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Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 9:10 AM
Note: This is a joint production between Silhouette and Black Pendulum Rayquaza. Both have power as RP master.

Pokemon. You may already know what they are. Mythical creatures with even more mythical power. Big or small, strong or friendly, Pokemon have fought against and alongside humans throughout history. From Caterpie to Garchomp, their powers have arisen as evil and good. Right now, you are living years in the future. Here is the story.


Hello, and welcome to the Skywing region. Your adventure starts off here, in one of four cities. But, that's not what this is about. As you, a Pokemon Ranger in training, have just graduated from secondary ranger schooling this year (2025),and you are now a real,full-fledged ranger. things have started to become a little odd. And you are not normal, either..


A country on the mainland found a small island thousands of years ago, and decided to call it 'Skywing'. Here, the country appointed a ruler, and has seized the island to call it his own. The boat the ruler arrived on landed at the edge of the SkyWing Ocean, and that is where he rules. However, at this region, they found humans of mystical origin. They are able to control elements, the same way Pokemon control their elements. He has captured these natives, and is using the power as his own.

These humans use the elemental power through a spiritual bond with their Pokemon. This bond channels the energy to the human through a sort of antenna: the humans most prized possession, allowing them to harness the element of the Pokemon as their own. If the human loses either the item or the Pokemon, they lose their ability, but keep spiritual bond with their Pokemon.. even through death. The Pokemon is known as the 'familiar'. The familiar and its human can speak telepathically with only eachother, not even with other humans and familiars. Remember, there are only twenty of these humans. But that was thousands of years ago..

Recently, the year has drawn to an end, and you, a training Pokemon Ranger, are nearing graduation day. However, you don't feel right, something just begs to go wrong. The ceremony is a gorgeous one, an extremely large picnic for the graduates and their family on the front property of the school. The day is cloudy, hot, but it isn't raining. When something beacons to you, something deep in your soul. But, you can't leave the ceremony. At least, your parents and coordinators won't let you.

However,the spiritual tug seems to drag you to the school, where all security has been abandoned. There, the Pokemon you will receive from the school is caged, ready for you to take home and befriend. This spiritual tug just seems to direct you to the Pokemon you are going to receive.

As you find your way through the dark and eerie school halls, you eventually find the room. Something starts to talk to you deep in your conscious. Shocked, you find out it's the Pokemon, begging you to release it. However, just as you go, the Security Alarm rings, and there is no way to leave without detection if you just walk out. You need to find a way out.

But, that's not your main mission. Recently, you've been seeing on the news that the presidential elections for Skywing have been leaning toward a candidate you just don't seem to like, known as Otis Crayweg. This day was not only your graduation day, but also the final decision on the presidential votes. And Otis has won. Things have certainly gone wierd since the presidential elections started a few months ago, people seemed to be hypnotized. You must find out who he is, and if this doing is Crayweg's fault.

Here are the rules and aign-up and stuff-


1. No Bunnying
2. You Cant Keep More Then 3 Pokemon With You At A Time(Excluding Your Partner)
3. Follow All Forum Rules
4. Put "I Like Pie" After Your Sign-Up So We Know You Read The Rules
5. 3 Strikes And Your Out
6. You Cant Befriend A Rare Pokemon Without Letting Me Or Silhouette Know


Name- (You Only Need A First Name Here)
Age- (11-18)
Gender- (Male Or Female)
History- (Doesnt Need To Be Long,Just What Made You Become A Ranger)
"Familiar" Pokemon- (Needs To Be One Of The Pokemon In The List Below)

"Familiar" Pokemon Available-

Starly - Reserved For Silhouette
Riolu - Taken By The Silent Pidgeot
Totodile - Taken By The master123
Happiny - Taken By GhostPrincess
Charmander - Taken By Pikachu200
Treecko - Taken By Pikalover10
Mudkip - Taken By Wolfsrain23

There are slots until the familiars are taken up.

November 23rd, 2008, 12:15 PM
Name- Max
Age- 11
Gender- Male
History- Max grew up on Pixelo Beach. His mom and dad were both rangers and he lived in the ranger base with them. Knowing almost all of the rangers there except the occasional newcomers, Max learned most of the basics to become a Ranger. On their off days, Maxs parents would teach him how to become a ranger.

Max grew up with 2 friends. One moved out of the region into Almia and the other one died from cnacer. Max was lonely the rest of his life, but had many friends who teased and picked on him(in a fun manner...not to be mean) at the ranger base.
"Familiar" Pokemon- Treeko if you would be so kind.

I like Pie

The Instant Classic
November 23rd, 2008, 12:48 PM
Age- 12
Gender- Male
History-Although his real name is not Cage its what people choose to call him.
Cage always had trouble trying to decide to either become a trainer or ranger his freinds all became trainers with the dream of becoming masters.
Although Cage was tempted to become a trainer in his heart Cage knew that he didnt want glory he wanted to help people and thats where it all started...........

"Familiar" Pokemon- Totodile if possible

I like Pie

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 1:41 PM
Pikalover - Accepted!

The master- Accepted!

Well,I Might As Well Post My Sign-Up.

Name- Savanna
Age- 11
Gender- Female
History- Savanna grew up in Maxeron Town,and always loved watching rangers capture and befriend pokemon in the capture ring.
"Familiar" Pokemon- Riolu

Neiko Star
November 23rd, 2008, 1:50 PM
Can I reserve the Vulpix familiar? Please & thanks.

I like pie.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 2:06 PM
Ok. You are reserved. Feel free to sign up whenever you like. =)

Wolf in the Rain
November 23rd, 2008, 2:12 PM
Name- Koji Saige (Hates his real first name, so he just tells everyone his real name is Koji)
History- Koji grew up in the region of Almia, next to a Ranger training academy. However, even though he lived next to one, he had always wanted to be a pokemon trainer. One day when he was surfing, a huge wave hit him in the back, sending him spiraling into the ocean. When he tried to swim up, he found that his leg was caught. As his vision blurred he thought that it was the end for him. Luckly, a passing Ranger riding on a Mantine saw him and saved him. Every since, Koji has wanted to become a Ranger. Last year, his family moved out of Almia to Skywing due to his father's job in the police force.
Perfered starter/Familiar- Mudkip

Whoops...i forgot
I like Pie! :)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 2:16 PM
Your Accepted Also Wolfsrain. =3

November 23rd, 2008, 2:22 PM
I'm going to play as Otis Crayweg, the evil guy. He's also going to have a familiar (that isn't listed here), okay Silent Pidgeot? Only because I lurvzz Pie.

Name- Otis Crayweg
Age- 30
Gender- Male
History- Anonymous
"Familiar" Pokemon- Anonymous

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 2:39 PM
Nice. All We Neeed Is One More Person To Sign Up After Neiko Star Is Done His. =3

Or Two More People Can Sign Up.

Wolf in the Rain
November 23rd, 2008, 2:41 PM
Lol that was really fast

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 2:43 PM
Well,People Can Still Sign Up,But We Will Start After That.

November 23rd, 2008, 2:44 PM
Alrighty, we'll start whenever you want, Pidgeot.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 3:33 PM
Ok Thats It We Can Start Now.

Im Getting impatient Over My own RPG. O.o;

Chapter 1

Okay,in this chapter you will wake up due to an earthquake outside the ranger base in Maxeron Town.

You go outside,and find two shady-looking people and their pokemon,Larvatar,Machop,Pikachu,Snubull,and Slakoth.

Your leader,Taine,assigns you each a pokemon. You are assigned to capture these pokemon and stop them from taking down the Skywing Monument in Maxeron Square.

Once you capture these pokemon,you realize that you cant befriend them,and your Styler releases them automatically. You and the rest of the rangers report this to Taine,who tells you and the others to go investigate in Skywing Forest.


Ok,me and silhouette will be the NPC's like Taine also.

Also,here are the pokemon available for capture in the Skywing Forest.


Name - Farfetch'd
PokeAssist - Flying
Field Move - Cut 2
Loops To Capture - 5 Loops

Name - Sentret
PokeAssist - None
Field Move - Crush 1
Loops To Capture - 3 Loops

Name - Bidoof
PokeAssist - Water
Field Move - Crush 1
Loops To Capture - 1 Loops

Name - Houndour
PokeAssist - Fire
Field Move - Burn 2
Loops To Capture - 6 Loops

Name - Butterfree
PokeAssist - Bug
Field Move - None
Loops To Capture - 10 Loops

Name - Vaporeon
PokeAssist - Water
Field Move - Soak 3
Loops To Capture - 11 Loops

Name - Buizel
PokeAssist - Water
Field Move - Swim
Loops To Capture - 5 Loops


Ok. Thats It. You Can Tell What Your Pokemon's PokeAssist Is By Its Type,But If You Dont Play Pokemon Ranger,Ask Me About Anything VIA PM.

November 23rd, 2008, 4:55 PM
Is it too late to sign up?

Name: Allison
Age: 13
Gender: Female
History: She was born in Ringtown, so she's from Fiore. She wants to start here after learning some tips from Ringtown Ranger Base Leader Spenser. As a new ranger she is making the best of her job.
Preferred Starter: Charmander

November 23rd, 2008, 5:00 PM
Name: Sunai Kohaku

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Personality: Sunai is very light hearted and bubbly..Almost well absent minded.She's one of those girls that can lighten up the mood in any tense situation..Although this often gets her in trouble..Very often in the middle of a angry situation..she blurts out something stupid..often either defusing the situation or getting her hit which cause her to whine.She almost always has a smile on her face..Her fanged smile often makes Neko boys fall for her instantly..And being so absent-minded she has no idea about why the boys are giving her roses..Although she is light and bubbly..She has a habbit..of well..whining and being a crybaby.Anytime something bad happens, she is spoken to in the wrong way, or she is hit..She begins to whine..and in worse case..cry..Due to her personality though..Most people give in when she looks at them with tear-filled eyes. She doesn't intend to do this. She doesn't even know she's being selfish...Also she is also very childish at heart..Being 17 and still loving childish kid shows, people often think of her as a odd neko. No one knows this but she likes little kid shows because they always have a hero and she wants to be like a hero.Sunai is always smiling..rarely being serious people often get annoyed with her quickly. Rare occasion Sunai does cry seriously..She does get sad and seriously cry..But this is on a rare occasion..When she crys seriously the whole room seems to become gloomy and sad...Although most of the time she is cheery and happy-go-lucky. Her bubbly personality has known to do different things to different people..Some people love her personality..and others are sick of it..while most are afraid of her always being happy. She is also a bit of a tomboy..Rarely showing the "womenly" side of her.On occasions though she is known to wear an elegant gown and be shy and tender..

Appearance: Sunai appearance is elegant yet tomboyish. Her demanor which is happy go lucky, is nothing compared to her aurua..Which seems to be elegant and beautiful..ALmost like a fragile flower..She has long black hair with red streaks that runs down to her waist but it is often put up in a pigtails because she doesn't like her hair down.She says its anoyying yet she never cuts it. Konan has black-cat ears and golden-amber eyers which when looked upon leave people in awe...Along with these beautiful eyes she has a very pale almost ghostly skin tone..Her clothing consisters of a pink tank-top which has the writing of "Princess" in black..Along with this she wears run of the mill blue jeans that have whole's in them..On occasion she wears a dress with her hair down..The dress commonly consists of basically white with pink cherry blossom pattern and sequins pinned to it..But her elegant demeanor leaves the whole crownd in awe.Anyway..Sunai is pretty average looking in the clothes department..She also wears a cat like pendent with weird markings to keep her powers in check..although sometimes it doesn't work very well..When her true form does come out..Her hair turns a light silver..and her eyes turn blood red..and her skin turns a ghostly pale..And her cat ears and tail turn a ghastly white as well..She looks like a ghost with all that white and silver on her in he true form..But the red eyes is the thing the that stuns people the most..Piercing blood red eyes..is what nightmares are made of...

History: Born into a clan of "cat people" or "nekos" So to speak Sunai has always been found of playing with cat nip hunting mice and many other catlike things, but being the Princess of a tribe had its responsibilities. She was constantly on the go to avoid human and what not, since nekos are known for good selling killing one could make you instantly rich. Unfortunetly Sunai being young did not know this and this led her to become friends with another human child which spelled disaster to them all. The humans entruded upon there clan and many of them were killed, humans and neko's alike were killed and Sunai just watched in utter terror as her clan was terrorized before her eyes and this is where things turn complicated. Sunai was knocked unconscious and then taken to a lab for secret exprements and had been in a coma for the last ten years. The only thing that made her wake up was when the lab had a nuclear meltdown and she was the only one that was saved. Once again she found herself alone, yet this time she had no idea who she was. Sunai then wandered throughout the four Sinnoh for a yuear trying to find ANY clue of her past. As she went through one last trip around Sinnoh she noticed she had gotten on the wrong cruise, this cruise was directed to the SkyWing region. Sunai wondered where the Skywing region was located and wondered if there was anything that would job a key to her memory, as she awaited to come to the skywing region she began exploring the ship thust she came upon a Happiny. The Happiny appeared to have been recently hatched by trainer means and just abandoned. It was crying hysterically and was very thin, it was yelling "Happiny Happiny!" As if it wanted someone to care for it, and Sunai took it upon herself to adopt the baby Happiny so throughout the cruise she fed it, gave it love and played with and due to this now the Happiny thinks of her as her mother and will always cry like a baby and run to her when something bad happens, and Sunai often responds to this behavior by picking the Happiny up and petting it on the head to calm it down. Anyway after about a week on the cruise the arrived at the SkyWing region in which she was greeted by a ranger school, being the way Sunai is her and Happiny decided to enter and 1 year later after a month she had just turned 17 Happiny and Sunai graduated with flying colors.

"Familiar" Pokemon: If you didn't see it before it was a Happiny fufufu.

ooc: whew that was quite complicated to rwrite in betweeen all my numa numaing :O

"I Like Pie" especially chocolate pie with whipped cream

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 5:01 PM
Sorry Pikachu,But You Are Denied

GhostPrincess,You Are Accepted. ;)
Just Read The Rules real Quick.

Neiko Star
November 23rd, 2008, 5:15 PM
'Kay, never mind, delete my reservation. I'm just too busy at the moment. >.>

November 23rd, 2008, 5:17 PM
What did I mess up on the History?

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 5:35 PM
The History Isnt Even Half Of It. O.O

I'll Start Off The RPG I Guess.

Savanna woke up and felt the ground trembling. "Oh great,just what we need,something happening in the morning." she yawned. She grabbed her styler and stuck it in her pocket after getting dressed in her ranger clothes. "Riolu,wake up buddy." Savanna said,waking up Riolu. "Morning already? Riolu yawned. The tiny dog pokemon stood up and wobbled until he caught his balance. "Come on Riolu,we have to go see what caused the earthquake." Savanna said. The two walked outside. There were two shady-looking people and they're pokemon,Larvatar,Machop,Pikachu,Snubull,and Slakoth. "Lets go report this to the others! Riolu said,walking with Savanna towards the door to the base. They walked in the door and pressed a button on the wall,making a loud dinging noise. "They better hear the alarm..." Savanna said,turning towards the doors that lead to the dorm rooms.

Wolf in the Rain
November 23rd, 2008, 7:07 PM
Koji woke up to the shrill beeping of the alarm.

"mmm... five more minutes..." Koji mumbled as he reached over for the snooze button.

"Comon Koji"the Mudkip said to him as he jumped up onto Koji's chest "Last night you promised we'd head over to the beach to surf for a bit."

Surfboarding had been one of Koji's favorite things to do back in Almia. He would always make sure he would go at least once a week. Back when he found Mudkip, at first the Pokemon would have nothing to do with it. But soon the pokemon began to enjoy it, standing on the front of Koji's board.

"Yeah, that was last night, this is now."

Mudkip opened it's mouth just as Koji opened his eyes and let loose a Water Gun attack.

"Pttpth! Mudkip, Stop! We'll go!" Koji managed to squeeze out despite the water hitting him in the face

"I thought so, now get ready. I put the surfboard by the door"said Mudkip as it jumped off Chris chest and onto the floor"

"Wow Mudkip... You've been anticipating this for a while, huh?" Koji rhetorically asked the Mudkip.

Koji then got out of bed, first heading over to the dorm's small bathroom to dry off his hair from Mudkip's attack. After putting on his swimshorts, he grabbed the surfboard and him and Mudkip walked out the door. But as soon as the door closed, the earth trembled, knocking both of them to the floor.

"Damn, looks like that was an earthquake" Koji said as he ran back into the dorm, placing the surfboard against the wall and putting his Ranger jacket on and some jeans. "We better head down to-" Koji was cut off by the sounding of alarms. "Dang it... Comon Mudkip" he said as he started to run down the hall to the entrance.

"You sure we can't go surfing?" the Mudkip asked as they sprinted down the hall.

"No Mudkip not now."

"How 'bout later then?"

"Mudkip!!" Koji responded annoyingly.

"Umm... we'll just go later then..." the Mudkip replied, just before Koji and Mudkip bursted through the double doors. On the other side they saw two shady-looking people and they're pokemon,Larvatar,Machop,Pikachu,Snubull,and Slakoth. he also saw another member of the base, poised and ready for battle

"Looks like we're right on schedule" said Koji to the other Ranger, running up next to her, "I'd hate to miss the party"

"Koji..." said the Mudkip "Enough with the cliche lines..."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 8:13 PM
"Nice timing." Savanna said,impressed. The two shady-looking guys had spotted Koji and Savanna. "Great,here to crash our party,rangers?" one of the guys said. "Ok,Koji,you can get the Machop,i'll get the Pikachu." Savanna said,planning out the battle strategy. "We'll have to distract these guys until the other rangers get here." Savanna said,finishing off the rest of her strategy. "Okay,so I have Pikachu?" Riolu said. "Yeah,thats who you've got." Savanna replied. Riolu just nodded. "Bring it on!" Savanna said,bravely. "Whatever you say." one of the grunts said. The pikachu moved closer to Savanna and Riolu,while Machop moved closer to Koju and Mudkip. "Capture on!" Savanna yelled,taking out her styler. She tried to make a loop around the pikachu,but failed. "These guys are tougher then normal,be careful with the Machop Koji." Savanna said. "Riolu,use your PokeAssist." Savanna said calmly to Riolu. I hear ya! Riolu said,starting to glow. The capture disk changed to a dark red color. Savanna made about two loops around pikachu and it was finally caught. "Capture complete!" Savanna yelled. Somehow the styler automatically released the Pikachu. "Huh?" Savanna said,just low enough so nobody heard. "Koji,your turn." Savanna said. Riolu nodded.

November 23rd, 2008, 8:33 PM
Chapter 1: Introducing the cat girl Sunai!

Sunai awoke awoke from her bunk,which she was given to by the ranger society since she was a wanderer and had no home to speak of. "Ah such a lovely day! Right happy?" Sunai had the biggest grin on her face that she hd ever had, as the Happiny looked at her back happily Sunai's nose twitched eagerly. Her mouth began to drool, her ears went down into a submissive state and her tail wagged. "Tater tots...." Sunai drooled happily hopping out of her bed landing on the ground the Happiny on her head still somewhat asleep. "Todays the day I start my rangerhood!" Sunai yelled lifting her fist up in the air and had a determined look on her face.

"Nyaa, Mommy its to early..." The Happiny whined like a small child cuddling into Sunai's hair once more. Sunai chuckled at the small Happiny as she walked downstairs following the scent of tater tots that filled her senses. Sunai quickly ran downstairs nearly tumbling down as she hit the bottom steps the Happiny groaned in agony once more. "You know Mommy you could be a bit more coordinated" Happy yawned sitting up on Sunai's head her eyes only half open, it was a cute yet humorous sight to behold. Sunai only chuckled at the small Pokemon as she grabbed a bit of brekfast and sta down to eat it. Mainly she only grabbed a handful of tater tots which surprised all who had grabbed omlets , bacon, eggs the whole shirade but not Sunai, all she thought about was Tater Tots. Yes, Tater Tots. Happy sweatdrop a little bit "Mommy all your gonna get are tater tots?" Happy asked.

"Ahahaha, nothings better then a tater tot breakfast Happy!" Suna giggled as she literally almost choken herself eating them because she wolfed them down so quickly. Once she had finish her, er.... Tater Tot breakfast she quickly ran outside and stretched her arms out in an odd fashion.

-"Is that a cat or a girl I can't tell..."
-"No idea but she's a ranger graduie, look at the uniform"
-"You can't be kidding me they are lettign freaks become rangers now?"

Sunai heard those insults but payed no heed, she was used to it. There was nothing that could be done I mean she was a cat after all, thus making the people who talked about her close-minded Houndours. She shrugged it off and laughed as wandered into SkyWing forest, she could here the nearby cries of starly who were feading off the morning worms that had come out, and the caterpie were drinking the morning dew. She breathed in the clear morning air happily and sat on the wet grass. Happy only still half-awake hopped on her lap to sleep.

"So my day of reckoning has come, I'll be the best darn ranger there has ever been!" Sunai yelled which startled the starly and they flew off but to men were coming and as her cat ears had sensed this she ran and hid behind the tree. What they were saying was inaudible even to Sunai's sense of hearing so she just watched them silently. The two had several different pokemon with them and looked like they were plotting something. Time seemed to freeze as she felt a cold sweat run down her neck. Her eyes slowly watch the two people walk by her not knowing she was there. She gave a quit sigh of relief when the two men disappeared from sight and she sat down next to the tree, but it wouldn't say peaceful for long. The earth began to tremble began with great force and all the pokemon became frantic. The small Happiny hugged Sunai for protection as it cried loudly.

"Mommy, I'm scared!" Happy cried as it cried into her shirt. The earth continued to shake as starly flew off into the sky chirping loudly and caterpie began spraying there stringshots into the trees. After the earth seemed to calm, Sunai heard the alarms tothe base go off. "Hm something bad must be happening, I'm worried..." Sunai responded as she got up the crying Happiny still in her arms. She ran as fast as her feet would take her back into town. She stopped to see two other rangers handling the unfolding situation. The two men looked ready to battle and the six pokemon that were behind them were growling angerly. She quickly hid behind a building and watched them fight against the two men. Happiny was still sobbing hysterically, although despite doing her best efforts to calm the Happinys silent sobs it was of no use, Happy would have to continue to cry till this situation was over.

"Nice timing." The female ranger said getting ready to use the capture stylus.

"Great,here to crash our party,rangers?" One of the men spat back, Sunai could only watch she was to nervous to do her first capture thing, she figured these two rangers couldd handle it.

"Ok,Koji,you can get the Machop,i'll get the Pikachu." The female ranger told the male ranger they seemecboth ready to battle and Sunai eagerly awaited what they would do next."Bring it on!"

"Whatever you say." one of the men said as he commanded the pikachu to attack the female ranger. Sunai was to nervous to even try to do anything, and with happiny being in this hysterical state she wouldn't be of much use.

"Capture on!" The girl yelled as she took out her capture stylus and it revealed what many rangers call the "capture stylus" a device used to capture wild pokemon and keep them under your control till they are needed , not neccesarly a pokeball but many rangers used it to help wild pokemon in need. Sunai gulped as she let out a small hiss, she wanted to join the fray but couldn't, her body wouldn't move, so all she did was hide behind the building watching the scene unfold and trying to calm hher sobbing Happiny.

ooc: Whew okay thats done ;P

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 23rd, 2008, 9:10 PM
"Huh?" said Riolu. "Whats wrong Riolu?" asked Savanna. "Theres somebody behind the tree. Its one of the rangers. It looks like Sunai. Riolu replied. "Just ignore it. You know Sunai,she'll come out when she wants." Savanna replied. "Ok,lets go capture that Doduo,it could help us get to the base quicker." Savanna said,quietly walking towards the two-headed bird pokemon. Savanna took out her Styler and in reply,the doduo turned one of its heads towards Savanna. "Capture on!" Savanna yelled. The Doduo was tough,for Savanna only got two loops around it before the doduo started pecking at the capture line. "Ok,one more time..." Savanna said,turning more loops around the Doduo. After a couple more tries,she finally got the Doduo. "Whew... come on Riolu." said Savanna,getting on the Doduo. "Okay." said Riolu,getting on. They rode to the ranger base on the doduo.

The Instant Classic
November 24th, 2008, 8:37 AM
Beep beep "ah for god's sake who pressed the alarm button bah...........hmmmmmm to tired totadile use water gun right on me"!
" Huh well erm ok " totodile used water gun! splash.
" Ok im losing but anyways time to get to work"
Cage gets dressed.
" Looks like Savanna Sunai and Koji have already gone dam it im always last come on totadile lets go see what all the fuss is about ".
" Huh what did you say "?
Totadile cant hear becouse of the alarm.
Cage goes over and picks up totadile " come on bud il carry you "
" What " ?
Cage opens the front door to the base and walks out and after a bit of walking he finally caught up with the others.
" Hey whats with the alarm i was trying to sleep in there "!
" Late again Cage " Savanna said.
" Your one hell of a sleeper Cage you slept through the earthquake and halfway through the alarm " Koji also said.
" Well erm Sunai why didnt you wake me up " Cage shouted " yeah why " totadile said after.
" Dont you dare shout at me " " yeah ermmm what she said" Sunai and happiny shouted back.
" Look everyone lets just forget this ok " Savanna was right.
Just then some rustling was heard in the bushes then suddenly a dodrio jumped out with huge anger.
" Let my son go " (meaning the captured doduo) the dodrio barked then suddenly it attacked.
" Oh yeah this is my chance to make things right " Cage said and he activated his styler.
" Totadile use bubblebeam " " yeah " totadile said with excitement. and dodrio was trapped and with 7 circles the dodrio was captured.
" Oh yeah thats how you do it " which Totadile and Cage both said.
" Good job " Savanna said.

Wolf in the Rain
November 24th, 2008, 12:26 PM
"Ok,Koji," Savanna told Koji "you can get the Machop, i'll get the Pikachu."

"That all?" both Koji and Mudkip exclaimed at the same time

"I was hoping for more of a challenge" said Koji as he turned to Mudkip "Mudkip use Water gun on the Machop

"Got it!" said the Mudkip as he shot a burst of water at the Machop, sending it flying into a nearby tree

"Great" Koji complimented the Mudkip

Looking over, he saw Savanna trying to capture the Pikachu. At first, it looked like she had preformed the perfect capture. however, as soon as the Pikachu was captured, it was released.

"Damn, looks like it's gunna be a battle." Koji cursed

"Koji" Savanna exclaimed "Looks like it's your turn."

"Right" replied Koji "Mudkip use Mudslap on Pikachu now!"

Mudkip jumped in the air and upon impact with the ground, shot mud into the Pikachu's face, temporarily blinding it.

"Savanna, go to the base and get more rangers, Mudkip and I will hold them off"

"Alright, be careful" she said as she quickly captured a nearby Doduo and headed to the base.

"Alright Mudkip, 5 on 1, looks like we have the advantage." Koji said with a smirk on his face. The Mudkip chuckled. "But seriously, I hope Savanna is quick, we're not gunna last long. Geez, why is Cage always sleeping when you need him..."

As if on cue, Cage bursted though the doors, just as a Dodrio jumped out of the bushes, obviously angry at Savanna's capture.

"Dammit Cage, you're one hell of a sleeper, and it looks like you brought a friend" gesturing to the Dodrio

"Koji what did i tell you about those cliche lines..." said the Mudkip to Koji

"Right sorry" Koji apologized, "Anyways..." he said turning to Cage "Cage, Savanna's gone to the base to get more Rangers, we need to hold these guys off. How 'bout I'll take them" pointing to the Machop, Pikachu and Slakoth "And you take the rest till more Rangers come...but first..." Koji pulled out his capture styler "Lets make this fair."

Looking over into the forest, Koji spotted a Houndour sleeping. "Mudkip, help me out with your PokeAssist"

"Right" Mudkip replied "but if I do-"

"Yeah. Yeah. Surfing, later, not now." sighed Koji "Let's just win this first!"

As Koji made the Styler wrap around the Houndour, as Mudkip enveloped the Houndour in a bubble. With the Houndour incapacitated, the styler quickly around the Houndour, capturing it. Quickly, Koji made the Houndour jump next to Mudkip, posed for battle

"Man, where's everyone else when you need them..."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 24th, 2008, 1:54 PM

Nice The master123,you just got yourself STRIKE 1 by BUNNYING.


The Instant Classic
November 24th, 2008, 1:57 PM
Ah dam it oh well everyone makes mistakes sorry boss wont happen again.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 24th, 2008, 2:53 PM
OOC - Its ok,I just need to do my job here also. =3 Also,a question,why do you call me boss? XP

Just asking.


Savanna was back in no time with Taine,considering Riolu had Teleport. "Huh?" Taine tilted his head slightly. "Koji,do you think you can get Mudkip to blow a bubble at that machine?" Taine asked. Another earthquake began,and all of the men's pokemon ran off like they were wild. The man pressed a button on the machine and a Farfetch'd came and flew away with him. He,aparently,had forgotton about the machine itself. "Ok,now Koji,tell Mudkip to use Bubble on the red machine." Taine said. "Forget about that guy." Taine also added. "Savanna,tell Riolu to get ready to carry it to the base." Taine commanded. "Riolu has ears,Taine." Savanna said,obviously being the know-it-all she it when she first wakes up. Im ready,now tell Koji to tell mudkip to blow up the machine." Riolu said. "Koji,Riolu wanted me to tell you to tell Mudkip to blow up the machine." Savanna said,out of breath afterwards.

Wolf in the Rain
November 24th, 2008, 3:11 PM
Koji and Cage had been fighting off the two trainers for some time now, and all the Pokemon were looking exhausted. It had been one dodge after another for Mudkip. Suddenly, Savanna appeared behind them with Taine, the base leader. Koji concluded they must've teleported back with Riolu

"Why didn't she just teleport there in the first place?" asked the Mudkip

" We'll ask later...just concintrate on the battle right now!"

All of a sudden, another earthquake began, and the crook's Pokemon ran like they were wild. Stuggling to keep his balance, Koji heard Savanna tell him "Koji,Riolu wanted me to tell you to tell Mudkip to blow up the machine." Savanna said,out of breath afterwards.

"Geez, that was a mouthful... Mudkip you heard her, use Water Gun on the machine!"

Despite the shaking of the earth, Mudkip opened his mouth and let loose a powerful Water Gun. The Water Gun hit the machine, causing it to spark and malfunction.

November 25th, 2008, 7:00 AM
Name- Mit

Age- 14

Gender- Male

History- Mit's dad was always gone from the household, off on ranger missions. When he came back from the academy, he was an official ranger. Mit was inspired by his father, and wanted to follow in his footsteps. Since he was living next to the forest, Mit went out on missions to help wild Pokemon to save from natural disasters. He befriended a Starly, which he is still friends with to this day. But, something in his history changed his life.

When his father brought back his ranger partner Pokemon, Mit felt deep down that it was untrustworthy. He stayed away, and that eventually pried his faith in his father, as his father told him that it was nothing to worry about. Mit despised his ignorance, and felt that his father like the Pokemon-a Shuppet-over Mit. So, he enrolled himself in the Academy, and brought his faithful friend Starly. That brings him to the present.

"Familiar" Pokemon- Starly, who likes pie.

The Instant Classic
November 25th, 2008, 7:54 AM
Ok thanks and why do i call you boss well you said you run this so you are the boss plus its easier then putting The Silent Pidgeot.......lol.
Anyways lets try this out again.

After Koji told Totadile to use water gun on the machine it turned into one wicked display.
Cage and Totadile stood there starstruck becouse it may of just been a burning machine but the light show was magnificent although they felt stupid that they were staring at a now worthless machine and were wondering what the others were thinking about them.
" Wicked " totadile said " yeah all we need now is a big fire and we've got ourselfs bombfire night in the day time! " Cage said afterwards.
" Ermmmmmm dont you think we should be backing away i mean the machine could explode any second " totadile suggested.
" Yeah right ok " Cage replied.
He and totadile backed off.
" Still ive got to admit its very pretty ".
" Yeah your right well i dont know about you or the other rangers but i think this mission has been a success " Cage said with delight and suddenly a big smile swept across his face.
" Well its time to release the captured dodrio " Totadile said.
" Ok il do that " cage presses a button on the styler and with a swirl the dodrio was released " see ya dude " and with that the dodrio was off and running with great speed but something was wrong it was like the dodrio was running away form something.
Just as Cage and Totadile were about to do a victory dance something bad happened and then they discovered why the dodrio ran away like it did and it wasent good news.
" Oh crap rangers move! " Cage shouted.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
November 25th, 2008, 5:49 PM
OOC- Good posts eveyone. also,silhouette,ur,of course,accepted. Ill deal with the first post later.


"Riolu,use Teleport!" Savanna yelled,and suddenly everybody was in the base. "Good job..." Taine said. "I think that might have been the old Gigaremo that used to be used in Almia." Taine added.A picture of the Gigaremo popped up of the digital screen."Savanna,didnt we see,like,five guys carrying one to that old abandoned factory just up in the northern end of Maxeron Town?" Riolu asked. "Yeah,we did..." Savanna replied. "Ok,guys,for now,im going to count this as a mission. I want you all to go split up in SkyWing Forest to investigate. Apparently,a lady found tire tracks that were lept in a small dirt pile. And remember,this is a mission." Taine said.


Ok guys,prepare for chapter two and mission 1.


Chapter 2 - The Mission

In this chapter you will go into SkyWing forest,but once you get deeper into the forest you hear someone talking. You look to see who it is,and figure out its just the Proffesser,Prof. Hastings. He greets you,but then Taine calls you though your styler,and he says to come with Prof.Hastings if youve met him. Everybody meets with eachother at Maxeron Square,near the SkyWing Monument.

Then the next chapter. This one will be sligtly short. O.O;

Also,here are the pokemon available for capture in the SkyWing Forest again.


Name - Farfetch'd
PokeAssist - Flying
Field Move - Cut 2
Loops To Capture - 5 Loops

Name - Sentret
PokeAssist - None
Field Move - Crush 1
Loops To Capture - 3 Loops

Name - Bidoof
PokeAssist - Water
Field Move - Crush 1
Loops To Capture - 1 Loops

Name - Houndour
PokeAssist - Fire
Field Move - Burn 2
Loops To Capture - 6 Loops

Name - Butterfree
PokeAssist - Bug
Field Move - None
Loops To Capture - 10 Loops

Name - Vaporeon
PokeAssist - Water
Field Move - Soak 3
Loops To Capture - 11 Loops

Name - Buizel
PokeAssist - Water
Field Move - Swim
Loops To Capture - 5 Loops

The Instant Classic
November 26th, 2008, 12:00 AM
Well it was time to go on a mission and Cage and Totadile were packing some gear for the trip " rope , safety harness , Umbrella......." umbrella? why do we need and umbrella? " totadile asked.
" In case it rains duh " Cage said back " but i dont mind the rain " totadile replied.
" Yeah yeah " after backing some more stuff Cage thought he was ready but......." WAIT "totadile shouted.
totadile was waving a packet of biscuits " oh you have got to be kidding me totadile we'll get food in maxeron square".
Totadile looked like he was going to put the biscuits back but when Cage turned around totadile slipped them into the bag on his back.
Cage was heading to the other rangers bedrooms to say that he was going but......
" You have got to be kidding me everyones gone already im last again! ".
Cage bashed his head on the wall 7 times then said " come totadile lets go "
Totadile followed while eating a custard cream.
Cage quickly got to the entrance of SkyWing Forest Totadile rushed right in " come on buddy lets go " Totadile said.
Cage followed while wondering what the other rangers were up to.............

November 28th, 2008, 4:27 PM
Mit was standing there, leaning up against the wall in Maxeron Square, waiting to rendezvous with the others. He joined the small squadron late, but he had the ability to commune with his friend, Starly. Though he hadn't graduated yet, a problem with the SkyWing region called for a premature graduation. Thus, he was rushed through his courses, and since he had shown outstanding capability to be a ranger, he was seen as a senior at the academy. It was a special way he could commune with his Starly; telepathically. No one else could here the conversation that they could be holding. Nonetheless, he was told that he would meet up with others like himself. He was waiting for them.

The Starly, known as Starslash (Slash for short) was circling high up above Maxeron Square, scouting for enemies or allies. Suddenly, Mit jumped on the ground below, stifled by the huge crowds of people.

Do you see anything, Slash? Mit asked with his capabilities. A second later, he was hearing his pal.

Nah. A kid with a Totodile, he looks like an ally. He heard. Mit looked up from his hung-head position. He glanced around, but saw nothing besides common townsfolk.

How far away is he? Mit asked. He was tired of sifting through the crowds with his mere sight.

He's just exiting the forest. His head looks bruised, though.. Slash examined. Mit wondered what happened, and started to walk the streets of Maxeron square until the rest of the team showed up.

The Instant Classic
November 29th, 2008, 4:56 AM
After 2 hours of getting lost Cage and Totadile finally made it to Maxeron square.
" Ok i think we can both agree that next time we need to go through skywing forest we should just capture a drangonite and fly over it " Cage exclaimed.
" Errrrrr Totadile why aren't you saying anything ".
Cage turns around and says totadile eating a custard cream.
" Oh please tell me you didnt " Cage cheacks his bag and pulls out a half empty packet of creams.
Cage slaps his head and groans " ah for gods sake totadile these are savanna's custard creams if she finds out you took them she and riolu will kill is both ".
" Well i was hungry so just forget it " Totadile said.
Cage slaps his head again then continues to walk.
just then Cage thought he could hear something and he looks up and he sees a starly flying above him " Errrrrr why is that starly staring at me " Cage asks " its probbely wondering how you got those bruises on your head " totadile replied.
Just then the starly flew away into Maxeron square like it was going back to see someone.
" Lets follow it " Totadile suggested.
They where just about to follow the starly when RUMBLE " by George what was that " Totadile shouted.
" Oh its me im starving come on lets go to that chippy over there then we'll follow the starly " Cage said.
Cage and totadile go to the chippy and come out with a packet of chips.
" Alright lets go find that starly " Cage said.

Wolf in the Rain
December 2nd, 2008, 4:50 PM
"Man, I was hoping to catch a bit of sleep before our mission." Koji sighed

"Yea, and I was hoping to go surfing Koji"

"Funny, Mudkip"

Everyone had already left before Savanna and Koji, who were the only two left in the dorm area. Unlike the others, Koji decided to stay for a quick break and lunch. After the battle, he knew Mudkip had to be exhausted. With cage oversleeping and Savanna going to get help, they had battled the most. However, if Mudkip was tired, he wasn't showing it. Koji studied the map to search for a good and fast route through the forest.

Eventually, Koji had found the perfect route.

"Hey Mudkip! Up for a swim?"

The route Koji picked was perfect and fast. They would take the edge of the lake to Maxeron Square. Although this went against the orders to go through the forest, why would he care? And technically, he wasn't ""disobeying" Taine's orders anyways, just going through the loopholes.

Not needing to pack, Koji and Mudkip soon headed off to Maxeron square.

OCC: sorry the ending is rushed, i have alot of HW. Ill finish either later/write a follow up either later on tonight or tommorow

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 3rd, 2008, 2:59 PM
OOC- Sorry I was gone for so long. Homework and School... anyways,im back.


"Riolu..." Savanna said,startled. Yeah? Riolu replied. "My grandma's custard creams are gone! Oh,and look who left a little letter to show who did it!" Savanna yelled,pointing at the puddle where the creams once were. Totodile and Cage!" Riolu growled. They left the base with their backpacks,but Savanna and Riolu still had what Cage and Totodile did on their minds. When I get a hold of Totodile i'll kill him! Riolu growled,obviously knowing Totodile did it. When they got to Maxeron Town they saw Cage and Totodile coming out of a chip store. Riolu and Savanna both glared at the two. Well,there are the two stealers. What now? Kill them? Starve them? ummm... Teleport them into the desert in almia and force them to swim back here? Riolu said,popping out a bunch of ideas. "I like the first one right now,but lets just go get payback the old fashioned way." Savanna replied. They both walked up face-to-face with Totodile and Cage.

Wolf in the Rain
December 3rd, 2008, 3:41 PM
Koji and Mudkip soon emerged from the forest and into Maxeron square.

"That was fun!" said Mudkip, referring to the time he swimming alongside the lakes edge. "Dibs going that way on the way back, and the next time!"

"Ha" Koji chuckled, "We'll see..."

As Koji and Mudkip made their way to the Skywing monument, their general meeting place for missions in Maxeron, Koji saw a crowd forming up ahead.

"Hey excuse me!" Koji asked a bystander "What's happening here?'

"Well, looks like two blokes are 'bout to duke it out!" the man replied obviously psyched about the mob.

Peering over the crowd, Koji manages to catch a glimpse of Savanna and Cage standing face to face and ready to fight.

"Ah hell, comon Mudkip" Koji said as he fought his way through the crowd. Finally, Koji managed to push through, and stood in between Savanna and Cage, his arms spread out, keeping them apart. Mudkip stood on it's back legs and did the same thing.

"God, it's like watching three year olds..." Koji sighed "We've got a mission to take care of, remember?! Just stop fighting and work on the mission first! Then when we get back to base, Savanna, you and Rilou can beat up Cage all you want... But Cage gets a five second head start... Until then, FOCUS ON THE MISSION!"

'Mudkip Mud!" Mudkip added to the other pokemon, which to Koji translated to "Yeah, you heard him!"

"If I see any of you fighting during this mission..." Koji said as he turned to Mudkip "Mudkip, you can use Water Gun on them to cool them off," he turned back to Savanna and Cage "But hopefully, that won't happen will it?

December 3rd, 2008, 3:55 PM
Mit saw the kid with the Totodile, and started to follow him, when he was nearly run over by someone and their Riolu. He stumbled a bit, and looked up, to see Slash circling the sky above. Slash narrowly dodged a lazy-looking group of Wingull. He was brought back to attention by Slash's young voice.

Things are getting hot down there, be on you toes, Mit. Mit nodded, knowing Slash could sense his answer.

"If I see any of you fight during this mission.." Mit heard from yet another party.

This must be Taine's group.. Mit thought, forgetting Slash could hear him.

"Mudkip, you can use Water Gun on them to cool them off. But hopefully, that won't happen, will it?"

Guess they are Slash said, startling Mit again. He rubbed his forehead, and looked at the kid with the Mudkip. His leadership skills obviously made him the head of the mission. Or so Mit assumed.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 3rd, 2008, 4:03 PM
Savanna just glared at Cage one last time and walked away,Riolu following. Savanna suddenly turned her attention to some guy with a starly. "Riolu,approach with caution." Savanna said quietly. They walked up the the mysterious person. "Hi. My name is Savanna,and this is Riolu. Whats your name?" said Savanna. And you tell me to aproach with caution... Riolu said. Savanna cast a quick glance at him and back to the guy with the starly. she just stood there,waiting for an answer.

December 4th, 2008, 1:47 PM
Well the gang was together but Savanna wasn't very happy and knocked the packet of chips out of Cage's hands before going to speak to some kid.
" Hey look its that Starly " Totadile shouted. the starly gives totadile a dirty look and Totadile throws one back
" It looks like its with the kid so he must be a ranger to " Cage says.
The rangers where soon updated on the situation by Mit.
" Ahhhhhh right so you where sent to meet us got it " Cage says.
The gang and Mit introduced each other to each other While Totadile and Starly continued to exchange dirty looks with Riolu and Mudkip wondering what to think of it.
" Oh yeah guys there's something else i need to tell ya " Cage says.
The other rangers turned to Cage.
" I received a message on my styler from Taine apparently the famous Prof Hastings is planning to meet us here ".........

Yeah it looks like we forgot to mention Prof Hastings in our posts thats why i put that.

OOC: Uh.. *coughbunnyingcough*..

It was obviously the kid he had seen earlier. He glanced over, knowing now that this was the meeting spot. Slash swooped down above the small crowd of people surrounding the group (who all walked away dissapointed that they didn't see a fight), and landed on Mit's shoulder. He looked over, and a girl not too younger than him approached with a Riolu, who looked skeptical after she introduced herself.

"Hi. My name is Savanna,and this is Riolu. Whats your name?" She asked him. He looked at her, and replied.

"Mit. I was told to meet up with my group. You don't happen to be rangers, do you?" he asked, with Slash on his shoulder. Slash was scanning the area, and noted the Totodile was glaring at him. Mit looked at the Totodile kid. He said something about Taine sending him a message. They were the rangers.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 4th, 2008, 4:39 PM
OOC- The master123,thats your second strike.

Meaning that one post never happened.


"Well,atleast he seems nice... Riolu said. "Yes,we are rangers." Savanna said as she pulled out her styler. Riolu nodded. Savanna looked next to her as a strong gust of wind suddenly appeared out of nowhere. After the wind was gone,it revealed a Pidgeot. "Hey Zephyr." Savanna said as she took a note out of the large bird's grasp. She began to read it...

Dear Savanna,
Its me sis. How is Riolu doing? Also if you get the time to answer,me and mom wants you to send back the custard creams. Grandma moved here,to Fiore.
Love you!

After reading the message,she remembered what totodile did. Oh god... savanna thought. She wrote on the back of the paper.

Dear Crystal,
Its me Savanna. Riolu is doing fine. I have bad news about the custard creams though. One of my teammates,Cage,and his Totodile stole the custard creams and ate them. Tell grandma I said sorry.
Love ya!


Savanna stopped writing and gave the note to Zephyr. "Ok Zephyr,bring it to mom and Crystal." Savanna said,petting him. The large bird made a high-pitched screeching noise and flew off. Savanna turned back to Mit. "Anyways,yeah,we are rangers. What about you?" Savanna asked.


If your wondering,the SWRB mark means "SkyWingRangerBase". Also Zephyr is my moms pidgeot in the RP. And crystal is my sister. in the RP,of course. Also,the three before SWRB is me and my sis's way of showing its actually me.

December 5th, 2008, 12:48 PM
Slas glanced up to a Pidgeot who had mysteriously appeared from a gust of wind that nearly knocked him off Mit's shoulder.

"Anyways, yeah, we are rangers. What about you?" said the girl named Savannah. Slash looked down from his perch, the elegant image of the Pidgeot embedded into his mind.

I'm going to be a large, powerful bird like that someday, Slash thought, forgetting Mit could hear him.

Soon enough, Starslash. That day will come, Mit reassured him. Slash glanced down gloomily, and flew away.

I'll uh.. be back soon.

Mit looked from Slash to Savannah, who looked like she also shared some sort of bond with her Riolu. Mit forgot she asked him something.

"Well, you obviously know Taine. His debriefing mentions something about Professor Hastings, who I believe we have to find."

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 5th, 2008, 8:12 PM
Ummm... Didnt we see professer Hastings last night? asked Riolu. No Riolu,that was my grandpa... Savanna replied. "Well,I have friends who can help us look for Professer Hastings." Savanna said. She whistled a song-like tone. Suddenly,an Arcanine and a Houndoom showed up,running towards them. "Blitz,Blaze,meet Mit." Savanna said,introducing the two pokemon to Mit. "So,need a ride?" Savanna asked. Houndoom and Arcanine blew flames in the air as Savanna said this.

Cynic Kaka
December 7th, 2008, 2:52 PM
Name- Ice
Age- 15
Gender- Male
History- When he was 8, he was lost at an ice mountain, and was saved by an Articuno. Since then, he's vowed to save Pokemon, like they saved him.
"Familiar" Pokemon- Ralts. *Called Kage*
I like pie

BTW, I was wondering, could I get a Ralts? It evolves into my signature pokemon, Gallade (I'm basing my character off Ice of Almia fame.)

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 7th, 2008, 2:53 PM

Read the rules and i'll let you in. =3

December 7th, 2008, 3:17 PM
Name- Vivi
Age- 13
Gender- male
History- Vivi looks and has exactly the same personality like Vivi from final fantasy 9
*seeing it wont let me post the url use google image search with "Vivi" to see who i mean he looks like a mage with a black face*
Vivi is very timid and shy and tries not to be in the way but if his friends are in trouble he will help without flinching.
Vivi became a pokemon ranger because his friend Zidane had told him it would help him gain confidence and self-trust. Vivi reluctantly agreed and joined the ranger academy.
after being upgraded to a ranger he leaft but has decided not to stay in the ranger base with the others because he felt afraid others might mock him for the way he looks.
he sleeps just behind the ranger base in a Tent with his pokemon partner cyndaquil
"Familiar" Pokemon- Cyndaquil, also timid and shy (nickname is Feurigel)

I HATE PIE!!!!!!!!
lol joke.......i like pie

The Instant Classic
December 8th, 2008, 4:20 AM
I take back my last statement im bored and this keeps me busy and happy

" Boy Savanna knows alot of pokemon " Cage said.
" No kidding " Totadile said after.
" Hey dont ya think we should leg it before savanna kills us " Totadile suggested.
Cage gives Totadile a look that obviously tells him no.
" Ok ok " Totadile said.
Just then an Arcanine and a Houndoom appeared out of nowhere shocking Cage so much he falls over.
" HEE HEE " Totadile laughs " Dont even go there mate " Cage says.
Cage stands up and can clearly see that Savanna was offering Mit a ride.
" Hey what about us " Cage shouted.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 8th, 2008, 12:28 PM
Savanna and Riolu heard Cage shout "Hey what about us!". Riolu glared at Totodile and Cage. "I thought you are the one who caught a Dodrio. Go get your own ride." Savanna said. She looked back at Mit and saw Slash had flew away. She just ignored it,and got back to the subject. "Anyways,need a ride?" she said,now ignoring Cage and Totodile. I wonder where Slash went... Riolu said. Just leave it. Im sure Slash is fine. Savanna thought,knowing Riolu could hear. Ok... Riolu replied.


Rentorar,i'll let you get away with having Ralts. Just edit your sign-up so people dont think its an eevee with a green head... >.<

Awesome sign-up CyndaquilMorph.

Wolf in the Rain
December 8th, 2008, 12:57 PM
After Savanna had called in the two Pokemon, Koji was a bit disappointed that he hadn't been offered a ride as well, even though he would've probably of declined.

"Looks like someone's jealous!" chimed Mudkip in a musical tone

Koji crouched down next to Mudkip, putting his fist on Mudkip's head and forcing it's top fin down. "Can it." he said through gritted teeth "You're on thin ice as it is with the whole surfing thing. Plus, she's like four years younger than me."

Koji stood back up and approached Savanna and Mit. "Hey! Meet back here in about an hour." he told them "I'll wait here for the rest of the group. If you see Hastings, call me on the Styler and we'll meet you there."

December 8th, 2008, 1:31 PM
OOC: woot thx, ill get at it right away

Vivi and his partner pokemon Cyndaquil which had the nickname Feurigel weren’t aware of what had happened at the ranger base.
After the earthquake had occurred they both had run of into the forest straight away concerned about the pokemon, after all they might have been hurt.
After looking around thoroughly they were relieved to find everything ok.
The 2 of them were now picking berries to sooth the ones who were still in uproar.
"Hey Vivi, i found some sitrus berries here" Feurigel called out to Vivi telepathically.
He waddled over to Feurigel and bent down to take a look at them "Good work Feurigel" he said his eyes shining brighter (means he’s smiling) as he started to pet him.
Vivi picked a few of them and brought them to a nervous Farfeth,d and Vapreon who eat them happily.
"Thanks be to god that no pokemon got hurt" Vivi said getting back up fixing his pointy hat.
"I know what you mean, they could have been really badly injured and..."
Feurigel was interrupted by a beeping out of Vivi,s robe pocket.
Vivi took out his stylus and read the message from the ranger base.
"Hmmm hmmm Hastings hmm hmm base" He said quietly as he read the message
"Uh, what now?" Feurigel asked cocking his head to the side.
Vivi pocketed the stylus and said worried "We have to go look for Professor Hastings, and were far behind schedule"
"Oh oh, the leader won’t like that" Feurigel answered
"I know" Vivi replied "C’mon we have to hurry"
Feurigel jumped into one of his large pockets and made sure to have his fire of.
Vivi started running into the more lively parts of the forest where most people walked hoping to find Hastings there

December 9th, 2008, 1:07 PM
Mit watched as Slash flew away. Mit turned to Savannah, who asked him if he wanted a ride. He looked at her, puzzled for a slight moment, when two big pokemon appeared, flames erupting from their majestic, powerful jaws. One was an Arcanine, the other a Houndoom. He wondered where they came from, but shook off his feeling of insecurity. He was now a ranger.

"Yes, which one?" Mit asked. Then, the Mudkip kid approached the two.

"Meet back here in about an hour," he said, going on to explain that he would notify them on the styler. Mit nodded, then turned back to Savannah, waiting for an answer.

The Instant Classic
December 9th, 2008, 1:08 PM
Cage pulls a grim face and turns to Totadile.
" you nick anything that belongs to Savanna again i swear i will........you know ".
That was all Totadile needed telling.
Cage could see Koji saying to Savanna and Mit that he was staying to wait for the other rangers while they go search for hastings.
Cage pulled another grim look " so errrrrrr i wonder what where supposed to do i guess Savanna and Mit are going to find Hastings.
" Well i dont know about you but i fancie a vacation " Totadile suggested.
Cage pulls yet his third grim look " no ".
" Awwwwww " Totadile said.
" Well im going to miss any action " Cage pulls a mobile out of his pocket and called his brother................................YO BRO ITS CAGE OVER HERE I NEED A FAVOR CAN YOU SEND SALAMANCE OVER FOR ME PLEASE DONT ASK WHY IM AT MAXERON SQUARE OK THANKS...............call ended.
" A salamance!? " Totadile yelled." Yep its gonna help us find Hastings and dont worry we wont be offering Savanna a lift hee hee " Cage said with laughter.
Suddenly a Salamance came flying over the rangers and landed on the ground " Hey Salamance thanks for coming " Cage said..........

December 9th, 2008, 3:23 PM
Vivi continued to sprint threw the forest with Feurigel still in his pocket.
"Would you care to slow down a bit?, your making me see-sick"
Vivi slowed down and said "Sorry, but were already in trouble probaly for not being at the ranger base"
Feurigel groaned and said "Fine run, but please dont sway so much when you run"
Vivi nodded and contined trying to run more straight.

after a 10 minute run they finnaly arrived at the road and Feurigel fell out of his pocked as Vivi stopped. "FINNALY" he said panting. Vivi bent down and said concerned "Im sorry Feurigel, but we had and still have to make haste" He opened his pocket again.
"I dont mind riding in your pocket, but its horrible if you run"
"Then just walk yourself if i have to run" Vivi answered as Feurigel jumped into his pocket again.
They looked around and saw some of the other rangers with fire pokemon too, then Vivi said "Oh there are some of the others".
He waddled over to them slowly hoping they wouldnt be mad at him for being so late

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 9th, 2008, 5:23 PM
"Ok,ok,we'll be back in an hour." Savanna said. "Anyways,you can choose whichever one you want. Arcanine is a bit... friendlier then Houndoom." Savanna said in reply to Mit's question. She looked back,just to see Houndoom starting the usual scuffle,ust in perfect timing to her remark. "Houndoom,sit!" Savanna commanded. Houndoom looked at her for a minute and sat down. Savanna turned her attention to Vivi,who was unusually late. She turned her attention back to Mit. "So,which one you gonna ride?" she asked.

The Instant Classic
December 10th, 2008, 8:12 AM
Cage looked at the other rangers with disbelief that there wasn't any HEY LOOK AT THAT or COOL A SALAMANCE.
Just then Cage noticed another ranger pop up out of nowhere " oh look theres Vivi hmmmmmmmm i swear he reminds me of someone " Cage said.
" Hey can ya hurry up ive got a date with a hot flygon in an hour " Salamance said.
Cage and Totadile turned to Salamance with weird looks on there faces.
" Yeah yeah " Cage turns to the other rangers " im going now hee hee im gonna find Hastings first hee hee " Cage turns to Vivi " hi Vivi bye Vivi " then he and Totadile jumps onto Salamance and fly off.
Totadile sings " i believe i can fly.......i believe i can touch the sky......i think abo OW WHAT DID YA HIT ME FOR ".
" Dont ask " Cage said.

December 10th, 2008, 8:53 AM
Vivi arrived at where the others where standing
"U-um....sorry im late, i was in the forest making sure that none of the pokemon where hurt by the earthquake and soothing those in uproar" He said nervously fixing his hat"
"I-I hope im not to late to help"
He looked at the pokemon already there and said "By the way, nice pokemon you have there"
Feurigel looked at the other fire pokemon and told Vivi "Say Vivi, I-i dont have to become like them do I"
Vivi looked down at him and said, his eyes glowing, "No worry,s Feurigel, i know you dont want to evolve"

OOC:incase your wondering Feurigel is the german name for cyndaquil btw

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 10th, 2008, 12:27 PM
"Hey Vivi! Just in time!" Savanna said. "We're supposed to look for Prof.Hastings." she added. Arcanine looked at Feurigel contently. Houndoom was trying to use Flare Blitz on a Ninjask. The Ninjack finally poked Houndoom in the nose, causing him to sneeze. While the Ninjask was fighting with Houndoom, Savanna turned her attention to Mit again. "A lot of stuff going on around here, might as well just hurry up and leave so that we dont end up sitting here for an hour." Savanna said.

December 10th, 2008, 12:55 PM
OOC: Kay, I'm getting slightly confused with all the characters, so forgive me if I mess someone up^^.

Mit dashed over to the Arcanine, which Savannah had suggested to him. He hopped on, and the Arcanine smiled, showing its big canine teeth. It looked at Mit, and he nodded, readying himself. He looked over to Savannah. He knew they wasted a lot of time. Suddenly, however, another kid with a Cyndaquil approached the team. He stammered, hoping he wasn't late. Mit opened his mouth to answer him, but Savannah was first.

"Hey Vivi! Just in time!" Savanna said. "We're supposed to look for Prof.Hastings." Mit looked over to a commotion, and saw Houndoom being assaulted by some Ninjask. Mit looked at Savannah from his perch up on Arcanine.

"I trust you can handle the Ninjask. We've wasted quite a bit of time, so I'm going to head out. As the one with the Totodile said, we'll meet in an hour," he said. He looked forward, glancing at the road ahead, "I'll be back," he said. And with that, he was gone.


As he dashed, the wind on his face cooled him down from the stifling heat of Maxeron square. It was quite crowded, not helping much at all. He zoomed around the outer edges of Maxeron town, and bordering forest. He saw something out of the corner of his eye. It was something of interest, to be sure. It was some sort of Pokemon. Mit stopped, and hopped off of Arcanine. He motioned it to stay put, while he went to inspect. He crept closer to the shadow-clad thing, but it noticed Mit. Mit reached for his Styler, and the thing zoomed away into the forest. Mit started to chase it. It was some sort of Pokemon, because it was short and sort of round. It had a long neck and small, odd shaped head, with insect-like wings. Mit continued to race through the shrubs in close pursuit of the thing. It spun around suddenly, and Mit crashed into it. It slammed something into his chest, and lifted its head. Mit was sent flying through the air.

"Herrrrrrra Cross!" he heard the thing roar. It was a Heracross. It dashed over to him, and Mit leapt out of the way. It slammed into a tree, shaking it violently, dropping a bunch of apples and Metapod. Mit grabbed his styler, when he heard a screech.

"Mit, I've got this!" He heard from his head. It was Slash. It dove into the Heracross beak-first, connecting with its head. Heracross stumbled a bit, and stood back up. The attack was a direct hit, but the Heracross still had fight left in it yet.

December 10th, 2008, 1:19 PM
Vivi looked at Savanna and nodded "I-i know that i got a message on my styler".
He looked over at the 2 pokemon fighting concerned and asked.
"Do you want me to try the ninjask?, i dont know if ill be able to but i think its better if you guys hurry with the mission, I dont want to get the boss mad"
Feurigel looked away from the arcanine and said "Yeah, we,ll get that done.....I....think"

Vivi stayed silent for awile but said "Don worry bout him, we,ll handle it"
He looked at the other rangers and added "Unless somewone else wanted to try of course"

Vivi was nervous and looking foreward to it at the same time
this was his first time to attempt to capture a pokemon cause up to now he hadnt really gotten a chance
But at the same time he didnt want to be in the way

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 10th, 2008, 1:41 PM
Savanna nodded. "Ok, come on Houndoom!" Savanna yelled,accidentily leaving Riolu with Vivi. She jumped on Houndoom's back and he started running. It was a bumpy ride,but Savanna was used to it. when they got to SkyWing Forest,she ould see Slash diving at something blue and bug-like in the distance. "Whats he gotten himself into?" Savanna sighed. "Houndoom, Lash!" Savanna yelled. With a quick dash,they were already half way there. He was being attacked by a Heracross. "Houndoom,Flare!" Savanna yelled. Houndoom dashed straight at the Heracross,Savanna still on him. "Houndoom,Blitz!" yelled Savanna. Suddenly,Houndoom blew flames at the grass around the Heracross,leaving it with no escape route. "Capture on!" Savanna yelled. She looped around the panicking Heracross easily. She stopped looping the Heracross. "Houndoom,Husk!" Savanna yelled. Houndoom lowered his head,making the flames disappear. Savanna whistled. Arcanine came back to the area and went to Mit. "I leave you for a minute and you already almost get killed." Savanna said.


Houndoom goes by a list of commands.

Husk - Make Flame Go Away
Lash - Hurry Up
Blitz - Surround Target With Flames
Flare - Dash At Target
Zeph - Burn
Lux - PokeAssist
Musk - Surround Area With Dark Fog
Trill - Howl To Find Friend
Pence - Stay

I Made Up The Words. >.<
Except for Blitz,Lash,and Flare. Those are real words.

December 10th, 2008, 2:57 PM
Vivi looked nervous and enthusiastic at the same time as he took out his styler and got ready.
"psst you forgot to say capture on" Feurigel whispered
"Oh" Vivi said blankly and said nervously "C-capture....on?"
The ninjask approached at lightning speed and tried to attack him but he dodged even if it was more of a trip, then a dodge.
He got back up and quikly fixed his hat as he started drawing circles around him.
5...4...3....2, The nijask they used fury cuuter and attacked the line making the stylus gloose energy.
"U-um...Feurigel fire power please?" Vivi asked worried
Feurigel nodded and focused as the capture line turned a bright red colour.
Vivi tried again enveloping the ninjask in a fire as he continued to circle it
Vivi had captured the Ninjask.
"YES WE DID IT FEURIGEL" Vivi jumped happily and did his victory pose.

The Instant Classic
December 11th, 2008, 8:21 AM
" I believe i can fMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMFFFFFFFFFFFFF (get you hand off my mouth).
" Fine but please save me the pain and torture and just shut up " Cage said.
" You just jealous becouse you wish you had my talent " Totadile replied.
" Talent!? it sounds like a nail scraping glass ".
" Oh god what now " Cage said " you know fro a pokemon ranger you sure act like you hate going on missions " Salamance said.
Cage wasent even going to answer that.
The trio looked down to see a tree on fire " a tree on fire!? all that screaming becouse a tree thats on fire give me strength " Cage said in angry tone.
" Totadile use water gun on the tree ".
" What from up here ".
" Yes from up here now come on already ".
Totadile shot his water gun to the tree although most of it landed on the citizens going nuts on just becouse of a burning tree the fire was soon put out.
" Er i think we should move those people look angry " Salamance sudgested.
" I agree FLY! " and with that they flew off.

December 11th, 2008, 9:44 AM
Name- Harry

Age- 13

Gender- Male

History- Harry grew up in Zephyr Town and often ventured away to Maxeron Town and filmed rangers performing captures so he could refer to them and his quest to become a Pokemon Ranger.

"Familiar" Pokemon- Turtwig Please

' I Like Pie '

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 11th, 2008, 1:23 PM
Awesome sign up youre accepted.

December 11th, 2008, 1:51 PM
Name- James
Age- 15
Gender- Male
History- James always wanted to be a Ranger since he was young. Simply because one day, as he was walking along a path, he noticed a forest fire, in Skywing forest, and watched as Pokemon Rangers rescued Pokemon, and used others to save the forest. Also, his brother is a ranger in the Almia Region.
"Familiar" Pokemon- Bulbasaur

'I Like Pie'

P.S- what point is the rp currently up to, just out of curiosity.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 11th, 2008, 2:04 PM

You are also accepted Charky. =3

We are only in chapter two right now. not much has really happened yet. just se what you do in the chapter down there somewhere. \/

December 11th, 2008, 2:45 PM
James awoke. He was resting against a tree stump in Skywing Forest, with Bulbasaur lying beside him. How long have I been asleep? James thought to himself. ‘Too long if, if you ask me.’ Replied his Bulbasaur, opening one eye to look at him.

“So you’re awake then!” Commented James.

‘Of course I am. You can’t expect me too sleep with your styler beeping, can you?’

“What!” exclaimed James, grabbing his styler. He checked it, and saw that there was a message from Taine. “Head to the Skywing Monument, Maxeron city as quickly as possible.” James read it twice just to make sure that he had read it properly. He jumped up and began heading in the direction he believed the exit lay.

‘Why are we running?’ asked Bulbasaur, running behind James.

“I’ll explain later, just keep running!” replied James. Bulbasaur sighed but still carried on running. They were running for ages, until they came across an obstacle. A small group of vines blocked the way ahead. ‘What are we going to do now?’ asked Bulbasaur, slightly smiling. James was stuck, he knew that it would take too long to go around them, and was almost impossible to travel through. Luckily for him, a Farfetch’d was walking nearby.

James stared at it for a while, then grabbed his Styler and released the capture disk, shouting “Capture On.” The disk headed towards Farfetch’d who stared at it blankly. He began to draw circles with his styler, causing the disc to ‘loop’ Farfetch’d. One… Two… Three… Four… Five. James counted in is head, knowing that now he could use Farfetch’d to help him, “Capture Complete,” he shouted “Now Farfetch’d cut down those vines. The Farfetch’d flew forward, cutting through the vines with its leek. “Thanks Farfetch’d, you’re free to go now.”

James ran through the path which Farfetch’d created, whilst it flew off in the opposite direction.

‘You know, I could of helped you then. All you needed to do was ask.’ Said Bulbasaur.

“Yeah right,” replied James, “When was the last time you listened to me?”

December 11th, 2008, 3:32 PM
"I leave you for a minute, and you already almost get killed!" Savannah scolded. Mit grinned at Slash, who nodded with a happy expression in reply. Mit watched as the Heracross staggered off, dazed. Mit looked at Savannah, perched atop Houndoom.

"Ah, ya never gave me time to even pull out my styler! If you hadn't come along, it would've been in a world of pain," he said, his grin disappearing. He looked over to the charred battlefield, which the flames had mysteriously disappeared from. He looked down at his styler.

"I thought it might be Hastings, but obviously not. But, Heracross don't appear in this forest.." His voice trailed off. Suddenly..

"Hypnosis!" came from around them in the surrounding forest. The last thing he saw were four Crobats, that emerged from the thicket, before he was instantly lulled to slerp.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 11th, 2008, 6:26 PM
"Houndoom,Flare!" Savanna yelled. Houndoom dashed towards the Crobat,dodging the hypnosis easily. "Houndoom,Musk!" Savanna yelled. Suddenly,the area around them was covered in fog. Her styler started beeping. She looked at the message while the Crobat were lost.

your styler's signal just disappeared.

Ignoring the fact that she should have replied,she reached for her styler and took it out. She saw a boulder being held back by a sturdy vine,and it was most likely a trap for somebody. "Houndoom,Zeph!" Savanna yelled,pointing at the vine that was holding up the boulder. At just the right time,Houndoom hit the vine with a flame. The boulder fell,and trapped the four Crobats by holding down one of they're wings. She rushed over to Mit. "Good thing I didnt eat my mom's stale cookies." Savanna said. She pulled a stale,raisin cookie out of her backpack. "And also a good thing she is the worst cook in Zephyr town." Savanna laughed. Houndoom joined in. She placed the cookie in front of Mit's nose and backed up. "He'll be awake soon,and it'll prove my mom is a bad cook too." Savanna said,grinning with Houndoom.

NOT a cookie you wanna eat... O.O

The Instant Classic
December 12th, 2008, 8:20 AM
Now back to Cage and Totadile....
" Alright Salamance head for SkyWing forest " Cage commanded.
The trio where soon flying over SkyWing forest.
Cage and Totadile where searching the ground for Hasting but then " STOP " Totadile shouted.
" What is it " Cage asked " oh no sorry it ain't Hastings its another ranger looks like he's heading for the square " Totadile replied.
Cage looked down and indeed there was a ranger with what looked like a Bulbasaur " lets give him a hand Totadile have you still got the spare map " Cage asked.
Totadile disappeared for a moment then came back with the map and handed it to Cage.
And with that Cage dropped the map down to the ground in front of the ranger.
" Alright lets keep at it " Cage said.....

December 12th, 2008, 9:05 AM
Vivi looked around, with nearly all the rangers gone he decided to look around for hastings by foot.
He looked at Koji and asked quietly"U-um schould we look for proffeser Hastings by foot or do you know another way"
He looked around again "It dosnt look like anybody else is here"
"Hey Vivi, maybe we schould head along the main road seing he might be around the lively part of town somewhere" Feurigel suggested
"Ok" Vivi nodded and asked Koji "are you comming or schould we split up?"

Wolf in the Rain
December 12th, 2008, 12:23 PM
OOC EDIT:Nvm i re-read it, i misunderstood. Sry. But for the record...we're in a city.


"Ok" Vivi nodded and asked Koji "are you coming or should we split up?"

Sitting down on a park bench, Koji put his hands behind his head in a relaxed pose, he then answered, "Nah, I'm just gunna wait here for anymore recruits. You go on ahead." He then took out his styler and looked at the digital clock on it. "Be back here in 30 minutes. Call if anythings up."

As soon as Vivi and his Cyndaquil turned to leave, Koji shut his eyes.

"Smooth move, all you wanted to do is sleep" said Mudkip

"No, someone's got to wait here for the rest of the group. I'm sure Taine doesn't want them to get lost." Koji replied

"Then why are you trying to sleep?"

"Because dealing with you is very stressful..."

December 12th, 2008, 12:47 PM
just vor the record, Vivi is a boy
heres an image seeing i can now finnaly add a adress

"Kay" Vivi said and turned to explore the main streets to look for a sign of hastings there.
He looked and asked a few people but couldnt find any clues.
"Guess this won,t work on the long run" He said hanging his head
"uuuum, hopefully the others have more luck"
Vivi nodded and fixed his hat before continuing to ask around

Wolf in the Rain
December 12th, 2008, 1:13 PM
OOC: Lol my bad. I'll put the picture in front of my computer so i won't forget next time.

December 12th, 2008, 1:26 PM
James was tiring; he wasn’t used to running after sleeping in the forest. His Bulbasaur sniggered as he saw him pant. If he wasn’t so tired James would’ve commented. Suddenly Bulbasaur stopped moving and extended its vines, catching something in them. He passed it to James who knew that it was a map. They both looked up and saw a Salamance flying over the forest, with what appeared to be a ranger on the back. James opened the map, whilst Bulbasaur headed in the direction which Salamance was travelling in.

“Halt!” James shouted to Bulbasaur, “Where do you think you’re going?”

‘Well I think that we should follow them, they obviously know what they’re doing.’ Answered the Bulbasaur.

“The map tells us to go that way, so that’s where we’re going.” Said James pointing in the opposite direction. Seeing that Bulbasaur was about to reply, he quickly said, “We have orders, we are going to Maxeron Square whether you like it or not.”

James carried on walking with Bulbasaur quickly following, as he decided not to wind James up any more. They where walking for ages, not catching site of any other rangers. Finally they made it out of Skywing forest, and had arrived in MaxeronTown.

“Finally, come on Bulbasaur lets hurry to the square.” Said James picking as he picked up speed.

‘Jeez, does that idiot ever let me rest?’ Bulbasaur thought to himself.

“I heard that!” Replied James.

Eventually, after they had reached the square, they came across another ranger, who was sitting on the bench with a Mudkip next to him. James walked up to him and introduced himself. “Hi there, my name’s James. Do you know where the others went?”

‘Thanks for introducing me.’ thought Bulbasaur sarcastically.

Wolf in the Rain
December 12th, 2008, 2:53 PM
With his eye's closed and the warm sun beating down on him, A wave of sleep was just about to wash over Koji when he was interrupted by someone.

“Hi there, my name’s James. Do you know where the others went?”

"Yo Koji, someone's talking to you!" Mudkip metally shouted at him.

Koji wearily opened his eyes looked at to whom was addressing him. It was another Ranger about Koji's age. There was a Bulbasaur by his side, with an annoyed look on it's face. He had probably been sent by Taine to assist him.

"Yeah, I sent them to look for Proffessor Hastings a while ago" Koji replied to James. He again, then took out his Styler and looked at the digital clock on it "Hmm looks like I'll need to call them back here in about 15 minutes... Just hang here for a bit. If you want to, there's a store across the street," Koji told James as he pointed to the store, "You can get some supplies if you want."

The Instant Classic
December 13th, 2008, 2:58 AM
" Ok Hastings is now officially the champion of hide and seek " Totadile said in an annoyed tone.
" Hey look " Cage shouted.
Salamance stopped so totadile could see " Its Hastings i told you we would find him first " Cage and Totadile do the victory dance....
" Oh yeah " Cage said.
Totadile looks down one more more time " NOOOOOOOOOOOO " he shouted " he's gone ".
" Huh what do ya mean gone (Cage looks down) AHHHHHHHHHHHHH he is gone god he is the champ at hide and seek ".
Cage takes out his styler and writes a message " BEEP MESSAGE SENT TO RANGERS " the styler called.
The message was as follows Rangers listen up Hastings is definitely in skywing forest i just saw him but if you find him dont let him out of your sight ok FROM YOUR BEST FREINDS CAGE AND TOTADILE.

December 13th, 2008, 4:25 AM
Vivi,s pocket beeped again as he took out his styler and read the message.
"We gotta go to Skywing forest" Vivi said pocketing the styler again.
"Ok, lets go" Feurigel answered as they turned around and ran past Koji and James towords the forest, unluckily Vivi tripped and landed on his face.
"You ok Vivi?" Feurigel asked
Vivi got up and fixed his hat "Y-yeah"
"You schould really try to trip less" Feurigel added
"I know" Vivi answered as they continued towards the forest

December 13th, 2008, 6:04 PM
Name: Reina
Age: 15
Gender: Female
History: As a small child Reina lost both her mother and father to a devistang fire. The only one there for her for the longest time had been their family's fatheful Arcanine. Ever since that day Reina has always loved fire types, and possised a strong desire to help others.
Familiar: Can I have Vulpix?

I like Pie

OOC: I meant to type this in last night, but having someone over your shoulder nagging you tends to make one not notice everything. Sorry...

December 13th, 2008, 8:32 PM
my SU, tell me if anythings wrong an ill fix it ^^

Name- Josephine, Josie for short
Age- 18
Gender- female
History- she grew up loving pokemon but never really wanted to be a trainer. she didnt like the idea of using pokeballs to contain pokemon because she thought it looked cruel.
she joined the rangers to aid pokemon in need and help keep peace in the region.
"Familiar" Pokemon- growlithe, please

i like pie. pie is good. with ice cream and cool whip, yes ^^

Wolf in the Rain
December 13th, 2008, 10:53 PM
As soon as Koji and James had finished talking, their stylers beeped, startling both of the trainers and their Pokemon. Koji read aloud, "Rangers listen up Hastings is definitely in skywing forest i just saw him but if you find him dont let him out of your sight ok FROM YOUR BEST FREINDS CAGE AND TOTADILE."

Making a mental note of bad grammar in Cage's message, Koji noticed Vivi run by them before tripping over. Trying not to laugh, Koji adressed them.

"James, Vivi. Let's get over to Skywing Forest ASAP"

Running in the direction of the woods with their Pokemon following close behind, Koji pulled up Cage's location on his styler, almost running into a few pedestrians because he was so focused on it. He then phoned the other squad.

"Savanna. Mit. I'm heading to the forest now and have Vivi and James. Meet us at Cage's location."

(OOC: May not be the best post, but it gets the job done and my brain is FRIED)

December 14th, 2008, 9:56 AM
When they entered the forest, James and Bulbasaur slipped away. They didn't like company much and so decided to head through the Forest by themselves. They were walking in silence for ages, before James decided to break it.

"Do you think that they'll be mad that we left them?" he asked Bulbasaur.

'Probably, but its for the best,' he replied, 'Don't ask me how, but it is.'

"I forgot to ask, what does Prof Hastings look like? Because I haven't seen him before!"

'You did not just say that did you? He's a creepy looking old man, by the way.'

"Like him?" James asked, pointing to a man n the path up ahead. The man turned a corner, and James followed him. Bulbasaur followed. They looked ahead but couldn't see him. Where could he of gone? They turned around and saw him heading in the opposite direction and turning another corner. Impossible! They headed after him, but like before he was gone. This was getting old already. The heard movement in the nearby bushes and Bulbasaur leapt forward tackling someone to the ground.

James followed Bulbasaur, and saw that he had knocked over anothr ranger.

"Oops, sorry about that."

The Instant Classic
December 14th, 2008, 1:20 PM
Cage decided to do the rest of his searching in the forest and so he sent Salamance back to his brother.
" Bye Salamance " Totadile called while Salamance flew off " wow your brother must so cool to own a Salamance " He also said ( Cage throws a grim look).
" Aright Hastings ain't getting away this time " Cage announced.
Just then there was movement heard near Cage and Totadile then out of no where a Bulbasaur flew out of the bushes knocking Cage onto the floor.
" Oops sorry about that " Came a voice.
Cage looked up to see who it was " oh look who it is Totadile " Cage said in sarcastic tone.
" Oh yeah its the ranger we lent the map to ha ha oh by the way you can keep it if you want " Totadile told the ranger.
By now Cage had got back up and threw one of his grim looks at the bulbasaur " So anyways since your here i assume you got my message ( Cage puts his hand forward as a signal to shake hands and said ) the name's Cage and this is my partner Totadile so who are you supposed to be "..............

December 14th, 2008, 2:36 PM
OOC: Sorry, everyone, for delayed posting. I don't really have a lot of time now, so..

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 14th, 2008, 5:15 PM
OOC- Whoever signed up is accepted. I did see you posts,im just being lazy right now.

December 15th, 2008, 8:48 AM
Vivi continuied to follow Koji threw the woods before noticing that James was gone.
Not stopping running he said "Koji...pant pant...James is..pant...gone"
"He went of a while back" Feurigel said running himself this time not wanting to get see-sick again.
"I...I guess its better this way we can have a bigger search radius" Vivi answered in his head.
"Stop looking at me and watch out where you ru....." Feurigel tried to say but it was to late as Vivi tripped over again, he got up and cleaned himself of and fixed his hat before continuing to follow Koji.

December 15th, 2008, 9:01 AM
A smilish girl and her friend Vulpix wandered around the forest. First they took one path, then came out in the same place, took another path and repeated the process.

"I believe we are lost, yes?" the Vulpix seemed to snicker in her mind.

"Shut up!" Rini looked away, embarrased. "We're not lost. I just don't know where we are."

"Isn't that the defination of lost?" Vulpix rolled over laughing.

"I don't know why I got a transfer to a different reagon anyway." Rini huffed. "I was happy where I was."

"You did set lose that group of Rattata in bosses office." Vulpix pointed out. "I don't think that earns you any points for good behavior."

"True." Rini remarked as they sat down to take a break. "The look on his face was priceless right?"

"Riiii-ght." Vulpix rolled her eyes.

December 15th, 2008, 9:40 AM
Name- Kairi

Age- 12

Gender- female

History- Kairi was born, and raised in johto, at New Bark Town, but later on moved to Pallet Town, as New Bark Town was way too noisy for her and her mother. She loved going outside and picking flowers. She has a very beatiful flower garden that her mother sometimes helps her with. She plants all kinds of flowers there, but her favorite kinds of flowers are sun flowers.

Her and her mother sometimes sell the flowers at the flower store in Viridan City. One day Kairi was watching TV, and heard about all the bad things going on in the world.

One day she was walking out on Route 1 and got attacked by a Spearow. A Pidgey flew up to her and she asked for it's help. She used the wild Pidgey and knocked out the Spearow. She had battled using a wild Pokemon without even catching it. The Pokemon Rangers had seen what she had done and invited her to be a Ranger. She and her mother then moved to the Skywing Region. Kairi went to the Ranger Base, and they even gave her, her Pokemon that would be her partner, a Chikorita.

"Familiar" Pokemon- Chikorita(Female please)

I like Pie

December 15th, 2008, 12:35 PM
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Ugh.. my head. What the heck happened..? Mit thought to himself. He finally got used to Slash intercepting his thoughts. He expected it to happen whenever he thought of anything related to the mission.. or even unrelated. Suddenly, he could smell a putrid staleness that stung his nostrils. He shook his head, opened his eyes, and gagged. The smell was some sort of biscuit on the ground. He looked over to Savannah, who had obviously put it there. He looked over to Slash, who was holding back an obvious amount of laughter. What is it? Mit asked Slash. Slash shuddered from the humor, and broke out into the laughter he was holding back.

Th-that's a freakin' cookie! Your face when she put it there! Priceless! Slash boomed in Mit's conscious. Mit had to double over when Slash yelled into his mind. He got up, and wiped his shirt clean of a few strands of grass and a little bit of dirt. He looked up at Slash evily for a second, then back down to Savannah with a small grin.

"Nothing to it!" he said, as if nothing went wrong. He looked back at Slash, and held up a fist, as if threatening him. Slash was surprised by this sudden charade, and nearly fell off of the branch he was perched on. He recovered, and giggled a little. The disgusting cookie had obviously made Slash's day. "What the heck is that? Slash says it's a cookie, but.. is it really??" Mit asked Savannah in disbelief. He stared wide-eyed at the cookie, with the thought of his gagging clear in his mind.

December 15th, 2008, 12:40 PM
"Growlithe! Wait up!" comes a flustered female voice from behind the trees.
The fire puppy leaps from the forest and into the path, padding around in a circle, "I heard voices." he replies, nose to the ground.
"That doesn't mean you can run off like that. We can't afford to be seperated out here." the voice calls back amidst rustling. A ranger emerges from the rustling patch, a badge stating her name as Josephine pinned to her uniform.
She reaches up to pick a few stray leaves and twigs from her hair, "So these voices. You think it was Hastings?"
Growlithe looks up at her, "Possibly. It was hard to tell." he replies, returning to the ranger's side.
Josie sighs, "You are so rash."
"It's all in the nature." Growlithe replies, grinning.
"Do you even know where we are? I was so busy trying to keep up with you I lost track of our location."
Growlithe glances around, "I kinda hoped you knew where we were."
Josie groans, "Well, we're here now. See if you can pick up a trail."
Growlithe nods, nose to the ground again as he leads the ranger down the path.

December 16th, 2008, 9:27 AM
“James, and well this is Bulbasaur obviously” he replied to Cage.

‘Oh geez, at least you introduced me this time.’ Thought Bulbasaur, though James ignored him.

“Thought you were Hastings for a minute. Man that guy can move. Anyways got to go now.” James added the last bit whilst running of looking for Hastings, Bulbasaur was close at his heels.

‘Wow! You’ve ditched 3 people already. Who’s next?’

James ignored him and continued his search.

(OOC- sorry it’s short and late. Next one will be longer.)

December 16th, 2008, 9:33 AM
Vivi stopped running, he was completely out of breath as he only had short feet.
"keep...keep on going Koji, I..Ill be fine, J-just let me catch my breath" He panted before sitting down under a tree.
"Do you think ANYWONE will ever find hastings?, he been on the roll for nearly and hour now, is he even trying to be found?" Feurigel asked in wonder
"I....I dont know" vivi anwered and relaxed against the trunk
after 5 mins he got back up "C,mon we better continue, ooooh im alone again, i hate being alone"
He waddled down the path looking left and right in search of a sign of Hastings

December 16th, 2008, 9:36 AM
"Shouldn't we find the other's?" Vulpix wondered in her mind.

"Nah, waste of effort." Rini yawned, and streached out. "We'd just keep getting lost anyway. How about a nap insteed?"

Vulpix sighed, and layed down next to her partner. "Maybe, but I hope you don't end up regretting this later."

Rini's only reply was a light snore.

Vulpix sweatdropped.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 16th, 2008, 1:06 PM
"Yup,meet my mom's cookies. They almost smell as bad as they taste..." Savanna replied. Houndoom looked at Slash,who was obviously laughing at the cookie solution. "Try smelling that yourself,Slash." Savanna said,looking at the Starly. Riolu teleported to Savanna. Ok,whats going on here? Riolu asked. Taine just picked up the signals on the styler again. Riolu added. "I guess a few Crobats tried to attack us,Mit fell asleep,I made him wake up with a cookie of my moms,and then you came." Savanna said. She looked over. The crobats were still trying to get theyre wings out of under the rock. She then turned her attention back to Mit. "Anyways,lets continue our search for Hastings." She said.

December 18th, 2008, 12:11 PM
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December 18th, 2008, 12:55 PM

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December 18th, 2008, 1:17 PM
Kairi had just left the Ranger Base with her partner, Chiko, a Chikorita, a few weeks ago. Today they were walking around with nothing to do. "Well Chiko where should we go now?" She asked her partner.

"Well, they said they have no missions for us today, so we should just maybe take it easy today," Chiko respond to her partner. She yawned,"I'm kinda sleepy."

"Ok, maybe we should go back to the apartment then," Kairi told Chiko. It wasn't a very big apartment, just a place Kairi had moved into after she joined the Rangers, and got Chiko. Now her and Chiko were good friends. Kairi hoped that maybe she'd get other pokemon to join her as well, like a Charmander, Pikachu and a Piplup. That would be cool.

Chiko went and got herself some water then went and laid down, in her bed. Kairi didn't have anything to do today, so she thought after she and Chiko took there naps maybe they could go down to the beach and have some fun. Kairi went into her bedroom, and fell asleep the minute her head hit the pillow.

December 18th, 2008, 7:09 PM
"Savanna. Mit. I'm heading to the forest now and have Vivi and James. Meet us at Cage's location," Mit's styler blared. He glared up at Slash one last time, and held his head. He had a headache from the mixture of Hypnosis and the smell of the heathen Savannah called a cookie. He looked at Savannah, and nodded. He ran over to the edge of the forest, Slash keeping good track of him from up in the sky. Slash was scanning for any enemies that might want to approach Mit from behind. While he was on his way, he heard Slash call him, with fear in his voice.

"Mit, there's something down there, getting down from the tree you just passed!" Slash warned. Mit turned around, and walked backward. He saw a blob of darkness move from the shadow of the tree. As it approached him, he pulled out his styler. The blob neared him, and Mit held his styler in a defensive position, as if it were a weapon. The creature emerged, and Mit flinched. It looked up at him naively, squeaked, and fled.

"Slash, you idiot, it was a freaking Bidoof! You made it look like it was some sort of evil thing!" he growled in his head. He sighed, as Slash turned tail in the sky, wordless. Mit exited the forest, and looked at the positioning on the syler. He had to get to Cage's location. The kid with the Totodile, from his previous message. As he neared the spot, he saw a Salamence fly from up above.

"What the hell..." Mit wondered out loud. He focused back on the mission. And surely enough, there was Cage, Totodile, and the small kid named Vivi with his Cyndaquil. He noticed the mysterious essence about Vivi. He approached Cage. "What's up?" he asked, a little out of breath.

December 18th, 2008, 7:20 PM
Rini awoke a short time later and took out her styler.

"Don't tell me you're actually going to do something?" Vulpix asked hopefully, though her hopes were soon to be dashed.

"Of course I am." Rini actually looked shocked. "I'm super hungry, and a pizza with the works sounds grand."

"You can order a pizza with that?" Vulpix asked. Her eyes were wide as she wondered over this for a bit.

"No...." Rini gave her an odd look. "You know these stylers are only for befrending and taming pokemon, and keeping in touch with other rangers."

"But...." Vulpix looked confused.

"Helloooo other rangers!" Rini yelled happily into the styler, as she set the frequency to any rangers in the area. "I'm kinda hungry. You guys mind ordering a pizza?"

Vulpix gave her a disaproving look.

"And I'm also kinda lost." she mumbled sheepishly.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 19th, 2008, 6:53 PM
Savanna picked up the cookie when Mit's styler blared out the message to go back. Mit nodded and left. Savanna got on Houndoom. "Lash!" Savanna yelled,and suddenly Houndoom ran after Mit. Arcanine followed. "It will be quicker if you ride arcanine." she said after catching up to Mit. She kept going,but Arcanine stayed with Mit. There was something in the trees,but Savanna ignored it. Houndoom obviously saw it,too. Houndoom jumped on a rock and sniffed the air. Houndoom then dashed towards Cage's smell. "Good thing I put a stunky in his room last night." Savanna chuckled. Houndoom joined in with a small laugh. Riolu teleported back to the base. Houndoom's nose was twitching. A large log was blocking the way for some reason. "Zeph!" Savanna yelled. Houndoom launched a large,hot flame at the log. It burned down quickly. "Lash!" Savanna yelled,and Houndoom started running again. Cage could now be spotted in the distance. Houndoom ran straight towards Cage. "Pence!" Savanna yelled as soon as Houndoom and Cage were almost nose-to-nose.


Houndoom is very overgrown. lol

The Instant Classic
December 20th, 2008, 3:09 PM
" Bleep bleep " Cage's styler went " aw what now " Totadile shouted.
Cage took out his styler and began reading the message " ha its from Reina remember Totadile we met her yesterday " Totadile thought for a moment " oh yeah the one with the vulpix " Totadile replied.
" She's asking us to order her a pizza and she says she's lost ha " Cage laughed.
Cage began writing a message didnt you get my message?
Oh well anyways it doesn't matter if your lost as where meant to be looking for Prof Hastings you know old guy invented the capture styler anyways if you find him let us know.
P.S: as for the pizza hmmmm il figure that one out later....
" Bleep message sent ".
Just then a flock of Farfetch'd came flying over Cage's head like they where fleeing from someone or something.
" DOG " Totadile shouted pointing right.
Cage looks over to see a Houndoom running towards him and Totadile " oh great this is the last thing we need ".
He was just about to take out his styler when he noticed that someone was riding the Houndoom " oh crap its little miss S " he said.
" What you mean " Totadile asked " yep its Savanna " Cage said.
" Im outta here " Totadile said but before he could run Cage grabbed him by the head " dont even think about it " he said......

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
December 20th, 2008, 8:56 PM
OOC- I need to keep reminding myself \/... lol

Husk - Make Flame Go Away
Lash - Hurry Up
Blitz - Surround Target With Flames
Flare - Dash At Target
Zeph - Burn
Lux - PokeAssist
Musk - Surround Area With Dark Fog
Trill - Howl To Find Friend
Pence - Stay


Houndoom backed up slightly. "Koji, Mit, and the others are gonna meet us here." Savanna said after seeing Totodile try to run away. Suddenly,the rustling was in the bushes again. Soon after,a large,powerful male Staraptor flew out straight at cage,avoiding Savanna. "Heron,stop!" Savanna yelled,scolding the Staraptor. It landed on the Houndoom's horn after hearing Savanna. The Staraptor had a note attached to a rope around its neck. Savanna took it off. She read the note in her head.

Its me Crystal. Sorry it took so long to reply. Zephyr got sick on the way back to our house. He is in the pokemon center right now. Also,grandma didnt care about the creams any more. She got a pet Skitty and named it Skittles. Its funny looking because it has a wierd S like mark on its forehead. Hope you reply!

Savanna wrote on the back of the letter.

Sorry I cant write much right now. Im on a mission with almost everyone in the base. Also,I forgot to ask last time,did you get into Rangers School? Just asking. Hope you reply!

PS- Send Lightning back this time,I wanna give one of the base members a little unececcary payback still.


Savanna attached the note back to the rope and sent Heron back the way he came.

"Sorry about that,my little sister sends me messages all the time. Birds travel fasyer so we let our powerful bird pokemon sent the messages." Savanna explained to Cage.

December 21st, 2008, 1:45 AM
There was a ring on Kairi's phone. Chiko woke up and grabbed the phone and took it to Kairi,"Thanks, Chiko," Kairi says rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she answered her phone,"What?" She says yawning.

"Kairi, we have a mission for you. There is this unuseal Pichu we want to check out. It is in Skywing Forest. It is a weird color, they say. It's a really dark yellow color. It's not the normal color A Pichu normally is. We'd like you to catch it and bring it back to us so we can find out what is going on here," her boss told her.

"Ok, boss I'll get right to it," Kairi told him. She hung up the phone,"Ok, Chiko we got a mission."

"What kind of a mission?" Chiko asked. Kairi explained it to her. Chiko just said,"Oh." And then after they packed there bag with everything they'd need, they left for the Skywing Forest.

"This is a really rare Pokemon so it's going to be hard to catch, Chiko. Keep your eyes open. I don't think I'll use my Ranger gear for this. It would be to hard to get just with the Ranger gear. I'll have to have you battle it Chiko, then I'll catch it in a Pokeball," Kairi explained.

They both searched around for the Shiny Pichu, with no luck,"Darn it! How long is this going to take just to find one little Pichu!?" Kairi said starting to get a little impatience.

"Calm down, Kairi we'll find it," Chiko told her. They kept looking, Kairi manageing to keep a cool head. They then decided to take a break, and sit down for some lunch,"That thing is really hidding, Chiko," Kairi said as she bit into her sandwiche.

"Of course," Chiko said,"It doesn't want to be caught."

After lunch they looked around somemore. Still nothing.

December 21st, 2008, 5:13 AM
Vivi kept and walked and thought he heard some voices behind a bush. "Hey koji, i think there's somebody behind them bushes there". Vivi went to the bushes and made his way threw them and found savanna and mit on the other side. "Koji, savanna and mit are here" He called to him and waddled over to them.

"Hey guys" Vivi said waving his hand and going beside them "Where the hell is Hastings, its like as if he's trying to avoid us". Vivi looked worried and added "We need to find him before the boss gets mad"

(sorry 4 the short post)

December 22nd, 2008, 1:11 AM
Kairi was just about to give up when she heard a rushing behind a bush behind her. She turned around and out popped the shiny Pichu. "Alright! We found it Chiko!" Kairi said excited.

The shiny Pichu had sparks coming from it's cheecks. He shocked Kairi. Kairi screamed and fell over. Chiko laughed. "That's not funny you know," Kairi told her.

"Ok, Pichu time for a battle. Since your so strong, I won't be using my Ranger gear for this. I'll battle you first with Chiko then catch you with a PokeBall. Go Chiko! Use Vine Whip!"

Chiko jumped out and shot vines at the shiny Pichu. He avoided them and used Thundershock. It didn't do much to Chiko as she's a grass type. Pichu then tackled Chiko. "Come on Chiko fight back with Razor Leaf!" Kairi called.

"Alright! Here goes!" Chiko says, as she's shots the Razor Leaf. It hit Pichu dead on.

"Cha!" Pichu said falling backwards.

"Now tackle it!" Kairi told Chiko. Chiko ran at Pichu. Pichu faught back and sent another of it's own tackle attacks at Chiko.

"Chiko! No!" Kairi called out,"Leech Seed attack!"

Chiko shot a Leech Seed at Pichu. The seed start zaping his engery. Pichu fainted. Kairi threw a PokeBall at the Pichu. The shiny Pichu was sucked up inside. The ball started to shake....DINE!

"Yey! We did it, Chiko," Kairi cheered,"Now we need to take Pichu back to headquarters," Kairi picked up the ball, and her and Chiko headed back to headquarters.

(Oh, there's no rule that says the GM decides if we catch it or not)

December 22nd, 2008, 4:32 AM
OOC- yes but we're Rangers, we don't capture Pokemon using Pokeballs, only with Stylers and we don't keep them. Anyways, our mission is given on Chapter Two, which is finding Prof Hastings NOT capturing Pokemon.

Sorry for not posting much lately, should have next post soon.

December 22nd, 2008, 5:13 AM
too hard to figure out then, if this is a rp where I can't keep Pokemon, I want out sorry, put only having 1 Pokemon is no fun

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December 22nd, 2008, 6:21 AM
OOC- What i mean by that is you cant have more then one pokemon that stays with you FOREVER. such as your Chikorita and my Riolu.

December 22nd, 2008, 1:10 PM
IOOC: I thought I posted after BPR's last IC post.. Oh well, must not've pressed reply. Silly me ^_^.

Mit stood there, as he watched all of Savannah's Pokemon swarm around her. They seemed happy, Mit noticed. They didn't argue, and were commanded well. Mit reminisced when he had his very own Pokemon, his own friend. Unlike Slash, he kept it in a Pokeball, but even though he wasn't able to communicate with it, they still shared a special bond. It was an Eevee, but he never saw it anymore.. He shook the sad thought out of his mind. Slash could sense his thoughts, and landed on Mit's shoulder.

Mit, still looking at the rest of the rangers, still standing off to the side, unnoticed. It was so.. happy and cheerful. It.. it's gone, now.. Mit said to Slash in his mind, knowing that Slash could feel his sympathy. Slash merely nodded, and looked wherever Mit looked. Suddenly, a quiet fanfare played from his Styler. He hastily looked down, and there was no subject to the message. But it wasn't that that left Mit wide-eyed; it was the sender of the message. Professor Hastings.

Loud and Annoying Pidgey
January 4th, 2009, 2:41 PM
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Savanna saw the look on Mit's face. Just by looking at him Savanna could tell what happened.

Prof.Hastings messaged him.

She ran up to Mit and looked at the styler. She was right about the sender. "Hound!" Houndoom yelled as he sniffed the air.

Someone... or something... was coming.

Houndoom pointed towards the smell and there was a rustling sound coming from deeper in the forest. After that, there was a yell. Something was happening, and it was wierd. Suddenly, Lightning flew in. lightning was a Fearow and Pidgeot mix, although the coloring looked like it came from a manectric. Lightning perched on Savanna's arm and dropped a message.

Savanna read it.

Dear Sis,

here is lightning. I hope you are doing well.

Your sis,

Savanna wrote on the back of the message.

Dear Crystal,
Sorry this is rushed. Im going to keep Lightning. Take care of Riolu for a day. Something is going on.
Sorry about this.

Savanna stopped writing and gave the note to Riolu.

"Buddy, stay with Crystal today. I need to keep Lightning." Savanna said.

Ok. Riolu said and teleported to Crystal.

"Ok,open the message and see what it says, ok Mit? And... Houndoom,Keep that scent trail." Savanna said, telling the two what to do.

A little rushed. =P

The Instant Classic
January 5th, 2009, 12:41 AM
" Where is he " Cage barks while smashing his head through a tree trunk " aw my head " he yells in pain.
" Well thats what yeah get " Totadile laughs.
" Thats it come on Totadile where gonna find Hasting if its the last thing we ever do " Cage claims.
Just then some rustling was heard some bushes " this is it it has to be him " Cage begs.
But sadly it was just a Buizel " nooooooooooo " Cage yells while smashing his head trough another tree trunk.

January 7th, 2009, 1:26 PM
OOC: It's fine, BPR ^^

Again swooped in another Pokemon that belonged to Savannah or one of her family members. She noticed the easily-readable look on Mit's face, as he started to open the message, but hesitated. He looked over, and Savannah was ordering Riolu to stay with Crystal. He looked at Cage, who looked like he was having some.. issues. Slash looked at him with a cocked eyebrow (or whatever it may be for a bird), and nodded at Mit, trying to hurry him up in opening the message.

"Ok,open the message and see what it says, ok Mit? And... Houndoom,Keep that scent trail," Savannah said to Mit, then Houndoom. Mit opened the message. It wasn't a voice mail, oddly. It was a written text-message. He read it out loud to the other rangers solemnly.

Dear Ranger,

To whomever this may be, I do trust you are working for Taine. I heard about you, Mit. Your father, Kevin, was a very great man, ranger, and trainer alike. But, this isn't about you. It's about your mission. I am deep underneath Maxeron Square. It may sound odd, but very much true. Your one way in to find me.. and rescue me, if I daresay, lies at the foot of Otis Crayweg. I hope you can find me. I must leave, sorry for the length.

In your trust,
Prof. Hastings

Mit lowered his styler to his waste, and looked over at Savannah.

"Damn him and his riddles.. At the feet of Otis Crayweg.. That's the guy who was elected President, right? They put up a monument of him at the center of Maxeron Square.. That means one thing. I think we need to get underneath that monument," Mit said. He looked away from Savannah. Slash looked at him, knowing what he was thinking.

"Okay, we need to do this orderly, or we could mess this up. Everyone knows that the monument is on top of a fountain, right? I'm thinking that there is some kind of entrance to wherever Professor Hastings may be in the water. Unbelievable, I know. In Taine's place, we'll need to get down there. But, even though we're Rangers, the city officials won't take well to us wading around in it and searching for this so-called entrance. We'll need someone to distract for us. I hate giving orders, but you guys will have to trust me on this. I remember hearing about it as I got Slash. I don't know much, but we'll need enough time to at least look for some kind of hatch in the water," Mit explained. He looked over to Vivi.

"Savannah, I know you have a lot of experience with this sort of thing, so you take Cage and go to the building behind the fountain, out of site of the construction guards. The entire area will be off limits, so use your title as Ranger to your advantage. I'll take Vivi, and we'll distract the guards. Anyone else that may come will join you, Savannah. I know there are still a few Rangers out there, and we're starting this mission much too early, but seeing as how Professor Hastings wants to be 'rescued' doesn't please me at all. After Vivi and I distract the guards, Cage, Totodile will look for the hatch in the water, okay? Trust me, you will know when to start looking. Just stay in the building until you see the coast is clear. Vivi, let's go. And Savannah, remember to lead no Rangers our way. They need to rendez-vous with you, 'kay?" he finished.

January 7th, 2009, 3:08 PM
I am going to have to drop out anyway, this rpg's too hard to figure out. I can't think of missions on my own, you as the GM need to come up with missions and have the Ranger Base contact me

January 7th, 2009, 3:18 PM
I am going to have to drop out anyway, this rpg's too hard to figure out. I can't think of missions on my own, you as the GM need to come up with missions and have the Ranger Base contact me

If my last post didn't hint, missions were going to be assigned. But okay, sorry you feel that way.

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January 7th, 2009, 7:09 PM
Savanna nodded. "Ok Lightning, get ready for the flight." Savanna said. "Peareooooo!" Lightning screeched. "Cage, you go by ground and make sure nobody spots me. Me and Lightning will... *distract* the gaurds." Savanna said, obviously loving the plan she had for the distraction. "Luckily your a pokemon from Kanto..." Savanna whispered in Lightning's ear. Lightning was actually owned by Savanna's mother in kanto until they had moved to SkyWing. This meant that Lightning knew "attacks" like a normal Peareot. Lightning took off at a fast start, and they were above the site in no time. They flew around above the site in circles, taunting the gaurds. "Ok, Lightning, lets test your Drill Peck..." Savanna said softly. Suddenly, Lightning knew what to do. The large Peareot dashed at a a screw that was holding a metal bar up. The metal bar fell to the ground, causing a large banging noise. Savanna was luckily hiding inside the tuft of feathers on Lightning's neck. "Ok, Lightning, now use Feather Dance..." Savanna whispered to the large Peareot. Suddenly, feathers started to fall from Lightning's wings as he flew gracefully in the sky. Hopefully this was enough of a distraction for Mit, Cage and the others to get through without being spotted. Savanna looked down and saw feathers covering the ground. "Good boy Lightning..." Savanna whispered to the large bird.