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September 20th, 2008, 11:02 PM
Pokémon Adventure: Follow the Darkness

Dear Trainer

My name is Samuel Pace and I am the Head Professor of Pokémon Research here in the Arkens Region... but, I guess you already know that... why else would you be reading this letter?
Uhm... As you know, today is the day that you get your very first Pokémon and start your Journey. You will face fun times and tough challenges... ha-ha, I heard Professor Samuel Oak tell his first time trainers that... and it’s true.
Although, I’m afraid the only thing I have in common with Professor Oak is that we both have the same first name. I am only 21 and barely even recognised by the more well known Professors; Oak, Ivy, Elm, Birch and Rowan.
They say you are only truly a good Professor once your first group of trainers have achieved the goal of Pokémon Champion. So that’s what I’m hoping to have happen, but I’ll need you... the trainers, to play your part and become Champions of the Arkens Region. Ha-he...

Anyway, enough about my dream... this day is suppose to be about you. I’d like all of you to come down to my lab in Sunrise Town. It is here that you will be given your first Pokémon, a Pokédex and five Pokéball's to use on your Journey. To successfully complete the Arkens Challenge, you must collect the eight badges of Arkens... which are scattered all about the region; once all eight badges have been collected you will be granted entry into the Pokémon League.
The Pokémon League is a group of four superior trainers and their master, the Champion of Arkens. Defeating all five of them in succession is your final objective and with that completed you will gain the title of Pokémon Champion.

I hate to make you any more nervous than you already are, but I do have some bad news. I have just received word from a good friend of mine that there has been a quite extreme crime wave across the Arkens Region, the culprits are known as “Team Night Star” and they have been performing acts of cruelty among humans and Pokémon alike.
Murder, theft and arson are just a few of their more extreme crimes. I caution you, if you ever come into contact with this elite team of criminals... proceed with extreme caution, as they are highly dangerous.

I hate to leave you on such a bad note, but I’m afraid I’ve told you all I know. Please, come straight to my lab so I can prepare you for your long Journey.

Professor Samuel Pace


Not every Pokémon will be available to be captured in this RP and I will not be telling you which ones are. This way, you will have no idea what Pokémon you might meet... it adds to the fun. XP
Legendary Pokémon will not be able to be captured, but they will appear in the RP.

I will not be playing in this RP; I will act as the game master and will be controlling NPC’s such as Prof. Pace, the Gym Leaders/Elite 4 Members and Night Star Admins.
You can only control your character and no-one else’s. That means no God Modding what so ever, not even if the other member gives you permission... which is highly unlikely.

Be active! That means, if you only come online once in a blue moon... don’t bother joining this RP. If you do have to go somewhere and won’t be online for a few days, at the least, tell me before hand. If you don’t, I’ll end up kicking you out and if we move too far ahead... there won’t be another chance for you to join.

Lastly, just have fun! I don’t want to seem like the big scary boss, who runs everything (even though I am XP) If I, or any other member in this RP is stopping you from having fun... let me know right away, that way we can find a way to help.

The Character Sheet

Character Name: What’s your character’s name?
Gender: Is your character male or female?
Age: How old is your character?
Birth Date: When was your character born?
Appearance: What does your character look like? (At least one paragraph)
Personality: How does your character act around others? (At least one paragraph)
History: Where, when and how did your character grow up? (At least one paragraph)
Preferred Starter: Which of the starter Pokémon below do you want?


Togepi: taken by Slytherfang
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Serene Grace
Attacks: Growl, Charm
Nature: Sassy

Elekid: taken by Koroc
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Electric
Ability: Static
Attacks: Quick Attack, Leer
Nature: Naughty

Magby: taken by Pika_master414
Level: 5
Gender: Male
Type: Fire
Ability: Flame Body
Attacks: Leer, Smog
Nature: Mild

Budew: taken by Zimvee
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Natural Cure
Attacks: Absorb, Growth
Nature: Relaxed

Map of Arkens

September 21st, 2008, 3:41 PM
I do not have much stuff going on right now, so can I reserve Magby? I'll try to make my whole sign-up right now.

September 21st, 2008, 3:43 PM
Most definitely, Magby is yours if you finish your sign-up soon enough. =D

September 21st, 2008, 3:51 PM
(Since i love overloading myself with RP's i'll give your's a try!)
Character Name: Bobby Baker
Gender: Male
Age: 16
Birth Date: 11/03/91
Appearance: Bobby is about 5ft 5in tall and weighs about 120lb. Very thin he's skin tone is tan almost to the point of looking like he is from the Caribbean as he spends most of his time outside. He has a mess of curly black hair that is constantly knotted and has dark brown Hershey chocolate eyes. He not on the strong side so he's very boney to the point that you can count his ribs. Among his family he is tall and lanky when he is actually rather short. Wears a brown unzipped jacket all the time with a black/brown shirt underneath. Wears blue jeans and and faded blue shoes. The shoes are a pair of hover shoes that Bobby has invented. Bobby also sports a pair of goggles that his dad gave him for his 8th birthday on his head that lets him see in the rain and sandstorms. They also double as binoculars and lets him see his and the opponents pokemon's stats. Bobby has a red bandanna that he wears over his hair to hid a giant scar that he recieved when he was younger when he fell off a cliff during a fight.
Personality: Bobby on the surface seems to be rather edgy and sarcastic. While he has a sarcastic streak a mile long deep down he is a very happy carefree boy. Always thinking up random thoughts and saying them out loud Bobby is known to draw odd looks from people. He also dosen't know when to keep his mouth shut, saying the first thing that comes to his head, most of the time inappropriate at the time. Tries to come off as a ladies man, Bobby actually is hopeless when it comes to dating. This isnt surprising as he is known to be shy at first, but when you get to know him he is one of the closet friends you'll have.
History: Born prematurely on November 3rd 1991, it looked like Bobby wasn't going to last long in this world. But as fate would have it Bobby is a fighter at heart and manage to recover from his unknown condition. His first few years were rough living with his mom in his Grandma's house while his dad was at college. As soon as he graduated Bobby's father took his mom and Bobby into his small apartment in Pallet Town. They soon quickly moved to a condo where Bobby was introduced to Pokemon and other kids. In kindergarden the other kids distrusted Bobby so he turned to his wild Pokemon friends for support. Their friendship didn't last long as soon Bobby and his family moved to Vermillion City.

Their life was even harder for Bobby, as he was now an older brother to a little brother and a little sister. Now he had to contend with new friends, a new place, and new family members. The three years here were Bobby's loneliest as no one wanted to talk to him and he was constantly watching his brother and sister, despite being 8, and watching his parents marriage fall apart. It was at this time Bobby was given his goggles by his dad.

When Bobby was 9 disaster struck. Bobby's dad moved his family back to Pallet Town and then 2 weeks after being moved in Bobby's dad left. The family was left in pieces as Bobby's mom worked 2 jobs and his siblings were sent to various relatives. Bobby then found a way to vent out his anger at his dad. Street fighting. This started Bobby's path to the person he is today.

When Bobby was 13 he beat one of the challengers in a fight on a cliff, but the challenger was a sore loser and shoved him off the cliff. Bobby scraped his head on the way down which resulted in a scar on his forehead. Luckily his wild Pokemon friends from his younger days found and rescued him. When he got home he realized what a burdon he was being to his mother so he decided to go look for his dad as a Pokemon Trainer. His mom forbid it but in the end they compromised and he would leave when he was 16. During this time he built his hover shoes which help him cross sand, water in short periods of time, and also made him go faster. He is now 16 and is ready to start his journey.
Preferred Starter: Budew

September 21st, 2008, 3:59 PM
Great sign-up Zim, Bobby sounds like a very interesting boy. I'd love to see what he makes of the Arkens Region. Accepted!

September 21st, 2008, 4:07 PM
Character Name: Reily Lynn Jackson
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Birth Date: October 31st, 1994
Appearance: Physical Info- Reily is considered between average and fairly tall, standing at 5 feet, 4 inches tall, or 160 centimeters. She is borderline low weight, the scale says 94 pounds, or 42.7 kilograms, making her not quite toothpick-like as far as physical appearance, but getting there, though her weight’s not low intentionally. Her hair is dark brown, almost black, and reaches down to her mid black, and she’s got braces (standard silvery grey), though somehow they look pretty good on her.

Clothing, Normal Days- On normal days, Reily wears a black short sleeved t-shirt with a silver dragon on it, and a turquoise tank top that is a little bit longer than the shirt. She also wears white, grey, and black plaid shorts, one silver cuff bracelet on each wrist, and white running shoes, which she keeps in good condition. In colder weather she exchanges the shorts for heavier jeans made of dark gray/black denim, and black waterproof lace up boots. In addition to that she wears a white heavy, but not bulky, zip up coat.

Clothing, Formal Occasions- On the occasions where Reily needs to dress up a bit, she wears a black straight dress, with the skirt falling to around her knees, and which is trimmed with silver, she also wears delicate silver sandals with a very low heel, because she can’t walk in higher heels, and swaps the cuff bracelets for one slim silver bracelet which she wears on her right wrist, and a silver necklace with a small diamond (of lower quality, because high quality diamonds are just worth too much) hanging from it.

Personality: She is often cold, and doesn't care much for other people when she first meets them. For some people, actually, for most people, that’s basically how it stays. for a few others, they can open her up a little bit. Most of the time however, students and teachers never get a glimpse of her real self, just the unfeeling outer shell.

She is a troublemaker. Stirring up trouble gives her a reason to laugh. Her life was lonely, she became a loner, with few reasons to laugh or sometimes even to smile, so its easy to understand why laughing is such a great feeling to her, I mean, laughing lifts your spirits, right? And also because Reily just likes breaking the monotony a bit sometimes, and stirring up some trouble once in a while just for the fun of it is, well...fun.

History: Reily’s family life wasn’t exactly a fairy tale. Well, actually, virtually nobody’s is, but hers was farther from a fairy tale than most people’s. Her father wasn’t exactly a great one, he left her mother without reason or warning, though its not as big of a deal to Reily as it could have been, because she hardly knew her father to begin with, but she can feel rather awkward because she doesn’t have a father like most people normally do.
From the time she was born Reily was restless and full of energy, nobody knew what to do with her. One moment she would be on one side of the room, the next moment she would be on the opposite side. She was pretty unpredictable, and because she had no outlet for her extra energy, she figured out how to do chin ups on the bar of her crib and would do them for almost half an hour at a time until she was completely exhausted, then she would fall asleep. When she was two, her mother decided that doing chin ups on her crib bar was not the answer, and took her to a karate place to be enrolled, and Reily absolutely loved it. She progressed steadily, quickly, even, and became a black belt at the age of ten, which was probably the proudest moment of her life. Then she really got into pokemon, she doesn’t really know how, but at some point between the time when she turned twelve and the time she turned thirteen, Reily had fallen in love with training and battling with pokemon. She decided that she wanted to become a pokemon trainer, though she has never given up karate.

Preferred Starter: Lets go with Togepi

September 21st, 2008, 4:15 PM
You're so very close Slytherfang, but I'd like to know what other RP's you've been in before I make my final decision.

September 21st, 2008, 4:15 PM
Character Name: Koroc Henderson

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Birth Date: 08-06-91

Appearance: Koroc is about 5’8 and he has dark skin. His hair is black and spiky but most of the time it covered up by a green bandana. He wears a silver necklace with a pendent of his family in it all the time. He has a pair of goggles on his forehead that are grey with yellow lens and a black band that keeps it on his head. He is always wearing his black back pack that has a green sewn in Snorlax footprint in the middle of the bag.

Personality: Koroc is a shy person but at the same time very kind. He is the type of person that doesn't like to open up to others and stays secluded in his bubble. He never speaks and never asks for help because he doesn’t feel confident about himself and thinks getting help is a sign of weakness. He will only work with others if he has to and even then he only focuses on the job at hand and finishes it as quickly as possible so he can go back to being by himself. Koroc is always contemplating whether he should change but so far he has gotten no where. He doesn’t have friends and he doesn’t go around messing with others. He is very courteous to others because he knows it will pay off in the long run and he will help people out as long as it does not require him to talk. Now he wants to change but doesn’t know how exactly to start his new ways so he decided to go on adventures to change his ways.

History: Koroc was in a family of 5 and he happened to be the middle of children. The things that the other two did to always outshine Koroc’s accomplishments and when he did do something that the other two failed at he seemed to not get the same recognition that they would have got. Koroc always felt left out and thought that he could never be as good as the other two in the family.

When Koroc turned 12 he wanted to become a pokemon trainer and try to be the best he could be. His parents would often find Koroc looking in books about tactics and strategies of pokemon battles. Koroc would leave the house reading books on pokemon and he went to the lab to help with the pokemon sometimes. Kenneth would sometimes ask his parents if he could go to Rustboro city and sit in the pokemon school classes. They would tell him to take a bus or to see if one of his friends would take him because they were always seemed to be too busy to help him. Koroc found ways to get the knowledge of pokemon. The next year Koroc’s family moved to the Arkens Region when his dad got a new job there.

Many years later Koroc was able to go out and become a trainer. Kenneth was smiling from ear to ear and he began packing. Kenneth was determined to prove to his family that he was nothing to be looked down upon. Kenneth began leaving the house His mom pulled out a phone and a necklace with a pendent that had a picture of his family on it. Koroc saw that with this gift that his parents was behind him all the way.

Others : He has an older sister that had went off to become a professor in the Kanto region. While his younger brother is still to young to leave home but he visits the lab from time to time to play with the pokemon.

Preferred Starter: Elekid

September 21st, 2008, 4:20 PM
That sign-up was alright Koroc, but... just like Slytherfang, could you please tell me what other RP's you've been involved in?

September 21st, 2008, 4:27 PM
Currently I am not in a RP but I was in Pokemon Mystery DUngeon : Escaping the Dark but it seems that they gotten rid of that RP.

September 21st, 2008, 4:31 PM
Ok =D
Just try to learn from some of the more experienced members. Accepted!

September 21st, 2008, 4:32 PM
Name- Bret
Gender- Male
Age- 11
Birthdate- April 14, 1997

Appearance- Bret looks exactly how he acts: childish and immature. He is fairly tall for his age, making people think that he is older than he actually is. That changes, though, when they look at his face. He has large, brown eyes and a huge grin on his face that makes people laugh when they see him. He has scrappy brown hair that sticks out of the hat he usually wears which is always messy and untidy. He always wears travel clothes wherever he goes whether it is school, home, anywhere.

Personality- Bret has never transferred from a child to a preteen. People who have met him most of the time notice his immaturity first out of everything and only notice this trait of his. Bret acts childish all the time and is a fun person to be around young children and sometimes older kids, but annoying to adults. When somebody is down or upset, Bret is usually there to cheer them up- or annoy them some more. Bret can also be brave and rash and jump into dangerous situations without even thinking about it. Common sense and intelligence is in his head, he just doesn't use it. Somebody usually has to be around him to set him straight and keep him out of trouble.

History- Bret had lived a fairly normal in his hometown, Pewter City, by just going to school and then coming home, but he knew his life was missing something: pokemon. But because of his personality, and the fact that his parents were usually busy, he was never allowed to go capture a pokemon of his own
One day though, Bret actually got permission from his parents to go to the Viridian Woods. Because of his excitement and lack of sense though, he took off into the woods without a pokeball and was attacked by a mob of pokemon. Luckily, a young trainer saved him and lead him out of the woods safely. Bret soon grew attached to this trainer after watching his bravery in the Pewter gym and in his matches in the Viridian Woods. He ended up traveling with him and watched him slowly grow to be a successful trainer. It only made him want to travel more and be a success just like him.
With the trainer was finished with the Kanto region, Bret told him about his dream to start his own journey. He thought it was an amazing dream and handed him a small necklace to remember their friendship and made him vow that he was going to be an amazing trainer one day. With the trainer's charm, Bret knows he needs to prove himself and be an amazing trainer one day.

Prefered Starter- Magby

September 21st, 2008, 4:34 PM
ok thats pretty cool how you're linking my Kanto RP with this one Pika_Lover!

September 21st, 2008, 4:37 PM
ok thats pretty cool how you're linking my Kanto RP with this one Pika_Lover!

I was thinking about it and I thought it would be really fun to play as Bret! I don't wanna play as Gold in every rp. It will be cool to continue onto Bret's story for a change.

September 21st, 2008, 4:39 PM
That's awesome! I was always going to accept you anyway, but that sign-up just adds to it.
Mystery trainer = Gold...
Anways, I can't wait to see Bret's Journey after leaving Gold. Accepted!

September 21st, 2008, 4:56 PM
Character Name: Tom Skibeck
Gender: male

Age: 17

Birth Date: November 23 1990

Appearance: Phys.- Tom has dyed red hair with jet black in it. Tom wears black glasses. Tom's hair covers his ears and is long enough to cover his forehead. He wears it pushed to the left side. Tom's 6ft tall. HE weighs 145lbs and beacuse of his height is thin as a rail though he eats alot.

Clothes(Normal)- Tom wears almost skintight black pants with green stiching on them. Tom wears a green shirt with Circa Survive written in the color purple and script. Tom also wears black glasses. Toms shoes are black with a red stripe on them. When it gets cold tom wears the same pants and shoes, but he puts on a hoddie with blue and white striped on them. Tom wears brown leather braclets on both his writs. On Tom's back is a black backpack which he uses to carry food and potions.

Formal- For formal Tom wears black suit pants with a black suit jacket and red tie. He wears the same shoes and braclets. To make his hair look better he will put jell in it and part it with the larger part going to the left.

Personality: Tom is mostly shy around others. But when he gets to know he hes loud and very talkative. Tom has a level head on his shoulders and it takes alot to make him mad. Tom trys to handle situations rationally and doesn't like confrentations. Though when it comes down to it he will fight if he needs to. Tom likes the cold weather doesn't like to lose. He also likes to play the guitar and if he finds a shop while traveling will havve to stop and play a riff or two.

History: Tom grew up in Cerulian City. Tom had no brothers or sisters. Tom's dad left when he was 5 and lives with his mother. Tom's mom yelled alot at stuff most people wouldn't yell about such as dropping a fork. Because Tom was the only one around when his mom flipped out she took it out on him. Tom couln't wait to leave home. Hwen Professor Pace's letter came he didn't think twice abotu his options. He packed and left home in the middle of the night.

Preferred Starter: Azuril

September 21st, 2008, 5:03 PM
Uhm... that sign-up was, ok. But, Eevee is not an option and Elekid has already been taken by Koroc. Sorry...

September 21st, 2008, 5:24 PM
Okay, on PC I have and currently am in
Pokemon Adventures: Sinnoh Region (by Pikelover10)
Pokemon: The New Generation (by X-BehindtheWynaut-X)
The Epic Challenge: Hoenn Region (by Pika_Master14)
Solaceon Pokemon Day-Care! (by Lucien Lachance)

I have been accepted into
The Realm of Legends (by CFTx, which hasn't yet started, I believe)

And I have created my own roleplay
Pokemon: Hybrid Chronicles

I have also roleplayed in
.::M i r a g e::. A Literate Supernatural RP (by Sanitary Napkins)
Poke'cademy and Poke'cademy (by Konaru Of The Roses Thorn and konan_yoshi999)
Pokemon RP (Literate to Adv. Literate)
Pokemon Tayu Region (by Ratio -Light- Yagami)
Orre Region Pokemon RP::Cipher's Back! (by angel in denile)
Eastgate Academy (by xXalbino_dinoXx)

just to name a few....
By the way, the ones I just listed were on gaiaonline.com

And I have also roleplayed on arvandor.org, but dropped out after a few months.

September 21st, 2008, 5:31 PM
That's more then enough. Accepted!

September 21st, 2008, 5:32 PM
Are the sign ups closed? I'm literally five minutes away from finishing my SU.

Character Name: Cato Cornelius

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Birth Date: September 25th, 1992

Appearance: When you first look at Cato, words like ‘geek’ or ‘nerd’ enter your head, and with good reason too. Standing at a measly five feet, five inches, sporting a pale skin tone and with those scrawny arms and legs, you’d have to be blind to mistake him for intimidating. His eyes are a magnificent olive shade, but due to his bad eyesight, one would have to stare through his thick glasses to see them. That is, of course, if that person’s attention is shifted toward his unkempt, curly black hair, or perhaps the various pieces of grass that are usually sticking out of it. Can’t get worse than this, right? Wrong.

His normal attire consists of a long-sleeve, white shirt— or at least a shirt that used to be white. Due to his constant traveling, the shirt is now covered in many stains and small rips. Sometime after leaving for his journey, Cato purchased a hideous dark brown and green sweater vest, and seeing that there was no one with any type of fashion sense around, he began wearing it daily until it became part of his normal attire. Both vest and shirt are tucked into his khaki pants, which are held up by a maroon belt. All of his accessories, including his Pokeballs, are kept in the gray messenger’s bag he carries at all times. Last, but certainly not least, are his brown construction boots.

Personality: Not having much of a social life, Cato spends most of his time alone. This has caused him to develop an anti-social personality, decreasing his chances even more at gaining friends. Aside from his anti-social problems, Cato can get quite cocky at times. He may not be the strongest or fastest, but his intelligence is vastly superior to that of his peers. He’s quick to prove someone wrong or ‘show off’ his smarts in even the silliest of discussions. He takes almost everything seriously, even jokes or sarcasm. But what’s worst of all is that he’s EXTREMELY stubborn and when others try to inform him of his flaws, he tells them otherwise before they can even finish.

When it comes to Pokemon relations, Cato’s personality changes in specific ways. What is usually noticed first is that he looks down on any Pokemon not belonging to him, believing that most (if not all) are not disciplined like his. He isn’t one to catch wild Pokemon on the sight or allow injured Pokemon on the road to become part of his team. Instead, he searches for those that will only benefit his team.

History: Although born in Pallet Town, Cato’s family soon moved to New Bark Town where he spent the majority of his childhood. It became clear early in his life that Cato was smarter than the average kid and because of this, skipped many grades in school. However, this seemingly god-given gift was more like a curse, as he never had chance to maintain any type of normal social life. By the age of fourteen, the only people he talked to on a regular basis were his family members and Professor Elm. He and the young professor developed a close friendship, and within a year, Cato found himself working as a part-time assistant. After seeing countless trainers leaving on journeys thanks to Elm providing them with the necessary equipment and a Pokemon, Cato finally decided he needed to explore the world outside of New Bark Town.

Although wishing to begin his journey in the Johto region, the Cornelius family made another unexpected move to Arkens region, mainly due to the increased activity of Team Rocket in Johto. Once again, Cato finds himself in an unfamiliar place with people he has no interest in meeting. However, he was determined to change one thing about his life, and that was him exploring the world beyond his home. Little did he know that he would form life long friendships with Pokemon and people alike on this journey.

Preferred Starter: Pichu

September 21st, 2008, 5:37 PM
Yes, Gummy. Sign-ups are closed, all of the Pokemon have been taken.
If you still want to be in this RP, just choose a baby Pokemon and make your sign-up.

Zeta Patchouli
September 21st, 2008, 6:50 PM
Player: Rubii Naruto
Age: 16
Birthday: 23rd February, 1992
Gender: Male

Appearance: Chris is 5'7" tall and has light tan skin, from being in the sun just a little bit in his life. Chris's hair is a nice golden brown, and is a little spiky, but not too bad. His eyes are a nice brown, but there are streaks of red in them. He isn't very muscular, but isn't really too skinny. He always wears a black shirt with a logo that looks like three chains, each wrapped in circles, all next to each other in sort of a triangular pattern. The front of the shirt has another chain, but wrapped like a triangle, with the words 'better to be a triangle then a circle'. His pants are also black with the circle triangle on the left side, and a triangle on the right. His shoes are also black, but they have a very small writing that says "triangle= originality" and "circle= imitation".

Personality: Chris isn't the nicest person to meet, having grown up in the Pyrite Orphanage. He doesn't make jokes and treats people with disrespect. If someone gets to open up, which isn't likely then you would know that his personality was caused by the rich people in Agate. Chris just despises rich people, since he thinks that they think that they're better than him. Chris may be cold, but if you really get to know him, then he can really be a good guy, but no one knows that because they're afraid of him. He views the Snagem and Cipher members as 'rich class' and despises them as well.

History: Chris was born in Phenac City, on a full moon. The doctors were puzzled about his eyes, but thought nothing of it. After a few days his parents took him home and they lived in peace, for a month, when three bandits came in and killed Chris's parents. The bandits also stole everything and dropped Chris off at the Pyrite orphanage as an act of supposed kindness, but the years at the orphanage were not good at all. Chris was subjected to beatings from the other kids, and the management, for being the weakest, but also the most rebellious.

When Chris was thirteen, he ran from the orphanage and lived deep in Pyrite, so he wouldn't be taken back. Soon enough, Chris found three kids like him, and started to make friends with them, but in a month, the same kids started to beat him up and throw him out. Chris had had it and had stolen a lot of water, food, and a big backpack from a store and went out into the desert on his own. His food and water rations were gone in a month, but that's all it took as he made it to Agate somehow.

But after getting to Agate, the kids saw him and made fun of him for being poor, but Chris dealt with it until he was fifteen. There he stole a few thousand from the rich kids and bought a hover bike and started riding around Orre, a month later Chris got bored with the Orre Region, and snuck on to a boat to Arkens, Chris had to leave the bike behind, but he didn't mind. In a month, he walked to Sunrise Town, to get his first Pokémon.

Starter: Cleffa
(ooc: Yes, I'm using an old one, but I picked out this one since I'd LOVE to write out his responce to getting a Cleffa.)

September 21st, 2008, 7:03 PM
Obviously... Accepted!

Now, while we wait for the OOC Thread to get accepted. Let's do Chapter 1!


Chapter 1: Sunrise Town
Number of Posts: 1
Time of Day: Early Morning

A small isolated town on the south end of Morning Dew Island; it is surrounded by a thick forest which is nearly impossible to get through and even if you manage to, all you’ll find is sea. The only reason this town is known is because of Prof. Pace, who grew up here.

Prof. Pace
Prof. Pace was never a trainer himself, he grew up learning about the Pokémon of the world and became one of the best Pokémon Breeders in all of Arkens. He is quite nervous and doesn’t like being surprised; he sweats a lot and isn’t very good at public speaking... but that hasn’t stopped him from becoming Arkens most talked about Professor.

Prof. Pace was pacing back and forth across the tiled floor of his very neat and tidy lab. “Oh... dear,” he whined, “Where are those new trainers? They’re all late,” he turned towards the four Pokémon sitting upon the table in front of him. There was Togepi, Elekid, Magby, Budew, Pichu, Azurill and Cleffa... they all looked bored, as they had been sitting there for well over an hour.
“Maybe I should call-” he began muttering, before being cut off by his aide. “Uh, sir?” said the aide, “The trainers have arrived.”
Prof. Pace’s face lit up and he brushed his hands down his long white lab coat, “Ok! Send them in!”

What to Do
In this post, all you have to do is explain about your character waking up and going to the lab to get their first Pokémon.

September 21st, 2008, 8:39 PM
The sun rises and hits his face through his window which were open since his mom came in earlier to let some light in. Koroc began to twist and turn in his bed trying to go back to go back sleep because he was not ready to get up yet. Finally giving up and sat up and looked at his clock that was shaped like a Loudred. “What!” Koroc said shocked to see the time. “Oh my god I am late!” Koroc ran to his dresser and grabbed a bottle of gel and fix his hair.

Koroc’s mom walks by his room noticing that he was putting gel in his hair and let out a little giggle. “Why do you put gel your hair into spikes and then just cover it with your bandana?” she asked with a smile.
“If I ever have to take my bandana off I will not have to worry about fixing it.” Koroc replied trying to sound as if he was really planning ahead. His mom continued on down the hallway as Koroc grabbed his bag and put in some of his gel and spare bandanas and other things that would be useful for his journey. Koroc ran to his closet and grabbed a few olive green dress shirts and black jeans and began folding them and placing them in his bag. Returning to his closet he pulled out another olive green dress shirt and a pair of black jeans and put the on.

Running down the stairs he passed by his little brother who was playing in the front room and into the kitchen. Koroc went into the pantry to see if they had any food he could eat on the run. He found a box of cherry pop tarts and quickly opened the box to grab two packages. He quickly gulped them down and ran to the front door to grab his shoes and threw them on. “Okay mom and dad I’m off!” Koroc yelled in a hurry. “Don’t worry I will call everyday!” He bolted out the door and to the lab.

Koroc arrived at the lab winded so he bent over and placed his hands on his knees to catch his breath. Looking up he saw a lady in a white lab coat.

“Hi. I am Koroc Henderson and I am here to see Professor Pace.” Koroc said smiling.

“Okay it will be just a moment.” the lady said nicely as she went to the back. Returning very promptly she wave for Koroc to come in. He entered the door and saw a bunch of men and women in lab coats running around. The aide guided Koroc to the Professor and then walked back to the front desk where she was at the beginning. Koroc turn and faced the professor.

Prof. Pace show Koroc the pokemon that he was offering and told him a little bit about what he should expect on his journey. Koroc walked over to the pokemon and began pacing in front of them. Suddenly he stopped in front of a yellow pokemon with black markings that looked like a battery that could be plugged into the wall. “Hmmm what a strange pokemon.” Koroc whispered to himself “He looks like he is pretty strong and looks pretty cool too.” Koroc then made his decision and grabbed the yellow pokemon and told the professor that he want this one.

“Okay, Elekid he is a fine choice.” Prof. Pace said and then went into his pocket and pulled out a red like phone. “This is a pokedex which allows you to keep track of all the pokemon you seen.” He then went to a desk and grabbed five small red and white balls that seemed really small. “ Here are you poke balls but remember to tap the little circle in the middle before to try to catch a pokemon to make it larger.” Koroc smiled and thought that this was exciting. Thanking the professor Koroc began walking out the lab with his Elekid by his side.

rii - chii
September 22nd, 2008, 11:45 AM
Character Name: Sharon McDonald
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birth Date: December 13, 1992

Appearance: She is quite short, and she wears a white t-shirt, and an indigo tanktop. She can wear a dark blue miniskirt which she wears everywhere. She doesn’t care what the condition is. She wears azure boots with white bottoms. She wears a Poketch, which she received from Candine. She sometimes wears a poncho when she gets really cold. She even has a pair of sunglasses whenever she is in a warm area.

Personality: She is a person who looks for thrill, and is determined to win whatever it takes. She can be envious of the winner of a battle, but after getting to know the winner of the battle, she can be very friendly to be around with. Sometimes, whenever she falls from her fainting spells, she acts as if someone else has possessed her and attacks anyone that tries to help her in that state.

History: Sharon was born in the life of riches in HearthomeCity, everything was perfect. She had perfect health, and all the money that can buy whatever she wanted, but when she was 5, she realized how boring it was to have that much money. When she was 8, she stole all of her family riches and ran off to SnowpointTown and went off to train. She felt the rush just like when she stole her family’s wealth. She knew that it would hurt them really badly, but she needed to find some thrill in her life for once.

She first learned how to skate in the Snowpoint Gym with Candine when she was 12 and failed miserablely. She didn’t give up, and finally learned how to skate; she had decided to battle Candine by using one of Candine’s Pokemon, she used Sneasel, but it didn’t obey Sharon at all. Sharon decided to find a place where she could train to use Pokemon, but she knew that she was a criminal so she couldn’t go back to Sinnoh ever again.

She decided to use a hot air balloon to find land that she could train, as she was flying, a couple of Starly poked a hole and she fell into an unknown area, she realized that she was in a totally different region. She was in the Arkens Region and she had finally landed in SunriseTown, she was found by a woman and mended Sharon. As she was mending, she told the woman about her dreams. The woman signed her up to receive a Pokemon a few years later. Two years later, she finally started her adventure.

Happiny (Shii)
Level: 5
Gender: Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Serene Grace
Attacks: Pound, Charm, Copycat
Nature: Docile

Hope is this okay xD;;
If I get accepted, here's my trainer card :]

September 22nd, 2008, 12:27 PM
Reily sat up in bed, blinking in the bright sunlight that was flooding her room. Odd, she thought, it's normally never this bright when I usually get up....wait....am I late? No! I must be late! She jumped up out of bed, threw together an outfit, grabbed her already packed backpack, and headed downstairs, taking the stairs two at a time. Her mother looked up at her.

"I see you're ready to go." She observed, "but your shirt's backwards." She laughed at the shocked expression on Reily's face as she hurried to inspect herself in the mirror. She turned it around and came out of the bathroom, which had the closest mirror.

"Yeah, thanks mom, love you, I'll remember to write...and call, bye!" She gave her mother a kiss and a hug, grabbed a few pieces of toast, and left the house, figuring that she would eat on the way to the lab.

Reily jogged to the laboratory, dang, I hate being late, the reason for that is I'm not supposed to be late, it goes against my nature, she thought as she started picking up the pace, suddenly, her foot caught in a ditch and she stumbled, though she managed to keep from falling. Great, just great, probably the most important day of my life and this is the first event of it.

"Need some help?" A familiar voice asked from behind her. She turned around quickly to face the speaker.

"Oh, ah, no thanks, I'm fi-Ivan!" She shrieked suddenly, just managing to restrain herself from hugging the person in front of her, a boy her age with short black hair and dark eyes. It was Ivan, her childhood best friend, he had started his journey a while before she had, and so he already had his first pokemon, which had been a mudkip. He had left Sunshine Town a while ago and though they had written, Reily hadn't seen him for a while. "I-can't believe it! What brings you here? Oh, and do you mind if we talk while we're walking, I'm kinda late..."

"Late?" Ivan pretended to seize up in shock, "you're never late! That's my job...sometimes." Reily laughed, it was true though, she had never been late once in her life, while Ivan had dozens of times, it usually wasn't his fault though, he had a bigger family than she had.

"So what brings you here?" She asked again, as she looked ahead and spotted the lab in the distance.

"To visit my best friend, what else? Oh, and to see my mom, she's been bugging me to come back and visit. So I did," he shrugged, stepping around a mud puddle on the ground.

"Oh, that's cool, hey, what pokemon have you got?" She asked suddenly, remembering the mudkip.

"Let me show you," Ivan grinned, as he took out three pokeballs and pressed the small white button on them. Out came a Marshtomp, a Roselia, and a Starly.

"Oh...wow..." Reily commented, "they're so...neat!" They continued to talk until they reached the lab, then Ivan got a call from his mother asking for him to come home.

"See you, Reily, keep writing." Ivan said with a wave of his hand before he turned around and headed once again down the road leading away from Professor Pace's laboratory. Meanwhile, Reily called out "bye," and walked inside, she had practiced her introduction in her head countless times before, and hoped she wouldn't mess up.

"Hello, sir," she began, addressing the scientist standing at the table with a few pokemon, "my name is Reily Lynn Jackson, and I'm here to see Professor Pace, I'm supposed to receive my first pokemon today." She held out the letter the professor had sent her. The scientist smiled,

"well, that's good. I'm Professor Pace, it's nice to meet you Reily." The professor said with another smile, before showing her to the table with the pokemon.

Reily turned somewhat red, embarrassed about her mistake, and followed Professor Pace to the table. She listened intently as he explained about each of the pokemon in turn, and then about what she should expect to encounter on her journey. After he had finished, he stood back to let Reily choose her pokemon.

"I- it's so hard to choose..." Suddenly, the togepi leapt into her arms and cried out happily. Reily smiled at it, "Togepi. I think I'll go with Togepi," she said decisively, looking at the Professor, who nodded, and took out a red device and several pokeballs, both of which he handed to Reily. She thanked him as she took him, and he explained the function of both items.

"Well, I wish you luck on your journey." Professor Pace said, shaking Reily's hand, "I'm sure you two will get along just fine." Then he let them leave, Reily thanking him once more time.

Wow, I got my first pokemon! She thought, as the Togepi bounced happily upon her shoulder. She said to it, "I think I'd better put you inside the pokeball." That was when Togepi began to protest frantically, shaking its whole body, "okay, I guess you're one of them." She told it, as it relaxed and began bobbing up and down on her shoulder, just like Marie's beautifly, she thought, thinking of another friend that she had, as she walked back towards the main part of the town, Togepi on her shoulder

September 22nd, 2008, 2:13 PM
pieCakeyy: *thumbs up* You're in! But, there seems to be a problem with your Trainer Card. Whenever I try to post it somewhere it doubles in size, making the image all blurry. D=

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rii - chii
September 22nd, 2008, 4:19 PM
SunriseTown – The Rise of an Adventure

As the sun started to rise, no one was home in this household. There was a sign on their door that said “Gone on Vacation,” and a letter in the mailbox for the household. Suddenly, a woman and a girl named Sharon McDonald came running over to their house excited to be back. “I can’t believe it’s been three months since we left.” Sharon said excited to come back home. “So, when can we go on another adventure?”

The woman entered the house as she took the letter from the mailbox to tell Sharon some bad news. “I’m afraid that I’m just way too tired to go on another adventure, maybe get one of your neighbours to take you.” The woman said getting an iced tea to drink.

“I don’t even know anyone here; they won’t want to go with me.” Sharon said disappointed as she went to open the letter.”

“What do you mean you don’t know anyone, you’ve been here for almost 2 years.” Sharon’s stepmother said as she fell to the couch and put her feet on the coffee table.

“They’re a bunch of weaklings; they won’t want to go on an exciting adventure.” Sharon said as she read the letter.

“Well, you don’t know that, there are a lot of nice people here, all you’ve really met were our neighbours, and they’re older than I am.” The woman laughed as she took a sip from her iced tea.

Sharon had read the letter that was addressed to her and smiled. “What’s in that letter that makes you smile so?” asked the woman as she got up to see the letter.

“You know when you applied me for a Pokemon?” Sharon said excited.

“Yes, what about that, your Pokemon isn’t suppose to come until two years later.” The woman said nervously.

“Apparently, I was selected because they had a bigger amount of Pokemon to choose from, unfortunately, they chose the Pokemon for me.” Sharon said as she headed upstairs.

“Sharon, where are you going?” her stepmother asked.

“I’m going to get some things for my adventure.” Sharon said heading upstairs.

Sharon entered her room; it was as dirty as she left it with empty drawers because of her last trip. She pulled out a secret box and pulled out a Drifloon Doll which she treasures so much. She also pulled out a huge wad of cash that she had left over.

Sharon came down and was ready to go, her stepmother greeted her at the doorstep and handed Sharon a little gift. “What is it?” Sharon asked as she took the box.

“It’s a hairpin; I want you to keep it to show that you are as special as this gem covered pin. It’s also one of my family treasures.” Sharon’s stepmother said as she attached the pin into Sharon’s long blonde hair.

“Thanks mom, I love you I’ll do my best!” Sharon said running off.

“I know you will, at last Sharon has become a woman.” Sharon’s stepmother thought as she closed the door and walked off to the kitchen for more iced tea.

Sharon ran as fast as could and finally made it to the laboratory. “This is it, time for my first Pokemon!” Sharon thought as she ran into the room.

She was greeted by a scientist, “You should walk if you don’t want to hurt yourself, and anyways Prof. Pace wants to see you.”

“Alright, just let me have my Pokemon.” Sharon said entering the room where she saw Prof. Pace pacing on the floor.

“She’s here Mr. Pace for her Pokemon.” The scientist said breaking Prof. Pace’s train of thought.

“Alright, you must be Sharon McDonald?” Prof. Pace said as he went to get Sharon her stuff.

“Yes, that’s right I’m in a hurry.” Sharon said while tapping her feet on the floor.

“Here you are, and besides you should get to know your Pokemon.” Prof. Pace said as he handed Sharon a Pokeball.

Sharon opened up the Pokeball to see what exciting Pokemon she got. Out came an egg like Pokemon with a cute little smile. “What the heck is that thing?” Sharon asked very confused.

“Use this Sharon, it’s a Pokedex.” Prof. Pace said as he handed Sharon the Pokedex.

She scanned the egg Pokemon and it gave the Pokemon’s information.

“The Playhouse Pokemon, It loves round white things. It carries an egg-shaped rock in imitation of Chansey.”

Sharon had received 5 Pokeballs and an Arkens Map. She looked at her Happiny which was sleeping. “I decided to nicknamed my Happiny, Shii is that alright?” Sharon asked.

“Of course, that’s a great nickname.” Prof. Pace said as he pet Shii on the head.

Suddenly Shii was awoken and got really pissed off and use Pound over and over again on Prof. Pace and jumped right back into Sharon’s hand.

“Thanks, I think me and Shii are going to get along just fine.” Sharon said as she walked out the door.

“Thanks for stopping by, and have a good day…” Prof. Pace said as he fainted on the floor.

Sharon and her new Pokemon Shii started to leave SunriseTown, “We’ll do our best Shii, and we’ll become the greatest trainers of all time!” Sharon exclaimed to her Happiny. Happiny was determined and jumped off Sharon and was ready to follow Sharon. “That’s the spirit, walking is the best way to become strong!” Sharon said as she ran off leaving SunriseTown behind and were starting to explore the Region of Arkens.

September 22nd, 2008, 4:56 PM
“Cato, wake up!” ordered a female voice from inside a relatively small house, but could possibly be heard from across the street. Both her auburn hair and stained apron soared behind her as she rushed up a flight of stairs. Upon reaching the top, she made a sharp left in the narrow hallway and stopped before a polished wooden door.

“Cato!” she called again while simultaneously slamming her fists against the door. Without even waiting for a reply, she twisted the knob and allowed herself in the room. To her surprise, she found the room to be rather tidy and the bed unoccupied. Her green eyes scanned the room like a Staraptor’s and when she was sure her son was no where to be found, eased herself deeper in to the room. Finally she stopped at the window, where she spotted a lone boy laying on the grass, staring at the sky.

“Cato, what the heck are you doing!?”

The boy seemed to not hear her, or was simply ignoring her, as he continued to gaze at the drifting clouds. The sun was beating hard on him, and although he was wearing both a green sweater vest and a white, long sleeve shirt, he seemed unbothered by the heat. He ran a hand over his curly, brown hair, and rested his head back on the grass.

“I know you hear me, young man!”

“All of Arkens can hear you, mother!” he shouted back smugly. Without much effort, he lifted himself off of the ground and dusted the grass off of his khaki pants, although he was pretty sure there was some left on his backside.

“Excuse me from trying to help out, but while you were out here daydreaming, you’ve seemed to lose track of time. You’re going to be late for your meeting with that sweet Professor Pace.”

The news caught Cato by surprise, but he tried not to let it show in his facial expression. He was hoping to be the earliest so he didn’t have to mingle with any other trainers that would be visiting the lab for similar reasons. How he happened to foil his own plan was both irritating and amusing. Oh well, he was sure the joy of getting his first Pokemon would overshadow the fact that he was likely to be forced into a social engagement.

He quickly picked up his gray messenger bag off the ground and swung it around his shoulder. “I’ll call you later mom!” he shouted to the window before turning his back to the house and making his way for the lab.

“Don’t forget to call your father too!” he heard her call out faintly. He made a mental note to do so, but was sure he’d forget later.

As a new arrival to this town, Cato had a bit of trouble finding the lab. Three times he found himself facing a thick multitude of trees that enclosed the small town. Finally, he came across the building and immediately saw why he missed it so many times. Unlike Professor Birch’s lab, which he was so used to seeing, Pace’s lab was relatively small. That was when it hit him that the Professor’s career was just kicking off and he would probably get a bigger lab in a couple of years.

In front of the building doors stood a female lab assistant who eyed Cato the moment he stepped up.

“Err... Hello, I’m here to see Professor Pace. Is he in today?”

“Do you have a letter of approval?” asked the assistant almost robotically. It was a dead give away that she planned to ask that question many times today.

The young man reached into his bag and pulled out a neatly folded letter. “I believe this is what you’re referring to,” he said, handing her the sheet of paper. She quickly skimmed it before nodding to him and ushering him into the lab.

“We’ve got another one!” she called out in the lab before shutting the doors. A man pacing back and forth immediately looked up at Cato and walked towards the boy.

“Right this way,” said Professor Pace hastily as led Cato to a table littered with pokeballs and other equipment. “Cato Cornelius, correct?”

“That’s me.”

“Then this is for you,” he said, grabbing a pokeball off the table and handing it the young man. Instinctively, Cato pressed the button on the sphere twice and watched as a red beam began to take shape. Before he knew it, a small, yellow mouse stood at his feet, surveying the world around it with a confused gaze.

“Pichu here is a new hatch, but I’m sure you can deal with it. Professor Birch speaks highly of you.” Cato couldn’t help but smile at the compliment, and then lowered to the Pichu’s level, which allowed it to quickly scurry up his arm. Sensing the bond already forming between the two, Pace knew Cato wouldn’t object to the choice and handed him his pokedex along with five extra pokeballs. He patted the young trainer on the shoulder and looked into his eyes.

“Welcome to the world of Pokemon. May you have many safe and thrilling adventures.”

“I’ll try my best, sir,” Cato said, before exiting the building. His journey was just beginning.

September 22nd, 2008, 5:04 PM
pieCakeyy: That was a perfect post, I like the way that you incorporated the fact that Prof. Pace is... awkward.
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Gummy: Fantastic! One of the best intro posts yet, it sounds like Cato's mum has a thing for Prof. Pace. But, it might just be my imagination. XD
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September 22nd, 2008, 8:12 PM
A cold shiver ran up and down Elsie’s spine as she sat up from her cocoon made from blankets, shaking her raven hair out of her face. Her curtains were drawn, revealing high mountains and little kids giggling outside, throwing snowballs at one another. A smile lit up Elsie’s face as she remembered what the day would lie ahead. She slipped out of her bed, a train of her cotton blankets following her as she marched over to her wooden door, where her Pikachu calendar had been pinned up. Elsie jumped up, pure excitement dancing across her face. “Yes!” she practically screamed. And then the grumpy stomps approached her bedroom, and she gulped.

Rushing back into bed, she re-wrapped her cocoon around herself while the door flung open. “You can’t hide from me, Elsie, get up. C’mon.” Her father’s voice seemed calm for once; maybe he was just so utterly happy that she wouldn’t be in his sight for awhile? Elsie was definitely excited about this, breaking out into the real world of Pokémon. She never had had a Pokémon before, but she adored her father’s Flygon – who was now with her brother – but otherwise besides seeing little kids running around with them in the little grassy plains they had in Snowpoint City, she never saw any Pokémon.

Elsie grabbed her indigo backpack slung from her desk chair and ran to her closet, flinging different articles of clothing and items on the floor. She folded the clothes she was going to take on her journey and placed them carefully at the bottom of the backpack, before fishing out the little packet of pokéblocks she had. Elsie dragged the backpack along the floor as she skipped down the corridor to the bathroom, she grabbed her cheap brush and ran it through her raven hair. She grabbed a hair – tie off of the vanity, pulling it against her wrist. Then she threw all of her toiletries into her backpack, before skipping off into the kitchen.
“Your brother says good luck.” Her father’s voice said, merely in a whisper. Elsie glanced over in his direction, surprised. Her brother had called? Elsie ran to the cupboard, pulling out a bowl and cereal and scuffing it all down.

“Thanks Dad,” A smile graced her face as she ran a hand through her hair, slinging the backpack over her shoulder. “I should really head off; I need to get to the Professor’s lab!” Elsie exclaimed, rocking back on her heel, before glancing down at herself. “I should probably get changed first...” It was more a note to self, but her father raised his eyebrows, turning his head back to the flashing television. Soon Elsie was back in her bedroom, putting on her snow suit and Ugg boots, before waving goodbye to her bedroom and marking off the day on her calendar.
Elsie marched back into their small living room/kitchen, and gave her father a kiss on the cheek. “See you, Dad; I’ll call you when I get there!” The enthusiasm was obvious in her voice, and she smoothed out her clothes before running out the door. Her father waved, his muddy brown eyes not leaving the television set. She did a cartwheel down the side walk, before rushing off to catch the ferry to the Arkens region.

It took awhile for Elsie to find the lab, asking random trainers for directions, but she eventually got help and found her way. Anxiously, she opened the door to the lab, a nervous smile sweeping her face. “...Hello?” she asked, swallowing a forming lump. She carefully placed a booted foot down on the tiles, finally realizing that this was it. She was here, at Professor Pace’s lab! What a day this would be! Elsie's eyes followed the approaching assistant that took her hand, “You must be one of the new trainers? Yes, let me see the letter, please sweetheart.” Elsie rummaged through her backpack and handed the assistant the letter, she nodded and led her to the countertop where only a few pokéballs where placed in round sockets. Then there was the professor.

“...I’m sorry I’m late, I...” Her dreams were already coming true, actually meeting a professor! Elsie swallowed another lump, before continuing, “I live in the Sinnoh region, it...it...took me awhile to get here.” Elsie wasn’t sure if she should have explained why she was dressed in such warm clothes, or why she was even here, it was all just so...exciting.
“Welcome and you must be...?” Professor Pace asked, lifting his head from the pokéballs.
“Elsie...Elsie Laird...” Elsie exclaimed, sweat dripping from her forehead. Who knew that meeting a professor could be so suspenseful? “I received the letter from you; I’m one of the new trainers...” Her eyes travelled down to the few pokéballs that were left. With a nod the Professor lifted his hand and grabbed one of the pokéballs, Elsie’s muddy brown eyes lit up in excitement. This is it! She thought, wiping the sweat that was rolling down her cheek. She held out her palm, examining the red and white pokéball before it was even placed in her hand.
Finally the small ball was placed in her hand, and Elsie began jumping up and down in utter excitement. This was the day where her adventure would begin, where should would finally train hard and love her adorable new Pokémon, where she would grow and learn more than she knew from watching the Pokénews and watching Pokémon contests. Maybe she’d even grow strong enough to defeat her brother?

The professor snapped her out of her little day dream, “This pokéball contains the Pokémon Igglybuff.” Igglybuff? How cute! She’d seen one on one of the Pokémon contests, god, they were adorable. What a great starter Pokémon? Elsie smiled brightly, before pulling the Professor into a friendly hug.
“Thank you so much Professor!” Her cheeks turned a crimson red, as she had just realized what she had just done. Unofficial, much? Elsie gulped down a new, much bigger lump and then a small pink ball appeared in front of her. Igglybuff waddled towards her feet and Elsie’s eyes widened.

“Welcome to the world of Pokémon.” Professor Pace finally announced.

September 23rd, 2008, 4:03 AM
Chapter One: The Beginning

The moment that Bret had been waiting for arrived. As he sat in his room with his parents, the boat came to a sudden stop and an announcement came on that they had finally arrived. At last… Bret had felt like time had slowed down by half and a second took a minute to pass. He wondered if this was a normal thing for a beginner trainer to feel or if it was just a Bret thing.

Bret didn’t even wait for his parents. He took off without them and booked it off the boat and onto the dry land. As he ran down the slope, though, he tripped and landed flat of his face, allowing some time for his parents to catch up. They each took hold of one of his arms and hoisted him back on his feet.

“I wonder if this is a good idea,” Bret’s father said.

Bret wiped some dirt off his shirt and adjusted his clothing before he scowled at his dad. “Dad, please, I’m gonna be great at this. Just watch.”

His dad didn’t do anything but sigh.

Bret’s mother pulled him in and kissed him on the cheek. “Well, we’re going to go back to Kanto now, honey. I’m glad we managed to come to say our last goodbye.”

Bret pushed her away. “Mom, I’m not a little kid anymore! Just please go. I’ll call you sometimes.”

His mother just nodded and hugged him one last time. She got back on the boat along with Bret’s father and Bret watched the boat until it looked like nothing more than a black speck.

Bret’s heart swelled with joy and all he could think was “Yes!” He was here in the new region and his parents were gone. He was on his own. He couldn’t stand around and think about his adventure anymore. The lab was just a little off, and it held Bret’s beginner pokemon just waiting for its new trainer. Bret turned around to head to the lab.

“Oh, wait…” he mumbled.

Bret pulled out his cellphone and immediately turned it off. He didn’t need his mom to call him in exactly two seconds.

Bret didn’t hesitate another second. He bolted for the lab and didn’t stop at the door. He ran straight through it into the large pokemon lab.

A guy was sitting down rummaging through a bag mumbling under his breath. Bret didn’t know who the guy was, but he was so excited that he didn’t care who this guy was.

“Hiya, mister!” Bret shouted excitedly.

The man shouted out and dropped everything in his hands. Little red and white orbs rolled across the floor. Bret knew they were pokeballs; he had seen the guy he was traveling with use them to throw at pokemon to capture them, some even rare ones. Wow, it brought back great memories.

“Oh, wait- I’m sorry!”

Bret leaped in and grabbed a rolling pokeball. He grabbed it and leaped back up on his feet.

The man was standing up, breathing heavily. “You…scared me,” he said.

“Um, I noticed,” Bret replied. He wanted to learn more about this guy.

“The trainers are here!” shouted another guy.

Bret couldn’t talk. Young trainers were suddenly pouring into the room. They all lined up horizontally in the lab so the man could talk to them. He looked at Bret.

“You- you’re a beginner, right? Get in the line.”

Bret walked all the way to the end and waited. The man tried to look as professional as possible as he stood in front of the young people.

“Hello, my name is Professor Pace,” he introduced.

Ah, so that is who he is, Bret thought.

The professor soon came around and passed each trainer a pokedex and then five pokeballs. He then walked around with some more pokeballs.

“These are your beginners,” he explained.

As he was passing them out, the professor exclaimed loudly and frantically looked around. “Where’s the last pokemon?” he asked.

Bret almost had to laugh. The last pokemon was in the palm of his hand, where he had rescued it before. “I have it,” he chuckled.

The professor let out a breath of relief and set all the trainers off. Bret left the lab to start his new pokemon adventure.

September 23rd, 2008, 4:18 AM
mandyy21: You already know what I said about your post. XD
You recieved a Level 5 Male Igglybuff!
You recieved a Pokedex!
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Pika_Master414: Good post, I can tell I'm going to enjoy watching Bret travel through Arkens.
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Chapter 2: Route 1
Number of Posts: 2
Time of Day: Morning

A wide and grassy road that is nearly completely covered in tall grass, large trees surround the route... making it impossible to go in any other direction.

What to do in a Route/Forest/Cave
Catch Wild Pokémon
Battle Other Trainers
Find/Receive Items

Other Stuff
When trying to catch a wild Pokémon, explain; finding the Pokémon, battling it and end with throwing the Pokéball. From there, I decide whether your post was good enough for you to capture the Pokémon.

You cannot battle the other trainers that are in the RP, it just slows everyone down and can create arguments. All you have to do is simply make-up a random trainer and make a post about you battling them.

Don’t be too elaborate when you want to find an item, as in... if you were playing the game, you wouldn’t find an Overheat TM on Route 1.
Find simple items; Pokéball’s, Potions, Antidotes and Berries. If you want to obtain a TM, let me know (through PM) and I’ll see what I can do.

Wild Pokémon
Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal/Flying
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Pick Up or Gluttony
Attacks: Tackle, Growl
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Shield Dust
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Swarm or Insomnia
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3-4
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Normal
Ability: Run Away or Klutz
Attacks: Splash, Pound, Defence Curl, Foresight
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

September 23rd, 2008, 5:38 AM
Koroc entered the tall grassy area holding his Elekid’s hand as he felt a sudden jerk. Looking down he noticed that Elekid was trying to go off in another direction.

“Hey, Elekid lets keep straight we have a better chance of getting out of here that way!” Koroc said as he was fighting against the pokemon.

Koroc was able to overpower the little pokemon and drag him in the direction that he wanted to go. Elekid finally got up and began to walk and follow his trainer. Suddenly Elekid pulled his hand away from Koroc and took off running deep in the grass to where he thought was south.

“I see you want to be a trouble maker.” Koroc said placing his hand on his head.

Koroc gave chase to the elekid throughout the grass and slowly he was catching up to his pokemon. Noticing that Elekid had stopped Koroc slowed down to a walking pace and grabbed his pokemon’s hand. Elekid pulled his hand away again and they pointed out into the grass. He seemed to be pointing at a small raccoon like pokemon. It had brown and tan zigzag fur and it seemed to have gotten into somebody’s stuff.

“Hey get away from there!” Koroc yelled trying to scare the pokemon away.

The pokemon turn and started to growl at Koroc. Koroc thought he should find out a little more about his pokemon thief so he pulled out his pokedex. Zigzagoon, the tiny raccoon pokemon, normally seen running around in a zigzag fashion in forests and plain. Being a very curious pokemon it wanders everywhere getting into almost anything. Koroc closed his pokedex and then told Elekid to get ready for battle.

The zigzagoon lunged at Elekid as it stood still waiting for its trainers command.

“Okay Elekid, use your quick attack to dodge and the follow it up with your leer attack!”

Elekid dashed to the side and it seemed like he was making copies of himself. Stopping Elekid then made a angry face and stared down the zigzagoon. The pokemon growled back at Elekid and then charged at him again.

“Use another quick attack to dodge and follow it with leer like last time!”

Again Elekid dashed to the side and gave it another angry look. The zigzagoon seemed to keep getting angry and charged with yet another tackle. Keeping up with the same strategy Koroc continued t tell his pokemon to dodge and leer until he noticed that he was just making his pokemon tired.

“Keep it up buddy!”

This time Elekid could didn’t dodge and was hit hard by the tackle attack.

“Why didn’t he dodge that?” Koroc whispered as he looked at his pokemon. Elekid was tied and it began to show. Koroc began to think that he would get no where if he just keeps dodging so he had to attack and end this quickly.

“Enough playing around. Counter that tackle with your quick attack Elekid!”

Elekid got up and ran towards the pokemon with some speed and hit the zigzagoon head on. Both pokemon seemed to fly backwards bit Elekid landed on his feet while the zigzagoon hit the ground. The zigzagoon struggled to his feet determined to continue fighting and charged at Elekid. Elekid looked up at Koroc and saw him nod his head and it proceeded with another quick attack. This time it looked like Elekid overpowered the pokemon and sent it flying backwards again. They watched as the pokemon struggled to get up but then it fell again. Seeing that it was out of energy Koroc congratulated Elekid for a job well done.

“Your are quite a tough pokemon I think that you would make a fine addition to our team.” Koroc said grabbing a pokeball from his pocket. “Pokeball go!” The ball flew towards the fainted zigzagoon spinning. Hitting the pokemon it opened up and a red light came from the pokeball and sucked the pokemon into it. The pokeball closed over the light and hit the ground and began shaking and the center circle began to flash. Koroc and Elekid stared at the pokeball wiggling with an amazed look as it was both of their first time seeing a pokemon being caught.

September 23rd, 2008, 2:00 PM
“Pichu Pichu PICHU!” the small mouse protested at the sight of the tall grass and thick forest rapidly approaching. He quickly jumped off his trainer’s shoulder and stood his ground, confident nothing was going to get him to enter the thick grassland.

Cato let out a deep sigh and lowered to his Pokemon’s level. “I guess Pace wasn’t lying about you being a new hatch. Look little guy, as long as you stay close to me, nothing will happen to you.”

The Pichu scratched his head as if he were in deep though, then with an enthusiastic “PICHU!” jumped back onto Cato’s shoulder. It would have been a nice trainer and Pokemon moment if it weren’t for the increasing crowd of new trainers rushing carelessly into the tall grass.

“I bet half won’t make it to the text town...” Cato said coldly as he got to his feet.

Although Cato had spent lots of his time sifting through the tall grass on the outskirts of New Bark Town, he had never encountered tall grass like this. The prickly blades and weeds seemed to pierce his thick layer of clothing and irritate his skin to no end. On top of that, there were random trees sprouting from the ground, most likely due to the nearby forest. He suddenly found himself jealous of the small Pokemon perched a top his shoulder.

Rustle, rustle.

The sound was almost unnoticeable when the pair passed by a rather large tree. Cato simply brushed it off as a scared Pokemon running away from his and the other trainers’ presence. Then he heard it a second time, and then a third. When the noise sounded a forth time, Cato focused hard on it source and realized it was coming from behind them and... above!

Without warning, Cato make a quick 180 degree turn, causing Pichu to fall off his arm. As the Pokemon began plummeting toward the ground, the leaves in the tree rustled once more but this time, a green spider-like Pokemon appeared. It was a Spinarak, Cato knew immediately, as the Pokemon were quite common in Johto. Right before Pichu hit the ground, the Spinarak shot a white string of webbing at the small mouse Pokemon, catching him in mid air.

Cato watched in disbelief as his Pokemon was quickly behind reeled into the Spinarak’s domain. “I’m not breaking my promise to Pichu already! Use Thundershock, quickly!”

Fearing for his own life, Pichu obeyed the attack command without hesitation and released a bolt of electricity. Usually a baby Pichu’s Thundershock would go all over the place, but Spinarak’s String Shot provided a direct link between the two Pokemon, causing it to withstand the full brunt of the attack. Like a broken twig, the spider Pokemon dropped from the tree and disappeared into the tall grass. Pichu also fell to the ground and quickly untangled himself.

“Don’t let your guard down Pichu, it’s still here.”

As soon as Cato finished his sentence, a flurry of white needles flew past Pichu and nearly hit the trainer himself. Droplets of sweat fell from Cato’s forehead as the scene went quiet once again. Unwilling to give the Spinarak another chance like that, the young trainer formulated a plan.

“Pichu, use Tail Whip,” he said calmly. This time, Pichu did hesitate, wondering if his trainer knew what kind of danger the small mouse was in. When he saw Cato give him a slight nod, Pichu bent over and began wagging his tail.

From the shadows, Spinarak jumped from its hiding spot and headed for Pichu, hoping to take down the seemingly unsuspecting Pokemon by surprise. Little did it know, Cato was hoping it would lower its defenses like that.

“He fell for it! Now shock him again!”

Being in mid-air, Spinarak was completely unable to dodge the attack and jolts of lightning shot out from Pichu’s body in all direction. A couple had a direct hit on Spinarak, and the spider Pokemon fell with a thud. Not giving it a chance to recover again, Cato retrieved one of his pokeballs and threw it at the spot where Spinarak had fallen. Anxiously, he awaited the ‘ding’ pokeballs made when a Pokemon was caught.

September 23rd, 2008, 2:57 PM
Koroc: Good first post for route 1! Elekid seems like quiet a handful and so does that Zigzagoon...
You caught a Level 3 Male Zigzagoon!

Gummy: Your post was great too! Pichu seems a little careless on his own and when he's ordered to do something, he's quite hesitant...
You caught a Level 4 Male Spinarak!

Both of You: Update your Trainer Cards and post them in the OOC Thread.

rii - chii
September 23rd, 2008, 2:59 PM
Route 1 (Part 1) – The Beginning of a Journey

Sharon and Shii started to walk down the pathway to find a sign that said “Route One”. “We finally made it Shii, you ready for our first adventure, because I sure am!” Sharon said as she ran off into the route. Shii ran off with Sharon excited for their adventure. “You’re quite energetic for a baby Pokemon.” Sharon laughed. Shii simply laughed back.

As they walked down the route, they decided to take a rest along the tree. “What a nice morning, don’t you think?” Sharon asked. Shii didn’t reply as it looked at bunny-like Pokemon. “That’s not my thing Shii.” Sharon said she fell back into the tree. Shii started to cry and annoyed Sharon. “Alright, I’ll catch that Pokemon!” Sharon said as she got up to attempt to catch it.

Sharon pulled out her Pokedex and identified the rabbit Pokemon.

Buneary the Rabbit Pokemon, It slams foes by sharply uncoiling its rolled ears. It stings enough to make a grownup to cry in pain.

“Looks like it’s time to use a Pokeball!” Sharon said as she pulled out a Pokeball.

Suddenly her Pokedex said something, “In order to catch a Pokemon, you must first weaken the Pokemon by using a Pokemon.”

“Alright Shii, looks like this is where you come in,” Sharon said as she brought Shii into the battlefield.

This was going to be Shii’s first Pokemon battle, so she was a little nervous. Buneary got into battle position and ran up to Shii and used Pound.

Shii had taken damage from that stinging attack. “Are you alright Shii?” Sharon said as went to help Shii. Shii got back on its feet ready to try fighting. “That’s the spirit, never give up!” Sharon encouraged Shii.

Shii started by using Charm, Buneary gazed it Shii’s charm, it had certainly gotten weaker. “You’re doing great Shii, keep it up!” Sharon exclaimed. Shii then used Pound and dealt some damage to the wild Buneary.

Buneary suddenly got mad and came running at Shii attempting to use Pound over and over again. Shii took multiple hits, but didn’t do as much damage thanks to Shii’s prior use of Charm.

“Hang in there Shii; you can take down this pushover.” Sharon cheered. “Shii, use Pound!” Shii pounded Buneary as hard as it could, but Buneary used Defence Curl to weaken all the blows.

Both Shii and Buneary were both weak, but Shii continued to use Pound, while Buneary kept on using Defence Curl to weaken the blow each time Buneary used Defence Curl. “This is taking a long time, maybe we should wait for now.” Sharon said as she called in Shii to stop.

Buneary finally saw that Shii had stopped attacking and came in with a Pound, but Shii dodged the attack just in time and Buneary hit the tree. “That’s the stuff Shii; you look like a professional Pokemon battler!” Sharon complimented.

“Shii, use Pound as hard as you can, that should knock Buneary out!” Sharon exclaimed. Shii ran in to give Buneary the final blow, it hit directly in the weak spot and Buneary fell to the ground. “Alright, finally Buneary is down.” Sharon said as she pulled out a fresh Pokeball.

Suddenly Buneary came up, ready to continue fighting, and “How is that possible?” Sharon wondered.

Buneary had used Endure before it was hit by the powerful Pound, “I guess this is good enough to catch Buneary!” Sharon said as she threw the Pokeball, but Buneary jumped out of the way by using Splash.

Sharon picked up the Pokeball, and got really annoyed. Shii used Copycat and started to use Splash and started to have fun. “This is really annoying, stop bouncing and use Pound!” Sharon shouted.

Shii ignored Sharon and started to play with Buneary, Buneary was totally distracted; this was the perfect chance to use a Pokeball. “Alright, go Pokeball!” Sharon exclaimed and threw her Pokeball to capture Buneary.

Buneary was sucked into the Pokeball and the capsule started to shake. Sharon was nervous as she watched the Pokeball shake around. “I wonder how long this will take; I hope I catch it…” Sharon said under her breath. Will the Buneary get caught, only time will tell...

September 23rd, 2008, 3:17 PM
pieCakeyy: Good post! Haha, that Buneary seems very playful... I'm sure it and Shii will be best friends! One problem, Buneary doesn't know Endure at that level... D=
You caught a Level 4 Female Buneary!

Update card plox! XP

Zeta Patchouli
September 23rd, 2008, 4:22 PM
Chapter 1: A Big Mess... (Part 1)


Chris sighed as he finally made it through the thick trees into Sunlight Town. "Heh, I made it... I wonder what I'll get." Chris then thought about a Trapinch or a Bagon. "Heh, that would be cool. As long as it isn't Magikarp though." Chris ran towards the laboratory in the distance, looking at the people along the way. "Lazy slobs."

After five minutes, Chris had made it to the laboratory where Professor Pace was at. "It took a month, but I finally got here. Ha!" Chris walked in so confident, he forgot to open the door and broke the glass, cutting his arm.

"Hey, that man is breaking into Pace's laboratory." Said a kid pulling at his mom's shirt. The mom who was reading the paper just said.

"Yeah, right. And pigs fly." The mom turned the page, but the boy just kept pulling on her blouse.


"Oh sweet mother of mercy!" Yelled Chris as he pulled a shard out of his arm rather painfully.

"Are you okay?" Asked a voice from down the hall. "Oh, and you owe me 50000 P$ for the door."

Chris got up and faced the professor and said. "Yeah, yeah. So what is my pokemon?"

"Excuse me? Wait, are you Christopher Evans?" Asked Samuel. Chris nodded in confirmation. "I see... come with me."

(Main Laboratory)

"Since you got here late... I have only one left." Said Pace as he gave Chris the pokeball. Chris tossed out the ball, and out came a cute pinkish pokemon with brown ears, and a little curl on top. "Chris... meet Cleffa." Chris looked on in shock.

"That's my Pokemon? It looks even weaker than a Magikarp!" Yelled out Chris. Cleffa just shrinked back in fear.

"Now, now. All pokemon have some sort of power, and Cleffa turns into a powerful pokemon later on." Said Pace as he paced around the room. "If you two can get along, then you will be a good team."

"... I don't have much of a choice... do I?" Asked Chris. Pace just shook his head. "I thought so... I need the equipment everyone else got."

"Sure, but you look like you came from Orre with the level of fatigue I see from you." Said Pace completely missing the irony.

"Just hurry up." Said Chris impatiently. Pace grabbed the last backpack and gave it to Chris. "Map, Pokeballs, pokedex... all here. Thanks." Chris then dashed off into route 1.

"I hope I didn't sentence that boy to death." Said Pace. He looked back and saw a mother spank her kid for lying. "... why do I live here again?" Pace then waked into his laboratory to sleep off the rest of the day.

September 23rd, 2008, 5:11 PM
Rubii Naruto: Good post! Looks like Chris is going to have a tough time with Cleffa as his partner... lol, XP
You recieved a Level 5 Female Cleffa!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!
You recieved an Arkens Map!

September 23rd, 2008, 5:27 PM
Elsie slowly strode along with her little Igglybuff waddling beside her; Elsie stared carefully at her new Pokémon out of the corner of her muddy brown eyes. The little ball of fur began to jump up and down enthusiastically; a grassy plain was laid out a few metres in front of them. Elsie bent down to her little Igglybuff. “Not yet, okay?” she gave the fluff ball a warm smile, picking him up and placing him on her shoulder.

They continued walking, until they passed a sign that stated; “Route 1” Elsie whipped her backpack down on the ground, rummaging through it to find the map or Arkens that she had obtained from Professor Pace. Her finger trailed along until she found exactly where she was standing, she smiled. It won’t take that long! C’mon, we do need to train and Igglybuff- Her thoughts were interrupted as Igglybuff jumped off her shoulder and quickly waddled into the tall grass, “Igglybuff! Get back here!” she croaked.

Elsie ran into the tall grass in search of her little Igglybuff, but he was nowhere to be seen. “Igglybuff! Where are you?” she cried, kneeling down and brushing past the thick grass. Igglybuff suddenly ran up and smashed right into Elsie, covering her face completely. “Iggly!” The ball of fur said, and Elsie placed her Pokémon down in the grass as a little bug – like Pokémon slid towards them.
“Eh, Igglybuff...” Elsie gulped as Igglybuff scattered behind her and her pokédex buzzed in her pocket. Elsie pulled it out hesitantly, backing away slightly from the bug Pokémon.



“Using the spikes on its rear end, WURMPLE peels the bark off trees and feeds on the sap that oozes out. This Pokémon’s feet are tipped with suction pads that allow it to cling to glass without slipping.”

The voice mechanically explained.

“Okay then, Wurmple...” She unclipped an empty pokéball from her snow suit belt and threw it at the Wurmple, a bright light shined and the little Wurmple was shaking in the pokéball, before the pokéball shattered and Wurmple edged closer to Elsie. “Help me, Igglybuff!”

Unexpectedly, Igglybuff crawled out from behind his trainer, now moving in front of Elsie. “Erm...Igglybuff, use defence curl!” A teeny tiny ball formed in front of them, expanding into a green and blue bulb, before vanishing. A white string shot out from the foes horn, hitting Igglybuff right in his chest. “No! Igglybuff! You’ll be alright! Please!” Elsie pleaded, still kneeling down behind her Pokémon.

The Wurmple seemed to smirk and tackled the already hurt Igglybuff. Igglybuff stayed motionless on a pressed patch of grass, and Elsie bit her lip in astonishment. “Please, Igglybuff...” The Pokémon began shaking, before picking itself up slowly. “Use charm!” she cried to the fluff ball.

A row of pink love hearts appeared in the gap between the Pokémon, and they were sent flying towards the Wurmple. Making it stumble back and forth, with a twinkle in its eyes.

“Use SING!” she shouted out. A beautiful chime surrounded the atmosphere around them, and the Wurmple stumbled around lazily, its eyes fluttering open and close abruptly. Igglybuff twirled as he sang, and before Elsie knew it the Wurmple was flat on the grass, fast asleep.

Igglybuff crawled back behind Elsie, holding onto her Ugg boots. “Now?” she whispered to herself, unclipping another empty pokéball from her belt buckle and hesitantly throwing it over at the Wurmple at slumber. This time the pokéball lit up with a bright light, and the sleeping bug Pokémon was absorbed into the pokéball, Elsie’s eyes widened and Igglybuff peeked over her side in curiosity. The pokéball began shaking vigorously, the middle circle on the ball lighting up and then flicking off multiple times. “You did a good job Igglybuff,” she encouraged, her muddy eyes not leaving the jiggling ball.

September 23rd, 2008, 5:36 PM
mandyy21: That was an alright post, seeing as this is your first Pokemon RP... I'm going to let you have the Wurmple! =D
You caught a Level 3 Female Wurmple!

September 23rd, 2008, 5:54 PM
Picking up his pokeball Koroc let his newly caught zigzagoon out. He seemed to be happy to be out of his pokeball and started running around in a circle but with a zigzag form to it.

“Hmmm come to think of it I need to name you too.” Koroc said scratching his head think of some names for them. “How about Coby for you Elekid?”

The pokemon began to shake his head horizontally and spin his arms in circles. Zigzagoon giggled as he seen Elekid get mad.

“Okay okay how about Watt and for you Zigzagoon Zig?”

The pokemon smiled and shook there head vertically. They began to jump around in a circle smile as if they were having fun. Koroc was happy to see that they were happy. Suddenly Koroc’s mood changed quickly as he knew that they were lost but why ruin their happy time. Koroc got up to see if he could find a way out of this grass.

“Only if we….” Koroc stopped as he looked at Zig. “Hey, Zig buddy can you come here real quick.”

Zig happily made his way to Koroc and sat on his back legs and stare up at him.

“You traveled through these parts before haven’t you.?”

“Zig Zig” the pokemon said nodding his head.

“Would you be able to guide us out of here.”

The pokemon jumped on all four legs and pointed Koroc in the direction out of here. Running behind Zig, Koroc and Watt tried to not get too distracted by the way Zig was running. Koroc began to see a buildings in a dictance and began to smile. Almost to the clearance Koroc ran into and shadowy figure and hit the ground pretty hard. His pokemon ran to his side and then look up at the figure. It seemed to be a pretty bulky figure with some kind of a hat on and a big overcoat.

“Hey, you need to watch where you are going.” The figure said in a high pitched voice.

“Sorry dude I didn’t mean to.” Koroc said as he dusted off his clothes and then held his hand out. “My name is Koroc. What’s yours?”

“No no no! You got it wrong buddy you don’t run into somebody and then not expect them to do anything about it.” The man said smiling. “I’m going to have to teach you a lesson in manners.”

The man reached into his pockets and grabbed a pokeball. “Time to battle little brat”

“Go Totodile!” Appearing from the man’s poke ball was a small blue crocodile pokemon that stood on two legs and had a yellow v on his chest.

“Lets go Zig” Zig jumped up and looked ready for battle. “Okay use growl Zig.”

Zig put his head down and then lifted it back up as it let out an intimidating growl. The totodile looked ready to run behind the trainer until it looked up at his trainers face.

“Don’t take that. Use a scratch attack and get it out of your way.” Totodile ran up to Zig and swung his arm in order to scratch him on the head.

“Zig you have to move that looks pretty strong and then follow it with a tackle.”

The zigzagoon jumped back out of the range of the scratch attack and then charge at it hitting it dead on. Totodile slid back and then stomped on the ground to regain balance.

"Totodile lets use scratch again." Totodile ran up to Zig and swung his claw again but this time he made contact. Zig was pushed back and then shook it off pretty easily.

“What, but how did that hardly do anything to your Zigzagoon?” The man said astonished.

“Remember when it growled? Well that lowered your pokemon's attack power.” Koroc said smiling. “Okay Zig use tackle one more time.”

The totodile did not try to dodge the tackle as it looked towards the trainer to see what to do next. Totodile seemed tired and ready to give up at any moment while Zig stared him down.

“Okay kid two can play your game. Totodile use leer and the scratch now!”

Totodile gave an angry look at the zigzagoon as it began to charge at it. Zig began to shudder from that leer attack and looked at Koroc for orders.

“He probably cant take another hit so charge at him with one final tackle.”

Zig charged at Totodile. The two pokemon ran at each other and collided. Both flying from the collision the slid and stared each other down. Totodile stood up and then tried charging at zigzagoon while Zig stood staring at him. Totodile stopped right in front of Zig and lifted his claw to scratch him one. Totodile smiled and then fell over. Zig smiled and turned to Koroc wagging its tail. Koroc kneeled down to hug Zig and he fainted right in his arms.

“Great job take a rest buddy.” Koroc said returning Zig to his poke ball.

Koroc stood up and looked at the man and smiled. “Nice battle man.”

“You got lucky punk but next time you will learn not to mess with Thomas the Great.” The man said running off.

Koroc turned to Watt and grabbed his hands as he continued towards the buildings were. He smiled and then said under his breath “Thomas the Great. Every battle will have the same result because I am not letting you stand in my way of being the best.”

September 23rd, 2008, 6:18 PM
Koroc: Nice post, you're done with Chapter 2.
Zig grew to Level 6!
Zig learned Tail Whip!

September 23rd, 2008, 7:33 PM
Sorry i missed chapter one i was doing a report for college =/.

It was early morning when Tom got off the boat from Cerulian City. The air smelled of salt. Tom saw a small road leading away form the dock and began walkign on it. It was grassy and surrouned by tall trees. Hmm I hope im in the right place, thought Tom. Oh look a sign. Whats it say? Oh i see now this must be the place. The sign read "Welcome to Sunrise Town". Tom read it breafly then continued on his way.

As Tom made his way to Professor Pace's lab he observed teh seenery. The houses were tiny and far in between.This sure is a small town. I'm used to the city but its good to be out. I hated home. He thought of his house with his mother yelling all the time. I wonder how she is. I did kinda leave without telling her. I bet she doesn't even care. "Wow!" Tom said.

What astonished Tomw as the building infont of him. It was two stories adn surrouned by a field. Tom was still a little ways off. "This must be the place!" he said excitedly and began to run to the building. His long legs made it a quick trip to the lab. As he drew closer he saw a person outside in a white lab coat. "Hello!" he yelled. When Tom was closer he approached the person which was a man.

"Hello" Tom said as he tryed to catch his breath. "I'm" cough "Tom Ski--beck. I'm Here for my pokemon, are you Prof. Pace?" "Why yes I am" the man replied, "Aren't you a bit old to be getting your pokemon?" "I have the letter right here sir" Tom said as he pulled it out of his bag. HE handed the letter to the professor. Prof. Pace read it over and said "Yupp this is it will you please follow me" Tom followed the professor inside.

"So what Pokemon were you thinking of taking?" Asked the professor. "I'm not sur--" Tom heard a small voice and noticed a blue head poking around the corner. "Azu?" it said. "Ohh! Is that a Azuril?!" Tom said excitedly. "Yes it is replied the professor." "Azuril" the pokemon said. It then ran up to Tom and gazed up at him. Tom bent down and got on one knee and said, "Well hello there Azuril, my name is Tom how are you?" "Azu azuril" the pokemon reapted happily as it rubbed its head against Toms face. "Haha that tickles" he said "I think it likes me. I've made my decision i would like this Azuril." "Thats fine" replied the professor, "What do you think Azuril?" Azuril smiled happily.

"Before you go Tom i have something to give you." The professor reached into his poket as Tom looked on puzzled. "Here are your pokeballs and your pokedex. This will give you information on the pokemon you see." "Thank you" said Tom as he walked out the door. The sun was setting now as it was getting late. "I look foward to hearing from you soon Tom" called Prof. Pace as tom walked away. "You got it!" he replied. My journey is finally here. I can't wait for tomorrow.

As the sun rose Tom was asleep under a tree with Azuril on his chest. A nearby sign read Route One. "Ahhhh" tom said as he woke up and yawned. "Good morning Azuril" he said as he shaked the pokemon gently not to scare it. "Azu? Azuril?" the pokemon looked at Tom. "Azuril ril!" It said happily. Azuril then rubbed toms face with its tail. "Well its nice to see you slept well." He said with a smile on his face.

Tom reached into his bag and pulled out a comb and mirror. Ugh my hair is a mess Tom thought dicused. "Hey Azuril can you use watergun on my hair?" "Azu? Azuril. AZURIL" it said and a stream of water came out of its mouth and sprayed Tom's hair.
"Thank you very much." he said as he combed, "There all done. That looks better." Tom's red and black hair was combed straight and before it met his eyes it curved left to cover his eyebrows and forehead.

Tom stood up and picked up his pokemon. "Azuril when i was growing up I never really had any friends. Your really the first one ive had so i was wondering when we travel can u ride on my head. This way I have someone to talk to and we get to enjoy each others company." "Azuril" the pokemon said. It then hugged Tom, jumped up and sat on his head. "I see you agree" Tom said laughing, "Let's get going."

Tom and azuril were walking for a few hours with nothing eventful happening. "I'm getting hungry. What about you Azuril?" Tom said as he look up. "Azuril leaned infront of toms face and nodded upsidedown. "Okay then let's take a break. All i have is some cold cuts and bread. I'm not too sure if you'll like it. When we get to the next town ill buy you some pokemon food ok?" Tom said smilign as he handed Azuril some bologna. "Azuril" it nodded as Tom took a bite.

As they were eating there was a russle in the bushes. "Azuril" it said as it's eyes focused on the bushes. "Bun. Buneary" A female buneary then jumped out of the bushes. "Azuril" Tom said, "Nows our chance we can battle that Buneary and catch it! Are you ready?" Azuril got up and took a battle stance, "Azu" it said feriously.

"Ok Azuril use tackle!" Azuril lunged at its oppent. But she was ready and dodged. "DOn't worry Azuril try tackle again!" This time azurils attack hit but not directly. Unfased the Buneary countered with pound. "Azuril" cried azuril. The attack was direct hit. Azuril shook it off and stood up. "Nice job Azuril use watergun!" Just before the watergun hit Buneary used defense curl weakening the attack. "Quick Azuril Takle!" Azuril sprang foward and hit buneary directly. "Bun!!" it cried as it hit the ground. "Finish it up with watergun!" "AZURIL!!" azuril yelled as it shot the water out of its mouth. It hit the buneary directly. "Go POKEBALL!!" yelled Tom. The pokeball hit Buneary and took it inside. Tom and Azuril watched it nervously as the red light flashed on and off.

(Like I said sorry about the delay on the first post. Kev if you dont want azuril to know the attacks i used lemme know and ill fix it. I hope my grammar isnt too too bad lol)

September 23rd, 2008, 7:50 PM
Pinhead: I'm sorry, but there were quite a few things wrong with that post.
~ You combined Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 into one post
~ Countless spelling and grammar mistakes
~ Azurill only knows Splash and Charm, not Tackle and Water Gun (if you had checked the OOC Thread you would have known that)
~ The setting for Chapter 1 was Early Morning, but you made it night time...

All in all, don't let it happen again... You don't have to edit your post, just try to be less careless in the future.

Chapter 1
You recieved a Level 5 Male Azurill!
You recieved a Pokedex!
You recieved 5 Pokeball's!
You recieved an Arkens Map!

Chapter 2
You caught a Level 3 Female Buneary!

You have one post left for Chapter 2 and I'm awarding you 1 strike... get 3 and you're out of the RP!

September 24th, 2008, 3:35 PM
It took nearly ten seconds before Cato heard the distinct ding that indicated a successful capture. Grinning widely, Cato first went to Pichu to check if the small Pokemon was severely injured, then went to retrieve his newly captured Pokemon. Eager to meet their new teammate, Cato pressed the middle button on the red and white ball and watched the sphere split and release a red beam. The small spider-like Pokemon appeared before the trainer and Pichu with an undecipherable expression; Cato couldn’t tell if he was happy to be on the team or not.

“Uhh... well then, welcome to the—.” Cato’s words were cut short as a String Shot impacted his face and covered his mouth. As he frantically tried to remove the web from his mouth, he could here Spinarak laughing to himself.

“Oh... so you think... that’s funny?” Cato asked while gasping for air. The Spinarak gave a simple nod and crawled in circles around his new trainer.

Without another word, the trainer continued on while Pichu and Spinarak communicated in their gibberish language. As annoying as the sound was, Cato was happy his Pokemon were getting along, especially after that intense fight they just had.


Cato heard the sudden exclamation come from a nearby bush and cautiously approached. When he was only inches away, the bush rattled and a much younger boy shot out. He was wearing a grimy grey shirt, a pair of shorts and wielded a bug catching net longer than his entire body. His deep blue eyes were fixed on Spinarak, which crawled at Cato’s feet.

“As you can see, it’s obviously a Spinarak. Why do you care?” Cato replied smugly. But you can’t blame him; no one likes to see someone jump out of the bushes.

“I’ve been looking for one all day! Those guys are pretty uncommon around here.”

“Well, I stumbled upon this little guy completely by accident.”

“No fair, I’ve been looking all day. Wanna battle for him?”

The challenge caught Cato completely by surprise. He found himself wondering if the boy was really a trainer, as it was an important rule that licensed trainers should never gamble Pokemon.

“I’ll battle you, but not for my Spinarak. How about a potion?”

“Meh, I’ll think about it,” said the boy as he hastily retrieved a pokeball from his belt. Pressing the middle button, he released a red and white worm Pokemon. Cato had never seen such a Pokemon in the Johto region, so he pulled out his pokedex and checked the entry. Apparently, the Pokemon’s name was Wurmple and not much of a threat at all.

“Think you can take this guy, Spinarak?” The spider immediately stepped forward and stood its ground.

“You’re going down! Wormy, use Tackle!” ordered the younger trainer and the Wurmple followed suit. For a worm, the Pokemon was moving quite fast, but not fast enough for Spinarak to be unable to dodge.

“Wait for it... okay Spinarak, to the left, then String Shot.”

Only seconds away from impact, Spinarak narrowly dodged his opponent’s Tackle, and shot a stream of sticky webs at the defenseless Pokemon.

“Not so fast! Wurmple, counter with a String Shot of your own!” The Wurmple was able to turn its head and release an array of webs of its own right before Spinarak’s attack landed. The two sticky masses collided, spraying the webs in all direction. Seeing as the collision occurred closer to Wurmple, it was covered in the most sticky goo. At that point, it became a race for the two Pokemon to free themselves before the other.

Being more skilled than the Wurmple, Spinarak was able to free himself first and shot a burst of Poison Stings without Cato’s command. The trainer was angry at his Pokemon for acting without his consent, but couldn’t deny the affectivity of the attack. In seconds, Wurmple stopped struggling and fainted.

Without even congratulating his Pokemon, he recalled Spinarak into his pokeball and turned to the young boy. “I believe I’m the winner of this battle. Now, how about that potion?”


OOC: I'll leave it up to you if you want to give me the potion or not.

September 24th, 2008, 3:47 PM
Gummy: That battle was alright... short, but alright. You can have the potion...
Spinarak grew to Level 6!
Spinarak learned Scary Face!
You got a Potion!

You're done with Chapter 2!

September 24th, 2008, 4:25 PM
unforunatly im gonna have to drop this :( i don't want to but with my Rp, Rubii Naruto's Rp, pieCakeyy's Rp, and Pika_Lover's Rp plus work, school, homework, and various other activity's i have become way to busy sorry!

September 24th, 2008, 4:36 PM
That's ok, if you want to join later on you can...

This means that sign-ups are open for Budew!

September 25th, 2008, 1:49 PM
Reily traveled down Route One, her new pokemon, Togepi, perched on top of her head, Reily had allowed it because Togepi preferred it to staying inside a pokeball. "Togepiii!" It cried every so often when it spotted a bird pokemon, a Pidgy, fly out from the trees, to land on the branches of another one. Meanwhile, Reily remained silent as she continued walking, it was extremely peaceful, as of now, she had not seen a single other trainer. No battles right now, but then again, Togepi only knew status moves at its level.

"Togepii!" Togepi suddenly squealed in surprise, as it was knocked unsuspectingly off its perch by a stray pidgy. That's kind of strange, isn't it? Reily thought, Pidgies don't normally attack unless attacked, but that's not the issue right now. I'll have time to figure that all out later, there's got to be a reason for this. "Togepi! Use charm!" She called, as Togepi got up again and as the Pidgy swooped down for another attack. Togepi clasped its hands together and looked sweetly and charmingly at the Pidgy, which slowed down its attack considerably, and swerved off course. Togepi repeated this as it tried to attack again, and it only knocked it hard enough to unbalance Togepi. Then the pidgy rose into the air again to attack once more, and Togepi suddenly siezed up. "Use growl!" Reily told it, and it snapped back into action, giving the Pidgy an endearing look and growling cutely. The pidgy, once again, slowed down, and seemed hesitant to attack Togepi. Then Togepi, without need for instruction, tried throwing its body against the Pidgy, it stumbled on its tiny legs, but it was enough to knock the Pidgy back a small bit. Then the Pidgy lifted into the air and flew away.

Togepi squealed again, and ran back to Reily, nearly falling as it tripped over its feet, but it kept going and leapt into Reily's arms. "Wow, Togepi, that was a pretty good move at the end!" She wondered how Togepi had used it, not knowing how to perform any move save for growl and charm, instinct probably, I mean, they probably are able to perform some type of physical attack, just not extremely well. It must come naturally when they're in a predicament, though I can't really see how that would help if a...say...charizard or something attacked it. But nevermind, we managed to chase the pidgy away. She hugged her pokemon gently, being careful not to squeeze it too tightly, and let it climb up her shoulder to settle once again on top of her head.

"Togepii!" Togepi cried, pointing forward, meaning that it wanted to continue going forward, though Reily couldn't see that. But she started walking again anyway, so Togepi was more or less satisfied. It sat down and watched the trees pass by as they traveled down the already pretty well trodden road. Reily and Togepi both fell into silence as they observed the area around them, the quiet only interrupted by Togepi's occasional soft squeak when it spotted another pokemon, usually a pidgy or zigzagoon, moving around in the trees or tall grass. That gave Reily time to think as well, I wonder what could have caused that Pidgy to attack Togepi like that? I mean, they only attack to defend themselves mostly, and are supposed to be generally gently pokemon, aren't they? At least, that's what I've been told. Maybe it was startled by something, or it was agitated, for what reason I'll probably never know. It might be a good idea to let go of this matter, since I'll probably never find out why anyways, cause I'll never find that Pidgy again, and I can't talk to pokemon. But I'm still kind of curious. Oh well, hey look at that tree, it's huge! "Hey look at that tree, it's huge!" Reily exclaimed, pointing at an enormous old oak tree, tall and majestic, its branches stretching high up towards the sky, Reily immediately thought of an extremely wise old man as she gazed at the tree. Togepi squealed happily at the beautiful sight, and scrambled down Reily's shoulders, jumping onto the ground and landing unsteadily, only to decide it would rather be on top of Reily's head. Reily picked it up again.

"I hope your feet aren't too dirty, or I'll have to get to the nearest pokemon center or somewhere with a shower facility." She muttered good naturedly, placing her pokemon on top of her head, where it settled down contendedly. "Let's keep going, who knows what we might find farther up this Route, right?" Togepi gave a small sound of agreement, and they continued walking, looking back to take another look at the old oak, which stood out from the hundreds of trees, and yet seemed to blend into the rest of the forest, for some reason, it seemed to hold special meaning to both Reily and Togepi. Finally they came to a bend in the "road," which was more like a tramped out path, and the tree disappeared from sight.

September 25th, 2008, 5:12 PM
Slytherfang: That was a very... interesting post.
Togepi grew to Level 6!
Togepi learned Metronome!

Metronome can make Togepi use any attack... so that's a bit unfair, therefore... I'm going to give you a list of moves that Metronome can create.
The list will grow as Togepi gains levels... and you must use some bad moves once in a while.
The moves are: Pound, Absorb, Thunder Wave and Reflect

September 27th, 2008, 5:08 AM
Chapter Two: The Great Start

Bret ran out of the town as fast as he could like he had committed a crime and was running away from the scene until he tripped over a tree branch. He fell flat on his face and scurried back up. He was just mega excited, and sometimes he just got a little carried away.

“Now, where do I start?” he asked himself. That made him think about how the trainer he was traveling with felt when he started. Was he nervous, or overexcited like him? Did he push onward with the path or did he stop and think what he should? It was interesting to think about.

At the thought, Bret pulled out the charm that he received before he started his adventure and as symbol of the two young boys’ friendship.

“Just you wait, I gonna be greater one day,” Bret mumbled with a huge, smug grin on his face. He stood up and adjusted the bag on his back then heard a crashing of items that almost sickened him as he listened to it. He whirled around and observed almost all his possessions on the ground and a big rip in his bag from where he had tripped.

“Just perfect,” Bret grumbled.

He then noticed the little red and white ball in the middle of the pile. It contained his first pokemon. Bret laughed at himself as he looked at it. He was so caught up in his thinking of being the best trainer ever that he forgot about his beginner pokemon that was going to help him. But as he looked at the ball, something didn’t feel right. The ball was rocking back and forth vigorously until it cracked open, shooting out a burst of red light and a small pokemon. It was red and orange with little tiny arms and a cool shaped head according to Bret.

“So, this is my beginner pokemon. Sweet,” Bret said.

“Mag,” responded the pokemon.

Bret jumped. “Ack, I do not even know your name!” he exclaimed. He pulled out his new pokedex and pointed it at the pokemon. It identified the pokemon as Magby.

“Well, nice you meetcha,” Bret said gleefully. He looked away as if in embarrassment. “I- er- am sorry for dropping you…I mean your pokeball.”


Bret looked at the Mabgy. “Yeah, besides the point! I…” Bret sighed and pointed down towards the ground. “am not very good at introductions, I guess.”

Magby jumped and looked backwards. Bret looked up as well and saw a bug, a Spinarak, crawling over towards them. It was so small, but Bret knew it could possibly be dangerous- and a good experience for him.

“Hey, that’s the best way for trainers and pokemon to bond, right? By battling! Magby, get in there!”

Magby jumped in and faced the little bug pokemon. He extended his arms and pointed his head downward to intimidate.

“Magby, start this off with smog attack!” Bret ordered. The words just tickled his tongue. He had always heard his friend order commands, but not really him. Magby let out a purple smoke that just drifted over the bug as if it had done nothing. Bret did a facepalm and turned away for a split second.

“Spinarak is a poison type,” he said to himself. Spinarak leaped into the battle action and shot out poisonous barbs towards Magby. Poison attacks may have not hurt Spinarak, but they would hurt Magby.

“Magby, dodge and use leer!” Bret shouted. He figured that was the only attack he really had left, and it might help to lower defense. Magby shot a glaring look at the Spinarak and made it skitter backwards a little. This could actually work…

“Again!” Bret ordered. Magby shot the look again and Spinarak stepped back again. Bret and Magby repeated the process until they thought that the Spinarak was ready for the final blow.

“Magby, smog attack!” Bret shouted. Magby shot out the gas and it hit the Spinarak, making it cry out and flip over in pain. Bret cheered for his first victory.

Then the Spinarak slowly flipped back over and cried out. Bret suddenly felt an adrenaline rush and looked around scared at what the Spinarak must have just done. He heard a swarming noise and soon saw many green bug pokemon coming towards him.

Bret jumped in and grabbed his new pokemon. “Now, I do not encourage running away from a battle, but right now, it’s time to split like a banana!!!!”

Bret took off, leaving his battle behind.

September 27th, 2008, 1:43 PM
Pika_Master414: Good post, it's great to see more depth in Bret. I also lol'd a few times...
Magby grew to Level 7!
Magby learned Ember!

And, as I promised...

Chapter 3: Timeless Forest
Number of Posts: 3
Time of Day: Late Morning

A very big and wet forest that is home to quite a few Grass and Bug Pokémon... it is very overgrown and confusing, some people can get lost and not make it out for hours... days even.

Wild Pokémon
Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass/Poison
Ability: Chlorophyll
Attacks: Absorb, Sweet Scent (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Grass
Ability: Chlorophyll or Early Bird
Attacks: Bide, Harden (Lv. 3)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 2-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Poison
Ability: Compoundeyes or Tinted Lens
Attacks: Tackle, Disable, Foresight, Supersonic (Lv. 5)
Nature: Random
Rarity: Common

Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Speed Boost or Compoundeyes
Attacks: Tackle, Foresight
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug
Ability: Sturdy
Attacks: Tackle, Protect
Nature: Random
Rarity: Uncommon

Level: 3-5
Gender: Male or Female
Type: Bug/Flying
Ability: Honey Gather
Attacks: Gust, Sweet Scent
Nature: Random
Rarity: Rare

September 27th, 2008, 5:08 PM
“Wow, this thing is amazingly accurate,” Cato said, his eyes glued to the Akrens map he bought before his journey began. According to the map, the tall grass area was going to abruptly end and lead into the Timeless Forest. Cato lowered the map just below his eyes and saw the dense forest before him. He had heard many stories about the place, and how people get so lost that they eventually lose track of earthly time, which explains the name. Still, with all the warnings given to him, Cato didn’t fear the place. In fact, he anticipated entering it, as it meant he was another step closer to his dream as a league champion. After that, he began daydreaming about his success and lost track of time. Before he knew it, he was facing a sign and a road that led deep into the forest.

“Enter at your own risk,” Cato said as he read the sign out loud. An unexpected chill ran down his spine, but he dismissed it. This was no time to get scared. With a sigh and a nod toward his two Pokemon, Cato entered the forest.

At first, the road was working pretty well and served as a perfect way to get deep into the forest. But then, for some odd reason, the road just ended. There wasn’t even a sign or anything.

“Wow, they really don’t want people exploring the forest,” Cato commented to no one in particular. For the first time, he hesitated before moving forward. From this point on, things were not only going to get dangerous for him, but for his Pokemon as well. He needed their consent if he wanted to go any further.
“Well, what do you say guys? Wanna go deeper?” Both shouted out their names, an indication that they were ready for whatever was going to happen. Without giving them a chance to rethink their decisions, Cato carelessly ran into the thickness.

It soon became obvious that the Timeless Forest was nothing like the forests Cato saw in Johto. The young trainer found himself constantly dodging trees and branches while simultaneously listening for any stalking Pokemon. Spinarak was having a lot of trouble keeping up and finally decided to crawl up Cato’s back and let the human do all the work. Cato had half a mind to recall the spider back into its pokeball but knew the process would force him to stop running— something he didn’t want to do in a situation like this.

Although it was still around noon, the landscape was getting darker and darker. It turns out the place was so tightly packed that the leaves and branches above were blocking out most of the sunlight. Cato knew that if this continued for a few more minutes, he’d be in total darkness. He even considered asking Pichu to give them a little light, but remember how unstable the small Pokemon’s electricity was and feared that it would involuntarily shock him and Spinarak. The only option was for them to find a clearing and quickly.

And then, as if the gods heard Cato’s prayers, the trees began opening up and the trio stumbled upon a rather large clearing.

“Finally, a place to rest,” said the exhausted trainer before nearly collapsing on the floor. Unfortunately, the trainer got way too relaxed too quickly, and didn’t even hear the buzzing noise coming from the surrounding trees. The noise got increasingly louder, but Cato showed no signs of acknowledging it as he lied blissfully on the grass.

“PICHU!” The cry cut through Cato’s subconscious like a samurai’s blade, and the trainer lifted from the ground with unprecedented speed. His eyes immediately scanned the area for Pichu and finally found the small mouse in the middle of the clearing. It was not alone however, as two Combee were flying above it in circles, occasionally lowering to brush against the frightened rodent. Spinarak tried scaring them off with Scary Face, but the move didn’t have any effect since the Combee weren’t paying attention.

“Get a hold of yourself, Pichu. Thundershock ‘em!”

The Pichu closed its eyes tightly and began drawing the electrical power from within. The red spots on its cheeks began glowing, but just as Pichu was going to attack, one of the Combee released a pinkish powder from its underside that immediately caught Pichu’s attention. The reserves in its cheeks powered down as the rodent lost concentration.

“That Sweet Scent is distracting him. Okay Spinarak, use Poison Sting!”

The spider Pokemon drew its head back and shot a barrage of poisoned needles at the bothersome bees. One Combee managed to narrowly dodge the attack, but its companion (which was still busy distracting Pichu) was caught up in the attack. The needles dug into the Pokemon’s exoskeleton, and it feel from the sky. The Sweet Scent finally ceased and Pichu rubbed its nose, glad to finally be free from the hindering scent. The other Combee was too angry to notice Pichu was free again and went straight for Spinarak.

“Whoa, he’s a quick one. Spinarak, use String Shot!” In the same fashion as his previous attack, Spinarak shot a sticky string at the approaching Pokemon. Combee suddenly stopped its front assault and flapped its wings in the opposite direction. Cato made the mistake of believing the bee was trying to retreat, so both he and Spinarak were caught by surprise when it released a Gust in their direction. The strong wind deflected the String Shot and continued toward the trainer and his Pokemon. Knowing he didn’t have anytime to dodge, Cato gave one final command.

“Pichu, Thundershock!” The moment he finished the final syllable, the Gust impacted him and Spinarak, sending the two soaring into a nearby tree. Combee obviously didn’t catch Cato’s final words, as it was busy gloating while Pichu silently charged energy behind it.

“PICHUUUU!!!” Combee didn’t even have enough time to turn around as bolt of electricity shot through its body with extra force, thanks to it being a part flying type. Gravity did the rest as the Combee dropped, defeated.

Pichu ran over to its trainer to see if he was hurt, but Cato was already searching through his bag for the potion he just won. Upon finding it, he sprayed Spinarak’s wounds and recalled the Pokemon back in its ball.

With a sigh, he placed the ball back in the side pocket of his messenger bag and placed a hand on Pichu’s head. “That was a little too close. We’ll have to be more careful next time.

September 27th, 2008, 5:37 PM
Gummy: That was a very good post, you completely understood the reason I called it Timeless Forest!
Spinarak grew to Level 8!
Spinarak learned Constrict!
Pichu grew to Level 7!

September 27th, 2008, 7:11 PM
Reily couldn’t help but cringe slightly as she saw the overgrown forest ahead of her, it looked like a barrier that would be awfully hard to cross. As she pushed through several tall grasses, she spotted a metal sign. It was tilted to one side, with a thin coating of rust some areas, like it had seen many years, she couldn’t make out the rust encrusted lettering on the sign, and after staring at it for a moment she decided to keep moving on.

“Toge?” Togepi squinted into the undergrowth, it seemed to be considering something carefully. Then it leaped into Reily’s arms, figuring that it would be less likely to be knocked off by a stray branch if Reily was carrying it.

“Well, there’s no other way to get to the next town, is there?” Reily sighed, “we’ll just have to go through. Hopefully its not too bad.” She didn’t know whether she was being optimistic or not, but what she had said was true. Reily walked along the length of the forest, eventually coming to a well trodden path. It looked like many trainers had passed through this way, she could tell, however, that it still took quite a bit of energy, low hanging branches and tangled vines could possibly prove to be an obstacle. Well, people have made it through, right? It’s not impossible. I’m not going to be one of those who turns back. Reily thought as she began to venture into the forest, holding Togepi tightly.

It was quite a tiring journey, trees grew close together, making it difficult to navigate, and more than once Reily stumbled on a large root. At one point she felt something brush across the back of her neck and stiffened, turning around to face whoever or whatever it was, only to find that it was only a thin, twisted vine. Togepi wasn’t exactly thrilled with the journey either, and had squealed a few times when she spotted a pokemon move about in the trees above them. When will the trees finally let up? Reily wondered.

After what seemed like hours of trekking through the forest, constantly fighting a battle with the tree branches that snapped back into your face when you let of them too soon and tree roots covered by a large leaf so that they are pretty much invisible until your foot catches on one, the trees finally became more spaced out, and the undergrowth less dense. Reily checked the keychain clock hanging from her backpack. They had been walking for forty two minutes, talk about tiring!

“I feel like we chose the wrong path to take. Maybe if we, okay, I had looked more carefully, then I would have found a better path to take. Oh well, we’ve reached a small clearing, we might as well take a break, just for a while.” Reily said, half to herself and half to Togepi, who made a small noise of agreement. She sat down on top of a relatively flat tree stump, rather unusual in nature, and set Togepi down beside her, they both gazed quietly out into the forest for a moment.

“Hey look, a Yanma!” Reily suddenly exclaimed, pointed overhead to a dragonfly-like pokemon flying a distance above their heads, it circled twice, dipped once, and disappeared into the canopy of trees once more. “I have no clue how much more time it’ll take up before we finally cross this, but I figure if we can find another clearing every so often, and stick to the path, we should be able to make it out. The problem is, the path stops at the edge of this clearing, and begins at the other end. So we’ve got to find it, lets wait a bit longer though.” Reily decided, thinking, maybe we’ll get lucky and make it through in a couple of hours, maybe even less, that would definitely rank near the top on a list of good things to happen to you.

After approximately five more minutes, Reily got up, picked Togepi up, and scouted around the edge of the clearing, looking for the continuation of that path. They came across another path, but this one seemed to be more free of vegetation than the other one. She circled the clearing one more time to check that there were definitely no other paths through the forest from this clearing before continuing onto the path that they had just found.

Though that path was much easier to travel on, it didn’t help when a pokemon suddenly cried out, piercing the otherwise fairly quiet air. Togepi, startled by the sudden noise, often cried out following the first pokemon’s cry. It began to get rather tiresome, traveling through this forest, but neither Reily nor Togepi stopped to complain. They were more focused on getting to the next town, or at least getting through the forest...soon.

More minutes passed, and yet Reily and Togepi were still traveling on the same path, in the same forest, in around the same mood, which was impatient. They had nearly been scalped by a yanma flying close above their heads, startled twice by a pineco, and stumbled over several more roots. Reily herself felt that she was getting to the end of her rope, while Togepi had started gazing around them anxiously every few minutes for a possible yanma that could be trying to scalp them again.

September 27th, 2008, 7:52 PM
Slytherfang: That was a good post, except for the fact that you've only posted once for Chapter 2... which has two posts. Just because I've put up Chapter 3, doesn't mean you have to move on right away... you can finish the Chapter you're on before continuing.
Just so you remember... Chapter 3 has three posts! Don't forget...

September 28th, 2008, 5:57 AM
Chapter 3: The First Attempt

Bret walked happily down the path with his new Magby walking next to him. He had won his first battle…sort of. There wasn’t anything in the world that could make him happier. He whistled happily as he walked down the path and Magby made up his own sort of song as well. These two were going to be best friends, Bret could tell.

Bret finally got a little tired and sat down for a moment. He called over Magby who sat down as well next to him.

“Time for some chow,” Bret said gleefully. He pulled over his bag and opened it and gasped. The bag had a big whole in it and was completely empty! How did that happen? Everything of Bret’s was gone except for his pokeballs, pokedex, and of course, Magby.

“Right…” Bret said, slapping him. His bag had ripped open when he tripped and the bug attack made him forget about collecting his belongings back. Knowing those bug pokemon, all his things were probably long gone by now.

“Well, never mind, no food,” Bret moaned. He sighed and fell on his back, letting out a huge burst of air.

“Mag! Mag!” Magby shouted.

“I know you’re hungry, but I told you, I lost all my food,” Bret said.

“Mag!” Magby shot a spit of fire that went right next to Bret’s side. He jumped back up and stared at Magby angrily.

“Yeow, I’m sorry that your breakfast is spoiled, but you don’t need to take it out on me,” Bret said. He held his fist up in a sort of threatening way at his pokemon until he saw him pointing up in the air at the tree. Bret looked up and saw the tree completely full of delicious red apples.

“Wow, food,” he said drooling. “I’m gonna climb up there and get some breakfast.” Bret did a knuckle touch with his pokemon and jumped up on the tree. He climbed up like an Aipom and swiftly grabbed a limb, but it sadly snapped with his pressure on it. Bret tumbled back down and landed right on his butt.

“Ow, this isn’t going to work,” Bret said while rubbing his behind. Magby sighed and pushed Bret backwards. He shot a small line of fire that sliced through the stem of the apple. It cleanly came off and landed right in Magby’s hands. Magby then warmed the apple with a little bit of flames and handed it to Bret. Bret immediately bit into the apple and felt immediate warmth.

“If you keep this up, we are going to be really close soon,” Bret said with a mouth full of soft, baked apple.

Just then, a bug pokemon crawled out towards Bret and his pokemon. Bret squinted at the pokemon and grinned. It was a wurmple that just came right over to him!

“Magby, we’re about to capture our first pokemon. Ready?” Magby nodded and leaped out on the field. Bret grinned and held up his hand. “Nooow!”


Bret stopped and turned around. A boy who looked about his age stood up against the tree. He had a grim smile on his face, apparently directed at Bret. His purple, blueish hair blew in the wind. Bret figured he was a kid who went around to try to act cool.

“Do you mind,” Bret said coldly.

“You look like an amateur with your hand held up like that,” the kid said.

“You look like a loser standing there, pretty boy. Go away,” Bret said. “Magby-“

“Come on, you think you’re going to win like that,” the kid said. “The way Magby looks doesn’t look intimidating at all.”

“GO AWAY!” Bret shouted.

“You’re such a loser with those battling skills,” the kid said.

“Maybe I could show you my battling skills if you would actually let- me- battle-“ Bret said through clenched teeth. “Magby use leer to stop the pokemon!”

Magby gave the pokemon a glaring look, slowing it down and freezing it where it stood.

“Great job, Magby, now use ember!” Bret shouted. He knew that just one fire attack would completely weaken this pokemon just enough for him to capture it. Magby let out a spit of fire that hit the bug dead-on, making it cry and collapse on the ground.

Bret rushed through his pockets and pulled out a red and white ball. Now that Wurmple was weak, he needed to throw a ball at it to capture it. He held the ball up, ready to throw it, until the kid’s voice spoke out again.

“Please, you call that battling. I could beat that stupid little bug blindfolded,” the kid said coldly. Bret groaned and turned around with the pokeball still in his hand.

“You know what I think. You’re all talk and no action,” Bret said. “Now if you would excuse me I-“

Bret turned around to throw the ball, but found a slight problem. The bug was gone. It had taken off while Bret was turned around. Bret felt his blood boil and he turned around to yell at the kid again. But when he turned around, he was gone. The kid had ruined his perfect capturing opportunity and then taken off, leaving Bret all alone again.

September 28th, 2008, 3:07 PM
Pika_Master414: That was a good post! Looks like Bret's off to a rough start...
You can now start posting for Timeless Forest!

September 28th, 2008, 3:21 PM
Chapter 3: Watt Wonderous Spirit

Koroc was finally glad to see the city buildings and cheerfully walked towards them. As he got closer he knew started to see more and more trees.

“Hey! What happened to the city building and all that stuff I saw earlier.” Koroc said to himself and looked down at Watt to see he was just as confused as he was. Koroc sat down and thought a moment.

“Man I wish I would not have ran out the without my house map.” Sighing and then remembered that there was a rolled up paper that Prof. Pace handed him with the pokedex and pokeballs. Going through his bag he fond the paper and opened it up. Excited to see it was a map he searched to see where he was. Finding his location to being outside the Timeless Forest he got up and walked straight ahead with Watt closely behind him.

“Timeless Forest?” Koroc said sort of smiling “Why would anyone call a forest that? That is the funniest name I ever heard.” Koroc looked around the area while walking and he noticed that the trees seemed to be getting closer and closer. “Man it is getting dark already. We must have spent more time in that other forest then we thought.” Watt shook his head up and down. Koroc then grabbed Zig’s pokeball and wanted to call him out but he knew that he was too hurt to be walking and thought he should find a pokemon center quick.
Putting the poke ball back into his pocket he turned to Watt and noticed that he was gone.

“Man where could he be?” Koroc asked himself. Just after finishing his sentence he heard“Bi Bi Bibibibi.!” in the distance. Koroc turned to his right and ran towards the voice. “Watt what could you have done now?” Stressed out that Watt was in trouble Koroc started to panic as the forest got darker and darker. Koroc stopped and looked around but couldn’t see anything since it was pretty dark.

“Biiiiiiii” Watt screamed again this time he made his location noticeable. Koroc seen sparks of light straight ahead of him and ran. Arriving to the location of Watt Koroc noticed tons of Purple fuzzy balls with big red eyes and antennas coming out of thee heads. Happy to see Watt was okay Koroc pulled out his pokedex to get some info on the pokemon.

Venonat the insect pokemon. Their big eyes are actually many little eyes which can detect even the smallest of enemies. At night they are drawn to light from far places.

The pokedex turned off as Koroc closed it and put it in his pocket. “So Watt using his electricity to help me find him actually attracted all of these guys.” Koroc went over to Watt to grab him as a Venonat jumped out from the group and attacked him. Falling to the ground from the attack Koroc hit his elbow. “You will pay for that.” Koroc said getting up to his feet. Looking closer at this one he noticed it had blue eyes and a blue nose.

“Mutant or not you are going down. Use leer Watt!” Giving an evil like look the venonat seemed to have stepped back. Then its eyes glew a bright blue and a wave shot toward Watt and surrounded him. “Watt use leer again.” Watt tried to do the attack but it couldn’t .

“What’s wrong use leer!” Watt tried again but it didn’t work. Koroc pulled out his pokedex again and pointed it at the bug pokemon.

Venonat uses Tackle, which it charges at the foe doing a full body attack. Disable, prevents the foe from using then previously used move for a while. Foresight, identifies the foe and makes ghost types vunerable to fighting and normal moves.

Koroc closed the pokedex placing it in his pocket again. “Okay so it used disable huh. Well use quick attack Watt.!” The elekid ran towards the pokemon and at a high speed and hit it head on. Venonat flew back and then did it jumped on its feet and it’s eyes glew a bright blue again but this time it didn’t surround Watt. The Venonat started jumping around ready to fight but it’s eyes were still bright blue. “So its finally ready to fight. Quick attack Watt full power.” Watt ran in at high speed but this time Venonat dodged it.

“What but how?” Koroc said surprised. The Venonat charged at Watt and hit him dead on and sent Watt flying to the ground in front of all of its friends.

“Watt it is using foresight to track your movement. So you have to change up the way you do quick attack!” Koroc yelled as his pokemon jumped up and started spinning its arms and sparks flew from its head. The venonat began to walk towards the flashing light from Watt.

“That’s it.” Koroc smiled “Watt keep that up and when it gets close use quick attack.” Watt continued to keep the sparks flying from it’s head and as it got into arm range he charged the pokemon unsuspected.
Venonat hit the ground hard. Trying to get up it constantly fell back down. Finally it stayed on the ground and its eyes went back to its normal color. Koroc thought this blue eyed pokemon would be a good keep sake so he grabbed a pokeball to capture it but then the other Venonats began to attack them. Running from the horde of fuzzy bug pokemon Koroc grabbed Watt.

“Okay, maybe trying to catch there buddy wasn’t a good idea!” Watt was struggling to get away and fight them but Koroc knew he would not be able to. Koroc and Watt continued to run until they tripped over a weed that seemed to be pulled from the ground. “Crappy forest.!” Koroc said getting up. “Odd oddish.” the pokemon sreamed releasing a pink spray from its head. The aroma stopped Koroc, Watt, and all the venonat in there tracks. Satisfied the pokemon stopped the attack and began to walk away. Venonat gave up chase on Koroc and Watt and walked back to where they came from.

“Wow that was a close one buddy.” Koroc said smiling and turned to Watt and noticed he was gone again. Koroc looked around for him again. Turning to see that he was chasing the pokemon that saved them Koroc gave chase to his mischievous pal.

Koroc finally caught up to him but by that time Watt had stopped the pokemon and was yelling at it.

“Bibibi” Watt yelled spinning his arms

“Odd oddish odd.” The pokemon yelled in return

While they continued to yell at each other Koroc grabbed his pokedex to check out the pokemon.

Oddish, the weed pokemon. They normally grow by the moonlight bur during the day they leave only there leaves visible to gather nutrients and also hide from foes.

Koroc closed the pokedex and thought this would be a great pokemon to catch since he miserably fail to catch that cool looking venonat.

“Bi bi” Watt yelled spinning his fists.

The oddish laughed at how mad Watt was getting and then walked away from him. “Watt use quick attack don’t let it get away!” Koroc yelled.

(Battle will continue on the next post.)

September 28th, 2008, 3:36 PM
Koroc: Good post! I liked your use of Foresight, Sweet Scent and the way you made Watt's electricity attract the Venonat.
I can't wait to see the rest of the battle!
Watt grew to Level 7!
Watt learned ThunderShock!

September 28th, 2008, 4:09 PM
Watt charge and hit the oddish to the ground. Oddish jumped back up and it began to glow green and sent a energy wave towards Watt. “Watt dodge with quick attack and then leer!” The pokemon did as it was told and ran to the side and gave an evil glare at the pokemon causing it to shudder a little bit. The pokemon jumped up and tried the same move again. Watt began to wave his arm around and then sparks began to fly from it head but this time they formed a yellow aura made of lightning around him and released the energy from the aura at the on coming attack.

“What was that?” Koroc yelled bringing out his pokedex to look up Elekid‘s attacks.

Elekid uses Quick attack, which is an attack that allows the pokemon to speed up and attack the foe first. Leer, an attack that makes the foe's defenses fall a little bit. Thundershock, an attack that produces an electrical charge around the pokemon and releases its energy at the opponent and it may cause the pokemon to become paralyzed.

After that explaination on the attack Koroc closed the pokedex and saw the two attacks explode. Both pokemon flew back and hit a tree but got up as it they didn’t fell a thing. Watt was breathing hard and Koroc knew that he could take another hard hit like that. Oddish smiled and tried to use the attack again .

Koroc told Watt to do the same tactic again and he did as commanded. The pattern continued 3 more times and on the last time Watt seen that Oddish was getting mad and began to laugh at it like it did him.

The angry oddish release a pink powder at Watt and he took a whiff and was basically immobilized him from the pleasant scent. Koroc grabbed his pokedex and pointed it to oddish to see its attacks.

Oddish normally use Absorb, which drains the targets energy and replenishd the users energy with it. Also they use Sweet Scent. The attack allows them to lower the evasion of the pokemon in the area of the attack and it also has a very pleasant smell.

Oddish smiled and used the attack she had been trying to hit him with. This time distracted by the smell of the powder it made contact. Watt seemed to get weaker and weaker as oddish began to heal its wounds.

“Watt use a quick attack and hurry!” Koroc yelled. Watt broke out of the pokemon’s attack and then charged in at it. Making contact the oddish it flew into the air.

“Oddish!” The pokemon shrieked in pain as it tried to recover its balance. “Watt use thundershock while it is in the air." Watt began to spin its arms as the sparks from his head forming the aura again and fired it at the soaring oddish. “Oooooooooooodish!” the pokemon continued to scream from the onslaught of attacks. Landing on the ground the oddish got up and used a sweet scent attack to make Watt defenseless but this time he covered the part of his face where it could not smell it but making it seemed as if was being completely distracted by the attack. The oddish ran around in a circle continuing to release the powder until it tripped over a rock. It got on its feet and tried the absorb attack one more time.

“Watt quick attack to finish it full power.” Watt reacted before Oddish could get her attack off and charged at it as fast as it could. The oddish flew into the air again and tried absorb again while in the air. “Watt use thundershock to stop it.“

Watt shot a concentrated thundershock at the oddish’s attack and they collided much closer to oddish this time and exploded. From the smoke of the two attacks the oddish fell to the floor. Not wanting to see if it could still fight Koroc threw a pokeball at it. It began shack on the ground and then Koroc walked to Watt who seem to be really injured and congradulated him on a job well done. Koroc sat the elekid against the tree and they both watched to pokeball shake in anticipation.

September 28th, 2008, 4:33 PM
Koroc: Wow, you're really speedy! Elekid and that Oddish are really persistent aren't they! You have one more post for Timeless Forest.
You caught a Level 5 Female Oddish!

Zeta Patchouli
September 28th, 2008, 4:49 PM
(ooc: Sorry it took so long, but I was not feeling too good yesterday. The times you saw me I was checking in on things, and applying for another RP.)

Episode 2: A Big Mess... (Part 2)

Chris sighed as his Cleffa bounced down Route 1 happily. "Stop it." Said Chris, but Cleffa just continued. "I said stop it!" Cleffa froze at that, her scared nature kicking in.

"Cleffa." (T: Wh- why? I'm just expressing myself.) Cried Cleffa. Chris just snorted before going on ahead.

"Why did I do this again?" Asked Chris as he kicked the grasses. "Oh, yeah... it was the easiest form of money for me, but now..." Chris looked back at Cleffa who was staring nervously at him. "Now my chances are reduced to nothing, and I'm going to be the laughingstock of the ENTIRE region."

"Cleffa." (T: Actually, Clefable are pretty powerful if you can use them right) Said Cleffa, but Chris just glared at the pokemon.

"Yes, Clefable is... NOT YOU!" Yelled Chris, mad at his bad luck. Cleffa just started to tear up. "Let's go, I'm burning daylight." Cleffa reluctantly followed. At one point, Chris thought he kicked something, but didn't see the creature, so he shrugged and left.

"Zig." Cried the Zigzagoon he kicked into the bushes. (T: I'm telling dad!) But Chris didn't hear the Zigzagoon, so the call was ignored.

(2 Hours later)

Chris sat down before pouring some food on the ground for Cleffa, as he had no food for himself. As Cleffa ate the food on the ground, Chris swore he heard a Zigzagoon call, but thought it was his imagination and ignored it.

"Heh, I have to find some sort of Moon Stone in this region, as I do NOT want to lug around a Clefairy with me." Said Chris as he flipped through his pokedex. Suddenly a rock shot in out of nowhere, almost hitting Chris in the eye. "What was that?!" Suddenly a whole bunch of Zigzagoon came in out of nowhere, all growling at Chris.

"Zigzaoo!" Yelled the biggest Zigzagoon in the pack. (T: I am Ziglio, leader on the southern Zigzagoon tribes, and you will pay for attacking my son)

"It's amazing how one word in pokemon can be translated into several in human." Commented Chris as he saw the Zigzagoons come closer. "Aww crap."

"Zi ziga Gooig!" (T: Attack my allies, fight for revenge!) Yelled Ziglio pointing his soldiers towards Chris.

"Grrr... I'm way outnumbered." Said Chris before grabbing Cleffa and running.

"ZI!" (T: Follow him my subjects!) Yelled Ziglio. The Zigzagoon all started running after Chris and Cleffa.

Chris jumped over a few bushes as he attempted to escape Ziglio and his Zigzagoon fleet. "Awww... If I trip, they're going to tear me to shreds." Said Chris to himself as he jumped over a tree root. A Zigzagoon jumped up and slammed Chris in the back, but Cleffa landed perfectly.

All the Zigzagoon growled menacingly, allowing Cleffa the perfect oppertunity... she clapped, drawing the Zigzaggons to keep using Growl. "Cleffa, use Pound!" Yelled Chris. Cleffa slammed her paw in one of the Zigzagoons skulls, knocking it out.

"Zigzagoon?!!!" (T: What is this?!!!) Yelled Ziglio as he growled at Cleffa, but his growl was more intimidating as he was at a higher level then the other Zigzagoons.

"Cleffa!" (T: I don't want to fight.) Squeaked Cleffa, but Ziglio slammed into Cleffa.

"Cleffa... we will fight." Said Chris as he stood up. "If we take down the leader, then we will beat them all." Ziglio just stood in attack position. "Cleffa, use Pound!" Cleffa hit Ziglio in the head, but didn't do too much damage, and before Cleffa was able to get away, Ziglio slammed into Cleffa for some good damage. "Grrr... Use Charm!" Cleffa nodded before acting cute, drawing the attention of Ziglio, and lowering his attack and awareness. "Now use Pound!" In the blink of an eye, Cleffa shifted from cute mode and hit Ziglio... hard, but the pokemon did not go down.

"Zig!" (T: That's not cool!) Yelled Ziglio growling again. Cleffa looked down, knowing that she probably wouldn't win too easily.

"Cleffa, use Encore!" Yelled Chris. Cleffa clapped, but Ziglio plugged his ears and closed his eyes, sucessfully shielding him from the attack. "Now use Pound!" Cleffa then pounded the self blinded Ziglio for decent damage.

"ZIG!" (T: You will pay for that!) Yelled Ziglio really, really mad. "Zao zi gi oon!" (T: That's a cheap shot, and you will pay!"

"News flash rodent, you are loosing." Said Chris, tired of Ziglio blabbering on and on. Ziglio just glared at Chris before running at Cleffa, but Chris tossed a pokeball, engulfing Ziglio in it. Chris had no time to waste as he picked up the pokeball which was still shaking, and ran off, to get away from the other Zigzagoon, and after a minute of running, Chris dropped the pokeball just before it broke. "What does it take to beat you?" Ziglio tackled Chris in his sensitive parts, causing him to fall down in pain.

"Zigzagoon!" (T: How dare you try to catch me!) But another pokeball was tossed at Ziglio, engulfing him once again... would Chris catch him?

(ooc: Yes, I decided to fuse the 'Episodes' together at the last second.)

September 28th, 2008, 5:06 PM
Is there an option to be part of Team Night Star? Also, is it too late to join? I see you're started already...

September 28th, 2008, 7:03 PM
Rubii Naruto: That was an interesting post... so, can Chris understand the Pokemon?
Also, I need your trainer card...
You caught a Level 4 Male Zigzagoon (Ziglio)!

Cehf: No you can't be part of Team Night Star... and yes it is too late to sign up.

September 28th, 2008, 7:46 PM
Oh, okay. Thanks for your time.

Zeta Patchouli
September 28th, 2008, 9:59 PM
(ooc: Yes, Chris can understand pokemon... My trainer card is at the bottom of my post. Oh, and I have the appearance of a glitch, a very dangerous one from Pokemon yellow. It is known as ♀ and it freezes the game with a looping cry.)

Episode 3: ♀: The Glitch of Speech

"Zai!" (T: Let me go!) Yelled Ziglio still mad at Chris. The aforementioned boy dodged a Tackle attack before saying.

"You lost in battle, I got you fair and square." Said Chris smugly before dodging yet another Tackle. "Now... Timeless Forest is around here... and that leads to the nearest town..." Ziglio gasped as he heard the name Timeless Forest.

"Zia!" (T: Wait! Don't go near Timeless forest...) Yelled Ziglio as he backed up in fear. "Gaoon, Zi zig ogon!" (T: There's a monster near that place, just don't go!)

"I thought you hated me." Said Chris, taunting the normal type pokemon.

"GOO Zio gago!" (T: I wouldn't wish that fate on anyone!) Yelled Ziglio as he remembered what happened the last time they tried to fight them. "Ziii..." (T: There are Spinarak there, but that's not the really scary part)

"Oh, and what is?" Asked Chris, amused, but Ziglio just muttered something.

"Zigzagoon." (T: ♀) Murmured Ziglio in fear. Chris just looked confused.

"Female symbol? That's not a pokemon." Said Chris as he went closer towards Timeless Forest, but Ziglio bit Chris's ankle.

"Zig, zigzagoon!" (T: It's not a pokemon, it's an abomination! ♀ is responsible for many of the problems with the pokemon around here, it never shuts up!) Yelled out Ziglio, and Chris just scoffed.

"So what? It's no big deal." Said Chris as he ran towards the Timeless Forest to meet the endless chatting pokemon, but Chris is unaware of the dangers of the mutation.


"Ababababababa..." Repeated the glitch over and over as it wandered the edge of timeless forest, cursed to forever speak by its creator. (T: Abababababa...)


Chris sighed not hearing anything in the route around him. "Ziglio, I thought there was a monster around here." Said Chris in a mocking tone. "Where is it?"

"Zig." (T: Ummm... hopefully on another side of the forest.) Said Ziglio as he started to back away. "G-goon." (M-maybe we should go.)

"Bababa..." Sounded a voice from way in the distance. Ziglio heard that and tried to run off, but before the Zigzagoon could run too far, Chris returned the cowering Zigzagoon into its pokeball.

"Relax, it's just the wind... right?" Asked Chris, feeling scared himself before pulling out his pokedex. "What is that the cry of?"

♀ The Eternal Cry Pokemon.
http://archives.bulbagarden.net/w/upload/c/c2/FemaleSymbolGlitch.jpg (http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Image:FemaleSymbolGlitch.jpg)
This pokemon is the result of trying to turn a Forretress into a different pokemon. This kind of pokemon wants to be left alone. As its title suggests, it cries for ever and ever, so I do not hold the sample cry.

"A pokemon that speaks forever... Ziglio wasn't lieing after all." Said Chris not knowing that there are a bunch of Spinarak behind him.

"Babababa..." Was heard in the distance as the glitch came closer. Chris turned to run to the Forest, but was blocked by the Spinarak.

"I didn't see that coming... Ziglio, Cleffa... come on out!" Yelled Chris sending out the two pokemon. Ziglio growled but then cowared at the sound of the glitch coming closer and closer. "Cleffa, use Pound! Ziglio, use Tackle!" Cleffa and Ziglio went to strike the Spinarak, but webs caught them quickly. "Crap, I'm not on the top of my game today." Said Chris looking back. ♀ was almost upon them, and it was close enough to see... it had a metallic outer body in varios shapes and lines.

"Babababababa!" Cried the glitch as it saw Chris, Cleffa, Ziglio, and the Spinarak, so it decided to launch a Pay Day, but it missed by a long shot.

"Crap, enemies at two sides... I'm screwed... I have to go!" Yelled Chris, but it was too late as ♀ was in the clearing.

"Babababa!..." (T: Get away from me! Bababa...) Yelled ♀ in a pained voice, like it didn't care about anything.

"Goon!" Yelled Ziglio, now scared out of rational thought, and when something is scared that badly, they faint.

"Crap!" Yelled Chris as memories started to flood his brain... but in a real surprise, the Spinarak all shot web at the glitch, wrapping it up, but Chris tossed a pokeball at ♀ catching it. "Graah, to freedom you go!" And with that, Chris silenced the pokemon's cry for the first and last time, Chris had crushed the pokeball, ending the glitch's life, but freeing it from its eternal pain. "Gruuh, the Spinarak."

"Goon!" (T: Master Ziglio!) Cried a Zigzagoon as he attacked one of the Spinarak... before long there were a lot of Zigzagoon holding off the Spinarak. "Zigzagoon!" (T: We will hold off the Spinarak, while you escape!) Chris just returned his pokemon to his pokeballs and ran into the forest.

(ooc: I hope that's good enough as I didn't have much to work off of... oh, and here is my Trainer Card.

September 28th, 2008, 10:14 PM
Rubbi Naruto: You sure have a very imaginative mind. I have no idea how to respond to that post. O.o

September 30th, 2008, 12:03 PM
Ooc:// Sorry, that was completely my fault. But can I just continue on with Chapter 3? I'll do three posts for it.

Reily looked up, but the sky was obscured by leafy branches that criss crossed to form a kind of canopy. She wiped some sweat from her forehead, it was becoming almost a chore, hiking through this forest, but she didn't want to stop either. We'll find another clearing soon, really soon, as soon as I walk five more minutes we'll find another clearing.

Five minutes later, the trees began to let up, forming a tiny clearing. There wasn't much, the ground was covered with grass and fallen leaves, a few large stones were scattered about, a dead tree that appeared to have been scorched, probably by lighting, and an Oddish, which scampered away into the forest upon Reily and Togepi's arrival.

"Whoa, I was only thinking that to keep me going, I wasn't exactly counting for it to actually happen." Reily said, "but now that we've found a clearing, we might as well take a break, I have no clue how long we've been walking, but I promise I'll be sore tomorrow."

"Toge!" Togepi trilled, jumping off Reily's shoulder onto the edge of the rock they were standing beside, leaning back to look at the sky. It tilted back a little too far, though, and began to fall backwards off the rock. Reily instinctively reached out both hands and caught Togepi before it hit the ground, stumbling a bit as she did so. Togepi was still crying out shrilly, though it had only been startled in the fall, and Reily looked around.

"Oh, not another one!" Another Yanma was swooping above them, it seemed to have been frightened by something, more cries issued from the trees as another Yanma joined the one already circling above the clearing. Then silence fell abruptly. A trainer emerged from the dense undergrowth and close growing trees. It was a boy about her age, wearing a blue baseball cap, a white t-shirt and khaki shorts. One of the laces of his black running shoes was untied, and he seemed to be gritting his teeth.

"Dang those Yanma, I almost had one caught," he muttered, loud enough for Reily, about fifteen feet away, to hear. "If only it hadn't raised such a racket and flown away. Stupid pokemon."

"Stupid? You probably startled them!" Reily bristled, the Yanma seemed to be extremely frightened and unnerved. The kid looked at her as if only just noticing she was there.

"Well, they're not that brave, are they?" The kid replied defensively, "so why are you standing up for a couple of puny bug pokemon? Why should you care? I was trying to catch one of them and it just started screaming and scared half the forest, and then its friend just joined it."

"If you think they're so stupid, then why did you even bother trying to catch one?" Reily asked the kid curiously, she wasn't exactly one to get mad easily, but sometimes people managed to seriously get to her. This kid was getting pretty close, and he wasn't making any sense in his explanations.

"I just wanted a battle, now that you're here, I'll just battle you instead!"

Reily didn't know whether it would be better for her to accept for decline his offer, and was taking a second to consider it when the kid spoke again.

"Unless you're scared to lose." He smiled tauntingly, though it looked much more like a sneer, and upon hearing those words, both Reily and Togepi bristled.

"Fine then. We'll battle you." She clenched her teeth, while Togepi glared at the kid, evidently Togepi didn't like being called scared, or anything along those lines.

"Okay then, one on one. Go! Zigzagoon!" The kid cried, sending out a brown and white racoon like pokemon.

"Zigzagoon!" It said, planting itself firmly upon the ground, it seemed to be both excited and serious at the same time, though it became distracted as it spotted a Venonat moving about in the trees, knocking leaves down. It stared at the falling leaves for a moment, before turning its attention back to the battle.

"Togepi! You're up!" Togepi ran forward, still glaring at the kid, who adjusted his cap, and who seemed rather at ease, unlike Reily, who was about as tense as a cat that had just spotted a dog.

"Togepi!" Togepi and Zigzagoon exchanged defiant looks, both looked eager and ready to battle.

"Zigzagoon, use tackle!"

"Use charm on the Zigzagoon as it attacks!"

The Zigzagoon ran in a zigzag pattern towards Togepi, gaining speed. Meanwhile, Togepi clasped its hands charmingly and gave Zigzagoon an endearing stare. The picture of sweetness. Zigzagoon slowed down considerably, and hesitated as it hit Togepi with a tackle attack, Togepi was only knocked backwards slightly, and even then it managed to land unsteadily on both feet, holding out its tiny arms for balance. The Zigzagoon looked rather flustered, but the kid just looked annoyed.

"Use tackle again!"

"Togepi, use metronome!" Reily instructed, calling upon Togepi's only possibly damaging move. Togepi closed its eyes and began moving its arms from side to side in rhythm, its face was calm as it did so, and Togepi seemed unaware of the Zigzagoon that was currently charging towards it.

Togepi's suddenly released a weak jolt of energy which came into contact with Zigzagoon's tackle, the Zigzagoon was wrapped in the energy and was paralyzed. It tried to carry on with the attack, but the paralysis held it back.

"Use metronome one more time!"

Togepi repeated the process of closing its eyes and waggling its two arms. After a moment, it ran forward and pounded the Zigzagoon with both arms. Because the Zigzagoon was held immobile by the thunder wave, Togepi landed a direct hit, though now that it had landed the attack, Togepi continued to repeat it.

"Zagoon!" Zigzagoon cried out as Togepi delivered one last blow and it was thrown backwards. Personally, Reily thought that it looked a bit strange for such a tiny pokemon to be able to throw a Zigzagoon backwards, but she didn't focus on that now. The Zigzagoon hit the scorched tree with a thud, and got up again, but seemed reluctant to battle now that it had been attacked by Togepi. It ran back towards its trainer, who seemed extremely surprised.

"What? Zigzagoon, go back and finish the battle!"

"Zagoon! Zigzagoon!" The Zigzagoon shook its head fiercely, and the trainer sighed, glaring at it before returning it to its pokeball.

"Fine, you win by default." The trainer growled, "if Zigzagoon had continued battling it would have beaten your Togepi in a heartbeat."

"Yeah? Well, the whole battle lasted more than a heartbeat and Togepi wasn't knocked out by then." Reily pointed out, while Togepi stared at the trainer as if proving that it was worth something.

"Stupid...pathetic..." The trainer could be heard muttering as he stalked away, when he passed Togepi perched once again on the rock, he pushed it off and continued walking.

"Togepi?" Togepi cried out in surprise, as Reily, once again, dashed forward to catch it. This time she didn't manage to and Togepi hit the ground with more force than it normally would have, propelled by the trainer's shove. It burst out crying, not out of pain, but out of anger, Reily picked it up and tried to calm it down.

"Come on Togepi, he's just the stupidest, most pathetic trainer ever to walk the face this planet. He's just sore that he lost so easily, and it was probably because he wasn't really that nice to his Zigzagoon, or something like that."

Togepi stopped crying abruptly, and stared defiantly at the spot where the trainer had retreated back into the dense trees, and climbed back onto Reily's shoulder, and then onto her head.

"Come on, take a small break and then," She sighed, "its back into the forest. I hope that next time when we have a battle, we're not going to end up battling a loser like that kid."

September 30th, 2008, 5:23 PM
Chapter 4: Forest Confusing

Bret was mad, no, really mad at what just happened. He had the perfect capturing opportunity, and that boy ruined it, whether he just formed a grudge on Bret or he was just naturally a jerk. Either way, Bret decided that if he ever saw that kid again that he was going to give him a piece of his mind.

“Magby, is this our next destination, I guess,” Bret said after walking for a few minutes. The duo had come to a large forest with a gate that read: You’re now entering the Timeless Forest.

“Timeless Forest, eh? I wonder why they call it that?” Bret asked himself as he entered the woods with Magby close at his side. He walked through the woods slowly with memories flowing his head as he looked at the dark trees and the sounds of the bug pokemon filling his head.

“Magby, woods like this is where I even started my journey with pokemon,” Bret informed his pokemon. “I was all alone and got into a little bit of trouble, believe it or not. That was when I started traveling with that trainer through the Kanto region. He saved me from a bunch of bugs.”

Magby quietly listened to Bret’s story while they continued to walk. He stared up at him interested and absorbed every one of his words. Bret looked back down at him.

“Yeah, you probably don’t understand a word I’m saying, but stay close by, okay. I don’t want to be alone again this time like last time.”

Magby nodded. Bret grinned and patted his pokemon on the head. “Thanks, buddy,” he said. They walked in silence for a while and listened to the bugs. Bret began to whistle and felt a shiver because of the awkward silence.

“Magby, I’m really bored,” he said.

“Mag!” shouted his pokemon as he pointed to the ground.

Bret looked down and gasped. In the soft, dirt earth was a tiny Magby footprint.

“No, we’ve been going in circles,” Bret moaned. He sat on the dirt ground and pounded the ground. “You know, I need a coke or something at a moment like this. Dude, this is soooo frustrating.”

Bret then heard a low buzzing noise. It was soft, yet loud. It was a noise that made a shiver go down Bret’s very spine. He whirled around and saw a swarm of Yanma. Bret cried out and picked up Magby.

“Magby, let’s go!” Bret shouted. He took off and ran through the wood like a maniac with Magby clutched in his arms. He ran for minutes until he began to pant. The bugs didn’t slow at all. They continued to chase him like crazy. Bret tried hard to continue, but he soon became so tired that he collapsed on the ground, making Magby fly out and tumble on the ground.

“I’m sorry- Magby- but- I can’t outrun them-“ Bret panted. “Get rid of them with an ember attack.”

Magby leaped in front of his trainer and shot out a burst of fire that hit some of the flying bugs. They scurried away quickly with their bodies inflamed. Bret watched as his pokemon battled and was brought back memories of a scene very familiar.


Bret was alone and greatly inexperienced. With nothing in his possession, not even a pokeball, he lonely walked through the woods. He was confident and brave, but that didn’t stop him from being attacked. Before he knew it, bugs attacked him and he was surrounded, helpless and desperate.

That was when he came…

As Bret was hanging on for what felt like his own life, a young boy appeared suddenly. He didn’t look that much older than Bret, but there was something different about him. He had a sense of bravery and determination that was unexplainable. On his shoulder was a little yellow pikachu and in his hand was a red and white ball that he threw onto the field. Soon, a small pidgey came to his rescue.

The trainer then looked at the Pikachu. “Help her, Pikachu,” he ordered.

The pokemon worked grand together as they both fought side by side. They both looked inexperienced, yet talented in so many ways. Together, they defeated the bugs and the trainer came up to Bret. Bret held his hand out. “Um, thanks,” Bret said. “Bret.”

“Gold,” the kid introduced as he shook Bret’s hand.


Bret snapped back into reality. Such great memories and it was so long ago, but he was in the middle of a battle. Magby breathed heavily as he was beginning to lose steam from letting out so much fire, yet the bugs continued to swarm. Bret felt the tension come back, as if he felt like he was clinging on.

“Magby, don’t give up! Use leer to slow them down!”

Magby let out a glaring look towards the bugs, but it was weak. The bugs charged quickly at the tired pokemon. Bret just watched in shock. He didn’t know how to get rid of the swarming bugs.

“Magby, slide to the left to avoid and then use smog!” Bret ordered. Magby leaped weakly to the side and let out purple smoke. Angry, the bugs changed their course of direction. They charged right towards Magby, and he was too weak to do anything.

“No, Magby!” Bret shouted. Before he knew it, the bugs had whisked Magby into the air in their grasp and took off with him. Bret watched in horror as he watched and listened to his pokemon as it was being taken away deeper into the woods. He listened until the voices died away. Magby was gone and Bret was all alone.

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