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March 26th, 2008, 5:38 PM
Well, I have finally decided to try and do a full story line. Even though the story isn't THAT bad, I'm giving it a PG rating. Read and enjoy :).

It was a cold, fall night in Ecruteak City. Most of the citizens were sound asleep, and all that could be heard was the hooting of a Noctowl, or the occasional gust of wind that would send the season’s red, orange, and brown leaves soaring across the darkened landscape. The mighty Tin tower, with its silver panels shimmering in the moonlight, looked over the peaceful town as it rested. The tower’s counterpart, the Brass Tower, laid on the ground at the other side of town, its remaining gold panels also reflecting the moon’s light on this night, a night that would change the course of history for one small child.

A dark, shady figure scampered quickly across the horizon, as if in search of something. It was a woman. She was about 25 with long, golden hair and a child-like face. She was carrying what seemed to be a small basket with a baby sleeping inside. The infant couldn’t be more than three months old. Its eyes were shut tightly and its breathing was controlled. He was sound asleep.

The woman arrived at her destination and made quick work of what needed to be done. She laid the baby down at the stoop of a run-down orphanage in the middle of town. Next to the child was a note, on it this message:

Dear Caretaker,
I leave you my small child in hopes of a better life. I am no longer capable of keeping him at full health, the bills have become too much. I have left some food in the basket and a golden pendant with his family’s crescent on it. Please take care of him and make sure when he is older, that he gets this note. Tell him his mother always loved him and left him behind for a good reason. I am sorry for this burden.
P.S.- His name is Brady and his birthday is 8-19.

With her work done, the woman rang the doorbell and set off into the night. An elderly couple answered the door and looked down at their unexpected surprise.
“Why, would you look at that Thomas, someone has left us a little child”, the woman said.
“Yes, and by the looks of it he is only a few months old.”
“Quick, lets get him inside and out of this cold weather.”

And with that, the little boy named Brady was left by his mother to start a new life; little does he know that his adventures will lead him to a secret that might cause him to save Ecruteak, the Johto region, and even the whole world…

March 26th, 2008, 6:43 PM
Chapter 1 Part A- A Trip in the Ilex Forest

“Hey Brady, get back here!”
A voice of an adult called after a nine year old that had run away from the group, but the boy did not listen. Brady kept on running through the Ilex forest, his scrawny legs carrying him to a place in which he could hide. The thick brush and dim light made it nearly impossible for him to see anything that was over three yards ahead, but Brady never stopped. He finally found a small hole that was not surrounded by thorns and forced his way in.
“When I find you young man, you will be in some serious trouble!”
The boy just waited it out inside his safe zone; anything was better than going back to that wretched place.

Ever since he could remember, Brady had lived in that dump that was called a “safe haven for neglected children”. That was probably the most misleading title of the whole Johto region. The orphanage had very few supplies to keep its five young inhabitants healthy. There was hardly any food around to feed them, all that the elderly couple that ran the place could muster up was a piece of raw meat that the deli couldn’t use, or was some sort of green vegetable that usually appeared in a basket on the stoop of the building. The children hardly had clean clothes half of the time. The shirts were tattered with mustard stains and rips at the seam, and most of the shoes had an opening at the toe.

It was like a living hell for Brady and the others.

What made it worse was the fact that Brady only had one friend in the entire world, and his name was Lance, named after the legendary Dragon trainer that was the Pokemon Champion of Johto. He had red hair like Lance and was about the same height as Brady. He usually wore a blue shirt and a pair of jeans, which was really all anyone, had in the orphanage. Lance and Brady would always pretend to be Pokemon trainers, battling some wild Ratattas that would pass by their building, or maybe throwing rocks at some Pidgeys to try and “catch” them. They believed it was their destiny to try and become real trainers, traveling the world together and fighting off anyone who dared to get in the way of their dream.

“C’mon Brady, we really need to get going!” yelled a frustrated Lance.

Brady decided that it would be in his best interest to re-join the others and get out of this dark place. He emerged from the brush with a few fresh cuts to the shins. The counselor that had been leading the group came over to scold him.

“Now listen here young man, I will not tolerate you running off from another one of our trips. What would I say to the police if you were eaten by an Onix?” The lady was about 35 and had a nasty streak about her. She was always catching Brady when he ran away, or she was scolding him about this or that. It was like a broken record replaying every moment over and over and over again.

“What do you have to say for yourself?”

Brady shrugged, “I don’t know… sorry?”

“Sorry indeed. You will be scrubbing the toilets again next time I catch you doing anything else on this trip.”

The lady went back to leading the group on their trip. Lance caught up to Brady and started walking next to him, wondering why his buddy ran off like that.

“Hey Brady, why did you run away from the group man? I thought you were having a blast?”

Brady noted the sarcasm in his friend’s voice and replied, “Yeah, I was having a blast alright. This trip was like watching a Metapod harden.”

“I hear ya, the sooner we get out of this place, the better.”

“Lets just hope that the counselor doesn’t get ‘Eaten by an Onix”

The two friends laughed as their group was led out of the forest and back into Goldenrod City, both of them glad just to be out of the orphanage for a day.

~~~End Chapter 1 Part A~~~

March 27th, 2008, 7:24 AM
Chapter 1 Part B- A delayed adventure?

A few hours of tedious walking, the occasional groan from one of the girls in the group, and a Nidoran running across their path was all that went on between the Ilex Forest and Ecruteak. The children were not allowed to go sightseeing, go shopping in any of Goldenrod’s fine stores (not like they had any money to spend), or eat some of Goldenrod’s famous Golden Burgers, but they did stop in the Pokecenter for a quick walking break, which was all that Brady and Lance needed to talk.

“So, what’s been on your mind Brady?”

“I guess that I have been nervous for the upcoming trip to New Bark Town, I don’t know if I will be ready, or CAPABLE to be a Pokemon Trainer…”

“Don’t worry buddy, you’ll be perfectly fine. As long as you don’t piss anyone else off in the orphanage, you and me can start our adventure, leaving that dump behind!”

“Yeah, I guess you’re right.”

“Aren’t I always?”

Brady just rolled his eyes at his friend. He knew that Lance was never the modest type. If Lance did something remotely close to being good, you can be sure that EVERYONE knew about it within ten minutes, and I mean TEN minutes.

“Children, time to leave!” Yelled the counselor.

“Well, better get going… again.” Brady said as everyone else in the group got up to leave. No one was happy to be going back to the orphanage, not even the counselor.

But none of that matters, Brady thought, in a matter of weeks; I will become a Pokemon Trainer, I hope.

With a sigh of doubt, the group left the Pokecenter and Goldenrod all together.


They finally reached the cockroach-infested paradise they called “home”. Brady and Lance threw their coats onto the standing coat rack and kicked off their shoes in any direction they could. They both ran up into their room and shut their doors, hoping that the counselor had forgotten all about Brady’s incident. As both boys found a seat to sit in, they gazed around the room, looking at what they would leave behind when they left for their journey.

The room was a dark gray color with two dim lights near each of the boys’ beds. There was a small, white fold-up table in the middle of the room with two small chairs accompanying it. That was where the boys constantly played poker nearly every night they could, as there was no other means of entertainment. There were a couple of brown, shoddy dressers near the end wall that held clothes and other things that they kept secret from the counselor… like candy or gambling chips. Finally, the room held some sort of radio-like device, although it didn’t LOOK like a radio at all. It was a small watch that had a few “channels” on it, like a phonebook, a phone, and the radio. The boys later found out it was an old PokeGear that some trainer had lost, even though they never bother to find him or her.

A few minutes of dead silence later, a voice came up from the bottom of the staircase.

“Brady, go to the office NOW!”

It was the counselor screeching at the top of her lungs. Brady sighed and got up from his seat.

“Well, I guess I’m done for huh?”

“Don’t talk like that, I’m sure that Mr. Tom will just… ask you which starter Pokemon you want, or something.” Replied an optimistic Lance.

“Sure, I wish” Brady said as he clutched the golden pendant around his neck and started to descend the winding staircase, hoping that he will be able to climb up it in a few minutes.

“Come on in Brady, have a seat right over there.” Mr. Tom, as the children called him, said and he pointed over to a chair by his desk.

“I’m sorry about th-“ Brady started to apologize, but Tom interrupted.

“No need to tell ME that, I wasn’t there. You SHOULD be apologizing to the counselor… but then again, I did say SHOULD”, Tom said with a laugh, and Brady chuckled with him. He always knew how to make the children feel right at home.

“But on a more serious note,” began Tom, “I’m afraid that you have been causing mischief a little too much recently.”

“Now, you see-“

“Ahh! No need to explain anything. I already know…” Tom just sat there with a grim look on his face, his old, withered eyes glaring right into Brady’s. “Now Brady, you are aware that you and Lance are almost at that ripe age of ten, when children are supposed to start their Pokemon training, correct?”

“Yes sir”, replied Brady. He was curious as to why Mr. Tom had said that.

“Now, as you might already know, Pokemon trainers carry a huge responsibility. They have to feed, nurture, and take care of their Pokemon. It requires a lot of maturity…”

Brady interrupted. ” Ya, I know.”

“…Maturity”, Mr. Tom continued, “That I don’t think you have. I don’t want to have to do this Brady, but I might have to hold you back a year. I am not 100% positive of letting you out into the world unsupervised, I’m sorry.”

Brady looked on in astonishment. All that he and Lance had worked for, all of their dreams, just seemingly fell apart at that very moment. His eyes started to water, it was nearly impossible to hold back tears. He wanted to get up and yell at the top of his lungs, just as the counselor did, but he couldn’t. All Brady could do was just sit in the chair and ponder over his thoughts.

Mr. Tom started again. “Although, there might be just one exception to this…”

~~~End Chapter 1 Part B~~~

March 27th, 2008, 10:30 AM
OK, so this one is a tiny bit longer. :)

Chapter 1 Part C- A Bell’s chance

“What is it, I’ll do ANYTHING!” Brady exclaimed. He just wanted to go on his adventure with Lance. It didn’t matter what he would have to do.

“Woah, slow down there chief.” Tom said with a wave of his hand, urging Brady to get back in his seat. “I think it might be in your best interest to listen to me before you talk… understood?”

“OK Mr. Tom, I’m sorry.” Brady sat back in the chair and listened to what ha had to say.

“There has been a few problems in the Tin Tower as of late. One of the bells has a crack in it and must be replaced, or else the sound that it emits will be like nails on a chalkboard to those who hear it. What makes this task different, however, is that there is a major storm coming through the town and the job must be done quickly, without any interference. If you can do this for me, then I will let you go on your journey this year.”

“Oh wow, that is going to be tough.” Brady sighed and took in a deep breath. “But if it must be done, then I guess I will do it.”

“Now THAT’S the Brady I know. Oh, one more thing that I almost forgot.”

“What is it?”

“You must not tell anyone that you are doing this, and you must do it alone. So no telling Lance about our little deal, OK?” Tom said with a wink, knowing Brady’s one weakness.

Brady thought it over for a moment and then replied, “OK. One little secret won’t hurt Lance.”

They both laughed and Brady ran up the staircase back to his and Lance’s room. I’m going to have to make up a pretty good lie to fool Lance, Brady thought as he entered the room.

“So, what did Tom want?”

“Oh, just the usual”, Brady began, “He scolded me for running off, saying that I should respect my elders, that I almost gave the counselor an anxiety attack.”

Lance smiled at his friend’s wit, “Heh, sounds like the same old song and dance. Boring!”

“It’s getting pretty late, I think we should go to bed…”

“Hmm, I guess your right. Today WAS pretty eventful, eh?”

“You can say that again… night Lance”

“Night Brady!”

And so, Brady has a task that is a life or death situation for his dreams. If he passes, he will be able to fulfill those dreams, but if he fails, those dreams will come crashing down overhead right onto his ego. Those were the thoughts of Brady that night as he lay in his bed, whittling the hours away until finally, sleep came to save him from his own over-active imagination.


A beam of crisp, golden light came through their window. It shined upon Brady’s closed eyes. He winked a few times before finally getting up. He put on his red shirt and his blue pair of jeans… again, the thoughts of yesterday’s events still thriving within his mind.

(What if I don’t make it? What if the storm carries me away to a far off land? What if I DIE?)

“Go0d morning to you sir, how are you feeling this fine morning?”

It was the voice of Tom’s wife, Carol. She always took good care of the children that were left in the orphanage, plus she had a chipper attitude about her that always brightened up the room.

“Eh, not so good Mrs. Carol. I have a lot to do today and I’m too nervous to think straight.”

“Now Brady, don’t get all twisted up over Tom’s task. He gave it to you for your own good.”

“Yeah, that’s what my ‘Mom’ said, and look where it got me…”

“Now child, don’t talk like that. Here, have some bacon and eggs.”

Carol pulled out a plate with three crisp strips of meat on it and some yellow scrambled eggs with delicious red ketchup on it.”

“Wait a minute”, Brady said in a worried tone of voice, “Where did you get all of this? The orphanage has been out of good meat for about a month!”

“Oh, I just thought that 'Our little Hero’ needed some energy if he wanted to complete his great task today.”

“I-I don’t know what to say, Thanks a lot Mrs. Carol!!”

“Just eat it up quick, you need to set out soon.”

Brady was never shy when it came to eating food. He easily ate up the bacon and eggs, and drained his glass of orange juice. It was the best meal he had in weeks! When he was done, Tom walked in with the replacement bell. It shined in the morning sun like a star at night. It was made of pure silver with “Tin Tower” inscribed into the side.

“You better hurry up and get this thing to the tower, it’s going to rain really soon.” Tom told Brady. “You didn’t tell anyone about our little conversation yesterday… did you?”

“Of course not!” Replied an offended Brady.

“If I went upstairs right now, woke up Lance and asked him what you told him yesterday, he wouldn’t say anything about the bell?”

“No he wouldn’t. I didn’t tell ANYONE!”

“Good, now get going.”

Tom handed Brady the silver bell and a piece of rope. Brady made sure the bell was securely placed in his backpack and set off for the huge tower at the edge of town.

Most of the people that were out at this time of day usually didn’t notice Brady, the same went for today. Brady casually walked through the unpaved streets of Ecruteak, occasionally stopping to look at an oddly colored Spearow. As he traveled, the sky started to become a dark blue and storm clouds formed overhead. Most of the citizens that were outside trekked back into their respective homes.

He walked for about 20 minutes before he reached the end of the road, and the town. Brady stopped and looked straight up; there was the majestic Tin Tower. Its silver panels radiating light in every direction the eye could see. The tower was in great shape for being so old. Brady took the silver knocker in his hand and struck it against the door twice before entering. The door moved smoothly with no squeaking and Brady entered quietly, only to see that no one else was around.

As he stood at the doorway of the tower, Brady could hear the rain beginning to fall onto the panels outside.

“I should really get going before it’s too late”, Brady said to himself and he started his ascent. He took each step carefully, as not to fall through the barely visible cracks. It also seemed that after each step he took, the storm outside grew worse. There was a flash of lightning visible through the occasional window and a loud BOOM of thunder almost every five seconds. The rain stopped sounding like little pattering feet, and more like a stampede of Ponyta were running up and down the building; but none of this stopped Brady. He kept on moving upward through the tower, his goals burning through his mind.

Higher and higher he went. This was like an endless maze, it never ended. The storm made it worse to concentrate on each passing step, the noise it was making caused Brady to have a terrible headache, but still he trekked on. He never once stopped for a break; he knew that the bells must be replaced.

Back at the orphanage, all of the children crowded around Tom and Carol. Lance kept pestering them: “Where’s Brady, where did he go, is he OK?” And the answer that he kept getting was: “Yes, yes he is fine, don’t worry about it.”

In the tower, Brady had reached the peak. There was a small wooden door with brass hinges. He attempted to push open the door, but the wind was too strong for him. Brady flew back into the far wall, bruising his back. He could barely get up, but he did. He knew that it was too close to stop now. He tried again to open the door, but the same result happened.

Frustrated, Brady looked in the corner and saw a houseplant… he had an idea. He took the plant and started to open the door, except this time he forced the plant in between the door and the building, forcing it open.

“Finally”, groaned Brady as he saw the outside.

It was a whirlwind of scattered leaves and falling rain. He could barely make out the bell tower at the other end. Brady took a step forward but immediately fell to the ground. His only option was to crawl on the ground to the bells. He flattened every part of his small nine-year-old body and started to move forward. Every inch was a difficult task as he was repeatedly hammered by flying debris. Stones were hitting his back and leaves flew into his mouth. Inch by inch, he was barely at the tower when he saw a blinding light, but it was all in his imagination. Brady was starting to hallucinate, seeing things that really weren’t there.

He got to the bells and opened the case with all of his might. The cracked bell was luckily right in front of him. Brady undid the tight knot and the bell flew off the whole tower all together. He reached back to get the bell out of his backpack… but it wasn’t there! Brady was looking around frantically, trying to find any sign of the bell. He saw a twinkle of silver light and dove toward it. Lucky for him, it was the bell.

Brady got back to the bell post and started to tie up the new bell. It was harder than it seemed. It was like Mother Nature didn’t want Brady to insert the new bell. After a few rough minutes, the bell was safely in place and he slammed the case shut. He tried to get back onto the ground to crawl his way back to the base of the tower, but Brady lost his balance.

He began falling from the tallest point in the whole town. His dreadful life was flashing before his eyes, Brady saw it all; his mother leaving him on the orphanage stoop, all of the restless nights without food in his stomach, the day he met his greatest friend Lance, and finally yesterday, the final time Brady would see him.

It seemed as though it was his final seconds of life. More stones were pelting him; the wind carried him wherever it wanted to. Brady shut his eyes because of the pain. He embraced the sweet feeling of death.

The last thing he heard before he blacked out was the call of a Pokemon. Brady could barely see what it was… all he could see was a Rainbow colored bird, flying at him with great speed. The bird flew under him and carried him on its back until it touched down on the ground. It laid Brady near the orphanage and flew away… it was a miracle that day, a miracle that Brady could never recall, but was told about it by nearly everyone in town.

Tom and Carol ran outside as soon as they saw Brady lying out in the freezing rain.


“Calm down dear, he needs some medical attention. Let’s just hope that we are not too late…”

~~~End of Chapter 1~~~

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I like it so far.
Keep it up!

~!~Miss Cow~!~

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I thought the Tin Tower had Lugia and the Brass Tower had Ho-Oh? O_O

well, this seems pretty cool! although, you should probobly write the whole chapter before posting it IMO...

March 27th, 2008, 4:03 PM
Well, thank you for all of the support! XD

I post it in parts to try something new.. :).

Bulbapedia said that Ho-oh was in the Tin Tower... so I just went with it. He would have made an appearance anyways.

March 27th, 2008, 4:55 PM
well, I might be dead wrong... *never played a Johto game*

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Here is the next installment in An Orphan's Dream, what will happen to Brady in THIS chapter?

Chapter 2 Part A- A Re-scheduled Commitment

“Brady, oh Brady please wake up.”

“C’mon man, hear us and WAKE UP!!!”

A group had gathered around Brady, as he lay motionless on the floor of the orphanage. It had been over two days since the incident at Tin Tower and Tom had not gotten over the fact that he let a nine-year-old fall off the roof of a ten-story building and nearly kill himself. Doctors came in every few hours to check up on the child and tend to whatever injuries seemed the worst. There were many severe bruises on his back and a sprained ankle that was iced constantly.

Brady shifted a bit, and then sat up, apparently using most of his strength in the process.

“Ugh… where am I? Why does my ankle feel like s-“

“HE’S AWAKE!” Yelled an enthusiastic Lance, who had been sitting next to Brady nearly every second of the past two days. “EVERYONE, GET IN HERE!”

“Oh Brady, I was so worried!” Carol gave him a huge hug, obviously forgetting about the sores on his back.


“Sorry dear, it’s just that you had been out for a few days and… well… we didn’t know if you would make it.”

“Of COURSE we did, I knew you would wake up eventually”, added Lance, who was still thrilled to see his friend up and about again.

The group crowded around Brady, asking him about his adventure. The climb to the top of the tower, the strength and courage it must have taken to get through those harsh winds, the fall off the huge pillar, and the encounter with a strange Pokemon. Brady thought that they were all making a big deal out of nothing, all he did was change some stupid bell. Tom walked in and asked the group to leave Brady alone so that they could have a talk. Most of the children went back up to their rooms, thinking that nothing else would happen for the rest of the day, Carol went into the kitchen to try and cook up another big meal for ‘Their Hero’, and Lance hid behind the staircase so he could listen in on the conversation… too bad Tom spotted him instantly and forced him to go to his room.

Tom began, “How are you feeling boy? Didn’t I tell you that jumping off the building isn’t the safest way down?” He added a chuckle, although Brady was not amused.

“*Cough* Erm, uhm, sorry about all of this. I knew it could have been avoid if we just waited a day… I’m sorry Brady.”

At this, Brady looked out the nearest window. The sun was shining bright on the town and most of the citizens were out and about running daily errands. Some of them stopped and looked into the window to see Brady looking straight at them. They waved and said what looked like ‘Good Morning’, although he couldn’t hear them.

He looked back at Tom, “Don’t be sorry, it was my task and I completed it didn’t I? Now about our little deal…”

“Yes, I was just about to say a few things about that. Since you DID finish the task under the guidelines that I set, you can go on your journey with Lance, as planned.”

“Thank you Tom, now, when do we start?”

“Well, I have arranged for one of my old friends to come by and fly you two to New Bark Town, where you will meet with Professor Elm and receive your first Pokemon. He won’t be coming by for a few days though, you need your rest.”

“Yeah, I guess. (Yawn) Well, I’m a bit tired now, I think I should get as much energy as I can over the next few days.”

Brady fell asleep on the spot, completely unaware of his injuries. The few things going through his mind were of the upcoming events that would take place over the next few days. He just hoped that everything could go by smoothly, with no interference… oh how wrong he was.
~~~End Chapter 2 Part A~~~

March 28th, 2008, 1:22 PM
What will happen to Brady and Lance this chapter? How will their adventure start off? Read and find out :).

Chapter 2 Part B- A tearful good-bye

The next few days went by with hardly any commotion. The weather was nicer; the sun was out nearly everyday. The effects of the storm, however, afflicted the town. Shop owners were replacing windows in their shops, and families were retiling their roofs. Everyone did this with a groan or two, but nothing more. They all knew that they got out of it with minor damage.

Things didn’t really change much in the orphanage though. The children would occasionally sat down next to Brady and asked him how he was doing. Tom and Carol made sure that his wounds healed nicely, and that no bones were actually broken. Brady and Lance, however, were talking non-stop about their up-coming journey. They thought of everything from “Which Pokemon should I start out with?” to “Who will become League Champ first?”

Tom hadn’t helped their dilemma much. He came by every so often to say things like, “Oh yes, my friend was once a great trainer”. The boys would ask many questions, but Tom just walked casually past them. He knew he was making the two a little frustrated.

The day finally came that Lance and Brady had been waiting for. They sprung out of bed, put on their “best” clothes and raced downstairs, their eyes twinkling with delight. Carol had laid out a feast of some sorts, much like the one Brady had the day of the Tin Tower incident. There was bacon, eggs, sausages, and waffles galore. Anything and everything that both boys had been dreaming of the past few years was right at their fingertips.

They sat down at the table that had been recently retouched. Brady and Lance picked up their forks and started digging into the chow. With mouthfuls of bacon, Brady asked, “Where didf youf get all of dif?”

“Some people in town heard what you did and sent over some fresh food. They said it was the least they could do after all that you went through,” replied Carol as she watched the two scarf down what would’ve been week’s worth of food.

When they finished, Brady and Lance went back to their room to pack. They barely filled up their bags with what little they owned, a few shirts, a few shorts, a couple pairs of socks, and for Brady, the golden pendant that was left with him the night he was found at the orphanage. Oh the memories that I will leave with this place, Brady thought. Not to offend Tom or Carol, but good riddance. And with that he walked downstairs to await the arrival of Tom’s friend.

“He is going to fly you boys to New Bark on his Pidgeot”, explained Tom. “I hope you aren’t afraid of heights!” He added with another one of his chuckles.

“A PIDGEOT!!! ALRIGHT!” Lance replied, once again with as much enthusiasm as if he just became the Pokemon Master. “I have ALWAYS wanted to see one of those things, more or less RIDE one!”

“Yes, flying is an experience I hope you boys never take lightly. Oh, that sounds like him now…”

A loud thud came from outside the orphanage. A yellowish, human-sized bird was sitting in the middle of the street, although very few people stopped and started at it. Next to the bird was a man about the age of 40, even though his face made him look 20. He was the height of an average adult, he had short brown hair, and wore an off white jacket with no sleeves. It looked as though he was a rouge trainer from some distant land. The strange man walked up to the front door as if nothing happened, he smiled when he saw Tom.

“Tom my man, good to see you!”

“Eric! It’s been a long time hasn’t it?”

“A bit too long if you ask me.”

The two men shook hands and Tom introduced the others.

“Eric, you remember Carol don’t you?”

“Why yes I do, hello Mrs.”

“Next to her are the two boys that I was telling you about. The one with the red hair is Lance and the one with the brown is Brady.”

Lance and Brady hardly noticed that Tom had introduced them; they were too busy staring at the bird in the middle of the road.

Eric gave a hearty laugh when he saw what the two boys were doing. “Hah, it’s like you two have never seen a Pokemon before. This here’s my Pidgeot; I call him Pidge for short. He’ll be the one takin’ you to your destination today. Oh would ya look at the time, we must be going if we’re gonna arrive in New Bark on time.”

“We’re leaving now?” Replied a confused Brady. “But you just GOT here.”

“Well Brady, Eric has his own things to do. Also, just be glad that he’s giving you a ride today.”

Brady and Lance thought over that for a few minutes, gathered up their bags, and said good-bye to the ones they had been with over the past nine years. A few tears were shed when Eric finally piped in, “Oi, don’t get so emotional now boys. You can come back anytime when you get your own flying Pokemon.”

“I guess”, replied Brady.

He gave Tom once last good-bye and got on Pidge with Lance and Eric.

“Next stop, New Bark Town! Hold on tight boys, your first flying experience might be a bit bumpy!”

With that, Pidge took to the skies with blinding speed. A wave of air shot at Brady’s head, forcing him to look down. It took him a while to regain his grip and settle back in. In no time at all, they were up and over the clouds, looking down on Goldenrod.

“Wow, the city looks so much better when you’re in the skies!” Lance yelled over the rush of the wind.

“That’s what I always think too… the sky is a magical place boys, always remember that! How ya holdin’ up back there Brady?”

Brady was too busy staring down at the Department store; apparently a little girl on the roof saw them and was waving at them.

“I’m doing fine”, replied Brady. He was actually enjoying this little trip.

As the trip went on, no one talked much. Lance and Brady looked down at what was below them. They were a bit frightened when a Beedrill came whizzing by their heads, Eric just chuckled at this, ‘You two aren’t afraid of a little bug now, are ya?”

LITTLE?! THAT THING WAS BIGGER THAN ME!, Brady thought. He was too focused on holding on to Pidge to say anything.

A few hours passed when Eric finally shouted out, “Prepare for descent boys!”

He directed Pidge downward towards the town below. The bird eased into another gear and started falling.

Lance yelled back at Brady. “Here we are buddy, New Bark Town, home of our starter Pokemon!”

After a few more seconds of falling, Pidge touched ground next to the Pokemon Center. Eric got off first, and then helped the other two get down. It took a while for their heads to stop spinning, and their legs to work right.

“Nice work Pidge, return!”

A beam of light shot out of a Pokeball that Eric held in his hands. It encased Pidge and sucked him in.

“Well boys here we are, Cherrygrove City!”

~~~End Chapter 2 Part B~~~

March 28th, 2008, 2:10 PM
This fanfic is awsome!

keep it up.

March 28th, 2008, 4:13 PM
wait.. they're in Cherrygrove? I thought they where in Newbark? o_O

March 28th, 2008, 4:22 PM
It's meant to say that :D. You'll just have to wait until Part C comes out. (I'm nearly finished with it anyway)

March 28th, 2008, 6:16 PM
Chapter 2 Part C- A New Beginning

“Cherrygrove City?!” Lance and Brady yelled in unison. “But I thought that we were going to New Bark Town… Not Cherrygrove City!”

“Sorry about that boys, but Pidge here can’t fly directly into New Bark Town. The trees that surround it are too dense to fly through, so we’re gonna walk the rest of the way… and don’t be worrying about wild Pokemon. I brought enough revives to get us there safely.”

“Well, if you say so… I guess.” Brady was a little uneasy about going into tall grass without any Pokemon of his own.

“We better get going if you want your first Pokemon in time. I hear that Pokelabs run out very quickly around here.” Eric let out a deep sigh, sprayed a repel around them, and started towards New Bark Town with Brady and Lance right behind.

The route between Cherrygrove and New Bark was very plain. Green trees surrounded the outer part of the route, and dark green grass was strewn across the horizon. Each step they took, Brady was worried that a wild Pokemon would jump out attack, even IF Eric used that repel.

“Brady, stop being so afraid, its just grass. When you get your starter, they’ll protect from any ‘danger’ around here.” Lance said to his friend, in an attempt to calm him down.

They continued onward through the grass, inching their way toward the town. Soon enough, Eric spotted the opening to the town and cried out, “Hey boys, look over there… New Bark Town, a place of new beginnings.”

Lance and Brady looked on at the town up ahead; it wasn’t exactly a Goldenrod type of area. There were hardly any buildings, and only a few people were scattered outside. If people didn’t know that this town had the only Pokelab in the region, they would probably just walk right on through.

As the group neared the town’s entrance, they heard a scream coming from the direction of the lab, “Hey you, kid! Come back here with my Pokemon!” Suddenly, a kid with red hair that was similar to Lance’s came running towards them with a Pokeball in hand. He had on a black coat with red trim, and a pair of hiking boots that made him look out of place. He raced past them without a second glance and kept on going towards Cherrygrove.

“What the heck was THAT?” Said Lance, still wondering what was going on.

“I dunno, we better check out the lab to see what’s going on,” replied Eric, and they set off towards the giant building in the center of town.

Eric knocked twice on a big tan door, and then entered. The lab was a lot smaller than it looked, a few computers on one side, and a strange machine on the other. Two men wearing bleach white lab coats were the only ones inside the building.

When Lance and Brady entered, one of the men that had glasses on shouted, “You! Why did you take my Pokemon, then come… back… two minutes… later…” He realized that Lance wasn’t the thief, just an ordinary boy. “(Cough) Erm, sorry about that. We just had a robbery you see, and a young man that had red hair just like yours was the culprit. Oh, woops, forgot to introduce myself. I am Professor Elm, leading scientist of the Johto region.”

Lance replied calmly, “Nice to meet you Professor. My name is Lance and this is my friend, Brady. We came here to start our journey and get our first Pokemon… OH! And we DID see that guy you were talking about, he ran past us when we entered town.”

“Ahh, so it’s you two that I’m supposed to be giving my precious Pokemon to. Well, that’s fine with me. That creepy, red-haired kid only stole one of them, I do have two left just for you.” Elm walked over to a table on his left and stood behind it. There were two Pokeballs, and both were labeled of its contents. Brady and Lance stood on the other side of the table, staring blankly at them.

“The one on your left here is the water-type, Totodile. It IS a bit tricky to train and could be a hassle for a new trainer. Over here on your right is the fire-type, Cyndaquil. This one’s a bit timid in nature, but befriends whoever is its trainer easily. Go ahead and take your time choosing, I need to go call the local authorities about the robbery.”

Brady and Lance thought over which one was better, they both knew that Totodile had a type advantage over Cyndaquil, but the Professor said it would be difficult to train.

“Hmm, tough choice here Brady. What do you think?”

“I think that Cyndaquil would be better for you, it fits in perfectly with your hair,” Brady gave a bit of a laugh, “but I highly doubt that I can train that Totodile.”

Lance replied, obviously ignoring Brady’s hair remark. “I don’t think the Totodile will be too much of a hassle, besides, Cyndaquil would be a great friend for you Brady. He can help you get over your fear of the tall grass.”

“You have a good point there Lance, a very good point. I guess it would make more sense if I chose Cyndaquil.”

Brady picked up the red and white sphere that was labeled Cyndaquil and looked down on it for a few minutes, Lance did the same with Totodile.

Professor Elm came back into the room from his office. “So, did you boys choose your Pokemon yet?”

“Yes we did Professor”, replied Brady. “I’m going to go with Cyndaquil.”

“Mmhmm, and that leaves me with this here Totodile.” Lance added with a smirk.

Eric clapped his hands together and walked to the table that held the Pokeballs. “Good choices there boys, I think both of those Pokemon fit each of you nicely. Sorry to leave you all alone with the Professor, but I gotta jet. Hope to catch ya around sometime.” With that, Eric exited the building and rode off on his Pidgeot.

“Now that the hard part is taken care of, I can give you two your first task as a Pokemon Trainer.” Professor Elm walked towards the boys and handed them a package addressed to Mr. Pokemon. “I need you to deliver this to a friend of mine, he goes by the name of Mr. Pokemon. His house is located North of Cherrygrove City. I need to wait here for the police to arrive, so I can’t come with you, but I’m sure that you two can handle it yourself. Oh, I almost forgot.” Elm pulled out two of the watch-like radios that Brady and Lance had in their room back in the orphanage. “These devices are called PokeGears. They have a built-in phone so you can contact people on the road. It also has a phone book that stores anyone’s numbers that you want to call. Here, I’ll even give you my number so you can call me when you have delivered the package.”

Elm typed in a few numbers on each device and handed them to Brady and Lance. They strapped them onto their wrists and started towards the door.

Elm yelled after them, “If you have any other questions, feel free to call me!”

The two left the lab and headed towards the edge of town, on their way to Mr. Pokemon’s house.

“Well, what do ya think Brady? We have our very first Pokemon and our first official task!”

“Yeah, this is great and all…”

“What’s wrong Brady?”

“It’s just, I’m not sure if we can do this alone…”

“Stop being so negative all the time and lighten up, our dream has come true! We have a Pokemon, we are traveling together, and things couldn’t BE any better!”

“Yeah, your right,” Brady said with a smile as they entered Route 28. The sun was setting in the distance, illuminating a pink glow over the horizon, thus ending the best day of their young lives… so far.

~~~End of Chapter 2~~~

March 28th, 2008, 6:51 PM
*crai* poor Chikorita got stolen... T_T

hm... I wonder what's in the box? *attempts to reach for it*

March 31st, 2008, 1:39 PM
Sorry it took so long. I needed a break from the computer and standardized tests are tomorrow... so I really need to focus. I am probably going to limit my posts here to about two a week, but still enjoy this next installment in 'An Orphan's Dream'.

Chapter 3 Part A- A ‘Strange’ Encounter

“Dang, it sure is dark out here.”

Brady and Lance were having trouble navigating the dark paths leading to Mr. Pokemon’s house. The sun had disappeared over the horizon a few hours back and the two young travelers couldn’t make heads or tails of the trail in front of them. They had been battling very weak wild Pokemon that had tried to “stop” their journey… but it ended in something like this:

A wild Spinarak appeared.

“Do ya mind if I get this one Lance?”

“Yeah sure, go ahead. Totodile needs a bit of rest after the last few.”

“Cyndaquil go!”

A blue and yellow mole like creature appeared out of the Pokeball, a burning flame was ignited on its back as soon as it called out its name. “Cyndaquil!”

“Alright Cyndaquil, use Ember!”

A small trail of fire was shot out of the creature’s mouth and was heading directly towards the green spider. When it made contact, the bug cried out in pain, the flame being too much for its fragile body.


Wild Spinarak has fainted.

“Nice job Cyndaquil, return.” Brady held out his Pokemon’s small home and a beam of red light shot out at Cyndaquil. It sucked the Pokemon into the sphere without any hesitation.

“Well, yet another Spinarak has fallen to the mighty power of my Ember!” Brady said in a mocking voice. “When will we see a DIFFERENT Pokemon? Like that owl you battled a while back.”

Lance replied with a shrug. “I dunno, maybe those spider guys like coming out this late at night. Anyway, we should really get to Mr. Pokemon’s house before it gets TOO late.”

“Oh yeah, right. Jeez, I almost forgot about our task. Do you still have the package Professor Elm gave us?”

Lance fished around in his backpack and finally pulled out a small, brown box that was addressed to Mr. Pokemon at 101 Cherrygrove Way.

“Yeah, I still got it. I kept it in the secret compartment that was made into our bags. I wonder what’s inside this thing though…”

Yeah… SECRET compartment, Brady thought to himself. “Well, there is no time to try and make a guess. We HAVE to get it there soon, or else we’ll be too tired to even move… THEN WHAT??”

“Calm down Brady, we’ll get it to him one way or another. Let’s just focus on the road ahead.”

Lance put the box back into his bag, and the two boys set off for Mr. Pokemon’s house once again.
They were a little bit past Cherrygrove, when a small whistling noise from the bushes shocked them.

“W-What was that?” Brady asked timidly.

“I dunno, probably just the wind.” Lance replied in a firm voice, even though he wasn’t 100% sure what it was either. “Just forget about it and keep moving.”

They heard the strange noise again and turned around to see the bushes shaking.

Brady shouted at the bush, his voice shaking heavily. “H-HEY! WHOEVER IS IN THERE… C-COME OUT NOW. THIS ISN’T FUNNY!”

A mysterious voice replied to Brady’s call, “This isn’t funny to you? I was having a blast!”

A teenager emerged from the brush, his red hair glimmering in the sun.

“Hey, you’re that guy who stole one of the Professor’s Pokemon!” Lance said, noticing once again the striking resemblance this stranger’s hair had to his.

“Chikorita, GO!”

The teen threw a Pokeball towards the boys; it opened wide and out of it emerged a small, green creature that walked on all fours. The most astonishing feature of it though, was the buds around its neck and the leaf growing out of its head.

“Yes, I did steal this Pokemon, just as I’m going to steal yours! Now hand them over without a sound and I MIGHT let you live.”

Lance, who surprisingly was more afraid of this event than Brady was, started to move his hand toward his Pokeball belt and had nearly unclipped his Totodile before Brady stopped his arm.

“Don’t give in to this guy Lance!” Brady whispered in his friend’s ear. “I think Cyndaquil can take care of Chikorita no problem. Stay here and don’t move.”

“Oh, so you’re trying to play hero now? Well, come on then… I don’t have all night!” The teen said with a snarl when he saw the boys whisper.

Brady stepped towards the stranger and tossed out his Pokeball. Cyndaquil emerged with a stronger flame on its back, ready to fight.

“I’m not afraid of you! I’ll show you what it truly means to own a Pokemon!”

~~~End of Chapter 3 Part A~~~

April 5th, 2008, 12:38 PM
This fanfic is awesome! Keep up the good work!

April 12th, 2008, 6:14 AM
OK people, sorry about the wait. There has been major testing here and I have some projects that (need) to get done, so An Orphan's Dream won't be updated for quite some time... sorry.

April 24th, 2008, 5:30 PM
Aww man, I liked this. I hope it doesn't take too long.

May 31st, 2008, 7:19 PM
Finally, after forever I can update this thing. My other thread is super duper old... so I made a new one. If there's any problem with this, please contact me and I'll just update my other thread or update this one... w/e.

The other part of the fic can be found here- http://pokecommunity.com/showthread.php?t=131350 .

Chapter 3 Part B

Lance called after his friend. “Brady…”

“Lance, stay back and keep Totodile out of the way. I don’t want either of you to get hurt!” Brady replied in a commanding voice.

“Oh… just… be careful out there, OK?”

“Are you two just going to stand there and talk, or am I going to have to beat you up WITHOUT a fight?” the stranger called after them.

“Fine, Let’s get started then! Cyndaquil quick, use Ember!”

Cyndaquil reared back and open its mouth, out of it came a blast of fire that sent Chikorita flying back into the brush.

“C’mon you worthless Pokemon, get back in there and fight! Use tackle!”

Chikorita did as its trainer commanded and started running head first right at Cyndaquil.

Brady instantly gave Cyndaquil another command, “Cyndaquil dodge and counter with another Ember!”

The mole like creature dove out of the charging Chikorita, and in midair, turned towards its enemy and fired another blast of heat. This time, Chikorita did not get up. After a few seconds, a beam of red light surrounded the Pokemon, sucking it back into its ball for a much needed rest.

“Ugh, what a waste of time. I knew I should have just taken them all when I had the chance. You haven’t heard the last of my you little brats, I, Tyler, am going to become the most powerful trainer in all of Johto!” With that, Tyler swiftly turned and sprinted away off into the dark abyss.

“Whew, that was a close one. Nice job out there Cyndaquil… return.” Brady recalled his pal and turned to face Lance, who was still in shock of the whole situation.

“Y-you just… I mean how could I… dude…”
“You don’t have to thank me buddy, let’s just hurry up and get to Mr. Pokemon’s house. I think we wasted too much time here.”

The boys gathered their things and headed north, both thinking what the heck just happened. Neither of them made a sound, only the sound of the wind whistling around the grass and a lone Hoothoot cooing in the distance breached the silent atmosphere.

A few more minutes passed when a small cottage barely came into view. The building was only one story tall with tall trees surrounding the yard, making it nearly impossible to see. There was a dim light flickering out of the front window, the voices of two men could be heard on the inside. Brady and Lance reached the front door. With some minor hesitation, Brady picked up the wooden knocked and rapped it a few times against the door. A sound of someone fiddling with the lock before it was flung open. At the door was a middle-aged man wearing a black hat and a black coat. He had short grey hair and a trimmed moustache. Dark circles appeared under his eyes, making it apparent that he had been up for quite a while. His voice thundered as he greeted the boys.

“Hello, how can I help you?”

A bit shaken by the man’s voice, Brady managed a reply, “Uhm, yes, we were sent by Professor Elm to deliver a package to Mr. Pokemon... are you him?”

The man scratched his chin then said, “Oh yes, I did order something from the Professor. I guess you’re the two boys he said would send it over. It’s a bit late now isn’t it?”

“W-well, you see sir, we kinda got…” But the man interrupted Lance before he could say anymore.

“No need for an explanation, at least you got it here in one piece… am I correct?”

“Oh, yeah… almost forgot…” Lance reached in and dug around in his bad for a bit then pulled out the brown box that had been sitting on the bottom. It paper was a bit wrinkled as he handed it over. “Here you go!”

“I see… very strange… Uhm, oh, would you boys like to come in and rest up for a while? It must have been a long day for you two.”

Brady was still unsure of this man. Not wanting to go inside the house of a total stranger, he replied as kindly as possible. “Well, we have to get going back to Cherrygrove at least. We need some place nice to sleep in.”

“You only have to stay for a little while, besides, my Abra can teleport you back anywhere you’ve been. Plus, there’s someone I’d like you to meet…”

“Eh… Ok.”

Lance and Brady started for the inside of the house, but just before they entered, Brady pulled back Lance and whispered in his ear, “Hey, did you see where that box was FROM?”

“Yeah, 101 Cherrygrove Way… why?”

“No, no, not TO… FROM! It said ‘Kurt: 559 Azalea Village’… that’s the guy that specializes in all the weird techno stuff. You don’t think…?”

“No, I don’t. There’s no way that he’d send US to deliver something THAT important. Let’s just get inside… I’m exhausted.”

Maybe you’re right Lance… but I have my doubts, Brady thought quietly. He couldn’t shake the feeling that something weird was unfolding… With a deep sigh he followed his friend into the small cottage.

~~~End of Chapter 3 Part B ~~~

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I was wondering when you were gonna update this. I love it. Keep up the good work. I can't wait to see what happens next.:D

June 3rd, 2008, 1:39 PM
Hey, Ben. Just letting you know that there wasn't any need to start a new thread for your story. You could have just updated in the old one, and you wouldn't have gotten in trouble.

If you want, I could merge the threads together so that the story's all together. Just let me know, okay? ^^

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Yes you can merge them, thanks Astinus :).

Oh, and I submitted a one-shot for the FFC (Birth) this month, but it got pushed to the second page. It's a bit short so if you want it redone before you link-o-fy it, tell me.

June 5th, 2008, 4:11 PM
Not a bad fanfic at all! Keep up the good work, Ben.

Also, do you do what I do and write the Chapters in Word Pad or Microsoft Word?

June 5th, 2008, 4:13 PM
I write 'em in Word... makes it seem like I'm writing a lot when it's just a small page or so though :).

Well, thanks for the review. Glad people are starting to like my work :D!

June 5th, 2008, 4:18 PM
Yeah, I feel the same way. Sometimes I feel bad when I post it here and it comes up short. But, it is fun to add on to something you enjoy writing. I commend you for continuously writing the Chapters when no one replied to it.

Also, can't wait for next Part! *Sent you a "Friendship" Request and Subscribed to your thread*

June 5th, 2008, 4:25 PM
Well, thank you for that :). I felt like my work here was being read... and liked, to a point, but it's refreshing to see a small group of people that likes the stories I write :).

I'm in the process of writing a shorter story here (about 3-5 chapters) called Early Summer's Fright, so if you want to read that when I update it, it can hold you over until I update this story again :)... if that made any sense at all XD!

June 6th, 2008, 9:39 AM
I finally got around to writing the last part of this chapter. Yes, it still follows the story line for Johto a bit... but I'll try and change that soon enough :). Hope you enjoy this next installment of An Orphan's Dream.

Chapter 3 Part C- An Eggscellent Endeavor!

“Ah, yes, you two can sit here.” The man pointed over to two twine chairs in the corner. Brady and Lance made their way over to them and sat down.

“I’m sorry, allow me to introduce myself. As you probably can guess, I am Mr. Pokemon. I study strange things about the world, and I find anything weird, I send those objects to Professor Elm.” He walked over to a gigantic glass case and opened it, revealing many different fossils and ancient artifacts. “Ah, here we go.” He reached for a skull of what seemed to be a Pterodactyl.

“Woah…” Brady and Lance said quietly, their eyes fixed on the object.

“This, we received from our good friends in Pewter. They wanted me to examine it and send back a sample to Cinnabar.” Mr. Pokemon carefully placed it back into the case and secured it gently. “Yes, I get help from all over the world… you never know what… or who could pop up next!”

As Mr. Pokemon said those words, an old man appeared at the entrance to the room. “Ahem… forgetting someone?”

“Oh, I’m sorry Professor. Kids, this is Professor Oak of Pallet Town. He works in the Kanto region, not too far from New Bark. He assists me in some… strange work, if you will.”

Professor Oak gave a small smile, a tiny spark of light reflected off of his black eyes. His old, grey hair was ruffled in all directions. Dark circles formed underneath his eyes, which suggested that he’d been up a while doing tough work. “Yes, strange work indeed. Now, you two, are you Pokemon trainers of some sort?”

“Yes, but not really.” Brady explained. “We just got our Pokemon earlier today, so we’re really new at this”

“Hmm, I see.” Oak said, his voice starting to trail off. “You know… Erm… Brady, was it?”

“Yes sir.” Brady said, wondering what he was about to say.

“You kind of remind me of an old trainer I used to know, ten years old, dark hair, a great kid. He was so excited to get his Pokemon that he overslept the first day! He was stuck with a very disobedient Pokemon, but he over came great odds and earned the right to be called the Kanto League Champion… ah the memories. Maybe some day you two will face each other.”

“Yeah, right. Me against a League Champ?”

Oak gave a small shrug. “Hey! You never know!”

Oak stared at Brady and Lance, as if in deep thought. “Speaking of leagues, have you two registered yet?”

“Registered? What?” Lance asked, very confused.

“You know, have you gotten a Pokedex?”

“Well, here. I should have a few spares and… there.” The Professor pulled out two small, red, rectangular objects. “These things here register all data on any species of Pokemon you have seen or caught. Also, they’re your ID pass into the Pokemon League, never lose them!” He handed one to each of the boys.

“Cool…” Lance murmured as he examined the device.

Mr. Pokemon clapped his hands together and gave a deep sigh. “Well Professor, it’s been a long day. Maybe we should get these boys on their way.”

“Yes, no need to keep you two up all night on the first day.”

“My Abra can teleport you back to Professor Elm’s lab, where you can get a good night’s sleep. Don’t worry, this package will stay safe here.” Mr. Pokemon said, patting the brown box.

Brady yawned then gave a reply. “Yeah, let’s go Lance. I’m getting so tired…”
Mr. Pokemon opened a drawer to his desk and pulled out what seemed like an oversized egg. “Here, give this to Professor Elm when you see him, OK?”

“What is it?” Lance asked.

“Oh, don’t worry about that. He will know what it is as soon as you give it to him. We’ve been talking about it for months now!”

Lance took the egg and placed it carefully into his bag. “Sure, we can do this…”

“Good, now Abra. Use teleport!”


A gold and purple Pokemon jumped up from behind the desk, nearly making Brady scream. It’s cat like body stretched out, and a beam of white light engulfed the two boys, making the room disappear one inch at a time. Seconds later, they landed in Professor Elm’s lab.

“Oh, hello. Back so soon?” asked Elm, a bit surprised at their arrival.

“Yeah, we delivered the package in time.” Brady said, rubbing his back after the impact. “Professor Oak was there, he gave us these things.”

Brady pulled out the Pokedex and showed it to Professor Elm. “Oh, so my old mentor was there. At least now you two can partake in Gym battles all over Johto! What fun… Now you don’t have to do random chores for me!”

Lance got up and reached into his bad for the egg. “Oh, and Mr. Pokemon gave us this… thing to give to you.”

“Hmm, what is--?”

The sight of the egg made Professor Elm jump back.

“Is that…? No way…”

“He said that you would know what it is.” Lance said, handing it over to Elm.

“Yes, I think I do. There’s no time to explain it now, you two should be going to bed. Here, there’s some extra room over there.” The Professor pointed over to two spare cots lying near the edge of the lab.

“Thanks Professor Elm…” Brady said with another yawn.

“Anytime boys. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to examine this egg a bit more.” Elm left the room, leaving the boys by themselves.

“Well, I’m beat. Good night Lance.”

“Yeah, me too. Hey, Brady.”


“Where’s our first Gym battle our whatever?”

“I think Violet City was what the Professor said… can’t remember.” Brady dozed off without another word.

Hmm… I wonder what the Gym will be like, Lance thought to himself, as their first day of travel came to a close.

~~~End of Chapter 3~~~

June 15th, 2008, 6:15 PM
Please, continue to do this. I can't wait to see what you have up your sleeve. If I know you, it could be anything! =]

June 16th, 2008, 5:04 PM
^_^ Great story! ^_^
Can't wait for the next chapter!

~!~Miss Cow~!~