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April 26th, 2008, 6:53 PM
I will be executing signups for this a bit differently than I do normally. If you want to joing, PM ME FIRST requesting permission. I think this just might be a bit easier to guarantee the health of this RP.

Amidst Soul Society there exists four Noble Clans. The Shihouin and Kuchiki clans, and two other clans that have yet to be named. Below these clans, status wise, their exists many noble families with a much higher social status that exist only to create excellent soldiers to be accepted into the Gotei 13. These families are backed by the Four Noble Clans, and have been for generations. However, as there is tension between the Four Clans, their also exists tension between these noble families. Two in particular have taken this tension to violent extremes, to the point where the Gotei 13 has been given no choice but to keep an eye on them.

The first of these two families is the Kashiwa family. They are backed by the Shihouin clan, although after the disappearance Yoruichi Shihouin, support has been tight. The head of the family is an elderly man who everyone calls Furui Kashiwa. Furui has a great dislike for everyone and everything, and thus the Kashiwa family is always at odds with other groups, whether the family members like it or not. The family in general is large, taking an entire castle as their home amidst Sereitei. Most of the shinigami this family has produced have become members of the 2nd, 10th, or 11th divisions. The most famous feud the Kashiwa family is involved in includes Furui’s hate for the Kuchiki supported family, the Kirittoshita family. A personal vendetta against it’s leader, Toshiwakai Kirittoshita, a teenaged girl who was forcably placed into power due to the will of her deceased father, is what drives the conflict between the two clans. The Kirittoshita family is smaller, and for the most part has more passifist views when compared to the Kashiwa family. They also inherited the noble behaviour one of the Kuchiki family would possess, as it is one of the requirements that needs to be upheld for Byakuya Kuchiki to keep giving them money and supplies. Most of the Kirittoshita shinigami become members of the 4th, 6th, 12th, or 13th divisions.

This Kirittoshita members are often harassed by Kashiwa members as a direct result of Furui's dislike, and the Kirittoshita, despite their unwillingness to participate in such acts, have no choice to respond, despite the orders of their unexperienced leader, Toshiwakai. As a result, many shinigami outside of the two families have been assigned to watch the two opposing groups in case anything severe ever comes of the conflict. Over time, this became an effective strategy, as the Kashiwa family made no moves in fear of the Gotei 13 making a move. However, after Aizen Sosuke's rebellion, more emphasis was placed on preparing for his invasion, and less troops were supplied to keep tabs on the families. All hell began to break loose, and in the end a few Kirittoshita members ended up disappearing, or worse. The head of the family, Toshiwakai, was found dead one morning, which created a newfound hate for the Kashiwa family, and the feud just got worse. The new Kirittoshita family appealed to the Gotei 13 for justice, but in the end nothing was found connecting the Kashiwa family to the death.

Had it really been the will of Furui Kashiwa to kill in the first place? Had things just gotten out of hand? Or had something differently occured entirely? Eventually, the conflict ended in the a very unusal banishment of the families from Soul Society. They were thrown into the human world, in gigai's, with their memories of Soul Society completely gone thanks to a new machine developed by Mayuri Kurotsuchi. Everything was changed so that they fit in to a normal human life. That way, nothing like that dreaded feud would ever happen again. Unfortunately, several members of the Kashiwa family somehow came to remember the past after a while, and swore vengeance on the Kirittoshita family AND Soul Society for their banishment.

After multiple Shinigami went missing in the seashore city of Hokubu, Soul Society had no choice but to send a task force in to investigate, and that's where this story begins.

Important Details

The setting is primarily Hokubo City and Soul Society.
There are three different sides your character can exist on:
Kashiwa Family: The antagonists of the story. Spiteful about their removal from Soul Society, this powerful group of shinigami will now stop at nothing to exact their vengeance. However, it may be that not all of the recovered members will choose to follow Furui in his quest for revenge.

Kirittoshita Family: The other family that was banished from Soul Society. Few of these members have regained their memories and abilities, but those who have seem to acknowledge their part in the problem and have turned to aiding the shinigami who have been assigned the the problem. Their motives are to locate the rest of their family members before the Kashiwa family kills them, and to aid in the capture of the Kashiwa family before too much damage is done.

Shinigami Investigation Group: A small group of shinigami assigned to work on the Kashiwa case. Most of them have had past experiences with the two families, and they treat the Kirittoshita family as allies. They work under the command of Byakuya Kuchiki, who recently was assigned a greater job involved Hueco Mundo.


Name: (Family name will designate your side)
Actual: (Your actual age will be approximately 10x the age your character appears)

Appearance: (How does your character look? What's he/she wearing? Remember to try and stick to standard Shinigami clothing here, though you can modify it to suit your character. Don't forget a gigai appearance!)

Shikai: (First release)
Bankai: (Leave this blank for now)
Spirit: (You know, how each zanpakutou has that whole living spirit thing. XD)
Biography: (Describe your character growing up in Soul Society.)

Specialization: (Does your character excel in zanjutsu - swordsmanship, hakuda - hand-to-hand, hohou - footwork and agility, or kidou - demon arts. Only pick two!)
Kidou: (Scroll down a ways here (http://www.amalgamrpg.com/forum/showthread.php?t=169) and you can see a bunch of made up kidou and the effects. I asked to make sure if we could use them. Pick three that your character specializes in, though they aren't limited to them. Those with a kidou specialization can posses five)

April 28th, 2008, 6:44 PM
Because I am just so cool that I'm using a recycled/revamped sign-up.

NAME: Kashiwa Sendo

AGE: 20
ACTUAL: 197 years

PERSONALITY: Sendo is the type of guy who's all work and no play. But, to Sendo, studying bones and corpses is play, and research is far from work. He often blames his cruel and unusual manner of death and konso for his strange personality, his twisted version of fun, and his generally creepy-mad-scientist-like persona, leaving him highly resembling Mayuri in this manner. Normally, the first thing he wonders when he meets someone is what species they are, with their general skeleton in his mind. He prides himself on being able to distinguish a Quincy skeleton to a normal humans skeleton, and never hesitates to show his skull collection. When it comes to the saying, 'everyone has a few skeletons in their closet', it's quite literal for Sendo, who actually has a pile of various different kinds of bones in his closet, varying from Hollow, to shinigami, to the newly discovered Arrancar. Though the mission for most of the shinigami being sent on this quest is to find and recover the other shinigami, Sendo could care less for the other shinigami unless he's even more mutilated than Akarui, showing his sheer disregard for life itself. The only thing he was interested in since the very start was the Hollows themselves, and as the researcher, he's developed a habit of murmuring notes to himself to help him remember things. And over time, this habit of murmuring notes became a habit of mumbling things to himself without even realizing that other people can hear him. And when he accidentally says something malicious, if someone comments, he seems to completely forget that he even said whatever he did. This whole habit of him befuddles everyone, and some people who've had the misfortune to know Sendo rather well have deducted that it's a side effect of the experiments Sendo asked Mayuri-taichou to preform on his skull. On the note of life, Sendo treats life merely as the life of the lab rat before it's ready to be used in experiments and dissections. He doesn't hesitate at all to kill someone, though has, in the past, a great tendency to try his best not to mutilate the skeleton. If he really must break or slice through a bone, he will become annoyingly persistent in going back to get another specimens, to kill in a different place so that he might have a complete set. Though he exudes a creepy air and has a bad habit that rubs off as rude, when Sendo is paying attention, he can be quite the gentleman, and has a strict policy to cater to women before anyone else. Although this policy applies in battle as well, as he often chooses to fight females first, as with Sendo, it is always ladies first. Ego-istic is a good description of Sendo to go further, as Sendo rarely doubts his own abilities, whether as a fighter or a researcher. Though sometimes he can't back this self-important view, this hardly matters to him, as a haughty and 'greater-than-thou' outlook on others is exactly what Sendo finds appropriate to the vermin that are simply pieces of his lab experiments.

APPEARANCE: Sendo’s flat olive green eyes are always the first thing people notice about him. They don’t seem to catch any light at all, and instead, they simply hold a plain black pupil in the middle that makes him constantly have a severe and sharp gaze, softened only by his heavy eyelids that cause him to almost always have an arrogant and conceited gaze. He’s quite tall, inches taller than many of the fellow shinigami in his division, and the fact that he is unnaturally thin to the point where should he breathe in, one could count his ribs quite easily only accentuates his height. Sendo’s eye always seem somewhat glazed over, undoubtedly from too much experimentation, and coupled with his pale skin that seems as if it hasn’t been exposed to a single ray of sunshine, he almost looks as if he’s dead. His jet black hair looks as if it alone could be a weapon, for it’s been styled into a spiky cut that gradually goes from pointing straight down, all the way up to where it points to Sendo’s right, completely parallel to the ground. Resting on his left shoulder is a braid of dark red string that wraps around a very small portion of his hair, the braid held in place with two black beads at the end. The braid reaches just past Sendo’s collarbones, showing that when his hair isn’t styled, it’s actually quite long.

His shinigami uniform is similar to the standard uniform, except the black scarf that wraps around his neck and trails off to a ripped and tattered end, while two talismans written in black ink on white parchment are attached to either side of his chest have strange cryptic markings on them. Around his neck is a silver chain necklace that has a cross hanging from it, the cross made of the white bones from a hollow mask. Sendo wears the standard warashi sandals, but the socks he wears with them are black, as is the sheer fabric glove on his right arm and hand. This glove has only two fingers; one for the thumb, and another for the middle finger, while the rest are merely designed like a fingerless glove. It acts almost like a sleeve, as it reaches Sendo’s shoulder, with the upper hem of the glove sewn into Sendo’s flesh with stitches to hold it in place. On his left hip rests his Zanpakuto, Gaikotsu, attatched to his waist by a single thread belt made of teeth, canines, molars, and front teeth, various different kinds obviously taken from different species.

His gigai looks almost identical to his regular appearance, the clothing being the only real difference. If one really scrutinizes his appearance, they can see that the color of his eyes, the color of his skin, his pupils and the stitches in his shoulders have all been changed to look more human. While his attire is almost always entirely red and white, a stupid jab at his obsession with bones and blood by his co-workers in the lab. Of course, Sendo, being accustomed to these colors, has yet to notice the pattern of red and white. His pants are usually bought slim-long, frayed and torn at the hem of the legs. The default outfit that comes with his gigai has just this, except the pants are dark blood red, while a white base T-shirt with black block text going up and down the left side of the shirt saying, ‘BONES’ is worn over a black long sleeved shirt, the sleeves pushed up to his elbows so that they peek out from under his overshirt. A wallet chain is clipped onto one of his belt loops, the black leather accessory stuffed sloppily into his back pocket while a number of stainless steel rings are worn on his fingers. The science department had originally had piercings in his gigai’s ears and on his lip and eyebrow, but after being threatened with Gaikotsu to their necks, they remodified it and got rid of the extra decorations. If they hadn’t gotten in his way and felt awkward and strange, Sendo would never have even noticed.

DIVISION: 12th Division

SEAT: 10th Seat

SEALED: In his sealed form, Gaikotsu takes on the appearance of an average sized sword, though the nakago is two handed, obviously fashioned out of the femur bone of a human. Both edges of the sword are sharp in the western style, and there is no guard, as the bone seems to simply taper off and suddenly become the metal of the blade.
SHIKAI: In his Shikai form, Gaikotsu changes into a 55” long claymore, the blade 7” wide with the same femur as the grip. However, there is an additional bone that acts as a guard, making the shape of the grip and guard together that of a cross. There is a circular mouth on either side of the handle that slowly eats away at the reiatsu in the air, and regurgitates it as olive green blasts of kidou, though if it eats away all the reiatsu in the air near it, it will begin to eat Sendo’s reiatsu. To gather enough reiatsu to regurgitate it all takes quite some time however. He is summoned with the phrase, “Moushide Oujou, Gaikotsu!” (Claim Death, Skeleton!)
BANKAI: "Oujou Ekirei, Gaikotsu Senzai" (Death Plague, Skeleton Garden) is true to its name, as it makes the surrounding area a garden of skeletons. Though only a select few skeletons can emerge all the way, many are simply just from the wrist up, making the flailing hands look as if they’re flowers, while the standing skeletons would represent trees. They can fight, though they’re really only a distraction that is meant to keep the opponent busy while Sendo completes his transformation. When his bankai is complete, Sendo becomes a skeleton himself, and even if he falls apart, he can steal the bones from the skeletons around him to put himself back together. In the end, his bankai is extremely dangerous, as if his original bones are broken, when the bankai wears off and his original bones assemble, they will still be broken when the flesh has replaced itself. In order to defeat Sendo’s bankai, it is a simple matter of cracking his skull, which can only be done with a physical attack, and can actually prove difficult, as Sendo’s skull has been modified to be hard enough to withstand a good amount of heavy blows. (There’s a trick to cracking the skull that only Sendo knows in advance, though the trick can be easily reached through basic logic.)
SPIRIT: Gaikotsu is, unsurprisingly, a skeleton himself. His face is wrapped up in bandages, leaving only his eyes and mouth visible, while his three fingers are elongated into claw-like talons. Other then his hands, however, Gaikotsu looks as if he was once a human, and the ripped, holey yukata he wears that is gray and faded only adds to the speculation of what he once was. Around his wrist is a silver chain necklace with the same cross of bones that Sendo wears, and it is knotted securely in place, as otherwise it would slip right off. Gaikotsu’s poise is far from straight, as he stands with his pelvis forward and his shoulders rolled back, while he juts his head out just slightly past the base of his neck. His personality is basically described by Sendo’s nickname for him, ‘Grumpy Old Man’. Gaikotsu is an irritable zanpakuto, and hates being ordered around, unless it means profit for him. And in Gaikotsu’s dictionary, profit is a synonym for killing.

BIOGRAPHY: Being apart of a noble family was a big deal for Sendo as a child. He was confident in himself and his abilities, because he was of noble blood. Placing the utmost trust and loyalty in the clan leader Kashiwa Furui, Sendo had no doubts that everything he said was nothing less than the truth. In his youth, Sendo was very aware of different levels. He did not care if a man was twice or thrice his age, if he was from Rukongai, that man 'class' was lower than his, and therefore, he could treat the man however he liked. However, he would never stray from an order or request from someone above his class, and this belief easily caused Sendo to believe that the Kirittoshita family was nothing more than a collection of barbarians that were lower in class than even hollows- because hollows were actual useful, as research subjects. His eagerness to research landed him immediately in the 12th division. It was a horrible disappointment to the Kashiwa family. How could one of their own, bright and successful family members be landed in a squad comprised of so many Kirittoshita? It didn't matter to Sendo. He ignored all Kirittoshita clansmen unless it was directly related to his own research on hollow masks. It was as if they didn't even exist. His loathing of the Kirittoshita grew quickly when he was stripped of his 10th seat position in the 12th division due to a feud he hadn't even been apart of. His loathing escalated into pure hatred when he was one of the first to have his memory wiped. Due to him being one of the guinea pigs, he went through the process of losing his memory three times before everything about Soul Society was gone, and even then, some other pieces of his memory had fallen apart.

When he was placed in the human world, he was enrolled in a highschool. Thanks to the rather good looks of his gigai, he was treated well by his classmates, and he easily adjusted to human life after awhile, regaining bits of the memories that hadn't been directly targetted. He didn't remember where his family was, what they were doing. He didn't know where he'd been born, or what he'd been doing for the past 18 years. At times, when he'd been out with his friends, he would see strange black butterflies. His hand would itch to hold something he couldn't name. Every now and then, he'd hear horrible inhuman screams that sounded like a collapsing building, sounds and sights that no one else could see. And the day he was approached by a strange group of people was the day that he remembered everything. Especially his hatred of the Kirittoshita, the very reason he'd wasted nearly two years of his life.

SPECIALIZATION: Sendo uses a quick combination between zanjutsu and hakuda, even though his zanpakuto is partially kidou based. (He's terrible at kidou.)

KIDOU: Abadon's Kiss - Hadou #72, 2400 Kidou

The user of this kidou temporarily opens a gate to the underworld and unleashes a pack of ravenous spirits to attack the enemy. The user says the chant, and then a twenty foot gate to hell drops in behind them, opening to reveal hazy red portal in which the tormented spirits come out and attack.

Chant: "Gatekeeper to the world below! Obey the blood oath and open the door to my foe's demise! Hadou #72, Abadon's Kiss!

Ancestral Clasp [Grd / Bind / Tar] - Bakudou # 46, 550 kidou

Description: The user points index and middle finger towards their intended target. Once the incantation is cast, the user then stomps on the ground. After which a crevice in the earth will open up beneath the target. Two large bone hands will reach up from the ground and clench around the target concealing the entire body except the head within the bone grasp. The thumbs of the two bone hands will hold the head of the target in place facing skyward. The hold will last a maximum of 1 minute and a minimum of 10 seconds depending on difference between user’s kidou to target’s SP.

Incantation: Ancestors of old, let it be known to all who are present of your continual watch. Reach through the ages and take hold of my opponent. Bakudou # 46, Ancestral Clasp.

Dark Claw - Bakudou #41, 500 Kidou / Demon’s Claw - 1000(counting base 500 for Dark Claw) kidou

(Dark Claw) A pool of endless darkness appears under the target, shadowy claws jumping from the pool. The claws endlessly hunt down the person, following them for up to 15 seconds before they dissipate. Once caught, they drag the target into the pool, a sphere of pure darkness appearing from the pool and levitating in the air with the person for 30 seconds before disappearing.

Incantation: Fiend’s hand of the dark spectre. Return from the bowels of the underworld and do my bidding. Bakudou #41, Dark Claw


April 28th, 2008, 7:14 PM
I did send you a PM, so i'm gonna post up my RP...but a reply WOULD be nice...if I wasn't accepted beforehand feel free to delete this as you see fit.

Name: Kirittoshita Haru
Appearance: 14
Actual: 136
Division: 11th
Seat: 13th

Personality: Haru is extremely childish. He plays pranks, he is angered easily, and he has a thing for sweet foods, which can often sooth even his wildest tantrum. Although lazy, once he gets up and going he is often unable to be stopped by someone without high speed. He also..welll, he likes to fight. No, scratch that. He LOVES to fight. just the thrill of blades clashing or fists colliding gets him pumped. He often watches captain Zaraki 'train' with the other members of the squad when he's not doing tasks. Most member of his squad consider him a larger version of vice-captain Yaichiru, only without the idolization of captain Zaraki that only she possesses, to that extent atleast. Haru hopes to one day be nearly as strong as captain Zaraki, I mean, trying being stronger than him would be suicide! Though he loves to fight, he knows when it's best to run, and can escape others rather easily due to his great speed. He hates getting punished like any kid, and that's the only thing that makes him choose flight instaid of fight in those situations. He grows bored easily if nothing worth-while is going on.

Shinigami: Haru stands about five feet tall and weighs just under one hundred pounds. (not sure on the metrics there, sorry!) He has deep crimson hair the color of dried blood that hangs down to his shoulders in little spikes, while the bangs halfway cover his deep yellow-gold eyes. If one was actually to see under his hakama(pants) they'd notice he has extremely firm leg muscles, while if they saw his back they'd notice he has a large scar going down his back from his right shoulder to his left hip. His shinigami clothes are normal in appearance, but it is rumored(he'll never show you) that he has many, many pockets inside them for holding prank items. He also wears a silver Gi(the 'belt' that holds his hakama up) around his waist instaid of a white one. His sword is fasioned across his hips with the hilt at his right side for easy reach.
Gigai: Haru is still has the same physical appearance as when he's a shinigami, save the scars. But rather than wearing his usual shinigami outfit, he wears a black T-shirt over an orange long-sleeved shirt. The black shirt actually has an evil-looking pumpkin that he says "looks really, really cool!" Along with that he wears a pair of jeans that have way more pockets than nessesary, him counting up to twenty-five on just one leg, without even finishing said leg. He wears a pair of black-and-orange tennis shoes to complete the outfit, along with a black skull cap with a skull actually imprinted on it. When not wearing this outfit, or the usual karakura town school uniform he also wears a bright florange-and-red outfit that he says "makes me look like a firecracker!" Much to the dismay of others.

Zanpakuto: KazeKatsu (Wind Explosion/Exploding Wind)
Sealed: Kazekatsu appears to be a normal Ninja-to, aside from the fact that it lacks a gaurd. It is about two-and-a-half feet long, and is black about the handle with swirling gold designs imprinted into it with a silver endcap. The sheath is similar, and is fastened to his waist horizontally much like Captian Soifon's zanpaktou.
Shikai: By calling out the phrase "kaze no ga de bakuretsu, KazeKatsu!" (explode with the grace of wind, KazeKatsu!") The ninja-to transforms into a four-foot-across razor fan with the kanji for "Katsu" (explode) printed across each side. When swung, Kazekatsu can do one of two things. It can either send a wave of crippling wind twords the opponent, or it can ignite said wind into an explosive vortex of air and fire that will slowly close in on whatever is within it untill it explodes. (litterally an exploding tornado)
Bankai: ----- (will edit this later because you told us to leave it blank, but it's named "Kinmaru, Kazekatsu no mai" or "Clashing Blade Circle, Dance of the Exploding Wind")
Spirit: KazeKatsu appears as a black tiger with orange stripes and orange flames erupting from the tip of his tail, behind his ears, and along his paws.

Biography: Haru got in trouble often as a 'child' in soul society. He pulled pranks often and people often wonder where he got the supplies to do so, and how he never got caught. He spent the first few years (twenty to thirty years) in soul society without ever giving his last name, so he was never brought into seireitei to be with the rest of the kirittoshita clan, allowing him to pull his pranks as often as he liked. He was finnally discovered when he played a prank on a shinigami who had gone to search for a certain soul who had not been found yet. Little did either of them know, but they knew eachother, since the soul reaper was actually Haru's mother. Since then he was brought to seireitei and forced into the academy, leaving behind all the friends and 'family' he had made back in the rings of soul society. Once he passed he was assigned to the 11th division for his fondness for battle and skills with zanjutsu, where he instantly forged a friendship with vice-captain yaichiru over the cource of the next few years, if you can call it a friendship, as she often likes to chase him around, which causes him to play harmless pranks on her, which makes her chase him, which starts the whole cycle over again before they just end up falling to the ground laughing at their antics, which have for the most part, 'disrupted' daily life.

Specialization: Zanjutsu and Hohou.
Godspeed - Bougyoudo #79, 3000 kidou

Effect: When Godspeed is in place the speed of the user is greatly increased. Their hohou stat is raised by 50%. This kidou increases temporarily raises the rate of shyunpo, agility, and your overall reaction time. This spell only lasts for about 3-5 minutes(only 3 turns in a PC fight, and after it is finished the user's original agility will be reduced by 50%(25% in a PC fight for 3 turns). Also, in a PC fight, one must wait at least 5 turns after the spell has worn off before using it again.


Phrase: Like those that dwell in the heavens, take my speed beyond known limits. Bougyoudo #75, Godspeed!!!

Flow Break - Bougyoudo #9, 60 kidou


Surrounds the target ally (or self) with a thin layer of energy that will separate their being with that of another. Used in situations where someone is being forcefully held on to and needs to be released. It will cause an electricution like discomfort and pain in the attacker.

"The free of mind desire release. Be discharged from these binds! Bougyoudo #9 , Flow Break!"

Hope that's allright...I really hope i'm accepted, a good Bleach RP like this one only comes along once in a green moon. (rarer than blue ones! o.o)