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Patriots Fan 2010
October 18th, 2008, 4:26 PM
Greetings, welcome to the world of Pokemon. In the world of Pokemon, it is a huge world with many exotic creatures, people who are known as Pokemon Trainers who use them for command, or even as pets. Now, you are going to become a Pokemon Trainer, after receiving your Pokemon, you will have them as a valuable partner, as well as you’ll meet several comrades as friends. Just like you, your Pokemon will be quite unique, which makes you special. While traveling your homeland known as Kanto, you are trying to collect the badges of the cities in the region; you are trying to becoming a Pokemon Master. A lot has changed in the Region of Kanto; it’s been five years since our hero Red had become the Kanto Champion and disappeared. Many gym leaders have changed and new cities have come afoot. Many places to see in the land of Kanto you call home. As a resident of a town known as Pallet Town, you finally wanted to fulfill your dream to start on a Pokemon journey, as you head off to the laboratory, you receive your Pokemon and your tools to become a great trainer. One of your jobs as a Pokemon Trainer will be to catch wild Pokemon, as you train them to become powerful battlers. You can decide which moves they learn through TMs and HMs as well as if they will evolve or not. It’s all up to you. All is not well in the world of Pokemon, because there is an evil syndicate in Kanto. They are known as Team Rocket, and they won’t stop at anything in order to earn money. Their leader may have disappeared but they will stop at nothing, they believe their boss wanted them to continue their evil deeds. They’ll stop at nothing to take down their enemies, including you if you get in their way. There are several items and balls in order to catch Pokemon to become on your side. Your final goal is to defeat the eight gym leader around Kanto in order to compete in the Elite Four so you can become the Pokemon Champion. Be careful though, they will use their full power in order to beat you. There will be many challenges and many people who get in your way. Will you work with your fellow Pokemon trainers, or against them? Only time will tell. The choices are all up to you as you build your team and try to become the best Pokemon trainer of all time. Remember, this is as if you owned these Pokemon, let’s get onto the rules!

1. No legendaries.
2. No god-modding.
3. Be active, if I'm gone for awhile, there will be a seperate user that will take over until I get back on the community.
4. I will make you choose your starter Pokemon but it has to be in the basic stage.

Name: What is your characters name.
Age: How old is your character.
Appearence: What does your character look like.
History: What is the storyline between your character and his new life.

Aaron Johnson (Tom Brady 2010) starts out with Squirtle.
Chris Eaton (Wolfsrain23) starts out with Totodile.
Naomi Morris (Sahdow Yashi) starts out with Charmander.
Rei Hino (Bamachi) starts out with Cyndaquil.

Tom Brady 2010
October 18th, 2008, 8:00 PM
Hello there brother, this is going to be a good Pokemon roleplay.

Name: Adrian Johnson
Age: 10
Appearence: I am 6 feet 10 inches. I am african american. I am lean and muscular. I have brown eyes with white teeth. I have black dreadlocks. I am wearing a white muscle shirt. I have a black necklace with a celtic cross. I am wearing black pants, white socks, and white shoes.
History: When he was one years old, his family moves to Pallet Town because his mom and dad was in the elite four and won five time in a row. When I was five years old, I went to school with my adobted brother. We always have fun together in school. When I was seven years old, I was interested into Pokemon drawings and helping out Pokemon. Now I am ten years old and my mom and dad told me that I can be on my own Pokemon adventure.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 18th, 2008, 8:03 PM
Hello brother welcome to my first Pokemon roleplay. You have wrote down your actual identity on here, that's amazing. I like the part when I went to school with you and all of that in your history. YOU ARE ACCEPTED! One more thing, you forgot to write your starter Pokemon down, you should do that.

Tom Brady 2010
October 18th, 2008, 8:05 PM
Yes I did forget that part of the sign-up, my first Pokemon will be Squirtle.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 18th, 2008, 8:07 PM
Alright, anymore people want to join because I still got plenty more spaces left.

Wolf in the Rain
October 18th, 2008, 8:57 PM
Name: Chris "Koji" Eaton

Age: 14

Appearance: Chris mostly introduces himself by his middle name "Koji" (by fear of being found out by his parents), but his close friends and family calls him Chris.

Chris is approximately 5'11, an average size for his age. He is not skinny, but not very muscular as well. He has medium-long, light brown hair that spikes up in the front, flat on the top, and with smaller spikes on the back. His eyes are always a dark shade of blue.

Chris cannot be caught dead without a long sleeve shirt or his lucky red sleeved and black hooded sweatshirt with a red pokeball design on the front. He also owns a green backpack with a pokeball on the back.

Although Chris can be rash in some (if not most) situations, when Chris calms down he is a brilliant tactician, most likely form his years spent at Referee's school (see history). But, If someone is able to get his too mad, he may loose his head. Most of the time he switches between phases of extremely good luck and extremely bad luck, making him a firm believer in superstition. Sometimes streaks of bad luck can make Chris seem like a bit of a klutz and may pt him in some awkward situations ( especially when it matters the most). Nevertheless, things seem (for the most part) to always work out.

History: Originally born and raised in his hometown of Sootopolis, Chris's father was a respected Pokemon Referee and his mother was a Referee school teacher. To follow in their footsteps, Chris was sent daily by boat to Ever Grande City to study in a private school to be a Pokemon Referee Official. However, after witnessing Steven, a local hero, battle and win against the Elite Four, Chris developed a love for battling.

Like most of his friends who left a year before to become trainers, Chris wanted to depart to Littleroot Town to receive a Pokemon from Professer Birch. Chris's parents weren't fond of the idea of him giving up referee's school, and forbid him to travel to the town.
One night, Chris sneaks out of his house in Sootopolis and takes a ship headed to a port just outside of Pallet Town to start his adventure...

Prefered pokemon: Totodile

Patriots Fan 2010
October 18th, 2008, 9:08 PM
Sorry but you have to start out with a Kanto Region Pokemon. Please edit your Pokemon.

October 18th, 2008, 9:50 PM
Name: Naomi Morris
Age: 13
Appearence: Naomi stands exacly 5 feet 5 inches and weighs 160lbs. Her hair is short and Black, falling to her shoulders with chin length purple dyed bangs, her eyes are violet, large and doe-like, with specks of blue in them. Naomi's outfit consists of a white tanktop under a custom made Black hoodie with long bell shaped sleeves, that cover her fingers and hase the image of flames running along the cuffs and some baggy yet form fitting blue jeans.
History: Born and raised in Viridian City, Naomi has started her journey late, rather than at age ten like most her peers, becuase her parents didn't want her to venture off into the world at such a young age, causing Naomi to wonder 'how 3 years can make much of a difference' but she's not complaining as long as she can see the outside world, rather than being stuck in her home town. Naomi's goal is to become the best trainer she can be and hopes that with the starter she gets from Oak that she will make her parents proud.
Preferred Pokemon: Charmander
[I know, its short. But its 1 in the morning and my brain is low on fuel]

October 18th, 2008, 10:51 PM
Name: Rei Hino
Age: 14
Appearence: Rei has waist long black hair, she has dark purple eyes and wears a red t-shirt with red hoop earrings, she wears red shoes with white laces and wears a black skirt up to her knees.
History: Rei was born and raised in Vermillion City and was the cousin of the Gym Leader Lt. Surge.
Rei always looked up to Surge and always respected him, eventually Surge thought that it was about time that she should become a pokemon trainer, Surge also told Rei's parents and they agreed, Rei thought about it and thought it was a good idea so she decided to start her journey.
Preferred Starter: Cyndaquil

October 18th, 2008, 11:01 PM
What a poeii. I wanted Totodile. Oh well.

Name: Genki

Pokemon: Bulbasaur

Age: 14

Appearence: Always wears black cotton pants, as well as a red shirt. He has a large volume of hair. Almost like many average trainers. Wears a Black Watch, glasses, and is acne-free. His hair color is a mixture of Black and Brown. He is a bit tall for his age. Never anywhere without a calculator and laptop. Uses an orange back-pack

History: He grew up in an orphanage. His mother died in his birth and his father joined Team Rocket. He had a very long time crush there that went off in her journey when he was 12. He is of the last ones to start a journey as he felt he should live more in peace. He eventually made up his mind to go. And started off on his journey on a soon-to-be Pokemon Master.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 19th, 2008, 9:40 AM
With the acception of my brother and I, I have suggested that the trainers that start with the second region Pokemon, they are more advanced in the Kanto region. ALL OF YOU ARE ACCEPTED.

EDIT: I'll begin Chapter One later on today.

October 19th, 2008, 9:49 AM
So does this mean, we can have either Kanto or Jhoto Starters? Or just Jhoto Starters?

Patriots Fan 2010
October 19th, 2008, 10:17 AM
The advanced Pokemon can catch both Kanto and Jhoto Pokemon.


1. Write down your own storyline what goes down so far in your house when you wake up, in Pallet Town, and inside Professor Oaks laboratory.
2. Describe how you meet Professor Oak when you first meet him.
3. Describe what your starter Pokemon look like.

Tom Brady 2010
October 19th, 2008, 10:35 AM
The sun rose high and Aaron woke up. He pulled off his covers and he saw his brother sitting on his bedroom chair. He walked to the bathroom and took a shower. It past thirty minutes and he walked out of the bathroom wearing his clothes. He hugged his brother and walked downstairs.

"I'm so glad of you," said Aarons mom.

"I know, I got to go out and pick my starter Pokemon," said Aaron.

Aaron kissed his mom and hugged his dad and walked out of the house. When he was outside, he walked towards Professor Oaks laboratory. He opened the front door and saw Professor Oak standing in front of many pokeballs. He walked towards Professor Oak and than they started to talk.

"Hello there, what's your name?" asked Professor Oak.

"My name is Aaron Johnson and I am here to become a Pokemon trainer," said Aaron.

"Do you than, come this way and I'll give you a Pokemon trainer card and you have to pick out your starter Pokemon," said Professor Oak.

Aaron walked with Professor Oak and than when Professor Oak gave him the trainer card, he picked out his starter Pokemon which was a Squirtle.

"A Squirtle you chose than, that's a great Pokemon to choose," said Professor Oak. "I'll put Squirtle inside his pokeball and you can start by walking outside this door and open up your dream as a Pokemon trainer."

"Thank you, can I get my five pokeballs and my pokedex than so I can go?" asked Aaron.

"Sure you can," said Professor Oak.

Professor Oak gave him the pokedex and the five pokeballs and than he walked out of the laboratory happy. When he was outside, he saw his brother standing in front of him. So you picked a Squirtle than, what a nice starter Pokemon. He took out his Squirtle and it looked like an amazing Squirtle with a blue colored skin, a brown back shell, and a yellow stomach.

"Farewell brother and take care of your Squirtle," said Aarons brother.

"I will brother," said Aaron.

He put back Squirtle inside his Pokeball and than Aaron walked towards the entrance of Pallet Town.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 19th, 2008, 10:36 AM
To Tom Brady 2010: Nice post you wrote down. I wonder what you will write down next. You recieved a level five Squirtle.

October 19th, 2008, 12:48 PM

"Naomi wake up!"

Naomi Morris groaned as she rolled out of her soft sheets and fell to the floor "I said wake up, not bring the house down!" Naomi heard her mother call from downstairs, the faint smell of eggs and bacon cooking wafted through her nose as she sluggishly pulled herself off the floor and into the bathroom.

20 minutes later, Naomi exited the steamy bathroom and was dressed in her tank top, hoodie, jeans and sneakers, along with a black pack hanging off her left shoulder and a black cap with a purple Pokéball located in the middle of the cap, it was turned backwards and sat loosely on her head. Naomi reached up and straightened her cap, pulling it on taut and pulling it forward she smiled slightly as she ran her fingers along the brim before heading out her room and downstairs.

Today's the day! Naomi thought excitedly as she pulled out a chair and sat down at the table, the exact moment her mother, Roxanne Moris, placed a plate of food in front of her "Morning and Thanks Mom!" she murmured grinning before picking up her fork and shoveling a hefty amount of food in her mouth.

"Slow down girl! Oak's Lab will still be there!"

"Hey you can never be to careful mom, what if Team Rocket or something attacks the lab and I'm without a Pokémon!" Naomi cried after she swallowed her food but then quickly picked up her cup of juice and gulped it down, wiping her mouth with her sleeve, earning a pop on her hand from her mother's spoon "I taught you table manners Naomi, now use them or I won't let you get your Pokémon!" Naomi coughed embarrassedly and began to wipe her mouth in a more calm proper manner with a napkin "Sorry mom" she apologized looking away as she stood ready to go "I'm just anxious."

"I know.... please be careful" Roxanne pleaded hugging Naomi while they walked to the door "I'll be careful, I promise" she murmured pulling away from her mother with a grin and stepping outside "See ya mom! I'll come an show ya my new Pokémon after I get it okay" Roxanne smiled and nodded as she waved Naomi off.


"Char! Charmander Char Char!" Naomi's eyes went wide as a barrage of red pellets came flying at her, barely missing her head when she ducked and moments later a gold colored Charmander came crashing into her. Naomi had the wind knocked out of her lungs when the lizard's head connected with her stomach an both human and Pokémon went crashing to the ground.

"Charmander get back-- Oh my goodness! Miss are you alright?" Naomi groaned as her eyes fluttered open, meeting a pair of annoyed Sapphire Blue eyes, the Charmander growled as it was pulled off her and Naomi stood up and dusted herself off, wincing slightly as she touched her stomach, it just tingled slightly from the abrupt headbutt.

"Are you okay!?" Professor Oak asked walking up to Naomi with a pouting Charmander by his side "I'll be fine" she murmured bending over slightly to pat the golden Charmander on its head "That's quite a head you got there buddy" Charmander responded with a sly smirk and brought a claw up to Scratch at her face. Naomi cried out, startled and stumbled back clutching her now red face, which had three claw marks running across it Charmander outright laughed at Naomi, who was glaring at him through her fingers.

"Charmander!" Prof. Oak exclaimed frowning at the Lizard Pokémon, who just scowled "Apologize to her" he said pointing to Naomi, who was still clutching her face at staring at the Prof like he was stupid. Charmander had refused to apologize and Oak decided to go into one of his speeches about how Pokémon shouldn’t attack young prospering children that might one day be their destined trainer Hello! I'm in pain here! She thought before coughing to get the ranting Professor's attention, while Charmander just stood there with a blank expression, not listening to Oak at all.

"Oh right! Follow me miss...."

"Naomi. Naomi Morris."

"Miss Morris right, come this way so we can treat those scratches"


"Ow! It stings!"

"I'm sorry Naomi, but if you don't want it infected, then you will do right and hold still!" Prof. Oak told her as he dabbed the last of the anesthetic on her face "It still hurts though" she pouted resisting the urge to scratch her now tingling face the Charmander-from-hell, which Naomi has oh-so rightfully named it was standing a ways off snickering at her behind Oak's back while he went to get Naomi's Pokéball and Pokédex ready for her "So what Pokémon would you like to start with" he asked casually while the Pokédex loaded the information needed for her journey "Well, I was thinking off a Charmander" she murmured awkwardly glancing at the golden lizard, who glared back at her.

"I see. Charmander might give you alittle trouble at first, but their very loyal Pokémon."

"So how'd you get this Golden Charmander Professor?" Naomi asked trying to start small talk rather than sit in silence while they waited

"I found this little fella one day while I was conducting research. He was fighting of a flock of angered Spearow and managed to tumble his way into me... my head was so sore after all the pecking I endured" Prof. Oak laughed at the memory and Charmander looked away embarrassed when Naomi joined the professor in laughing.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

“Alright Naomi, I’ve downloaded everything you need for your journey, here are your 5 Pokéballs, your Pokédex, and your Charmander” Naomi took all three items and grinned, placing the Pokéballs and the Pokédex in her pocket before she tapped the button on the Charmander’s Pokéball, which popped open and Naomi blinked when she found it empty.

“Umm Professor? Where’s the Charmander?”

“He’s right here” Prof Oak said pointing at the Golden Charmander, who looked just as confused as Naomi “What!? Why?”

“Why not” Oak smiled “He likes you” Naomi spluttered while Charmander smirked evilly before putting on an angelic façade for Prof Oak “Likes me! That thing from hell scratched me!” Prof Oak just shook his head and pushed Naomi and her Charmander out the door “He’s just a little shy, you two will be friends in no time. No go and make me proud and catch all the Pokémon you can!” with one final shove Charmander and Naomi were shoved out Oak’s Lab.

“Well…. That was unexpected” she grunted glancing at the Charmander who was staring up at her in an annoyed fashion “Hmm I guess I should give you a name huh?” Naomi rubbed her chin thoughtfully for a few moments before snapping her fingers “I got it! From this day on, you will be known as Lalachichi!” Lalachichi looked at Naomi like she was stupid and the girl pouted “Hey, I like that name… it sounds cool, right… Lalachichi?” she bent down to the Charmander’s level and grinned in his face “What do you think about it Lalachichi?”

Lalachichi scowled and bawled his hands into a fist, a low growl escaped from his lips “ehh Lalachichi what’s wrong?” Lalachichi said nothing and just flexed his claws for a few moments before he brought the claws towards Naomi’s face and scratched her.

“Charmander Char Char!”


“Charmander Chaaar!”

It was the start of a new friendship.

(And uhh would it be okay for me to have a Shiny Charmander?)

October 19th, 2008, 1:17 PM
"REIIIIIII!!! REIIIIII!!!! WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!" Yelled Rei's mother who was cooking breakfast for her young daughter who was going to become a pokemon trainer. "I'm up, I'm up. awww man why can't that professor let us pick-up the starters later, like in the afternoon." Rei changed her clothes and was about to walk down the stairs until she tripped over the broom laying down before the stairs. "AHHHHHH!!!!!" CRASH!!!! "oww........... Who would put a broom in such a place?" Rei looked at the green broom in her hands. "Grandpa!!!" Rei walked into the kitchen to be greeted by her parents and her Grandfather. "Good morning Honey!" said Rei's father who was reading the morning paper.
"Rei honey I made your breakfast." said Rei's mother in a gentle tone. "Thanks mom." Said Rei as she began eating her morning toast. "So Rei think you'll meet any handsome young boys on your journey?" Asked Rei's grandfather with a smirk. "Grandpa?! What are you talking about?" Rei's grandfather started to laugh. "Then maybe you can find us a young maiden?" Asked Rei's Grandpa who started to chuckle loudly. "GRANDPA!!!! You've been freaking out the other girls in our neighboorhood, we don't need you freaking out anymore." Rei finished her breakfast and took her Yellow Backpack. "Well I'm off to get my starter. Bye everyone!" Rei said as she walked out the door. "Good bye Rei!" Said her mother and father in unison. "Bring back a boyfriend so you can get married!" yelled her grandfather, Rei's parents gave him an odd look. Rei arrived at the lab to see the professor standing in the lab. "Hi I'm here for my starter!" Rei shouted "Ahh yes, you're Rei aren't you?" asked Prof. Oak as he walked up to her. "Yes sir, I'm Rei hino, I'm here to pick up my starter." Rei said as she started to smile eager to get her starter pokemon. "Here follow me then if you will." said Prof. Oak as he arrived and there stood the starting pokemon. Rei noticed a little Cyndaquil who was attempting to hide itself. "Now now, Cyndaquil don't be shy, Our young trainer might pick you." Rei smiled at the Cyndaquil who then covered its eyes. "Awwww, how cute, I think I'd like that one." Rei said as she pointed to the Cyndaquil, it looked up in shock. "Ahh I see, well then here you are, and here is your pokedex and 5 pokeballs." Rei took the items from Prof. Oak and put them away, she walked up to the Shy Cyndaquil and said "Are you ready for an adventure little guy?" The Cyndaquil looked up then jumped into her arms. "Aww haha, I think thats a yes, thank you Prof. Oak. Bye!" Rei said as she ran out of the lab. "Good bye and good luck on your journey!" Said Prof. Oak as he watched her run towards her house to show her parents the starter she recieved.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 19th, 2008, 2:29 PM
To ShadowYashi: That is okay that your post isn't done yet but just finish it when you can. You can start out with a Shiny Charmander.

To Bamachi: Nice post you have wrote down but you have to check your spelling and space your paragraphs.

Wolf in the Rain
October 19th, 2008, 4:58 PM
"Comon comon comon" Chris chanted as he waited in his cabin.
The boat had been stopped in port for hours. Apparently, one of the trainer's Onix broke out of it's pokeball and the crew had spent the last hour trying to put it back in. Chris glanced at the clock, 4:00, only an hour until Professor Oak closed the lab to new trainers and he wouldn't be able to get a Pokémon for another year. "Assuming there are any left..." he mumbled to himself. After a half-hour more of waiting a voice came over the intercom

"This is your captain speaking, sorry for the delay. We will now be de-embarking the ship. Thank you for patience and we hope your enjoy your stay."

Chris quickly grabbed his bag and ran off the ship.

Glancing at his watch he saw that he only had 15 minutes left, and he was still 2 miles away from Pallet Town.

In Pallet Town, Professor Oak was packing up "Well, I guess there are no more trainers for today, guess ill head to Delia's for dinner."

Suddenly someone busted through the door
"Proffesor- Oak- I'm- here- I- made it." stammered Chris

"Hm I was wondering if you would show up, its almost 5. You must be...umm..."

"Koji (see bio)" replied Chris

"Ah yes, Koji, you called on the ship, correct?"


"Alright let’s get you your first Pokémon, shall we?"

"Ok, I though really hard about this, and I'm going to choose Charmander!"

"Umm... remember, you are late..."

"Oh...Yeah... How about Squirtle?"








Suddenly the Phone rang. "Oh, I should get that. Koji, can you wait here?"

"I guess..."

Chris sat down, head between his hands. He couldn't think of what he would do if he couldn't get a Pokémon. He couldn’t go back to Sootopolis and he couldn't stay at Pallet.
He could slightly overhear Professor Oak. Apparently he was talking to someone named 'Elm'.
About 10 minutes later. Professor Oak returned.

"Well Koji, that was Professor Elm, one of the Professors in the Johto region, he has one Pokémon left."

"Really which one?! What type?"

"He sending it over now"

Chris looked at the computer, and saw a light coming from the PC transporter, it shaped into a ball which Professor Oak picked up.

"Koji, meet your new partner, Totodile." With that Professor Oak opened the ball, revealing a Totodile. It looked like any normal Totodile, except for the one green stripe running horizontally across it's snout.

"Well, I guess we're going to be partners Totodile.

"Totodile" it replied jumping onto Chris's backpack. It then proceeded to throw out a few things before getting back onto it.

"Umm...Totodile, we need the map... and my wallet... and the sleeping bag..."

"Ha, looks like it likes you. Professor Elm wanted to look at that green stripe across it's snout, but he thought that you would need it more and that it would be happier with you."

"(Lol) Yeah"

"Well Koji, if you want to catch up to the other trainers, you better leave ASAP. Here is your pokedex and 5 pokeballs."

"Alright. Thanks Professor Oak, next time you see me, I’ll be at the Indigo Plateau!"

"Ha ha. They all say that."

"Ready, Totodile? Let’s go!"


And with that, Chris and Totodile left the Lab, ready to start their adventure.
(fixed spaces)

Patriots Fan 2010
October 19th, 2008, 7:25 PM
To Everybody: We still need AdvancedK9 to write his post down so we can move on.

Tom Brady 2010
October 23rd, 2008, 5:45 PM
Hey guys, when my brother comes back in after he gets something out of his car, he's going to empty some space so we can get started here so please wait quietly until he comes back on.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 23rd, 2008, 6:11 PM
To Everybody: I deleted AdvancedK9 out of the roleplay because I think he's not coming.


1. Write down your own storyline what goes down so far when you enter route one.
2. Describe how you caught your first Pokemon.
3. Describe what item you found in route one.

Name: Pidgey
Level: 2-3
Nature: Any
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Attacks: Tackle and Sand Attack

Name: Rattata
Level: 2-3
Nature: Any
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Attacks: Tackle and Tail Whip

Name: Pidgey
Level: 2-3
Nature: Any
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Attacks: Tackle and Sand Attack

Name: Rattata
Level: 2-3
Nature: Any
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Attacks: Tackle and Tail Whip

Name: Sentret
Level: 2-3
Nature: Any
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Attacks: Tackle and Defense Curl

Name: Hoothoot
Level: 2-3
Nature: Any
Gender: 50% Male/50% Female
Attacks: Tackle and Growl

Tom Brady 2010
October 23rd, 2008, 6:28 PM
When Adrian was just walking inside route one, he saw the wild Pidgey flying past him and saw many other Pokemon wonder in the high grasses. When he was walking in the grasses, he spotted that a poor little Pidgey was hurt. He cared for its aid and helped it out. He tried to let it go out of his hands but the wild Pidgey stayed there. Adrian was looking at it and the wild Pidgey gave him the mad eye.

"Alright Pidgey! If you want a Pokemon battle you got one!" exclaimed Adrian.

Adrian sent out Squirtle and when Squirtle came out of its pokeball, it was happy.

"Okay Squirtle, use Tackle!" commanded Adrian.

Squirtle charged up and ran at the wild Pidgey. The wild Pidgey got hurt and when it got up off of the ground it charged at Squirtle and used Tackle also.

"Use Tackle again Squirtle!" commanded Adrian.

Squirtle charged at the wild Pidgey again and when it got hit, the wild Pidgey was getting damaged again. The wild Pidgey looked weak so Adrian grabbed out an empty pokeball from his bag and threw it at the wild Pidgey. Adrian was happy that the wild Pidgey was caught. When he put back his two pokeballs back in his bag, he contunued to walk in route one.

When Adrian was continuing walking along route one, he saw an item ball that was laying on the ground so he grabbed it and opened it. When he looked inside the item ball, it was a Potion so he put it in his bag and continued walking. Later after when he was still walking, he saw a sign that said "Viridian City up ahead".

When Adrian read the sign, he ran to the front entrance.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 23rd, 2008, 6:30 PM
To Tom Brady 2010: Congratulations! You caught a level 2 female Pidgey!

October 23rd, 2008, 8:25 PM
"Mom! Dad! Grandpa! I'm Home! Hello? Oh whats this?"

Rei picked up a note left at the foot of the door.

"What? They went to Viridian City without telling me before I left? Talk about unfair. This stinks Cyndaquil!" Said Rei angrilly.

"Cynda?" The Cyndaquil looked up at Rei seeming worried.

"Don't worry, we can get there ourselves and if we're lucky, we can catch a pokemon along the way." Rei said with a smile.

Rei walked with her Cyndaquil at her side to Route 1, as she walked more, she saw a flock of wild Pidgeys, She quickly took out a pokeball and Commanded Cyndaquil to attack.

"Ready Cyndaquil? Okay use Tackle!"

Cyndaquil dashed up to the Pidgey who was minding its own business and rammed it making it get knocked over. The Pidgey got angry and used Sand attack and then swooped towards Cyndaquil and used Tackle.

"Oh no Cyndaquil! C'mon lets use Tackle again!"

Cyndaquil obeyed Rei and Used Tackle once more, the Pidgey got knocked down again trying to get back up.

"Ok I think you're supposed to catch it once its weak right? Okay Goooo Pokeball!!"

Rei Hurled the Red and White Pokeball at the wild Pidgey, She was hoping that she would catch it. The Pokeball stopped glowing and then Rei Jumped for Joy!

"YES!! I caught my first pokemon!! YES YES YES!! We did it Cyndaquil!!"

Rei Grabbed the pokeball and stuffed it in her pocket, after she ran up to Cyndaquil and gave it a big hug.

"You did great little guy, you're an amazing partner."

"Quil, quil!" Shouted the little Cyndaquil happily.

Rei and Cyndaquil continued along Route 1 hoping there would be more to catch.

"Cynda!!" Shouted Cyndaquil trying to warn Rei about the branch about to hit her head.

"What is it Cyndaquil? I know how to get there of course, we just have to follow this OWWWW!!!"

Rei walked right into the sharp branch that hit her right in the face.

"MAN!! I HATE IT WHEN THAT HAPPENS!!!" Rei shouted as she was rubbing her injured face.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 24th, 2008, 10:08 AM
To Bamachi: Congratulations! You caught a level 3 male Pidgey!

EDIT: I like that when you wrote that you hit a tree! I hope you get done healing!

October 24th, 2008, 10:43 AM
Naomi was walking along Route 1 with Lalachichi by her side. The girl had a scowl marring her face and it was all Lalachichi's fault, said Charmander was smirking, Naomi had finally reached home with the Golden Charmander and her Mother instantly fell in love with the lizard, who was like an angel sent from heaven in front of her mom but a down right demon when it was just them together, whenever Roxanne would turn her head, fussing over the fact Naomi came home with injuries and she hadn't even gotten to Route 1 yet, Lalachichi would stick its tongue out at her or make obscene gestures and Naomi would glare and yell back, only to be scolded by her mother.

All-in-all Naomi was in a pissy mood because her Charmander was a devious little tyke and turned her mom against her "It's not fair" she grumbled crossing her arms over her chest "I was her daughter first, so why does she suddenly take a liking to you and trusts you more than me?" the question was rhetorical but Lalachichi answered her with a smirk and a taunt "Charmander Char Charmander" Naomi just glared at the smug lizard and stalked on, ignoring her starter at the moment.

"Hmm I should find another Pokemon, better than Lalachichi who'll actually listen to me around here" the black haired girl murmured scanning the area for a Pokemon. Lalachichi seemed to have over heard Naomi in all her muttering and frowned, he'd show her the better Pokemon, narrowing his blue eyes Lalachichi searched and searched until he found what looked to be a suitable battling opponent and attacked, lashing out with his claws.

Hey... what's this? Naomi's foot had caught something while she walked angrily ahead of Lalachichi. It was a small yellow spray bottle looking item "It's... an Antidote, I wonder who dropped it" she murmured placing it in her pack

"Tret! Sentret Sen!"

"Chaaar Charmander!"

Naomi had just finished putting the antidote away when she turned to look back at Lalachichi, wondering what all the noise was about and found him glaring at a Sentret, it had a big round body with stubby arms and two small feet, a striped tail which it was standing on and long black ears and a white ring on its belly, they were both staring each other down, waiting for one to move "Lalachichi what are you doing!? Leave that Sentret be!" Lalachichi looked confused for a moment and that was all Sentret needed before it scratched Lalachichi on the nose, the lizard howled and lash back with its own claws.

"Hey...Stop it you two!"



Sentret and Lalachichi had charged at each other one last time and Lalchichi had come out victorious, smirking as he stood before the Sentret, who had a scratch on its cheek and pouted in defeat "Charmander Cha-arrr" Lalachichi teased and Sentret scowled. Maybe I should catch it. Naomi pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it awkwardly at the scowling Sentret, it bounced off the Pokemon's head and engulfed it in a bright light, the ball rocked back and fourth ominously before dinging, indicating the animal had been caught.

"Alright! I caught a Sentret."

Wolf in the Rain
October 24th, 2008, 1:22 PM
"3 miles to Viridian..." groaned Chris as he read the sign.

"Dile..." Totodile groaned All of a sudden, Totodile's stomach growled.

"Toto, totodile" said, obviously wanting some food.

"Sorry Totodile, It looks like we ate the last supllies the last time we stopped.

"Di Dile" Totodile exclaimed, searching though the bag.

"Totodile... I just put all of that back in..."

While Totodile was searching, Chris noticed a potion on the ground, he
threw it in the pile of stuff which Totodile had made.

Finally, Totodile found what he was looking for, a sandwich!"

"Lemme see that Totodile" It had a tag on the bag "'Samuel Oak order #23 Bologna and Cheese'. Totodile, did you take this from Professor Oak?"

"Dile" Totodile shrugged

'Well, it wont do Professor Oak any good now, lets take a break."

Chris and Totodile sat down and carefully unwrapped the sandwich and split in in half.

"this should hold us over until we get to Viridian City. Lets Eat!"


As Chris went to take the first bite out of his half, he thought he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Suddenly, a blur swooped down and took his sandwich.

"What the??" Chris exclaimed looking up into the tree when the blur had landed. It was a Pidgey!

"Pidgey" it cooed

"Hey that's my sandwich, Give it back!"
The Pidgey paid no attention as it swallowed the sandwich, "Pigey Pidgey Pidgey" It mocked, dancing back and forth on the branch.

"Toto Toto Dile" Totodile chanted, laughing.

"It isn't funny Totodile!"
Just then, the Pidgey went down into another dive, this time taking Totodile's sandwich.

All of a sudden Totodile's eye's lit up with flames. They looked at where the Pidgey landed, just in time to see it swallow the sandwich.

"Stupid Pidgey. Ready to get some revenge Totodile?"


"Good, lets go. Totodile use... wait...uhh... wait moves can you do?"

"Totodile" Totodile sighed

"Lemme check the Pokedex"

Chris pulled out the Pokedex and turned it on."Brring, Welconme to Dexter 3.0. Search Pokemon here"

Chris clicked on 'Totodile'

"PING, Totodile Despite the smallness of its body, Totodile's jaws are very powerful. While the Pokemon may think it is just playfully nipping, its bite has enough power to cause serious injury. Usable moves at level 5 are.... Scratch...Leer...Water Gun... and Ice Beam"

Chris clicked on Ice Beam.

"PING. Ice Beam, an ice type move strong against, Grass...Flying...Dragon...Ground"

"Pidgey's a flying type, so Totodile, use Ice Beam!

Totodile opened it's mouth, getting ready for its attack. But all that came out were a few snowflakes.

"PING. However, let it be known that Ice Beam can only be preformed though selective breeding, or intense trading."

" Yea, thanks Dex. Wish I knew that earlier...well, lets try Scratch!"

Totodile leaped into the air readying to unleash an attack.

However the Pidgey used gust sending Totodile flying into a tree.

"You OK Totodile?"

"Totodile" It said standing up

"Good...Alright, since short range attack wont work, well use long range. This is for eating our sandwich. Use Water Gun!!"

Totodile opened his mouth again, but this time, instead of snowflakes, a stream of water came out of it's mouth.

The Pidgey then swooped of the branch, dodging the randomly firing water left and right.

"Dang" Chris thought "It keeps dodging all of the Water Gun attacks, its just too fast. Alright, calm down... think..." He looked around at his surroundings "Wait, thats it!"

"Totodile aim to the left of Pidgey!"

"Totodile?" It said looking at Chris quizzically

"Trust me Totodile"

Totodile then shot a stream of water to the left of Pidgey.

Pidgey saw this and swerved right.

"Perfect now again to the right!"

Totodile shot another stream to the right of Pidgey

Pidgey again swerved, this time to the left.

"Pidgey Pidgey Pidgey" it sang while avoiding the attacks

"Once more Totodile, to the right!!" Chris Yelled

"TO TO DILE" Totodile yelled as it unleashed a huge stream of water.

Pidgey dodged again, right into a tree. Chris wasn't directing poorly aimed attacks, he was directing the Pidgey into the only tree in the field.

"OK Pokeball, GO"

Chris threw the Pokeball, hitting the Pidgey in the head. It was sucked into the ball. The ball glowed a bright red before finally cooling down.

"Yes! I caught my First Pokemon!!"

"Totodile!" Totodile exclaimed.

"Well Totodile, i hoped you learned your lesson, don't steal sandwiches!"

Laughing, the two packed up their things and headed off to Viridian City with a new partner.

(Hey sorry if its too long. Bored. If it is too long, PM me.)

October 24th, 2008, 2:27 PM
Sorry, I'm dropping out of this. I have been elected runner of an RP, and I'm gonna have to drop one if I will have the time.

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October 25th, 2008, 11:42 AM
To ShadowYashi: Congratulations! You caught a level 2 male Sentret!
To Bamachi: Congratulations! You caught a level 3 male Pidgey!

Patriots Fan 2010
October 27th, 2008, 7:31 AM

1. Write down your own storyline what goes down so far when you enter Viridian City.
2. Describe how you first come inside a PokeCenter or PokeMart.
3. Write down how you also did inside Viridian City.
4. Describe how you leave Viridian City.

Wolf in the Rain
October 27th, 2008, 1:23 PM
Ch. 3

"Wow Totodile, these buildings sure are big..."

"Toto..." Totodile replied, also flabbergasted by the size of the buildings.

" These are tons bigger then the ones in Sootopolis, and at least twice as big as Mossdeep."

Chris stood in the middle of the bustling street, staring straight up. All of the buildings seemed to go on forever.

"Hey kid, you gunna move anytime soon?"

Chris turned around, seeing a man in a sports car behind him. He was about 6' 1'' ft had a strong New Bark Town accent.

"City's dangerous enough without you playing in the street. Plenty of other stuff to hit. You a trainer?"
he asked, seeing the Totodile.

"Umm.. Yes Sir. My name's Koji"

"Alright, hop in. By the way, my names Chip. I'll give you a ride to the center."

"The what?"

" So your a rookie huh. Well the Pokemon Center or just center for short, is a place where trainers go to get their Pokemon healed and checked up on. Yous guys are pretty lucky. Trainers are free.

Chris then remembered there being a Pokemon Center in Sootopolis. He had been in there once or twice with his father and his Venusaur.

" I was just on my way to get my Machoke healed. You got anything else then that Totodile?"

" Yeah, a Pidgey i got at Route One."

"Hm, so your not a complete rookie after all. I remember i didn't capture my first Pokemon till Mt. Moon. Oh, looks like were here."

Chris and Chip got out of the car and walked to the entrance of the Pokemon center. The doors automatically opened as they walked through. The inside of the center looked like the inside of a normal hospital. A women with Reddish-Pink hair stood behind the counter.

"Welcome to the Pokemon Center! My name is Nurse Joy. How can I help you?

"Hello," Chip replied, "my friend and I would like to get our Pokemon healed."

" Ok, please put you Pokemon on the separate trays"

Chris returned Totodile to it's ball and placed Pidgey's pokeball and Totodile's ball on the tray. During this time Chris looked over and saw Chip place 4 balls on the tray. Afterward, they both sat down.

"So you used to be a trainer." asked Chris

" One of the best, made it all the way to the top 16 at the Indigo Plateau."

"Yeah, I was going to head to the gym of this city, you know where it is?

"Don't bother kid, the gym is closed."

"What why?!"

" I don't know, about a year ago, the gym closed and the leader vanished. Sorry kid, you'll have to get your badge at Pewter City."

" Pewter City? Where's that?"

"Wow kid, are you really that unprepared? Well, I was the same way. I suggest you go to a Poke Mart and buy the PokePhone V III. It's like a cell phone and a Poke Nav in one. There's a mart right next to the center, go visit it after you get your Pokemon healed."

"Ding Dong," a voice came over the intercom " Chip, your Pokemon are ready"

"Well looks like I'm done, see you around Koji"

"Right, see ya. Thanks for the advice."

<Geez> Chris thought <I ran away to get away from people telling me what to do, still, it was some good advice.> He looked at the clock, his Pokemon weren't due out for another half hour <I should head over to the store now before it's too late>

With that thought, Chris left the Poke Center and headed to the Poke Mart next door. After browsing around, he finally found what Chip was talking about, the Poke Phone V III. It was 5,000 P! He looked into his wallet, he only had 7,000 P, his life savings he brought along with him. He decided he would wait untill he got to the next town, since the phone was relatively new, it would probably go down in price by the time he got to Pewter. After all he just had to follow the signs, how hard could it be?

He returned to the Pokemon Center just in time to hear that his Pokemon were ready. He picked them up and quickly released Totodile out of it's ball.

"Toto! Toto!" it yelled angrily.

"Sorry Totodile, it was mandatory. Well, it's getting kind of late, we'll have to head to Pewter City tomorrow but for now, how bout some training?"

"Totodile!" replied Totodile, eager to get to training.

The pair headed outside.

"O.k. Come on out Pidgey"

In a flash of light, PIdgey flew out of the ball and landed on Chris's shoulder.

"Pidgey, I want to see how fast you can move through those trees, I'll be timing you. Ready...1...2...3...GO!"

Pidgey darted through the trees with great speed.

"Good job Pidgey! Keep it up!"

Turning it's head it cooed "Pidgey Pid"

But as soon as it turned it's head back, it slammed right into a tree and slammed into the ground.

Chris ran over to the fallen bird "Pidgey! You O.K?"

"Pidgey" it replied as it flapped it wings to get back upright.

"Pidgey, you've got to keep focus on what your doing at all times. You can't be side-tracted by noises. You've got to focus, lets try again."

This time, Pidgey darted through ten trees and back in 30 seconds. After a few more trys, they had trimmed it down to 25 seconds.

"Good job Pidgey!" complimented Chris, "Now lets try something else." Chris picked up a stick. "Now, I'm going to throw this stick up into the air. Pidgey I wan't you to use Gust. Totodile, I wan't you to try to use your Ice Beam."

Totodile looked at Chris sceptically.

"I know you are nervous, but this is the only way you can master it." Chris threw the stick up in the air, Pidgey then quickly used gust to blow it father in the air. "Now Totodile use Ice Beam!"

Totodile opened its mouth, but only a few snowflakes came out again. After a few more tries, they had escalated it to a stream of cold air.
The sun soon set, forcing them to turn in.

The next day Chris and Totodile headed off to Pewter City, eager to get their next badge.

Again very long...

Patriots Fan 2010
October 27th, 2008, 5:46 PM
To Wolfsrain23: Congratulations! Your Pidgey grew to level 4!

Wolf in the Rain
October 27th, 2008, 5:52 PM
To Bamachi: Congratulations! Your Pidgey grew to level 4!

Bamachi or Wolfsrain? Because Im the only one thats posted so far and last time, you said Bamchi instead of Wolfsrain.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 27th, 2008, 6:27 PM
Sorry about that, thanks for the error though.

Tom Brady 2010
October 27th, 2008, 6:57 PM
When Adrian was walking around Viridian City, he managed to go inside the PokeCenter to heal his Pokemon. When he was inside, he saw the nurse and so he walked up to her and gave her the Pokemon so she can heal them. When Aaron was waiting for his Pokemon to heal, he saw the region map and examined it.

When his Pokemon were ready to get picked up, he walked to the counter and grabbed them. When he was walking outside, he was thinking that since he started out with a Squirtle it would be weak so he decided to train it anyways so he took out his Squirtle and his Pidgey to train with each other. He told Squirtle to use Tackle and than Pidgey to use Tackle as well.

When Pidgey attacked Squirtle in the stomach, it got hurt and when Squirtle used Tackle Pidgey got hurt as well. They were training for hours and than Aaron thought it was ready so he returned them to his pokeballs and walked outside of Viridian City.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 27th, 2008, 7:06 PM
Congratulations! Your Squirtle grew to level 6 and your Pidgey grew to level 4!

October 27th, 2008, 7:27 PM
"Hey! Look Cyndaquil we're finally here!! YESS!!!!" Screamed Rei with a bandage on her cheek.

Rei ran up to the entrance and she was amazed by the buildings.

"Oh right Grandpa told me to go to the pokemon center so I guess I should head on over there."

Rei arrived at a tall building that smelled of delicious gourmet food.

"Mmmmm they even serve Gourmet lunches here, pokemon centers must have great Service huh Cyndaquil?"

"Cyndaquil!!!" Shouted Cyndaquil happily.

Rei opened the door and yelled "I'VE FINALLY ARRIVED AT THE POKEMON CENTER!!"

As a whole bunch of people stared at her while eating thier food, Rei felt like she made a mistake.

"Do you have a reservation madam?" Said a waiter who came up to her looking somewhat shocked.

"Reservations?! You need reservations for pokemon centers? Isn't that kind of stupid?"

" Um madam this is a resturaunt, not a pokemon center, the pokemon center is on the other side of the street, now if you don't have a reservation then we'd ask that you and your pokemon and your big bandage please leave." Said the Waiter who was now getting impatient.

"WHAT?! Grrrrrrr....... Lets go Cyndaquil." Said Rei feeling very angry at her foolish act.

Rei went over to the other side of the street to see the pokemon center and as she went inside she saw a Nurse Joy and she quickly knew that this was a pokemon center for sure.

"Hi there may I please have my pokemon Healed? And have you by any chance seen a woman and a man with an elderly man dressed as a priest?" Said Rei.

" Sure thing I'll just take your pokeballs and no they were here but they left and said that they might be heading toward Cerulean City."

"WHAT?! WHY?! HOW?! Oh it must've been Grandpa wanting to get around as fast as possible grrrrr..." Rei said beginning to turn red in the face with anger.

Nurse Joy handed her pokemon back and Rei left the pokemon center.

"Have a good day and thank you for coming" Said Nurse Joy with her happy smile as always.

"Well that didn't go well, Cyndaquil maybe we should train before we go to the gym but before that how about we get a bite to eat, what do you think?"

"Cynda!!" Shouted Cyndaquil happily.

"Alright then lets not go to the resturaunt across the street and lets go find another one!" Shouted Rei as she ran with Cyndaquil to look for a place to get some food.

October 27th, 2008, 9:20 PM
Naomi glanced at her Pokéball that contained her newly caught Sentret, Lalachichi stood of to the side with his arms crossed, watching her curiously. Naomi pressed the button on her Pokéball and called the Pokémon out, and then Scanned it with her Pokédex.

Sentret; The Scout Pokémon, Its very cautious by nature and raises itself up using its tail to get a better view of its surroundings and spot enemies.

"Hmm. I think I'm gonna call you Trent, how's that sound" Naomi told the Sentret, who was standing up on its tail and looking at her with curious eyes brown eyes "Sentret!" he cried nodding, liking the nickname and hopped onto her shoulder while Lalachichi snorted from his spot "Aww ignore him Trent, Lalachichi's just jealous" said Charmander growled and his blue eyes flashed dangerously, Lalachichi cried out and lunged at Trent and Naomi, the latter giggled and dashed away from the Charmander, with Trent on her shoulder, taunting the lizard by sticking out his tongue and pulling down his eye lid.

That seemed to add more fuel to Lalachichi's fire, because he started to run faster, the flame on the tip of his tail growing "Haha I think you made him even madder Trent" Naomi was having so much fun running from the enraged Charmander, the trio barely even notice it when they managed to make it to Viridian City. Naomi slowed in her running and glanced at the Pokemon Center before her, Lalachichi slowed down as well, his rage died down but he was still glaring at Trent, who just laughed and draped his tail over Naomi's shoulder.

"Let get you two healed up first okay" It didn't take long for Nurse Joy to return with Lalachichi and Trent, so afterwards she went out to train, near the edge of town "Alright Trent, I want you to use Scratch on that Pidgey" the Sentret cried out and lunged at the unsuspecting bird, who cried out in shock, before it began mercilessly Pecking at Trent's head "Dodge it Trent and Scratch again" Trent batted the Pidgey away with its tail and then retaliated with Scratch, the Pidgey had gotten even angrier and tackled Trent in the stomach, sending the scout skidding back a few feet before following up with Peck again.


"Sentret!!" Trent once again knocked the Pidgey aside with its fluffy tail and delivered a powerful scratch to the little bird, causing it to cry out in pain, before it's eyes rolled into the back of its head while Pidgey fainted "Good Job Trent!" Trent looked at Naomi proudly and leapt into her arms, hugging the girl and vice versa, Lalachichi just shook his head at the two frowning some what enviously.

Naomi seemed to notice this and she gave Trent a sly grin, he nodded in response and got into position. "Get him Trent!" That was the only warning Lalachichi got, before he was bowled over, a pair of arms hugging at his torso and a tail tickling his nose. Naomi was hugging Lalachichi and Trent was on his head, the Charmander blushed and protested, trying to escape from the girls clutches with a smile on his face.

"Haha don't worry Lalachichi, you're great too!"


The three began heading towards Viridian Forest after that little escapade, Trent on her shoulder and Lalachichi by her side, both Pokemon had wide grin's on their faces and their trainer's face mirrored them.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 28th, 2008, 12:09 PM
To Bamachi: Nice post you wrote. I liked the part when you mistaked a resturant for a PokeCenter.
To ShadowYashi: Congradulations!" Your Sentret grew to level 4!

EDIT: When I have time, I'll post the next chapter since everybody's done posting.

October 28th, 2008, 12:16 PM
Hmm I have a question. I was wondering, are our characters ever going to interact with each other, or will we all be doing separate story lines?

Patriots Fan 2010
October 28th, 2008, 12:39 PM

This chapter is interactive so you can talk to other members. This chapter is a game of figuring how to get outside of Viridian Forest and a game of last one there is a bad egg.

1. Write down your own storyline what goes down so far when you enter Viridian Forest.
2. Describe how you first come towards your first argument with the other members.
3. Write down how you caught your next Pokemon.
4. Describe how you leave Viridian Forest.

Name: Caterpie
Level: 2-3
Gender: Any
Nature: Any
Attacks: Tackle and String Shot

Name: Metapod
Level: 7
Gender: Any
Nature: Any
Attacks: Tackle, String Shot, and Harden

Name: Weedle
Level: 2-3
Gender: Any
Nature: Any
Attacks: Poison Sting and String Shot

Name: Kakuna
Level: 7
Gender: Any
Nature: Any
Attacks: Poison Sting, String Shot, and Harden

Name: Ledyba
Level: 3-4
Gender: Any
Nature: Any
Attacks: Tackle

Name: Spinarak
Level: 3-4
Gender: Any
Nature: Any
Attacks: Poison Sting and Scary Face

Wolf in the Rain
October 28th, 2008, 2:32 PM
Ch. 4

"Totodile...We are definitely lost...."

"(sigh) Totodile"

The two had left the Pokemon Center as soon as breakfast had ended, eager to head to Pewter City to get their first gym badge. However, they didn't count on getting lost in the Viridian Forest, a thick lush forest that was the link between Pewter and Viridian. Now Chris and Totodile were walking aimlessly around the forest, looking for the exit.

"Geez' Chris mumbled "Totodile, I knew I should've sprung for that PokePhoneVIII with the built in Navigator. But Noooo. I had to be stingy on the the P and not buy it. 'It will go down in price' i said."

Just then Chris got an idea.

"Hey! We can use Pidgey to find a way out. Go Pid-"

Chris suddenly froze halfway through his throw of the Pokeball. Staring straight in front of him with an extremely worried look.

"Toto?" Totodile asked quizically

Looking up Totodile saw a Spinirak directly in front of Chris.

"Spinirak" it called

"AHHH SPINIRAK!!!" Chris screamed

Chris was incredibly Spinerakniphobic. When he was young in Sootopolis, his friend's dad's Spinerak evolved into an Ariados and had snuck out of their house and into Chris's. When Chris awoke, he was greeted to it staring right at him. Chris has been Spinerakniphobic ever since.

Chris picked up Totodile and ran as fast as he could, dodging blurs of tree's and vaulting over bushes. Turning his head as he ran, he looked back, "Looked like we lost it Totodile."
All of a sudden, Chris ran into something, knocking him flat on his back

"Oww. First a tree, now a trainer. What's next a plane or a Snorlax?"

Looking up he saw a young girl about the age of 14, she had purple eyes and dark black hair and was wearing a bright red shirt and a black skirt. She also had a bandage on her face. Looking down, Chris saw that Totodile had run into a Cyndaquil.

"Cydaquil? Are you O.k?" She asked the fallen Pokemon

"Cynda..." It managed to squeak out

"You! Apologize right now!" She demanded pointing a finger at Chris

"Umm... Sorry... I didn't see you..."

"Toto Toto" said, apologizing as well

"You should be more careful! Running through the forest like that."

"I dunno, that huge bandage on your cheek tells me that you should be more careful too."

Turning her head and blushing she asked, "What were you running from anyways?"She asked

Realizing saying that they were running from one Spinirak would sound kind of lame, Chris lied "Beedrill, at least 30 of them. They were huge ones too, at least 2 feet tall."

"Toto Dile Dile" said to Totodile stretching his arms out as wide as he could.

"Yea... Anyways whats you name" She asked

"Ch- Koji" Chris said almost forgetting his alibi "And this is Totodile"

"OK, my name's Rei and this is Cyndaquil"

"Quil Quil!" It replied

"Cool, so your a trainer. How 'bout a battle?"

"No thanks, I've got to go meet some...umm...people. You haven't seen a woman and a man with an elderly man dressed as a priest in the forest have you?"

"No, i don't think so."

"GRRR. That old man sure moves fast. I got to go, see ya!" And with a smile she turned and headed off.

"WAIT!" Chris yelled "WHICH WAY IS OUT?"

"Your standing next to it"

Chris turned around and noticed a small building. A sign next to it read 'Viridian Forest-Pewter City Checkpoint.'

"Oh.." Chris said, slightly embarrassed.

And with that Chris saw the girl leave. As Chris and Totodile walked into the checkpoint and to Pewter City, they thought they heard someone yell something about running into a tree...

Yo, Bamachi or Pats Fan, if you see anything wrong or you dont like, PM me immediately and i'll change/delete it

October 28th, 2008, 4:27 PM
(don't worry wolfsrain I liked it)

Rei said her farewells to the boy named Koji and Went to find a perfect place for her and her Cyndaquil to train.

"Hey Cyndaquil how about we run for a little warm up? Sound good?"

"Cyndaquil!!" Shouted Cyndaquil happily as he began to run after Rei but noticing a tree ahead of her he tried to warn her.

"Cynda! Cynda! Cyndaquil!!" Shouted Cyndaquil.

"Oh this isn't a race just to warm ourselves up c'mon lets go fast-AUGHHH!!!!" Rei slammed into a tree right in front of her. " Why does this always happen to me?! I won't say that Koji was right because these were just accidents and maybe Grandpa placed one of his priest hexes on me." Said Rei angrilly.

"Cynda....." Said Cyndaquil giving her a funny look.

"Its True!!" Exclaimed Rei. "He does that sometimes for fun! Anyways, Hey! isn't that a Caterpie?"

The Caterpie slid up to Rei trying to climb on top of her.

"EWWW! What is it doing!? Quick Cyndaquil use Tackle twice!" Commanded Rei.

Cyndaquil obeyed her orders and rammed The Caterpie once which send it into a tree and it used tackle once again making it nearly faint.

"Okay I think its pokeball time, GO POKEBALL!!!!!" Rei yelled as she hurled the pokeball at Caterpie. The pokeball trapped Caterpie inside and it started to shake and shake until it stopped.

"YES I GOT A CATERPIE!!!" Yelled Rei as she held up the pokeball proudly. "Alright Cyndaquil do you think its time we head back to that checkpoint to Pewter City? I think its time for a gym battle."

"Quil!" Said Cyndaquil who seemed happy.

"Alright lets go! Oh wait I should take off my bandage now its probably healed by now and if that Koji guy sees me with it again he might get a good laugh, if he does I'll have to knock his teeth out!" Said Rei as she began to pull it off. "Ugh this is kinda hurting pulling it slowly. I'll just pull it out fast YEEEOWCH!!!!!!!" Rei screamed as she took the bandage off with full force.

"Well lets get going Cyndaquil." Said Rei as she saw the buildings of Pewter City.

October 29th, 2008, 8:23 PM
"Scratch Lalachichi!"

" Charmander Char Char!"

Lalachichi scratched at the Kakuna, who glared menacingly at the Charmander and fired off a barrage of poison tipped needles, also known as Poison Sting, the attack hit Lalachichi square in the chest and he winced before gritting his teeth and growled at the Kakuna.

"Scratch again!"

Lalachichi lundged at the bug, who's shell shined briefly, indicating it had used Harden and Charmander's claws came scratching down on the shell, but it seemed to have done no damage. "Alright, back off Lalachichi, I'm gonna catch it" her golden Charmander backed off the Kakuna and Naomi tossed a Pokeball at the Cacoon Pokemon. It blinked for a few moments before stoping and pinging, indicating the bug had been caught.

"Okay. This Kakurna should be a great addition to our team" Naomi murmured, placing the captured Kakuna's Pokeball in her pocket Lalachichi nodded and stood beside her, panting slightly "You alright Lalachichi?" Naomi glanced at her starter who nodded and walked on.

Naomi glanced at Lalachichi ""You don't look okay" she murmured giving the Charmander a worried glance "Charmander Char Char" he give her a smirk and folded his arms, clearly telling her he was alright "Okay, I'll take your word for it" she mumbled to herself.

"Now how the heck are we gonna get out of this forest"

"Trent. C'mon out" Naomi pulled out a Pokeball and tossed it in the air, and Trent her Sentret came out, standing erect on his tail "Trent, I need ya to find us a way outta the forest, can you do that?" Trent nodded and saluted at Naomi "Sentret!" he cried before running off into the forest.

"I guess now we play the waiting game" she murmured scratching her head "Charmander Char" Lalachichi just shook his head as he watched his trainer "Man, I gotta train you guys, otherwise I won't stand a chance against Brock, so far out of you three, none of you stand a chance" Lalachichi puffed out his chest, feeling insulted "Charmander!" he glared at Naomi, who brushed it off.

"I'm serious Lalachichi, you don't stand a chance against Brock's Pokemon with the state your in now. So when we get to Pewter, I'm gonna train you guys!" Naomi pumped a fist in the air and Lalachichi stared blankly at her outburst and he muttered under his breath, something that sounded akin to weirdo.

Naomi was going to reply, but she saw Trent sprinting towards them in the distance "Hey Trent! You found a way out buddy!" she waved at the Sentret, who just dashed pass the two Lalachichi and Naomi blinked at one another "What's his problem?" Lalachichi shrugged in response and turned around, only to widen his eyes and run off in the same direction as Trent.

"What are you running away for Lalachi.....chi" Naomi gulped as the words died on her lips. Standing, well more like floating behind her, was a swarm full of Beedrill and they looked absolutely miffed, whatever Trent did must've really pissed them off.

"Oh my mew" Naomi took off seconds later, when the Beedrill gave war cries and began diving at the girl. I guess you could say it was a good and bad thing that Trent angered the Beedrill, the good news is, they managed to escape with their lives and get out of Viridian Forest, the bad news is, it was getting late and she had been lost in there for quite a while and she didn't get any training in.

"Aww fudge, maybe next time" Naomi sighed and headed towards Pewter City's Pokemon Center, to rest both herself and her Pokemon.

Patriots Fan 2010
October 30th, 2008, 10:18 AM
To Bamachi: Congratulations! You caught a female level 2 Caterpie!
To ShadowYashi: Congratulations! You caught a male level 7 Kakuna!

Tom Brady 2010
October 30th, 2008, 10:29 AM
If anyone doesn't like my dialogue, please leave your comments on my profile messager.

When Adrian was walking inside Viridian Forest, he knew that he was going to have some trouble finding his way out of the forest so he just minded his own business and walked the path he was about to go through. When he was walking along the trail, he saw a Metapod and he thought that it was easy to defeat and capture so he brought out Squirtle and commanded him.

"Okay Squirtle, use tackle now!" commanded Adrian.

Squirtle ran towards the wild Metapod and than when Squirtle hit the wild Metapod in the hard shell, it cracked a little. Metapod stood still and used Harden.

"Okay now Squirtle, come back towards me and run fast as you can!" commanded Adrian.

Squirtle ran fast as he could and than when Squirtle hit the wild Metapod, Adrian knew that it was weak so he grabbed out a pokeball and threw it at the wild Metapod. The wild Metapod was caught and than Adrian kept on walking inside Viridian Forest. He kept on walking and walking until he hit his head on a tree.

He quickley got up and when he saw the uprise of Pewter City, he started to run along the trail farther and farther.

Patriots Fan 2010
November 3rd, 2008, 11:30 AM
Congratulations! You caught a level 7 male Metapod


1. Write down your own storyline what goes down so far when you enter Pewter City.
2. Describe how you first come inside a PokeCenter or PokeMart.
3. Write down how you won the Pokemon battle against Brock.
4. Describe how you leave Pewter City

Wolf in the Rain
November 3rd, 2008, 2:29 PM
Ch. 5

After Chris left the checkpoint he headed straight to Pewter City. In 20 minutes, he had reached the city limits.

"Here it is Totodile, the place where we get out first badge!"

"TO-TO-DILE!" said Totodile in agreement.

"Alright!" exclaimed Chris "Lets go!"

Chris and Totodile headed to the city, in the direction of the gym, or so they thought.

About half an hour later, Chris realized they were lost.

"Why do we always get lost...that Rei girl has probably already beat the gym and is probably in Cerulean by now. I can only imagine how far the other trainers are in front of us."

Looking around, Chris spotted a PokeMart.

"Yes! Maybe they have that PokePhoneNav." Chris entered the store

"Hi, umm...do you have the PokePhoneNav?" Chris asked the clerk

"Nope sorry, just sold the last one. Wathcha looking for anyways?"

"The Gym, but I have no idea where it is"

"The Pewter gym is down the street, two blocks from here. But...if I were you, I'd hit the Pokemon center for a night of rest first. The Viridian Forest can take a lot out of you. The PokeCenter is right next to the gym."

"Alright, Thanks" replied Chris

Taking the clerk's advice, Chris and Totodile headed to the Pokemon Center for a night of rest. Before the sun set they started working on Totodile's Ice Beam attack. After a few hours, they had improved from a stream of cold air, to a thin, narrow, light blue beam. After the sun had set, Chris checked Pidgey's and Totodiles moves, as well as rock type moves, then went to sleep.

The next day, Chris had his pokemon healed and headed to the gym.

The gym looked like a giant rock from the outside with a big sign that read "Pewter Gym"

"Geez Totodile...how'd we miss that" Chris said sarcasticallly.

Chris and Totodile headed to the main entrance and opened the door, the gym was pitch black.

"Umm...HELLO!" Chris yelled into the darkness. Suddenly, a spotlight appeared on Chris.

"Welcome, to the Pewter Gym challenger number two, my name Brock." Chris also noted the TV crew behind Brock, filming the encounter.

"My name's Koji and I would like to challenge for a badge."

"(Humph) How many pokemon do you have Koji"

"Two Sir"

"Ok then, this will be a two on two battle"

A spotlight then focused on the referee in the middle.

"HEY!" exclaimed Chris "You're the guy from the pokemart"

"Yeah, my name is Jake, I do both the PokeMart and also referee here sometimes. Anyways this will be a 2 on 2 battle with only the challenger being allowed to switch. Koji, you have the first move"

<alright, I should save Totodile for last, since that's what he'll be expecting.> Chris thought ot himself

"Go Pidgey! exclaimed Chris

"Geodude, Go!" yell Brock in response.

Chris closed his eyes <Ok, first battle. Stay calm, you seen this 8,000 times. Remember how Stevin battled, along with everyone else you've seen. Just remain calm.>


Remembering the moves he checked the night before, he called out "Pidgey, use Sand Attack!"

Pidgey swooped down and threw sand in the Geodude's eyes impairing its vision.

"Good idea" complemented Brock, "However, this stratigy has been used before, and Geodude can still hit you. Use Rock throw Geodude!"

Geodude rocketed rocks from the ground at Pidgey.

"Quick Pidgey, dodge now!

Now, Chris was on defense, dodging rocks left and right.

<Dang...Pidgey cant keep this up forever> Then, as if on cue, Pidgey was hit square in the face by a rock, then plummeted to the ground.

"Pidgey, are you ok?"

The small bird got right back up into the air.

<dang, that rock throw is keeping us on defense, if only...> Chris then got an idea.

"Pidgey fly directly above Geodude!"

"Quick Geodude, use Rock Throw before they can try anything!"

Geodude threw a rock straight up at Pidgey.

"Pidgey, dodge right now!"

The rock barely missed Pidgey, zooming right past it, before falling back down to the floor, hitting Geodude square in the head.

Dazed, but not knocked out, the Geodude swayed left to right.


Pidgey rammed into the Geodude, knocking it into the wall and knocking it out.

"Pidgey is unable to battle" said Jake "Pidgey is the winner."

"Great Job Pidgey"

"Pidgey" it cooed back.

"Good idea, using Geodude's own move against him." Complemented brock. "But that won't work against my next pokemon. GO ONYX!"

Brock threw out a pokeball, and a large rock-snake was beamed out.

"Pidgey vs Onyx. BEGIN!" exclaimed Jake

"Ok Pidgey, use sand-attack!"

As Pidgey swooped down Brock yelled "Not fast enough, use Bind Onyx"

Onyx's tail slammed sown on Pidgey, knocking it out.

"Pidgey is unable to battle, Onyx is the winner!"

"Good Job Onyx," said Brock

"For my last Pokemon, I choose Totodile!"

"Totodile!" Totodile exclaimed as he jumped off Chris backpack and onto the field.

"Totodile vs Onyx. Begin!"

"Totodile lets wrap this up fast, use Water Gun!

Totodile let loose a stream of water from it's mouth

"Quick Onyx, block with your tail! Brock told Onyx

Onyx blocked the incoming stream of water with it's tail.

"HA. I've fought many water Pokemon over the years. As long as water doesn't touch Onyx's face, we'll win. Use Slam Onyx!"

"Totodile dodge!

Onyx's tail slammed down onto the floor, right where Totodile was only seconds before.

"now Totodile, jump onto Onyx's tail!"

Totodile jumped on Onyx's tail and Onyx accidentally vaulted Totodile into the air above it.

"Lets finish this battle with a Water Gun!"

Totodile let it's most powerful Water Gun yet hitting Onyx square in the head, knocking it out.

"Onyx is unable to battle, Koji and Totodile are declared the winner!"

We did it Totodile!" Chris exclaimed as Totodile jumped into his arms

"Toto Toto!"

Brock approached Chris "Congratulations Koji, here is your BoulderBadge, you deserve it after a great first battle like that. Ill be watching you closely. And thanks to this camera crew, this battle was broadcast all over Pewter City. Good Luck in your journey."

Chris then said goodbye to Jake and Brock and left to their next destination, Cerulean City, for their next badge.

November 3rd, 2008, 9:06 PM
"WE'RE HERE!!!" Shouted Rei as she entered Pewter City. She began walking with her Cyndaquil and looked at all the buildings and she decided to look for the gym. Rei began thinking of what kind of Gym leader Brock would be, she began going into deep thought she knew that he was a rock type master so she thought that fire would be much more stronger.

"Brock....... He doesn't know whats coming. I wonder if that Koji guy beat him yet, he did go farther ahead when I showed him out of the forest and he did remark my bandage!!!! I will get him back for that somehow someway. Well Cyndaquil we're here are you ready?" Asked Rei.

"CYNDA!!!" shouted Cyndaquil happily.

Rei entered the gym and saw that the room was slightly dark but as she stepped closer the lights became brighter and she finally saw Brock.

"Well well well. Looks like we have another challenger and may I say you're kinda cute." Said Brock.

"Excuse me?" Said Rei who was shocked. "Is that some kind of way to get me to let my gaurd down? It didn't work on boys when they approached me at grandpa's shrine so it won't work from you, I'm using full force on this battle!" Said Rei sounding very determined.

"Good thats what I want to hear, you seem pretty tough so let me tell you this, I won't go easy on you either so get ready, lets see you put your words to the test. How many pokemon do you have?" Asked Brock.

"I have 3.?"

"then a 3 on 2 battle it is." Said Brock.

"Let this Battle BEGIN!" Said the referee.

"Okay! Lets Go Caterpie!!" Said Rei as she summoned Caterpie.

" A caterpie huh? Okay Go Geodude!" Said Brock as he released Geodude.

"Okay Caterpie use Tackle!"

" Geodude use Defense Curl!"

Caterpie rammed into Geodude but didn't do much damage since Geodude gaurded itself.

"Now one more time Caterpie Use Tackle!"

"Geodude use Rock Throw!" Yelled Brock.

Caterpie rushed for Geodude but got hit by the rocks inflicting high damage and knocking it out.

"Caterpie is unable to battle, Geodude is the winner."

"Eh? What happened? Oh right Bug types are weak against rock. *sigh* oh well Come on out Pidgey!" Said Rei as she released Pidgey out of its pokeball.

Pidgey came out and was ready to battle the already weakened Geodude who was wobbling somewhat.

"Ok Pidgey use Quick Attack!" Commanded Rei

"Geodude use Rock throw!"

Geodude threw a rock but Pidgey avoided the attack and rammed into Geodude who was sent into the wall.

"Now Pidgey finish it off with Tackle!"

Pidgey Flew straight into Geodude and tackled it once more and it was sent flying until it fell into the ground and collapsed.

"Geodude is unable to battle. Pidgey Wins." Said the referee.

"Ok go Onix." Said Brock as he sent out Onix.

"Okay Pidgey Use Tackle!"

Onix hit Pidgey with its giant tail before it could even get out of the way. The impact was powerful enough to send Pidgey into a wall with a crash, Pidgey ended up Fainting.

"Pidgey is Unable to Battle Onix wins!"

"Okay Ready Cyndaquil?" Asked Rei?

Cyndaquil nodded and jumped into the arena.

"Okay Cyndaquil use tackle!"

"Onix hit it with your tail!"

Perfect Thought Rei. "Cyndaquil jump over the tail and use Ember with Full Force!" Commanded Rei.

Cyndaquil jumped onto Onix's tail and jumped high up and focused hard to create a powerful Ember. It hit Onix right in the face knocking him out.

"Onix is unable to battle, the winner is Rei." Announced the referee.

"YES! WE DID IT!!! I'm so proud of all of you!"

"Congratulations Rei." Said Brock as he approached her. "Your words definatly were true and as of that you deserve this badge." Said Brock as he handed her the Boulder Badge.

"Wow thanks Brock! I guess I'll head for Cerulean now, bye!!" Said Rei as she ran off with Cyndaquil.

" Good luck on your journey. Man she was kinda cute though, I guess I missed my chance." Said Brock as he gave a heavy Sigh.

Patriots Fan 2010
November 4th, 2008, 11:04 AM
EDIT: Please go to the OCC thread to write down what moves you want your Pokemon to have.

To Wolfsrain: Congratulations! You've earned the Boulder Badge! Your Totodile grew to level 10! Your Pidgey grew to level 13!

To Congratulations! You've earn the Boulder Badge! Your Pidgey grew to level 13! Your Cyndaquil grew to level 10!

Vayle Rosehart
November 5th, 2008, 1:08 PM
Name: Black
Age: 15
Appearence: Long, curly brown hair arranged in a very lengthly ponytail adorns the top of his head. Long curled bangs frame a bespectacled handsome young face, eyes of hazel fixed with confident determination. Traditionally wears darkened clothing, along with a long, thin crimson scarf which hides his face from the nose down.
History: Claims to be older brother to Red, who has recently moved to Pallet Town to come to fully know his family. He contains deep secrets about Red's true father and Team Rocket that could change everything! Black sets off on a journey with his faithful Growlithe, Ares, accompanying him to find Red, and to topple him as the single most powerful Pokemon Trainer known!

((This okay? I can rearrange it if you'd like. Are we only allowed one starter?))

Patriots Fan 2010
November 7th, 2008, 10:56 AM
To Vayle Rosehart: Since you have been waiting for a good choice to come and join, you will start in route four and you going to have one or three pokemon which are in the starter form.

November 7th, 2008, 6:53 PM
"Alright Kakuna. I want you to use Tackle on Lalachichi" Naomi turned towards her starter and pointed towards the pod "and Lalachichi you counter with Scratch, now GO!" That was the signal and both Pokémon rushed into battle. Lalachichi managing to get a few well earned scratches on Kakuna's hardened shell and Kakuna was able to get Lalachichi a few times in the stomach.

"Sentret! Sen! Sentret!"

Trent was beside Naomi, looking at her expectantly “Ohh, you wanna train too Trent?” Naomi asked the Scout Pokémon. Trent nodded his head furiously “Tret! Sentret!” the black haired girl laughed nervously and scratched her head “Umm I’m sorry Trent, but I don’t have anyone for you to train with and I don’t see any Pokémon around” Trent's eyes lowered sadly and his ears drooped, Naomi felt bad "Aww Trent. Don't be upset" Trent just sighed sadly and Naomi hugged him tightly "I'm sorry buddy, when the time comes to fight Brock, I'll let ya go first." Trent brightened up at that and nodded happily "Sentret! Sen Tret!"

Naomi smiled slightly, before glancing back at Lalachichi and Kakuna the two were panting, but looked to be okay, just a few scratches here and there, nothing to serious. Kakuna had charged at Lalachichi and hit him in the stomach and Lalachichi responded by grabbing the pod and tossing it into a nearby tree Naomi couldn’t help but wince slightly before she called out to the two “Alright guys, that’s enough… Kakuna and Trent return” both the scout and the pod were absorbed in a flash of neon red light.

“C’mon Lalachichi, lets get you guys to the Pokémon Center and then we’ll head on over to the PokéMart to get some supplies” Lalachichi nodded and followed Naomi toward the center, once there she left Lalachichi and the others in the nurses care before taking a seat, she had wait a few minutes before Nurse Joy returned with her Pokémon “There, good as new” the red haired nurse replied softly, giving Naomi a smile.

“Thanks Nurse Joy! I’ll be off now” Naomi pocketed her Pokéballs and headed over to the Pewter Gym, the room was dark when she entered “Umm Hello” Naomi called out cautiously scanning the darkly lit room “Anyone here!?” There was an audible clunk in the background and Naomi fingered Trent’s Pokéball “Who’s there! Answer me!” she scowled slightly when her answer was met with a soft chuckle and the darkened gym suddenly became brighter as the lights cut on “Welcome Trainer!” a voice boomed and Naomi glanced ahead to see a boy, about her age standing in the middle of the battlefield, said trainer took a step forward, listening to the leader of Pewter “I'm Brock. I'm Pewter's Gym Leader“Naomi scratched her arm nervously while she stared at Brock “I’m Naomi, from Pallet Town. I’m here to challenge you”

“Naomi… hmm, cute name for a cute girl” the brown skinned boy smiled at her and she gave a nervous smile back “Umm thank you?” she murmured unsurely Brock just laughed lightly and backed away from Naomi and went to the other side of the field “Alright challenger, this will be a two on two battle, so choose your choices wisely. Geodude, c’mon out!” Naomi nodded as the floating Rock with arms known as Geodude appeared near Brocks side of the field; she then grabbed a Pokéball from her pocket and released the Pokémon “Trent Its Showtime! Start off with Scratch!”

Trent nodded and charged at the floating Geode “Intercept with Rock Throw Geodude!” Geodude gave a cry in response and began picking up rocks from the rocky arena and throwing them at the scout, who zig-zagged his way towards Geodude, dodging the /rock but getting hit by a few, Trent waited until he got close and leapt on Geodude’s face and scratched him mercilessly in the face “Rock Throw again!” Geodude grabbed Trent by the tail and tossed him into the air and then followed up with tossing more rocks while the Scout was air borne.

“Defense Curl into Scratch!” Sentret nodded and curled itself into a ball as he fell, the rock pelted him but didn’t break his defenses, once again, when he got closer he lashed out with his claws and scratched Geodude’s face, said rock looked fair annoyed as he rubbed his face “Crud… Trent’s attacks aren’t working” Naomi bit the inside of her cheek and fingered a ball on in her pocket. “Alright Trent get over here, I’m switching you out!” Sentret looked confused and nodded as he ran over towards Naomi “Spear! I’m choosing you” Naomi tossed out a Pokéball and her Kakuna appeared “Alright Spear start off with Poison Sting, and make it a strong one!” Kakuna fired off a barrage of needles at the rock

“Defense Curl Geodude”

Geodude crossed his arms when the poison tipped needles hit, and they bounced off his rocky exterior “Keep it up Spear!” the Kakuna kept it up indeed, not letting up on the needles, which eventually pierced through Geodude’s defense and got him right in the middle, when his nose would be, Geodude winced when the Poison Needles began to affect it.

“Alright, now Spear return and Trent get back out there!” Naomi called back Spear and Trent jumped into the field “Now use Scratch!” Trent ran at Geodude “Tackle Geodude!” but sadly the scout proved to be no match for the rock when it rammed its head into Trent’s stomach, but then winced shortly after, due to the poisoning it had sustained “Trent!” Naomi watched her Sentret fly back a few feet and hit the ground harshly.

“Sen…Tret!” Trent weakly began to stand, wincing slightly from the tackle “Get Up Trent!” Naomi cried Trent nodded and stood high up on his tail “Awesome Trent! Now end this with Scratch!!” The Sentret quickly charged at Geodude and latched onto his face and gave it a powerful scratch, Geodude cried out before his eyes became swirly and he fainted “Way to go Trent!” Trent nodded and cried out before grinning at Naomi

“Not bad Naomi. But you won’t be able to beat my next Pokémon” Brock said recalling Geodude and pulling out another ball

“Onix I choose you!” The large Rock snake appeared from its Pokéball and gave a mighty roar “Trent Return. Spear Your up again! Now Start off with Tackle!” Trent raced back to Naomi’s side and she tossed out Spear’s pokeball to the middle of the field the Kakuna flung itself at the giant snake, hoping to do some type of damage “Bind Onix!” Onix roared and wrapped its tail around Spear and bought the bug near its face and began squeezing it harshly.

“String Shot and aim for the eyes!” Spear shot a line of white gooey string, which hit Onix dead in the eyes, causing it to cry out and drop Spear and try to get the goop from its face “Now! Use Poison Sting and aim for the cracks on its body!” Spear then began to fire off a barrage of needles, aiming at the cracks in between his tail and rocky stomach. “Crush that Kakuna with Rock Throw Onix!” Onix gave another roar and moved to slam his tail against the ground and conjure some rocks, but the rock snake suddenly froze and cried out in pain.

“What’s wrong Onix!” Onix just cried out again and began to flail wildly, his tail bashing up against the gym wall “Onix Calm down!” Brock looked at his beloved Rock Snake, who gave a pained groan and lowered his thrashing tail slowly. Bock walked over to the large snake and he placed a hand on Onix’s tail, rubbing it gently and feeling around through the cracks. Brocks eyes widened as he pulled out the item that caused his friend pain.

It was a needle from Spear’s Poison Sting attack, it had gotten lodged in between the Rock Snake’s tail, causing it great pain “Hmm I see” Naomi blinked at Brock and went to pick up Spear, before she walked towards the brown skinned boy and looked at him with apologetic eyes “Brock I’m so sorry! I didn’t mean to hurt your Onix!”

“Its alright Naomi” he chuckled and placed a hand on her shoulder “Onix will be okay and congratulations, you’ve beaten me” Naomi looked at Brock with wide eyes “I award you Naomi of Pallet, the Pewter City Gym’s Boulder Badge” Naomi gasped and stared at Brock “I won” she whispered, before squealing and pulling Brock into a one armed hug “I won! Thanks so much Brock!” Naomi exclaimed clutching Spear in her hand, right after she let go of the boy, and took off with Trent following close behind.

Had Naomi stayed a moment longer, she would’ve caught Gym Leader Brock looking very red-faced and very flustered.

November 10th, 2008, 4:41 PM
Alright. I posted, but I'm almost finished >.< I'm so so sorry! you all are waiting on me and I apologize for holding you all up.

Patriots Fan 2010
November 11th, 2008, 10:59 AM
To ShadowYashi: It's alright, my brother is gone for a trip to Miami and he's going to be away for some time now.

November 11th, 2008, 6:51 PM
Alright I've completed my Post and once again I'm sorry guys >.<