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August 9th, 2004, 6:00 PM
Well I have returned after a long absence but i am returning with my biggest PokeProject yet, which is my Pokedex.
So far it is nearly 600 pokemon strong, featuring old pokemon which i have added evos to (all pokes have at least 3) plus new pokes ive made up, and i heav changed existing ones, and gotten rid of some too!
Since it is so long il just post the new and changed ones names, and as soon as ive made better pics il show uz what they look like!

#12-Tropius (evo of bayleef, i didnt think Meganium did the line justice!)
#31-Grubble (new weedle,i hated weedle, grubble looks similar to caterpie)
#34-Wurmple (male turns into cascoon, female=silcoon)
#50-Throllow (evo of swellow)
#53-Ratamount (evo of raticate)
#56-Kobraconda (evo of Arbok)
#65-Sandslaught (evo of sandslash)
#68-Lomumbo (new Ludicolo, hated that big dancin duck pineapple thing!)
#77-Tarantulite (evo of Ariados)
#89-Twelvox (evo of Ninetales)
#104-Bashbull (evo of granbull)
#105- unamed Cricket pokemon
#106-Springrass (grasshopper poke, evo of cricket poke)
#107-Locuswarm (locust poke, evo of springrass)
#110-Qantu (evo of Xatu)
#114-Blakjay (prevo of Murkrow)
#116-Ravenite (evo of Murkrow)
#119-Orblite (evo of lanturn)
#122-Skerstone (evo of whiscash)
#124-Gloom (if oddish is male turns into gloom & vileplume)
#126-Bloom (if oddish is female turns into bloom & bellossom)
#130-Shrumboom (evo of breloom, i posted a pic a while ago)
#132-Skaterain (evo of surskit, prevo of masquerain)
#139-Mothrank (evo of venomoth)
#141-Chimpalm (evo of aipom)
#142-Gorillarm (evo of chimpalm)
#144-Cattail (evo of skitty, prevo of delcatty)
#151-Granduck (evo of golduck)
#153-Sunsprig (evo of sunkern, prevo of sunflora)
#160-Quakemire (evo of quagsire)
#161-Puppyena (looks like poochyena, and poochyena will be remade)
#171-Ursacub (evo of teddiursa, prevo of ursaring)
#175-Albatroth (evo of pelipper)
#179-Fibis (new ibis poke, either fire/water, or fire/fly)
#180-Boilbill (evo of fibis)
#181-Flamingon (evo of boilbill)
#192-Sumarami (evo of makuhita, prevo of hariyama)
#194-Harpee (new fly/ghost poke, evos unamed)
#200-Buglow (if male turns into volbeat, female turns into illumise)
#211-Tentacrush (evo of tentacruel)

well thats all the new pokes, except unamed pokes, from the first 211 pokemon. il type the rest another time. and soon il show some pics.

Careful With That Axe, Pichu!
August 9th, 2004, 6:03 PM
WOw, great pokedex.....*reads again* ratamount? well, good ^^

August 9th, 2004, 7:13 PM
Yay Your Back ~You don't know how happy I am to see you back around here :)
Wow that does sound awesome I can't wait till ya start the pics, They are goin to look Really cool. Oh and a Big Welcome Back !