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June 21st, 2008, 9:49 PM
ive started designing a Database to Immortalise as many fakemons possible.
the database works kinda like a pokedex, with submitted data like Height, Weight etc.

if you would like to submit to the database then you need to post these details for your fakemon.

Name: (whatever your fakemons name is)

Type: (fire, water etc, also if you have made up your own type then that is allowed to)

Height: (can be in centimetres, inches, feet, metres etc)

Weight: (grams, milligrams, pounds, kilograms etc)

Moves: (Whatever attacks your fakemon knows, real or made up. also you can add what levels they learn the moves)

Evolution: (what it evolves into, what it evolves from, items needed to evolve or special events needed to evolve like friendship or at night, also what level it evolves but what level it evolves at isnt compulsory).

Data: (Some information about the fakemon, if its from a fan game or rom hack then say which game it came from, add the inspiration behind the fakemon if you want and whatever else you want to add)
LIMIT IT TO 255 characters please

Year Created: (not compulsory, if you ont know what year you made it then dont worry about it, you can also add month and even day you made it if you remember it.)

Creator(s): (add whatver name you want here, wether its your real name, nickname, online name, email adress etc, if someone helped you then add their name aswell if they want it added)

Image: The Most Important Part, but its limited to only one image, add your pixel art or drawing of your fakemon. if you want more than one image added then cut and paste several images together (for instance you might want the backsprite, frontsprite and in bag sprite if you designed it on your pc in the image) oh and it HAS TO BE SAVED AS A BITMAP IMAGE.

Question: How do i know this is ligit?
Answer: next weekend i will upload version 1.0.0 for download, it will contain as many entrants that have been submitted, im hoping to get atleast 50 entries for the first version, but thats not up to me, its up to whoever wants this to be succesful (AKA All you guys who have desinged fakemons).

so if you want your fakemon to be immortalised then submit it today, you can submit as many as you want (just dont go nuts submitting fakemons that you have created just for this database).

if you have any other questions then post them on this thread or PM me!;)

June 22nd, 2008, 7:58 AM
Sorry, this isn't in compliance with the purpose of the Pixel Projects section, nor is it something I really approve of.