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July 13th, 2008, 11:47 PM
Yes,yes, another role-play but I promise I will keep up with escaping the dark >.>; and becoming addicted to gale of darkness again... I decided why not use my creativity so everyone can enjoy but..Okay here we go.

The Light within the Shadows
Rating: PG-13

We've all heard of Shadow Pokemon right?.. Yes you know the pokemon who's hearts have been artificially closed through cruel ways, but... Thats was 100 years ago.. They don't exist anymore...Right..? Cipher was destroyed when that boy snagged XD001. And Master Greevil was taken down.. So..There's..nothing to worry about..

This was the tale that had been handed down throughout generation span of 100 years. There had been no sign of Cipher..Sure there was a few Team Snagem sightings but thats nothing to worry about.. Or is it?

There have ben sightings of shady characters coming in and out of the desert whering the same uniforms as Cipher... Other strange things have been happening as well..

There is a new leader of Orre.. The leaders name is..

George Martanaz (bare with me I'm making a name up Haha!) The people of orre are unsure abouthis ruling..It seems very similiar to dictatorship because of cruel laws and regulations which were being enforced. Like you could have no more then 2 pokemon or no more then 5 of each object. These rules seemed harsh and unfair to many trainers throughout Orre.

The most interesting problem is about..Pokemon.

There have been pokemon that have been attacking people but the problem is..some of them are wild..Some of them are not wild.. Its not just wild pokemon attacking people its wild pokemon and owned pokemon attacking people with the most utter cruelty. If you got attacked by one of these pokemon you would surely end up in the hospital. So people would wonder..
Have people started creating shadow pokemon again? Had cipher truely returned? And f so..Would they be more aggresive..and would there be more shadow pokemon then last time?

This is where you come in..

You were born in an orphange somewhere in orre..Whether it be agate village or pyrite town..You had to be born somewhere..? Or you could have been one of those reguller kids, or a spoiled rich kid.. Well.. You have also had some type of trauma in your life.. You don't have to say..but.. t will come to haunt you someday... You had come to gateon bort in which you were running errands for your ''family.'' Little did you know your ''family.'' has been working with the newly reborn cipher all this time! Ignorance is bliss I suppose. You had been running errands hen you witness a battle between two outrageously strong pokemon. You stand to watch but something is..off about these pokemon... What could it be?..Are they to strong for any natural pokemon to be?..Or are you envious? After the battle...You stumble into an odd warehouse..where you find some type of machine..You try it on..and..you feel an odd pulsating feeling.. The feeling..to be heroic... ANd save something.. or someone..but..Are you going to use it for good or evil..To save or destroy... That is your choice... Will you be tempted by this power or stay pure to your heart..


You wake up one day..in a lab..unable to remember what had happened.. But all you feel nothing but anger and hate.. Like something has tortured your soul until you could no lnoger feel anything. You try to do an attack but find your restricted down in binds..Machines surrounding you..strange people nodding happily and then they put you on a some type of moving machine. Still dazed about who or what you are..you are forcebly shoved into a box and set in some type of show off room..All you want to do is fight back..Your anger and coldness are the only emotions you know. Little did you know..you had just been made into a shadow pokemon! Your heart had been tightly shut and you now gave off a special dark aurua that only the gifted could see... And before you know it..you are forcebly shoved into a pokeball and unknown to where you are destined to be..

For the Shadows Eye...

You as well have come to Gateon Port for errands..living in an orphanage has made you one strange person.. You've been having dreams about pokemon with dark or deep red auruas and you can never find the answer to witch why you have these strange dreams. As you start shopping and looking around a man asks you if you have an Evee..This strange but you answer yes to his question and he gives you several choices of stoones or shards to evolve your pokemon..You decide on anything of your choice but this is merely a minority of your day..You stay in silence continuing to shop when notice to trainers battling each other and to your surprise the two trainers pokemon has the same dark aurua!. You gasp and shout something about the aurua..drawing unwanted attention to yourself...

Either way...You must find a way to stop cipher..Pokemon or Human.. You are destined to save or destroy the world you know..

~Okay i know its not the best but bare with me x.x~

Sign-up Sheets..

If you want to be a human here is your sign-up sheet.

Full Name:

What part you wish to play:

Nickname (Optional):





Good or Evil?:

Rp Example:

If you want to be a Shadow Pokemon here is your sign-up sheet





Personality before you became a Shadow pokemon:

Trainer you will get caught by:

Good or evil?:

Rp example:

ABSOLUTELY NO SHINIES! I have seen people make every sign-up sheet they make be a shiny pokemon... No Just No! And you can be legendary, but you have one of the best sign-up sheets I have ever seen or you must choose an average run of the mill pokemon. If you are granted the title of Legendary Pokemon here are the Legendary Pokemon you COULD choose from if you had this part.


This is a special sign-up sheet..this is for the person who can sense the shadow pokemon with their eyes.. I will be very strict on this sign-up sheet.. only the person with the best overall sign-up sheet will be able to be this part. This person will be able to start with a pokemon as well but Cipher will have to catch you and you will have to be rescued before you can play a major part. The person who obtaiend the Shadows Eye status has gone above and beyond the minimum sign-up limits which grants them this major part.


Nickname: (Optional)





Which orphanage did you grow up in and how did you get there:

What were your shadow pokemon dreams like:

Where Cipher captured you and how:

Rp: Example:

Rules I shall be very strict on this

1: Only minor swearing..Don't say the f word or anyother major swere words.

2: follow the 1 paragraph minimum.. If you do not..YOU WILL BE AUTOMTICALLY KICKED FROM THE ROLE-PLAY

3: Your personality, Appearance , and history mus be at least 5-7 setences long.

4: The rp examples must have at least 9 sentences in it. I want the role-players that join to be very skilled in role-playing.

5.: No harrasment, This should be an obvious must D;

6.: Have fun..If you don't have fun then.. no point in role-playing.

7.: I will allow some romance/ love triangles to be done..cause..drama is cool. and fun to read :D

8- Don't complain if you didn't get the part you wanted. Try out for another part its simple rule to follow~

9.: obey rules 1-8 :)

I especially want enforce rule 2 and I will enforece it strongly.. So be weary ^.~

< insert name here>- Reserved by Diegoyayi for the time being
<Tai Sugimori(Good)> - Charizard_Man
<Valerie Moon(Evil)> - iLike2EatPies
<Zuko(Good)> - Pika_Master414
<Zane Allstar(Evil)> - Rubii Naruto

The Shadows Eye:
<Mira Krulcavich>~ Umbreongirl

Shadow Pokemon
<Insert name here>-
<Insert name here>-
<insert name here>-

Ciphers Prized Experiment
<Arlene Marie Sanders (Good)> - DarkHaven3

My sign-up sheet

Name: Riku

Species: Ralts

Gender: Female

Nature: Quirky

Personality before Shadowfication: Riku was a very compassionate and upstanding pokemon, she always stopped fights even if it meant getting hurt herself. Also shy a few times when situations become to stressful for her. She was always glad to help out any type of pokemon or trainer but was quick enough to evade capture. Se would often steal pokemon from other humans or play the pittiful person and would act innocent and cute and run off with their food and giggle alot.You would always see her laughing with other pokemon and she loved life..That was until she came across soem strange looking people and tried helping them..And..She foolishly fell into their trap and became a shadow pokemon..which proves her foolishness.

Trainer you will be caught by: None as of yet

Good or Evil: Good or becoming good >.>

Rp example: from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon escaping the Dark

Before the trio reached steam cave she could here leon say bitterly to her, "Mudkip, you think I am a puppet for Darkrai and he will kill me. Then look at yourself and think about Dialga. Your body will get torn apart using that power. We all have to make sacrifices for the team. You may not know it now, but I will find answers even if it kills me!"

Tiffany felt hurt that leon wold say such a thing..He didn't care about the others..he only cared about himself...Only to find the answers.. before Leon became out of sight she bid one final statement to him, "You don't care abotu us..all you care about is power! Your only thinknig of yourself!" And after that final word Tiffany and the trio disappeared into steam cave.. Tiffanys eyes welled with tears. Torrent looked at her worridly.

"Whats wrong Tiffany?" Torrent asked.

" I'm just thinknig...about how each of us are falling apart..I feel..Darkrai may torture each of us..till...every one of us joins him..and then.. theres no hope...!" Tiffany mumbled as tears fell down her face.

"Its anyones choice..if they wish to join him or not..I believe that chimchar..Leon was it?..Thinks he's doing the right thing..when..he;s so blinded by the power of Darkrai..that he can't see that he's really hurting everyone...." Torrent mumbledm as Tiffany cried into his shell, unable to cover her eyes because of the broken bones throughout her body.

"Torrent..your right..maybe..he's just..blinded.." Tiffany mumbled.

"I'm sure that he'll coem to his senses one day...and that he will regret what he has done.." Torrent mumbled.

"T-Thanks..Torrent.." Tiffany mumbled as she blushed slightly.

As the trio ran through steam cave dodging any pokemon attack they could dodge they soon came to the peak..An empty arena..


"?!!!! That that voice!" Tiffany screamed in her head.

Well thats my post and I'm sticking with it xD

July 16th, 2008, 10:33 AM
Okay, so here is my sign-up. Hope it's good enough. w00t! First sign-up. And no, this is not a character that I have used before. XD
And I'm not sure about the history, if you want me to change it just tell me.

Full Name: Taichi Sugimori

What part you wish to play: Good Human Snagger

Nickname (Optional): Tai

Gender: Male

Personality: Pretty Retro style, careless nature. Tai's personality varies, but his main thought in his mind though is exploring.

Tai tends to be very nonchalant about things most of the time. He’s by no means easily intimidated, and doesn’t have an exceptionally short temper. Of course, when someone he cares about is harmed, he does get very angry at the one who did it to them and will fight to the death to prevent it from happening again.

As you might assume from the above statement, Tai also has a strong sense of justice. However, he firmly believes that right and wrong are just concepts, and that it’s what you do and what you believe in that matters in the end. He personally thinks that the lives of others take priority over his own, though he’s by no means incredibly selfless. However, he will gladly risk his life so that someone else can keep theirs without so much as a second’s hesitation.

Tai lacks patience, and prefers continuous action to repetitive and monotonous situations. He may even look for trouble for the sake of entertainment.

History: Tai was born in a rural home in Agate Village, he lived with his loving parents. As he grew up, Tai made many friends in the village. His parents cared for the boy with their entire heart, and gave him everything he needed. His village was the perfect neighborhood for him, and nothing went wrong. His parents had told him stories about "The Dark Days" as they referred them. Tai personally did not believe that such darnkess could exist. For Tai, the world was a happy place. Atleast, that's how his parents made it seem his entire life.

One day, when he was older, his parents asked Tai for a favor, they asked him to go into another town to run an errand for them. Of course, Tai agreed, they're his parents after all. So he goes into town and passes a field with tall grass, he hears rustling in the grass near him and he gets frightened. From the grass hovers up a dark demon with red eyes and a wicked smile. Tai recognized this pokemon as Gengar, from the opposite side of the field came out a purple pokemon with a large horn on his forehead and several horns on his back. This was Nidorino, what was odd about these pokemon was their eyes, they weren't the usual color. They were bloodshot; and once they ignited their battle, it was the most amazing thing that Tai had seen. They were strong, very strong. Tai liked the power, he wanted pokemon like that as well.

Finally he reaches the town and looks around, he has never left the village. SO he enters a very large building and sees towers and towers of boxes. In the back he sees a large metal crate, on it was a hand recognizer mechanism. Tai placed his hand their, and oddly enough it opened. In the crate was a stand that held up a machine that seemed to be some kind of jacket for his shoulder. Tai placed the machine on himself and he liked it, a strange energy pulsated through his veins. Tai felt like he had to save, and use this power for good.

Appearance: Tai has dark chocolate brown hair that covers his entire forehead and extends well past his eyebrows and ends just before his eyelashes. He usually brushes it to the side so it doesn't annoy his eyes. Tai has a black cap facing backwards and a pair of gogles over the cap. He has bright crystal blue eyes that tend to stick out to most poeple as they're very bright. He stands at an average 5 feet and 4 inches, not to tall but not to short. Tai has a strong upper body and a slim torso. He is not "buff" but not too frail either. It's a mix between the two.

Clothes-wise, Tai wears a plain blue shirt with a pokeball insignia on his right sleeve. He has a dog tag that had his parents names and his own. He also wore a pair of black jeans and a pair of white shoes with the label "Vans" on them in red letters. On each hand he has black wristbands.

Good or Evil?: Good!

Rp Example:

From Pokemon Adventures I: Kanto Adventures!

Tai smiled and rubbed Pidgey's pokeball and he smiled uncontrollably. He finally caught a Pidgey, and a strong one too! He liked the fact that it was quick, but strong at the same time. He turned over to see Sean and Rin defeat the final pidgeys. Tai was a bit shocked when he saw Rin almost frozen in place. He walked over to the two other trainers and try to snap Rin out of her frozen state,

"Well guys! That was cool, wasn't it! Look, I caught a pidgey! So you guys did good too, didn't you!" Tai spat out and patted Sean on the back pretty hard,

"Good for you guys! Now come on, I can see Viridian already!" Tai waved his hand, signifying for them to follow. He walked down the road and looked back at Rin,

'What's wrong with her?' Tai asked himself mentally.

The flower field slowly gave way to a dirt path that narrowed into Viridian City, the verdant town of nature. From what Tai could see, there was a pokecenter up ahead. Beyond that, masses of small buildings and homes were gathered around the middle of the city, where the Viridian Gym awaited.

Charco ran ahead, happy to be able to get some food. “Charman Charrr!!!!!!!”

“Hold up Charco! Geez…..you’re faster than you look. Come on guys!” He rushed the other trainers. Tai was starving as well.

<No, your just slow.> Charco teased.

Tai started a little. He was standing before the pokecenter as people busied past him, in and out of the sliding glass doors….

And he could understand his pokemon?

All of a sudden?

“Alright, a Pokemon Center. I can heal you, Gee and send Ratty to the Professor.” He turned around to see the other trainers arriving with Tai. So he entered the Pokemon Center. Tai scanned the center as he entered.

There were MASSES of trainers everywhere! People gathered from far and wide. Some tough looking, other noobs like them. Old and young, pretty and ugly, the list went on and on.

Charco was pleasantly shocked. <Wow! Are there always this many trainers in Pokecenters?>

“Nah, don't think so. Viridian is the closest city to Victory Road and the Elite Four, that’s why everyone comes here…”

<Oh. That’s nice.>

”Mhm. One day, we’ll be here and-“He was interrupted by a giant Chansey springing up in his face, nurse cap and all. It was right in his way.

“WHOA!” Tai fell backwards, his cap falling off.

“CHANSEY!” The pinkish, oval shaped pokemon grinned happily and shoved the Egg from her pouch in the trainers face.

Charco sweatdropped. <I think I want to go back in my pokeball now.>

Tai obliged, returning the pokemon as he got back on his feet. The Chansey smiled and bounced off, startling other trainers and showing off its newly polished egg.

‘Psycho pokemon…” Tai thought, glaring at it. The Chansey then seemed to go to a girl, but the girl didn't seem frightened or annoyed. It actually started gigling and playing with the Chansey. odd.

"Well come on guys. Let's heal up our pokemon and eat!" Tai ran over to the main counter.

July 16th, 2008, 10:48 AM
@Charizard_Man Impressive! ~accepted~

July 16th, 2008, 11:23 AM
May I reserve for a human character (Evil)? I'll edit this post when I finish my sign-up...

July 16th, 2008, 11:42 AM
Full Name: Zuko ?

What part you wish to play: Human

Nickname (Optional): N/A

Gender: Male

Personality: Zuko is a very rash and independent person. He can be very impatient and hot-headed sometimes. He is really good at heart, but sometimes rage can take over him. He never excepts being second best and fights for his goals, no matter what it takes; sometimes without thinking about others. This could be because of his past and what happened to his parents. He loves pokemon very much and is very intelligent when it comes to pokemon battling. Zuko will never let down a challenge ands fights his hardest with his skill and sometimes his heart. I guess you can say he has a complicated personality.

History: Zuko only met hatred from his family while growing up. His father always treated Zuko like he was worthless and favored his sister like a prodigy. The only one who ever treated him right was his mother, but one day she got booted out by Zuko's own father, and Zuko had never seen her since. Zuko's father had always been one of the greatest trainers the world had ever seen and Zuko knew he had something to prove. One day, he ran away from home and built his own, new life in a town called Pyrite. His goal is to not only to prove his worth to his father, but to rid the world of the evil that his father and sister always showed him.

Appearance: Zuko is a very intense-looking person standing at a slightly above average height. His black hair is grown out past his intense golden eyes. On his left eye is a scar that his evil father gave him a few years before he ran away. He always wears the same clothes that he was wearing when he ran away: a long red outfit with a pair of boots. Zuko also always carries around a small picture of his mother in his pocket that you can occasionally see him with. It is a rare treat for everybody to see Zuko smile.

Good or Evil?: Good

Rp Example:
Exerpt from The Pokemon Adventure: Kanto Region

Gold clicked the hang-up button. He always hated Silver the most. He had always tried to put Gold down in different ways. He couldn't believe his mother had installed his number in Silver's PokeGear.

"Hey, little bro, turn around!"

Gold turned around and saw his fifteen year old brother, Silver standing there. He had on a sleeveless black shirt on and a pair of jeans. His crazy light brown hair stood out the most. He was closer than Gold thought.

"So, one on one. Your pathetic rat against my ultimate pokemon!" Silver shouted. He pulled out a pokeball and threw it in the air. The red lights came out followed by a pokemon that looked like a monkey and a little like a pig.

What is that, Gold thought. He pulled out his pokedex. Mankey......, It read.

"A Mankey, huh?" Gold said "Well Pikachu can beat it! Go Pikachu!"

Pikachu jumped off Gold's shoulder and onto the battlefield once again.

"Okay, Pikachu lets start things off with a thundershock!" Gold commanded. The pokemon let out of burst of electricity that was heading for Mankey. But Mankey held firm and managed to brush off the electric attack. What?! Gold thought in shock.

"Mankey, counterattack with scratch!" Silver commanded. The pokemon ran in to deliver an attack.

"Pikachu, dodge!" Gold shouted. The electric pokemon jumped out of the way. Yeah that may work now, but how can I win if I can't attack? Gold thought. He paused for a moment. But thundershock isn't Pikachu's only attack........ I can still win!

"Pikachu, tail whip!" Gold shouted. Pikachu wagged his tail playfully.

"WHAT!" shouted Silver. "Mankey use low kick and finish this rat off!"

"Pikachu dodge and use tail whip again!" Gold shouted.

"Attack, ATTACK!" Silver shouted.

"Do it again Pikachu!" Gold shouted. Pikachu dodged and wagged its tail at Mankey.

"Mankey, finish this with rage!" Silver commanded his pokemon.

"Pikachu, dodge once again and use thundershock!" Gold shouted. Pikachu jumped in the air, getting away from Mankey's reach, and then performed thundershock. The fighting pokemon twisted and turned until it collapsed onto the ground.

"NO WAY!!" Silver shouted. He whipped out his pokemon and recalled it.

Gold walked over to his older brother. "Great battle, but big bro, try to learn to use some stragedy. Power isn't enough."

Silver just sneered and walked off.

July 16th, 2008, 11:44 AM
Eh, here's my attempt at being the Shadow Eye person. Note, she is NOT HUMAN. I cannot stress that enough. She's a red fox.

Name: Arlene Marie Sanders
Nickname: N/A
Gender: Female
Appearance: Arlene, despite not being human, is a sight to behold; a resonating beacon of pure beauty and perfection. Her fox-orange fur drapes downward smoothly across her enticing, flaring curves in a bright cascade, barred by the flawless candent-white vesture of her underbelly coat. Her large, captivatingly-deep emerald eyes stab out from her face, following naturally into the delicate curvature of her muzzle and ending in the two characteristic black markings of a fox and the obvious cold black canine nose. Her hair is a striking, lovely blonde curtain that follows her form, down to her mid-thighs, and hides her right eye partially. A clever instrumentation of her own beauty. Matching with the black gloves and socks of fur on her footpaws and hands, she normally wears a jet-black tanktop (which does little to hide her obvious, large-scale "development") and cargo pants - bunched at the shins - ending in combat boots that are so well-kept and cared for that they shine like pure ebony in the light.
Personality: Arlene naturally is a fairly neutral person by instinct. She normally is one to outright refuse conflict, but the bruises on her forepaws indicate a life of fighting and defending her life, to the contrary; she is ashamed of it, and ashamed of ever having to resort to violence. She believes in an ultimate balance of perspective, a final balance between the relative good and evil; it is a viewpoint that many think strange or outlandish, but Arlene is at the same time not without her sense of morals. She is lawful and will fight for what she believes in with fierce vigor, and will do little to stand in the way of others doing the same.
History: Arlene was born on February 25, 1981, to a married couple of presumably Russian origin (which may or may not stereotype to her actions when she's angry) who immigrated to Sacramento, CA (USA) several years prior. With what little memory she has, she recalls meeting her grandfather, who had a strange glow in his eyes and stark black hair, unlike her parents... This has led her to believe that her descendants were part of one of the northern Russian moon-fox tribes, who worshiped the moon as their god of life. Their ability of foresight and strong grip on arcane arts would certainly explain why she has the abilities she does. Since her parents' murder when she was 3, she has been part of an orphanage until age 18. Being 19 now, she lives a semi-nomadic lifestyle by the golden rule, and is generally minimalistic. She is also an underground death-metal artist with the band Doom, as lead guitarist, and writes all of the band's music.
Which orphanage did you grow up in and how did you get there:
Arlene was shipped to Agate Village in Orre at age 4, after being under the care of her grandfather for six months following her parents' unsolved murder. Since then, she generally stayed away from the other children and turned her attention towards studying the ancient arcane arts of her people, becoming an apprentice necromancer in the process; a highly revered and respected position in her peoples' culture. Though her skills are very limited, she still has the power to curse... To cause things that cannot be explained by science... To cause horrors in a person's mind that the worst nightmares cannot compare to.
What were your shadow pokemon dreams like:
In Arlene's dreams, even as an infant, she has been plagued with nightmarish images that haunt her to present day. She recounts of the sky being made of the blackest onyx, and sharp, swordlike trees shooting from the ground, already dead with the parched, barren land around them; of sharp, unforgiving mountains shooting out of the ground like daggers out of nowhere, and of the pupils of 1,000 pairs of eyes watching her, laughing silently at her torment. Not lucid, she would cry and scream for vengeance against the eyes that mocked her... Only to be swallowed by the ground into an everlasting blackness, where the eyes followed her, chanting unspeakable messages...
Where Cipher captured you and how:
In the dead of night, Arlene had wandered a bit far from where she considered "home" at the time, on her way to the next city under the fear that someone was following her. She ended up trying to lose the unseen assailant in a deeply-woven forest, only to find herself lost in the process; journeying deeper into the natural abyss, she came across a large, open field, lined with manmade trenches and strange outposts that spiked up out of the ground. Curious, she slipped in unseen to investigate, spying a massive fortress complex in the distance... Only moments after spying this incredible sight, all went black. She had been knocked out by somebody; by who, she had no idea.
Rp: Example:

All was dark. Arlene had passed out cold from the sheer force of the electricity screaming through her body...

It was midnight when Arlene woke finally. She remembered little of what had happened, just... The raw fury that flowed through her, the immense hatred for that metal-clad assailant... Whatever he'd done, he would pay. When at first she opened her eyes, it was hard to tell if she had actually lifted her eyelids, due to the immense emptiness of the sky, the unyielding darkness that surrounded her. She couldn't even tell what direction she was facing at first. But once the feeling came back and the jolt returned in her sensitive nerves, she knew immediately. Snow was all around her, and the frigid cold was almost too much for her fur to keep away. She still remained relatively temperate beneath her pretty orange coat, but where exactly she was relative to her previous location was still a mystery.

She stood tenderly, adamant about being absolutely quiet. She did not want to alarm anyone or anything nearby, if an assailant was still near. She skillfully looked around at first, but suddenly, pain overtook her entire body. Her left leg buckled under just her own weight, and her right side went into spasms. She fell into the snow with a feathery "thud", and the blinding agony gripped her senses for a moment... When it subsided, she reached down, checking for abnormalities in her form. Fear drew her into a recessive state of mind as she passed a cold paw over her leg and noted that one part of her thigh was slightly off-angle; she had somehow broken a leg. And from the feeling in her chest, maybe a rib or two.

She forced herself to stand again, and limped a few agonizing paces over to a better vantage point to view her surroundings, clutching her aching side with one paw. She was barely able to stand, but despite the burning pain shooting at her, stabbing her from every direction, licking at her bones... She was still able to overwatch the area and think tactically. Her belongings were huddled up next to someone else's bag, and the person in question was out cold - or dead - in the snow, silent. Sighing, partially from pain, Arlene knew that whoever it was would not survive long without her help. She struggled along the snow path she had created by unintentionally dragging her broken leg through the loose mush, and carefully lowered herself down onto one knee. In the cold night air, the human in front of her would surely die of pneumonia and hypothermia if she didn't do anything.

Biting the immense, unimaginable pain rocking her to the core, the vixen gripped the boy intensely by the clothing and lifted him up onto her shoulders, at the same time dislodging him from the snow, and painfully carried him over to a nearby alcove formed into a rock face that spiked out of the snow. She then angrily fought against her own body to retrieve their bags, doing the best attempt she could to carry all three at once to their new temporary camp. She collapsed nearby suddenly, shocked as her vision became blurred and surreal... The gasping vixen coughed up a considerable amount of blood before regaining her composure and lifting herself up, and continuing to the campsite; where she promptly dropped everything from her shoulders. She was tired, very hungry, and filled to the brim - to the point where she could no longer withstand - with a fiery anguish unlike any she had ever faced.

Once again, unable to face the terrible agony, she doubled over and collapsed in the snow, though still conscious. Her energy spent, she knew that soon she would be far too weak to move. Whatever was wrong with her was very serious, possibly life-threatening. Once again, a dizzy spell overtook her, and she coughed until she expelled bodily fluids. Thankfully, this time, there was less blood. Or was it that she had lost alot already... And she was running out? Fearful, she struggled to stand again, forcing her weight onto her good leg, and shakily called out to the human boy, "Hey...! Get up!"

July 16th, 2008, 12:13 PM
@DarkHaven3 I have to wait for umbreongirl to post and compare you too cause she wanted to be the shadows eye as well.. x.X but you may kick UmbreonGirl out of the running o___O If not I can make up a special part for you cause you sign-up was just extrodinary o:

@Pika_Master add a bit more to your personality and your good to go

July 16th, 2008, 12:32 PM
Okay, I added a little bit more. Tell me if I need anything else.

Just a few things: Are you gonna do this the chapter form? and do we need a trainer card when we start?

July 16th, 2008, 12:36 PM
Yes I will most likely put this in chapter forms like this

Act 1 - Gateon port

Something like that x3

And no you won't need a trainer card wel lI'm off to create an ooc thread so this thread won't have 3 pages off occ psots x.x

edit: there is now an ooc thread so if you have any questions or comments post there not here

edit 2: Pika_Master ~accepted~

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 12:54 PM
Name: Zane Alistar

Nickname: Alistar

Gender: Male

Appearance: Zane is 6'5" tall, has long and wavy Blue hair which reaches down to his shoulders, his skin has been nicely tanned by the sun burning on him as it did the other orphans. His eyes are of a cold brown color, but have a streak of purple in them. Zane also has big ears, good for hearing far away conversations.

Zane isn't really muscular as you can see his ribs if he ever took his shirt off. His shirt is black with a picture of a pokeball on the back. The front has a picture of a Great Ball, an Ultra Ball, and a Master Ball, but he usually hides it in a white cloak. His arms are thin, and look whimpy, but they are pretty strong, but don't be surprised if they break.

Zane's legs are as skinny as sticks, but no one ever notices, as he has baggy pants on. His pants are a light blue from being bleached in the sun. They have four pockets on the sides, but the back pockets got torn off from overuse. The four pockets carry hidden pokeballs, and a black cloth to hide them. Yeah, he isn't really attractive.

Personality: Zane isn't the nicest person to meet, having grown up in the Pyrite Orphanage. He doesn't make jokes and treats people with disrespect. If someone gets to open up, which isn't likely then you would know that his personality was caused by the rich people in Agate. Zane just despises rich people, since he thinks that they think that they're better then him. Zane may be cold, but if you really get to know him, then he can really be a good guy, but no one knows that because they're afraid of him. He views the Snagem and Cipher members as 'rich class' and despises them as well.

History: Zane was born in Phenac City, on a full moon. The doctors were puzzled about his eyes, but thought nothing of it. After a few days his parents took him home and they lived in peace, for a month, when three bandits came in and killed Zane's parents. The bandits also stole everything and dropped Zane off at the Pyrite orphanage as an act of suposed kindness, but the years at the orphanage were not good at all. Zane was subjected to beatings from the other kids, and the management, for being the weakest, but also the most rebellious.

When Zane was thirteen, he ran from the orphanage and lived deep in Pyrite, so he wouldn't be taken back. Soon enough, Zane found three kids like himself, and started to make friends with them, but in a month, the same kids started to beat him up and throw him out. Zane had had it and had stolen a lot of water, food, and a big backpack from a store and went out into the desert on his own. His food and water rations were gone in a month, but that's all it took as he made it to Agate somehow.

But after getting to Agate, the kids saw him and made fun of him for being poor, but Zane dealt with it until he was nineteen. There he stole a few thousand from the rich kids and bought a hover bike and started riding around Orre, visiting the towns and cities whenever he wanted to.

Which orphanage did you grow up in and how did you get there: After Zane was born, his parents werekilled by bandits, but they couldn't kill Zane for some reason, so they dropped him off at the Pyrite City Orphanage. After all, they might not be able to kill a child, but they can willingly ruin his/her lives. Anyway Zane escaped at age 13 after almost being killed by the other kids so that they could have something to do.

What were your shadow pokemon dreams like: When Zane was a kid, he had the same dream every night. He wakes up in a nightmare world where there is no one. The world is dark, and cold, but looks like a decent place. There's grass, but it's drenched in blood. The mountains are made of bones, as are the deserts. The lakes are full of dead bodies of pokemon and humans. At the end of a dream, there was an army of Evil Pokemon, with evil looking humans controlling them. The humans order the pokemon to tear him to shreds, and they do.

Where Cipher captured you and how: After getting his hover bike, Zane drove a into the Snagem Base, not knowing that Cipher kept tabs on it, and in an hour Cipher agents came for him. Zane and his Trapinch tried to fight them off, but there were too many, and he got captured by them after his Trapinch fainted. Cipher let Zane keep his Pokemon, because the Trapinch was pretty weak. But they didn't leave it alone. Cipher knew that people with the shadow's eye get bad dreams around Shadow Pokemon, so they made Trapinch a Shadow Pokemon.

Rp Example: From The Pokemon Adventure: Kanto Region

Chris and Kyle were walking down Route six, after the incident with Team Rocket in Saffron. But what would happen today would change their trainer career's forever.

"Hey, Kyle." Said Chris trying to start a conversation.

"What?" Asked Kyle not in the mood for any talk right now.

"Have you ever heard of a Squirtle community around here?" Asked Chris. When Kyle shook his head Chris smirked and said. "Yeah, a secret Squirtle community, hunters have been trying to find it for decades, no one knows how they keep it hidden." Kyle just sighed and said.

"Yeah, it's probably an urban legend or somethng." But before they could continue their conversation, they heard a cry in surprise.

"What was that?" Asked Kyle, but Chris was already running towards the scream. "Wait! Oh, what's the point." Kyle said before running after Chris.

After a minute or so of running, Chris, and Kyle made it to the spot, but what they saw was a lot of dwellings with Squirtles going in and out. "There's no way this is real!" Yelled Kyle, but suddenly the Squirtles panicked and ran into their 'houses' for protection. And in a second they found out whhat was causing the problem, a trainer trying to catch them.

"Stop!" Yelled Chris as he sent out Pidgeotto. "Pidgeotto, use Gust!" Pidgeotto fired a powerful blast of wind, knocking the girl to the side.

"Hey, wha'd you do that for?!" Yelled the girl. "I'm just trying to get myself a pokemon!"

"Oh, yeah? Well not from here. Go somewhere else, this dwelling was probably meant to be secret to all but these Squirtles." Said Chris as Kyle ran up to them.

" What's the big idea!" Yelled a tired Kyle as he grabbed a pokeball. "Why'd you leave me behind!"

"It doesn't matter, I'll catch a Squirtle from here, and there's nothing you can do!" Said the girl as she summoned a Kadabra. "Kadabra, use Hyper-" But the girl was interrupted by a noise. It turns out that the noise was a truck passing by the area, but the truck wasn't an ordinary truck, this truck had a red R on the side.

"No! It's either Team Rocket, or..." Started Chris, when a familiar figure stepped out. This figure was thin and wore prison stripes, he also had an elvis hairstyle. Yes people, it was Drake Vanguard. "How could he be out?"

The girl sweated a little thinking that it was Team Rocket. "No, not now." Chris returned Pidgeotto before grabbing the girl.

"Come on girl, we have to go. The Squirtles can defend themselves for now." Whispered Chris, but Kyle was already walking towards Drake. "Oh, no."

"Hey you, why are you here?" Asked Kyle. Drake smirked before saying.

"I'm here to build an army, now step aside and I'll kill you quickly." Kyle backed up at the man's words, but he shook his head no. "No? Well, I guess I'll have to kill you now." Drake then summoned his Machamp.

"Go, Butterfree!" Yelled Kyle. And out came his most powerful pokemon. "Butterfree, use Psywave!" Butterfree fired the attack, and hurt Machamp quite a bit, but Drake just smirked.

"Machamp, use Focus Energy." Said Drake very calmly. Machamp focused his power and grinned.

"Butterfree, use Confusion again!" Yelled Kyle. Butterfree fired the Confusion, but Machamp easily dodged the wave of energy.

"Machamp, use Focus Punch!" Yelled Drake. Machamp, having used Focus Energy the turn before, didn't need to charge, and slammed the fist of energy into Butterfree, knocking him out in one move.

"N-no, Return Butterfree." Said Kyle sad that his most powerful pokemon fell in one hit.

"You're pathetic boy, now get Chris and that girl Sandy out of those bushes." Said Drake. In the bushes, Sandy looked surprised that the man knew her name. But both of them got up anyway. "Well I'll be, you really were back there. Now you two if you move this boy will die where he stands." Drake then got out a remote control and pushed a button.

The truck's doors opened and out came a machine, the machine used two episodes ago. Drake pushed another button and the dwellings blew away, showing the Squirtles inside. And by pushing another button, all of the Squirtles were sucked into the machine. "Since you were all so cooperative, I'll kill you later." Said Drake as he let Kyle go. But Sandy wouldn't let that happen, and sent out a Nidoking(ooc: Level 30)

But before Sandy could do anything more, she was lifted into the air. "Did you think that I wasn't expecting that?" Asked Drake as an Alakazam stepped out of the truck. "Alakazam, use Hyper Beam and blow these punks away." Alakazam nodded before firing a powerful Hyper Beam, landing just short of Chris and Kyle, blasting them about twenty feet back. Drake took Sandy and shoved her into the truck. "Haha! I have a hostage, if you come after me, she dies!" Yelled Drake as he started to drive the truck away.

"Go, Pidgeotto. Take me and Kyle after the truck, but do it without letting him see us." Said Chris. Pidgeotto's wing had already healed, seeing as it was more shock that caused Pidgeotto to fall before. Anyway, Chris and Kyle grabbed on to Pidgeotto and flew after the truck.

July 16th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Okay. HERE is the super-duper-longerator Sign-Up, since I don't feel like editing that other post... Warning: Morbid-ness ahead. :P


Full Name: Valerie Moon

What part you wish to play: A Snagger who works with Cipher, but only for the sake of getting Shadow Pokemon. In fact, her alliance may shift within the RP; she could betray Cipher. She might also end up travelling with the "heroes" secretly working for Cipher. Who knows...?

Nickname (Optional): Hm... None.

Gender: Female

Age: Fifteen

Personality: Modest and friendly, Valerie is a nice, sweet girl who is hard to blame or accuse of anything. She's just so innocent and kind-hearted... How could she do anything wrong? Being pleasant and optimistic is what she does best! Valerie seems just like the perfect friend to have, or the most kind person you could know.

At least, that's how everybody sees her.

The real Valerie is not nice or sweet or kind-hearted at all. She is selfish, manipulative, and cold-hearted. While it seems hard to imagine the "happy-go-lucky" Valerie being anything but pleasant, the fact is this is all just the cover she gives herself to appear harmless and innocent. On the outside, she may be standing nearby looking shy and cute. But in her mind, she'll be calculating deceitful trickery for her own greedy desires.

What makes Valerie dangerous in this respect is that nobody really knows the "dark" side of her. Others just think she's the sweetest little girl in the world. She inwardly hates everybody except for herself, and feels a deep need for power. Perhaps there is some deep psychological problem she has. Whatever the case, however, given the "power" she desires, Valerie could prove herself to be a threat to any who get in her way.

History: Valerie has... well... a pretty messed-up past. There was once a time when she really was all of those good things mentioned before, without the twisted hatred or greed concealed within. Of course, most young children are innocent and sweet.

But, something happened when she was seven. Her father, for reasons only a professional psychologist could guess, murdered her mother. She never saw the murder, or even the blood. All the same, she was traumatized. Never had her father shown signs of being a bloodthirsty killer... (perhaps she got some of her own multi-personality traits from him...) Now, he was in prison and unable to deny what he had done. Valerie did not happen to have any relatives to live with, so she was taken straight to an orphanage. Thus began what she would now reffer to as the "hell" of her life.

What made living in the orphanage so horrible for her was the counseling. On a regular basis, she would be taken to a small, stuffy room where an intimidating man she didn't know would ask her questions. Questions about her, and her parents, and how she felt about the murder. This was, one could say, where her decieving multi-personalities began to form. To put it simply, Valerie did not want to talk about what had happened. She didn't understand it. She didn't like it. The mere thought or mention of either of her parents sent shivers down her spine. At night she would have nightmares about the father she once loved and trusted looming over her and her mother with a knife in hand. Valerie hated to even vaguely think about anything having to do with the murder, much less talk to a complete stranger about it. So, she didn't say much. When he asked what she thought about her parents now, she would simply reply, "I miss them". If he wanted her to tell him how she was feeling, she'd say in just oen word, "Sad." Or, her personal favorite: "I don't know." Nobody, stranger or not, was about to pressure a seven-year-old girl whose mommy was dead at the fault of her father into a deeper answer. That was good, Valerie thought. The counselor was too nosy and suspicious. He didn't deserve her honest answers. Nobody did.

By the time she was ten, an overly-jolly family adopted her with the promise they would be "the family she never had". Those words made her sick. She had a family. Just because her father was in prison for the murder didn't mean he wasn't still her daddy. All the same, she swallowed her rage and used her now-well-practiced cover to seem like a good child. Anything to get out of that orphanage. This new "family" was little better than the counselor, but that little bit kept her from being completely miserable. The family lived in Gateon Port, where Valerie lived for five more years before she found an injured wild Shroomish and nursed it back to health. Then, to get away from it all, she decided to leave on a Pokmon journey (without telling those sickening excuses for parents).

Within a few months, Valerie's Shroomish was a Breloom, and she had also captured a Trapinch. She decided to visit Gateon Port again, and there she found a strange device... Some strange people in uniforms saw her with it and took her to a building to meet an important-looking man. The man spoke of an organization called Cipher, more powerful Pokemon, and a device which would capture Pokemon from their trainers. Valerie was, indeed, interested. The promise for stronger Pokemon caught her attention immediately. And now, with a Shadow Breloom and a Shadow Vibrava, she was the newest member of Cipher. Of course, she really planned to just get a few more Shadow Pokemon and a Snag Machine out of it. Perhaps then she could go to another region. Orre was starting to bore her...

Appearance: While a bit small in build, Valerie isn't particularly short. She has hair so dark brown it's almost black, kept at shoulder-length and straightened most of the time. Her eyes are a peculiar shade of blue. Depending on how you look at them, they can be soft, bright, and cheery or cold as chips of ice, much like Valerie herself... Since she began working with Cipher, she started wearing more casual clothes as not to look suspicious. She has a denim jacket with a label on the inside of the collar that read "Cipher", to at lease make up for the lack of a Cipher uniform. Otherwise it's simple shirts, everyday tennis shoes any trainer would wear... Nothing exciting or interesting.

Good or Evil?: Well, I wouldn't say "evil", but... ;D

Rp Example: Taken from "A New Beginning-Sinnoh Region"
From the Pokeball came a burst of familiar light that slowly materialized into another vaguely catlike Pokemon. However, this one had some completely un-catlike features as well. Sure, there were the whiskers, the ears, the claws... But its fur was all ragged, and it had a huge, furry tail that rose high into the air. Even in the rain, Rachel caught a whiff of a foul stenchemenating from the strange Pokemon. Yep. It's a skunk. It wasn't just that pale stripe down its deep purple body that implied this. It was obvious even though Rachel had never seen or heard of this Pokemon before.

"Let's see if your Gible can take my Stunky," the man said with confidence.

Rachel gave him her harsh glare in return. "Gible, let's wait and see what it does first," she told her Pokemon, wanting to strategize a bit. After all, last time she rushed into an attack without knowing her foe, the results were fruitless.

"Stunky, use Focus Energy," Stunky's trainer called calmly. The Skunk-Pokemon closed its big, ugly eyes and seemed to completely stop moving. It didn't even breathe. Just stood there, in deep concentration. Rachel dared not make Gible attack it now, in fear her Pokemon would suffer a blow like Glameow did when it got hit by Dragon Rage. Perhaps this was a mistake, though. "Now, use Scratch!" commanded the man.

Stunky, filled with a wild fury, darted toward Gible. "Dodge it!" Rachel wanted to scream, but it was too late. Three deep cuts for each of the Stunky's three dirty nails were laid into Gible's flesh. Her Pokemon fell over, writhing with the pain induced by the open red wounds.

"Get up!" she cried, "Get over it and get up!"

Gible grunted, looking clearly angered. While Rachel thought this anger was toward Stunky, however, she had not the slightest suspision her dear Pokemon could be upset at her for speaking to him with such unconcerned cruelty. All the same, Gible obeyed. He pulled himself onto his hind legs, gave Stunky a cold look, and directed his anger toward the foe.

"Focus Energy! One more hit like that and that Gible belongs to Team Galactic!" cried the man.

July 16th, 2008, 1:08 PM
@Rubii Naruto x_X;; I can't guarantte anyone the shadow eyes spot till umbreongirlgets on and posts but intill then its reserved for you guys since your sighning up >.> but we need shadow pokemon x.x;

edit: zomgiLike2EatPiez ~accepted all the way!~ I love your girls name.. I shall go pst her info in the ooc thread :P

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 1:52 PM
(ooc: I'm just going to switch to a normal human. If that's okay. Oh, and the eyes meant nothing, just something to throw in there.)
Full Name: Zane Alistar
What part you wish to play: Human
Nickname (Optional): Alistar
Gender: Male

Personality: Zane isn't the nicest person to meet, having grown up in the Pyrite Orphanage. He doesn't make jokes and treats people with disrespect. If someone gets to open up, which isn't likely then you would know that his personality was caused by the rich people in Agate. Zane just despises rich people, since he thinks that they think that they're better then him. Zane may be cold, but if you really get to know him, then he can really be a good guy, but no one knows that because they're afraid of him. He views the Snagem and Cipher members as 'rich class' and despises them as well. Near the heroes, he puts on a mask of indifference.

History: Zane was born in Phenac City, on a full moon. The doctors were puzzled about his eyes, but thought nothing of it. After a few days his parents took him home and they lived in peace, for a month, when three bandits came in and killed Zane's parents. The bandits also stole everything and dropped Zane off at the Pyrite orphanage as an act of suposed kindness, but the years at the orphanage were not good at all. Zane was subjected to beatings from the other kids, and the management, for being the weakest, but also the most rebellious.

When Zane was thirteen, he ran from the orphanage and lived deep in Pyrite, so he wouldn't be taken back. Soon enough, Zane found three kids like himself, and started to make friends with them, but in a month, the same kids started to beat him up and throw him out. Zane had had it and had stolen a lot of water, food, and a big backpack from a store and went out into the desert on his own. His food and water rations were gone in a month, but that's all it took as he made it to Agate somehow.

But after getting to Agate, the kids saw him and made fun of him for being poor, but Zane dealt with it until he was nineteen. There he stole a few thousand from the rich kids and bought a hover bike and started riding around Orre, visiting the towns and cities whenever he wanted to.

Appearance: Zane is 6'5" tall, has long and wavy Blue hair which reaches down to his shoulders, his skin has been nicely tanned by the sun burning on him as it did the other orphans. His eyes are of a cold brown color, but have a streak of blue in them. Zane also has big ears, good for hearing far away conversations.

Zane isn't really muscular as you can see his ribs if he ever took his shirt off. His shirt is black with a picture of a pokeball on the back. The front has a picture of a Great Ball, an Ultra Ball, and a Master Ball, but he usually hides it in a white cloak. His arms are thin, and look whimpy, but they are pretty strong, but don't be surprised if they break.

Zane's legs are as skinny as sticks, but no one ever notices, as he has baggy pants on. His pants are a light blue from being bleached in the sun. They have four pockets on the sides, but the back pockets got torn off from overuse. The four pockets carry hidden pokeballs, and a black cloth to hide them. Yeah, he isn't really attractive.

Good or Evil?: No one knows, he helps the good guys out, but he's pretty evil, and he has his own agenda.

Rp Example: From The Pokemon Adventure: Kanto Region
Chris and Kyle were walking down Route six, after the incident with Team Rocket in Saffron. But what would happen today would change their trainer career's forever.

"Hey, Kyle." Said Chris trying to start a conversation.

"What?" Asked Kyle not in the mood for any talk right now.

"Have you ever heard of a Squirtle community around here?" Asked Chris. When Kyle shook his head Chris smirked and said. "Yeah, a secret Squirtle community, hunters have been trying to find it for decades, no one knows how they keep it hidden." Kyle just sighed and said.

"Yeah, it's probably an urban legend or somethng." But before they could continue their conversation, they heard a cry in surprise.

"What was that?" Asked Kyle, but Chris was already running towards the scream. "Wait! Oh, what's the point." Kyle said before running after Chris.

After a minute or so of running, Chris, and Kyle made it to the spot, but what they saw was a lot of dwellings with Squirtles going in and out. "There's no way this is real!" Yelled Kyle, but suddenly the Squirtles panicked and ran into their 'houses' for protection. And in a second they found out whhat was causing the problem, a trainer trying to catch them.

"Stop!" Yelled Chris as he sent out Pidgeotto. "Pidgeotto, use Gust!" Pidgeotto fired a powerful blast of wind, knocking the girl to the side.

"Hey, wha'd you do that for?!" Yelled the girl. "I'm just trying to get myself a pokemon!"

"Oh, yeah? Well not from here. Go somewhere else, this dwelling was probably meant to be secret to all but these Squirtles." Said Chris as Kyle ran up to them.

" What's the big idea!" Yelled a tired Kyle as he grabbed a pokeball. "Why'd you leave me behind!"

"It doesn't matter, I'll catch a Squirtle from here, and there's nothing you can do!" Said the girl as she summoned a Kadabra. "Kadabra, use Hyper-" But the girl was interrupted by a noise. It turns out that the noise was a truck passing by the area, but the truck wasn't an ordinary truck, this truck had a red R on the side.

"No! It's either Team Rocket, or..." Started Chris, when a familiar figure stepped out. This figure was thin and wore prison stripes, he also had an elvis hairstyle. Yes people, it was Drake Vanguard. "How could he be out?"

The girl sweated a little thinking that it was Team Rocket. "No, not now." Chris returned Pidgeotto before grabbing the girl.

"Come on girl, we have to go. The Squirtles can defend themselves for now." Whispered Chris, but Kyle was already walking towards Drake. "Oh, no."

"Hey you, why are you here?" Asked Kyle. Drake smirked before saying.

"I'm here to build an army, now step aside and I'll kill you quickly." Kyle backed up at the man's words, but he shook his head no. "No? Well, I guess I'll have to kill you now." Drake then summoned his Machamp.

"Go, Butterfree!" Yelled Kyle. And out came his most powerful pokemon. "Butterfree, use Psywave!" Butterfree fired the attack, and hurt Machamp quite a bit, but Drake just smirked.

"Machamp, use Focus Energy." Said Drake very calmly. Machamp focused his power and grinned.

"Butterfree, use Confusion again!" Yelled Kyle. Butterfree fired the Confusion, but Machamp easily dodged the wave of energy.

"Machamp, use Focus Punch!" Yelled Drake. Machamp, having used Focus Energy the turn before, didn't need to charge, and slammed the fist of energy into Butterfree, knocking him out in one move.

"N-no, Return Butterfree." Said Kyle sad that his most powerful pokemon fell in one hit.

"You're pathetic boy, now get Chris and that girl Sandy out of those bushes." Said Drake. In the bushes, Sandy looked surprised that the man knew her name. But both of them got up anyway. "Well I'll be, you really were back there. Now you two if you move this boy will die where he stands." Drake then got out a remote control and pushed a button.

The truck's doors opened and out came a machine, the machine used two episodes ago. Drake pushed another button and the dwellings blew away, showing the Squirtles inside. And by pushing another button, all of the Squirtles were sucked into the machine. "Since you were all so cooperative, I'll kill you later." Said Drake as he let Kyle go. But Sandy wouldn't let that happen, and sent out a Nidoking(ooc: Level 30)

But before Sandy could do anything more, she was lifted into the air. "Did you think that I wasn't expecting that?" Asked Drake as an Alakazam stepped out of the truck. "Alakazam, use Hyper Beam and blow these punks away." Alakazam nodded before firing a powerful Hyper Beam, landing just short of Chris and Kyle, blasting them about twenty feet back. Drake took Sandy and shoved her into the truck. "Haha! I have a hostage, if you come after me, she dies!" Yelled Drake as he started to drive the truck away.

"Go, Pidgeotto. Take me and Kyle after the truck, but do it without letting him see us." Said Chris. Pidgeotto's wing had already healed, seeing as it was more shock that caused Pidgeotto to fall before. Anyway, Chris and Kyle grabbed on to Pidgeotto and flew after the truck.

July 16th, 2008, 1:56 PM
Alright.. We probably won't start till tonight and check the ooc thread to see why but anyway mkay editing the profile now :P

July 16th, 2008, 5:05 PM
Zuko took his first step into Gateon Port, a place that was the total opposite of his town of Pyrite. For some reason, he didn't like it as much, maybe because he came from the rough town.

"Oh, Zuko, you need a break. Oh, Zuko, you need some fresh air for once; you work too hard," Zuko mumbled under his breath. He had been working at the PokeMart with a man named Johnson and he pretty much forced him to come to the fresh place like Gateon. The only problem was that Zuko always seemed to hate goody places like these. He liked being tough; he liked to be in a tough neighborhood.

Zuko walked down the steps and slowly looked around. What to do first... At home, Zuko had the prison, the duel square, the collosuem (ooc: sp?), and the Ciper hideout (ooc:Is it that in this time?). Suddenly, a man jumped forward and grabbed Zuko's hand and shaked it vigorously. "Welcome to Gateon Port!" he exclaimed excitedely.

Zuko glared at the man angrily and snatched his hand back. "Get away from me!" he shouted. The man looked at him in shock and walked away. Zuko looked at the man and held up his hand to yell an apology, but then lowered it. He wasn't used to being treated with kindness like that. His father and sister were to thank for that.

Zuko walked over to the ports and looked at the open sea. He heard the sea moving and saw the gulls happily flying overhead. For once, Zuko felt a little peaceful and he looked out into the sea for a few minutes before he saw the bridge. Curious, he stepped on the bridge and walked. Maybe this town would have something interesting. The only way he would figure out is to explore and see.

Zuko walked across the bridge slowly, trying to take in all the sights. He had never been so interested in something in all his life. The sea and clouds just made him very peaceful for once. It made him forget all his worries for once, even his family. Then, while Zuko was lost in his daydreams, his foot suddenly sunk and the bridge flipped.

"What the-" shouted Zuko. The bridge moved until it made it to a totally different direction. Zuko looked down and saw a panel on the ground. He found it interesting, but he didn't think he could stand the ride again. He walked back onto the port in front of a boy who looked around his age. Zuko grabbed his head and looked down at the ground. Being in this new town was very strange. The boy looked at Zuko curiously and turned him around.

"Hey, you look capable enough. Can you help me out here?" the boy asked. Zuko looked at him puzzled at the sudden request, but there really wasn't anything else to do. Zuko silently nodded. The boy grinned and grabbed his arm. He dragged Zuko all the way to a junky looking building and pushed him forward. "Well, go ahead inside. The manager will talk to you," said the boy. Zuko looked at him somewhat disgusted and walked in.

Zuko walked inside the building and looked around. It was very queit with only two people inside and soft music playing. There were shelves piled with different mechanical things and a counter covered with dirt and rust. It didn't look like a PokeMart like Zuko worked in.

Hmm, it is some sort of mechanical repair shop, Zuko thought. He walked more inside the building past a man in a tux and towards a man on the ground working. He was wearing a cap and overalls. He seemed more interested in his work than Zuko's presence, so Zuko cleared his throat to get his attention. The man continued to work, making Zuko extremely frustrated and impatient.

"Hey, where's the manager?!" Zuko shouted. The man grunted and pointed towards a set of stairs at the back of the room. "He's upstairs," he responded flatly without even glancing at Zuko. "Thanks," Zuko responded coldly. He walk up the stairs, walking slowly to look around the building. This place was junky, but it looked way better and way more interesting than the PokeMart Zuko worked in at Pyrite. Zuko climbed the last step and came to the top floor. It was just like the bottom floor, queit and with very few people. It was a more of a lounge looking place with a table and a rug and two couches up against the wall. Two men were sitting at the table with a cup of coffee in front of them.

"Are you the manager?" Zuko asked after walking up to the two men. One of the man stood up and smiled at Zuko. "I am, young man. I'm guessing that boy has found someone to help us finally." Zuko just nodded slowly. The man turned around and dug through some stuff laying around in the room, finally walking back with something in his hand. It looked like nothing more than an old machine part. He handed it to Zuko and explained everything he needed to do. Zuko just nodded and walked down the stairs as the manager thanked him again and again for his kindness. Zuko grunted at what a treat the man was getting. Zuko was more independant and worked on his own rather than work or help someone else.

After walking down the stairs, Zuko rushed for the exit of the shop until he stopped by being pulled on his shoulder. "Hey, watch it!" Zuko shouted, pulling his pulled shoulder back behind him. He saw that the man who had pulled him was the man in the sailor's uniform.

"Extremely sorry, I didn't know I would shock you like that!" exclaimed the man apologetically, "but I have something that will help you. Have you heard of the shadow pokemon slowly returning to the world?" Zuko responded by staring at the man puzzled. The man just sighed and continued. "Anyway, I sense great strongness and courage inside of you. I think you could help the world out with your power. So, I would like to give you one of these..." Zuko watched as the man pulled out many small pokeballs and held them up so he could see them. Zuko was in shock. He knew what the man was offering before he said so. He wanted to give him his very own pokemon.

"So you really want me to have one?" Zuko asked queitly. The man simply nodded. Zuko looked at the pokeballs long and hard, trying to decide which one of the pokemon he wanted. He finally picked up a ball that had a picture of a flame printed into it.

"Ah, so you would like Charmander? It is a pretty good fire pokemon," said the man. Zuko nodded thanked the man. He walked out of the shop with the machine part and his first pokemon. Hopefully it would be his first friend.

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July 16th, 2008, 5:20 PM
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Riku's invisible eyes fluttered open and she felt quite fatigued.. "Ugh what happened last nigh...?" She said in pokemon talk faintly.

"The process was a success! We have a shadow ralts!" A voice called out..Riku was blinded by the bright light over her but then soon felt angry and spiteful.. She tried using a tackle but to her surprise she was instead using a move she had never done before..She was engulfed in a black aurua before hitting the man..More so the man was now on the ground mortally wounded from the attack.. The women quickly picked up Riku and put her in a box and put her down onto a convyer belt...

Riku struggled within the box trying to get out but to no avail..Soon a crane picked her up and put her in a pokeball in which the young ralts struggled even more.. But soon she felt to fatigued to do anything. Riku didn't know it but she was now in a truck with several other shadow pokemon and heading to Gateon Port..

~Several Minutes later~

While the man was unloading the pokeballs into the warehouse..By mere fate Riku's pokeball managed to fall out of the truck without the unloaders noticing..

She was still in the cipher hide out waiting for someone to rescue her.. (ooc: PSST UMBREON-CHAN!) The pokeball soon cracked and shattered into several little pieces revealing the sleeping Ralts..The Ralts had ended up in the same room..as the Shadows Eye...

She awoke and saw that everything was darker then before and saw a young human in the room with her..

"Ralts...?" The young pokemon said..Her emotions rising to a fever pitch (oc: haha x3) Her eyes began glowign a dark purple and and her power grew off the charts..and..She was ready to attack the young trainer... Not knowing soon what would happen...That the Shadows Eye would be her friend and help her overcome the challenges..in her own heart..She growled at the young trainer when an alarm sounded..

"Caution! A Shadow pokemon has escaped I repeat shadow pokemon has escape!" A voice shouted from the intercom and the ralts ran behind the young trainer hiding behind it..

"Ralts ralts!" The pokemon squeaked out..seeming to say "Please don't make me go back there!" Riku may have been a shadow pokemon but comnig back to her sense made the young pokemon become afraid and cling to the trainer for support..She had learned back a new emotion..Fear..

"Ralts..ralts.." Riku squeaked out.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
July 16th, 2008, 5:25 PM
Name: Hybrid

Gender: Male

Species: Eevee

Nature: Brave

Personality before you became a Shadow pokemon: Hybrid Was Usually The Shy Type Before He Became A Shadow Pokemon,But He Could Be Serious At Times.

Trainer you will get caught by: None As Of Yet

Good or evil?: Evil

Rp example:

Hybrid Ran As Fast As He Could,Chasing The Trainer Away. He Had Shown Tremendous Power,Unleashing Shadow Balls At Thier Feet. "Pidgeot,Try And Attack It!" Yelled One Of The Trainers As He Sent Out His Pidgeot. The Pidgeot Attacked Hybrid,But Missed. Hybrid,Grinning,Unleashed A Shadow Ball At The Pidgeot,Sending It Backwards. ("Heh,Nobodys Gonna Expect This...") Thought Hybrid As Be Ran Faster. He Unleashed A Full Force Iron Tail On The Trainer And Climbed Up The Nearest Tree. He Watched As The Trainer Got Up. "Return,Pidgeot!" Yelled The Trainer Wondering What Had Happened. When The Trainer Was Gone,Hybrid Jumped Down Off The Tree And Laughed. "Weak Trainer If You Ask Me..." He Said Trying To Keep His Voice Down.

July 16th, 2008, 5:28 PM
Smirking to herself, Valerie stepped into the Experimental Room clutching her once-normal Trapinch's Pokeball in one hand. This would be her first battle with her new-and-improved "Shadow" Pokemon. The thought of having such powerful creatures at her disposal was almost intoxicating. She wanted to get started as soon as possible.

"Hey!" cried the man on the other side of the arena-like room. Judging by his uniform, he looked like a regular Peon, the lower-ranked members of Cipher. "No one told me I was gonna be working with a girl!"

"Shut up," Valerie growled in response, savoring the freedom of being able to act nasty for once. "When are we going to battle? I'm sick of standing around."

"Er... Right now if ya' want," the Peon responded, a bit thrown off by her response. He shrugged, then tossed two Pokeballs into the air (as double-battles were usually the norm in Orre).

From one came a creature that resembled a girraffe and had a round head on its tail. The other Pokemon was cone-shaped, with a pair of tiny ice-blue eyes. A Girafarig and a Snorunt, respectively.

Figures they'd give his Pokemon Type-Advantages over mine... Valerie thought, displeased, Oh well. My Shadow Pokemon can take 'em.

"Go!" she cried, throwing her own pair of Pokeballs. Two shapes emerged in front of her in bursts of light.

On the right was her first Pokemon, a Breloom. She had found it as a pathetic and wounded Shroomish in the streets a few months back. The only reason she nursed it back to health was to use it as her Pokemon and get away from her "family". Its blood-red claws flexed and its long tail twitched in anticipation of the battle to come.

On the left was a Pokemon she had never seen before... Or had she? An insectlike creature... Certainly a Bug-Type? No... It's a... Vibrava!

"They evolved my Trapinch before they made it a Shadow Pokemon?" Valerie asked.

"Of course. What use would a puny Trapinch be, even if it is Shadow..." replied the man. "I thought you were the one who wanted to get this over with."

"Right... Vibrava, use--"

But all of a sudden, the green insect flew at Breloom in a fury. Breloom, in turn, attacke dit with a quick punch seemingly fueled by Shadow energy. The two were in a tussle immediately, striking and attacking viciously even though they had been fairly friendly with each other up until now. Most trainers would be saddened to see their own Pokemon fighting like this. Valerie, however, was not most trainers. She even enjoyed the sight a bit, taking note of how much stronger their attacks were...

"Recall your Pokemon, for Mew's sake!" cried the Peon.

Valerie's eyes widened as she came to her senses, and did just that. Vibrava and Breloom disappeared in flashes of red.

"You should go see the head guy here about that Vibrava," the Peon said. "Normally they don't get that rowdy unless they're in Hyper Mode. especially not if they knew the trainer before becoming Shadow..."

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July 16th, 2008, 5:33 PM
Hollow... Cold...

So cold...

Fear overran every nerve ending, entangled in every artery and infected every pore as the vixen overlooked her doom, marching mindlessly towards her. Atop a mountain borne of brimstone she stood as endless ranks of the living dead shambled forth from the depths of Hell itself, bonded by decay to their promise to seek the flesh of the living. Those that perished far before their time rose to walk the earthly plane once again, their eyes thirsty for gore that was soon to be spilled... They all closed in, their haunting, expressionless eyes and lack thereof becoming a large white blur.

The feast had begun. Arlene looked down, merely watching, silent, in horror as mouths already filled with pestilence tore into her furry flesh, tearing away sinewy muscles and ripping through cartilage as easily as if it were paper. Pain had become a distant memory as nerves were ripped from their channels, as neurons burst in the gaping maws that vied for satisfaction around her... One last look in her terrified eyes shot to the sky, and she saw a dim face in the crimson clouds... God was laughing at her. Mocking her as she had him by giving new life to decrepit, hollow husks.

In a dizzy spell, the vixen known as Arlene woke suddenly. Her vision was clouded and rough, jagged yet smooth at the same time; she was submerged in something... She could feel it invading places on her body... Holding out her forepaws, she finally realized she was still alive, and that her undead legions had not turned on her as in her dream. Pain still racked every node in her nerves, a burning sensation that would not stop... She could feel her lungs forcibly expanding and contracting like balloons, due to the apparatus that had been shoved down her trachea to presumably keep her alive in what she could only guess was some kind of nutrient fluid.

She had to get out of here...

Balling her paw weakly into a fist, and using the other as support, the vixen bent her legs a bit and propelled her fist at as top-speed as she could manage in the thick liquid, disrupting the glass tube that kept her sealed in. Following up, she punched again, this time harder as strength returned to her... And again... Soon, her fist became a pounding hammer against the glass, until chance smiled upon her and the tube became compromised. First a crack, leaking out some of the strange green fluid, and then, by pressure, it expanded into a viable hole. The vixen began to push sections of the fragmented glass out, expanding her self-proclaimed escape hatch until all of the fluid came in a downpour out onto the sterile tile floor.

Still weak from the devices attached to her, Arlene looked down her muzzle to spy a large tube invading her throat. Just as she suspected... This would hurt. Mustering up the courage, let alone strength, she groaned as she pulled out the tube slowly, carefully, trying her best to stifle the abrasive scratching and scraping it did against her windpipe... Finally, it popped out of her muzzle, and she was forced to cough up a small amount of blood, along with several days' worth of mucus that had built up due to the strange oxygen-providing device. Oddly enough, however, she noticed that there was no-one around to stop her, or keep her sealed in the tube...?

Finally, her vision cleared, and she spied around her various screens which measured data streams she could not quite decipher; disassemblies of various instruments, in their native code, which she understood perfectly; and several vitalsigns data monitors. The screen that looked most important - a large plasmamonitor situated at the wall left of her - held a disassembly sheet that most interested the vixen... It held opcodes and unusual operators that she could not make out in her dizzied state, but by glance, she made a guess that it was to monitor the other systems' activities. There were several "unrecognized opcode" errors listed in a smaller screen nearby, meaning that likely the machines were not working as they should have been. Maybe it was lucky she broke out of her tube in time...

After ripping off various suction-cup-like appendages that attached to various sections of her body - two in particular had been attached to her breasts, making removal a very uncomfortable process - she took note that a low beep came from the main disassembly monitor, and an error log nearby noted, "PROJECT NECROFOX TERMINATED." Reasoning and probably giving the Cipher too much credit in the process, Arlene worriedly imagined that her captors would probably notice that one of their experiments were missing... But what was she to do, being quite literally naked, freezing, soaking wet, and weaponless in a laboratory?

Standing, she skilfully jogged to a nearby door panel, and pressed the one large button central to the keypad. In a scene reminiscent of Star Trek, the door split at the center and the two segments slid on their sides on a track into recessions in either side of the wall, allowing the vixen entrance into a large, open, sterile hallway... Weary and wary, the nude fox carefully checked for any assailants that may stop her escape, and quickly moved down the hallway. She would need to find some clothes, quickly.

[[ Now would be a prime opportunity for one of the Cipher personnel to discover Arlene escaping, and maybe prevent her. ]]

July 16th, 2008, 6:57 PM
Agate Village.

A peaceful, quant town filled with nice and generous people. It seemed to be a town embracing nature, due to the fact that plant life pretty much entagles most of the village. Alongside beatiful rivers and a mysterious cave of some sort that no one is allowed into. In a small rural home was a boy sleeping in his rooms upstairs. He slept on his bed, arms spread out. This was Taichi Sugimori, or just Tai for short. He was the well-known Pokemon Fanatic of Agate Village. But in the morning he was known as the Sleepy Head. He didn't weak up until about noon the next day, but this was a day he had to wake up early.


A Hoot-Hoot alarm clock on his night stand rang, penetrating Tai's ears. He was startled by the sudden loud noise, and opened his eyes. He reached out his right hand and searched for the clock, as soon as he found it...he punched it. It fell, but thankfully for the wire it was attacked to it didn't hit the ground.

"Damn alarm clock. Waking me up, what's it think it is? God." Tai mumbled to himself as he sat upright and yawned. He wore a black muscle shirt and a pair of green shorts. He stretched out his arms and looked to his side,

"Oh that's right, I have to go to...ummm...that place. Crap." Tai cursed under his breath and shot up from his bed, he opened his closet doors to be caught in an avalanche of clothes and sorts. After all the clothes had piled onto him, Tai popped his head out of the ocean of clothes. He searched the pile and picked out a blue shirt and shoved it over his head. He took off his shorts and put on a pair of black pants, he slipped on a brown belt and then searched the room for his shoes.

"Man, where did I leave those!" Tai shouted as he searched his room, he then found them behind his computer desk. A pair of white Vans, he slipped them on and picked off two wristbands from his night stand and slipped them on as well. He proceeded down the stairs of his home, his dog tag pounding on his chest lightly.

He reached his kitchen, his parents were out in the village. Socializing and such, just like any other morning. His eyes caught sight of the plate on the kitchen, his breakfast. Tai rushed to the table and engulfed the plate, he was a hungry boy. After he was done devouring his food he placed his plate in the sink and noticed a note on the fridge. Tai picked it off:


Don't slack off and go get the Machine Part from the Parts Shop in Gateon Port. It's just a little way from here, so be careful.

Tai crumbled the note, he was kind of excited. He never has left Agate Village, so he bounced out of his home and ran out of the village's front gate. The outside of Agate soon turned into desert and he instantly became thirsty,

"Crap! I should have gotten some water before I left!" He cursed at himself. The desert sand was a nice peach shade, and the skies above were filled with dotted clouds and of course the beating sun. As well as some random pokemon flying about, Tai could name them all. He loved Pokemon.

He looked down from the sky to see a building in the distance,

"Gateon Port!" He shouted out as he began running, he couldn't wait to see a large city. He finally made his way to a giant sign reading:

Gateon Port

The words that signified he had made it to his first city outside of Agate Village. Seemingly from behind a tree a rather short man, balding, with thick glasses with spirals in the lenses shot up to Tai and grabbed his hand.

"WELCOME TO GATEON PORT! THE CITY WHERE DREAMS ARE BORN!!!" The man shouted at Tai, and the boy coulnd't help but smile. He ran into the city, busltling cars and people. Building everywhere he turned, it was awesome. Tai then began to search the city for the Parts Shop and soon found it at a corner,

"Awesome, there it is!" He ran into the building's sliding double doors and approached the man at the front desk. A chubby man with glasses and grease all around him, proably from the machines he works with.

"Umm...hello! I'm here to pick up an order for, Sugimori." Tai peered over the desk at the many machines in the back, the man smiled.

"Ah, yes! Here it is!" He handed a box to Tai and then whispered into Tai's ears,

"I hope this'll help, with you know what." The man handed Tai a red and white capsule. Tai was dumbfounded, you know what? What did that mean? He exited the shop and walked down the streets of the bustling city. He peered inside the box and found a strange looking machine part. Then remembered about the sphere the man had given to him, it seemed to be a capsule of some sort. Then his eyes widened and he was struck with shock,

"C-Could this be a pokemon?" Tai was full of merriment, his own pokemon. He pressed his eyes against the pokeball's transparent red top and saw a small orange lizard with a burning tail and yellow belly.

"I-It's a Charmander?! No way, my dream pokemon!" Tai hopped up in joy, then contained his emotions remembering he was in the middle of a city. Then walked down the streets again, he had clipped on the Charmander pokeball on his belt. He felt great doing it too. He then came to a large building with brilliant lights penetrating the windows, a sign over the door read:

The Krabby Klub

Tai was amazed at the building, in front of the building was a chubby man unloading crates from a truck. Inside the crates seemed to be a pokeball, so Tai snuck around the man's vision then dashed into the doors. He saw a pokeball fall out and seemingly crack, but he was so excited about the club to say anything. Inside was a large floor with lights over the ceiling and a dj stand at the end of the floor. No one was there though, so Tai explored the back area. It was a kitchen, Tai just loved Kitchens. There was no one here either, this was strange. He opened the fridge and nothing was in there, except a lone gallon of orange juice. Tai tugged at the gallon and it was strange, it stood in place and only moved a little bit. Like a lever of some sort, it made a clicking sound and the back of the fridge completely came open. Tai could see a large warehouse of some sort, so Tai stepped through the fridge and closed it behind him. In the warehouse was tons and tons of boxes, it looked like a large city made completely out of boxes. Towers and towers were there, Tai walked around the hallways of boxes and looked up. Dusty windows were the only way to see the outside of this place, soon he saw the back of the room was home to a very large metal crate. On it was a small mechanism with a hand mark on it, it was a hand recognizer mechanism. Tai placed his hand there, to see what would happen. He coulnd't open it of course, right?

The machine made a small ding sound and turned green.

"Sugimori. Access Granted!" The machine spat out, steam escaped the crate as the top was pulled up by machines and what was left was a stand holding a machine of some sort. It looked like a metallic jacket top, Tai liked how it looked. He picked up the machine and put it on, it fit well on him. How odd.

He moved his right arm, which was the only arm that it covered. It could surprisingly move well, on his chest was a hollow orb that seemed to hold a sphere of some sort. Then he heard the fridge door open at the oppsite end of the warehouse, then series of chatters and footsteps. This was bad.

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 8:23 PM
Episode 1: The Cipher Drifter: Zane Alistar

Zane smirked as he held a pokeball with his Bagon in it. 'Heh, won't Cipher be surprised when I take it over.' Thought Zane to himself as he entered the hallway, where he saw a fox-human hybrid creature looking around, before running in the opposite direction.

"Heh, someone else will get it, besides my own plans rely on her." Said Zane silently as he went towards the Training room. Just as Zane entered the Training room, a Cipher trainer walked up to him and said.

"Hey, new guy, Why are you here?" Zane grinned as he grabbed the agent and shoved him into the wall, pinning him down.

"That is for speaking without being spoken to." Said Zane as he let the agent go. "I'm here to test out a Shadow pokemon." The other agent laughed at that. "What's so funny?"

The other agent wiped tears from his eyes before saying. "You newbies always crack me up. You go to the training room, not here." Zane shook his head in humiliation. "Tell you what, I'll be your first opponent with that new Shadow Pokemon." Said the agent. Zane just snorted and walked out of the room. The agent followed in hot persuit.

After five minutes, the duo walked into the Experimental room. The two took their positions and sent out their pokemon. On Zane's side was a Shelgon, while on the other agents side is a Mightyena.

But before the battle could start, Shelgon tried to rush at the other agent. The agent dodged and returned his pokemon. "Recall your pokemon!" Yelled the agent. But Zane watched as the Shelgon chased the agent around the room.

"Heh, Shelgon return." Said Zane bored with the man. Shelgon went back into the pokeball and Zane stared at the shaking agent. "You disapoint me." Zane then kicked the downed agent before walking out of the room to report this to his 'boss'.

Zane walked down to the Loading room where Admin Hawks was still at. "Sir, my Shadow Pokemon went berserk and attacked a fellow grunt, what's the matter with him?"

Hawks smirked before saying. "That's normal, it's probably in Hyper Mode, just call its name when you send it out and it'll be fine." Zane sighed semi relieved, after all he didn't include a variable like this in his plan, but now he knows how to deal with it. Hawks gave Zane a Snag Machine. "Use this to snag pokemon from trainers. It's the ultimate theft tool."

"Thank you sir." Said Zane as he tried to put on the machine, but it fell off. Zane then made a few adjustments, and the Snag machine fit like a glove. "Now to test it out."

Zane went outside to scope out a trainer and found a relatively weak one. "Hey, kid!"Yelled Zane to the kid. The young boy looked over at Zane. "I challenge you to a Pokemon battle."

The kid smiled before saying. "You're on!" The kid then sent out a Pikachu.

Zane smirked before gabbing a pokeball. "Snag Ball, Go!" Yelled Zane. The ball wiggled three times before signalling that the Pikachu was caught.

"My Pikachu!" Cried the boy before running away crying. Zane smirked evilly, this would make it easier for his plan.

July 16th, 2008, 10:08 PM
The ralts hid behind the young trainer in an attempts to hide from the incoming Cipher people but with the alarm still sounding..there was no way Riku could avoid this one though. The cipher admion were storming past the room in attempt to find the young Ralts..and to her utter horror..they had found the poor ralts and attempted to put her back in the box called "her cage" but alas Ralts was too quick for the little Cipher Peons..She was now in hyper mode in which caused her power to rise of the scales once again.. She looked back at the young trainer and seemed to signal "Come get me later." With a mob of peons after her Riku couldn't afford to stop now. She ran past Cipher Admin Hawks and Valerie Moon. The cipher peons follwoing her were dwindeling. After she had managed to get away from her pursuers and has stopped for a breather Riku looked and saw a person throwing a pokeball...At another persons pokemon?

"Ralts?" The pokemon squeaked as if wondering what was going on.. Still in hyper mode she was ready to attack at any moment..With the alarm still going off that a Shadow pokemon was running loose cipher peons would be everywhere looking for Riku. She approached the trained who had just snagged the apprent Pikachu and let out another "Ralts?" Looking up at the trainer Riku was still in hyper mode in which her eyes were a deep purple maybe blood red.

"What are you thinknig taking that trainers pokemon?" The ralts hissed in pokemon talk. Riku still had the door to her heart tightly shut..In which she could become spiteful and angry at any moment.

"Ralts ralts...RALTS!" The pokemon squeks turned into yells and the aurua turned to a deep black...And she attaked Zane with a shadow rush knocking him to the ground. Her hyper mode was becoming violent and since she had no trainer to call her own..She wasn't going to be released..till she was caught that is.Abd that wasn't going to happen..Anytiem soom.. She gave a finaly Shadow Blitz to Zane and this one was extremely powerful as well...Ralts was still glaring at the trainer with utter hate...If looks could kill...Zane could be dead in a few seconds...

All Riku could feel right now was rage..At multiple things.. "Why had this happened..Why to her..Why not some other pokemon..:" Riku was flustered and angry and she wanted to kill someone..She noticed that Zane had been holding a pokeball in his hand and hissed..She knew it was the pokemon that zane had stolen..Riku was in fullblown hyper mode now..there was no stopping her when it came to attacking..She charged a shadow rush and Zane..with the intent to kill..

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 11:30 PM
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Episode 2: Shelgon Vs. Ralts!

Zane dodged the Ralts's attack, appearantly she was mad at him for something. The Ralts turned towards Zane, and used a Shadow Rush, slamming into Zane possibly cracking a rib. "Guhh... Ralts, if you keep this up, you'll kill me." Said Zane before sending out Shelgon. "But that won't happen, since you're going with me."

The Ralts tried to slam into Zane, but Shelgon countered by slamming into Ralts, sending her into the street. " Shelgon, use Shadow Rush!" Yelled Zane in pain. Shelgon slammed into Ralts once again, knocking her down. The Ralts got up ready to fight. " Shelgon, use Shadow Rush again!" Shelgon rushed at Ralts, but she dodged before slamming into Shelgon, but neither pokemon were really hurt or even tired.

"Shelgon, Use Shadow Blitz!" Yelled Zane. Shelgon went to attack the Ralts, but she also attacked with a Shadow Blitz. The two ended up in a tie, and slide to the ground. "Now, use Shadow Rush!" Ralts ran forward with a Shadow Blitz, but Shelgon rushed in with a Shadow Rush. The two clashed, but Shelgon prevailed, knocking the Ralts down once again.

But before Zane could toss a pokeball, the Ralts got up, ready to battle again. "Well you're persistant, I know that. So I'll let you in on a secret. I'm not going to turn the Pikachu into a Shadow Pokemon. I need a strong non-Shadow pokemon team." Said Zane as he started to limp to Shelgon. "Shelgon, use Shadow Blitz!" Yelled Zane. Shelgon slammed into Ralts, knocking her into the wall, sucessfully breaking her out of Hyper mode.

Now the Ralts didn't stand a chance, but she got into a battle position anyway. "Shelgon, use Shadow Rush!" Yelled Zane. Shelgon rushed towards Ralts, but she dodged and used a Shasow Rush, knocking Shelgon down. But the Shelgon was still strong as he stood up easily. "Use Shadow Rush again!" Yelled Zane. Shelgon slammed into the Ralts pretty hard, knocking her down, but she wouldn't give up. The Ralts got up with extreme difficulty, and got ready for another round, but everyone knew it was over.

"You know? You remind me of an old friend from the orphanage." Said Zane to the Ralts. "His name was Riku." The Ralts looked surprised at that statement. "Riku always wanted to get out of the orphanage and battle evil, no matter what the cost. Well, that may just be your Shadow Pokemon self thinking, but Riku would've done the same thing."

The Ralts rushed at Zane, but Shelgon slammed into Ralts, knocking her back a little. The Ralts tried to strike Zane again, but Shelgon was able to hold her back while Zane told the story.

"Well, Riku got out of the orphanage, but the moment he stepped out, two gang members shot him and his new father." Said Zane with the slightest hint of tears in his eyes. "So the next year I broke out. Well, that's life some part is fair, but the rest isn't."

Zane then returned Shelgon before heading towards the Cipher building. "Go on, run away before the others hear the commotion." The Ralts ran out of there terribly confused at what she just heard, does even a monster have a heart?

(ooc: If you don't like the ending of this post, then I can edit it. I could've made the battle longer, but I'm supposed to be in bed right now. Oh, and I called Riku 'Ralts' since Zane doesn't know her name.)

July 16th, 2008, 11:47 PM
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Naruto I think you did a bit of character control over Riku (my ralts character) Try not to do it again x3

Riku looked at Zane but was blindsided by another shadow rush.Riku yelped in pain and got back up hissing at the trainer, it seemed that before Zane had the chance to get a pokeball ready Riku was up and fighting once more..

"Well you're persistant, I know that. So I'll let you in on a secret. I'm not going to turn the Pikachu into a Shadow Pokemon. I need a strong non-Shadow pokemon team." Zane smirked and Ralts hissed even more..this trainer was too cocky for his own good.

"And snagging it from its own trainer isn't bad?" Ralts said through pokemon talk.

"You know? You remind me of an old friend from the orphanage." Said Zane to the Ralts. "His name was Riku." The young pokemon looked at him questionably as her hyper mode shattered and she was back to her senses..her eyes now a deep purple signaling she was a shadow pokemon..

Riku still very angry with Zane tried attacking him once more but Shelgon foiled her efforts with a Shadow Blitz..which really had no effect on her considering she was a shadow pokemon as well. Riku was still a bit confused on the whereabouts of this trainers friend that had the same name as her.

"Well, Riku got out of the orphanage, but the moment he stepped out, two gang members shot him and his new father." Zane mumbled as tears welleed up in his eyes.

Well, that's life some part is fair, but the rest isn't." Zane said to Riku once more as his shelgon was stil lready to do battle. But this is what confused Riku the most..Zane returned the Shadow Shelgon and the began walking back to the Cipher building as though the battle had never happened..

"Go on, run away before the others hear the commotion." Zane said to her and Riku loocked at him a bit confused but then used telekinesis to say something to him.

"I guess you aren't that bad...but..Your friend Riku..If he's dead then let him rest in peace..my name is Riku as well..Don't refer to me as a Ralts..I'm Riku.. R-I-K-U... Got it? Memorize it and remeber it." Riku said to Zane before running off as a swarm off Cipher members chased after her.

July 16th, 2008, 11:49 PM
"Admin Hawks?" asked Valerie, knocking on the door to the boss's room just after leaving the Experimental Room. She was instructed to tell him about Vibrava, even though personally she didn't see much of a problem with the draconic-insect. After all, she could control her Pokemon, and make it use that kind of aggression against those who challenged her...

"Yes. Come in," came the reply.

Valerie stepped into the room quietly, seating herself in front of the Admin's desk. The man had a serious look about him, as if he were expecting some bad news or an important problem.

"Eh... My Vibrava attacked my Breloom when I sent it out. Is that... normal?" Valerie asked, feeling awkward talking to someone higher in rank than herself.

Hawks sighed, putting a hand to his forehead in a tense manner as if he had a migraine. "It's probably just in Hyper Mode. Give it a while and it'll calm down. You need your Snag Machine..."

"Hm?" She remembered the device she'd found that led her into this all. It was a peculiar machine, high-tech and silver in color, and it had looked like it would fit snugly around an arm. Cipher had taken it immediately, but perhaps she would get it back?

The Admin sat up, opened a cabinet in his desk, and pulled out the very same Snag Machine Valerie had found. He held it out to her.

"Well? Take it. Try it on."

After a few moments of handing the Snag Machine, Valerie had it securely fit onto her left arm. Considering the smaller size of it, perhaps she could put her jacket sleeve on over it to seem less suspicious...

"Good. Now, could you go out and maybe look around for anything strange going on, seeing as there's not much else for you to do around here?" Hawks asked.

"Yes. I'll do that," Valerie replied. About five minutes later she was outside of the Cipher building and on the streets of Gateon Port. Maybe she could find a trainer to snag her first Pokemon from...

Zeta Sukuna
July 16th, 2008, 11:51 PM
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July 17th, 2008, 6:49 AM
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Loud and Annoying Pidgey
July 17th, 2008, 11:37 AM
Reserve Me As A Shadow Pokemon.

July 17th, 2008, 5:30 PM
Tai stood there, at the end of the warehous. He had just put on a machine that fit well on his right arm, but then the refridgeratior door opened and he heard footsteps walking towards him. Tai panicked, but was startled when a loud alarm went off. The alarm was very loud, repeating the same phrase over and over:

"Caution! A Shadow pokemon has escaped I repeat shadow pokemon has escape!"

Tai was confused, what was a shadow pokemon? He didn't get a lot of time to think about that as the footsteps grew rapid and seemed to now run towards him. Tai's head shot around, looking for a way out of here. His eyes then caught sight of what seemed to be a door in the wall to his right, with out a handle. Next to it was another hand recognizer mechanism, the same as the one on the crate. And if that was the case, Tai could open it.

'Yes! A way out of here, I'm saved!" He yelled mentally. But as soon as he took his first few steps a group of stubby, slouching men appeared a few feet besides him. They wore red vests and black pants, with black shoes. They also wore funny ear phone looking objects covering their ears,

"He has the Snag Machine! GET HIM!" One of the men shouted out, as soon as he did Tai booked it to the mechanism. With the group chasing him, Tai was very motivated to make it. Who knows what they would do to him, Tai dove out in front of him and slammed his hand on the mechanism. It let out a ding noise and the visible rectangle on the wall flipped, taking Tai and a few boxes with it. It reaches the other side then flipped back into place, slamming Tai on the ground outside next to a few boxes.

Tai sighed, who knew the city could be so much trouble. He looked around the streets then ran down the main street, looking for help of some sort. Then he remembered the machine he wore, the man called it...Snag Machine.

'What does Snag mean?' Tai asked himself. Almost as soon as he did so he looked into the middle of the street and noticed a young man with the same machine that he wore! Tai smiled and was about to run to him for help when he challenged some one to a battle, Tai stopped and began to watch the battle. But it took a turn for the worse, the man stole the other trainer's Pikachu. Tai gasped,

'What the hell?!' He shouted mentally. What had just happened? Then, seemingly out of nowhere a small Ralts appeared.

"Oh no, he might do the same to that Ralts!" Tai shouted outloud, the noticed something odd about it. It eminated a very dark, black aura from it. It's eyes were the same bloodshot eyes as the ones he saw before. The Gengar and Nidorino, with the blood shot eyes. That means, that Ralts is as powerful as those. The Ralts continued to tackle the man of some sort,

"Yeah, take that!" Tai shouted out.

"Take This!" Tai turned to see the group of men from before running up to him, Tai gritted his teeth and widened his eyes.

"Oh crap!" He shotued his eyes as he ran down the streets yet again. After a few minutes of running, he turned a corner and saw a Ralts. Was it the same Ralts as before? This one had deep purple eyes instead of blood shot eyes, so it still frightened Tai. Then he saw it was being chased by the same looking guys who were chasing him,

"Who are these guys?!" Tai shouted out as he planned to help the Ralts but instead was forced to hide in a near by alley, the goons were still after him. He peeked outside and he saw a girl, looking almost the same as the goons that were chasing after him. Were they in the same orginization?

"I want to fight, but I can't. Not just with Charmander, I don't even know how strong he is." Tai told himself. Then cursed at himself for not being able to do anything. He clenched his hand in a fist then grabbed Charmander's pokeball, he looked at the Charmander with his deep blue eyes.

"Charmander. I know your not the strongest pokemon, but come on. We have to try. We can't just keep running." Tai gritted his teeth and ran out of the alley, smirking.

"I won't run anymore, I'll battle!" Tai shouted out and released the orange lizard out into the streets. The goons simply looked at the Charmander,

"Come on, battle. Oh, and I have to know something. Just who are you guys?!" He shouted out. The men just stared at Tai and snickered, not answering his question. One man stepped up and smirked, he said nothing but only threw a pokeball and a small brown and white furred cat like pokemon appeared.

“That’s an Eevee.” Tai told himself, then looked down at Charmander. He gritted his teeth, he doesn’t want to harm a pokemon that isn’t really evil. It just follows orders, his eyes widened. Then he looked at the machine on his right arm, he was confused about this machine. Snag…machine. Snag? Steal? Get? Tai grinned,

“Maybe I can save that pokemon and turn it good!” His eyes widened and then grinned, he took a good look at the machine. Then noticed the orb on his chest again, it looked like it can hold a pokeball. He didn’t use Charmander’s pokeball, but instead picked out a small pokeball from his pocket. It was his father’s first pokeball, and he gave it to Tai for good luck.

‘Sorry dad, but I have to use this.’ Tai looked up, angry at the goons. Then growled,

“Charmander, Scratch Attack!” The Charmander rushed at the Eevee and scraped its side. The pokemon backed up and winced at the pain, the goon simply snapped his finger and the pokemon rushed at Charmander. It slammed its head into Charmander’s stomach, but the odd thing was that as soon as the impact was landed dark purple sparks flew all around.

“W-What was that?” Tai was baffled, Charmander was seriously hurt.

“Charmander, Ember!” The small lizard growled and swung its tail. Landing a large fire ball striking the pokemon, making it fly backwards. Tai smirked and placed the pokeball in the spherical chamber, the pokeball shifted inside and bright lights could be seen. After a few moments Tai took out the pokeball, it looked different now. He didn’t know why, but it just looked different.

He thrusted the capsule and it engulfed the pokemon, bright lights encircled its tiny brown furred body. The small ball shook three times and then let out a familiar ding, Tai immediately dashed at the pokeball. The goon doing the same, Tai slid on the street and grabbed the pokeball. The gang of goons soon created a dog pile in the middle of the street for the pokeball. But little did they know Tai had escaped and was now on the sidewalk quickly slinking behind a building. He looked at the small pokeball hosting the Eevee, it emanated a dark purple aura. Almost the same as the Ralts from before, the small Eevee smashed against the pokeball.

Tai sweatdropped then returned Charmander to its pokeball, he clipped both pokeball then let out a great sigh of relief. He looked around the city,

“Now what?” He looked around the sidewalk and began to panic. His eyes grew large as he searched the premises,

“Crap. Crap. Crap. Where’s the Machine Part I picked up?!” Tai whaled,

“I must’ve left it at the warehouse!” He shouted out as he quickly, and sneakily made his way back to the warehouse. It must be near the place he got the Snag Machine from, so Tai began to make his way through the warehouse, trying not to get caught by any more of those mysterious goons.

July 17th, 2008, 11:07 PM
Jack yelped as the two humans prodded him with the shockers. Electricity rippled through his body.
"Whats the problem?" One of them taunted. He had a darker face, and was stocky. "Does the puppy have a boo-boo?" He laughed.
"Yeah, Does he have a boo-boo?" The other said, as he hit Jack on the nose. This one was smaller, yet still quite large. Jack dropped his head, his eyes closed. A slight grin emerged on his face.
"Is he grinning?" The first grumbled. Jack lifted his head. Now he was definitely grinning. His eyes turned dark, and , a moment before it happened, the realization dawned on the Cipher Peons.
"Oh S---" He was cut off as Jack leapt at them. Flames burst from his jaw, hitting a peon in the chest. He landed on the other, and sunk his teeth into the peon's arm. Jack jumped off him, and through an open door. An alarm bellowed through the warehouse.

"Caution! A Shadow pokemon has escaped! I repeat shadow pokemon has escape!"

Jack ran through the warehouse, passing through different rooms. He got closer to the exit, and burst through the open door. He slowed his pace, and looked around. There was a human trying to sneak towards the warehouse, but peons were close by. The human didn't look like a peon. His instinct was to warn the human, but then the shadows overtook him. He ran at the peons, barking.

July 18th, 2008, 1:05 PM
Riku still running from her "stalkers" as she would say, was running as fast as she could when once again she went into hyper mode and stood her ground. "So you wanna mess with me? Take this! Hyaaaaaaa!" Ralts stood there..and everything in the moment became still,like in those movies when a major massacre is about to happen.. She could of sworn she heard the heartbeat you here in one of the moments but..no matter..Riku didn't know which moves she would know so she just gave a wave of her hands and the aurua began to glow brightly and a twister was sent back at them knocking them all back and injuring the peons.

"Wow that was cool!" Riku thought to herself eagerly. "Maybe bein a shadow pokemon won't be that bad...heh I'm powerful..." Riku said in her mind a slow smirk coming across her face.

"Off to gateon port to show off my power to those stupid trainers...Hehe" The ralts said in pokemon talk. She could now wak to Gateon Port the doors to her heart still tightly shut and being in hyper mode..This was a deadly combination..For humans and pokemon alike..Unfortunetly the newly reborn cipher had taken XD001's notes about making shadow pokemin invincible to purification....And Riku was tagged as one of them..It was written on her armed or as I should say tatooed on her and would remain there till she was killed or purified..and there has been no purification chamber for well over 100 years.. Riku was tagged as XD050.. She didn't know what it meant but she knew it was good and bad.. The young ralts kept walking on the path..it wasall so familier to her..but she couldn't place her finger on it..Becomnig a shadow pokemon..she had lost her memory when her heart had been artificially shut.

Riku looked down her eyes filled with hatred..Her walk turned into a run..She wanted to kick those trainers butts for what they did to her..She lost her memory due to THEM, she had no idea it was because Cipher had closed the doors to her heart..All she was doing was blaming the humans for what Cipher had done..Her eyes now filled with spite and hate she began running to Gateon port.. It was now within sight and she wasn't gonna let the humans do this to any other pokemon..

As the doors of gateon port came into sight she saw a man who was greating everyone and everything.

"Why hello little bug..Welcome to Gateon Port!" The man said happily then he saw Riku who was now wandering into gateon port..

"WHy hellow there cute little ralts! Wheres your trainer?" The man said happily.

The invisible aurua was now a deep crimson red so ralts merely sad through teleknisis. "Go home old man..your not wanted here!" Riku then waved her hand and she used a new move cipher had created..Shadow Psychic in which the man was picked up in a black aurua and tossed by Riku into the ports waters...Causing a seen..but then something caught her attention...a lone unconscious Eevee and trainers were eying it and wanted to catch it..Riku looked at the Eevee and knew it was owned by someone..Her face turned into a scowl and she let out a wave of her hand and then the two trainers were sent flying into the port..

Riku ran up to the Eevee..Shake it ever so lightly and saying through to it through telekenisis. "Hey hey wake up..Its not good to lay around in the street like this..Wheres your trainer..Oi oi.."

July 18th, 2008, 5:53 PM
ooc: Sorry for the wait. Life has been hectic. Hopefully I did this post right.

Zuko called out his new Charmander after he left the shop. After all the red light disappeared, a small orange pokemon was standing. It had short fangs and a long tail with a flame on the end. Zuko looked at the flame with pleasure. The fire made Charmander look powerful, made even Zuko feel like he had a little power.

Zuko then remembered why the man had given him the pokemon. He had said something about “shadow pokemon.” What were those anyway. Zuko didn’t care that much. If it was extremely important, he would find out. Zuko decided that it would be better to walk around the town with his new pokemon and he didn’t know, maybe “bond” a bit. Zuko walked around the city and looked inside the different buildings.

Then, all the sudden, Zuko heard his new charmander exclaim and saw him jump up and down. Zuko ran over to it and saw it pointing down an alley. “Hey, great idea. There could be something interesting. Zuko followed Charmander until they came upon a building. It looked small and extremely small. Zuko looked at his new pokemon and they both nodded. This kind of place was right down Zuko’s street.

Zuko went over and tried the doorknob. He tried turning it like any other doorknob, but it was completely stuck. Of course. Zuko propped his right foot on the door and shouted to his new pokemon. “Charmander, come help me!” he shouted. Charmander nodded and began to slam its body into the old rusted door. Zuko kicked it and slammed his shoulder into it. They both worked continuously until the door suddenly flew open, making Zuko and Charmander stumble into the building. After standing up, Zuko looked around.

The place was completely dark with only the dim light from Charmander’s tail. But it didn’t matter that much since they was absolutely nothing in the room. Zuko knew that this was just a huge waste of time and was whirling around to leave until something caught his eye.

Zuko saw something that looked almost like a mechanical device. It was propped up on a stand on a table. “What is that?” Zuko asked as he walked closer to the device. He picked it up and held it a little close to Charmander’s flame so he could get a good look at it.

The thing was as long as Zuko’s arm with many different parts and wires connected to each other. Zuko slid the thing down and held the bottom of it until he realized something. This thing had finger holes. Zuko grabbed the top of it and slid his arm down the middle of the thing until his fingers went completely through. This device fit perfectly on Zuko’s arm. “Well, I don’t know exactly what this is, but I’ll hang on to it anyway,” Zuko informed his pokemon.

The two finally decided to leave the warehouse and explore some more. Zuko looked to the side and spotted a tall building in the middle of the bridges. “Hey, it looks like a lighthouse. Let’s go there before we leave for home,” Zuko told Charmander. It would be nice to gaze before Zuko went back home and to work.

The two traveled over the bridges together. This time, Zuko was more aware of the buttons and watched out for them. Charmander happily leaped on the buttons itself making the bridges flip around until they both made it to the tall lighthouse. Zuko and his pokemon walked inside and could look completely up to the top. Zuko saw two options the duo could take: the elevator or the long set of stairs. Zuko looked over at his pokemon and nodded. “Yeah, the elevator,” he said.

The two stepped into the elevator and rose to the top of the tall building. They both stepped out and were welcomed with a beautiful view. Zuko could see the whole port from ontop of the building. “I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m actually liking this,” Zuko said. His charmander nodded as they both looked down to the port. The duo didn’t realize the mysterious person walk behind them.

“Hey, who are you?” asked a cold voice. Zuko turned around in shock and saw a person who was half masked with blue clothes. He looked towards Zuko and then traveled down to his left arm where the machine was attached. “No- how- how did you find that Snag Machine?!” he asked.

“So, is this called a Snag Machine?” Zuko responded. The man growled and pulled out a pokeball. “You must be our enemy! I’ll take you out and retrieve that Snag Machine! Go Shadow Pokemon!” The man threw a pokeball and a pokemon that looked like a small wolf appeared. Zuko knew that this pokemon was a Poochyena, but there was something very weird about it. It seemed more evil than normal.

“I don’t know what the hell Shadow Pokemon are, or a Snag Machine, but when I’m challenged, I come out on top every time!” Zuko shouted. Charmander leaped in front of its trainer to protect it.

“Use Shadow Blitz!” shouted the man. The pokemon came charging forward with a dark aura around it.

What the- I’ve never seen a move that before. Not even in the duel square, Zuko thought confused. His charmander jumped out of the way of harm, but the pokemon didn’t stop. It came charging forward until it slammed straight into Zuko. Zuko gasped and flew backwards into the side of the lighthouse. He stood up, surprised more than injured from the attack. “Charmander, scratch it!” Zuko shouted angrily. He wanted revenge for that last cheap move the guy’s pokemon did to him. Charmander leaped forward and slashed the dark poochyena with its short claws. Poochyena slid back from the attack, but it didn’t seem to be very affected by the attack.

“Poochyena, use Shadow Blitz!” shouted the man. Poochyena ran forward again. Charmander jumped out of the way, and this time, Zuko did too.

“This is all confusing,” said Zuko. “Who knows what you did to that pokemon, but it doesn’t matter. Its time to end this! Charmander, scratch!” Charmander ran forward and scratched the shadow pokemon with all its might.

“You worthless pokemon!!! Finish this!” screamed the man. Poochyena growled and turned around to face its master. It then slammed straight into him, knocking him to the ground and knocking him out cold after he gave out a final cry.

Zuko looked in shock at the scene, but realized it was time to go. He scooped up Charmander and took off into the elevator. “So that is what a Shadow Pokemon is,” he said. “I’m sure I’ll face one again.” Before getting off the elevator, Zuko took one last look at the Snag Machine and wondered why he had found it and what he was destined to do with it.

Zeta Sukuna
July 18th, 2008, 10:22 PM
(ooc: Deep Hyper mode is just Hyper mode, but just madder then usual. Oh, and after this Zane will have to be set to good. Sorry for this change in sides, but Part 2 will explain why.)
Episode 3: Cipher Troubles (Part 1: Zane vs. John)

"You! Why did you let that Ralts go!" Yelled Hawks to Zane as he walked in. Zane just dug earwax out of his ears and wiped it on the enraged Admin.

"What are you talking about?" Asked Zane innocently before stepping away from Hawks.

"You let the Ralts go! You will be punished for that!" Yelled Hawks, but before the Admin could do anything, a grunt got in the way.

"Sir, you shouldn't get your pokemon dirty, I'll handle this." Said the grunt named John as he stepped up. "After all, I'm better then that trainer."

"Fine then John. When you're done we'll wipe his memory of Cipher, dump him into the desert, then recruit other willing members." Said Hawks before walking out of the room, really thinking of a different punishment altogether.

"Heh, I know that your Shelgon is still a little weak from fighting Ralts." Said John as he sent out a Shadow Sneasel. The only reason Zane knows that Sneasel is Shadow, is that he saw it convert from a normal one.

"Heh, go Pikachu!" Yelled Zane, summoning the yellow rat. "Pikachu, start with Thundershock!" Pikachu blinked, confused. "Umm... Thunderbolt?" Pikachu sent off a bolt of lightning towards Sneasel, but the pokemon dodged and decided to strike Pikachu, but the rat dodged. "Now, Thunderbolt!" Yelled Zane. Sneasel tried to dodge, but Pikachu was too close, and was able to blast the ice weasel.

"Don't just stand there and take a beating, use Shadow Rush!" Yelled John. Sneasel smirked before getting up and slamming into Pikachu, doing a lot of damage.

"No! Pikachu, get up and use Thunder Wave!" Yelled Zane. Pikachu fired a weak bolt of lightning, which paralyzed Sneasel. "Now, use Thunderbolt!" Pikachu shot a stronger bolt of lightning then before, blasting Sneasel into the wall.

"Sneasell!" Cried Sneasel as he slammed into the wall. Suddenly Sneasel's eyes glew red, and it started thrashing around in anger, It had entered Hyper Mode.

"Man, I'm screwed. This isn't like Riku, Sneasel is fully capable of killing Pikachu. But Sneasel is John's only pokemon, so if I beat it down, I can win!" Whispered Zane to himself. "Return Pikachu." Said Zane as he returned the mouse. "Now, come out Shelgon!" And in a burst of light, Shelgon had emerged.

"Heh, Shelgon, or Pikachu. It doesn't matter!" Yelled John before turning to Sneasel. "Use Shadow Rush on Shelgon!" Sneasel glared at John, but did what he was told.

"Shelgon! Use Shadow Rush as well!" Yelled Zane. Both attacks collided, but Shelgon wasn't as strong as hyper mode Sneasel, so he steered to the side, causing Sneasel to run forward, before being slammed into by Shelgon.

Sneasel!!!" Yelled Sneasel getting even madder. Sneasel isn't even in hyper mode anymore. But something worse, like being a... total monster wanting nothing but heads. Both Zane, and John shivered at the killing intent Sneasel sent off. But Shelgon had entered Hyper mode during that time, mad that his master felt threatened.

Sneasel started dashing around, slashing at anything that moved, even John, who has small gash marks on him.

"Shelgon, this is getting out of hand. In Hyper Mode you're stronger then Sneasel who is in deep Hyper Mode!" Yelled Zane making up something for a madder then usual Hyper mode. "Use Shadow Rush!" Shelgon rushed in, and slammed into Sneasel. But when the Sneasel got up, it wasn't hurt at all. So there was only one option left... snagging. John didn't have a snag machine, so he couldn't snag Zane's pokemon, but Zane does have one, and he intends to use it.

Sneasel rushed at John with intent to kill, when Zane tossed out a pokeball. "Sneasel, you're mine!" Yelled Zane as the pokeball enclosed over Sneasel. After three shakes, Sneasel was caught. But after he picked up the pokeball, a trapdoor opened up, and Zane fell through.

After Zane landed, he appeared to be in a sealed off room. The intercom in the corner started to screech. "Heh. Well, well Zane. You betrayed Cipher again." Sounded Hawks' voice.

"All I did, was save a Cipher member from a Shadow Sneasel! Cipher isn't the best place to get resourses for my plan after all!" Yelled Zane, but Hawks just laughed.

"Heh, maybe. Anyway, this is a holding cell, for the... experiments." Said Hawks before turning the intercom off.

"Experiment?" Asked Zane confused.

(ooc: Zane will get out of this... in Part 2: Escape. I hope the theme is okay for the RP, but it seems like something Cipher would do for traitors. There are 3 things he did wrong. Let Riku escape, let Arlene escape, and snagging a Shadow Pokemon from a fellow member, to me that seems like betrayal. )

July 19th, 2008, 7:30 AM
Valerie stood absent-mindedly near the Krabby Club, inspecting her nails and casting quick glances at her surroundings. She was looking for trainer. In fact, she even held a Pokeball in her hand, letting anyone know she trained Pokemon and was likely looking for a battle.

A kid walked down the sidewalk with a Treecko perched on his shoulder. This could be a chance...

But Valerie did not rush out and ask to battle. That would have seemed awkward, or if anything, suspicious. She wanted to see the kid's complete surprise when she swiped away his Pokemon. So, rather than doing that, she moved ever so slightly closer to him and continued to appear idle. Then, she yawned and flicked her wrists, letting Breloom's Pokeball glint in the sunlight. The boy turned his head, and his eyes met hers.

"You have Pokemon?" he asked, approaching her.

"What's this Pokeball look like, you little brat? A rock?" she wanted to ask. Instead, she simply replied with a short and sweet, "Yes."

"Let's battle, then!" the kid cried in a rushy, over-excited way. "Go, Treecko!"

The green lizard leaped off his shoulder and landed lightly on its feet. Valerie smirked. Now she really could test out her shadow Pokemon.

"Breloom, go!" she called, tossing the ordinary red-and-white Pokeball to reveal a not-so-ordinary Pokemon. Breloom emerged looking just as ordinary as Valerie had, but just as dark on the inside. He let out a low grunt, glaring across the pavement at his foe.

"Treecko, use Pound!" commanded the kid, a stupid smile across his stupid face.

Treecko's small form lunged at Breloom, tail held high and ready to strike. Without need for instruction, however, Breloom jumped out of the way and came down upon the Wood Gecko with his claws. There was a loud cry of pain from Treecko as a few deep gashes were laid into its flesh.

"Use Shadow Rush," Valerie ordered.

Her Breloom's eyes widened in recognition of the new attack. His claws became surrounded with a purplish aura, and then he flew at his prey. There were two quick punches that connected perfectly, and the aura faded with each hit. This Treecko was pathetically weak. It didn't even take effort to beat with her tried and trained Breloom. But she could make it a powerful Shadow Pokemon...

"Sorry, kid, but you make me sick," Valerie said, her words cold and venomous. "As does your puny little Pokemon. I think it would be best for both of us if now I just... took it off your hands."

"What?!" the boy yelped. But it was too late. Valerie was already holding a Pokeball in the hand that secured the Snag Machine, allowing it to register the new ability of snagging.

Before a second longer, she threw it. The orb split open and absorbed Treecko in a flash of light. Treecko's trainer stood there, bewildered and unable to understand what had happened. The ball shook once. Twice. Thrice. Then came to a halt with a distinctive "ping".

"I'll be taking that," Valerie said as she picked up the Pokeball.

"Treecko! You took my starter Pokemon! That was the only Pokemon I had!" crid the kid.

"Tough luck," came the harsh reply. Valerie turned and headed back for the lab, smirking to herself and savoring the feeling of superiority. The next time that Treecko was in a battle, it would be a Shadow Pokemon. Her Shadow Pokemon.

July 20th, 2008, 1:56 AM
Stop it.. The tiny Eevee muttered in a tired growl, though his words came out sounding more like, "Veee. Eeeevee."

Please! Just.. leave me alone. It's not a fair fight! The Eevee continued onward, his frail little body heaving pitifully as he peeled one Chocolate eyes open, averting it upward so that he could look his tormentors in the eyes.

"Look! It's waking up!" One trainer called out in a voice so high-pitched and girly, it made Dahlia flinch.

"Good. Now that it's awake, we can catch it!" A different trainer sneered, in a much lower and gruffer-sounding tone, this being the one Dahlia had awakened to take sight of.

"Ooh! I'm so excited! Which Pokemon should I use?! Clefairy or Jigglypuff?!" The trainer with the high-pitched voice again, and this time, now that Dahlia was more fully awake, distinguished as a female.

Keep it up with that obnoxious voice of yours, and you won't have to bring out either one of them! Gawd, I swear, you're worse than a Loudred! Dahlia exclaimed, upon huffing one last enormous sigh, before cracking his other eye open, and struggling to his feet. The struggle ended in failure the first time he thrust out his miniaturized paws upon the pavement, and rapidly attempted to pull his thin little frame up. His knees buckled from beneath him, and both trainers began to laugh as the furry litte Pokemon again just collapsed down into the pavement.

"Aw, poor little guy!" The girl crooned sweetly. She had a pair of the brightest blue eyes Dahlia had ever seen, beneath a shock of pale yellow hair. What she was wearing? Dahlia really didn't pay any notice, but knew that it most certainly wasn't enough, not for any Human. She wore a couple scraps of clothing, but only enough so to conceal those area deemed inappropriate to flash in public. The rest of her tall figure was visable in large expanses of peachy flesh. Dahlia only rolled his eyes at this girl's words, baring his teeth up at her figure in a silent snarl, before hunching his tiny little shoulders up in determination, bracing himself for the pain he knew he would have to endure in doing this, but knowing that it had to be done nevertheless. Thrusting his paws out in front of him once more, he dug them harshly into the scorching pavement, forcefully dragging his tiny body into the air before flashing the two trainers a defiant glare, both who seemed startled at his bold reaction.

"Hmph. Looks like the little guy still has some fight in him. He'll be a good addition to our team, Carly." The other trainer, the boy Dahlia had first awakened to sneered again, to the female trainer at his side, 'Carly', as Dahlia presumed. Dahlia let out a tiny chuckle, staring the boy down, taking in the image of him as he had the girl. Long, silver hair cascaded to his waist, and he was dressed hopelessly in grunge attire, giving the clear impression that he thought of himself as some sort of hardcore Rocker type or something. True to this, he wore a large Guitar case upon his back.

Heh. Think again, creep. Dahlia thought to himself.

I've decided that I don't like the looks of you. You'll never have the likes of me on your team! Like I said, this isn't a fair fight. And besides.. I already have a trainer. Can't you see that?! Dahlia, with a toss of his head, revealed the thin purple leather collar strapped around his dainty neck. On the front, it was adorned with a tiny sparkling ebony charm, fixed in the shape of a Dahlia.

Isn't it obvious?! I'm not wild! And Mira needs help! Stop trying to fight me before you faint me again and I can't go after her!

"Aww!" The female trainer, Carly, began to croon again, to which both Dahlia and the male trainer glared over at her in obvious annoyance.

"Look, Derek! I think he wants to come travelling with us! Poor little guy.. Was probably abondoned out here, all alone in this big city by his trainer or something. You just need a little love, huh?"

This said, the girl turned eagerly toward the boy, who Dahlia knew as Derek by now, hands retracting eagerly to hover together just beneath her chin.

"I know exactly what we can call him! He looks like a Pixie, doesn't he?! From now on, Pixie is your new name, okay little guy?!"

At this, Dahlia's nose wrinkled up in disgust, and as the girl bounded eagerly toward his tiny form, he began to slowly back away, determined if nothing else, to keep the distance between them.

"I was thinking more along the lines of.. Hm.. Spike. Yeah, Spike's a cool name."

Idiots. If you won't listen to me, i'll just have to show you what i've got! Dahlia exclaimed fiercely, tiny spine bending nimbly so that his tiny back arched over in anticipation of what attack the trainers, Carly and Derek, would throw next at him.

I may be near unconsciousness, and you may actually suceed in catching me, but this little Eevee isn't going down without a fight! Especially when his best friend is in danger..

"Go! Clefairy darling!" Carly exclaimed playfully, tongue protruding from her pouty little lips as gracefully, she thrust a hand forth, revealing an enlarged Pokeball within it. Tossing it out toward Dahlia with just a flick of her wrist, the ball burst open to reveal the silhouette of the tiny Fairy Pokemon.

"Clefairy!" The pastel little Pokemon exclaimed enthusiastically, petite little mouth stretching to burst forth in a wide grin, all the whole striking an adorable pose. A sweatdrop rolled alongside Dahlia's face, and as the Clefairy approached him, he leapt swiftly off the the side, his heart sinking as his breath erupted him in ragged gasps, his chests spasming just from this one little movement. Squinting his eyes shut, he willfully mustered up all the remaining energy bouncing about in his pint-sized body, and readily opened his eyes, arching again in preparation to strike. That was until his slender ears attuned to the sound of the male trainer's voice.

"Dewgong, it's your time!"

Another one?! Dahlia thought in disbelief, sweat now pouring across his frail little body as yet another Pokemon appeared, this one a humongous Seal, towering over five feet in the air. The little Eevee shuddered miserably, displaying obvious dread for how the battle would fare, but nevertheless standing his ground, still determined not to go down without a fight.

"Clefairy! Knock this little guy back to his senses! Use Doubleslap!" Carly called out, winking teasingly down at her Clefairy.

"Clef!" The Clefairy responded in a nod, leaping high into the air, before the blistering sun, a single ray shining down at an angle inbetween the pastel Pokemon's two pointed ears, casting a light shadow across the entire form of the little creature, making her appear angelic, a divine messenger descending from the Heavens. But Dahlia knew this image was deceiving, as the Clefairy's tiny wings flapped rapidly, and she took a dive for the Eevee, paw extended as wildly, he tried to dodge her oncoming attack. But with her airborne, this proved nearly impossible for the little canine-like Pokemon, and try as he might, he couldn't escape the Clefairy's wrath. Without even being able to brace himself, the Eevee was knocked not once, but twice backward, sending his delicate body pounding violently against the scorching black pavement. But Dahlia wouldn't admit defeat yet, and still reeling from the harsh impact of the Clefairy's slap, he immediately jumped up, standing bravely before the two opposing Pokemon, swearing to himself that this time he would dodge the attack. The boy, Derek, smirked triumphantly. The Eevee was weak, he realized. One last good, solid attack, and down he would go again. Then it would be only seconds before his Pokeball engulfed the Eevee's tiny form, swallowing him up, changing him to become the newst addition to Derek's team.

"Dewgong! End this! Use Aurora Beam!" Derek roared, trembling with the raw power he had accessed. It was right there, right at him fingertips.. At his command. And Dahlia realized it to. Darting a glance first to the left, and then to the right, and finally directly behind him, he realized with horror that he had nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. He was out in the open. Completely vulnerable.. And the Dewgong would get him, no matter what.. The Eevee squeezed his eyes shut, bracing himself for the oncoming attack, knowing that it would be infinitely more powerful than Clefairy's weak little Doubleslap. The Dewgong reared his head back powerfully, mouth stretching wide open to reveal two sharply pointed Canines, and deep within his great maw, a giant sphere of rainbow-colored energy was beginning to gather. Just as the Sea Lion Pokemon was about to strike, and Dahlia was preparing himself for another bout of fainting, Carly and Derek, along with both of their Pokemon, were suddenly lifted into the air by an unknown force, and to Dahlia's awe, carried several feet before being hurled out into the port. Dahlia had but a moment to catch a glimpse of the marvelous sight, before relief flooded his tiny little body, and the joy of not being captured by what had to be the two most obnoxious trainers in the world combined with his sheer exhaustion, and the incredible heat, caused Dahlia to faint anyways, collapsing again onto the steaming black pavement. He was unaware as an unusual-looking Ralts sprinted over to his side, and bent down beside him.

"Hey, Hey.. Wake up.." A strange, yet melodic voice penetrated Dahlia's subconscious mind, to which his brow furrowed.. He was obviously confused, never having been communicated with via telekinesis, but was something he realized all Psychic types had control of.

Who.. are you? He asked sleepily, and a bit guardedly, for all he knew, this was just the Pokemon of another crazed trainer out to get their paws on the rare little Evolutionary Pokemon. An Eevee, especially one as young and low-leveled as he, was quite valuable in that he could evolve into whatever was wanted. More choices than any other base form Pokemon, and in all colors of the rainbow. Yes, a trainer with the rare little Canine-like Pokemon could evolve him into a Flareon, Jolteon, Vaporeon, Umbreon, Espeon, Glaceon, or Leafeon respectively.

"It's not good to lay around in the street like this. Where's your trainer.. Oi.. oi."

At this, Dahlia immediately leapt up, finally discovering who the owner of this telekinetic voice was. A tiny little Ralts stood before him, standing only four inches above his own height, and wearing an expression that clearly expressed her concern for him. Dahlia shook out his shaggy chestnut fur, and earnestly began scanning the area.

MIRA! MIRAAAA! He cried aloud, which came back to everyone as sounding something like..


The Eevee's cries echoed about throughout the town, raising many an eyebrow as the Eevee continued in his mournful cries, receiving nothing in response but echoes of his own shouts. Dahlia bowed his head tears began to well up within his beautiful chocolate eyes, and turning to the Ralts, he laid a paw desperately across her shoulder, locking his gaze upon her own, his stare begging, pleading..

They drug her away. My best friend, Mira. She saw something weird in the streets. Two Pokemon fighting, but they weren't ordinary Pokemon. They were crazy strong. I just thought that they had been trained really hard, but then Mira began to cry. She cried like i've never seen her cry before I couldn't see it.. I couldn't see what she saw.. but I knew it was something bad.. really bad. She started to scream, and that's when two men came in uniforms came and drug her away. I tried to stop them.. I really did.

The Eevee paused in his tale as he sniffled once, thin chest sagging in what seemed to be defeat, as guiltily, he cast his mournful gaze upon the pavement at their feet. It wasn't easy for him to relate this tale, especially.. especially when he should've been the one to protect Mira. He should've been able to fend the men off away from her, and not only that, but knock out their Pokemon as well. Instead..

Instead they knocked me out. I fainted on the street, and when I woke up, those two sumbags of trainers were trying to take advantage of my weakness and capture me for themselves. Mira.. she's not here. They took her someplace far away, I can feel it..

Dahlia's body deflated as a weary little sigh escaped his lips, and he looked away from Riku.

I don't care if i'm not as strong as those Pokemon. I have to get her out. I have to bust her out somehow.. They said something about experimenting with her, expermenting with her eyes.. They said that they would see exactly what made her tick, what made her see the things that nobody else saw. But..

Dahlia's body shuddered once as his face twisted up, and before he knew it, he had broken out into uncontrollable sobs.

I love her, and if they hurt her, I don't know how i'll ever live with myself..

Dahlia sighed again then, his frail little body starting to tremble, his skin twitching in fatigued little spasms. Dropping back to sit upon his haunches, and lowering his gaze to stare dejectedly down at the street. Whilst he waited for the Ralts' response, he began to wonder about her sudden strange appearance. What was she doing here? She had salvaged him from what was to be a horrible fate in posession of someone who would've never cared for him, at least not like Mira did, but why? Ralts weren't a common sight in Orre, so her presence at all in the first place was a complete mystery.

Where.. did you come from? Dahlia asked her then, chocolate eyes growing wide in curiosity as suspiciously, he began to look her over once again.


"Welcome to Cipher Palace, Princess!" A Grunt laughed, the same one who had first taken Mira by the arm in Gateon Port, and had drug her to their Cipher vehicle, a giant Van that had been packed on the interior with tiny Steel cages housing dozens of shadow Pokemon, all with large, dilated eyes, swimming red with hatred, lunging at each other between the bars in an attempt to spill each others' blood. Mira had been thrown carelessly into a crate just slightly larger than most of these Pokemons' confines, but with steel bars, and a top and bottom all the same, and had had to endure the long, seemingly endless ride back to the Cipher's experimental lab. As the cage was so small, and had been jammed up against the cages of the Shadow Pokemon, Mira had had no place to run, no place to retreat away from the enhanced claws, and teeth, and limbs of the changed Pokemon. And though she was a Human, and not even one of those who had changed her into the horrid beasts they had become, they had mercilessly attacked her, their razor claws raking against the delicate skin on her arms, her lower legs, her bare chest, and various bite wounds now dripped blood down her fair cheeks. Without any sort of check-up or treatment, she had been yanked from the cage and taken immediately to a holding pen, which was nothing but a plain, giant cell.. Like you would see in most prisons. Only in this cell, Mira had not the convenience of a sink or a small cot. Only a lone toilet stood in the middle of her cell, and this toilet, being the one furnishing she had been given, looked cold, and dirty, as if it had never been cleaned. A child racked across the girl's petite body, as she thought of inevitably having to use it.

"Hope your accomodations suit you well, princess Shadow's Eye! I will be returning bright and early in the morning to escort you to experimentation, and if you behave, we'll feed you shortly after. Comprende?"

The Grunt waited for Mira to respond, but when she simply just tossed her aquamarine mane in his face, turning her tiny form quickly away from his, tears drizzling down her round little cheeks, he appeared unfazed, just laughing heartily, before viciously hurling her into the cell, slamming her violently against the back Steel wall of the room, slamming the barred door behind her and locking it tightly with a key which he slide deep into his side pocket. With a toothless grin, he stood for several moments, waiting to see what this girl's reaction would be. His grin faded when the girl just slid down the wall after colliding with it, making no movement whatsoever to catch herself as her petite little body slammed mercilessly against the cold, hard floor. When she just lie there, bloody face burrowing against the ground, limp body failing to move even in the slightest to give hope that she was alive, he just sneered in disgust, kicking the front of her cell before storming off. It was only after the Grunt had left her, and Mira knew that she was completely alone, that she picked herself up, straightening out her sundress, and doing her best to smooth her mussed hair back away from her eyes. She pulled the arm that had been twisted back by the Grunt up beneath her face for closer inspection, and upon seeing that nothing was visably amuck, she relaxed a little, using that hand to slowly wipe away the blood gushing down her other arm infracted by those beastly Pokemon. Finding nowhere to wipe it in the cell, she just smeared it across the back of her white dress, not wanting to have to stare at the sickening red fluid any longer.

What had that Grunt said? .. Experimentation tomorrow.. If you behave, you'll get food.

Hmph. Yeah. Mira thought, letting loose a tiny laugh. Like i'll do what those freaks ask me for a couple of bones, and maybe some bread crumbs if i'm lucky. If they want my eyes, they'll have to rip them right out of my sockets!

At this thought, a chill racked throughout Mira's body, and the smile the laugh had twisted her lips into vanished, a worried little frown appearing in its place. She knew, that after what Cipher had done to her already, they wouldn't hesitate to do anything to her now..

July 20th, 2008, 10:39 AM
As Riku shook the tinny Eevee its eyes shot open and started shouting loudly

"MIRAAAAAA!MIRAAAAA!" The tiny Eevee called out.

"Is that your trainer?" Riku asked questionably. Her deep red eyes scanning the poor Eevee..restrianing the incoming hyper mide that was trying ti firce its way out to cause some violence.As Riku looked at her a bit weirdly the Eevee suddenly broke out into sobs.Hot tears were welling up in her eyes as if she had lost everything dear to her. Then to the young ralts surprise the Eevee nearly tackled her as she leaned against little Riku as it pleaded to help her find this "Mira" character.

"Well I dunno..." Riku whispered.

"They drug her away. My best friend, Mira. She saw something weird in the streets. Two Pokemon fighting, but they weren't ordinary Pokemon. They were crazy strong. I just thought that they had been trained really hard, but then Mira began to cry. She cried like i've never seen her cry before I couldn't see it.. I couldn't see what she saw.. but I knew it was something bad.. really bad. She started to scream, and that's when two men came in uniforms came and drug her away. I tried to stop them.. I really did." The Eevee stuttered out between numerous sobs of fear and horror as if she was reliving a nightmare.

"Instead they knocked me out. I fainted on the street, and when I woke up, those two sumbags of trainers were trying to take advantage of my weakness and capture me for themselves. Mira.. she's not here. They took her someplace far away, I can feel it." The Eevee sobbed as he cryed.

"I don't care if i'm not as strong as those Pokemon. I have to get her out. I have to bust her out somehow.. They said something about experimenting with her, expermenting with her eyes.. They said that they would see exactly what made her tick, what made her see the things that nobody else saw. But.." The Eevee stuttered..he was having a panic attack.

"I love her, and if they hurt her, I don't know how i'll ever live with myself.." The Eevee muttered and Riku looked at her with a quzzical expression.

"Whats..Love?" Riku asked. but then Dahlia eyes became wide an had a suspicious lookin her face.

Riku merely giggled. "What do I frighten you?"

Where.. did you come from? Dahlia asked her then, chocolate eyes growing wide in curiosity as suspiciously, he began to look her over once again.

This question surprised Riku and she looked at himm. "Well..I don't know where I come from...hehe I woke up in a lab and can't remember anything..and then i go in and out of violence spells...and I have super powerful attacks..I only know my name and that I'm a ralts..I don't know any moves..but anyway..your trainer Mira..the strangle people you described seems like Cipher Peons..I dunno what they'd want with you trainer but i know where they are..I woke up in their lab.. So.." Riku was a little bit embarrassed. She grabbed the little Eevee's paw and gave a smile and said. "They probably took her too the lab..I did meet a girl that was in a hostage situation that must have been Mira.." She tugged on the Eevee's paw and pointed down the dirt path.

"The lai is this way..come on." Riku said to the hysterically sobbing and paniced Eevee.

"Heh your lucky..I don't know anything about me except my name and what pokemon I am..I don't think I have a trainer...I don't know my past..I don't know what attacks I know except these.." Riku gave a slight wave of hand and use shadow psychic which sent a few branches flying.

Riku wasn't sad..her voice was very stern but she wasn't even sad. "When I woke up in that lab..I...only felt nothing but anger and hate..I don't..know anything..but..we'll find you trainer..I won't let them hurt your trainer. Riku grabbed the young Eevee's paw and start running torwards the direction of the key lair..

July 20th, 2008, 10:42 AM
Quiet... Far too quiet for comfort. The chill in the air smelled of dirty secrets and a dark network of interlinking sin beneath the belly of this stronghold, Arlene could sense. She was now finally clothed and combat-ready some thirty minutes later, clad in a black tanktop that seemed to not be small enough no matter how she adjusted to heft her chest into a supported position; combat boots that had been scuffed and mottled, which she detested the Cipher for causing; black cargo pants with a hint of light-gray camouflage; and assault kit was strapped to her flaring hips and perfect legs. A holster lay empty belted to her right thigh, a constant reminder that careful tactical thought was necessary to get out alive... If it had held her trusty silenced Five-Seven pistol, she would easily have been out of here in minutes.

"Alert to all personnel. Project Necrofox has been found missing. It is imperative that it be returned to the high-security lab ID 666. Escort the subject to a superior officer if found alive." The voice over the complex-wide intercom crackled into life, a strong, angry-sounding male voice roared.

So that's what they thought of her... She was just an 'it'. A worthless experiment. So unfitting for a woman of my beauty, she mused to herself, chuckling quietly... She continued her careful stepping across a catwalk overlooking a garage of sorts, being sure to make as little noise as possible. But... She sensed something amiss. Though her powers had been weakened due to her forced incubation, her senses had not been dulled in the slightest. Drawing up her forepaw slightly, she balled it into a fist, preparing to strike... Turning around sharply in her stance, she conjured a bone dagger at the end of her fist - causing it to float there and follow her strike - and she expected so greatly to stab someone with her magical edge, that she was thrown off balance entirely when her fist connected with nothing but air. She spun about slightly, before catching herself with the guardrail of the catwalk. That's when she realized just how dizzy and tired she was... Tired from lack of activity in her incubation tube.

It was going to be a long day.

July 20th, 2008, 3:43 PM
Tai searched through the warehouse that had caused him so many problems already, the towers of boxes were first an amazing sight. Now meant for Tai to keep on his guard, he searched the back area of the room. Tai frowned and wiped some sweat from his forehead, it was getting hot. He looked down at his Charmander and newly snagged Eevee, they must be boiling.

'I've gotta find that machine part and hurry to the pokemon center.' Tai thought to himself, he pulled a few boxes and crates from his vision and finally found a small carboard box with the label:

Machine Part XD

Tai grinned and pulled it up to his chest and gripped it tightly, the heat started to escalate. He couldn't take the heat anymore, he managed to pull of his shirt and picked it from the machine sleeve. Revealing his black muscle shirt he wiped his face with his shirt and stuck it into his back pocket, he dashed down the warehouse to see a tower of boxes rumble. Tai stared at the tower until it tranformed into a large tower of flames.

The carboard boxes burned to a crisp, leaving the image of the goons who were chasing him behind a group of orange turtle like pokemon with charcoal black shells and red spots. They were the composer of the flame throwers,

"Damnit. Torkoal." Tai backe dup to a wall and lightly crashed into a pile of boxes, shifting their positions. As they did so, a small beam of light made its way to the floor. Tai looked back slightly to see an old window, he smirked and stepped forward. A man from the group stepped up,

"Gimme back my Eevee, punk!" Tai smirked and shook his head, grasping the box he held.

"Sorry, can't do that. I'm on an errand, and it's about time for me to leave." Tai chuckled before he leaped through the window, smashing it into small shards. Making a rather loud noise, a few people stared at Tai in confusion. Even some pokemon stared on, Tai sweatdropped and ran down the streets of the city.

He finally stopped in his tracks and looked at the creamy white building with a crimson roof,

"The Pokemon Center!" He rushed in and headed to the front desk, and blushed as a woman with turquoise blue hair in a slender dress took his pokeballs. He had a soft spot for pretty looking girls,

"Thanks." Tai said as he took back the pokeballs, then he sat down on a sofa and sighed. Today was the craziest day in his life, his eye then caught sight of a pretty woman standing alone in the pokemon center. But the thing that caught his attention with the chubby blue and yellow pokemon at her feet. He had closed eyes, a hungry looking mouth and stubby arms which were scratching his belly. He rushed over to the woman,

"Hello! Is this a Munchlax?!" Tai just loved Munchlax, the woman sighed. She seemed troubled, but she soon brushed it aside and smiled at Tai.

Zeta Sukuna
July 20th, 2008, 4:54 PM
Episode 4: Cipher Troubles (Part 2: Escape)

Three days after falling through the trap door...

Zane sat there, not really doing much. After all, he has to keep up his strength for an escape attempt later today.

The door opened revealing a Cipher guard with a plate of French Fries. "Heheh, I bet you want this, eh?" Asked the guard, Zane just stared at the floor not listening to the guard, besides... he was allergic to potatoes. The guard started to frown before slamming his foot into Zane. "You listen to me when I say something!" Yelled the guard, but Zane didn't listen he was thinking of the Ralts from a few days back.

'I hope you got away...Riku.' Thought Zane, but the Cipher agent slammed his foot into Zane's stomach once again. "Hey, don't you need to keep your 'experiments' at peak condition?" Asked Zane as he pushed off the guards foot.

"Not with traitors." Said the guard before dropping a piece of bread. Zane tried to get it, but the guard stomped on it tainting it. "That reminds me... you haven't eaten since you got here, have you?" Zane just ate the smashed bread, ignoring the guard. "What!" Yelled the grunt before kicking Zane aside once more. The guard took the rest of the bread and flushed it down the toilet.

"Heh, do you have water?" Asked Zane trying to keep his cool. The grunt sneered before walking out of the room. A minute later the guard came back with the water.

"This is the last fluid you'll get until after the procidure." Said the guard giving Zane the glass. Zane gulped down the water, before tripping the guard. "Eh? Wh- what's going on?" And in a few minutes, the guard was lying in the cell, unconscious.

"Well, well. Looks like you'll be the experiment." Said Zane as he sealed the door. After a few minutes, Zane saw a guard station. "Crap, how am I going to get around this." Hissed Zane to himself, but if the fox-girl got through then he would too. Zane took out a knife he stole from the guard and snuck towards the guard station. But when Zane got close, he saw that the guard was already dead, appearantly from old age because he was old.

"How fortunate for me." Said Zane as he walked through the guard gate, but before he got through, he grabbed a map, and a flash bomb from the table. "The only way out for me is... the air ducts, but there is only one climbable air duct down here, and that is in the employee lounge." Lady Luck appearantly smiled on him as the employee lounge was only a floor above him.

Zane ran down the hall, and got to the stairs, but that was when he was noticed. "Hey you! Intruder!" Yelled a guard, before pressing a button calling three more guards there. " Get him!" The three other guards ran towards Zane, all with knifes.

"Shelgon, come on out!" Yelled Zane. Shelgon came out and threatened the grunts with his claws. "Let's go!" Zane returned Shelgon, before starting to run, but his belly was on empty, and he tripped onto the floor. The four guards easily caught up to Zane, but the man held them off with his knife.

"Sneasel, come on out, and use Shadow Rush!" Yelled Zane. Sneasel popped out of the pokeball and slammed into the guards, knocking them out." Zane returned Sneasel before she could really do anything to him. In a minute, he got to the air docts, unscrewed the bolts, and climbed out of the dungeon, and the warehouse. But he was surrounded by Cipher agents.

"You didn't think it would be that easy, did you?" Asked the member in gold. Appearantly this guy was a captain.

"Actually, yes... this was pretty easy." Said Zane before setting off the bomb, blinding all of the agents. Zane was able to get through the grunts, and out of the alley before they got their sight back.

Zane ran down the street until he came upon the perfect place to hang out for now... the Krabby Shack.

July 20th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Arlene was alarmed to hear the sound of gunshots. First rampant firing, then a Shelgon and Sneasel being called into action; there were three thuds, then a delayed fourth one. The noise was probably not quite able to register in human hearing from such a distance, but acute canine ears were something humans did not have, after all. Smirking, Arlene formulated an idea. A risky plan to follow the noise and escape the same path this new intruder took, using the guise of his ruckus as a distraction. She figured that no-one would think her stupid enough to try the same way. Logically, after all, the area would probably be covered some kind of way, or, on the other side of the coin, the guards could be spanning out, looking for signs of this new threat.

Sidling the wall with her back facing the cold stone surface, the vixen trailed the sound, keeping to the shadows with a dagger made of bone drawn and kept to her chest. Her white-knuckled fist wrapped tight around the arcane blade, but not quite aiming to kill; more or less, to merely provide a distraction. A rather dirty, bloody distraction nonetheless. As she nearly turned the corner, footsteps bellowed into her ears from just the other end of the hall; a guard was running towards her. Judging by the way the sounds echoed and from their apparent direction, she judged to stand... Just before the footsteps became intolerably loud, Arlene stuck out her paw, extending the blade. Just as she expected, she felt the impact of human flesh against her forearm, and she used the shock to her advantage. With the blade keeping the human from retaliating, resting cross-turned against the other side of his throat, Arlene pushed him down to the ground, turning about so that she was behind him with her dagger barely touching at the jugular as the guard lay face-down, scared shitless.

"Don't move," Arlene spoke raspily; it felt so strange to speak, after having a gigantic tube stuffed down her throat and after not eating for god-knows-how-long. In fear, at first, the human said nothing and did not even dare make a move for his pistol. Arlene took note of his weapon and gripped the handle firmly, sliding it from his holster. A pristine-condition P99 it seemed, as she examined for a brief second the fine engraving on the weapon's slide. There was no sound suppressor, but it would do just fine for intimidation purposes.

"What... What are you gonna do to m-me...?" the human spoke, fearful. By the sound of his voice, he could be no older than 19... Arlene's age. Though he could not see it, the fox gave her prey a look of lament... She would have almost shed a tear for the human; having to deal with guns and bloodshed at so young. But the situation conflicted with her emotions; she would have to keep them in their place and not show tears to her enemy. It was a vital, very fatal mistake to make, which Arlene would not.

"Relax," Arlene spoke, "Listen to me. You're going to be my distraction while I get out of here. You will live."

"Wh... What?"

"What's your name?"

"P... Private Clark Wilson," the human fumbled with his words, barely able to keep his composure under the pressure. Sensing this, Arlene removed her blade from beside his neck, and instead, poked the pistol into his back once or twice. "Come on Clark, get up. Time to go."

The walk towards the stairs that Arlene presumed led towards the roof was short and sweet. No guards, no noise, only time to think about her past - how she'd ended up here - and to get to know her captive. Private Clark Wilson of the 101st Covert Division - age 18 - had been sent to the Orre region under specific Cipher contracts with the military to , in exact words, "safeguard Project Necrofox of Lab #666." Though, Wilson explained, he was ordered by his superior to shoot her on sight if she escaped. It conflicted with the intercom announcement, she realized; she supposed the military and Cipher weren't on such good terms.

The sunlight damn near blinded Arlene as she and Wilson stepped out onto the roof. It was about midday she guessed, and just as she expected, the Cipher complex was a good hundred feet or so into the air. The altitude was something her fine-tuned canine sense of smell had a knack for, she'd learned; and she also learned that Wilson was very fearful of hights, very quickly. He looked like he was about to keel over and expire any second.

"Stay cool. By the way, I have a question. Do you like your job?" Arlene asked, giving a curious glance at her captive friend. When she realized herself that she was serious about her question, she instinctively lowered the pistol and put it in her own holster strapped to her thigh. She didn't trust Wilson that much yet.

"N-no... Why...?"

"Put it this way; if you had said yes, you would live at least, but it would hurt. It would be the only way I could leave you here and provide a distraction for your escape."

"And... What of me now?"

"Are you coming with me? Or would you rather stay in this rotten goddamn hellhole?"

"Good point... Miss Sanders..."

"Call me Arlene. You should know my name from your briefing... Right?"

Arlene smirked confidently, turning her back to Wilson. Sensing prodding eyes, she turned back to him again, the smile still painted on her pretty face. "Eyes off my butt, please."

There was a short few minutes of contemplation as Wilson and Arlene sat together close to the north end of the rooftop, looking down below and trying to figure out a way down. The wind chilled Arlene's nose a bit, yet the sun at the same time was driving Wilson to a heavy sweat in his combat armor. It was a thick kevlar weave with a standard Battle-dress uniform suit, all-black, with balaclava to hide his face and a light helmet with standard night-vision goggles. All-in-all, very decent gear. Not anything she'd expect from a Cipher security detail guy. There was another block of conversation about Wilson, and suddenly, Arlene stood, an idea fresh in her head. "Yo, Clark, didn't you say you and your team had to rappel up here during a training deal?"

"Yeah. It should all still be here; we went through all that today."

"Then we have our way down."

"U-Uh... Um... I don't th-think..."

"You're... Afraid of heights, aren't you?" she gathered, giving a concerned look at her new friend - her only friend. Rolling her eyes, she signalled him to follow, and the two began the descent down the side of the fortress with their rappelling cables hooked securely to the guardrail atop the roof. It went much quicker than Arlene expected, especially considering that she and Wilson had to be careful to avoid the windows by carefully maneuvering around them or by waiting and watching for an opportunity... But in the span of about fifteen minutes, the two reached the ground, safe and unscathed. The two continued their conversation after carefully sneaking out of the territory that outlied the Cipher building, finally reaching a small town to the north. It was there that they continued to talk in secrecy towards one end of an establishment aptly named the "Krabby Shack", where many trainers and individuals gathered for reasons of their own. For Arlene and Wilson, it was more about what to do now that Wilson had officially defected from Cipher to join Arlene.

Other prying eyes were keen to watch, but none to listen in. Clark's grim, tired eyes dared look only at Arlene, her new companion, and her ears pointed back at him. They were in conversation too deep to care.

July 20th, 2008, 7:56 PM




Personality before you became a Shadow pokemon:He was a nice pokemon to others.

Trainer you will get caught by:Valerie

Good or evil?:good

Rp example:Scar ran as fast as he could to get away from an angry absol.Scar used thunder bolt and ran more.Scar ran until he found an wire and eat some which went in isde the absol's body but also efectted him."Pika pika pikachu!"said scar.Scar was running until he found a building.He went in there.Scar got healed.Scar was moving out the builing.Scar had to admit it was fun being chased.

July 20th, 2008, 10:16 PM
((OOC: Ehm, Lordscar? I doubt that's going to get accepted anyways, but... Valerie is an Evil character. That Pikachu isn't going to get much "help" or be able to do anything "good" if he's caught by her.))

July 21st, 2008, 1:40 AM
Jack leapt on the peons, his power intensifying. His aura pulse, and shadows enveloped him. He hit a peon in the chest, his claws gnashing as he went. Fire erupted from his jaw, and , in an instant, the peon was covered in flame. He jumped to the ground, and charged a pulse in his mouth, firing it at the other peons. It hit them dead-center in the chest, but one avoided it. Jack charged at him, his head lowered. The peon began to run, and Jack roared. The shadow aura pulse again, and he sped forward, smashing into the peon back. They crumpled to the ground. He let out a bloodlustfull howl.
"Power....More...Power" He thought to himself. "Fight...Gain more Power.....Fight..." He ran towards the city, his aura pulsing as he went.

((OOC: I don't have a trainer yet. If anyone would like to be, PM. Preferably a Good trainer or the Shadows Eye.))

((Sorry for the short post, but its late and I've got an early start tommorrow))

July 23rd, 2008, 12:38 PM
Suddenly, in the middle of a sentence being spoken by Arlene, Wilson's face grew foreboded and concentrated. His big brown eyes shifted to the left, as if he had caught wind of something dreadful; his expression grew quickly from tired yet relaxed to pressured, uncertain, and aware.

"...What is it?" Arlene whispered uncertainly, watching her new friend, a bit frightened by his sudden shift in composure. She had not seen him look so... Serious.

"We're being watched."

"I don't... See anybody..." Arlene whispered back, taking a look around the Krabby Shack. As she'd noted, there didn't appear to be anyone even looking in their general direction anymore. They had been speaking for a good thirty minutes; after the initial shock of a walking, talking, strikingly-attractive vixen and a trained mercenary entering the establishment, there didn't seem to be any further worry.

"Keep your head down and come with me."

"Where to?"

"Just come with me!" Wilson seemed more irritated now, and generally on-edge. About what, Arlene still wasn't sure; but she was sure it was something to do with her. They both after all had managed without too much fuss to break out of a high-security stronghold guarded by the military and hundreds of Cipher personnel. It was asking for trouble to stay around, Arlene figured, as undoubtedly some scouts had been sent out to look for her and Wilson.

Wilson stood and Arlene followed quickly, neither of them bothering to slide their chairs back under the booth they'd been conversing in. Wilson's pace followed that of the people walking around in the bustling center of activity in the central area of the building, and Arlene did not dare lose sight of him. Something was going on, sure... But what? Was Wilson just on edge for no particular reason?

That's when the bullets began to fly. Out of the entrance, a rather large, burly man dressed in similar fashion to Wilson with full battle gear and a ballistic assault vest stepped into the Krabby Shack, but Arlene had not noticed and neither had Wilson until he began to ready a .45 Colt, the laser-sighting pointed directly at Arlene. Sensing the danger, finally, from two years of combat training, Wilson's killer instinct kicked in and from his side, he drew a Compact MP5 SMG (http://store02.prostores.com/thetoyboxandtreasures/catalog/G5HK.JPG) that Arlene had never even noticed he had. All of this happening within the split second it had was too much for Arlene to properly take in all at once; she had barely even realized that she was in mortal danger until Wilson opened fire, pelting the assailant with 9-millimeter parabellum rounds. The muzzle flash lit up the entire room, and the sound of bullets hitting armor and casings hitting the floor filled up the ears of a good hundred people. Everyone began to scramble for the emergency exit.

Arlene had utilized the commotion to her advantage. Though she was in a weakened state, she chose to fight; she dove behind the main counter to the west and taken out her newly-claimed P99, opening fire from under cover at the assailant. One round struck him in the arm by sheer dumb luck, and blood streaked out from the wound onto the floor. He fired off several rounds in Arlene's direction, causing her to duck entirely under the counter. Then, from off to the side, Wilson came out barreling forward from behind a table and ambushed the soldier, finally ending his life by emptying his MP5's magazine into his opponent's neck, effectively severing the jugular and carotid. He let the soon-to-be-corpse slump over onto the ground to bleed to his doom.

"COME ON! WE'RE GETTING OUT OF HERE!" Wilson shrieked at Arlene, who rejoined her comrade at the front door. Glass shards, blood, and bullet casings littered the scene that the two had left behind, and hopefully, they would not have to do that again. Struggling to keep up and now weak from hunger (she had only time to eat a slice of bread at the Krabby Shack they just destroyed), Arlene panted behind Wilson, "What... What just happened...?!"

"Captain Thompson of my unit, he was sent to kill you," Wilson spoke hastily, "The Cipher are going to be after you for a long time."

"Why are you... Helping me...?"

"I have a soft spot for a pretty face."

Then, Arlene realized why Wilson had been so vigilant in protecting her just moments ago. He had developed a fondness of her... It was the only way that could explain why he wasn't scared to death instead of ready to fight.

July 23rd, 2008, 1:35 PM
The repetitive tapping of Valerie's shoe against the metallic tile was growing faster, more impatient, and rather annoying by the second. The Shadow Poekmon Lab may have been an active and complex room, but that didn't stop Valerie for getting bored. The girl's blue eyes stared, colder than ice, at the machine containing her newly-snagged Treeko. There was not a single drop of sympathy inside her as the helpless creature screamed in half-conscious pain, dark energy filling its veins and heading for its weak little heart. It didn't bother her at all. In fact, watching the Shadowfication process gave Valerie a feeling of sick pleasure. Soon, all good would be leached out of that Pokemon. In its place would be merciless strength. However, despite how much she enjoyed watching the Shadowfication, not much was really going on. Thus, Valerie became slightly bored, and slightly more agitated.

"How much longer is this going to take?" she asked a nearby scientist in an irritable tone.

"Be patient," the man bit back. "You sound like a whining little kid. It will be done soon enough, so why don't you take your immaturity elsewhere and come back later?"

Immaturity? Valerie gasped mentally, Hmph. We'll see about that, old man.

"Fine," she replied with no emotion in her voice.

And she left the lab quietly, considering where she should go now. Perhaps the Krabby Club? Personally Valerie hated the place, but there could be something interesting going on in there... After all, she had nothing better to do now.

She hadn't expected working for Cipher to be boring, of all things. She wanted more out of it. More Shadow Pokemon. More power. She wanted to prove to the other members of Cipher that she wasn't just some immature teenaged girl. However, Valerie also knew that she would have to be calm and patient if she hoped to achieve any of that... For now, she would be a good little girl and look for anything suspicious.

July 23rd, 2008, 10:48 PM
~Gateon Port: Dahlia vision~

"Well.. I don't know where I come from"

The Ralts began, seemingly nonchalantly, unfazed by his question in the least. At this, Dahlia felt a sudden wave of uncertainty arising, but pushed it back down, not wanting his Ralts savior to think him ungrateful. Making an enemy of her was the last thing the little Eevee wanted. What with all her ubridled power, and the ability to speak to him without making a single sound filled Dahlia with hope. It wasn't alot, and he realized that the chances of this complete stranger helping him locate his trainer were slim to none, but it was worth a shot. It was either that, or let himself be caught by another trainer as nothing more than a prize, a trophy. That's all anyone else would ever see him as: A rare opportunity to obtain an Eevee. Besides Mira, that is..

"Hehe.. I woke up in a Lab, and can't remember anything.. I go in and out of violence spells.. and I have super-powerful attacks.. I only know that my name and that i'm a Ralts.."

"Your name?" Dahlia interrupted, large Chocolate eyes lighting up momentarily, as he suddenly seemed to remember something.

"What is your name?" He murmured, in such a soft tone, it was hardly more than a whisper. He had just realized.. He hadn't thought to ask, and she hadn't ever told him..

"I don't know any moves.. but anyways.. your trainer, Mira.. the strange people you described seem like Cipher Peons.. I don't know what they'd want with your trainer, but I know where they are.."

"I already told you!" Dahlia exlaimed, desperacy clear in his tone. His eyes had once again begun to well with tears.

"They're after.. her eyes. She sees things that other people can't. She dreams of things.. that nobody could ever imagine, not in their worst nightmares.. And every night, she sees these things, she dreams them.. I used to think she was imagining it, that is, until.. until she couldn't take it anymore. It wasn't her fault.. that she cried out like that. There was something wrong with those Pokemon. It wasn't a normal battle, ended after one of the Pokemon fainted. ..They were fighting to the death. And everyone was just cheering them on.."

Dahlia paused, chest retracting as he inhaled a deep breath, blinking his enlarged chocolate eyes as slowly, he exhaled it through pursed lips, struggling to maintain his composure.

"Mira didn't like it. She was going to tell.. So.. they silenced her by taking her away."

"I woke up in their lab.. so.."

The Ralts continued, apparently uncomfortable with the amount of emotion he was speaking with. Dahlia swallowed, taking a deep breath simultaneously, realizing that if he was to get the support of the Ralts, he would have to get a better grip on himself. In the midst of his worries, the Ralts offered him a sudden smile, surprisingly taking his paw within her own in a surprising gesture of acceptance.

"They probably took her to the Lab.. I did meet a girl in a hostage situation, that must have been Mira."

With a slight tug upon his petite little paw, the Ralts pointed over in the direction of a narrow dirt path. Dahlia cocked up an eyebrow, chocolate eyes trailing down the path, which ended in a sort of Wood-like area, an area that, for as far as Dahlia knew, could have been little more than a couple of miles, or could have expanded for hundreds and hundreds. As the Ralts was now pointing their sure-fire new destination down that thin little path, Dahlia seriously hoped it would be the first. He had always had trouble in thick, dense Foresty area. You could never tell what was hiding just beyond your line of vision in the day. Worse at night, when the treetops shaded all hopes of aiding moonlight, and you were completely oblivious to what lurked just feet away within the dark. Dahlia shuddered once, but then straightened up, staring boldly out into the distance, not even letting so much as a sigh escape him before turning to the Ralts.

"The lab is this way.. come on." She told him, beginning to set off in the direction she had originally been pointing. Slender ears perking upward, Dahlia's round eyes widened slightly, and momentarily forgetting his fear of the Forest, pranced lightly after her, the tip of his bushy tail starting to wag back and forth, spreading down the shaggy appendage before spreading to his bottom, eventually causing him to begin waggling his entire body.

"Heh, you're lucky." The Ralts spoke again, and rather than inquire about just how lucky he was when in fact, he like like he was running on his last ounce of energy, and not only that, but missing his one and only friend in the world, he just swiveled his round little head away to face her, gaze locking onto her own, listening earnestly."

"I don't know anything about me except my name.. And what Pokemon I am.. I don't think I have a trainer.. I don't know my past.. I don't know what attacks I know except these..."

With a wave of her tiny hand, the Ralts sent several branches flying from in front of them, clearing the way. Dahlia would have thought nothing of this attack, that is had the enerfy used to clear these branches was invisible. But it hadn't. Dahlia actually paused to swipe at his eyes, rubbing them to make sure what he had seen was correct. But to his horror, it was. The energy the Ralts had used for this attack was a dark, swirling purple, not the Lilac type of purple. A dark, sinister, brooding shade of purple.. one that sent chills racking down his delicate little spine.

"When I woke up in that Lab.. I felt nothing but anger and hate."

"Wait.. Woke up? You were in there?!" Dahlia asked incredulously, eyes now wide as saucers as his shook his head once, letting what she had said register within his clouded mind. He was now severely confused.

"Why..?" But the Ralts ignored him, continuing on with her little monologue.

"I don't.. know anything.. but we'll find your trainer.. I won't let them hurt your trainer.."

With a determined gaze cast forward, the Ralts gripped Dahlia's paw, dragging him along as she began to sprint in a predetermined question, falling silent as her mind apparently focused on getting to wherever Mira was contained, all the while Dahlia wondered silently about the little Emotion Pokemon.

She's definitely peculiar.. But that's not it. There's something else. Like how she knew about those creeps who drug Mira away? Creeps no normal Pokemon should have any knowledge of. And why in fact she is so powerful, for just a Ralts. Not even a Kirlia should be able to harness that type of power yet.. It matches that of a Gardevoir's.. Dahlia mused.

And not just that, but..

"What's love?" The Ralts had spoken with a playful giggle, though the giggle hadn't been a sign of her joking. She had been laughing for a different reason. Laughing.. at her inability to realize the most significant emotion of all living creatures, maybe?

Dahlia sighed, shaking his head then. He hadn't really been paying attention, but the aching beginning in the pit of his chest was a tell-tale sign that he was a little more than fatigued. He needed rest. But Dahlia knew that he wouldn't be able to get any. Not until he was once more wrapped up in Mira's arms, until he knew that she was out of harm's way.

~Cipher Key Lair: Shadow's Eye vision~

Name: Mira Krulkavich

That was all the girl could catch sight of, birefly in fact, no more than a split second, before all else faded in an unintelligable black blur of letters and numbers. A soft groan passing between parted lips, she just let her petite head slump forward uselessly, her single golden eye, the one that wasn't blinded by a soiled bandage, drag along the dirty tiled floor, trying to count each individual square as she past it, but proving unsucessful as they were dragging her too fast. Her mind still clouded with the drugs they had administered to take her under, Mira didn't think twice before lifting a slender hand to her damaged eyes, trying to fiddle with the bandage wrapped around it before one of the Grunts transporting her slapped it away.

"Now now, Princess. You heard what the nice Scientist said. The Bandage keeps you from splitting it back open. You don't want anymore blood spilling down that pretty little dress of yours, now do you?"

Mira winced as these words spun across her mind, winced at the nastiness with which he said it. She could practically see the smirk twisted across his thick lips. She shuddered then, instead letting her hand drop to her side, raising both arms to wrap around her thin, shivering body.

"Cold, Princess? Perhaps.. you would give me the pleasure of warming you up.."

The breath caught in Mira's throat as she tried to withdraw from his touch, but to no avail. He had originally been holding her up with one arm, half assisting half dragging her. He had paused in their little walk now, drawing her thin form closer to his own, face, still equipped with that nasty little grin, leaning in closer and closer to hers. Letting loose a tiny gasp, Mira yanked fiercely away, in doing so, provoking the throbbing pain in her eye that had momentarily been forgotten. In an instant, she felt strong arms pushing past her to hurl the Grunt's body away from her own. Another Grunt, one who had appeared seemingly from thin air, though in Mira's disillusion, it wouldn't have been unlikely at all for him to have been there the whole time, seized her in an instant.

"Remember what the boss said?" He growled.

"She isn't just another one of our useless experiements. This girl.. is the Shadow's Eye. Take care of how you treat her, take extreme care in how she comes to view this stay here. It would be nice for her to cooperate willingly, and not through force.."

The other Grunt laughed, a cold, low sound that chilled Mira to the bone. A deep dread filled the pit of her stomach, and again forgetting the bloody mess her eyes had been just moments ago, again raised a delicate hand to toy with the bandages binding it.

"Her cooperation is no problem. We'll just shut her down and reprogram her, just like with all those Pokemon.. Wouldn't that be a sight? A Shadow Human?"

Both the Grunts began laughing then at the very idea, not a laugh of joking, at all. But their inability maybe to realize just how heartless they were actually acting.

July 24th, 2008, 8:58 PM
As Riku walked with the young Eevee she could tell that the Eevee was feeling a bit uncomfortable. After Riku's long initiated speech she heard the Eevee say.

"What is your name?" The Eevee was probably still distrusting of her..I mean..it was undestandable..I mean who would want to trust someone who doesn't even know there own past.

"My name is Riku.." Rik murmured but then her thoughts were enterupted by a message that she had recieved from the key lair..She could here someone crying for help.. Was it Mira..? Yes..! It had to be! Mira!

"Forget who I am right now! My Psychic abilities have found your trainer she's close!" The young pokemon yeled grabbing the Eevee's tiny paw and began running.

"We have to hurry! Cipher..I dunno if so but...They may turn your trainer into something I am!!" Riku yelped to the Eevee as they ran. The key lair was becoming visible and she knew this was going to be tough..with her faintly resisting hyper mode it would be hard not to go berserk.. She kept running..Mira was that girls name..She had a past....A memory..Even with Riku being the way she was..She would not let those cruel humans do the same thing to Mira..Riku would die before she let that happen..

Riku was disrupted from her thoughts when she saw the key lair in sight... Various Cipher members guarded it, it was obvious that it was not going to be easy getting in..So Riku had another idea.. It was one she had seen on t.v. whilest at gateon port..It was more of a cartoon antics thing but she though that it had apossible chance of working..

"Okay heres my plan..we sneak in through a hole I shall make with my powers.. And we will find your trainer that way..Now come on.." Riku whispered to the Eevee who was quite fatigued by this time.

A few moments later.. With the Eevee's paw in her hand and snuck pack the guards quietly.. As her shadow powers ended up making a hole..larger then expect but it was quiet so Riku didn't matterif it was a small hole or a giant gapping hole in the wall..Riku then forced the Eevee in first and said. "You go fuirst..you'll recognize your trainer first rather then me." Riku said sternly to the Eevee.

The Eevee however was either to fatigued or too scared to move because the eevee had not moved from when she pushed him in.

"Fine I'll move you then." Riku said a bit aggravated as she used her psychic shadow abilities to gently push the young evolution pokemon forward freeing her arms so she could push him.

After a rather "short" crawl later.. The two pokemon were safely inside a shadow pokemon lab but..It was covered in blood..Riku was horrified and looked at the blood..It looked liek a massacre had happened in this room then..She saw the young trainer dubbed. "Mira being drug away..Her eyes were covered and she seemed to be very heavily drugged.

"You I never caught your name so..Eevee stay here." Riku said quietly not wanting to freak the Eevee out even more by the site of his trainer..Which may have caused him to make a sound..and of all things that was the one thing that she did not want to happen.

"Remember what the boss said?" One of the peons growled to the one who was dragging the drugged trainer away after a slight "perverted" confrentation between the two. Riku sweatdropped a mild bit as if she wondered the one dragging Mira was someon similiar to well...Lets just not go there.

The two after a short conversation began laughing happily. Mira was still in one of the peons arms so Riku had to make a very quick "jo" of this, but then at the moment of all times..She went into hyper mode.

Her eyes turned a deep red and she wanted violence..Blood..Yes she wanted blood.

"Give Mira back you creeps.." The Ralts said through telekenisis.. This made one of the peoons turn around.

"Did you here that?" The peon said but then he spotted Riku.

"Oh look a Ral- Oh..crap.." The peon said once more noticing that Riku was indeed a shadow pokemon and was in hyper mode.

"The ralts must be here for the girl..but why would a SHADOW Pokemon help a human? They are considered for hate and power only." The peon said but then Riku used Shadow Psychic on them.. As a dark aurua engulfed them they let out screams of pain..With Riku in hyper mode she was showing no mercy whatsoever. And with this they dropped the heavily drugged and probably somewhat blind Mira to the ground. And with this they let out another screech of pain.. a screech so loud that if heard glass wold break.And then..She let them go when they began bleeding and thought that was good enough for them.. She looked at Mira and ran to her side.

"Hey, hey I've come to rescue you! Well me and your Eevee..come on we've got to get you to a docter.." Riku said to Mira through telekenisis... Riku felt something warm about this girl..Something abnormal..No it wasn't her eyes..it was something very different..

July 25th, 2008, 7:24 PM
Jack sprinted through the city streets, passerbys gasping at his speed. The shadow aura pulsed around him. He wanted a fight, and he wanted revenge. He skidded to a halt in front of a building. 'This...this looks familar" Jack thought to himself. A wave of pain overcame him, and images formed in his mind. This was where he had first been taken too... This is where he had first been taken...This was a Shadow Pokemon Lab. Jack's aura pulsed, and he charged through the doors. Anger had overcome him, and he would get revenge.

He leapt through the door, charging through with his head low. Two peons made the mistake of getting in the way. He smashed into them, and they flew into the wall. He charged thorugh the next rooms, knocking down peons as he went. He reached a room, which was drechened in blood. "What happened here.....Massacre' He noticed there were others in the room. He saw a Ralts, but something wasn't right about it. He saw an Eevee, hiding behind it, and a few peons carrying something. Another wave of pain overcame him, and releazition washed over him. They had changed him. His aura pulsed again. The ralts looked battle ready. He charged the peon, teeth gnashed as he did.

August 6th, 2008, 11:13 AM
~Forest(?) to Cipher Key Lair: Dahlia vision~

"My name is Riku.." The Ralts murmured in reply to Dahlia's question, and as these words passed through her tiny lips, he relaxed in the slightest, dispelling a slow sigh as his shoulders untensed, and he found his penetrating stare softening to just a meager one of innocent curiosity, and shift away from the strange Pokemon and onto the curving path ahead. Perhaps it was a silly reason to trust her, perhaps the tiny Eevee was looking for even the tiniest excuse to grasp onto, but a Ralts with a name like "Riku" seemed harmless enough, especially one who had agreed to aid him in locating his best friend. I mean, at least she hadn't admitted to being called "Shadow", or "Bones", or "Death", or even "Plague". Now that really would've sent shivers down the pint-sized Pokemon's spine. Suddenly, in their trek, the Ralts stopped abruptly, her peculiar eyes enlargening significantly, as if she had just seen a ghost. Long, shaggy fur instinctively beginning to prickle and stand up on ends, Dahlia glanced around guardedly, searching for whatever had spooked his companion. After several long seconds, when the unseen nearby brook continued to babble, and the few wild Bidoof and other Pokemon that inhabited the Orre region continued in their frolic and play, Dahlia's gaze shifted, falling from his narrowed, protective glare and shifting into one of question. He instantly raised his defenses again as slowly, he began to back away from the Ralts. Cocking an eyebrow upward, he waited for some sort of explanation for her odd actions.

"Forget who I am right now! My psychic abilities have found your trainer! She's close!"

Mira! Dahlia thought wildly, and this time, as the petite little Ralts broke into an instant sprint, the Eevee followed willingly, racing eagerly after her. The two were just a flash of moving energy as they galloped through the thick Forest seperating Gateon Port and Cipher's key lair, the hidden Forest just large enough for people, Ciper Peons, Grunts, whoever, to pass through into the city unnoticed. With their truckload upon truckload of shadow Pokemon, stacked above and beside and under each other in no particular order, rumbling down the faint dirt path just wide enough for the vehicles to pass through, this Forest was a means of cover for the stealthy scoundrels transporting Shadow Pokemon to the Ciper warehouse. And now, a Ralts who had unknowingly traversed this long path before previously, and an Eevee, new to it, but willing to follow it anyways in hopes of re-obtaining his trainer and best friend ran down it, to the one place, the one lair and factory, that no one would've ever guessed two Pokemon would run to as opposed to away from.

"We have to hurry!" Riku exclaimed, concern marring her strange guys as she turned briefly to Dahlia.

"Cipher.. I dunno if so.. They may turn your trainer into something I am!"

"Something you are?!" Dahlia screamed in panic, chocolate eyes widening in horror as fear clutched at his tiny little heart, causing instant tears to spring into his enlarged eyes, pooling deep within his chestnut irises and threatening to spill over down his cheeks.

"They're going to turn her into a Ralts?!!" He yelled, obviously confused as to what Riku meant. After all, Dahlia was still just a simple little Eevee. Uninformed about the dirty deeds of Cipher, much like thousands of other beings throughout Orre. Mira had been as well, just days before, though as she had already found out, she would play perhaps the biggest role in the overall plan of Cipher. Yes, there was obviously alot in store for the oblivious little Eevee, as he would soon come to discover.

The tiny Evolution Pokemon, in fact, completely froze up when he caught his first glimpse of a rather large building. No, not building. Foretress, rather. The building stood firmly upon a large plot of firm grassland, though strangely, it was surrounded by a broad sandy expanse of Desertland on all sides but one, the one Riku and Dahlia had just come from. The sight of the building left Dahlia speechless, and his tiny jaw practically drug the ground as he attempted to take in the sight of the building, the armed guards surrounding the front and back entrances, and the young trainers, so eager and excited, so strangely enthusiastic about something.. What was it? They tossed out Pokemon that seemed to be shells of their former selves for battle, Pokemon who did not cry out their names in preparation for combat as Dahlia oftentimes did, Pokemon who had eyes glazed fiercely over.. But other than that, appearing perfectly normal. Dahlia had but a brief moment to process all these new sights and sounds before Riku gently pulled him over to her, the two huddling quietly near the mouth of the Forest, voices lowered in significantly, as if formulating a Play to take down the other team. Obviously, she had been here before. And by the way she acted, Riku wasn't too keen on coming back.

"Okay, here's my plan. We sneak in through a hole I shall make with my powers.. And we will find your trainer that way.. Come on." Riku whispered, to which Dahlia followed without question or objection. Had he been perhaps a little more energized, or maybe just a little bit less so eager to locate his trainer, he would've paused to question exactly how Riku would make a hole in a wall that looked as if twenty tanks all at once couldn't penetrate it, and even if by some miraculous way she could, how they would do it without sending the nearby Guards running. Dahlia wasn't the strongest of Pokemon, quite obviously, and he knew he wouldn't fare well in battle, especially with his added-on weakened condition. Still, he faithfully followed the Ralts who, along with him, crept quietly toward the south wall of the building, hands raised in preparation for the next step in her plan.

Strangely enough, when Riku had began to make her "so-called" hole, she had made it substantially bigger than what was required for a Ralts and an Eevee to bust in. In fact, the new passageway loomed perhaps ten feet past the height of both of them, but even still, the Guards paced unknowingly before the entrance, both wearing expressions of extreme boredom as they stared straight-forward almost mechanically, which evoked a grin from the little Eevee, as a break-in was occuring right behind them.

"You go first. You'll recognize your trainer first rather than me."

Riku uttered, to which Dahlia apparently didn't respond fast enough, as before the tiny Pokemon knew it, he was being lifted by a strange Psychic force, one that left him completely mobile, then pushed through the crawl-space and down onto a metallic tiled floor of sorts. Riku swiflty followed seconds later, and as the two glanced quickly around in an attempt to recognize rougly where they were, a shiver ran down Dahlia's spine as he actually caught sight of the place. Blood had been spilled everywhere, strewn all over the thick metal walls, pooled in shallow puddles all over the floor.. This room appeared to Dahlia to be a Dungeon of types, there were row upon row of cells, holding cells, with charts fastened upon clipboards placed at the side of each cell. Dahlia squinted his eyes in an attempt to read what was scrawled across some of the clipboards, but the nearest one was still a good ten feet away, too far a distance for his eyes to focus. He stepped away from the grotesque scene, stomach churning at the sight of all the crimson fluid, eyes wavering as he glanced fearfully up at the Ralts. Riku, who seemed unfazedby the massacre-like scene, seemed to notice his nausea, and patted him comfortingly upon the shoulder.

"You.. I never caught your name so Eevee.. stay here." Riku ordered firmly, to which Dahlia was more than happy to comply, as he wasn't feeling at his best at the moment. His queasiness had taken over, and hoping to relieve it a little, he made his way over to a corner, ducking back behind a large crate as he waited, anticipating what Riku would bring back. Just his chocolate eyes were visable above the crate, and the exhausted Eevee watched intently as Riku vanished around a corner, staying low as she searched quietly for Mira.

~Cipher Key Lair: Shadow's Eye vision~

Soon after the Cipher Peon had let out the diabolical laugh associated with all heartless villains, they had switched onto other topics. The one who had salvaged her from the other's perverted grip rambled on excitedly about the intensity of the power of his new Shadow Pokemon, a Dragonair, what it sounded like, whilst the other listened, occaisionally tossing in complaints about the Shadow Pokemon he had been assigned, a Dodrio he claimed hadn't been completely closed off right, as it still showed signs of compassion when being asked to take down people, young trainers especially. The whole conversation saddened, and sickened Mira to say the least, though she only caught about half of the two's exchange, as the drugs meant to ease the pain of her eye were taking her in and out of consciousness, sometimes so slow it took her several seconds to drift away, and other times so fast that it hit her like a train, and she was out like a light before she knew it. The latest bout of unconsciousness had been enforced via the latter, so when a sudden voice penetrated the foggy, thick barrier that was her mind, she jolted quickly awake, pastel eyes shooting wide open in alarm.

"Give Mira back, you creeps!" A sudden voice snarled, and Mira glanced around, as quickly as she could, which wasn't very quick at all, seeing as she was still in a dream-like trance. Blindly, and with only one eye to aid her, Mira searched hopefully around for who was to be her savior, but saw nothing even remotely nearby save for a little Ralts.

Am I seeing things? Did these drugs finally take what little rationality I had left? Mira thought, dispelling a slow sigh, her lone eye dragging along the cold, titanium floor before she suddenly averted it again to the Ralts, and stopped pausing in the very breath she took, her heart nearly stopping as immediately, she tensed up. It was.. one of those Pokemon. A thick, dark purple aura swirled around the Petite Pokemon's tiny body, and as it lifted its head, Mira caught sight of two blood-red eyes.

"NO!!!!" She screamed in terror, blindly trying to wriggle away from the two Peons dragging her, and succeeding, but only barely, as they released her slender body, letting her fall to the cold floor with a loud "THUD". Mira bit down upon her lower lip, eye scrunching shut as an immediate harsh pain racked through her bones, evoked from the harsh impact of her frame meeting the ground. Instinctively, she curled up into a ball, wrapping thin arms around trembling bare legs as she squeezed her sole operating eye shut, cowering fearfully before the microscopic shadow Pokemon as she awaited the worst. She didn't know much about their kind, but Mira did know enough to realize that they wouldn't hesitate to attack anything, be it Human or Pokemon, and even something so small and seemingly harmless as a Ralts shouldn't be taken lightly.

"The Ralts must be here for the girl.. But why would a Shadow Pokemon help a Human? They are considered for hate and power only.."

No sooner had these words left the Peon's lips than the Ralts thrust her thin little arms upward, raising the two Peons high into the air, surveying her work with what Mira could only depict as a sly little smirk. Her aura suddenly shifted then, turning from the dark purple acclimated with Shadow Pokemon to a more crimson hue. Mira's heart leapt against her chest then, as she had no clue what this meant, only that it couldn't be good. In seconds, the pressure of the Psychic energy was so great, that the Peons being held high into the air were being squeezed, constricted practically to death. Loud, pained cries shattered the once-still air of the Dungeon, and Mira winced as the cries elevated into shrill, desperate screams, miserable, tortured screams, as finally, they felt the pain, the pain of every Pokemon forced into darkness unwillingly. Mira lay weakly on the ground, still disoriented, shudders passing down her body as silently she just willed it all to end. Eventually, it did, but only after blood had begun to run from the eyes and mouths of the two Peons, and they were forced into painful unconsciousness, just as she had been. As soon as they were released from the deathly Psychic grip, a large hound-like Pokemon sprang seemingly from nowhere, teeth bared in a ferocious growl as he stepped up to the two fallen Ciphers. His eyes gleamed with a furious hatred for the men, and before Mira could even cry out at it, he was standing atop the two, teeth sinking instantly into their unbroken flesh, ripping it, tearing it, slicing it up as more and more blood was spilled from their collapsed bodies. Mira let loose a blood-curdling scream then, struggling blindly to propel herself away from the barbaric scene.. All the blood.. all the pain.. She couldn't take it, but she was now cursed with it. There was something new to replace her nightmares with.. It was called.. Reality.

"Hey hey! I've come to rescue you! Well.. me and your Eevee. Come on, we've got to get you to a Doctor!"

The Ralts appeared sincere, and honest, even concernen for her well-being, if just in the slightest. Mira blinked her eye down in surprise. She.. hadn't been expecting this from a Shadow Pokemon, to say the least. The Ralts had extended its hand, so hesitantly, Mira took it, smiling kindly down at the little Emotion Pokemon as she placed her other hand atop its head.

"You brought Dahlia here to me.. and saved me both. Thank you so much little Ralts..Only one problem," The girl laughed, lips curling upward into a playful grin, despite the obvious pain she was suffering. Using her head to motion down to her bare legs, both of which still tingled with numbness, she let loose a tiny sigh.

"I can't move."

August 11th, 2008, 1:53 PM

On a distance, somewhere far away in a desert no one cared about, a large factory became completely engulfed in blazing fire after a loud explosion occurred on the insides of the structure. Right before the explosion happened, though; a window on the top floor (Probably an 8th or 9th floor) shattered and a male jumped out to the ground from it, landing abruptly on the hot sand. The sound of the crystal smashing and the sound of the body landing on the ground weren’t even heard, seeing as the sound of the explosion completely muted every single sonance around. Glass, concrete, rocks and other harsh debris flew in every direction as the massive building met its fate on the way to the ground. The male that had jumped out from the window stood up from the ground acting like if that 9 story jump had just been one small leap from one of those things that help young kids reach the sink and brush their teeth and softly patted all of his body, dusting off all of the sand and dirt on his impeccable black outfit.

“Dude!!!!” The man yelled out, his voice bursting through all of the terrain. “That was freaking awesome!!!”

Akira, that was the male’s name, then just scratched his head, his sight focused on the burning building; proud of his achievements. Inside that factory, a dangerous gang of criminals made their burrow, and not many people beside Akira knew this. He couldn’t care less about them; or at least that would’ve been the case if one member of that gang had some pending stuff to solve with Akira. Akira had reached the location earlier this day and using lock picks from his belt broke into the facility, where some guards greeted him with a ‘nice’ welcome. They were no challenge to him, though; for he swiftly used free running skills to wall jump and flip past through them. It wasn’t long before the somewhat spiteful male alerted everyone inside there of his existence and all alarms on the building rang. The insides were full of weapons, Pokemon and scorched remains of the once successful productions that came from the factory. Pokemon, humans and even robots chased Akira’s trails, but he had the advantage of using agility and jumps over using stairs and bridges. He roamed around the place wreaking as much havoc as he could; breaking machines, cutting cables, knocking things down and even ‘immobilizing’ potential human threats. It didn’t take him long to find out his dear friend who he still had issues pending was one of the corporation’s top notch guys; and it took him even less to find his whereabouts in the factory. The guy was running frantically through the factory, looking for the closest exit to escape from the long claw of Akira-styled justice.

“Hello, my friend! How have you been!?” Akira yelled as he jumped from a platform above the man and to the ground, landing directly in front of him and stopping him on his tracks. “It’s been a while, really! I believe you have something for me! Right?” Akira said in a happy, yet evil voice. He had little to no time to solve this, as guards would soon get to him. The scared man leaped back and tripped on himself, landing on his butt. “Hey man, c’mon, take it easy! Don’t do anything to me!! Please!” he said as he used his arms and leg to ineffectively push himself through the ground.

At these words, Akira pulled out the combat knife from the strap across his chest, ‘aimed’ it at the mans chest and grinned. Akira had never succumbed to murder, and this sure wasn’t going to be the first time. Intimidation worked just fine. “Aww, C’mon, you really think I’d do anything to you? I mean... I could... But if you just give me the money everything will be solved out easy. Am I right? Of course I am!” he said as he approached the man with slow steps.

“Ok, Ok, I gotcha, just, take it easy. Here, here, it’s this! Go, take it! Now leave me alone!” The man in the ground cried out as he threw a small, yellow envelope to Akira; object that he swiftly caught with his free hand and stuffed it in his pocket.

“Thank you! Thank you very much, sir! You see how everything is easily solved when everyone cooperates? Now, if you excuse me; I shall run away, since your guards are behind me. Ciao! I hope this is a lesson for you. Next time, I won’t be this nice. ” While this words left Akira’s lips, the guards that were chasing Akira approached dangerously; and when he finished talking he started running at full speed, storing his knife and accessories while on the run. As he ran away, the worst that could happen happened. One of the goons pulled out a gun. A firearm. God, who used a firearm this days? They were the demise of human-kind and the lowest way of possibly terminating something. If Akira lacked anything, it was a bulletproof vest. Thinking that a piece of lead inside his body wouldn’t feel all that well; Akira tumbled down some barrels with an unknown liquid inside. Right then, the gun was triggered, and the bullet hit one of the containers; causing a gargantuan explosion and, along with all the other barrels around, lighting all of the building in fire. That was when Akira jumped out through the closest window and landed on the ground.

“Yeah.. Cool indeed” Akira whispered to himself as he turned around and slowly started walking to his hi-tech spider motorcycle on which he got to the desert in first place. He stared at the pretty amazing vehicle and when he was just a few feet away, the unexpected happened. An elephantine boulder surrounded in flames was shot out from the flaming structure with an explosion, and that boulder which had acres and acres of sand where to land decided to do so right above the craft.

“No! What the hell! C’mon...!” Akira yelled as he ran to the flaming vehicle. It had been smashed to pieces. Completely useless now. The happy mood in Akira, the one that lead him to actually saying things like “Awesome” was shut down and locked, freeing again his usual dark character. “Dammit....” He mumbled as he turned around, unsure of what to do now. The closest area of civilization was miles and miles away, and that probably was some shop in the middle of the desert. Before he could think of a solution, though, sirens rang. Soon enough, in an even more high-tech hovercraft, arrived a cop.

“Hey, you! The guy in black! Freeze! You are under arrest for destroying this property. Government Property.” The officer said as he jumped down from the hovercraft and pulled out a Pokeball. The Pokeball, however, was still in its miniature size; like it still hadn’t been pushed on the middle button to grow and release the Pokemon.

“First of all, we’re in a desert, and we’re the only 2 here. No need to say “The guy in black.” Second of all.... What?! Government property? Arrested? You idiot! I did you a favor! A gang of criminals lied there! It’s not my fault you’re stupid enough like to not know that. Someone had to do something!” Akira said, trying to get the cop’s attention on his face as he discretely kneeled down beside the bike.

“Don’t move! Go, Arcani...”
“Too slow!!”

The officer was about to throw his Pokeball to release the powerful Fire-type Pokemon, but before he could do so, Akira grabbed a small, spherical metal piece from the burning vehicle and threw it at him, hitting him hard on the stomach and causing him to faint. As the policeman lied on the ground unconscious and curled up in a small ball, Akira walked up to him and kicked the Pokeball away, but not after bending down and getting the keys for the relatively big hovercraft. “Thanks for the ride.”

The tall male jumped into the vehicle and then turned it on; unsure of what to do now. He pulled out the envelope he received while inside the building and opened it carefully with his knife, expecting to see a very large amount of money inside. His eyes widened as big as lemons and his jaw dropped to the craft’s floor, however, when he noticed that inside of the envelope lied only a piece of paper and 1 card key. “What is this?! I’ve been fooled! I would go kill the bastard right now if he hadn’t been turned into ashes...” Akira screamed very angrily as he pulled out the piece of paper, and with a deep breath, started reading it.

“Gateon Port. The old parts shop around the Pokemon center. Back door.”

Those were the only 3 sentences written on the piece of paper. Akira scratched his head softly and then made a paper airplane out of the note; throwing it at the flames when he was done. Next, he grabbed the card key and accommodated it on his utility belt.

“Gateon Port it is, then.” The vehicle made a loud roar, and then, at a very fast pace, Akira floated away from the desert. He was unsure of where Gateon Port was, let alone how far it was. But he hoped that using his great sense of direction he would guess the location. It took him the rest of the day and the whole night to get to Gateon Port, and tht only because the hovercraft was really fast. But he made it. Finally. He ‘parked’ the hovercraft in a lake, not wanting to leave any signs or tracks that he stole the vehicle. He jumped out right before the ship sank, and with quick steps, he entered Gateon Port. It was the first time ever he was at the location, and since really wasn’t feeling like socializing, he just wanted to go to the location on the note.

“What did it say, now... Gateon Port.. Check.. Pokemon Center.”

Akira walked through the place, pushing away people in his way, until he made it to a red roofed structure with the gargantuan sized letters ‘P’ and ‘C’ above it. He approached slowly, his outfit contrasting directly with all of the colorful clothes around. It was like a black spot among pink and yellow ones if seen from above. Actually, those bright-outfit people had a strange vibe radiating from them. Some wore helmets and visors, and, if his eyes didn’t fool him, the word ‘Cipher’ was written down on some of those helmets. Anyway, once he was at the entrance of the Pokemon center, he started to look around for that mentioned parts shop. Music and lights and all people coming in and out from the Krabby Club near distracted him a little, and reminded him he was tired and hungry. But he had a destination, and he wouldn’t stop until he reached it. After searching around for a while, he saw a building with an old sign that read ‘Parts shop’, and remembering the last sentence said ‘Back door’, he ventured inside a dark alley beside the shop. Hidden between debris, boulders and smelly trashcans was a thick metal door, one Akira tried to push open but with no success. It was then when he noticed there was a small gap on one end, and the door opened as soon as he inserted the card key. Across the door was a very small room with only one table resting on a wall and a small desk lamp. On top of the table lied a very strange artifact, one that was around the length of his forearm and in fact had the shape to suggest it was placed there. It was completely black, with only a very few amounts of white designs on it.

“Hm.. What might this be?” Akira asked to himself as he pulled out his knife, for protection in case someone approached from the shadows, and started walking to the table. How the lamp lit only the artifact caused a very dramatic and somewhat scary aura around the room; but Akira didn’t care. Taking the risk of whatever that machine could do (After all, only the leader of a criminal organization held the key to it), Akira picked up the machine and put it on; the color matching Akira’s outfit and making it look like just another cool tool outside his utility belt for those who were oblivious to what it was.

“So... I have no idea of what this is... But that guy kept it hidden, so it should be valuable. I could try going and...”
“I see... You’re already here to pick the machine!”

Akira was staring down at his new ‘thing’ and thinking to himself what it might be (Or if it would sell well) when he was interrupted by another voice that came out from the shadows. The male turned around, somewhat shocked, and held his knife in a way that would allow him to block and attack or throw the first blow if needed. He stared around frantically, trying to find the source of the voice; but the darkness in the room, along with his poor eyesight, made his efforts futile.

“Who are you!? Show yourself!” Akira yelled as he took quick steps back to collide with a wall, ensuring no one would stab him from behind. Before he could do anything else, the lights went on in the room and a graying male figure revealed himself.
“Hey, don’t worry. I thought your boss told you I would be here. I see you have the package on your arm already. Be sure to deliver it to your boss soon, or he will be mad. I heard this evil Akira figure whom he had some trouble a while ago might go wreak havoc at your base. Hurry and take it to him.”

Apparently, that man believed Akira was a member of the criminal organization he stole the key from; and that machine was an important package to be delivered to the boss. Also, he was completely unaware that Akira had already blown their HQ to pieces. So Akira decided to play along with the situation and squeeze all information juice he could from that man, trying not to be violent so he didn’t suspect anything. “Oh.. Yeah.. I will take it to him. But... You know, just between us two, what is this machine? What does he want it for?”

“What do you mean you don’t know? I thought he told you already. That’s a very technologically advanced machine called the Snag Machine. It turns normal Pokeballs into Snag Balls that can capture or steal Shadow Pokemon. We are unsure of how many of them are left and...”
“Whoah, Whoah, Whoah, Hold it. D’you say, Steal Pokemon?!”

Akira couldn’t believe what he was hearing. This called Snag Machine now in his possession could steal Shadow Pokemon from others? He didn’t know what Shadow Pokemon were, but it didn’t matter much. Could it really steal Pokemon? That could give Akira infinite amounts of power he could decide how to use later. Evil intentions weren’t really on his mind. More like, situations to mess with people that intended on doing wrong to him. How they would throw out their strong Pokemon just to be stolen with another Pokeball; that idea didn’t sound at all wrong.

“Yes, yes, steal Shadow Pokemon. I’m unsure of what your boss wants it for, like, in a more specific matter, but I don’t care. This was my part of the deal, so there you go. Take it to him. I won’t say anything else about it. Also, take this.”

The old man walked up to Akira, apparently unaware that he was holding a long, sharpened knife on his hand, and pushed him out of the location, handing over to him a Pokeball and then closing the large steel doors, the card key shattering as he did.

“Wait! What? What’s this Pokeball for? Meh, damn you, old fool.” Akira stared down at his new Pokeball and became totally confused as of what might be inside. “Go, Pokemon!” he yelled out in the dark alley as he threw the Pokeball to the ground. It had been such a long while since last time he had a Pokemon on his own, but maybe, if the Pokeball was intended for the criminals, it would be something really strong like a Tyranitar, Gyarados or Salamence. The whole dark area lit up in light, however, when a female, tall Ponyta sprang out of the ball, her mane of fire warming the whole area immediatly. The equine Pokemon neighed quietly as she stared around, wondering where she was.

“A Ponyta... Ponyta. I finally get my hands on a Pokemon. And I get a Ponyta. Just great... At least it can carry me around, I guess. Come back.”

Akira called his new Pokemon back to the ball and then walked out from the alley, wondering what should he do next. He didn’t really have any purpose in life. No goals. No expectations. All he did was let himself flow with the moment. But was the moment right now? The Snag Machine? Where could he try it? What could he do with it? What? Too many things to ponder. He was pulled out of thought, however, when he stared around across the street and saw a cop holding a sign of Akira and asking people if he had seen him.

“Oh C’mon! Now I am wanted? C’mon, what did I do to you guys? Blow up a few places and steal a few vehicles and now you go to jail? Where is this world headed to...” Akira told himself angrily as he ran back inside the alley and using some tools and wall kicks managed to get to the roof of the tall structure. It was probably only 3 or 4 stories tall, but it was just right to hide from the cops and give him a complete sight of anything of interest that could happen in the city and its surroundings.

“Ok.. Ok.. Solve the mystery of the Snag Machine and Shadow Pokemon while hiding from the government? Piece of cake...”

August 11th, 2008, 9:11 PM
As the houndoor finished off the Cipher Peons, Riku took the time to look at Mira's wounds.

"You brought Dahlia here to me.. and saved me both. Thank you so much little Ralts..Only one problem," The girl laughed, lips curling upward into a playful grin, despite the obvious pain she was suffering. Using her head to motion down to her bare legs, both of which still tingled with numbness, she let loose a tiny sigh.

"I can't move."

Riku sweatdropped a bit. "Oh right I'm sorry..Lemme see if I can manage this.." Riku mumbled and with a wave of her hand a shadow Aurua picked up Mira softly and gently.

"Well..Mira you Eevee was the one who wanted to come save you.. I just helped..I'm Riku.." Riku whispered carrying Mira on the Shadowy Aurua.. As they walked down the hallway to meet up with Dahlia she heard emergency sirens go off.

"Crap we have to get out of here! Now!" Riku yelped.. she began running along with the shadowy aurua that surrounded the young shadows eye, and picked up Dahlia in the same aurua as the passed the young Eevee.

"Now hold on its going to be a bumpy ride!" Riku yelled..she had one more trick up her sleeve."Shadow..Teleport!!!!" Riku yelled.. And a dark shadows aurua engulfed the 3 and they began glowing. Riku had to conecntrated her almost unlimited shadow energy into being able to teleport somewhere safe. Riku began to loose her breath hoping that this new move she had learned would work...And after a few seconds which seemed to be hours for Riku..They arrived at Agate Village.. Safe and soemwhat sound.. Riku panted a bit and collapsed onto the bridge..

"Thank goodness..You two are safe.." Riku panted and closed her eyes. She felt so sleepy..Unfortunetly this attack had a draw back. .Riku became very fatigued after using it and her tempeerture spiked.

"They have memories..I don't knoe who I am.or what I am.. They know and each other..." Riku thought to herself between pants.Sweat trickled down her cheek..She knew that at least if she saved someone that maybe other pokemon would have a chance.