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February 22nd, 2008, 1:35 PM
"Still don't believe my story?" The girl, her back to the boy, said in an exhausted manner as she reached for a Pokeball on her forehead. The boy behind her, his back to hers, let out a heavy sigh of disbelief as he reached for a Pokeball of his own from within a pocket on his vest. Even Soren, a boy who studied the mythology behind the Pokemon world, didn't initially believe the girl's bizarre revalation. He had found her starving in one of Sunyshore's alleyways just the day before, and ever since she had been spouting that she had previously been captured by Galactic and merged with a Glaceon. Using common sense, Soren dismissed the idea of her claims being the truth. After all, Galactic hadn't been active in nearly two years, and the thought of being merged with a Pokemon was just ridiculous. Well, it was ridiculous until she had shown him the ears and tail which were quite obviously attached to her body. Even then, Soren still dismissed that she had been captured by Galactic. It was probably just some birth defect she had or something... "Are you listening to me? This isn't exactly the place to be spacing out..."

"Oh, er... right." He fumbled with the Pokeball in his grasp before throwing it up into the air, a Fearow appearing from the ball before the empty container fell back into his hand. The sound of a Pokeball opening behind him was heard as well, the obvious baa-ing of a Flaaffy sounding afterwards. This was a real pickle. The had only just exited Sunyshore's Pokemon Center when they had been surrounded by five black cloaked men, all bearing the Team Galactic ensignia. They were far too outnumbered to confront them directly, so a new strategy was needed. "I guess you were telling the truth after all..." He took hold of Flys' right hand suddenly with his left, and raised his right hand into the air. The Fearow dove down and grabbed onto the hand, lefting the two into the air as the girl ordered a Thunder Wave from the sheep Pokemon before recalling it to it's Pokeball. While Fearow couldn't carry them too far away, they managed to land in a wheelbarrow of hay of all things on the other side of one of the buildings.

Soren recalled his Pokemon and began to run, Flys in tow? Just what had he gotten himself into? People eyed the two cautiously as they ran down the street. Something was wrong. Were they not being chased? Surely Team Galactic wouldn't give up that easily. One sharp corner turn, and then another, until suddenly bumped in to an Electivire. It appeared to be friendly at first, but suddenly Thunder Waved the two escapees, leaving them paralyzed on the ground as the Galactic men drew near. "You have something we want, boy. Now hand her over and maybe we won't take you in as a test subject as well."

The paralyzed boy could only manage two words in response. "SCREW OFF!"

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February 22nd, 2008, 4:10 PM
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A tall, young man sat by a fountain. His sleek, black hair blew in the cool wind while the bright, warm sun beat down onto his arms. He held a picture of an elderly woman. It was worn down and faded, as if the young man had pulled it out and stared every day. An illegible date was written on it.

Ryo Sato's stomach gave a loud gurgle. He hadn't eaten anything since the nutrition bar earlier this morning. He checked his watch. Noon. He stood up and stretched. "A quick run by the sandwich shop and I'll head on home," said Ryo to himself. He still got lost in Goldrenrod from time to time and didn't want to push his luck. If it got too dark, he wouldn't see the familiar surroundings that helped guide him home.

A sign post with a graffitied 'X' on it told him to take a left. A garden gnome missing an arm sent him forward. Then finally, a computer shop where the latest trendy games came out told him to make another left. His apartment was quaint in a small district. Children ran about and lay on the sidewalks playing card games from some new manga that came out.

About a week earlier, Ryo had bought a pack of cards for a young boy whose friends had badgered him for having none. The sopping face of the boy had brightened when he had opened the pack and found the rarest card available in it. He had hugged Ryo, then ran to show his friends, who all had glowered at Ryo for buying the boy the cards.

Ryo walked straight into a man waiting in line at the sandwich shop. His mind wrapped in thoughts of his mother and the young boy. "S-Sorry," he said, looking at the man. The man simply shook his head, then turned away. The news played a video clip of the recent Pokémon tournament. Ryo watched as a young woman's Ninetails was brutally defeated by an older man's Blastoise.

It was nearly his turn. He took a step forward and pulled out his money. "Just enough," he said to himself. Money was tight. The last paycheck he had received had been given to him four months ago. His boss had put off paying him, but promised that next week would be a massive pay day.

Now it was Ryo's turn to order. "A bacon-turkey wrap, please." He watched his sandwich being made. It looked better than normal. He handed the cashier the 5 bills and grabbed his bag. He picked out some chips and a drink before departing. Stepping out of the shop, he looked up and found the graffitied 'X'.

Taking his left, he walked on. It was a quiet day. Not enough action around these parts. He waved at a little girl playing with the gnome that led him home. She waved back, then ran inside without a look back. Finally reaching the computer shop, he found it still as crowded as yesterday. A new expansion pack for some online game had just came out today and the nerds had flocked.

He was finally home. Climbing the steps, he placed the key in the door and turned. It clicked unlocked and granted him access inside. He walked inside and threw his shoes off by the door. Sitting down in the kitchen, he took off his belt which held his Pokémon and set it down on the table. Unwrapping the sandwich, he stared at it, then lifted it and bit in.

February 22nd, 2008, 8:32 PM
Candy and Andy had left the city of Jubilife a few days ago, for a tour with their music. Hold on--weren't these tours usually reserved for more popular musical groups? Well, Candy and Andy had gone on this tour in the hopes of gaining more popularity, so it was their very first tour. Anyways, Carmen and Diego were at this moment floating in a Drifloon-shaped blimp over Mt. Coronet. It was about ten o'clock in the morning--about an hour since their departure from Eterna City, where they had performed last. Eterna City was their third performance night in a row--first they had performed in Jubilife City, then Pastoria City, then Eterna City. And now they were headed to Sunnyshore City for their fourth performance, after which they would take a week-long vacation before heading for Hoenn. After perming for a few days in various cities in Hoenn, then they would tour in Kanto, then Johto... and then a nice little cruise back to Sinnoh (the last bit was the courtesy of a particular cruise that was free to startup entertainers). Candy and Andy had waited a long time for a chance to do this tour, and finally the financial and seasonal opportunity arose. After all, with little help from publishers and recording companies who sponsored some of the more popular groups, they had to pay for nearly all of the expenses that came with this tour themselves. (With the exception of the cruise at the end, provided they did a good job in their performances.)

Anyways, at this point, Candy and Andy were sitting in seats next to each other, occasionally glancing out the window. (Candy caught a glimpse of the Spear Pillar at the summit of Mt. Coronet.) Filbert, Candy's Pachirisu, was sitting on top of Utama's head, nearly giving the Wigglytuff a headache. Filbert occasionally hopped down from this position to run in circles around Utama, or to rub his face against Utama's soft, warm belly. Polly, Andy's Chatot, was perched on another chair nearby, giggling to herself at what Filbert was doing. That silly little squirrel! Harry, Andy's Kadabra, was sitting in a chair next to Andy, occasionally glancing at the pilot. Tuxedo, Andy's Empoleon, had his face pressed against a window on the other side of the blimp, his beak occasionally making a tapping noise against the glass. And Aurora, Candy's Vaporeon, was curled up in a dark corner, not looking too happy. Well, she very rarely felt happy nowadays--ever since that painstaking removal of the extra power and waxy coat she bore while in Team Rocket, her self-esteem level had dropped dramatically. She sat there, daydreaming about a moment when a handsome-looking Espeon walked up to her and complimented her on the soft glossiness of her fur. But then the intimate moment was interrupted when Andy pulled Aurora away by the tail, before the Espeon could get a chance to touch her. She liked it when she was more powerful back then, not to mention a but more beautiful as well. She could very well be thinking about suicide instead of this pathetic memory.

Meanwhile, Candy and Andy were talking excitedly (or at least Candy was) to each other, about the tour in general and the wonderful nights they had had for the past three days.
"Wow, the crowd last night was awesome!" Candy exclaimed. "Who knew Eterna City had such energy? We really felt that hype during that moment in 'Ride into the Night'!"
"Well of course--that is one of our best songs after all," Andy commented. He didn't speak with as much excitement, but still felt quite content. Yet at the same time, he was beginning to get a little worn out after performing three nights in a row.
"That IS our best song! You only like 'The Pink Kitten' because you wrote it."
"But you were the one who inspired that song, you little pink kitten you."
"Aww... Meeow!"
"Yes I love you, I want to have you, my sweet pink kitten..." Andy sang softly.
"I saw a kitten, a cute pink kitten, my heart was smitten... Hey, I wrote that line! But I STILL say 'Ride into the Night' is our best song."
"Our best songs are inspired by our friends, I suppose. I mean, that one's about Lupin and his friends, right?"
"Well, they inspired it! And that's one I wrote!"
"Yes, yes, I know..." Andy was starting to get impatient.

About two hours later, give or take a few minutes, Candy and Andy left the blimp, which parked in a private lot behind the Pokemon Centre, all Pokemon in their Pokeballs. After a while, Andy spotted a sign...
"Hey, we're not supposed to be parked here... This is a tow-away, or should I say blow-away zone."
"Oh, thank much! No worry, I be out here in bit." The voice came from the pilot, and the unofficial agent of the two. He was a short man with black hair and caramel-coloured skin, and reminded Candy and Andy of a certain Magikarp salesperson on the S.S. Anne which a fellow Team Rocket member had told them about a while ago. Maybe he was his brother...?
"See you later, Sammy!" Candy smiled and waved at the pilot as he rushed back into the blimp to repark it. Then she turned back to Andy. "Good thinking--I think we've had our fair share of trouble up until now..."
"...Keep in mind that our tour money came from a bank that Lupin robbed."
"Oh, erm... that's true. Well, better him than us, right? Ahh, at least after tonight we can relax for a whole week here!

Candy and Andy then started walking around the Pokemon Centre, thankful that this little sidestreet didn't contain too many people. They weren't as popular as some of the top-ranking superstars, but as this tour had been advertised on television quite a bit, and as this was still Sinnoh--there was still the possibility of picking up a few fans around here. Candy and Andy hated walking around unnoticed, but Candy finally convinced Andy to walk a bit more in the shadows of buildings, to lessen the chances of someone spotting and recognising Andy's distinctive hairstyle. The two even walked down an alley soon enough, Candy gripping Andy's hand tightly.
"...I still regret leaving my motorcycle back in the blimp..." Andy mumbled.
"Don't worry, we'll have plenty of time to go on those nice, easy rides after tonight."
"Ride into the night, ride into the night, we will strike at the midnight hour..." Andy sang very softly once again. Candy slapped him playfully on the shoulder.
"The excitement of last night's finally getting to you!"

After a bit of walking, someone shouted "SCREW OFF!" from around the corner. As Candy and Andy got closer, they saw an Electivire standing there with sparks flying around it, and a few men in black cloaks running towards it. A boy and a girl were sitting on the other side of the Electivire, paralysed. Anyways, Andy immediately recognised the symbols on the cloaks, and whispered to Candy.
"Hey, isn't that Team Galactic's symbol?"
"What, Galactic? Candy whispered back. "You mean those chumps who had that deal with Dialga and Palkia a long time ago? The ones who Team Rocket owe part of its disbanding to?"
"You got it."
"Hmm. What do you say, should we take care of that Electivire?"
"Now now, let's not be rash here. Don't forget we're outnumbered, and we have only six Pokemon, one of which refuses to battle."
"Well, then let's at least cause a distraction while those two can escape! Can't we help them out? Pretty please?" Candy gazed at Andy with the cutest little eyes Andy had ever seen on her. Andy frowned and shrugged, then spoke back to Candy.
"Well, if you're going to go all kitten-eyes on me..."

"Go Utama!" Carmen declared, releasing her Wigglytuff from her Pokeball. "Hee hee, do your favourite!"
Both Candy and Andy covered their ears while looking at Utama, who began to sing...
"Wiggly-tuff, wig-gulleee-ee-tuff... Wiggly-tuff, wig-gullleee-eee..."
After a while, Candy and Andy thought they could see the Electrivire's eyes growing droopier...
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February 23rd, 2008, 8:40 PM
"Welcome aboard! We'll be setting off in a few minutes!" Another pair of tacky tourists stumbled onto the white gondola, nearly capsizing the vessel as they attempted to settle themselves. Hoshi couldn't help but let out a small sigh, the day after tomorrow was the contest in Sunneyshore City, and she wouldn't be able to make it. After missing almost a week due to the flue, she didn't think it'd be appropriate to ask for another three days off the pursue a personal hobby. She'd just have to try to make it to another contest before the Grand Festival came around this year. She was snapped back to reality as another tourist tripped on board the gondola, rocking it dangerously. The disgruntled man gave a sheepish grin, then quickly settled himself in the row closest to Hoshi's position.

"Well, now that we have everybody on board, lets start the tour!" Hoshi dipped the long, sleek oar into the still waters around the gondola and gave a gentle shove against the ground beneath. The gondola glided forward in a swift motion down a sunny alleyway near the edge of the city. Again, Hoshi sighed. Day after day, it was the same thing. The same tour, the same overly cheerful face. Oh how she longed to be going to that contest, it'd be such a nice change of pace; just thinking about this made the day seem to go slow. "Excuse me, miss? I just dropped my wallet, can we go back a few meters?". Yes, today would be very slow indeed.

Two hours later, Hoshi steered the gondola into a building over the waterway for the night. She had finally finished the day, but not after bumping into the walls numerous times on her last tour. She hoped nobody from the company had seen it, mistakes like that could cost her her job.

"Hoshi?" A hand touched her shoulder. Hoshi turned around to see the company manager standing there, looking as if he had just worked the entire season all at once. "You seemed distracted today, why don't you take the next few days off?" He sounded almost as if he was forcing the last few words out of him.

"Oh no, I couldn't! Not after I just missed a week!" Hoshi found herself also forcing the words out of her mouth. She longed to accept the days off and go to the contest, but her parents needed the money.

"Hoshi, that was... a rhetorical question. I want you to take the next four or five days off, maybe even go to that contest. I can't have my tour guides being distracted while taking paying customers around the city."

A grin spread across the young ladies face, "Well, if you insist... I guess I could go to that contest. Thanks Mr. Thomas!" Without waiting for a reply, Hoshi turned and skipped off towards her rented apartment. Things seemed to have worked out after all.

Two days later, Hoshi found herself walking down a deserted street in Sunneyshore City near the Pokemon Center. Despite her efforts, this didn't seem to be the likely area for a contest hall to be located at. It was then she heard the most peculiar noise. It was like somebody was singing... but it was to lofty to come from a human. Intrigued by the noise, she turned around the corner. What she saw caught her completely off guard: a Wigglytuff was singing to an rather annoyed looking Electevire, a boy and a girl collapsed on the ground, and a group of men in black cloaks off behind the group.

"Wha....what's going on? Are you two okay!?" Hoshi took a few tentative steps towards the two on the ground.


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Trainer Kat
February 25th, 2008, 7:54 PM
"Sir, you forgot this!" A young girl could be seen running down the streets of Sunnyshore City, a small red and white sphere clenched in her tiny hand. Her target was a tall brunette, flanked by a green and white Pokémon of equal height. He walked down the street, hands thrust deeply in his jeans pockets, a small slouch gracing his figure. She caught his attention, and he turned to face her, giving her an apathetic look, one which was also laced with venom. His gaze sent shivers down her spine, but not in a good way. Apologetically, she held the Pokéball out to him, bowing her head low, the Pokéball hovering tentatively above her head. A grin graced his lips.

"Silly girl," he began, leaning forward to meet her eyes. His face was close enough to hers that their noses were almost touching. She looked up at him through nervous green hues. "I left it there on purpose." The female looked shocked.

"But...why...?" She stammered, righting herself. He plucked the ball from her hands.

"The thing's useless." His words were harsh, especially when the words were directed at a Pokémon who belonged to the speaker. He began to chuckle, a low, eerie noise that was noticeably evil. The Gallade beside him laughed in unison. "It won't even evolve! I ought to throw it in the ocean and let it rot." An evil grin replaced the amused one. At this point, the girl was very visibly concerned, perhaps even a little scared. The brunette dismissed the look as nothing, turning his back to the girl as he refastened the undesirable Pokéball to his belt, slung low beneath his protruding hipbones.

This stupid Happiny. I've had it for over a year and it's still not a Chansey. What the heck's wrong with it?! He sighed and flung the Pokéball to the pavement, catching it as it bounced back up towards him. Hopefully, the Pokémon inside got a nice little jolt. Perhaps even get shaken up a tad. Admittedly, the stress made him thirsty. He made his way to a nearby food stand.

"Water," he said, staring at the shopkeep through narrowed, sleepy eyes. Placing his money on the counter, he walked off with the bottle. Finding a place against the curb, he and his Gallade sat, the human taking the occasional swig of water. Bringing the bottle to his lips, he readied himself for a drink. However, he was unable to complete this action.

His attention was diverted to an unfolding battle, in which a Wigglytuff was busy putting an Electivire to sleep. That wasn't the only thing he noticed. One of the battlers was wearing the signature Team Galactic logo. The brunette's heart raced, his stomach leaping into his throat. He had to approach them.

"My my..." He smirked down at the two paralyzed teens. "What's going on here?"

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February 25th, 2008, 11:24 PM
Since the incident seven years ago, she had never really gotten her sea-legs back, so when the small ferry finally washed onto Sunyshore's beach, she was more than happy to hit the sand. With her hands and knees planted in the ground, she coughed out whatever salty sea air that still remained on her tongue.

"Ugh...that was rough," she spat as she pushed herself back onto her feet, before turning towards the ship to thank the captain, "hey, thanks for the, ugh...ride, Tammy."

"No sweat Kao," the burly sailor replied with a grin, "fun wasn't it?"

The brunette regained her composue as she foraged around for her belongings, before extending a hand out to Tammy with a grin. "It was nice meeting ya Tammy!"

"I'll see you Kao," he laughed as he clamped his massive hand onto her's, "good luck!"


She had at last reached Sunyshore City and its famous open air markets, her next destination. Stepping off the solar panel walkway, she briefed a quick look around before spotting the colourful and festive fencing surrounding the markets and headed its way.

"Mhmm? A PokeMart?" she asked herself as she strode past the blue-tiled building, placing a finger to her lips as she went into deep thought. "I should pick up some supplies too while I'm at it... Huh? What's going on over there..."

A Fearow had appeared in the sky right above the Pokemon Centre, with two figures apparantly holding onto its talons. It seemed to be trying to carry them away, but wasn't able to support their weight and before she knew it, she was watching the giant bird dive into an alleyway behind the centre.

"Oh snap!" Kaoru exclaimed as she watched the whole scene unfold, before noticing a small group of black cladded men following the crash. "I hope no one's hurt over there..." she thought as she made her towards the site, "I wonder if I can help."

Reaching the alleyway, she noticed that there were not only the two figures riding the Fearow and the five black cloaked men chasing them at the crash, but there were also a whole bunch of other spectators at the scene.

"Oi, are you guys okay?"

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February 26th, 2008, 10:43 AM
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"Wig-gulleetuuf, wiggly... tuuffff."
By the time Utama finished her song, the Electivire's eyes were completely closed, and it seemed like it was about to fall forward on top of the little Wigglytuff.
"Tuff!" Utama jumped out of the way--if she touched the Electivire, she might get shocked by it.

Meanwhile, the Galactic men were approaching the paralysed boy and girl, extending hands to them. Apparently they were reaching for the girl.
"Tch, they just want a little love, I guess," Andy muttered. One of the Galactic men heard him though.
"Sure, I suppose dressing in a black cloak and approaching a girl with four identical-looking friends works," Andy continued in a slightly softer voice. The one Galactic person could still hear him though, and probably would have been irritated at this point. Andy couldn't tell whether he was, because he wasn't looking his way, and a black hood hid his face. But Candy also heard what Andy said, and began to snicker at that thought.
That Andy... he's always funny, even when he doesn't try to be.

Oh wait, this wasn't a time for silly conversations--what if the Electivire woke up soon? Candy glanced occasionally towards the boy and the girl, but continued the battle anyways.
"All right Utama-sama! Hyper bubble go!"
Candy actually sung the last three words, since they somehow appeared in one of her songs as well. It was a completely random yet catchy little song that was inspired by a certain combo Utama loved to perform in contests. But anyways, what did "Hyper bubble go" mean? Utama hit the sleeping Electivire with a Water Pulse, a ratehr dreamy-looking one lined with a few bubbles. Hmm, now this ought to give Electivire an interesting dream... This attack got the Electivire a little wet, so that it would most likely shock itself when using its next electric attack. But this Hyper bubble thingy was a combo, so that meant more than one attack. For then Utama fired a Hyper Beam at the Electivire, which looked like a beam of light that went through the rings of the Water Pulse. The impact pushed the Electivire backwards until it hit the wall of another building.

Meanwhile, Andy was glancing around--soon enough he saw three other people enter the scene. First was a tall, beautiful woman wearing a white dress with a familiar logo on the front. A guide on one of those gondola tours in Sunnyshore, no doubt. Second was a brown-haired young man who didn't look to be as friendly as the other young lady was. Speaking of friendly young ladies, that's exactly what the third person was or seemed to be. All three of them asked the "paralyzees" either what was going on or whether they were okay (the tour guide asked both). Oh no, now was not the time to be encountered by possible fans.
"Hey Andy," Candy called from the battle scene. "Why don't you finish the battle? I'll deal with these two!"
Andy shrugged. "Okay. Come on out, Harry," he said in his usual emotionless tone.
Spark-shaped seals surrounded the Kadabra as he emerged from his Pokeball and faced the either sleeping or KO'd Electivire. (Well, it could have been a KO--a really powerful Normal-type attack coming from a Normal-type Pokemon with pretty high Special Attack...) The second he appeared there, Candy returned Utama to her Pokeball--besides, she needed a rest after that Hyper Beam.

While Harry stood there waiting to see if the Electivire would do anything, Candy walked over to the paralyzees and knelt beside them. One was an older boy dressed in black and purple, and then there was a younger girl with long blue hair and a mostly blue outfit. Candy happened to be kneeling in between the girl and the Team Galactic people. There was a pause.
"Ohh, I am so sorry!" she exclaimed, in a singsong fashion. "Am I in your way?"
Candy was holding her little handbag in her lap. Her left had was holding it by the handle, and her right was inside the bag, grasping an item she might need to use in a few seconds...
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February 26th, 2008, 8:02 PM
"Damn, I'm getting pushed back by a bunch of kids." The hooded man closest to the unconscious Electivire groaned as he recalled his fallen Pokemon. By that point, it was too late, and a one of the other hooded members had taken hold Flys, before reaching for her hat and removing it quickly. Now, if this hat was being removed from any normal person, you probably would have found some hair under the thing. But, for Flys, he circumstances were different. That was obviously noted by the fact that when the hat was removed, two, blue, triangular ears popped up, foreign to the human body. The Glaceon ears twitched rapidly, as the girl was nervous. There were so many people here... Why were they here? Why now? Why did her secret have to be shown off like this?

Soren, recognizing that this was a horrible situation that had just been presented to him, managed to mutter one word under his breath from the paralysis. "Now!" And with that queue present, a Shadow Ball appeared to shoot out of the wall, nailing the captor in the back, which resulted in having him drop the girl. The happy cries of a Mismagius echoed from beyond the wall as a flurry of Shadow Ball attacks erupted from the wall, nailing the other men in the head and knocking them unconscious. The Mismagius playfully popped its head out from the beyond the wall before proceeding to tend to it's trainer, dropping a berry in Soren's mouth that seemed to clear up the paralysis. Soren ran over to Flys and gave her the same type of berry, before hastily placing her hat back on her head. Whether or not her story was true was irrelevant to this kindness. She had a deformity, from birth or not, and it wasn't fair that people be able to see and ridicule her for it. He then proceeded to recall his Mismagius, and attempted to shuffle away with the girl before questions were asked, as the police began to arrive.

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February 26th, 2008, 11:32 PM
She watched as the Wigglytuff named "Utama", who belonged to the dark haired girl with the hot pink streaks and fishnet stockings, fire a powerful but also quite attractive combination of Water Pulse and Hyper Beam at a snoozing Electivire. Why was the girl doing it? Kaoru had no clue, but she wasn't going to wait around to see the thunder-dog get anymore beaten up. But before she could even grab hold of a Pokeball, the boy with the wild blonde mohawk who was dressed rather more casually than the girl he was seemingly in cahoots with, quickly summoned a Kadabra to his side in order to finish off the motionless doggy.

"Not if I can stop y-" Kaoru started, finally grabbing hold of her most trusted partner's ball, before being interrupted by a loud crash followed by a loud "Now!".

Five consecutive black shadowed balls launched through the air, nailing each of the five black cladded men, rendering them unconscious. If she hadn't been so focused on countering the girl's Wigglytuff and now the five knocked out Galactic men, she would've noticed the captured girl's obscure disfigurement, before the guy with the Mismagius covered her up.

"Hey! W-Wait a minute, what's going on here?"

The sound of sirens could then be heard in the distance. The police? Had they made that much commotion? Looking around, she realised that she wasn't exactly in the best of places; in an alleyway with five unconscious men affiliated with Team Galactic, she had to get out of there. It was then that she noticed the paralysed couple were escaping...wait, without their Electivire? So it wasn't their's...

Well, at least she had no reason to stay behind anymore, the thunder-dog must've belonged to one of the black cloaked captors, which means the street kids with the Wigglytuff and Kadabra must've been helping the paralyzed couple!

"Ah, sorry for that!" she apologised sheepishly to the two, not realising that she hadn't really stated that she had seen them as enemies before. "We better cheese it," she continued, before looking around at the other, other two, "you guys better come too, yeah? O-Oi! Mismagius guy and girl with Mismagius guy! Wait up!"

OoC: Confusing post. o30 So just to clarify, the "other, other two" are Kenji and Hoshi; the "paralysed two" are obviously Flys and Soren; and the "street kids" are Candy and Andy. Whew...there we go, and sorry bout the nicknames, Kao hasn't met em formaly yet. ^^;

February 27th, 2008, 12:00 PM
Hoshi watched, memorized as the scene unfolded before her. A Mismagius ultimately saved the two who were suffering from paralysis, and the roar of police sirens could be heard in the distance. No doubt Officer Jenny would appear soon and be curious as to what was going on. But what really piqued Hoshi's interest is what she thought she saw on the formerly paralyzed girls head. They appeared to be... blue ears of some sort; too real looking to be a headband... but what else could they be? She was snapped out of her thoughts when a brown haired girl urged Hoshi and the others to follow the Blue-eared girl. Hoshi took a few steps towards her, but stopped. The police would surely want a report on what happened... it was her duty to stay and assist them. But then again, she really wanted to know about the ears she thought she saw. Finally, her curiosity won her over, maybe one of the other people would stay and help the police.

"Ah! Hold on a second!" Hoshi scrambled to catch up with them. "Waaaiiittt!" She knew she'd be sacrificing going to the contest for this, but this was a special occasion, how often do you find somebody with Pokemon ears? She had to know what was happening, even if she did use up her one break from work to find out. Dress billowing in the breeze, Hoshi worked her stiff legs to catch up with the departing people before the police arrived. That's when another thought crossed her mind; was it considered illegal to avoid reporting to the police? She hoped not. "Oh well, to late to turn back now.." she muttered reassuringly to herself, not that it helped her justify her actions any.

"Please wait up! I thought I saw something on you!" She anxiously called to the blue-eared girl.

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February 27th, 2008, 9:16 PM
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The sandwich was delicious. Ryo's mouth savored every bite and all the flavors mixed together. Granted, he was starving. But, he imagined it'd be as delicious as it was even if he wasn't as hungry.

The doorbell rang and Ryo sighed. "I didn't even get halfway through it," he said, putting it down gently. He got out of the chair and wiped his mouth off. This had better be important. He pushed the kitchen door open, then walked down the hall. They rang the doorbell again.

"Coming! Coming!" he yelled to the door. Swinging it open, he found a young boy and an older woman. She was coughing and the boy worryingly looked at her. She looked up and found Ryo facing her. "Oh, hello," she said, coughing again. "I believe you know my son."

Ryo looked down at the boy again. It was the small boy he had bought cards for. "Oh! Hello," said Ryo to the boy. He smiled and looked at his mother. "Yes, I remember him quite well."

"I have a favor of you, then," said the mother, coughing and wheezing. She coughed up some blood, but seemed to not care. "My son loves Sunnyshore City. We've taken him there many times, but I'm afraid..." She paused and told her son to play with his friends. He waved at Ryo, then ran off towards the group of boys. "I'm afraid I've contracted a deadly illness."

Ryo took a step back and she smiled. "It's not contagious, I promise. But, I do have a favor to ask of you. I know we don't know each other very well, but my son has taken a liking to you. My sister lives in Sunnyshore with her two boys and husband. They're going to take him and get him through school."

Ryo was sure he knew what was coming. "I would like for you to take my boy there," she said, reaching in her purse. "I will, of course, pay for your dining and everything else. Plus some money for your trouble. I've sold everything in my home and I have everything for him and my sister's family in this bag."

She handed Ryo the bag and told him, "There's the money. About five thousand dollars. Also the cards you bought my son, his game system and some games, and clothing." She took a step back and coughed. More blood. Ryo looked at the boy. He was playing some game with his friends, but took a glance up at Ryo. He smiled.

Ryo's heart felt heavy. He knew what he had to do. "Alright. I'll take him. It's the least I can do," said Ryo, smiling at the sickly woman. "I promise to get him there safely." She smiled. He felt a tingling in his stomach. Either this would go well or go badly.

"When am I taking him?" asked Ryo, placing the bag inside the doorway. He had this week off, so he hoped for something soon.

"Tomorrow. The train leaves at 9A.M. and will take you to Sunnyshore. My sister will meet you at the Pokémon Center there and take him. She'll hand you your ticket back for the following morning and a key to the hotel room across the street."

Ryo was astounded at the level of preparation already put into this. But, it was the life of a child. A certain amount of care was needed. "Alright. Sounds easy enough."

She coughed and spit up more blood. His face must have shown disgust, for she frowned and said, "I'm sorry. That was quite gross," She turned around.

"I'm sorry," said Ryo, turning red. "It's just..." She stopped him and yelled to her son, "Jin! Come over here!" The boy looked up and ran towards her. "Yes mom?"

"Honey. Tonight you're going to stay here with Mr. Sato," she said, patting his head. "He's taking to you see Aunt Sun tomorrow." The boy looked warily at Ryo, "Alright. Where can I sleep, Mr. Sato?"

"Call me Ryo and I'll take you to where you'll sleep tonight," said Ryo, smiling at the boy's mother, who was crying. The boy hugged her, then trotted inside.

"Thank you. Please, give my son this before you drop him off." She handed him a watch. "It was his father's. He'd want Jin to have it." Ryo took it and placed it in the bag behind him.

"I promise I'll give it to him."

She turned, without another word, and walked back to her house. Ryo felt extremely depressed for her. She didn't deserve to die like this.

Walking inside, he found Jin sitting on the couch. "Hey, want to watch some TV?" asked Ryo, who flipped on the TV. A Pokémon battle re-cap was playing. "Did you watch the finals?"

"No." said the boy.

"Oh. I didn't either," said Ryo. This was already falling apart. "Hey, have you ever seen a real Pokémon?"

"No, I haven't. I've always wanted one," said the boy eagerly. He got up and faced Ryo.

Ryo lifted a finger and ran upstairs. He grabbed hold of his belt and ran back down. "Here," said Ryo. "Go Delibird!" A red-and-white bird flew from the ball and landed in front of the boy and Ryo. His face lit up and his smile widened.

"A Delibird!" shouted the boy.

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February 28th, 2008, 9:50 PM
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"Kadabra! Ka... Dabra?" Harry the Kadabra watched one of the hooded men returned to Electivire to his Pokeball. "Dabra dabra..."
"Errmm... that was short..." Andy commented, thinking the hooded man was chickening out. "Harry, return, I guess..."
Andy returned his Kadabra to his Pokeball, then began shaking his head at the bunch of "wimpy Galactics". Low-lifes were ever lower when seen in the eyes of an ex-low-life.

The hooded man that was standing in front of where Candy was kneeling apparently ignored Candy's cute yet annoying remark about being in his way. He leaned right around the annoying girl in pink and black, and reached right for the girl in blue behind her.
"HEY!" Candy shouted, jumping to her feet and grabbing the girl, trying to pull her in the opposite direction. "It's not nice for men like you to grab younger girls like that! I warn you, I have a..."
The man again ignored her speech, and pulled off the girl's hat. Beneath the hat, Candy could see two blue ears, but she didn't laugh or anything at this because A) she was still rather annoyed by the hooded man ignoring her, and B) maybe the ears were a little fashion statement. After all, Candy remembered a time back when she was in Team Rocket, when she cut off a Meowth's ears and made a cute little headband out of them.

But enough about that train of thought. For just then, the hooded man pushed Candy away with his free hand, causing Candy to lose her grip on the girl. To prevent herself from falling, Candy backed away, and nearly stepped on the paralysed boy that was with the girl. (At the same time, the girl's ears started to twitch, but Candy didn't see them.)

Speaking of that boy, he muttered "Now!", upon which a Mismagius appeared from around a corner, having hit the hooded man with a Shadow Ball. Upon impact, the hooded man released the girl, and soon after, the boy with the Mismagius gave her a berry to cure her paralysis. Then he returned Mismagius to her Pokeball, and started to run away with the girl...
"Ah, sorry for that!" the friendly-looking young lady Andy saw before apologised to Candy and Andy. "We better cheese it!"

Candy held up one finger to indicate she was a little confused. Then she looked at Andy, who shrugged and pointed behind him. Sirens could be heard in the direction he was pointing. What... police sirens? Uh-oh. Candy and Andy didn't fancy showing themselves in front of the police--what if the police faintly recognised them from Team Rocket? It was a slim possibility, but still a possibility anyways. So both Candy and Andy followed Kaoru, Soren, and Flys away from the scene. They also noticed that the tour guide was running after them, the girl with the blue ears in particular--she wanted to know a bit more about her.

As Candy ran away, she was running right next to Kaoru.
"I don't really know... what you are sorry for..." Candy tried to say while panting slightly, "...but at least... they're okay now..."
Soon enough, Andy caught up to the two girls, and was running on the other side of Kaoru. But unlike Candy, Andy didn't bother trying to talk while running.