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June 12th, 2008, 7:13 PM
I decided since I love drawing pokemon shipping pictures and stuff like that, I'd start a club on pokecommunity to see how many people like pokemon shippings. A new shipping will be discussed every Friday, even though I post this on Thursday, new ones will be on Friday. And once I run out of Shippings, I will choose a "Shipping of the Month" and that Shipping will be talked about until the first Fridayof the next month.

I hope you all will like my club!

Week of June 13,2008

Shipping: Contestshipping (May and Drew)
(My signature has my 3 favourite shippings in it)

Just to let you know, I chose these Shippings randomly out of a hat, and if you have any other shippings that I do not mention, please tell me the shippings! I'd really appreciate it!

Here is a pic I thought would fit:

http://pokemon-safari.com/sitio/imagenes_capitulos/advance-generation/113/248.jpg It's a pic from an episode from Battle Frontieror Advanced Battle from the Wynat Episode, where Drew almost falls to his death if May didn't jump in and save him.