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October 29th, 2003, 1:26 PM
If mods don't like this idea they can close it, but I'm just posting this to avoid confusion and fighting. This is where you can sign-up for hosting holiday parties and the Member of the Month. Just say you want to host a party/MotM and I'll (or a mod will) edit this post or I'll post a completely new list. Could someone please tell me who have already reserved Member of the Months. since I have no idea? If there is one I am missing or one you want to celebrate please tell me (I didn't include Memorial Day because not everyone here lives in America). Ok first, the holiday parties:

Halloween 2003: Vito Winstrate
Thanksgiving 2003: (if anyone wants one XD)
Winter Holidays 2003: Rocket Seviper Shadow (me, I reserved it in the Halloween thread XD)
New Years 2003-2004:
Valentines Day 2004:
Easter 2004:
Halloween 2004:

Now MotM:
November 2003:
December 2003:
January 2004:
February 2004:
March 2004:
April 2004:
May 2004:
June 2004:
July 2004:
August 2004:
September 2004:
October 2004:
November 2004:

October 29th, 2003, 1:28 PM
The thing is, last time we had people filling up MotM slots, it really got out of hand. Someone new who comes along that may have better resources or really desire to do one would have to wait over a year to do so. It's better not to, I'm afraid. Sorry! ^_^;