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Blue Screen of Death
October 27th, 2008, 11:56 AM
Rating: pg-13 (Keep it that way!) THE RP IS STARTED!

"Deoxys, the alien pokemon. Not much is known about it, except that it was not one of the pokemon on born on this world. Its ability to clone itself made it a threat, and its power to change forms simply by touching a certain stone made scientists revere it. But many wondered where it came from, and how it got here. Some predicted more would come, but such predictions where dismissed as unlikely. Well, those people could shout "I told you so!" All day and night if they wanted to, but they wouldn't want the alien menace to notice them in their various hiding spots. That alien menace is none other than Deoxys. Multiple unidentified objects landed throughout the world, and all have revealed themselves as forms of Deoxys. They spread through the region of Kanto like a scourge, Johto and Hoenn soon followed, leaving Sinnoh as the only remaining region for humans and pokemon alike to find refuge. They invaded with no reasoning or purpose, only to destroy and enslave. Those who did not escape in time where either enslaved, or eradicated.The Deoxys army did let some pokemon keep their freedom, in exchange for total allegiance to the king. There were many hideouts in Sinnoh, as no one would dare stay out in the open, but the biggest (and most well known) is mt. Coronet.

The humans were useless in this fight, but the pokemon set up a resistance. Deep within the bowels of mt. Coronet, many pokemon joined the resistance and are preparing for the inevitable war. An elite team of scouts was sent to search for weak spots in the defenses on Cinnabar island, the place the Deoxys established as their main island. These five were Staggerly, as Pinsir, Penny, a Marill, Echo, an Absol, Shiro, a Raichu, and Floyd, a Flareon. The scouts were successful in infiltrating the Deoxys base, and destroying it, but at the cost of their lives. With the loss of their home base, the Deoxys quikly fell the the Resistance, and Earth once again belonged to pokemon."

"That was fifty years ago, and we have finally finished rebuilding, and a statue has been erected on Mt. Coronet, depicting our five heroes. Sadly though, there were not enough humans left to replenish the population, and they soon followed in the Deoxys's footsteps, going extinct themselves." The Exploud announcer stepped off of the podium after his speech, and a large Sceptile stepped onto it, and said "Thank you for that wonderful speech. As you all know, today is the fifty-year anniversary of our reclamation of Earth, and we are celabrating as such." Before the Sceptile could finish what he was saying, a Salamence flew over the crowd and to the front, shouting "They are back, the second wave has come! Fear the Deoxys!"

The Earth has once again been seized by Deoxys, but this time the main resistance base has been set up in Mt. Silver. And once again five pokemon have been sent to invade Cinnabar island, as the Deoxys have returned to that spot. You are these five pokemon, and you have only two objectives: seek and destroy all Deoxys and infiltrate Cinnabar island.

Character stuff:
You may be any pokemon, except legendaries.

Slot 1: Hippy!

Slot 2: Slytherfang

Slot 3: Shadowyashi

Slot 4: Drunk

Slot 5:Silhouette

Sign up sheet: All fields must have a whole paragraph in them (except pokemon, name, gender, and age of course.) Sign-ups are now CLOSED.

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Description: No shiny pokemon, please.



Rp sample: not mandatory, but will help me decide who I should let in.


One: No bunnying or whatever it is called.

Two:Be active, if you must leave tell me before hand.

Three: Be nice!

Four: OBEY!

October 28th, 2008, 11:38 AM
This is me reserving a spot in this RP (if you are reserving)

I Laugh at your Misfortune!
October 28th, 2008, 1:27 PM
Pokemon choice: Farfetch'd

Character name: Cliff

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Description: Cliff looks like most Farfetch'd with a brown back, white breast, a feathery tuft on his head and a black monobrow. However, unlike most Farfetch'd, he has a wide flat tail, which elevates his flying to a standard higher than most Farfetch'd reach. Cliff is a little short at two foot five, two inches below the average. However, he is well muscled and an able fighter, thanks to his trusty leek, which is actually taller than him. One other noticable feature is that his eyes have a peculiar determined glint to them. Cliff's feet are also less webbed than normal, with longer, sharper claws that curve like miniature scythes. Overall, Cliff is one of the most (to use the poular phrase) badass Farfetch'd that you will ever see.

Personality: Cliff is the quiet and determined type, who will never give up on anything he has decided to do. However, this trait can also blind him to when he is wrong and his inflexibility can even become dangerous at times. Cliff also makes occaisional comments which he finds extremely funny, but which most people find extremely hurtful. Due to these qualities, Cliff does not have many friends and is often considered to be the outsider. In his opinion, he is only the outsider because he is mature and clever for his age. As you may be able to tell from this, Cliff is quite arrogant and vain. He is also fairly unpopular among the opposite sex and is generally a bit of a social outcast. Overall, Cliff is cruel, unpopular, arrogant and unable to admit when he is wrong - a thoroughly dislikable Farfetch'd.

History: For his first seven years, Cliff lead a rather boring and uneventful life. However, this changed when he first heard the legend of the five heroes who gave their lives to save the pokemon of the world. Since then, he has trained rigourously, hoping for an adventure, so that he can prove that bigger is not better and so that he could be a hero too. As such, he is very skilled with his weapon and is very capable of fighting with beak and claw if necessary. Cliff's father, a Golduck, has approved of his training and taken it upon himself to coach him personally in skills such as fighting, extreme survival and stealth. His mother, however, is a pacifist and as such, dislikes what Cliff is doing. However, she understands why it is necessary, as her father was killed by the Deoxys last time they invaded and to show her support, reluctantly gave Cliff lessons in advanced flying techniques. Cliff has an inherent hatred of the Deoxys, which has extended towards anything and anyone that seems strange or different. He has also never met a human, obviously, but, from hearing how they sent their Pokemon to battle for them, has decided that is better having never met one. In his opinion, a perfect world would include neither Deoxys nor humans - just Pokemon.

Rp sample: (from my one current RP. Simon is my 'main' character and Nick is his rival)

"Pikachu, don't let me down now!" Simon shouted as he released the small yellow rodent from its Pokeball. "Now, start with Thunder wave!" Pikachu quickly zapped Dratini with a blue bolt of electricity, paralyzing it completely. But then, as Simon watched, Dratini shook slightly, and in one swift movement, it threw off its skin, shedding it completely to reveal a new skin underneath. And what's more, Dratini no longer seemed to be paralysed.
"Dratini's shed skin ability allows it to recover from status conditions" The Pokedex chipped in. Simon gritted his teeth, but then shouted: "Let’s just attack it then, Pikachu, use tail whip!" Pikachu leapt at Dratini, spun around and slapped it hard with its tail, weakening its defence.
"Dratini, immobilise it with Wrap attack!" Nick called, and Dratini sprung back into action, almost completely encasing Pikachu with its own body.
"Pikachu, you've got full body contact, so use Thundershock, maximum power!" Simon shouted, and Pikachu zapped Dratini with all of its might, doing some major damage.
"Pikachu, Thundershock! One more time!" Simon shouted.
"Dratini, unleash your Dragon rage!" Nick called. Pikachu fired another lightning bolt, while Dratini fired a powerful beam of energy. The two powerful attacks collided in midair, causing a large explosion that threw both Pokemon backwards. Pikachu, barely managing to hang on, skidded backwards on its feet, while Dratini, wearied by the earlier Thundershock and devoid of any feet to ground itself with hit the ground hard, bounced, then hit the floor one more time and skidded to a stop at its trainer's feet, knocked out.

EDIT: I've added a few more lines, just tell me if I need to put in any more!

October 28th, 2008, 2:33 PM
Pokemon choice: Flygon

Character name: Tess

Gender: Female (hence the name)

Age: 15

Description: Tess is a smaller than average, green, dragon like Pokemon. The majority of her body is a shade of light green, on her head is a forked crest that is a darker shade of green, she has two, three toed hands with long claws, and diamond shaped wings, which are light green and rimmed with red. Her neck is long, and her body is rather pear shaped, but still slender. Her upper legs have a darker green spot on the top of each of them, and her feet are darker green at the toes, making it appear as if she is wearing slippers of some sort. Her tail is long and tapered, with thick bands of darker green at intervals along the entire length of her tail. At the end of her tail is a fan shaped growth divided into three sections, each diamond shaped, with the coloring being the same as her wings. Her eyes are dark and covered by a red, transparent shield, and she has a long scar along the length of her neck from a past accident.

Personality: Though Tess is lacking in size, her intelligence makes up for it. She is a quick thinker, able to quickly comprehend something, such as the situation that she's in, even as everyone's still standing around, dazed. However, due to her smaller size, she can easily be defeated if she goes against a larger Pokemon using brute strength, and for that reason, she avoids using strength, instead battling by using strategies and the higher speed that comes with her smaller size. Tess can also be extremely curious, when something catches her interest, she just has to find out more about it. More often than once, her curiousity has gotten her into some degree of trouble, and through those experiences she has learned to be more cautious. Most of the time, Tess is pretty solitary, though she isn't exactly a mean Pokemon either, she likely will still act at least politely to you even if she doesn't like you, though she has a way of telling Pokemon that she doesn't like them even when she's acting politely towards them. Tess also rarely gets angry, which is a good thing, because when you really do reach the end of her very slow burning fuse, she'll pretty much attack you head on, usually without warning, showing the strength that she is capable of, but which only shows when she does get angry. However, she is bitter towards other Flygon, and will attack another Flygon without warning.

History: Tess wasn't exactly born in Forina, she was kind of abandoned there as an egg, and somehow hatched. As a result, she has no recollection of her parents, though, due to the fact that she never had any parents, it has never really affected her that much. She lived with a group of Flygon for most of her life, and inside the group, they pretty much took care of each other, and it was from living with the group of other Flygon that she learned to take care of herself as well as others. Being one of the group of Flygon, she also heard and learned their tales and legends. One popular one that was told often was of five Pokemon, a Pinscir, a Marill, an Absol, a Raichu, and a Flareon, all of whom gave their lives to save the Pokemon, as well as to reclaim the world, so that it once again belonged to the Pokemon. Although the other young Flygon listened with interest, Tess was the only one who wanted to become a legend like those Pokemon, and she began voicing her dreams. However, the group of Flygon didn't like it, including the other young Flygon, and she kept her dreams to herself for a few years. A few years later, though, she began to pick up on her old dream again, and the Flygon attacked her, driving her from the group wounded, it was in that attack that she sustained the scar upon her neck, which came from a nearly fatal wound. She learned to survive on her own, and has been training day after day in order to sharpen and hone her skills, that was how she learned to live, until one day when she crossed paths with the very Flygon that had iniflicted the near-fatal wound that remained as a scar upon her neck, who recognized her the moment he saw her. Almost without warning, they attacked each other at the same time, though, in her anger, Tess managed to win, and drove him away from that area of Forina, an area well away from where the group of Flygon she was exiled from lived. Since then, she has resumed her training, and upon hearing of the Deoxys, her training as intensified, as she remembers the legend of the five Pokemon whose sacrifice earned them one of the highest positions in legend, and who showed courage beyond courage, and Tess hopes to be able to do the same.

Rp sample:
“Well, this map says that we have to travel through Petalburg Woods to get to Rustboro City…” Shaun said, yawning. They had only gotten up a few moments ago, and still had not fully awakened, or at least, their senses seemed to have been dulled. Her eyes were still heavy with sleep, she had not slept well last night, but then, she had never slept too well. Her mind was simply just too active, and she stayed awake late into the night, thinking about subjects and things that would never even be important in her life, about things that she would never need to know about, or to know. Strange as if was, it was a fact, and, the way it went in her book, facts did not change. So far, the fact that she was almost always kept awake late into the night because of her stupid mind and brain or whatever had not changed yet. Though, come to think of it, Shaun realized that she felt more awake all of a sudden, now that she had gotten thinking about what made a fact.

More awake, at least, than Electrike, who seemed to have dozed off next to her, and Poochyena, who was letting out occasionally sleepy growls as it continued to hover somewhere between being half-asleep and being half-awake. Weren’t they the same things though? Half-asleep and half-awake? Half-asleep means that you’re not quite asleep, you’re somewhat aware of what’s going on around you, but its all fuzzy, and you can’t quite comprehend what anyone else is saying, or what you happen to be saying at the moment, for that matter. Shaun said to herself, and half-awake means that you’re not quite awake, still half in sleep, but you’re at least conscious and somewhat alert, though not really. Well then, I guess they really are the same things, or nearly.

By the time she had finished with deciding whether half-asleep and half-awake meant the same thing or not, both her Pokemon were fully awake and ready to start their journey through Petalburg Woods. More ready than she was, at least, as her mind was still on the terms “half-asleep,” and “half-awake.” Funny how these two terms could have her thinking for a full ten or so minutes, when most people, when asked the question “do you think half-asleep and half-awake mean the same thing?” Would reply, “yeah, sure, whatever.” And continue on with their day.

“Great! Now we can start the day, right guys?” She shook herself from her thoughts and stood up, rather more cheerful and perky than she usually was, like those stupid cheerleaders on TV, who always wore fake smiles and an expression of bland cheeriness. It made them all sort of…blend together, until it was pretty much impossible to tell them apart and they all kind of melted together into one big picture. That was how it looked to Shaun, that was how it had always looked. But no more on that matter. She could feel herself falling into deep thought once more, and was reluctant to hold her and her Pokemon back any more. She had probably made them wait long enough while she thought about…

Anyways, Shaun thought firmly to herself, we’d better get some food and get going, I bet Electrike and Poochyena would agree. Her Pokemon were already being led away, looking like they weren’t quite sure what was going on, by a Chansey that had nothing better to do and figured it would pass the time showing Shaun and her Pokemon where to eat. Shaun already knew where she could get some food, of course, but followed behind patiently as the Chansey led them into a room with a handful of sleepy looking trainers. Sitting them down, it rushed away to make some food.

After eating, though Shaun had to admit the food tasted slightly odd, especially the pancakes, which tasted a little too salty for her taste, though she didn’t say so, for fear of hurting the Pokemon’s feelings. Electrike, walking beside her, as it enjoyed traveling through forests, and Poochyena, in its Pokeball, had both gagged slightly as the Chansey prompted them to sample the Pokemon Food that it had concocted from a recipe that seemed as if it had made up on the spot after they were finished with the prepared food that they had been given, though neither of them made a negative comment.

As they entered the Petalburg Woods, the air immediately became cooler. Overhead, branches crisscrossed and the weak morning sunlight filtered in through the leaves. In the morning, the forest was beautiful, with an almost otherworldly feel, and Shaun shivered, though she wasn’t cold. Electrike seemed to love it in the forest, however, and it had a certain skip in its step as it led the way down a mossy path, and Shaun had to run in order to keep and keep from losing sight of Electrike in the leafy undergrowth. As soon as she had caught up, a rustling in the trees caught her attention, and she saw a strange Pokemon resembling a Pinecone in the tree branches right above them. She had never seen a Pokemon like that, but before she could get a good look at it, it had disappeared. Shaun gazed at the spot for another few seconds, before she shrugged and walked on, following Electrike.

Sample taken from The Epic Challenge: Hoenn Region
Created by Dark_Link12
Character: Shaun Alexander
Played By: Me, duh

Blue Screen of Death
October 28th, 2008, 3:06 PM
After careful consideration (not really, it just makes me sound smarter), I have come up with this list.

Alipeewee: You are Pending, add some more lines to your sign up and you are in.

Slytherfang: You are accepted.

Wolfsrain23/Silhouette: You should both know that while I will try to keep you in, if your spots are taken before your sign-up comes in, you will not be able to sign up.

drunk ¬_¬
October 28th, 2008, 7:55 PM
Pokémon choice: Gengar

Character name: Gil

Gender: Male

Age: 67

Description: Gil is a very old Pokémon, and the age has not been nice to him in the very least. There are noticeable bags under his eyes, lines on his brow, and a creepy lack of life in his smile (something unnerving to younger Pokémon who are used to seeing mischievous-looking Gengar, instead of his old carcass). His face seems so old as a matter of fact, that one would be able to swear seeing a long, white beard underneath his hairless chin. His chuckle sounds more like a cough, and he looks as if he’ll fall death at any minute now. But all of this will change as he readies himself for the battle that he knows he’ll give his life for, and he’ll give one last maniacal laugh as he grasps for his last breath while his life vanishes before his eyes.

Personality: Gil isn’t the average, mischievous and happy-go-lucky Gengar you would think he is. He is (on the other hand), extremely serious and insightful… a bucket full of wisdom, but who rather seclude himself from the rest of the community. He has outlived every single friend and family he has ever had including his own son and wife. If there’s anything engraved on his skin it is the sorrow of losing his precious friends. This is the reason why he is now a hermit. At the sight of a new threat though, his lifeless eyes have now a glint of determination, a fire ignited, for him to correct his past mistakes, and he has come to the realization: that he is ready to fight until death grabs hold of him through the ankles, and drags him to the Netherworld.

History: When the first wave of Deoxys attacks came, Gil was 17 years old, but unlike other Pokémon his age, he wasn’t the least thrilled about fighting the invading force. He had always been one of the strongest, one of the fastest, and the most mischievous of the Gengar in his community. As a matter of fact, the first to fully evolve from his Haunter form in his generation, and had many expectations on from others to help them get rid of the Deoxys invasion, but he couldn’t muster the strength to do it. It just wasn’t in his stomach, but now facing the same peril from fifty years ago, he has risen with newfound determination to right his wrongs, and fight until death for the freedom of his brethren.

Rp sample: Taken from Toxic_Moonlight’s Pokémon Chronicles: The Sapphire Theory

Chapter 1: Reed Town

(Beep, beep, beep) An alarm clock sounded in a small room, of a small house, in a small village, of a small region called Entonia.

A man named Valtencir Gomez, was the one to put out his hand, and stop the beeping. 6:00am. Farming had never been a good source of income in Reed Town of Entonia, which even though looked green to people’s eyes, had very arid land.

Valtencir Gomez (also known as Rocke by family and close friends), knew this very well. After all, he WAS a farmer. But today he would change that. He had made an interview with the PDS (Pokémon Discovery Society), and was ready to start working as a field assistant. 6:01am. Looking towards his right shoulder, he noticed his young wife sleeping soundly cuddled against him. Everything he was doing… everything he had done and would do was all for her sake. She was his world.

Valtencir turned her gently towards the other side making sure she wouldn’t wake up, kissed her in the forehead, got changed and left his house. She knew she wouldn’t see him when she woke up… she never did. He was a hardworking man after all.

As Valtencir walked towards the lab, he took a deep breath, and felt the early gusts blow some dry dirt into his nostrils, which made his eyes tear, and nose sting. <Another proof this land was arid> he thought as he covered up his mouth and nose and ran to the lab.

The Reed Laboratory (named after the town), was a big, blue building, which overpowered the rest of the houses and buildings and made everything else look that much smaller.

As Valtencir walked in, he immediately noticed Professor Dew who greeted him rather cheerfully: “Ah… good morning Valtencir!” he said as he noticed the man who walked in yawn and scrub his right eye. “Would you like some coffee?” he continued.

“Thank you very much Professor” he replied as he received a cup of coffee from Prof. Dew. “But please call me Rocke, that’s what my friends have always called me, and you’ve been a good friend since you helped me settle down when I first got here with Ana (his wife), and now you’re even helping me by giving me a job… you truly are a good friend”

The Professor chuckled: “I told you that this land was very different from tha of Viridian… and I’m happy you can help me… Rocke. For now, I need you to help me on field, so I’ll give you a special Pokémon I received from a friend in Johto called Claire, and here are five pokeballs that you might need, and a manual on what you are to do.”

As Rocke took the last sip from his coffee, he acquired the things that the professor took out, and replied: “I’ll be back when I’m done with this” pointing at the manual. He then headed towards Route 101.

October 28th, 2008, 9:43 PM
Pokémon Choice: Furret

Character Name:Terra

Gender: Female


Description: Terra looks like a normal Furret, equipped with four medium sized brown rings from its tail to the middle of her torso and smaller brown rings on each of her hands. She has two brown lines on each cheek and the top of her head is also brown. The only difference between Terra and a Normal Furret is that the her face looks more like she's wearing a mask.

Personality: Shy around those she doesn't know and a pain in the neck to those she does, Terra warms up to others very quickly. She's very kind and caring, not one to judge and often tries to see a Pokemon for who they are rather than what she hear's about them. She tries hard to please everyone, caring more for the safety of others rather than herself, its a habit she can't seem to break, often feeling guilty when she feels as though she has angered someone, but that's just her nature to worry over such trivial things.

History: Orphaned at a young age, Terra stumbled upon a sympathetic Sandslash and her husband, who had recently lost their only child to a vicious pack of Houndoom. They adopted the Sentret and named her Terra, which means Earth. She grew up with the Sandslash, them raising her as their own, she's grown acostumed to their lifestyle and has become officially apart of the family, though during family reunions she's sort of an oddball, being the only normal type there, but the family still treat her as one of their own.

Usually during the family reunion's, the eldest members often gather the younger generation to tell stories and Terra would usually ignore the old man's stories, never finding them to be interesting enough for her tastes but one day they were on the topic of Deoxys and the stories had intrigued her, the need for adventure was biting at her heels, so upon hearing the news that Deoxys had returned she jumped at the chance to fight him, to make him pay for all the trouble it caused not only her family's ancestors, but the world itself.

RP Sample: (Taken from Namora's Two World's Collide)

Weird. I think the weirdness scale has reached a whole new level with this predicament. Bianca thought snorting softly before going to take a seat next to Kalec. So many Pokemon had materialized within a matter of moments, it was hard to follow with the conversations and she was utterly and hopelessly lost when Gale began saying certain things in some other language.

Bianca felt her ears flatten back and she lowered her head slightly she felt a headache coming on and she had a feeling it was because of her being a cat, her hearing was heightened and she could hear a bit more than she normal would when she were a human "Oh man all this talking... I'm going to have to get used to this heightened sense thing" she mumbled to herself resting her head on the ground and covering her ears with her paws.

“Yeah… Well anyway, I should get that Buoysel…”

“It would help…”

What's a Boy-sell? The girl turned cat blinked trying to process what the other Eevee, Gale, had said. Is it some type of floatie? Shaking her head, thinking its best not to wonder otherwise her headache will just increase. I'm hungry, I wonder if I can find some of those Pecha Berry things like Zigzagoon and the other's had. Nodding to herself she stood up on all fours and padded over to Kalec "Hey, I'm gonna go find us some thing to eat... I'm starving" as if on cue, she heard her stomach give a grumble in response and she blushed, looking away with a cough "Yeah, so anyway I'll be back in a few!" with that said Bianca walked off, had she stayed behind a few seconds later, she would've seen the three new additions that stumbled into the group and she wouldn't have missed the question about last night's trip to the concert and the finding of the lab.

"Ugh...where the heck can I find some berries I'm hungry" she moaned as she walked around the forest looking for lunch "Would it be lunch? Maybe Breakfast, its still kinda early" she murmured to herself looking up at the sky, which was as bright as ever, Bianca had begun to lower her head and look forward when suddenly something large, shiny and red caught her eye.

An Apple Tree!

"Awesome! And they look so good too" It was in the middle of a very large and very spacious clearing. The tree itself was big, the trunk was very thick and stood about maybe 3 to 5 stores tall, the branches were nice and healthy and the apples just looked goregeous. Now how am I going to get an apple. She wondered staring at the tree, contemplating on weather or not a simple HeadButt would do the trick. No... I'd kill my brain if I attempted to butt that trunk. Bianca frowned thoughtfully before she glanced at her paws and blinked "I am such an idiot" she murmured palming her face "I can just climb up the tree!" the cat declared placing a paw on the base of the trees trunk "B-but I've never climbed before" she told herself nervously "A-and what if something goes wrong."

"Hahaha. A Meowth that can't climb, what a riot!" Bianca scowled to herself and looked up to glare at whatever Pokemon was mocking her. It was a small black crow looking bird with a crooked beak, bushy broom looking tail and a feather crest shaped like a witches hat and around its neck was a beige cat claw with thin brown string looped through its base "Just what's so funny you stupid crow!" she shook a clawed fist at the bird, who just laughed even louder as it sneered down from its spot on a branch a few feet above Bianca.

"I'm a Murkrow, you stupid cat" the Murkrow hissed, not really liking her calling him out of his name "Whatever" she replied still glaring at the mocking crow "Dumbkrow, Stupidkrow, Murkrow, same thing" she shot back narrowing her gaze at the bird. Murkrow growled and flapped its wings as it began to hover in the air "What, are you running away?" Bianca grinned triumphantly when she saw the Murkrow fly out of sight "Hahaha I showed that stupid bird."

She was caught of guard however when she felt a stinging sensation at the back of her head. The Murkrow had came back with a vengeance and was pecking at her head ruthlessly Bianca winced and brought a paw forward to Scratch the black bird, anticipating this Murkrow quickly pulled back and managed to dodge the attack except one of Bianca's claws had gotten caught on the string from the necklace around its neck. "Hey! Let go!" Murkrow cried trying to yank its necklace away from Bianca's claw.

"Well, if you just hold still for a second I might be able to..." she trailed off with a devious smirk and then yanked on the string and pulling the flailing bird closer "You know what, no. I won't let go I can pummel you more easily this way" she then brought her free paw forward to Scratch at Murkrow, catching the bird in the eye. Murkrow screeched and flailed harder while Bianca's grip on the string tightened, due to all the pulling the string snapped and Murkrow took off into the horizon screeching something about revenge.

Bianca sighed in relief and looked at the large claw in her paw "What the heck is this for... some kinda necklace maybe" she murmured looking at the snapped ends before she somehow managed to re-knot the string and place the necklace around her neck "This claw looks pretty wicked" she admitted as it rested against her chest "I'm kinda worried though... wouldn't this account as stealing since I took it from him" she mumbled with wide eyes only to have her stomach grumble in response. Bianca groaned and looked up at the apple tree "I guess I'll try climbing it" she padded up to the base of the trunk and placed her paws forward and gripped the wood with her claws, in a matter of seconds Bianca had awkwardly climbed her way up the tree until she had made her way to the branch Murkrow had been perched on.

There it was. A big, shiny, healthy looking red apple Bianca's stomach cried out angrily and she plucked the delicious looking red fruit. Mmm it even smells good! Bianca felt like she was floating on cloud nine when she had bitten into the apple, it was so sweet and juicy! Too bad for the girl turned cat however, for she had only managed to take one bite out of the mouth watering fruit before it was sent flying out of her hand and rolling across the ground of the clearing.

"Hey What the heck was that f--"

Holy Sugar Honey Ice Tea

Murkrow was back. Hovering before her glaring at her nastily with his beady red eyes, she noticed, that the left eye had a jagged looking scar running from the top of its eyebrow to the lower are of his eye making it look like a thunderbolt whenever he closed the eye and the scars connected. But that wasn't what made Bianca want to wet herself, no, it was the group he bought back with him. There was at least a dozen of them, Murkrow's and one other big Mafia Don looking Murkrow, aside from the one she scarred, the Murkrow were hovering ominously in front of the apple tree. Oh crud I think I just angered the son of a crime lord. Bianca thought while she stared wide-eyed at the scarred Murkrow.

Blue Screen of Death
October 29th, 2008, 7:16 PM
Super awesome did-you-get-accepted results two!!! YAY!

Wolfsrain23: I am afraid you are denied, and I do have good reasons.

Alipeewee: I am afraid that you are denied as well.

Drunk: You are accepted.

Shadowyashi: You are accepted.

Sorry to those who were not excepted; I would add more slots if I could, but it would not fit into the story.

October 29th, 2008, 7:26 PM
Alright! I finshed my SU and I got accepted X3
Ahh. When do we start this? When we have one more person?

October 30th, 2008, 12:12 PM
Don't know if you are still accepting, but here goes anyway..

Pokemon choice: Ampharos

Character name: Pharos

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Description: Pharos has a hint of a golden color to her fur, that shines brilliantly in sunlight. This also helps to amplify the effect of the red orb on her tail and forehead that sends beacons. Like a normal Ampharos, she has small, beady eyes, but her arms a bit longer, but not noticeably. She has three rings of black fur around her neck, each arm, and each leg, but she has five around her tail. Pharos has two ears that are taller and skinnier than normal Ampharos ears. For some odd reason, Pharos still has the fur from when she was a Flaaffy around her head and torso. It is slightly pink still, giving the gold-and-pink combination a bizzarre look. Her neck isn't quite as long as a normal Ampharos. Long, golden hair sprouts from the back of her head, which would look wierd if she didn't have a short neck. But, since she does, it doesn't look all that bad. Pharos is short for an Ampharos of her age, not only because of her neck, but she is just naturally smaller. Though a little small, she is still powerful. She has a small red bandanna around her neck, and a small burlap sack around her right shoulder in which she carries survival gear.

Pharos was trained by elites, allowing her to become an accomplished assassin. She carries a small dagger in her pack, ruing the day she might need it. Unlike normal Ampharos, Pharos is light and quick on her feet. She is skilled with physical attacks as well as special.

Personality: Pharos is a righteous Pokemon, doing the right thing all the time. She would stop to think about tight situations, but when startled, can react a bit excited. Pharos likes to show off her skill to bully Pokemon, who are usually larger than her. Because she is small, she can decieve foes into thinking she's weak, which is what she does in fights. But, very rarely does she fight, so adrenaline may take over and cause her to do something wrong. She doesn't like being unfair, so if she is given an advantage over her opposition, she will share with what she has. Since she is so virtuous, she sometimes helps out the wrong Pokemon, due to the Deoxys invasion. She views the Deoxys as beings that are trapped by their own power, and believes that deep down they are good. That can be said not only about Deoxys, but about any mean or evil Pokemon she meets. In a way, she hopes that all Pokemon can be good, but knows it will never happen.

History: Pharos was born into a wealthy family who had ties with the survivors of the first Deoxys invasion. Her relatives lived on Mount Coronet for some time before descending down into Sinnoh. Some of her relatives sailed to other regions to help out or look for survivors of the first invasion. Soon, Pharos was born. She was an only child, so her parents spoiled her. Thankfully, she did not turn out greedy, but actually the exact opposite. When she evolved into a Flaaffy, she was trained by elite Pokemon that were survivors of the invasion, in case a second invasion ever were to occur. After a few months of rigorous training, more Deoxys emerged, and killed her family while she was out.

Upon return, she found the dead, slaughtered bodies of her parents. With extreme emotional pain slicing deep into her conscious, she immediately evolved into an Ampharos to control her rage. With a new, more powerful form, she left bade farewell to her parents, and left on a journey to help other Pokemon. Though not too successful, she didn't stop until she heard about what truly happened to her parents, and that her parents were murdered by Deoxys. Luckily, she was only in Kanto, which isn't too far away from the Mt. Silver base. Though not too many signs of Deoxys were seen, she took the cautious way, and sought shelter at the base. Yet, she hasn't reached it..

Rp sample:

Taken from Kansas's Pokemorph Liberation Force: Kanto (When I was in the old one).
Denx was still walking slowly to the other side of town. From the other side of the building adjacent to him, three bright flashes lit up the boulevard he was on. The first two were rather spaced apart, with the sound of crackling electricity to accompany them. There was a brighter flash, nearly blinding Denx, with a mighty roar to back it up. This made Denx jump.

From around the corner, the group of Pokemon that had been previously chasing him rounded. The Magnemite started to light up, then shocked his allies with seperate bolts of yellow, typical lightning. He then shouted.

"Magnet Rise!" came out of the Magnemite morph's mouth. The other rodents around him started to levitate off the ground, and they flew toward Denx. His jaw dropped. He turned to run, knowing he had to stay in the perimeters of the scene. He really wanted to see what those flashes were, but had to run from these foes. He went around the opposite side of the building, jumping up and bouncing off a billboard. He wall jumped off of that to the top of the building, losing the mob temporarily. He glanced down, seeing Clove, Reid, Jade, and an anonymous Jolteon morph. And if it wasn't for Jade aiming her arms at the pile of rubble, he would've missed the Ampharos.


One of the Shinx morphs from the mob flew up over the wall and unexpectedly tackled Denx. Before he made the same mistake as last time, he went to lower himself off of the roof. But, without warning, an Elekid morph slammed his underside, grabbing him and carrying him through the air.

"How the hell.." Denx slipped out, "how do you fly?" he emphasized. The Elekid glared at him with a smirk. It tried to toss Denx, but he wrapped his tail around the morph. He then swung around and jumped on top of the morph's head. Denx launched off, landing on top of a larger building.

"How do I keep ending up on these buildings?" he snapped to himself. There were three levitating Chinchou morphs behind him, ready to.. throw him off the building, he guessed. They joined there fin-like hands, and the sacs on there heads lit up. A triangular bolt of electricity slammed into him. With no way to ground himself on top of the building, he took the bolt full-force. The morphs then seperated, surrounding him and floating around him with an eerie dance. Up and down they bobbed, creeping Denx out. Without warning, one went in with a tackle. With a dead on hit, it knocked him into another tackle. This sent him to the ground of the roof. His face was just above the ground. He spat, and wiped his mouth with the remnants of his sleeve.

"Nice" he taunted, "with the use of levitation and three of you, you managed to get me to the ground," he finished. He looked around for a way to defeat the three, who had an already decided victory over Denx. He spotted a lightning rod.

Quickly, and without planning, he fled up to the top of the lightning rod. Sitting on the top, he taunted the morphs again with a hand signal, beckoning them up. They slowly made their way. The sky was clear, but Denx needed that to change.. and he would.

Through the night sky, he sent a blast of electricity up to the sky. Sudden bolts of lightning came down, striking the lightning rod. Not as powerful as lightning in nature, it was enough to summon the strength Denx didn't have. Small clouds formed above where the four were, lightning striking Denx with regular intervals.

"It's lights out for you three.." he muttered, staring blankly at the sky. Repeatedly, they sent waves of electricity at Denx, but like the lightning, they were coursed through the lightning rod.

"THUNDER!" He howled. Four bolts of lightning were stopped in mid-air. They seemed to dance for a second, then joined to make a single bolt. The bolt was directed at Denx. He would act as a channeler, with the help of the lightning rod, and even out the attack to the three foes. The Thunder attack struck Denx, and made it half way through the lightning rod. Eventually slowing down, the thunder cracked out the ball top of the rod. Three rays of equally powerful bolts struck each Chinchou, instantly frying them. Denx knew he had won, but this would be a short lived victory. He fell to the building, limp, but happy. He stood up slowly, his fur was very hot and still crackling with sparks.

But, over the far edge of the building, the mob rose up. Four Electric type morphs, and the Magnemite.

"Crap." Denx wheezed.

November 1st, 2008, 5:16 PM
Well, either way, the roleplay looks awesome, can't wait to start

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November 1st, 2008, 5:37 PM
Pokemon choice: Glaceon

Character name: Jared

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Description: Jared is a normal blue Glaceon, but he has a very distinct countenance, which sets him out from other Glaceon. His life has forced his mind to mature quicker, which affected his body as well. His face has a narrow, determined look, and his body is overall muscular, which shows in many places. This is a direct result from many years of traveling, after his parents died. He lost a half inch off of his tail from a fight with a Deoxys that had managed to hide after their downfall. He is also a somewhat darker shade of blue on his paws, thanks to his father, an Umbreon.

Personality: Jared is a detemined, foolhardy pokemon, with a love for danger. If one knew his brother, they would agree that Jared gets it from him. He adores food, usually eating nearly twice as much as anyone else, while still maintaining his fit stature. He hates being part of a crowd, and if he must, will only work with a few people. As a loner, he prefers to be silent, and says very little, unlike his brother, and more like his father. He never backs down from a fight, and only admits defeat when death is iminent. One would definetley call him reckless.

History:Jared has a lineage that only a select few know about, and he prefers to keep it that way. No one knows were he came from, or who his parents are. He lost his mother not long after she gave birth to him, and never met his father. From what has heard about his father, he would prefer to keep it that way. His brother was avery special person indeed, and one would think they would be opposites, considering he was a Glaceon and his brother a Flareon. He was at the cristening of the statue of his brother and his friends, but payed little attention. He did stop to read the inscription on the statue, even after the announcement that the Deoxys had returned. It said "Floyd, Staggerly, Penny, Echo, and Shiro, our heroes." That was what inspired him to join the fight against the Deoxys menace. his only wish would be to meet his brother Floyd, just once.

Rp sample: I am the RP master, I need no sample, but I may as well give you one. Taken from Silhouette's Ancient scribes of the LLL:

It was dark in the tunnel right before Ho-Oh's chamber, a special touch by the great bird himself (herself?).


The dank, brick hallway would be lined with the finest carpet in all the land, it the floor wasn't so dirty.

File #112545 loaded. Subject "Dwayne" selected.

The effect was set up so that the great bird pokemon's throne room looked like a light at the end of a tunnel, as many a pokemon have been sentenced to death there.

Ability assessment opened, currently being displayed.

As I entered, the two Rhydon guards that were following me moved to either side of the doorway, and I saw the spectacle that was the great chambers of Ho-oh.

Ability assessment closed, voice recorder opened.

I looked around me, staring at the gold plated bricks that formed the walls.

Document " Agent Dwayne" opened, currently being edited by user 'king'.

And in the torch slots, fires. The sacred flames.

Document "Agent Dwayne" closed, user 'king' logged off.

"Speak, knave." A deep, rumbling voice echoed through the room, shaking my very bones.

Porygon unit #1 shutting down.

"Sir, I come bearing news of movement in a large group of undercovers." I replied, my voice unwavering.


This caused much mumbling in the room, until an ear-shattering screech filed the room, and the great one himself (herself?) descended upon the group.


"Entei, Suicune, Raicou. I will deal with this matter myself. Dismiss the guards and do their job yourself." Ho-oh said, in a way that to disobey would be impossible.


"Sir Dwayne, I hope you bear good news." I heard, realizing that I was being addressed.

System overide code activated, silent investigation launched.

"I do sir, I have learned of a large group of undercovers are moving in the Pecibles region, toward us here in Hanabo. We are not certain if this is coincidence or not."

Silent investigation closed. Overide code used by hacker. Notifying superior authority at once.

"Mobilize our forces, set up a defense around the city at once." The great king had spoken.

Contact to Suicune made by Porygon unit #2, action being taken now.

Suicune jumped over me and shouted to her king, "My lord, we have an intruder in the castle!"

Preparing compression bomb, system meltdown in five-four-three-two-one-zero.

"Move, stop the intruder! NOW!" Ho-oh roared in reply.

Suicide. Porygon unit #1 committed suicide to protect our cause. We shall all mourn him, and bear his data as our own. Send this message to the next in line.

We all rushed, Raicou at the front, closely followed by me, with Entei abnd Suicune in the back. Nothing could stop the juggernaut that flew down the castle hallways, towards the Porygon room.

Prepare for system ritual code named "mourn".

When we got there, I was stunned at what I saw. Moltres, Articuno, ad Zapdos were there, with a fellow Scizor behind them, destryoing what I could was a dead Porygon.

Our cries will be heard from Varain to Pecibles, from The sunken region to the holy region. Our loss shall be known!

"Go, stop that female. We'll deal with these wretched birds." Raicou said to me, sending a jolt towards Moltres. I obeyed, following this female Scizor to the window.

None shall forget our comrade, who fell by his own choice, for a cause most noble.

"Dwayne, don't you remember me, sweetie?" She said, jumping out the window. I would have attempted to chase her, had she not threw a red tipped object at my face.

This was his fight! This is our fight!
A rose. She had thrown a rose at me.


Later that evening, back in Ho-oh's throne room, I recieved my new assignment. "You, sir Dwayne, shall find this intruder, and extract all information from her at once!


"Yes my lord." I said, leaving the room. My assignment would not be easy, if this Scizor was who I thought she was.


Note: the RP will start at the point of our characters meeting.

Blue Screen of Death
November 3rd, 2008, 9:09 AM
Notice to people: You guys can start the RP. It says so in the top!

November 3rd, 2008, 1:06 PM
OOC: Right. I was gone for a few days.

Pharos was walking slowly in the inky dark pathway of Ilex Forest. With the help of the flashing red orb on her tail, the scene was brightly lit, and, like a candle, would flicker at times. She could make it brighter, but she had very little energy left, after travelling for a week from Lake of Rage to get here. She collapsed on the path, with leaves floating up from the ground. It was autumn, and was getting slightly colder. Even the leaves were falling from their gentle perch in the trees. One gently landed on her head, apparently enough to get her energy back. The Ampharos struggled to get back up, but eventually made it. Her muscles ached all over her body, like the ache of doing a hundred sit-ups in your abs, but everywhere on her body.

"I've reached my physical limit.." she gasped through pants. Suddenly, she felt the ground beneath her tremble violently, as she jumped back to avoid any more pain. Emerging from the newly formed hole was a Paras. It glared up at her squinting, as if the light from her tail was too bright. This Pokemon obviously wasn't used to anything bright.

"You say you tired?" it said bluntly. Pharos, dimming her tail light, looked around as if there were someone else it was talking to. It grunted again.

"I say, is you out of energy," it repeated, as if getting impatient. Quickly and silently, Pharos nodded her head to avoid any more impatience. It tossed her three berries, and three mushrooms from in the hole, and looked up at her endearingly.

"Um.. thanks, Paras," she said cautiously.

"No prob, sistah. I hurry if I was you, things in this jungle go BUMP!" it screeched loudly, making Pharos jump a bit. She hurried on her way, with the Paras's laugh echoing through the darkness. Before she could turn her tail light brighter, she heard the Paras then stop suddenly, and scream in the distance. Pharos ran a bit faster.

November 3rd, 2008, 1:21 PM
Tess swooped low over the treetops, laughter shining in her eyes, her wings carrying her above the endless green of the forest. She suddenly dipped as another Flygon flew above her, and coaxed yet more speed from her wings as she flew faster, nearing another pillar shaped rock formation, a feature characteristic of Forina, her home. The Flygon that flew above her passed her suddenly, in a rush of wind, and then he too, was overlapped by a third. Tess's tail flicked the air playfully as she sped forward, overtaking both, and then laughing along with them as they swerved to avoid the rock formation, the wind whistling in their ears, though they didn't have any visable ones, and whipping into their face....

The dream suddenly changed, the sky was cast over with clouds, and a single, older, formidable-looking Flygon stood over Tess, who was crouched on the ground. It's jaws parted to let slip a single word.


Tess looked up, a single tear rolling down her face and landing noiselessly on the ground, leaving a single dark spot on the dry dirt that they stood on. A line of Flygon spread out behind the oldest one, including those that she had once been best of friends with.

"Please..." She began, her voice barely audible, but didn't have time to finish her sentence. With a loud roaring cry, the Flygon lunged forward, its claws lashing forward. Tess leapt back and cried out in surprise, as the other Flygon followed suit.

"GO! Leave, don't return!" The Flygon who had first attacked her screeched as Tess launched a Sonicboom attack. Then the Flygon lunged towards her, claws outstretched, and Tess felt long claws rake her neck, and then it began to rain, the water flowing in rivulets along her back and neck, mingling with the blood. Tess didn't think another thought, she turned and ran a few steps before taking off into the air, blinded by angry tears. Behind her, the Flygon's chants seemed to meld into one.

"Leave, leave, leave...."

The dream switched yet again, Tess stood outside a cave, her home now, a little older, much thinner, and with a long, cruel scar upon the side of her neck. As she gazed out over the area she considered hers, she spotted another Flygon. Intrigued, she padded forward, the Flygon was old, and wore a superior expression, as if it knew that it was better than everyone else, and liked nothing better than to have everyone notice it. Tess felt a boiling sensation as her eyes flashed with anger and recognition, it was the very Flygon which had inflicted the near fatal wound upon her neck, if she had not managed to stop it from bleeding...she shook her head, and without another thought, dove forward with a snarl.

Startled, the other Flygon looked around, and its eyes darkened as it recognized Tess, its jaws opened.

"Idiot Flygon..." It hissed, "a disgrace to our kind, dreaming stupid dreams, spreading lies around..."

Tess didn't speak, with an angry roar, she sprang forward, her claws glowing brightly as she slashed downwards, before leaping into the air, flapping her wings with freakish intensity to generate rippling waves which collided with the Flygon, pushing it into a tree. It stared at Tess, hatred growing on its face.

"I haven't been wasting my time." Tess said simply, turning to face the Flygon...

Tess woke up, and looked around. She had fallen asleep in a large oak in the forest, somewhere near Mt. Silver, she hoped. Funny, her claws seemed to be tied to the tree, though when she looked down, she realized that she had gouged deep cuts into the bark, and her claws had become caught. Working them out of the deep cuts in the tree bark, she jumped, letting her wings catch the wind to set her down lightly on the ground. A scream suddenly echoed through the forest, a scream that was obviously Pokemon. With a shudder, Tess decided flying would be fastest. Taking a few steps forward, she spread her wings and jumped, lifting into the air, weaving in between the tree branches as she flew forward.

November 5th, 2008, 12:57 PM
(Sorry for the wait and the short post. School has me swamped -.-)

The familiar crunch of gravel running through her claws made Terra's face brighten, it reminded her of home and her family and sadly, she wasn't anywhere near neither. She had left for her journey a while ago. How long exactly had she been burrowing underground?




She didn't know where she was at the moment and didn't really care. This was her element, she was surrounded by and Terra was loving it, she had always been the oddball of the family, her cousins, a mixture of Sandshrew and Sandslash and a few of her other-cousins-from-another kin, consisting of a few Trapinch, all teased her often that she wasn't of their kind, but they accepted her all the same, it took a while though but they eventually warmed up to her. Hmm, maybe I should resurface and figure out just where I am exactly.

Terra stopped digging and began to dig upwards toward the surface, after a few minutes of clawing through the dirt, she had managed to break through to the surface and was surprised to not be blinded by the bright light of the sun, but she was instead met by darkness and an eerie looking forest "How'd I wind up in Ilex Forest?" Did I make a wrong turn in Goldenrod or something.

"Hey. Move it Furret, yer in my hole"

Terra yelped and jumped out of the hole, she went to clutch her fluffy tail protectively, which had been pinched by something sharp "Hey, hands off buddy" she cried glaring at the Paras, who glowered at her "Don't flatter yourself kid" the insect snorted rolling its eyes and Terra glared "Why you little--"

"Dontcha have something better ta do than bug me?"

"Well I was digging, but somebody ran me out of the hole I dug!"

"You were trespassing, this burrow is mine... and you just made it even wider" the Paras grunted, snapping his claws in a huffy manner “Now go bug someone else, I’m tryin ta sleep here” with that said the Paras snapped his pinchers once more before going back into his hole, leaving a bewildered Terra to blink and wonder what just happened.

Blue Screen of Death
November 5th, 2008, 2:12 PM
Jared looked down upon Ilex forest from his post. He loved working third shift on the watch tower. He could see the whole forest from his spot, and it was illuminated beautifully by the moon-light.

Along with those facts, he also enjoyed the solitude of his post. He would like privacy, but with all of the flying type sentinels patrolling the perimeter, his every move could be seen from five different angles. He had once heard of a particularly stupid Gallade who had committed some questionable acts; the news of which quickly spread throughout the base, and the guard was demoted to clean-up duty.

Jared knew he could have practically any position he wanted, considering his family, but he preferred the solitude of his post.

But that was beside the point. Jared had to make sure nothing could approach without clearance. So when he saw an unknown Flygon approaching, with an Ampharos on the ground not far from it, he sprung into action and warned the captain of the guard.

They immediately sent an Exploud to the post with Jared who shouted to the two pokemon "Identify yourselves!" In a deep, baritone voice.

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November 8th, 2008, 9:55 PM
It's been fifty years since the attack of the Deoxys, and the extinction of humankind from the dace of the Earth. But the immense building laid out by these men were all but gone.

Overridden by nature herself, all cities simply looked like ghost towns... the work and evidence of a more capable species that once populated the Pokémon world, but was now gone. The inheritance from men to Pokémon...

but out of all the ghost towns, the most fit of that name was of course... Lavender Town.

A small town, the pavement that once covered its ground was now completely buried under dirt, and surrounded by mountains, it looked like an isolated desert... an island in the less dry region of Kanto.

In this small villages, the population ranged between nothing but ghost Pokémon, with the vast majority (approx 80%) belonging to the Ghastly-Gengar family.

And a witness to the first invasion, an old Gengar filled with nothing but frustration and anger towards his past mistakes lived in this exact town.

Gil was his name. <How long has it been?> he thought as he looked up staring blank-eyed at the ceiling of his small house...

<I feels... just like it did back then... it's too calm.>

Walking out he walked past two Ghastlys and a Misdreavus who happened to be playing outside his house. They shivered instantly at his presence. Sure, the temperature around him always seemed to drop at least -15˚F, but that wasn't it.

A sad and aged Gengar is just... too weird.

As he turned his attention to them they ran away.

"Hopefully I'm just anxious" he told himself looking at the starry sky above him, and proceeded back to his hoouse.

(Ooc: I had no clue what to write... I'm sorry I'll try to get more into it for next time)