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March 2nd, 2008, 10:05 PM
Well all I'm a 31 old father of a son that is 5. My boy has been into Pokemon for some time. But today i sat down and really read how to play the game. Well i went out and get a few expansion packs and some starters. I dropped about 50 bucks or so. But I have started with TCG alomost 15 years ago with Magic. So I'm not new to them but the internet has opened it up wide open. But anyways I look forward to looking around the site and seeing what I can find. I have alrealy read the rules and the FAQs. Always good stuff there. Well i look forward to seeing what I can come up with and maybe I will be able ot get into some good games as i live in Las Vegas. Lots and Lots of poeple.

March 3rd, 2008, 1:59 AM
Haha, the rules are always fun to go over every now and then, neh? Well, they're essential but not overly important, so it shouldn't be much of an issue.

Anyway, tbh, I don't see a lot of the more mature fans here (that or they hide their ages D<) but it's always nice to see more people join in. So, there's a TCG forum if you're interested in that, although Magic kinda lost momentum here, but there is a thriving Yu-Gi-Oh! sect. ^^;

Moving on, hope you enjoy your stay and have fun, if you need any help or have any questions feel free to PM me. :D