Void and Dark Pulse.
Personality: Grimley takes on a rather maniacal and sadistic personality--there was room for one when this Grim Angel was created. It's easy to make her laugh--one of the easiest thing that makes her laugh is when someone gets hurt or made fun of. She often makes fun of people/Pokemon herself, although she spends a lot of time making fun of Pokemon trainers. Perhaps this laughing characteristic is a remnant of Blissey's happy nature. Anyways, Grimley also gets excited at the sight of blood, not to mention that she loves to drink it as well. (Whoohoo, a flying, bloodsucking, black-mage Blissey!) Other than that, Grimley is quite hyper, and she likes to blow kisses to random people/things. (Not to mention she also can use Lovely Kiss but not Sweet Kiss.)
History: In order to get her Diviner, Grimley gave up her healing powers and her kind and loving nature. So her egg disappeared, and she became unable to use the following attacks: Softboiled, Egg Bomb, Healing Wish, Return, Heal Bell, Aromatherapy, Helping Hand, Charm, and Sweet Kiss. And Present can't heal the target.

For the rest, look at the last part of Eve's history.

February 9th, 2008, 12:52 PM
Argh, Guild Wars is sucking up my free time. I might as well try this anyways. I haven't really RPed in a while except for that Crimson Moon RP and Twilight Emblaze, so I might be a bit rusty.

Gender: The Washington Monument, not the Pentagon

Heh, I was tired so I didn't get that for a moment. Hopefully someone else gets it.

Name: Haruka Masato
Species: Grim Angel (specifically a Lucario retaining it's Fighting/Steel dual type combination).
Age: Unknown, due to the fact Grim Angels currently have no knowledge of their past.
Gender: Female

Appearance: Haruka has the same features as most Lucario, except that the spikes are colored black and the blue fur/skin is more of a darker shade. There are two black angel wings which most Grim Angels adorn. There is a sheath for the Diviner on her side, which some trainers just assume she was taught to use by a previous one. Also, Haruka is just an inch or two smaller than other Lucario.

Weapon: The Diviner that Haruka has is called "Jiten Bureido," meaning "Spin Blade," or "Rotation Blade." The Diviner is a blue jagged sword chipped and worn away at certain parts. However, it can be used into a full-fledged katana that is chained together in the inside and actually consists of five different blades. When energy is channeled into said blades, they will rotate at different speeds, though with the same lethality intended. If the energy concentrated into the chain is shattered or disrupted, the blade will instead turn into a weaker whip form.

Pokémon: As a Grim Angel, Haruka stays away from the life of a trainer. As thus, she does not use Pokeballs or has any Pokemon.

Personality: Haruka forfeit part of her soul, so fragments of her emotions are gone. As such, she often is found confused understanding emotional concepts such as sorrow. Even so, she doesn't embarrass herself by asking such in public, even though the majority of Grim Angels sacrificed their emotions as well. More so, these concepts she doesn't want to experience with others. One is love, as Haruka doesn't want to experience that to any degree yet as a Grim Angel (even with other Grim Angels).

Any sense of mercy is gone (too a degree). She will only accept if she is bribed with anything that will help her achieve her goal. As a Lucario, Haruka often will fight vigorously until either she or the opponent submits and accepts defeat. The small amount of psychic powers not amplified by emotions remaining will enable her to block out any thoughts and go into a calm state isolating anything else except her enemies and allies.

Haruka prefers to stay in groups to prevent unneeded casualties. Those that DO use this to manipulate her will often find themselves bleeding. She isn't afraid to manipulate others in order to destroy Mythine. This often is used by the few concepts she knows Pokemon and humans will submit to in order to gain. However Haruka will not manipulate those she trusts and knows has the same goals as her.

History: As a Grim Angel, Haruka's life was mostly filled with fighting. She is one of the newly born Grim Angels, and spent her time training until a time such as this would come. Lucarios are natural born fighters, and it was no exception with Haruka. Any foreign act of combat she simply viewed and absorbed it into her brain, making her a deadly foe (expecially in close quarters combat).

When the time came to gain a Diviner, Haruka decided to keep her wings and instead sacrifice part of her soul. This included some emotions and most of her psychic powers. Some Grim Angels who sacrificed something else mocked her, though she simply ignored them. They learned that it wouldn't work, so they left her alone.

The second Haruka heard about this new plan to destroy Mythine, she planned to set foot on Midgard and destroy Mythine. Grim Angels started to work forward this goal of eliminating Mythine, though she took her time. Eventually, Haruka set foot on Midgard and was instantly labeled an oddity by Team Rocket, which she considered all the more reason to destroy Midgard and Mythine. Now she focuses on parting flesh and blood with her Diviner Jiten Bureido.

February 9th, 2008, 7:02 PM
Gender: The Washington Monument, not the Pentagon

Doesn't the Washington Monument remind you of a certain body part unique to males? I'm not sure how much sense the Pentagon makes, but...

I know that was irrelevant, but I had to say it. ^_^'

Minos Yewman
February 13th, 2008, 10:39 AM
Can I reserve a spot as a Mythine defender? I want to be Mewtwo (If I'm allowed) or Tyranitar (If not).