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October 2nd, 2008, 5:20 PM
Greetings andwelcome to the land of Pokemon. Filled with creatures called pokemon along with people who tame these creatures called pokemon trainers.

You have decided to become a trainer and discover the many joys of battling and collecting pokemon. You will choose your first pokemon which will be your valued partner. Alongside your valued partner you will be traveling throughout the vast region of Kanto and will strive to collect badges by defeating the pokemon gym leaders and to enter the pokemon league!

But, like every adventure there are bumps in the road. There have been recent reports on the evil organization called Team Rocket who stop at nothing to collect strong pokemon and do evil things to them.

Your goal in this adventure is to become the greatest trainer ever and to beat the evil organization known as Team Rocket. What happens in this adventure is up to you...

1. No goddmodding.
2. No bunnying.
3. Sorry but I will not let you catch legendaries because it takes the fun out of everything.
4. You will only be allowed to catch pokemon every once in a while. For example if there are 6 chapters that each let you catch a pokemon you will at most be able to catch 3 or 4. Preffered though that it be like 1 or 2.
5. Keep the language and romance at PG-13.
6. Obey all rules.
7. Have fun.

Sighn Ups:
Age: 10-13
Gender: Male or Female
Appearence: What does your charecter look like. Trianer cards are allowed.
Personality: How does your charecter act? Atleast 1 paragraph of 3 or 4 sentences.
History: Atleast 2 paragraphs of 4 or 5 sentences each.
Preffered Starter: Which pokemon do you want as your starter or do you want me to choose out of the available ones for you?

Starting Pokemon:
Bulbusaur- Taken by Pumpkinziggy
Lvl. 5 Female
Tackle and Growl

Charmander- Taken by Pikalover10
Lvl. 5 male
Scratch and Growl

Squirtle- Reserved for Gallade of Sand
Lvl. 5 Female
Tackle and Growl

Growlithe- Taken by TheSilv3rMoon.
Lvl. 5 Male
Tackle and Leer

Eevee- Taken by Slytherfang
Lvl. 5 female
Tackle and Growl

Things you should know:
1. I will be in this RP.
2. I will post my SU in the OOC thread
3. This will be in chapter format.
4. When you are trying to catch a pokemon end your post there and I will decide if you catch it, what gender it is, and what lvl. it is.
5. When you have a battle if you win I will choose what lvl. your pokemon lvls up to.

If this is accepted I will post an OOC thread and I will very much appreciate it if you post your SU in the OOC thread.

October 3rd, 2008, 1:07 PM
This isn't finished by a long shot, but could you reserve Eevee for me?

Name: Reily Hayden Darcy
Age: 12
Gender: Female
Physical Appearance- Reily's got a tall, slim build, standing at 5'4, and weighing in at 98 pounds. She's not exactly beautiful, but she does fit under the definition of pretty, though she would never say so herself. There's definitely something otherwordly about her, though no one seems to be able to tell what exactly is otherworldly about her. Her hair is long, reaching down to past her waist, as she hasn't actually cut it in years, trimmed it maybe, but never actually cut it, and its dark brown, almost black, fine and straight, dead straight, without the slightest wave or curl, and she doesn't straighten it either, she doesn't need to, and besides, it would be a P.A.I.N. to carry a straightener everywhere, don't you think? She usually wears her hair in one long braid over her shoulder, and her skin is pale and without any freckles or sign of a tan, which is strange considering that she spends a decent amount of time out in the sun.

Regular Outfit- Reily regularly wears a dark gray and black checkered hooded jacket, which she takes off and ties around her waist if the weather gets too hot for hooded jackets, which it often does. She wears a white t-shirt with a bunch of doodles on it portraying animals, most of them running about in a disorderly way, and with the slogan "If I ruled the zoo..." It's her favorite t-shirt, and she's got no explaination whatsoever for that. Besides that, she wears black full length sweatpants, which do not hug her ankles like the type of sweatpants that she hates, and which she can roll up if the weather becomes warmer. She wears white and black running shoes, with more white than black, with white laces that somehow stay almost disturbingly clean.

Formal Occasions- On formal occasions Reily wears a fancy (ish), sleek, pale turquiose blue dress that cinches in at the waist and falls freely to her knees. It billows out if she twirls around, which she doesn't do very much as it makes her feel stupid, though otherwise it lies pretty flat, because Reily won't wear anything that puffs out a lot. The dress is sleeveless, with thicker straps that are plain, without any type of embroidery or embellishment, owing to the fact that Reily hates things that are ruffled and bunched. She also wears delicate silver sandals with a very low heel, because she doesn't like high heels, and a chain with a clear crystal shaped like a water drop hanging from it.

Personality: Reily's normally a pretty friendly girl, normal doesn't really fit her, because really, who can explain normal, the definition varies, right? I mean, what is normal to one person isn't necessairly normal to another. She would like to consider herself normal under her terms, but then she isn't really normal, is she? Okay, dropping the subject of normal.

Normally, Reily's known never to lose her temper, or, not yet. She might have somewhere in her life, but it rarely happens, and her friends and parents never see it. She hardly ever even snaps, to be honest, because she immediately guilty afterward, and just needs to apologize, even if it kills her. If she needs to blow off some steam, she kicks a rock or trains with one of the many pokemon at her parent's place, but that doesn't mean that she'll never get angry with you. It means that she has a slower burning fuse than most people, and it takes a lot to get her angry, but once she does get angry with you, its likely she won't forget it, and if you really arouse her anger (like, really really arouse her anger, not just make her angry, but more she turns into a fire spitting dragon that's in a rage angry) then your best bet would probably be to run for your life, 'cause Reily's not fun to be around when she gets that angry, and you should probably just back off and let her cool down a bit. Better yet, don't get her to that point, she'll probably throw a punch at your head, and that's going to hurt, because of the fact that she's taken karate for nine years, and though that's supposed to be for self defense, it doesn't keep Reily from punching the lights out of you if you really go that far and get her that angry. So don't, that souds good, right?

Otherwise, she probably won't even give extremely obvious hints that she doesn't like you even if she doesn't like you (that makes about 0 sense). She'll probably insinuate that she doesn't like you, but she'll never come out and tell you directly, that's not her type, in fact, it completely goes against her nature. Reily hates insulting anyone, well, that's not really true, she doesn't like insulting people who don't deserve to be insulted. Her biggest problem is, for example, when people ask her if she thinks something they drew is good, and she honestly thinks that it rates, on a scale of 1-10, a -350 or something, she can't tell them directly, because she's afraid to offend them, and so she kind of has to...hint that it isn't really top notch. Sometimes by saying, "well, its not too bad, but truthfully, you might be able to improve a bit on that, no offense or anything..." Things like that, so don't look to be insulted by her, unless she insults you without knowingly or purposefully doing so.

History: Reily has led the frustrating life of being the youngest in her family. Her brother, older by six years, followed the family tradition, if you will, of becoming a pokemon breeder. That was exactly what her father and mother had planned for Reily's future as well, but with her, that was not what she wanted to do. She could see that this was extremely important to her parents, but she knew that she could never be completely serious about pokemon breeding because she wanted to become a pokemon trainer. Her parents realized this soon enough, and decided to let their daughter do what she wanted to do, knowing that Reily's brother, at least, would become a pokemon breeder. Before Reily was eligible for a pokemon, however, she worked with the pokemon that her parents raised and took care of, she worked on perfecting their moves, rather than grooming and feeding them, which was her brother's job (and he thoroughly enjoyed it.)

The rest of her time was taken up by school and the karate classes that she attended twice a week ever since she was three years old, though she would never admit it herself, she was the star of her karate class, and soon moved on to a smaller lesson group so she could receive more individual instruction. She hates to say this in front of anyone, because she feels as if she would be bragging, but she knows that its true all the same. Reily also had some instrumental talent, which was helped by her good memory, but the only instrument she ever got really good at was the piano, because she stared piano lessons at the age of two, at the insistance of her parents, who said that it would be good for her future. In what ways she has absolutely no clue.

Other than that, Reily's life was pretty much normal, she joined a soccer team for a few years, stopped after three years to focus on karate more, though she has to admit that playing soccer (with all the running) also did help in karate, in which she had to run two miles in order to move on to the next belt (which color she has lost track of.) She became a black belt at the age of eleven, quite an acheivement, as her mother puts it, but she has always found time for the pokemon in her life, especially a young Starly, which had been found in the woods, and which Reily released after a year to live in the wild as an uncaptured and unconfined pokemon.

When Reily was ten, she claimed to have seen the legendary pokemon Lugia after a fierce thunderstorm tore through her town, but no one believed her. The grown ups told her that she was making up childish stories, and her parents concealed their laughter and amusement quite well, but only responded to her insistence that she had seen Lugia with, "very nice, dear." Which goes to show that they didn't believe her. She was certain that she had seen Lugia though, though she has learned that things like these are best kept secret.

Preffered Starter: Eevee

ssj 14 ggt
October 3rd, 2008, 4:43 PM
Charecter's Name: Marvin

Appearance: Marvin medium his age standing at 5 foot 1 and weighing in at 98 lbs. He wears a lot of sweaters and always wearing basketball shorts. Marvin is very athletic and sporty

Personality: Marvin is very outgoing. He will do anything and everything for his pokemon. He doesn't care what others think of him and often ignores people that are rude to begin with even if they are right. Hobbies are: swimming, running, kick boxing , training, and some sketching of pokemon.

History: Marvin grew up New Bark Town. His mom is sick. She did medicine. He will go out to raise money to help her.

One day when Marvin was at Professor Elm's lab picking up his pokemon. there was this big boom. Some one tried to break in professor’s oak lab then one of the team rocket members came slap professor oak knocked me unconscious then throw a smoke bomb.when i woke professor oak was crying. I said “Mr oak can I help you“. he was hurt then I leaned over to him and he told me two pokemon were snatched away. I hid the other do you want it he said.

Preffered Starter: Could I have An totodile

October 3rd, 2008, 4:50 PM
Well this is the first time i've ever applied for one of theese :D here goes nothing...

Name: Crow Spark Tyler
Age: 12
Gender: Male

Crow is 5'2 and wieghs about 40 kgs & he has black hair. He wears a red hat & a red jacket with his black gloves. He always carry's his so called "Lucky Coin", he's not exactly your average 12 year old kid because he acts like a 18 year old but sometimes he gets back to his old self.

Personality: Crow is mostly selfish to most but once you get to know him hes somewhat of a nice guy. Crow calls himself a nice guy but he doesn't act that way. He now sits around all day doing nothing ever since his mum was taken by Team Rocket. Before that however he was a happy little kid who loved to play with his pokemon he released them since they started this mess. He then vowed never to play with a pokemon ever again. Crow has had a Lucky Coin Which he hopped would help him protect him from Team Rocket. Crow has done Karate but quitted ever since he reached his black belt. Crow also has a very short temeper and even the slightest insult could start a fight. Before the accident Crow was known to have caught the first ever Dratini, he treats pokemon like his family if he likes them (hes a bit picky :P) & if or have to he will defend them with his life. Right now in his Current Status Crow is trying to find his pokemon that he released but having no luck. Crow will always think of his mother & never forget her, He hopes that one day he finds his Pokemon. If and If he ever finds his Pokemon he will get his mother back but if he doesn't he will find another way.

History: Crow grew up in Saffron playing with other kids until one tragic acciendent that involved Team Rocket & his mum .As said in the Personality from that day forth he vowed never to play with pokemon ever again. Since that day Crow has never been the same he doesn't want to play with other kids or talk to anyone except his dad. Days after the acciendent with his Mum his dad abandoned him blaming him for not giving his pokemon to team rocket even though his mums life was at risk. Since then crow never talks to anyone but himself. If you try to make contact with him he will never reply. Crow doesn't want to make friends or ever want to now. He then reconsidered for one and only one reason to show his dad he was wrong & he that he will rescue his Mother.

Preffered Starter: Growlithe


Got Trainer Card In OOC Thread.

October 3rd, 2008, 5:13 PM
ssj 14 ggt- Declined for serious lack in anything like a SU

Slytherfang: Accepted! Good SU.

Thesilv3rmoon- Good SU for a first one. I just need you to add some to your personality...other then that it is very good. I can also make the trainer card for you:)

To everyone: From here on out please post in the OOC thread...thanks:)

October 3rd, 2008, 5:29 PM
would be great if you made the trainer card

October 4th, 2008, 8:54 AM
The way things look, all the starters are taken. So no more sign ups?

October 4th, 2008, 12:18 PM
Ok I've decided to go ahead and post the first Chapter. I will post my part after someone has posted theirs and it will be like this for every single chapter:)

Chapter 1: The begining of a new adventure

Professor Oak is a great man. He travels the Kanto Region and studies pokemon. He has sent you and four other lucky kids to become pokemon trainers. You rush into his lab and stand in line waiting for the others. When everyone shows up he hands you your first pokemon (the starter you chose), five red a white balls called pokeballs, and a red mechanical device. He tells you what the red device is and you soon find out that it is a red mechanical device called a pokedex. It records data of every pokemon you meet.

You leave the laboratory with your newly aquired friend and stop in front of Route 1 to start your journey!

What you do:
You must wake up and head over to the laboratory and recieve your first pokemon. You must end your post at the begining of Route 1.

You may not capture pokemon, battle trainers, or meet the roleplayers other then seeing them in the laboratory.

Have fun!:)

October 4th, 2008, 3:18 PM
Chapter 1: Meeting the Professor
Lying in the tree motionless Crow thought to himself "why wasn't I strong enoough to defeat Team Rocket, why did i let them take m.....", suddenly he saw a Rattata climbed onto the branch next to him. "hrm? hello little guy" the Rattata stared at him for a while and said "Ratta, Rattata" . Crow got out a oran berry that he saved from a while back "here you go little fella", "Rattata!" Rattata said delightfully, "well im off now little Rattata maybe we will meet again sometime when i have become the ultimate trainer"
. Crow leaped off the tree and landed with a thump.

Crow looked down at his feet while walking thinking about the accident that happend a while back until he reached a wall? Crow looked up and noticed
Prof.Oaks Lab. After many minutes of hard thinking he decided that he would get a pokemon. He walked in the door and noticed Prof.Oak, Crow walked up to Prof.Oak and said "umm, hello Prof.Oak", Oak quickly repiled back "hello young trainer i guess your looking to start your own journey", it to Crow a while but he finnaly said "well re-start my journey sort-of", "Hrmm re-start?" Oak looked a Crow for a while then realised "oh your that kid that caught that Dratini right?, "yeah" Crow replied with nothing else to say. "well" Oak said "why not use yo...oh yeah sorry", "...enough talk, could i look at the starter pokemon?", "sure" said Oak "all the other kids took their pokemon already so their is only one left!", "how about those ones on that machine?", Oak didn't say a word. "fine ill take it", while Oak was distracted he took the pokeball off the machine "hah to easy!" Crow thought to himself. He walked out of the Proffesor's Lab as if nothing happened he eventualy reached his tree. "well i guess its time to see my starter pokemon but first, Crow threw the pokeball that he got from Prof.Oak, but nothing happend he looked at the pokeball studying it "why would that dumb Prof keep a pokeball that doesn't have anything in it?", "maybe just to catch something?, urgh who cares" Crow tossed the pokeball into the lake. "well atleast i still have my starter" he threw it up a red beam came down and out came a.....red dog thing that has black stripes eh? never seen theese in my old career well lets check it out. He looked into his bag and found his old pokedex then it began to say..

Growlithe the puppy pokemon, it has a such loyal nature that it will wait motionless until is a given a command by a trainer.
"Seems fine i guess" Crow bent down and gave his Growlithe a pat on the head. "well growlithe it finnaly rebegins".

(Sorry if its a bit short)
Note: I will post my part after someone has posted theirs and it will be like this for ever single chapter:) ever single chapter

October 4th, 2008, 3:40 PM
BRING! BRING! screamed Max's alarm clock at him.

Max freaked out and toppled out of his bed onto the ground.

"Owwwww." Max complained rubbing his head which he was sure would get a bump on it.

"Ding. Brrrp. Ding. Brrrp." his computer started making the noise.

"Oh someone must have shot me an e-mail." Max said.

He rubbed his nose and sat down in the old wooden chair.

It said:

Dear Mr. Maximillion,

I have recently contacted our boss, and he knows were you're at. We will hunt you down and take you back to Team Rocket headquarters and make you become one of our members. So, if I were you I would live in fear, Mr. Maximillion.

-Team Rocket second in command, Derick

Max shuddered and moved his mouse onto another e-mail he had gotten.

This one said:

Dear Mr. Maximillion,

Hello. You probably don't remember me much from the Team Rocket headquarters.

Max gulped again and was about to delete the message but read on.

I am the man who found you on the streets and took you to our headquarters. I didn't mean to kidnap you, but once the boss saw who you were he couldn't resist but to take you in. I am sending this after hiding in a closet in the HQ and want you to know that I will always be in the squad that is hunting you...I will try my best if I see you before anyone else does to ilude them away from you. I promise on my word that I will if you'll only shoot me back an e-mail with what you will look like.

-Mr. Joseph Debly

Max sat back in the chair contemplating weather or not to trust this man. He figured since their boss already knew where and what he looked like it couldn't hurt. He shot back another e-mail saying:

Dear Mr. Joseph Debly,

I am glad to hear that someone will help me avoid Team Rocket. I will be wearing a yellow and black hat, a red and white polo shirt, yellow and black shorts, black running shoes, I have blue eyes, black spiky/messy hair, will be wearing a yellow fingerless glove on one hand and a black one on the other and I will be wearing a necklace with a picture of my favorite Team Rocket member that lead the guards away from me when I escaped. Please, do not share this information with anyone else.

-Mr. Maximillion ???

He left the question marks for nobody needed to know his last name. He closed his eyes and looked at the clock. It was still fairly early and he got dressed. His clothes were soft and cozy from being in the dryer for four days straight. Max slid down the railing down the stairs and his older brother Ben yelled at him for it.

Max grabbed a piece of toast and left without a word. Before leaving Max stopped in front of Ben's badges which he had of all the regions and the special area Ben never told him about and Kevin's contest ribbons and the ribbon cups he won from Sinnoh and Hoenn. Max walked out and slammed the rickedy old door behind him and soon came to Mr. Oak's huge, white laboratory.

He walked inside and it smelled like a dentist office, it had a desk with 5 mechanical devices on it, a chair, alot of bookshelfs with plenty of books in them, and he was holding five pokeballs.

"You must be Maximillion." the professor said.

"It's Max sir." Max said.

"Oh sorry Max." Oak said.

He picked up one of the red mechanical devices and told him how it had data on every single pokemon in the world and would record which ones he had captured. Max nodded and Oak gave him six pokeballs. One had a pokemon in it while the other ones had nothing in them. Max thanked him and dashed towards the enterance of Route 1 excited about his new journey and hopefully how Mr. Joseph Debly would help him elude Team Rocket.

October 4th, 2008, 3:44 PM
k thanks for the advice filler

October 9th, 2008, 5:04 PM
Noelle awoke to the light that was filtering through her simple, square window. She checked the analog clock on the wall. It was 7:30. What if she was late? Hurriedly, she changed into her day clothes and made a piece of toast with orange jelly. She ate it quickly and rushed out the door.

Oak's lab was in sight. She began to run, and burst through the door. Noelle was itching with excitement as she stepped up to the table with the Pokeballs on it. Oak greeted, "Welcome, Bailey."

"Uh... that's my middle name," Noelle stammered. "Sorry, there must have been an error. My name is Noelle."

"Oh," Oak said. He handed her a Pokeball, apparently holding a Pokemon, five empty ones, and a red machine that looked like a handheld game console. Noelle nodded, and stepped out of the lab. She sighed, putting the empty Pokeballs in her pocket and releasing the Pokemon inside her first one. It looked like a frog with triangular spots, and had some kind of plant on its back. "Bulba," it murmured, eyeing Noelle curiously.

The red machine hummed, and Noelle flipped it open. It said in a mechanical voice, "Bulbasaur, the seed Pokemon. A strange seed was planted in its back at birth. The plant sprouts and grows with this Pokémon."

Closing the Pokedex, Noelle nodded at the interesting data. "So you're called Bulbasaur, hmmm?"

It nodded. "Bulba..." It repeated.

"So you're a.... girl?" Noelle guessed.

The Bulbasaur jumped up and down. "Bulba saur saur!"

"Well, then, let's go!" Noelle clapped her hands, and she and Bulbasaur walked towards the tall grass, and towards the beginning of their journey together.

October 11th, 2008, 1:27 PM
PumpkinZiggy: Good post. You recieved a Bulbusaur, five pokeballs, and a pokedex!

To Everyone: For those of you who have not yet posted please do so soon! Thank you.

Chapter 2: Route 1
(Number of Posts: 2)

Description: This is a route filled with begining pokemon. It has plenty of trees and a few lakes. This route is best for begining trainers and you will most likely be challenged by new trainers too.

What you can do:
1. Catch one pokemon from the given ones below.
2. Battle trainers.

What you can't do:
1. Meet other Roleplayers.
2. Battle other roleplayers.
3. Trade pokemon.
4. Catch more then one pokemon.

Wild Pokemon:
Lets see which pokemon you can catch in this route shall we.

Gender: Male or Female
Lvl: 2-5
Ability: Keen Eye or Tangled Feet
Attacks: Tackle and Sand Attack (Sand Attack only if it's lvl. 5)

Gender: Male or Female
Lvl: 2-5
Ability: Run Away or Guts
Attacks: Tackle and Tail Whip

Have fun!:)

October 24th, 2008, 5:32 PM
Chapter 2: Let the Journey Begin!
Crow started walking with Growlithe by his side.

"you know Growlithe its sort of weird restarting my pokemon journey" said Crow

"growl :)" Growlithe replied

"guess you can understand me in a weird way" said Crow

"growl :\" Growlithe replied

"huh, is their something wrong?" said Crow

"GROWLITHE!" growlithe replied

just at that very second Crow noticed a little bird flying towards him
"woah!" Crow quickly pulled out his pokedex and checked it out

Pidgey the "tiny bird" pokemon
It has a rather docile nature but if disturbed it will strike back ferociously.
"first time I've ever seen one of those things, alright Growlithe bite!"

Growlithe ran towards the Pidgey with its jaw open and tried to bite it.
"Pidgey!" the Pidgey responded it jumped up dodged Growlithes bite and pecked Growlithes head!

"growl :knockedou" Growlithe replied

"ok, we have to try another tactic, when Pidgey tries to peck you slide around it then bite it in the back"

"growl :cool:" Growlithe said
-Insert Awsome Music-
Growlithe bite! Growlithe ran towards the Pigdey at lightning speed "Pidg" Pidgey replied and tried to peck Growlithe, "growl..ithe!" Growlithe quickly responded and slid around Pidgey and bit it!
-End Music-
"Here it goes pokeball!"

A red light appeared around Pidgey as it got beamed in the pokeball.
Slowly watching Crow and Growlithe sat there in excitement. When all of a sudden Pidgey came out!

"Drat, lets try again Growlithe jump over Pidgey and bite it again!" Crow said

Growlithe ran and ran building up pace and leaped, Pidgey watched carfully but was distracted by the sun, when... BAM! Growlithe plunged onto Pidgey and bit it tightly.

"Now here it goes, go pokeball!"

Growlithe leaped of Pidgey as the wild Pidgey got beamed in...

"I think we have him this time buddy" said Crow

"growl :nervous:" said Growlithe

the pokeball started wobling...& then....

October 24th, 2008, 5:41 PM
OOC: Excuse me, Silver Moon, but since I use the PokéRangers style, the background of your post is about the same orange as your text. Can you please not change the color?

Alter Ego
November 8th, 2008, 7:51 AM
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