View Full Version : Who's that Instrument?...It's ___.

April 28th, 2008, 11:53 AM
*Ahead is what some of you might consider to be a spoiler. I've already wrapped tags around what I know some of you definitely won't want to hear. You are forewarned.*

I was playing my Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Time game when I got to the Hidden Land (the scene with Lapras flying). The music started playing and I noticed an instrument that felt very familiar. I loved the noise that it made and then it hit me! <<That music was in Final Fantasy X>> (for some reason, I felt like using French quotes :classic:). So, I was just wondering if anyone knows of the instrument I'm talking about, and/or what the instrument is called. It kinda sounds like someone hitting a block of wood, but with an interesting echo?...Anyway, these videos contain the instrument so listen, then fill in the blank!

Ok, my bad. I can't find any videos! Although, that doesn't mean that I'm not looking. If you know what I'm talking about answer anyway. If not, sorry! By the way, the music also plays after you defeat Dusknoir for what I'm guessing to be the last time.