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Year: 2012

In the year 2002, five ordinary, destined children were selected by a kidnapped Ophanimon to become five of the ten Legendary Warriors (Flame, Light, Wind, Thunder, and Ice). Each gained their spirits, both Human and Beast. Along the way, they each learned that the other five Legendary Warriors (Earth, Wood, Steel, Water, and Darkness) had been influenced terribly by the acts of a tainted Cherubimon. However, the Digidestiend prevailed in purifying four of the five influenced spirits. There efforts were not enough in facing the spirit of Darkness. Eventually, they were successful in helping purifying this dark spirit, and he was proven useful to them for his duration. After the purification of Cherubimon and the retrieval of Ophanimon, the Digidestined learned of Lucemon and his loyal Royal Knights: Dynasmon and Crusadermon. For a time, the Digidestined struggled in defeating the Royal Knights, who absorbed the fractal code of the area they were in upon visiting it. Sometime after freeing Lucemon from his chamber, the Royal Knights were exterminated by EmperorGreymon and MagnaGarurumon. Instead of helping his servants, Lucemon takes advantage of their weakened state by absorbing their data so that he can digivolve to his next stage, Lucemon Chaos Mode. By combining their ancient spirits, the Digidestined were able to come as one to become Susanoomon and ultimately bring an end to Lucemon and his reign of terror. However, several years after the evil was eliminated, a new evil rose, absorbing the remaining few bits of Lucemon, including all of his forms that he took.

Arkadimon, at the time in his fresh stage, was able to grow and increase in strength so quickly, that the power overwhelmed him. Slowly, but surely, he grew to his Champion, Ultimate, and Mega form. The power, indeed, was plentiful, and yet, Arkadimon was unable to handle it, sending him back to his Champion form until he was able to handle such great Darkness. To ensure that his training would be uninterrupted, he recruited a league of Digimon to wander the Digital World, in search of the Ten Ancient Spirits, and ultimately, destroy each of them. The Digimon were successful in locating the spirits and defeating them. However, good began to triumph, but not as quickly as Arkadimon was, learning to harness his strength. ClavisAngemon, a holy Digimon that weilded a key to unlock other dimensions, held the key to the opening the Beta Dimension, which secretly held the Ancient Digisouls of Flame, Light, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Earth, Wood, Water, Steel, and Darkness. Hearing this, Arkadimon successfully stole five of the ten Ancient Digisoul: Light, Darkness, Wood, Steel, and Ice. But as Arkadimon was stealing these Digisouls, ClavisAngemon ran off with the Ancient Digisoul of: Flame, Water, Earth, Thunder, and Wind. Not knowing where else to hide them and also knowing Arkadimon was sure to find him, ClavisAngemon sent these Digisouls scattered across the Real World to five different locations across the world. Each Digisoul sent a signal to the selected persons cellular phone and sent a mysterious plane ticket to them through electronic mail. Even if the person denies the mail, the Digisoul would somehow lead this digidestined to the the Digigate and transport them to the Digital World. Now, the five new Digidestined must stop the evil forces of Arkadimon and his minions and retrieve the Ancient Spirits of the past.


Episode 1: Take Flight

(Each of the future digidestined are somewhat influenced, somehow, into getting on an airplane flight, no matter what way: family vacation, moving to a new city, etc. However, each of the kids are sent on the wrong flight, destined to meet up with each other. Little do they know that this flight would send them on the ride of their lifes.)

-In your first few posts, describe your character entering an airport in their hometown. As you roleplay, your character will be misguided from their friends/family/etc. and will board an unidentified flight to an unknown destination. Once your character enters terminal DX, they will all be in teh exact same terminal, regardless of there location in the world.-


5:00 PM

A simple American time of day, right? A time where most people are released from their work offices, stations, etc. and kids are released from school. It just so happened that 5:00 PM was an important time in almost everyone's life. In one case, it was the time of destiny.

"Come on, Hiro, move it!" At the New York International Airport, a group of parents and their 16-year-old son hurried down the terminal hallway. While his parents were carrying somewhat light luggage, Hiro was forced to carry all of his luggage, dragging about three suitcases and carrying another. Hiro sighed heavily, huffing and puffing as he took a break from carrying such a load. When he looked up, he noticed his parents were deep into the crowd of people who were about to board the airplane to Tokyo, Japan, where the rest of his life would surely change. Hiro wiped his now sweaty forehead and decided to press on to through terminal C.

"Last call for final boarding on Flight 00198 to Tokyo, Japan in Terminal C."

But, before Hiro could move on, he noticed that one of his bags was missing, "Oh man! Mom's gonna kill me if I lose one of my suitcases!" He glanced around, scanning the entire terminal, but there was no sign of his suitcase. He left the rest of his luggage under the eye of an airport official, while he began his journey to locate that one missing bag. It had his cell phone in it so he most definitely had to find it. Running around frantically, he finally spotted the bag underneath a chair he was sitting at, causing him to sigh in relief.

"There you are! For second there, I was about to have a heart attack," Hiro grinned, adjusting the goggles upon his forehead. He reached into the bag and pulled out his black cell phone, noticing that it was flashing rapidly in a white light. Finally, the flashing ceased and now there was a screen with a brief sentence and a two word poll came onto the large screen of the cell phone:

Are you prepared to take on responsibility?
Yes / No

Hiro studied the screen for a while before hearing another "last call" for the flight for Japan. Surely, he could answer this message simply. His mother never gave him any major responsibilties, so this message could be a start. Tempted, Hiro pressed "Yes" and immediately afterwards, a new message popped on the screen.

Take Flight 3378469 in Terminal DX.

Hiro blinked, fascinated at the newer message, "Heh! I'm up for a journey! As long as this doesn't lead to me getting kidnap by some strange pilot, I'm cool!" He ran towards terminal DX, noticing that there was a bunch of kids there. Once he entered the terminal, it was as if he was in an alternate universe. The hairs on the back of his neck stood and goosebumps appeared along the sides of his arms. Kids of all cultures were here: American, Japanese, French, German, Canadian, any country you name, a child was there. Confused even more, Hiro decided to walk around to find Flight 3378469's location, and maybe even some friendly faces.

Trainer Kat
April 6th, 2008, 5:23 PM
"Tch, c'mon, Joel! Hurry up!" A tanned boy, wearing a track suit, gestured to a smaller blonde. "We don't have all day you know!"

The boy whom had been referred to as 'Joel' glanced over to his teammate through half-closed lids. He looked disinterested, maybe even disoriented. Though he was not at his best, he was clearly an attractive boy. Smooth, blonde hair glistened under the fluorescent lights of the airport terminal. His eyes, though only partially visible, were a cool, crisp blue hue. His skin was neither pale, nor tan. He, too, wore the track jacket his teammates were wearing, though it appeared he had decided to forgo the pants and wear jeans instead. In fact, he looked like he could be the most popular boy in school, as far from the truth as that may have been.

Truth be told, Joel very well may have been the most unpopular kid in high school. He had no friends to speak of, and his girlfriends...well...being attractive does have its advantages, though those girls managed to bore him out of his mind within a few weeks, if not as soon as a few days. The only reason anyone gave him the time of day was because he was an excellent swimmer. That was why he was at the Miami airport, after all. To take a flight to Maine for a swim competition. And, well, he couldn't exactly be late.

"Huh? Yeah, okay," Joel responded, holding his ticket in one hand, duffel bag in the other. Slowly, he shuffled over to where the rest of his teammates stood, all of whom were giving him the most venomous glares. Joel seemed not to care, and neglected to apologize to any one of them. As the team started to walk away, his pocket vibrated. Reaching into the denim, he retrieved a blue and white cell phone, which he immediately flipped open.

Are you prepared to take on responsibility?
Yes / No

"What's that, Bennett? Text from your boyfriend?" The tanned boy's remark sent a chord of laughter echoing throughout the team. Joel ignored the jab. Let them have their fun, he could care less. He put up with them to swim, nothing more. Instead, he merely shook his head.

"It's nothing," he replied, deleting the text message. Or so he thought. Within minutes, the same text was in his inbox once more. Another delete, another text.

Who keeps sending all these? he thought, furrowing his brow out of annoyance. And why to me? Bet it's one of the swim team guys...And if it is, I guess I'll humor them. With that thought, Joel clicked 'yes', prompting a follow-up message.

Take Flight 3378469 in Terminal DX.

Joel blinked. Were his teammates trying to get rid of him? Cause him to ditch, and, subsequently, get him in trouble? He smiled. Well, why not ditch them? They were muscle-brained baboons anyway.

"Later guys, I've got something better to do!" He called, turning the opposite way and taking off. The tanned boy yelled after him, but Joel was too far away, or else tuned him out. Either way, he didn't hear what was said. Terminal DX...why had he never heard of that before?

Upon reaching the terminal, he noticed loads of kids around. No adults were to be seen. The insane number of people made him nervous. Instead of making contact with anyone, he selected a seat far away from anyone, right by the wall near flight 3378469. Propping his elbow on the armrest, he stared at the wall, looking detached from the world. Hopefully none of these kids would be stupid enough to talk to him. After all, there were so many of them. They could interact with each other, and not with him.

April 6th, 2008, 8:23 PM
OOC: I am having Terra come from the same city I am from

Terra Bradford walked through the Vancouver international airport. The entire place had a sleek and new sort of look to it.

Terra's family was going off to England for vacation. The only thing she carried was a small suitcase that carried some clothing and a few positions. The entire airport was very crowded and Terra found herself in the middle of a dense crowd.

"Last call for final boarding on Flight 00998 to London, England in Terminal A." an announcer said on the P.A. Soon the crowd slowly dispersed and Terra heard a small rumbling coming from her suitcase. She slowly opened it and found she had a small text message.

Are you prepared to take on responsibility?

Terra considered herself very responsible. She thought it might be some sort of joke from one of her friends. She quickly pressed YES on her keypad.

Immediately a new Text came through

Take flight 3378469 in terminal DX Terra thought of what the consequences where. Her parents were already in the right terminal and she still had time to kill. So she walked over to where Terminal DX was supposed to be.

As soon as she walked into the terminal she felt as if someone walked over her grave. She shrugged it off and walked over to where flight 3378469. She noticed one boy sitting in a chair looking as if he was in his own world. Terra sat down in a chair opposite him and crossed her legs. She patiently waited wondering if one of her friends was spying on her

April 7th, 2008, 12:25 PM
It was a good day perhaps the best in weeks. Sakai had bladed out of school after what seemed to be the easiest day in his life. He had aced 2 tests, 3 of his 6 teachers were out sick, and not to mention that he won tickets to the new movie that came out in his last class. Since he had no howework Sakai decided to go skating at the park at the edge of town. Though it was out of the way, he knew since it was a school day that not many people would head there, which would make it the most opportune time to try to master the inverted 540 he had been working on.

Upon arriving at the Park Sakai was shocked at what he saw. He looked into what was normally a semi-crowded park, into one that didn't show the faintest trace of ever being inhabited. Skating around to the entrance he came across a sign which read To all skaters, we are sorry to inform you that the park will be undergoing renovations starting tomorrow. As a result the park will be closed for the next several weeks. In the meantime we will be using a warehouse on Wicket Street in order to continue providing for your skating needs. Sorry again for the inconvenience, Gerald Grant. Now feeling somewhat depressed Sakai went over to a bench to sit, and began staring at the sky. Ten minutes had passed before his phone began to vibrate. Expecting it to be his mother inquiring as to where he was Sakai was quick to answer it. When he opened it a strange message appeared.

Are you prepared to take on responsibility?

Sakai for fun decided to hit the yes button, and soon received another message, this one telling him to take flight 3378469 in terminal DX at the airport. Thinking this may be a fun way to pass time Sakai hopped on the nearest train for the airport and ventured off.

After about a half hour of travel Sakai finally reached terminal DX, which was like nothing he had ever seen. It was jam packed of kids of all different races, each with a unique style to them. He noticed though two children sitting off in a corner. One was a pretty attractive girl with long black hair, the other a boy with light brown hair, though he seemed to be off in his own world. Seeing as they were the only two people in the whole room who didn't seem to be talking he went over and decided to introduce himself.

"Ummm Hi, I'm Sakai" he said his eyes glistening while rubbing the back of his head.

April 9th, 2008, 10:17 PM
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That morning, Kelsey sat in the back seat of the car, on her way to the local airport. Her driver was Elsa Takamari, the little sister of the woman who ran the orphanage Kelsey lived in for the past month or so. Kelsey didn't know Elsa all that well; she had probably only glimpsed her once during a talk with her older sister, and other than that she thought she remembered Edwin mentioning her once or twice. Although Kelsey didn't realise it all too well, if she thought she remembered something, there was about a ninety-percent chance that she did remember it. Of course, count on quiet and somber little Kelsey to be overly modest about her talents, of which this was quite possibly the strongest. Accurate and detailed though her memory often was, she never paid much attention.

"Don't worry Kelsey," Elsa called from behind the wheel, "if this whole thing turns out to be a scam, I'll protect you from it." Her tone of voice was not too reassuring, which immediately got Kelsey to think that perhaps Elsa didn't care. Perhaps Elsa thought that there were too many children in the orphanage, and was secretly anxious to get rid of some of them.
"It's okay," Elsa continued, "if you don't want to talk, you don't have to. But you know, it might help if you told me what was the matter."
An answer to this question floated to the surface of Kelsey's mind as quickly as a rubber duck released underwater. But it was a silly reason, one that related to a topic that many of the other children teased her about. Even Mrs. Takamari had frowned upon it. The truth was that she was worried about whether she would get back in time to meet up with Edwin, because he had said just before he was adopted that he would come to visit her sometime this week, of which today was the middle. She wasn't told, though, how long this airplane trip would take, nor where she was going. What would Edwin think if Kelsey "disappeared" from the orphanage after a few days?

"I heard you were friends with Edwin for a while," Elsa commented as she pulled into the parking lot of the airport. "But he was just adopted. Could... that be what's wrong, because you two can't spend time together anymore?"
Drat, Elsa had guessed correctly--was she psychic or something? Yet, she didn't seem to take the children's taunting tone of voice nor Mrs. Takamari's unusually stern one when she mentioned this friendship. This admittedly warmed Kelsey's heart for a fleeting moment, a moment in which she felt compelled to reply...
"Edwin told me about you... are you friends with him as well?"
Elsa half laughed, half smiled. "Wow, well... no, actually, I'm the one who found him originally, and he... really stuck out to me."
"Oh," Kelsey nodded, as Elsa parked the car and opened the door.

"Hold it," the security guard inside the airport halted, holding out his arm to block Elsa from continuing further into the airport. "No ticket, no entry."
"But don't you think Kelsey's a little too..." Elsa started.
"My assistant will look after her until she gets onto the flight--then the pilot will do the rest. I assure you it will be completely safe. We have a history of safety throughout this airport--not a tainted soul had walked through these gates in at least twenty years."
Elsa started to object, but by that time, the security guard's assistant had already led Kelsey halfway to the gate where her flight was to take off.

Although Kelsey didn't know it because this would be her first airplane flight, what happened next did not follow normal airport procedures. When she arrived at the gate, there was not a soul around--no young men reading newspapers, no children squirming around on their mothers' laps, no teenage girls absorbed in their laptops... And even more interestingly, the same thing applied to the airplane. The airplane was just like the others in the airport, except only one of the seats was occupied--the one Kelsey sat in--a window seat in the first row. But Kelsey didn't mind too much--she kind of preferred to be alone, or at least with only one or two other people. And this time, the only two people present were Kelsey and the pilot, who stayed cooped up in the cockpit anyway. But all throughout the flight, Kelsey had plenty to keep her ocupied--the view out of the window showed dazzling views of the ocean, a sky of a much deeper and more beautiful blue than she was used to all these years, and the tops of thunderheads and interesting cloud patterns. For a fleeting moment, Kelsey could swear (okay, she was too young to think about swearing, but...) that the sun was smiling at her all the way--for a moment all her worried were lifted even higher into the sky than any airplane could dare to travel.

A few hours later, the pilot led Kelsey off the airplane into some "Terminal DX", and from then on was on her own. Well not exactly, for there were lots of other children or teenagers who seemed to all be from different places. As Kelsey passed by them, she saw a girl who looked to be at least twice Kelsey's age, a rather pretty one with black hair and green eyes and an overall bright and happy appearance. Then there was a brown-haired boy who looked to be some sort of athlete. No wait, make that two brown-haired boys who looked to be athletes. However, one of them had longer and lighter hair than the other, and if he didn't have blue eyes, he would have looked almost like an older version of Edwin... Because of this, Kelsey decided to keep a safe distance from this boy... and instead ending up sitting two seats away from another boy--one whose hair colour almost matched her own, and was wearing a dark red jacket with a flame design on it. Apparently he was trying to talk two of the other people Kelsey saw just a few seconds ago. Once or twice Kelsey glanced at him, and once or twice Kelsey glanced at the sandy-haired boy who reminded her of Edwin, but mostly she gazed out into space or down at herself, wondering how silly and out of place she looked here. Clearly she was the youngest in this terminal...

April 10th, 2008, 11:30 AM
Seeing more and more kids flood in, Hiro noticed a small group of four people somewhat gathered around one another: Sakai, Kelsey, Joel, and Terra. For some strange reason, Hiro began to walk over to them and attempted to start up conversation with the random people. He did this quite often, always assuming that everyone would have a nice personality toward him. Basically, he assumed everything went his way, no matter the situation. As he finally reached the four, he waved his hand and closed his eyes tightly in salutations, "What's up?" he bagan, "I'm Hiro. Do any of you know why we're the only kids in this Terminal?"

The truth was, this terminal was the Selection Terminal. Judging by each child's personalities, past, and fears, five children were to be selected. But who?

As Hiro began a small talk conversation with the four, several other kids boarded planes and were sent off into the dark purple, night sky. At this point, there were only five children left in the room: Hiro, Joel, Terra, Sakai, and Kelsey. Standing at the counter was, what appeared to be, a tall, muscular man dressed in a white bird-man suit. Covering his eyes were a pair of stylish-black sunglasses and at his waist were two swords in their pockets. Of course, he remained quiet so that he could remain unseen. He wanted the kids to communicate for a while, before introducing himself.

Hiro took a seat after introducing himself, scanning over each and every member:

First, he looked to Kelsey. She was an adorable, small young girl. However, in Hiro's opinion, she looked scared and afraid of being in a terminal all by herself. If she were to get lost, he would probably help her find her mother.

Second was Sakai. This guy looked like a peppy and happy fellow. Hiro could tell just by the expression on his face that he never was mad. And if he was, surely it there would be a liable reason for his anger.

Third came Terra. Boy, was this girl rather attractive. Hiro wasn't sure to look at her face or rather her body. Finally, controlling himself, Hiro studied her. She was smiling, which was kind of weird, but nonetheless, she was cute.

Finally, Joel. Judging by first expression, Hiro assumed that Joel was the prototypical "stuck-up jock" athlete. Though he was an athlete himself, Hiro was not stuck up. Little did Hiro know about Joel, basically just judging him by his appearance.

Overall, Hiro had a liking toward this group.

Trainer Kat
April 10th, 2008, 12:31 PM
"..." Joel glanced over towards the brunette as she sat in the seat opposite him. She was pretty, there was no denying that. His eyes wandered down to her chest before landing back upon her face. She was a little more bookish than the girls that Joel had dated (all three of them), but she was quite attractive nonetheless.

"Ummm hi, I'm Sakai." The voice drifted over to where Joel and the girl were sitting. Joel gave the new boy a death glare before turning his attention back towards the wall next to him. He had no intention of talking to some strange kid he would never see again, least of all one he met in the airport. While facing away, he rolled his eyes. It was something he wouldn't do in front of anyone else. In fact, he was so busy ignoring these two that he failed to notice the youngest of the lot, seven year old Kelsey, enter the terminal. Just when he was ready to leave, a voice cut through the silence.

"What's up?" Joel turned. The boy was brunette, a far darker shade of hair than Joel's sandy blonde. He, too, looked to be an athlete, though he seemed to resemble Joel's teammates more than Joel himself. The blonde was about to disregard the speaker when he continued. "I'm Hiro. Do any of you know why we're the only kids in this Terminal?" Joel rolled his eyes for the second time. Was this kid blind or just stupid?

"What do you mean 'we're the only kids in this terminal'? There's..." Joel stopped speaking. He had wondered why the terminal had suddenly fallen oddly silent. And now he could see that this brunette was right, they were the only kids in the terminal. Joel didn't intend to speak again. His outburst was uncharacteristic of him, and had made him appear both angry and stupid. Letting out a deep sigh, he began to stare at the wall once more. This time, however, he had noticed Kelsey. He didn't know quite what to think of everyone at this point. The girl was hot, that much he knew. And that...'Sakai' person was incredibly annoying. He supposed Kelsey was cute for a kid, but he had only caught a glimpse of her. And then there was the boy that had spoken up. He seemed...happy go lucky. That was the best word Joel knew of to describe him.

If he was in hell, he did not want to be stuck in hell with them...

April 10th, 2008, 3:21 PM
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After Joel finally looked at her for a second or so, Kelsey's mind was gone... or at least it was far away in a hopeful world. For a second she imagined Edwin sitting in the one of the empty chairs opposite her, blankly gazing at her with those dark brown eyes. She pictured his wavy, sandy blond hair, his pale skin which hardly ever saw the sun, the way his red turtleneck sweater looked with the purple bow around his neck and the dark green pants underneath... gee, when Kelsey thought about it, he almost looked like a Christmas present who sneaked out of Santa's sack. Which was appropriate, since sneaking around really was his thing...

Wait, one of the empty chairs opposite her? Kelsey had faintly remembered a red-haired girl in overalls sitting in the chair opposite her, but now it--and almost all the other seats in the terminal--was empty, bringing Kelsey back to reality. Now there were only four other people in the terminal--the four teenagers who she had glanced at before sitting down. It almost felt as if she cast a spell on whoever she looked at for more than a split second, causing them to stay in the terminal while all the others left. Yes, there were four others left. One for Hiro, the athletic-looking boy with goggles on his head. Two for Sakai, the "skater boy" with black flames on his jacket. Three for Terra, the girl that anyone would consider sexy even with her glasses on. Four for Joel, the boy in blue who didn't seem the sort to want lots of friends. And five... wait, five? While glancing around the terminal to see who else was there, Kelsey spotted a man who looked a bit like a bird as well. But as soon as he saw her looking at him, he ducked behind a counter. Who was this? Maybe it was in her imagination, but she had been sure that, erm... bird-man was real.

For a while afterward, Kelsey gazed at the counter, wondering what was to become of her next. Why did she have to fly all the way here at this time, when she was expecting a visit from a friend back at home? Or at least some place that sort of seemed like home... Kelsey had always felt like her true home was her father's house, but that house was no longer his. One one such outing with Edwin, she visited her father's house but did not see her father anywhere, and instead saw a "For Sale" sign in front of the house. Apparently Dad had finally become unable to make the payments on the house, and probably became homeless after that. Now, he was probably walking around somewhere on the streets, perhaps holding one of those "Homeless--Please Help" signs and wrapped tightly in a blanket, while people around either ignored him or cast dirty looks at him. It was because of bad luck that things had to be this way, and that Kelsey had to be left without a proper sense of home now--despite the countless times Mrs. Takamari had told her that she could call the orphanage "home" whenever she liked. She had even offered to be called "Mum", but this Kelsey also turned down. She knew all too well that her mother was dead, gone before she even got the chance to see her or talk to her. Plus, all her other relatives lived in Japan, which was clear across the ocean from New Zealand, where she lived.

What to do next? Kelsey was mildly tempted to talk to one of the older kids here, as older children seemed to be the age group Kelsey felt the most comfortable talking to. Younger kids had too much energy and tended to make fun of her more often. Adults spent too much time worrying about kids like her, and seemed to not understand the importance of family and friends. Anyone from ten to twenty years of age, though, seemed to be old enough to get over the teasing, but not old enough to become too "parent-like" and overbearing. Edwin belonged to this age group, as did all four of the boys and girls near her. However, Kelsey felt nervous at the idea of talking to them, and instead just kept looking anxiously at each one of them for seconds at a time. The gogglehead, the skater, the pretty girl, the loner... the gogglehead, the skater, the pretty girl, the loner... and occasionally the counter to see if the surreal, birdlike man was still there. Occasionally she opened her mouth as if to say something, but the very most that ever came out was a nearly inaudible "erm". Not to mention her furrowed brow and her grayish purple eyes made her seem much more saturnine than usual.

Frustrated and overwhelmed, Kelsey finally stood up and decided to walk over the counter--maybe she would look behind it to see if that fifth person was there. She got up, walked a few steps... and slipped on a candy wrapper one of the children who already left had dropped.
"Who-o-a!" Kelsey cried out before falling forward. Shocked by this embarrassing occurence, she just lay there, her face hidden in her folded arms, her ears braced for laughter and names.

April 11th, 2008, 3:02 PM
After receiving a incredibly intimidating glare from Joel Sakai decided to just keep to himself for a while. He started daydreaming about what he wold be doing on a regular day. His mother around now would be stressing out his sister about her studies, and how her work needed to be done flawlessly to bring her average back up. While this goes on he would probably be in his room contemplating a new trick he would work on. He looked around a younger girl with red hair come and sit by them. She was rather small, which led Sakai to question why she was hear alone in the first place.

As time passed on further he continued to imagine all the fun he had skating the last week. His team JetFire had entered a free skate tournament with a four-thousand dollar prize to the winners. All of his team members did great each of them together averaging a score of 9.47. With this score they were in a solid third place. The team in first place had a total score of 9.49, and the team in second with 9.48. with Sakai being the last one left on the team to skate it was up to him to obtain a score of 9.6 or better. This score to Sakai wasn't unheard of, he had done it several times before. The only difference was that in those cases this amount of pressure had never been on him. As his run was about to start Sakai looked around his team mates all had a nervous look on their faces. Sakai took a look at the course from the platform visualizing his run. Then after a rather large gulp Sakai took off down the ramp at top speed. Jumping into the air Sakai flew several feet landing into backside grind. Bending his knees Sakai picked up more speed when suddenly............

"What's up?", Sakai's attention was quickly diverted from his thoughts to the brown haired boy who now stood in front of him. "I'm Hiro. Do any of you know why we're the only kids in this Terminal?" Looking around the terminal Sakai saw that the boy was right. He didn't realize he was out of it for so long. "What do you mean 'we're the only kids in this terminal'? There's..." Sakai looked over shocked to see that the same boy who had given him that evil hair spoke. Though it was apparent that he himself was also out of it before Hiro came over. Sakai was still astonished that he spoke at all, Joel struck him as a more silent and secluded type after his experience. After the sudden outburst Sakai grew anxious to see what was going to happen, he wanted to know where all those other kids went. He really about now just needed some relief. Just then he noticed that the small girl from before had ventured toward the counter and while doing so tripped. Seeing that the girl would be embarrassed after such a thing, he went over to attempt to console her.

"You know if you wanted to break the ice you should have told me. I would have skated into the wall or something." Sakai said kneeling over the girl.

April 12th, 2008, 11:54 AM
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"Why were we called into this terminal?" Terra asked the rest of them. For the past conversation she had been listening and not responding. It was getting interesting.

Terra slowly stood up and took out her cell phone. Noticing that there was no reception. "Hey does anyone have a signal?" She asked out loud pressing buttons on it. Eventually she put it back into her pocket and sat down.

Terra began looking towards the other people of the group for the first time. Terra looked back and forth between them. Something she noticed was that they were from different nationalities. Now where she was from that wasn't a big deal. But something about them puzzled her greatly.

"Hey where is everyone from?" She asked out loud to the rest of them.

April 12th, 2008, 3:19 PM
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Upon seeing the girl fall over, the strange dressed man appeared from behind the counter. He had been hiding ever since the other kids had left, and had finally decided to come out, seeing as out "it was time". With a bright smile on his face, he approached the group of five children and gave them a double peace-sign, "What's up dudes," he said in a stereotypical surfer accent, "I'm gonna need for you dudes to get on my flight; I don't have all day, and besides, ClavisAngemon, like, doens't have all day."

One by one, the strange man grabbed each child, throwing him or her through a darkway seemingly into an endless, flying pit. However, once they each emerged into the tunnel light, they were all in a small, jet, flying in midair. The outside of the jet was a paleish, red color. At the nose of the ship was an actualy nose, below it, a menacing shark mouth.

Each child was conveniantly sat in three rows of two (the back row had one empty seat). Piloting the airborne flying vehicle was the bird-man who had thrown them into this oblivion. Somewhat angered about the quickness of this trip, Hiro questioned, "Okay, first of all, who the hell are you? What with the tossing us into this airplane. And how did we go from flying into a dooryway and into this airplane?"

The bird man beamed and immediately began to answer Hiro's questions, in order of them being asked, "I am," he turned to face the children, not piloting the ship, "Valkyrimon. Named after some ancient museum stuff, et cetera. Anyhoo. You got here through the Digiport. It just so happened the Digiport is in each airplane around the Real World. Nifty, in my opinion." He turned around and continued to pilot, "If you look to your windows, ladies and gentlemen, you will notice that you are currently airing orver what we Digimon call the Digital World!"

Hiro glanced outside and noticed that they were not on Earth; they were in a completely alternate dimension, a world! Below them were lush, grenn grasses and deep forests. The skies were perfectly sea blue, with little to no rain clouds. Little specks of white, black, and pale pink dots scattered the grasslands.

"And!!! If you look closely, you'll noticed the cute little Koromon, Poyomon, Tokomon, and all the other diaper dandy Digimon!" Valkyrimon shouted.

Hiro's face was now completely against the window. His goggles glistened as the Sun, or whatever these "Digimon" called it, reflected off it, "Wow, it's like everything's perfect around here. It's freaky." He looked to the other four kids, "Guys, check it out!"

Valkyrimon snickered, "And, now, we prepare for a hard landing!"

Immediately, the airplane soared down at a dangerous speed, heading towards a building in a small, Digimon town.

Trainer Kat
April 17th, 2008, 9:34 AM
Joel could not believe his eyes. He blinked in a vein attempt to dispel the image before him. In that room stood a...bird man. His only explanation was that the man was in costume, though what reason would he have to do that? And what the hell was a 'ClavisAngemon'? Joel sighed. Cosplayers were so annoying...

Without warning, Joel found himself thrown onto an airplane by this strange cosplayer. Was he seriously being kidnapped? By a giant chicken? He and the others were all on a small, red jet, conveniently already midair. The look on Joel’s face was that of pure shock. How had this birdman managed to kidnap them and get a plane up in the air in a split second. He didn’t even bother to see whom he was seated next to, if anyone. Instead, he chose to stare out the window and watch the clouds float by.

"Okay, first of all, who the hell are you? What with the tossing us into this airplane. And how did we go from flying into a dooryway and into this airplane?"

The loudmouth. Joel sighed and continued to look out at the sky.

"I am," he turned to face the children, not piloting the ship, "Valkyrimon. Named after some ancient museum stuff, et cetera. Anyhoo. You got here through the Digiport. It just so happened the Digiport is in each airplane around the Real World. Nifty, in my opinion." He turned around and continued to pilot, "If you look to your windows, ladies and gentlemen, you will notice that you are currently airing orver what we Digimon call the Digital World!"

Upon closer inspection, Joel realized that it was true. This was not what normal land looked like. Before he could take in the scenery any more, the plane began to plummet towards the…earth?

April 19th, 2008, 8:56 AM
Before Sakai could get a response from the girl he was swept off of his feet, and was being carried away. Looking downward Sakai struggled trying to break free of this mysterious strangers grip. As he struggled he noticed the man was covered in white feathers and lustrous gold and silver armor. Looking up he noticed that the stranger had a birdlike head and had a rather serious look on his face. As the bird man. Now sitting in one of the seas in the jet Sakai a series of questions started to fly through his head. He wanted to know where this plane was going, why this man was taking them in particular and more pressing who was his bird man in the first place. Before anymore questions could pop into his head the bird man stopped piloting,turned around, and began to speak to them.

"I am, Valkyrimon. Named after some ancient museum stuff, et cetera. Anyhoo. You got here through the Digiport. It just so happened the Digiport is in each airplane around the Real World. Nifty, in my opinion." He turned around and continued to pilot, "If you look to your windows, ladies and gentlemen, you will notice that you are currently airing orver what we Digimon call the Digital World!"

Hearing this Sakai immediately looked out of the window in amazement. They weren't on Earth, the foliage was different, the land the creatures. All of the anxiety he was feeling had vanished. He now wanted to know all about this place, why they were going, everything. But before his excitement could settle, Sakai's stomach felt to have lifted up to his throat. He looked out the window and saw that they had stared to fall, fast.

April 19th, 2008, 11:43 AM
Terra spaced slightly for a moment. Then she looked towards an oddly dressed man who grabbed her and pushed her towards a darkened doorway.

The plane was quite small for Terra's liking. She sat down on a window seat as the man brought in the rest of them.

"I am, Valkyrimon. Named after some ancient museum stuff, et cetera. Anyhoo. You got here through the Digiport. It just so happened the Digiport is in each airplane around the Real World. Nifty, in my opinion. If you look to your windows, ladies and gentlemen, you will notice that you are currently airing orver what we Digimon call the Digital World!"

"Digital world?" Terra thought to herself. That word was not familiar to her. Maybe if she thought very hard she could summon something up. However nothing came to mind. She turned to the window.

Terra knew her geography well and she determined they were nowhere on earth. The foliage was completely different then anything that would remotely look like anything near there. She suddenly saw a small creature moving around on the land and that sealed the deal.

Terra stood up. She slowly stumbled slightly and then straightened herself. "Excuse me Mr. Valkyrimon. But why are you doing this?" She asked him with a very puzzled expression on her face. It was very curious.

May 9th, 2008, 9:39 PM
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The next thing Kelsey knew, someone picked her up and tossed her somewhere... although she didn't see who it was. Thinking she might be imagining this fall, Kelsey opened her eyes in order to look around. But just before she did, she felt a seat underneath her--it was almost as if whoever picked her up and threw her used some sort of magical force to make her land gently on this seat. But it didn't feel like the seats in the airport--it was softer, and it felt as if the seat was rumbling a bit... like an airplane seat. Then Kelsey opened her eyes and saw that she was, in fact, in an airplane. It was a smaller one, with only six seats. Kelsey was seated in the back row of two seats, and the seat to her right was empty. In front of her, she saw Joel, Terra, Sakai... and Hiro, who spoke to the pilot (who happened to be the man in the bird suit she saw at the airport). The birdman replied by stating that his name was "Valkyrimon", and mentioning Digimon and the Digital World.
Wha-digital world? What is this place anyways? Kelsey wondered as she sat there. Could this in fact be one of those faery-tale worlds Mrs. Takamari used to talk about in front of all of us back at the orphanage? And to think, I've always wondered about magical worlds such as Neverland and Narnia and Atlantis... and have always come to the conclusion that they never existed. Of course, they were always too good to be true--the real world really is a sad place. Maybe it's the people living in it who make the occasional attempt to make it better--although they seem to do it by telling stories about worlds that don't exist. Those worlds are like dreams--after them, I just wake up into a new day in real life.

Kelsey gazed out the window at the cloudless sky and the green landscapes, wondering how she got onto this airplane so quickly. Maybe she had fallen unconscious, and someone had carried her here? Was that what happened to the older kids here as well? It seemed logical to ask one of them how they got here, but Kelsey didn't know what to ask, not to mention she felt quite uncomfortable talking to teenagers. Perhaps this was because the little gang who ambushed her father and took all his money consisted of boys who were probably in their teens or early twenties, but Kelsey couldn't be too sure. She couldn't be too sure about much of anything--if life was just as she thought of it a few seconds ago, there were two things that stood out in it that stood out to her, oddities in this picture. First was her friend Edwin, who attempted to make life better for her not by telling her stories about fictional worlds, but by showing her around the real world. Not to mention it was odd for Kelsey to like someone who happened to be a thief, given what happened to her father. Second was the occurence of today. Kelsey felt as if just now, whoever picked her up (perhaps Valkyrimon?) threw her into the pages of a book, or simply that she had fallen asleep and entered a dream world. But it didn't feel too much like a dream to her. Usually in dreams she was another person, and knew nothing about her real life. Perhaps she was a faery who granted wishes to people. Perhaps she was a clown who spent her life entertaining younger kids around her. Perhaps, even, she was a prince, who witnessed a warrior princess slay a dragon. (The last one was odd...) But in this one, she was... Kelsey. She was still able to recall everything that happened in her life--the nights she spent alone in the empty room of her father's house, receiving Billy's rubber ducky from Edwin, being pushed off the swing by mean little Sandra, her first ballet lesson...

But the arrival in this fantastical world astounded Kelsey. It seemed to shine a light of hope on her otherwise murky life, it seemed to invite her into a dream from which she would never escape... Speaking of "dream" and "fantastical", Kelsey glimpsed some quite possibly fantastical little creatures out the window. Cute little blobs with faces, ears, tails... One looked mildly like a flying pig with fangs, another pink one had big eyes and antennae that sprouted out of its little head, another that looked to be ghost-shaped but still had a cute face... It really reminded Kelsey of a bunch of little plush toys she had seen in a store once--it was as if these toys came to life. Maybe that pink kitten doll she so treasured in the past would show up here as well... although Kelsey didn't spot anything that looked like it. There was one little creature that looked catlike, but it was yellow instead of pink.

For the next few moments, Kelsey's face seemed glued to the window as she watched these little Digimon bounce about. But then came Valkyrimon's voice...
"And, now, we prepare for a hard landing!"
"Wait... what?" Kelsey said, sitting up and looking around. Just as she did, she felt the airplane take a sharp drop all of a sudden.
"WHOA!" Kelsey cried out, half squeal, half scream. "Who's steering this thing?!?"

May 10th, 2008, 8:40 AM
Valkyrimon - Hiro - Crabmon

Hiro held onto his seat as Valkyrimon guided the plane torwards the lush green grass. As they neared the earth, a small airport came into visibility as several other airplanes, like the ones they were in, were coming in and out of the port. At the top of the airport was a red flame logo with a small portrait of Agunimon on it. Quickly now, the plane's speed grew to mach proportions.

"Alright!" Valkyrimon shouted to his passengers, "Prepare for landing in five...four...three...two...ONE!"

The plane exploded off of the ground sending the children flying into opposite directions. In one direction, Hiro was tossed towards the forest with Sakai and Terra; While Joel and Kelsey were sent flying towards the sandy beach. Valkyrimon, being strong as he was, was able to maintain his balance and only bounced in front of the airport. He stood up, dusting himself off, and placed his hands on his hips, "Well...that didn't go as planned. I crashed another plane. This'll look bad on my record. They may even take away my pilot license! Ah, ClavisAngemon can't hear of this." He walked into the small airport quickly.


Hiro stood up, dusting himself off. One minute they were on a plane, the next minute they crashed in front of the airport. Now, Hiro was in a forest with Terra and Sakai. Hiro's face had black, smoke marks on it from the crash. Amazingly, no one was injured! What kind of world was this? Hiro cleaned his face and goggles off as he looked to Terra and Sakai, "Did we just crash?" He looked around, "We should probably go find Joel and Kelsey. I think it's best if we stay together." He nodded.

At the beach, a small Crabmon waddled up to Joel and Kelsey after they ricocheted to the forest. It stood in between them as they lay on their backs. Immediately, it opened it's pincers and pinched Kelsey's right wrist and Joel's left wrist, as if to see if they were alive.

"Oh boy...deener (dinner). Surely Seadramon will be pleesed (pleased)!"

Trainer Kat
May 12th, 2008, 5:43 PM
The crash sent Joel soaring off towards the forest. His landing was all but soft, falling roughly on his back. He must have blacked out for a while, because the next thing he knew, his wrist was being pinched by a larger-than-average blue crab. The blonde was still groggy, emitting a dry cough. Smoke escaped his lips, likely a remnant of the crash. While he wasn't completely sure what was happening, he did manage to catch something about dinner. He felt his body begin to move, apparently being pulled by the crab. This crab seemingly intended to dine on Joel. Joel quickly yanked his arm out of the crab's grasp, simultaneously swatting its claw away with his other hand.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" the blonde snarled. "I'm not gonna be anyone's dinner." It was then that he noticed another victim. The young girl was clutched tightly in the crab's other claw. "Hey...ginger..." He didn't remember her name, so for now, he would refer to her by her hair color. "Get up, you're going to be eaten by a crab." He sighed. She was just a kid, after all. Taking the crab's claw in his hands, he attempted to pry its claw open, though its grip was terribly tight on her wrist.

May 21st, 2008, 4:03 PM
Whoever was "steering this thing", he or she must have not been a very good pilot. In fact, the pilot seemed to be trained for suicide bombing rather than passenger plane flight, as this airplane flew straight at the ground at such a high velocity that Kelsey thought for sure everyone in the airplane was going to die. Had this been a trap?!? Was this weird bird-man a minion of the Angel of Death, perhaps, a demon who tricked young people into meeting their ultimate doom? Kelsey knew she lived her life under a curse, but did the curse have to be this bad? In her last dying hopes, Kelsey looked out the window, even pounding her little fists against it to try and escape...

Then everything went black.

As Kelsey floated towards the surface of consciousness what seemed like a second later, she felt warm sand on her back, warm sun on her face, and a pinching sensation in her right wrist. Maybe she was in the afterlife--maybe this bird demon now had her ensnared in one of those animal traps, the metal ones on the ground with their snapping, teeth-like jaws. The pinching sensation was indeed caused by something hard and rather pointy, squeezing her mercilessly...

Kelsey was afraid at first to open her eyes, alien to what possible realm she was now in. She had heard about what Hell looked like, if that's where she was (Heaven probably doesn't have any painful traps, though), and the last thing she wanted to do was scream in alarm at what she saw once she opened her eyes. For she knew at this point that screaming and crying, though very hard to control, are the grounds for teasing and name-calling--at least for girls anyway. (For boys it was probably different--they were probably teased for having "girlfriends", like Edwin did for Kelsey. After all, she never recalled Edwin ever screaming or crying, and Edwin was name-called more than Kelsey was when the two were together.)

Kelsey's train of thought was interrupted by the sound of Joel's voice--he spoke of something trying to eat her.
Wait--he's here too? Kelsey thought. Figures--that airplane probably sent everyone to Hell. But... I thought people in Hell suffered from "endless pain"--yet he seems fine. Unless he's trying to hide the pain... ohh, I'm not sure...
It was then that Kelsey noticed an orange glow behind her eyelids, as she further regained consciousness. This meant that the sun was out... odd, what the "hell" was the sun doing there?

Once Kelsey opened her eyes, she recognised the source of the pain... she was not in Hell at all; rather on a beach, and a giant crab of some sort was pinching her wrist. Instinctively, she tried to pull her wrist free of the crab's grip, but when she moved it, it hurt even more, and even started bleeding. By this time, Kelsey was noticeably in a panic, judging by the gasps she was breathing in. But she dared not scream--or say anything for that matter, not even "help". She knew much better than to scream or shout in front of an older boy... Yet, if she couldn't get herself free from this crab-thingy, she would apparently become dinner. (Although a small voice in the back of her head wondered why it wanted to eat her--she wouldn't make a very good meal anyway.)

Kelsey noticed that Joel was trying to pry open Crabmon's pincer, but without much success. In a last desperate attempt, Kelsey kicked Crabmon in the face--it was the only thing she could do. Distracted and a bit startled, Crabmon loosened its grip on Kelsey a tiny bit, just enough for her to pull her arm out of it. Her hand was scraped a little bit from the claw edge, but at least she was free...

In the next few moments, Kelsey stood there, gazing at Joel and Crabmon, clutching her bleeding wrist with her left hand. The cut wasn't extremely deep, but it still hurt quite a bit...

Another thing Kelsey noticed was a white sandal sitting on the sand right underneath Crabmon. Then she noticed that her left foot had nothing but a green sock on it.