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October 10th, 2008, 2:47 AM

Hi, my name is Zachary Kinderson. I'm ninteen years old, enjoy long walks on the beach, a nice soak in my jacuzzi and frisky women.
All joking aside, you may be familiar with my name. My grandfather used to own the multinational corporation Kinderson Corp - a company that he has passed down to me upon his death. Now, why would I be talking to someone like you, you ask? Well, how about the job of a life time?
Not everyone can qualify for the jobs that I'm handing out. No. You must meet my requirements. For one thing, you have to be young. Very young. No older than twenty-one and no younger than thirteen. Another is that you have to have skills - a few skills in fact.
Come and see me if you think that you're willing to take the job. It has it's fill of adventure an danger. But I must warn you - of you do decide to take my offer, you must swear secrecy and loyalty to the company and to me. Once you're in, you can't opt out.


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Zachary Kenderson has recently taken over his grandfather's company after he was forced into retirement. Zachary watched as his grandfather was riticuled for his babbling words of inventing not only a time machine - but a portable one. Upon his grandfather's death a hidden part of his will wrote legal claim of the time machines to his grandson and the reason for building such a device. To honour his grandfather's memory and to prove - at least to those worthy of knowing - Zachary has seized control of a large part of Africa near and including Côte d'Ivoire - cauing massive media attention around the world. His goal is to develop a secret sanctuary for prehistoric and extinct animals from all Eras of the Earth's History. But being paranoid, he does not trust adults that are available for hire. No, he'd rather have people around his own age, believing that he can trust them more than those older than him. Zachary has been given strict rules to follow or else any sort of funding and support from World Leaders will be cut. One must be that no one outside of the group that he has chosen for hire must find out. Another is that he cannot take any creature from the past outside the regions of his park and most importantly: Never tamper with history or the genes of the creatures. If the rules are broken, not only would he loose everything that he owns, but he and every member of his team would be sentenced to life in prizon. Despite this, someone is making it increasingly difficult to follow the rules and keep the creatures inside of the park.[/align]


1. I am the Goddess. You will listen to me
2. Semi-literate and higher please
3. Keep it reasonable for the different age groups on PC.
4. There will be no killing of major characters. Minor characters can be killed/eaten/trampled, ect.
5. Type "Prehistory Rocks" for a title when submitting profiles
6. Tell when you're leaving
7. This is long-term. I expect people to come back.
8. OOC is allowed in the form of (( )), [ ] and OOC:
9: Place a mudkip face at the end of your introductory profile
10. No godmoding or power playing.

These are what is needed in order for the Park to be successful.

Zoology: An extensive history in dealing with/handling or knowledge of animals.
Biology: An extensive history with caring for animals.
Botany: An extensive history or knowledge in dealing with or studying plant life.
Tech: A knowledge of technology and the use of machinery
Veterinary: A knowledge of medicine for animals and reptiles.
Carpentry: A knowledge of archetecture, tools and building.
Mechanics: A knowledge of archetecture, tools and building.
Landscaping: A knowledge of design and fashion in terms of landscaping.

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twilight guardian alissa
Arisa Kageno
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Arisa is the daughter of a Zoologist and a Marine Biologist. Naturally, she has gained an interest in the field as well. She has spent more than half of her life travelling around with her parents, and even helping them with some work that needs to get done. Arisa has wavy auburn-blonde hair and light green eyes. Her clothes are usually casual and old, worn clothes, as she doesn't have to worry about getting them dirty or ripped. She'll wear anything up until it falls apart. Her mother forces her to throw out her year-old shoes to get one or two new pairs.
Naturally, she is experienced in the handling of many different types and species of animals, including mammals, fish and reptiles. She also has her scooba liscense, though is paranoid about deep diving. She likes to study the behaviors of the animals that she has encountered, as well as their nature and feeding habits.
She is very devoted to her work. She can become so intwined that she can be oblivious to anything around her. Her love for animals also makes her very strict when it comes to how they are treated and handled. She hasn't had a lot of interaction with children her own age, and the only thing that she had ever used to hold a decent conversation were the animals that she worked with. She uses them to try and start a conversation, and becomes uncomfortable when dealing with something that didn't include animals or her work in it. Arisa is very stubborn when it comes to getting her way. Having to deal with her parents being biologists, she has become a perfectionist for her work, and will even spend a lot of her free time still working. Recently, she has began to try and become more social, but she still feels stupid when around others. When comfortable, she is very happy, kind, sweet and gentle. She isn't afraid to get her hands dirty, and speaks her mind, most times, which may and may not always be a good thing.
Arisa (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b224/nightinthetwilight/Characters/Arisa.jpg)
twilight guardian alissa
Zachary Kinderson
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United States of America
Zachary is the owner of Kinderson Corp and the founder of the park. He doesn't trust adults very much, preferring those of his own age. He is determined to create a Park funded by both money made from the corperation and from the world leaders who are the only outsiders who know of his plans. His distrust of adults most likely came from the fact that he has seen many business plans, both in real-life, and on TV go wrong because one or both members of the party were greedy, or corrupt in one way or another. He believes that children and teenagers are more pure and loyal than adults, thus refuses jobs from anyone who is more than a few years older than he.
On one hand he can be a flirt and a joker, and on the other he can be very serious and professional. He can be a little vain at times, and loves to order people around. When it comes to working on the reserve, he considers himself a supervisor, and watches his employees working. Though he isn't without complete disinterest about the animals that he has Arisa and the others bring back, he is hopelessly clueless about every aspect. When the incidents start to occur he doesn't take much notice, but soon becomes very worried, and has a tendancy to pace around and yell. He also becomes very whiny and pesters his employees when there is somethin that he doesn't know.
Zack (http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b224/nightinthetwilight/Characters/Zachary.jpg)

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1. Collage - Mosasaur, Elasmosaurus, T-Rex, Saber Tooth Cats, Ammonites, Hesperornis, Fish, Sea Turtle, Anomalocaris
2. Iguanadon
3. Carboniferous Coal Forest
4. Dire Wolf
5. Paradise Parrot
6. Elasmosaurus
7. Dienosuchus