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Rattata Guy
June 2nd, 2008, 11:29 AM
The desire for a Pokemon MMO is somewhat mixed in the Pokemon fandom community, for good reason. It would be something of a big undertaking, and no two people have the same idea of how it would work out.

But I was thinking that us older Pokemon fans could form a company, work on the infrastructure and pitch the idea to Nintendo (and/or GameFreak). I figure that even if we don't get the opportunity to make "The" Pokemon MMO, we'll have the foundation set for a pretty good online game anyway. Plus the experience would be helpful, especially on a resume.

I don't have much in the way of computer experience, but I do have some entrepreneurial and writing skill. If we can get enough hardworking, knowledgeable Pokemon fans together, I'm sure that more than enough would have the expertise, or the connections to make some headway. We'd probably even have loads of fun too!

I have a text file full of ideas that I think would be key in marking a genre change from single player RPG to online multi-player, while still being true to the heart and soul of the Pokemon franchise.

More importantly, I believe that there must be a way to structure a Pokemon MMO so that that handheld games remain lucrative for Nintendo. That is the only way that Nintendo would even start thinking of endorsing an MMO to begin with.

June 2nd, 2008, 12:18 PM
It is debatable if its a good idea or not, because if they implement legendaries into the game, only the top people would be able to catch them and it would be unfair for the rest of the community to suffer from having to battle a legendary.

Rattata Guy
June 2nd, 2008, 1:17 PM
It is debatable if its a good idea or not, because if they implement legendaries into the game, only the top people would be able to catch them and it would be unfair for the rest of the community to suffer from having to battle a legendary.Maybe I should post some of my ideas. Because the way I see it working out, that couldn't happen at all. Thing is, I don't want this to turn into a "This is what I want in a Pokemon MMO thread"

June 2nd, 2008, 1:41 PM
It is debatable if its a good idea or not, because if they implement legendaries into the game, only the top people would be able to catch them and it would be unfair for the rest of the community to suffer from having to battle a legendary.

Or... everyone could catch one when they get to a certain point...
like on the games... :P

June 2nd, 2008, 1:54 PM
I think it would be a great idea. Make it kinda like runescape, only, not like it. They could charge people like 10-20 bucks to buy the game, then it's free! I think that it would be so awesome if there was one!

Rattata Guy
June 2nd, 2008, 2:07 PM
I've been playing other MMOs for the last 5 or so years, mainly FFXI but a good dose of WoW, City of Heroes and a few others thrown in the mix there. Pokemon doesn't need to be the next World of Warcraft, in fact I don't think it should be, but there are certain changes that would need to take place if the franchise wants a fun, successful entry into the MMO scene.

Here are some ideas that I've been mulling over for a while now. I'm not sure how feasible they all are, but you've gotta start somewhere right? (Since this list comes from a text file where I've just been adding idea as I think about them, it's a bit sloppy. Some things may be repeated or worded awkwardly. I apologize in advance.)

* All regions - Johto, Kanto, Hoenn, Shinnoh, Orre, Fiore - including the variety of gaming flavors found in each. (Want to participate in Super Contests? Gotta go to Shinnoh.)
* Having the Underground make a return
* User-made content (trainer appearance, secret bases, personal rooms, etc)
* Crafting system (custom made pokeballs maybe? Seals, ribbons?)
* Different Classes (Trainers, Breeders, Coordinators etc) - Don't want to spend your days and nights simply battling other pokemon? Then perhaps you can be a breeder or a contest goer? Maybe even set up a shop or a wilderness Pokecenter for your other trainers! Farmers = specializing in berries, growing stuff, pokemon herds for crafting materials, quest-related items?

Trainers the general basic job. Goal: Complete the pokedex

Breeders have access to the regional starters, reduced egg-producing time. To "stay" a breeder, you may have to breed a starter for the local pokemon gym.

Rangers - trades the ability to permanently capture a pokemon to be able to freely set up a wilderness Pokecenter for trainers (other classes have to pay in $ and materials)

Coordinators - slightly weakens pokemons' battle power in exchange for increased "Trainer stats" or something

Merchants - Earn more $ from battling trainers, can set up more than a single shop

(More trainer ideas? Professors etc?)

* Make getting legendary pokemon DIFFICULT, needing teams or groups of people working at the same time, though only one will get the pokemon at the end.

* Quests - rewards could be currency, pokemon, "reputation" etc
* Protection against cheating
* Minigames
* Events - seasonal, official Nintendo events!
* Pokemon are given a lot more variety in catching.
* Time based events would have to be worked out differently. A world wide release would be difficult if game time = real time, unless each Region were large enough to encompass various time zones, ie Day in Kanto could mean Night in Fiore
* Trainer levels, "stats" - independent of pokemon stats
* There'd probably need to be a limit on how many pokemon a train can "own" at a given time. I don't think a server could hold 10k players each having over thousand pokemon stored somewhere.
* "Favored" Pokemon system - think Pokemon Yellow's Pikachu, just with any pokemon of your choosing, they get bonuses to their stats, and stay out of their pokeball
* Livable space - for a cost players can buy their own bedroom/apartment (otherwise they have to logout in a POkecenter or some other safe spot to avoid losing a random item, exp, money or something...) Also provides item storage.
(Or perhaps, like the Machoke guy in the Gen 1 games, players can buy land and build their houses from scratch?) Keeping everying pokemon centered, they'd have to hunt down building materials or fight a Zoning Director in a "gym leader"-like battle.
* Players can have a bedroom/apartment, a secret base or an Underground base - perhaps all three after fulfilling the right quests. Can be decorated. May provide instant transportation between the three. (Have a bedroom in Kanto, a secret base in Orre and an Underground base in Hoenn)
* Pokemon Releasing system - Releasing a pokemon makes it live in general area for a period of time (different for each pokemon). If enough of the same sort of pokemon are released in the area, they could become part of the local environment - perhaps even spawn quests if they are deemed to upset the balance
* Random and non-random encounters
* With enough real estate, players could possibly start their own small towns. (Chansey-burg! Pikaville!)
* I'm not sure about 3D gameplay, but I'll include it here.
* Some sort of in game economy to spur on player/player interactions. Sorry folks but the stuff that's typically free will probably need some sort of cost associated with it when shifted to an online context - Pokecenters, accessories, etc
* Players can form Groups (a la DP) which can grow into "unofficial" but League sanctioned Gyms.
* A game flavorful and casual enough for folks who can't invest mega hours into the grind, but can be robust enough for folks who do want to
* PvP - special arenas, a Pokemon League
* PvE - imagine fighting against Lawrence III and his mind-controlled Legendary Birds in a revisioning of the first Pokemon Movie.
* Pokemon swarms, of course
* Shadow Pokemon break outs - perhaps if there's a "world-wide" lake of caring for one's pokemon (or maybe just because Cipher is up to no good) Players may find that a pokemon or two has somehow closed it's heart off. It's more powerful in battle, but can't do a field move, or collect material or help with crafting etc.
* Wii and PC versions, possibly
* Some revamping of Pokemon movesets, battle mechanics...
* Perhaps a DS game that allows some limited leveling of an online pokemon offline (though not in a DS game setting)
* Voice chat or some sort of communication that's more robust than preset phrases
* Upgradability - New pokemon generation? New expansion or (free?) downloadable content for the game.
* Twice a week DS (or Wii?) to MMO transfer - cheat protection though! Trying to transfer a Master ball or the like would net you a berry or a "No Cheating" mail instead.
* Someway to keep the handheld games popular enough where Nintedo would actually say "Yes" to a Pokemon MMO
* Some business model that works, but won't hardship one player over another. Monthly fee? Completely free? Free with a cash-shop?