View Full Version : The Evil Art of Keyblade Master!

August 2nd, 2004, 8:38 PM
Yes fear the small amount of art I have!!!!! Ok.. here we go!


That's me... as a kitty, kinda a little present for my boyfriend who is convinced that I was a cat in a past life XD


A Conner/Kira shipper banner for another fourm, bg done in PSP8 and was put together in Paint


A little rep banner I made of Tori/Naru, for another fourm, bg done in PSP8 and was put together in Paint

Heh... I guess the banners count for art right? I have more, just gotta upload more XD so comment!

EDIT: And yes I know I can't draw =P

August 3rd, 2004, 5:22 AM
Cool art, I like the kitty picture, it's really cute! I also like the backgrounds on the banners, their really cool! Good work!

August 3rd, 2004, 12:35 PM
Thanks ^_^ I have another picture ^___^


Me with... pink hair and blue highlights XD

August 9th, 2004, 1:46 AM
All right a new pic I just did... and I'd say this is one of my best, I didn't use the paintbrush tool for one and stuck with the pencil tool, done it Paint, and that's supposed to be me ^_^


August 9th, 2004, 4:48 AM
Their cute, I love the first one with the cool hair!