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Hall Of Famer
May 14th, 2008, 10:38 AM
POKEMON Hall Of Fame Version: Made in RPG Maker XP by HALL OF FAMER
Team: Still seeking for helpers


As you can tell from the name, this game witnesses the growth of the protagonist as a POKEMON trainer. It's divided into several chapters. Chapter 1 is about the KANTO region, which is almost the same with the POKEMON Red/Blue game. Chapter 2 will witness the protagonist traveling through the ORANGE ISLANDS fighting against the GYM LEADERS in this region and explore the traces of the KANTO ELITE FOUR. Chapter 3, 4 and 5 will have the storyline of the Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh region, but it will take a long time for me to finish this project.


Chapter 1: KANTO
As I stated above, the stotyline of the KANTO region is nearly the same with the POKEMON Red/Blue version. The protagonist will receive one of the three starter POKEMON from PROF. OAK and begin the journey in PALLET TOWN. However, it's still a little bit different from the original game. The character Blue (called OLGA in this game according to her name in French) will appear as one of the Character's rival and battle against the protagonist sometimes. The INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE is another noticeable difference, and the protagonist will have 6 straight battle before becoming the league champion. Besides, there's a ferry called S.A. MONICA(Saint. Monica) near the FUCHSIA Port, what might it be...

Two years After the protagonist becoming the champion in the INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE, the new journey begins as the protagonist seeking for the KANTO ELITE FOUR in order to be named the POKEMON MASTER in KANTO region. However, the protagonist will have to find a ticket for that S.A MONICA ferry in order to travel to ORANGE ISLANDS. What should the protagonist do...


Come soon.


ASH: The protagonist of the POKEMON Hall Of Fame. A resident in PALLET TOWN who loves POKEMON training very much at a relatively young age. Like the POKEMON Video game, he will receive a POKEMON from PROF. OAK and begin the journey in KANTO first.

GARY: The grandson of the famed Prof. OAK and ASH’s lifetime rival. GARY is young and talented as well, but a little bit arrogant compared to his rival. He also received a POKEMON from Prof. OAK and his POKEMON is always super effective against ASH’s. GARY collects eight badges in KANTO and participate in the INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE.

OLGA: A mysterious girl also from PALLET TOWN. She’s suspected to be the thief who stole a POKEMON from Prof. OAK and her POKEMON is always not so effective against ASH’s. Though being a bad and nasty girl, OLGA is actually a pretty gifted trainer and manages to clinch the Semi-final of the INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE.

JAMY: A younger girl who appears in VIRIDIAN FOREST two years after ASH won the INDIGO LEAGUE. She’s seeking for her uncle when a wild DRATINI attacks her all of a sudden. ASH rescues her from the trouble and in return, JAMY hands a S.A. TICKET to ASH so that he can travel to VALENCIA ISLAND by using this ticket. Will she appear later in ORANGE ISLANDS chapter?

GYM LEADERS: The GYM LEADERS in KANTO are definitely the same with the original video game, with the order of BROCK (ROCK), MISTY (WATER), LT. SURGE (ELECTRICITY), ERIKA (GRASS), KOGA (POISON), SABRINA (PSYCHIC), BLAINE (FIRE) and GIOVANNI (GROUND). The ORANGE ISLANDS also have eight GYMs with four of them from the Orange league in anime and another four also from the anime (TRACEY, MARINNA, TAD, DRAKE).

INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE Opponents: There’re four of the opponents in INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE whom ASH has to battle in order to win the division and clinch the semi-final. (Inspired from NCAA Basketball, the INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE is divided into four divisions --- East, Mid-West, South and West, with ASH in East Division, GARYin South Division, OLGA in Mid-West Division, and RITCHIE in West Division). See this screen shot to see whom ASH has to battle in INDIGO PLATEAU CONFERENCE:


A demo will be released within 4 to 6 days when I finish fixing the bugs in this game.

Screen Shots:
More screen shots will be released in the next posts.

Bugs and issues:

Bugs are listed below:

The Fishing rod event is not working.
The player can use HMs even without badges and POKEMON.
When the player goes into another map by surfing, a weird error happens. See the screen shot below: http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll94/pokemonhalloffame/bug.png?t=1210790248
The trade event is still not available yet due to my inability to upgrade the pokemon essential version I’m currently using. I’d appreciate it very much if someone could help me upgrade it!

Besides, I do badly need the Trainer sprite and charset for Mandi, Pete, Jeanette, Yellow(called Jamy in this game) and trainers, gym leaders in Orange island. It would be great if someone could help me making another style of tileset for the ORANGE ISLANDS maps.

Have a good day everyone, hope you enjoy the game I made.

May 14th, 2008, 7:34 PM
This appears to be a complete game. I think you should have it moved to the Games Showcase.

Hall Of Famer
May 14th, 2008, 10:57 PM
This appears to be a complete game. I think you should have it moved to the Games Showcase.

I did posted this one in the Game Showcase forum but it wasn't get approved by any moderators. I guess I may have to add a demo later on to make it more completed.

May 15th, 2008, 3:48 AM
If your thread does not get approved it does not give you the right to bypass the moderation by posting it in another section.