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January 17th, 2009, 10:57 AM

Good morning,

My name is Professor Mystere Sinclair the First, but you can just call me Professor Sinclair. If you have received this letter, it means I have invited you to come to the Necro Region. The Necro Region is a bit between Hoenn and Sinnoh, but it's recently been discovered, and teeming of wild Pokemon, just waiting to be caught! It seems that six new legendaries, three new Eevee evolutions, and nine regular Pokemon have been discovered. The nine regular Pokemon are starters I picked up, but rest assure, I have quite a few other starters just waiting for you to whisk them away!

My house is located in Garnetville. You should be able to arrive there by boat, or maybe even through air or by Pokemon. Like the gyms throughout most the other regions, Necro has six tournament areas, each located in six different towns. There are also eight fashion shows, which you could consider to be our version of contests. It's your choice whether or not you wish to take on the tournaments or fashion shows, but if you are able to defeat the Elite Four, there is a chance the currently-being-built Battle Frontier will be done, and that acts much like the Frontiers in Hoenn and in Sinnoh.

... But before I forget, I must warn you: When you receive a map of the region, you will notice cities colored in gray. Those are known as "Ghost Towns", and are full of the haunted past. You will have to go to some of them if you wish to conquer all the tournaments. The ones in blue indicate they are underwater, and the ones in red indicate they are on land. To get to the underwater areas, you must travel by submarine, or find a Pokemon that can dive down. As for getting across to the specific islands, you can travel by boat, plane, or Pokemon.

I await your arrival!

Professor Sinclair

A couple days after you receive this letter, you receive another one, sent by the same person. You notice it has no greeting.

I sorry to inform you, but although I did cover what I thought to be everything in my last letter, I forgot one key factor - Team Starlight. For days they have been up to no good, trying to track down the locations of the legendary Shadow Foxes, the ones who are the embodiments of day, evening, and night themselves. There should be one area I marked on your map where the three can be found, but as of now we have no clue how to get there. The winds are deadly, hundreds of typhoons surround the area, and there are occasionally whirlpools, as we have discovered. While it keeps Team Starlight away, you will probably have no chance of getting there.

And because I'm nice, enclosed in the package sent with this letter is a Town Map and five Potions. You'll need to stop by my place if you wish to receive your starter and Pokeballs.

Professor Sinclair

The Map

The Pokedex
001 - Leafie (Puppyseed)
002 - Kusapo (Graooch)
003 - Taninu (Ivynus)
004 - Enkami (Flareolf)
005 - Kazakami (Moltenolf)
006 - Kaenkami (Blazeolf)
007 - Mizuiro (Hydracub)
008 - Hyoukabu (Frossub)
009 - Mizutora (Aquiger)
010 - Minomutchi (Burmy)
011 - Minomadam (Wormadam)
012 - Garmeil (Mothim)
013 - Zubat (Zubat)
014 - Golbat (Golbat)
015 - Crobat (Crobat)
016 - Togepi (Togepi)
017 - Togechick (Togetic)
018 - Togekiss (Togekiss)
019 - Chonchie (Chinchou)
020 - Lantern (Lanturn)
021 - Hoho (Hoothoot)
022 - Yorunozuko (Noctowl)
023 - Zangoose (Zangoose)
024 - Habunake (Seviper)
025 - Rakurai (Electrike)
026 - Livolt (Manectric)
027 - Chicorita (Chikorita)
028 - Bayleaf (Bayleef)
029 - Meganium (Meganium)
030 - Hikozaru (Chimchar)
031 - Moukazaru (Monferno)
032 - Goukazaru (Infernape)
033 - Mizugorou (Mudkip)
034 - Numacraw (Marshtomp)
035 - Laglarge (Swampert)
036 - Pichu (Pichu)
037 - Pikachu (Pikachu)
038 - Raichu (Raichu)
039 - Rokon (Vulpix)
040 - Kyukon (Ninetales)
041 - Gardie (Growlithe)
042 - Windie (Arcanine)
043 - Nyoromo (Poliwag)
044 - Nyorozo (Poliwhirl)
045 - Nyorobon (Poliwrath)
046 - Nyorotono (Politoed)
047 - Karakara (Cubone)
048 - Garagara (Marowak)
049 - Tattu (Horsea)
050 - Seadra (Seadra)
051 - Kingdra (Kingdra)
052 - Eneco (Skitty)
053 - Enekororo (Delcatty)
054 - Strike (Scyther)
055 - Hassam (Scizor)
056 - Koiking (Magikarp)
057 - Gyarados (Gyarados)
058 - Hinbass (Feebas)
059 - Milokaross (Milotic)
060 - Kamonegi (Farfetch'd)
061 - Metamon (Ditto)
062 - Laplace (Lapras)
063 - Muma (Misdreavus)
064 - Mumage (Mismagius)
065 - Kagebozou (Shuppet)
066 - Jupetta (Banette)
067 - Absol (Absol)
068 - Yukiwarashi (Snorunt)
069 - Onigohri (Glalie)
070 - Yukimenoko (Froslass)
071 - Tamazarashi (Spheal)
072 - Todoggler (Sealeo)
073 - Todoseruga (Walrein)
074 - Kunugidama (Pineco)
075 - Foretos (Forretress)
076 - Glanth (Relicanth)
077 - Usohachi (Bonsly)
078 - Usokkie (Sudowoodo)
079 - Yogiras (Larvitar)
080 - Sanagiras (Pupitar)
081 - Bangiras (Tyranitar)
082 - Delvil (Houndour)
083 - Hellgar (Houndoom)
084 - Karanakushi (Shellos)
085 - Toritodon (Gastrodon)
086 - Fuwante (Drifloon)
087 - Fuwaride (Drifblim)
088 - Pearlulu (Clamperl)
089 - Huntail (Huntail)
090 - Sakurabyss (Gorebyss)
091 - Tamanta (Mantyke)
092 - Mantain (Mantine)
093 - Delibird (Delibird)
094 - Harysen (Qwilfish)
095 - Teppouo (Remoraid)
096 - Okutank (Octillery)
097 - Bull (Snubbull)
098 - Granbull (Granbull)
099 - Ametama (Surskit)
100 - Amemoth (Masquerain)
101 - Ralts (Ralts)
102 - Kirlia (Kirlia)
103 - Sirnight (Gardevoir)
104 - Erlade (Gallade)
105 - Pochiena (Poochyena)
106 - Guraena (Mightyena)
107 - Yadon (Slowpoke)
108 - Yadoran (Slowbro)
109 - Yadoking (Slowking)
110 - Tsubotsubo (Shuckle)
111 - Muchul (Smoochum)
112 - Rougela (Jynx)
113 - Balkie (Tyrogue)
114 - Sawamular (Hitmonlee)
115 - Ebiwalar (Hitmonchan)
116 - Kapoerer (Hitmontop)
117 - Tatsubay (Bagon)
118 - Komoruu (Shelgon)
119 - Bohmander (Salamence)
120 - Sabonea (Cacnea)
121 - Noctus (Cacturne)
122 - Tyltto (Swablu)
123 - Tyltalis (Altaria)
124 - Baneboo (Spoink)
125 - Boopig (Gumpig)
126 - Pachirisu (Pachirisu)
127 - Scorpi (Skorupi)
128 - Dorapion (Drapion)
129 - Nyula (Sneasel)
130 - Manyula (Weavile)
131 - Himeguma (Teddiursa)
132 - Ringuma (Ursaring)
133 - Sunnygo (Corsola)
134 - Eievui (Eevee)
135 - Showers (Vaporeon)
136 - Thunders (Jolteon)
137 - Booster (Flareon)
138 - Eifie (Espeon)
139 - Blacky (Umbreon)
140 - Leafia (Leafeon)
141 - Glacia (Glaceon)
142 - Dokudoku (Toxeon)
143 - Shini (Plasmeon)
144 - Vuieie (Eeveon)
145 - Refie (Refie)
146 - Nimfie (Nymphie)
147 - Burafie (Braffie)
148 - Momokon (Dawhn)
149 - Kurokon (Nyght)
150 - Shirakon (Eternia)
151 - Kineko (Clovecat)

Leafie/Puppyseed - TAKEN by Willoweon
Grass Puppy Pokemon
Ability: Leaf Guard
Nature: Naughty (+Atk. -Sp. Def.)
Gender: Female
Moveset: Basic - Tackle
Basic - Growl
Level 6 - Absorb
Level 11 - Aromatherapy
Level 16 - Shadow Sneak
Level 16 - Sunny Day
Level 21 - Confuse Ray
Level 26 - Mega Drain
Level 31 - Amnesia
Level 36 - Shadow Ball
Level 41 - Curse
Level 46 - Hypnosis
Level 46 - Nightmare
Level 46 - Dream Eater
Level 51 - Power Whip
Evolution Line: Leafie/Puppyseed -Level 16-> Kusapo/Graooch -Level 36-> Taninu/Ivynus

Enkami/Flareolf - TAKEN by Neku
Flaming Wolf Pokemon
Ability: Sand Veil
Nature: Brave
Gender: Male
Moveset: Basic - Quick Attack
Basic - Leer
Level 7 - Fire Spin
Level 10 - Bulk Up
Level 14 - Magnet Bomb
Level 14 - Sandstorm
Level 19 - Iron Defense
Level 25 - Flame Wheel
Level 28 - Body Slam
Level 34 - Flash Cannon
Level 43 - Metal Sound
Level 43 - Metal Burst
Level 43 - Earth Power
Level 49 - Eruption
Evolution Line: Enkami/Flareolf -Level 14-> Kazakami/Moltenolf -Level 34-> Kaenkami/Blazeolf

Aquatic Cub Pokemon
Ability: Snow Cloak
Nature: Random
Gender: Random
Moveset: Basic - Pound
Basic - Sand Attack
Level 6 - Bubble
Level 10 - Bite
Level 18 - Aurora Beam
Level 18 - Hail
Level 22 - Mist
Level 27 - Crunch
Level 29 - Slam
Level 36 - Ice Beam
Level 41 - Bubblebeam
Level 47 - Fake Tears
Level 47 - Avalanche
Level 47 - Hydro Pump
Evolution Line: Mizuiro/Hydracub -Level 18-> Hyoukabu/Frossub -Level 38-> Mizutora/Aquiger

Chicorita/Chikorita - TAKEN by Soluna
Leaf Pokemon
Ability: Overgrow
Nature: Quiet
Gender: Female
Moves: Tackle, Growl

Hikozaru/Chimchar (Flare) - TAKEN by Pikalover10
Chimp Pokemon
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Naughty
Gender: Male
Moves: Scratch, Leer

Mizugorou/Mudkip - TAKEN by Dark_Link12
Mud Fish Pokemon
Ability: Torrent
Nature: Timid
Gender: Male
Moves: Tackle, Growl

Must have Good SU

Eievui/Eevee - TAKEN by King900000
Evolution Pokemon
Ability: Adaptibility
Nature: Naive (+Speed, -Sp. Def.)
Gender: Female
Moves: Tackle, Tail Whip, Helping Hand
Evolution Methods: Showers/Vaporeon, Thunders/Jolteon, Booster/Flareon - Same as Always
Eifie/Espeon - Give Eevee Sun Stone and level it up
Blacky/Umbreon - Give Eevee Moon Stone and level it up
Leafia/Leafeon - Give Eevee Miracle Seed and level it up
Glacia/Glaceon - Give Eevee NeverMeltIce and level it up
Dokudoku/Toxeon - Give Eevee Poison Barb and level it up
Shini/Plasmeon - Give Eevee Spell Tag and level it up
Vuieie/Eeveon - Give Eevee Silk Scarf and level it up
*Held items will not disappear when Eevee evolves
New Evolutions Info.: http://i122.photobucket.com/albums/o249/MewTamao/Pokemon%20Cards%20and%20Splices/Made-Up%20Pokemon/Toxeon.png
Venomous Snake Pokemon
Ability: Poison Control (Raises power of Poison moves when holding an item; power raises more if the item is Poison-related)
Moveset: Will Put in Later

Deathbringer Pokemon
Ability: No-Miss Negate (Moves that never miss become 90% accurate when Plasmeon is on the field)
Moveset: Will Put in Later

Natural Selection Pokemon
Ability: Type Change (Changes its type to one stronger than the type of the opponent's Pokemon; gains two types in a double battle unless both the opponent's Pokemon are the same basic type)
Moveset: Will Put in Later

Togepi/Togepi - TAKEN by |:Hiro:|
Spike Ball Pokemon
Ability: Serene Grace
Nature: Naive (+Speed -Sp. Def.)
Gender: Female
Moves: Growl, Charm, Peck

Yogiras/Larvitar - TAKEN by cooldude345
Rock Skin Pokemon
Ability: Guts
Nature: Impish (+Def. -Sp. Atk.)
Gender: Male
Moves: Bite, Leer, Sandstorm

Tatsubay/Bagon - TAKEN by The warden
Rock Head Pokemon
Ability: Rock Head
Nature: Modest
Gender: Female
Moves: Rage, Bite

Wildcard1: Snorunt - TAKEN by Flax

Wildcard2: Misdreavus - TAKEN by Xanthine

*Special* Wildcard3: Farfetch'd - TAKEN by Mewliveson

GM's Wildcard: Ralts

*All movesets (besides the ones belonging to the Fakemon) are the Platinum movesets. Togepi has an Egg Move because it only has supportive moves in the beginning. They all start at level 5, and if your SU is good enough, I may let you choose one Egg Move.

At long last
-PC's RP Rules Apply
-No Bunnying unless the user allows you to use their character
-You will be booted out if you're inactive for two weeks. If you wish to stay but will be gone, contact me through VM or PM and you won't get booted out
-Until I fix my computer at my new home, I will need (a) co-owner(s). You may ask to be a co-owner in your post
-Respect all members and their characters
-Keep everything PG-13! As for profanity, keep it limited
-I will be part of this RP
-Only the co-owner(s) and I can control NPCs, unless stated otherwise
-Do not, I repeat, do NOT insult the Fakemon sprites, hard work was put into them
-Have fun


Username: Come on, it doesn't get any easier than this!
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Nicknames and such

Basic Character Info.:
Name: First and Last please
Nicknames: Optional
Age: Nothing unreal
Gender: Yes, genderless is an option, but you have to back it up
Hometown and Region: Where they were born and what region they're from

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Attire isn't part of this; minimum three lines or one paragraph
Average Attire: What they wear most the time; minimum three lines or one paragraph
Formal Attire: Optional, what they wear on formal occasions; minimum three lines or one paragraph
Attire for the Cold: Optional, what they wear when it's cold; minimum three lines or one paragraph
Accessories: Optional, includes backpacks, purses, etc.; minimum three lines or one paragraph

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: What your character likes
Dislikes: The opposite of "Likes" if you didn't know this already
Strengths: What your character is good at doing
Weaknesses: What your character isn't good at
Personality: Your character's demeanor and whatnot; minimum three-five lines or one-two paragraphs

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Optional, if any; list names, ages and their relationship with the character (e.g. father, mother)
Acquaintances: Optional, if any; list names, ages, and their relationship with the character (e.g. rival, friend)
Past: Your character's past, minimum five-seven lines or two-three paragraphs

Just list anything else unmentioned here

Desired Starter: Um...
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: If you're lucky enough, I just may give you your desired nature/gender/ability
Any Oddities?: Like a scar over the eye or a bleached part of the fur/skin, no shinies, please

Credit to chanchimi for the starter sprites; the Eeveelutions and the map were done by me. Plasmeon was done by someone else for me, but they don't have an account here, so they're anonymous.

Accepted Members:
Callandor: Larvitar
|:Hiro:|: Togepi
Pikalover10: Chimchar
Soluna: Chikorita
Xanthine: Misdreavus
Dark_Link12: Mudkip
Neku: Flareolf
The warden: Bagon
King900000: Eevee
cooldude345: Larvitar
Willoweon: Puppyseed
Flax: Snorunt
Mewliveson: Farfetch'd


January 19th, 2009, 6:28 AM
May I please reserve Hydrocub please?

January 19th, 2009, 6:34 AM
Can I reserve Puppyseed?

January 19th, 2009, 6:47 AM
I'd like to reserve Chikorita, if possible. I'll have an SU ready by tomorrow or so. ^^

January 19th, 2009, 6:49 AM
Can I reserve Wild Card Horsea, please? By the way, I can co-own if you need someone and this is my first RolePlay with FakeMon.

JX Valentine
January 19th, 2009, 7:33 AM
May I reserve a Wild Card (Misdreavus)? If not, I'd love to reserve Chimchar.

January 19th, 2009, 10:11 AM
Good to see your RP got accepted ^^

By the way people! My Eevee reservation is DROPPED! I decided to co-own instead of RP xD So somebody can take the Eevee!

Man of Faith
January 19th, 2009, 10:27 AM
Can I reserve the Chikorita if possible? If not, Togepi or Bagon.

January 19th, 2009, 10:43 AM
Could I possibly reserve the Eevee?

January 19th, 2009, 11:01 AM
Reservation for Flareolf please

January 19th, 2009, 11:21 AM

OOC: TeeJay
Username: ninetales09baby'.
What You Would Like Us to Call You: TeeJay or Sir Penguin. (:

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Ameera' Ajavann'
Nicknames: Nnebe'
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hometown and Region: Ameera' was born in Lilycove City, but is currently living in The Johto Region, in Ecruteak City.

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Ameera' is African American, with long black hair that flows slightly past the middle of her back. She is about 6'1", and has emerald green eyes. She also has red and blue streaks throughout her bangs, which cover her right eye. Her skin is fairly light, and she has a fair complexion. Also, her hands are quite small, as are her feet. If she is not wearing her green boots, she is wearing green heels. Her legs make up most of her body, and she is of a reasonable weight of 117.

Average Attire: Ameera' can usually be seen wearing a green jacket, with a green undershirt. She also usually wears a pair of white dress pants, that cling to her figure. She wears green boots to top it all off.

Formal Attire: No formal attire.

Attire for the Cold: Ameera' is not a fan of the cold, but very rarely dresses for it. The most she wears is a large green jacket, that nearly swallows her six foot one frame. She also has a pair of boots that she is fond of wearing for the cold weather that occurs in Ecruteak City, and on her journey back home to Lilycove City every now and then.

Accessories: She has a small hand bag, nothing much. She wears a gold-chained necklace around her neck, with an emerald (of course) at the end of it. She sometimes wears a charm bracelet given to her by her mother.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: She is very interested in the Eevee Evolutions; She loves to breed pokemon.
Dislikes: Ignorant and/or Cocky people.
Strengths: She is a highly skilled trainer, but also has a knack for "beautifying" her pokemon.
Weaknesses: She has a slight problem with generousity; Ameera' is very greedy.

Personality: Ameera' is often described by her friends and family as a very generous person. She loves to help out those around her, and does her best to be "the best". She is not cocky aout her own abilities, but sometimes her confidence is misconstrued as cockiness. She would give the clothes off her back if it meant saving a trainer or their pokemon from danger.

Ameera' has always been one to doubt herself, but has recently been able to find her confident streak. She has been working with her fathers' Vaporeon a lot, and has decided she wants her very own. She knows training is difficult, but she also understands (or believes) that she can conquer anything. She is very determined.

Ameera' is more of a leader than a follower, but is not very pushy. She likes to reason things out with people, instead of arguing. When she is in a situation where it requires leading people, she does very well. She is confident in her ability to keep those around her safe, as well as her pokemon. She is usually the first to request a battle, although she will not do so if she feels the opponent and/or person is of a lower talent level than she.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Dennis Mindleton, 53; Father.
Agnes Ajavann', 49; Mother.
Sione' Ajavann', 19; Sister.

Acquaintances: None at this moment.

Past: Ameera' has had a troubled, yet successful life. She was never the favorite in school, as she had a lot of trouble paying attention. Soon after her first year of pre-school, her father and mother split up and her mother pulled her out of school. She has been home schooled the majorityy of her life, traveling in between her parents' homes' in Ecruteak and Lilycove, spending the majority of her time in Ecruteak. She has an older sister, of whom she adores. Her sister has recently moved to The Sinnoh Region, to pursue her dream there of becoming a pokemon master.

Other: N/A
Starter: Eevee (if possible)
Desired Starter: Eevee
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Calm nature, Male gender, and as for the ability, either works for me. Adaptibility sounds nicest to me, however. (:
Any Oddities?: Eevee has a blue ribbon tied around it's neck, with Ameera's initials on the ends of the ribbons.

January 19th, 2009, 11:34 AM
Wow. O.O This looks amazing. I'd like to resreve a spot for Larvitar. But if any of the Fire Starters open up, I'd like one of them. Or mabye a wild card. But for now Larvitar.

Man of Faith
January 19th, 2009, 11:59 AM
Done-ish. I'll add more if necessary.

Username: |:Hiro:|
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Hiro, Greg

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Malcolm Holder
Nicknames: Mal
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Goldenrod City, Johto

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Mal is around six feet tall, weighing approximately 150 pounds. His hair is a dark brown, a gray hair here and there. His skin is basically “dark beige” and his eyes are emerald green, the only thing standing out in his average face. His legs make up about half of height. His hair is usually cut quite short, barely ever touching his neck. It usually looks black, but in direct sunlight, it looks brownish-blond. His feet are rough, Mal preferred to go shoeless as a child. In contrast, his hands are incredibly soft, like “silk” his mom says.
Average Attire: Mal's wardrobe consists mostly of novelty t-shirts and a variety of shorts, preferring not to pants of any kind, unless the weather forces him to. Though he has a lot of those t-shirts, he chooses to wear his normal clothing more often. Polo shirts and a selection of brightly colored t-shirts.
Formal Attire: Formal events are one of the only reasons he will wear pants. He will usually wear a tux, but when things are a little less formal, he'll slip on a simple, white button-up shirt, a tie, and black pants. With either of these he has a pair of black dress shoes that he will polish for hours before wearing if possible. He also has a fake gold watch that happens to be hours off at all times.
Attire for the Cold: Due to his hands and feet being the coldest parts of his body, he wears several pairs of gloves and socks. He will wear a leather jacket with an extremely thick, dark red coat over it. He will wear a toboggan cap with earmuffs above it. His pants are stuffed into his warm, black boots.
Accessories: His has a big backpack with several pockets used to carry supplies such as food, water and pokemon necessities. He also carries a duffel bag containing his clothing, which weighs him down significantly. Due to semi-bad eyesight, he has a pair of glasses he has to occasionally wear to see things at a distance.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Mal loves junk food, especially chocolate, but has enough willpower to resist. With his love of junk food, he also got a love to exercise, well play actually. He used to go for morning walks everyday, but has stopped, feeling his constant traveling is enough. He frequently plays games, usually hide-and-seek, with pokemon, feeling it builds trust. Occasionally, he likes to sit and read a good book, preferably historical fiction or fantasy.
Dislikes: He absolutely hates people with no sense of humor. Other than that and the obvious (pokemon abusers, bullies, etc.),he dislikes little else.
Strengths: He is always able to lighten someone's mood and, at least to others, is an optimist.
Weaknesses: He's not a great strategist and can be slightly hard-head. He frequently deals with crises with humor, to the annoyance of the ones around him. Lastly, he has a limited knowledge of pokemon.
Personality: Mal is a helpful, caring individual, but is a rather awkward and clumsy man. He feels humor and trust are the keys to success. He sees himself as a follower, not being the greatest of leaders. “Pushover” is what some people use to describe him, though he can easily tell when someone's intentions are right or wrong. He has no problem saying “no” to the wrong things, but has problems with turning down what is right, even if it has negative consequences. He usually makes friends easily, though he has met a few people who have disliked him on sight. He also feels that his love of people and need to make friends can be attributed to his loneliness. He's also quite nerdy, getting straight A's through school and always looking for an interesting book.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Theresa Summers, 40; Mother
Nicholas Summers, 46; Step-Father
Nancy Summers, 3; Half-Sister
Nina Chase, 16; Friends, Ex-Girlfriend
Zachary Chase, 17; Semi-Rival
Past: He has little of interest in his past. He never knew his father and, sadly, he doesn't believe his mother knows who his father is either. When Mal turned five, he was told by his mother that she had met someone that would be his father. About a year later, his mother married Nicholas Summers. He never learned to like Nicholas, due to his lack of laughter. A few years later, the family was forced to move into a one bedroom apartment due to money trouble. When he turned 14, his little sister was born and he had to get a job early to help with money. His family was finally able to move into a three bedroom apartment after that. With the invitation to the Necro Region, he feels that he'll finally be able to support his family.

Other: His favorite subject in school was math and history.

Desired Starter: Togepi
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Female
Any Oddities?: There is a burn scar on the side of its right leg. Likely received in a fight.

January 19th, 2009, 12:32 PM
Username: Neku
What would you like us to call you: Neku
Name: Skye Valor
Nicknames: Double Spikey-Haired Kid
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hometown/Region: Born in Johto, but moved to Sinnoh when he was young and is currently living in Sunyshore City
Appearence: He has spikey reddish brown hair. He has a black part blending into his reddish brown hair, that's also spikey. He has dark blue eyes.
Average Attire: He wears a short sleeved jacket that's white and has a orange stripe runing through the middle. He wears a black t-shirt under his jacket. Skye wears blue baggy shorts that go a bit below his knees.
Formal Attire: No formal attire.
Attire for The Cold: He wears the same jacket, except a bit heavier. He wears a long sleeved black t-shirt under it. He wears blue jeans in the cold weather.
Accessories: Wears a green backpack that holds all of his stuff. He wears a necklace that has a symbol that looks like a flame. The symbol is light blue.
Likes: He loves to battle/watch battles and loves to be around pokemon. Skye loves to eat sweets.
Dislikes: Heights(sometimes), people who treat pokemon badly, someone who tries to fix his hair
Stengths: Battling, becoming friends with pokemon
Weaknesses: Being at high places(sometimes)
Personality: He's pretty happy most of the time. He's always kind to pokemon. Skye usually tries to be the best at battling, using his mother's pokemon to battle. He's determined and will do his best at anything. Skye can be energenic sometimes. He cares alot about pokemon, and he likes to be around other trainers. He hates it when someone abuses their pokemon and will usually yell at the person and get into a fight. He can be goofy at times too.
Family: Cloud Valor; Father, age 34
Raine Valor; Mother, age 34
Acquaintances: None at the moment
Past: Skye grew up around pokemon. He's always loved to play with them, and watch his parents battle at times when he was little. Skye went to school, but never payed attention that much except it was anything on battling or something he was interested in. He used his parents pokemon so he could battle. Skye was usually outside most of the time, helping his parents with their pokemon and hoping he could have his own one day. His father is currently traveling around places in Sinnoh and possibly in other regions.
Other: Nothing...
Starter: Flareolf
Desired Starter: Flareolf
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Brave or maybe Jolly/Male/...maybe Blaze?
Any Oddities?: No

(I might add more, so yeah... Or change a few things later.)

January 19th, 2009, 6:23 PM
I cant do this, for reasons that would take a while to explain. I love the idea, but I dont have enough time. I'm droppibng out.

January 19th, 2009, 7:20 PM
This looks very interesting. Can I reserve a Mudkip? But I prefer Larvitar if Callandor gives that up.

January 19th, 2009, 7:54 PM
Stick a fork in me, I'm done! (Please don't acctualy stick a fork in me. That would hurt.) If I need to add anything tell me.

Username: Callandor
What You Would Like Us to Call You: L

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Akihiro Aoi
Nicknames: Dai-kun (it means big, great, large, or vast in japanese) or Ninja Teddy Bear. He doesn't nesseraly like ether.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Lavender Town, Kanto

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
He has short black hair. He also has a natural silver stripe in his hair going from over his left eye, all the way to the bottom of the back of his head. In his hair. His body is rather large weighing around 190 lbs, but he is tall for his age and because of that his weight is distributed evenly enough so that he doesn't look too big. The thing that you might notice first though is the fact that his eyes are crystal blue. He usually has a board look on his face, unless he's around little children, then he has a kind and caring look. And if he is in a battle he gets this excited look about himself.
Average Attire:
Most of the time he wears a pair of tan shorts. The shorts are kind of tatered at the bottom. They also have a lot of pockets. Two in the back, which he never uses, two on each side, one on top one on bottom. The two on the bottom are pouch like pockets. He also wears this plain red t-shirt. Er...well mostly plain. On the right shoulder is a Vulpix patch that was ironed on. He also has this black bandana that he likes to wear. It has, in white stiching, a lotus pattern all over it. He also has these green and tan sneakers that he always wears, so they look very worn. They are the only foot wear he owns.
Formal Attire:
He doesn't have any thing that he always wears. He just uses whatever Tux his parents give him at the time.
Attire for the Cold:
It all depends on how cold it is outside. If it is just slightly chilly out he will wear a plain red sweater with tan pants that have a similar pocket confiuration as his shorts. If it is snowing out, then he dresses a little more warmly. First off he wears the same pants, but he has long jons underneath. He also wears this white, fuzzy jacket. It doesn't look like it would be warm enough, but he never complains. Mabye it's because of his large body mass. He also replaces his bandana with a white ski cap, and a white mouth mask.
His backpack is green with black straps.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
MOON PIES!!!!!!! And reading.
Spoiled and shallow people. He figures sence he grew up in a rich family and turned out generous, others can too.
Pokemon battling, sence he had a personal tudor. Singing.
Most really active phisical activities.
Dispite the fact that he comes from a very, very rich family, he is not a spoiled, rotten brat like you might execpt. He acctualy very generous and giving. He does like to have stuff though, mostly because of his A.D.D. He has severe A.D.D. The only things that can keep his attention are pokemon and girls. He doesn't consider himself the most attractive person in the world though, or even attractive at all, dispite the fact that he has been called cute by every female friend he has had so far. He doesn't consider that a compliment. He is also pretty lazy. Uasally doesn't wake up till noon. Goes to bed after midnight. Sits around the house reading and playing video games. When he is in a battle though, he is very excited and cocky. The very thought of an exciting battle puts a big grin on his face. Not a happy grin, one of those "It's time to fight" grins.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Diesuke Aoi (father), Akemi Aoi (mother), Ryota Aoi (brother)
Untill the age of nine, he had a personal tudor in being a pokemon trainer named Xaki.
He comes from a very rich family. Because of this he hasn't really had a very excting past. Their was one time when he got blamed for setting the local libary on fire. After about three weeks of everyone sure it was him, but not enough proof to areste him, the real crupret came forward and said when he was training with his Magmortar, a stray fire ball blew up the back side of the libary. The guy was forced to pay a hefty fee for acctidental arson. He hasn't really had many significent events in his life. Just some small incedents that sometimes get him into trouble. He also got lost in his backyard one time. They have this huge hedge maze back there.

Other: He always has moon pies or a book on hand.

Desired Starter: http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/sprites/dpffa/dpffa246.pngLarvitar
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Male. I don't really care what nature he has.
Any Oddities?: Nope.

January 20th, 2009, 3:10 PM
ZOMG, sorry for being out. I just got back home where my computer is broken, so I'll find the time. But yeah :3 Sublime is *a* co-owner and won't be part of it. He'll just help with grading and guiding XD

So... Anyways...

AndrewTemari101 - Puppyseed Reserved for you
Soluna - Chikorita Reserved for you
~|symphony♪ - Wild Card 1 (Horsea) Reserved, and you can co-own if you're still OK with it ^^
Xanthine - Wild Card 2 (Misdreavus) Reserved
Shadow Thunder Lord - Flareolf Reserved
ninetales09baby'. - Pending. You need a bit more on your appearance and personality and stuff.
|:Hiro:| - Since Soluna reserved Chikorita before you signed up, I'll let her hold on to her reservation for a few more days (the same goes with everyone else). But Togepi and Bagon or still available, so you can choose from the two of them (or any Poke that isn't reserved). Else, you're Accepted.
Neku - Flareolf was reserved by STL, so if you would like a different Poke, it's alright with me. You too, are Accepted.
Callandor - Very nice SU~ You're Accepted.
Dark_Link12 - OK, Mudkip Reserved for you ^^

Just to let everyone know, my character will start with a Ralts.

Man of Faith
January 20th, 2009, 3:28 PM
I just changed it to "Chikorita or Togepi" in case Soluna backs out...

Chikorita <3

January 20th, 2009, 3:34 PM
I edited it a little, and made it a little longer. If it needs anymore adjusting, tell me and I will most surely fix it ^^.

January 20th, 2009, 3:39 PM
|:Hiro:| - I'll give you Togepi for now; if Soluna is unable to sign up, then I'll give you Chikorita. How's that sound? ^^ (unless you change your mind, of course~)
ninetales09baby'. - Much better. Accepted you are =D

I'll probably get my own SU up tomorrow X_X

January 20th, 2009, 3:41 PM
Hey Serene, just curious, are you making this in chapter format?
Cause it would be easier for me to keep track of, and grade posts if you do.

January 20th, 2009, 3:41 PM
^^ Thank you, thank you. I am going to be on quite often, so I will be sure to stay informed. Also, am I going to be able to evolve my Eevee later on in the RP? I know that might sound stupid, but I wanted to make sure.

January 20th, 2009, 3:45 PM
Thanks =D

By the way, the RP will start when enough people have joined ^^ How I define enough... idk. I suppose once a few more people join it'll start~

And I'll try getting an OOC Center up so we can discuss OOC stuff.

January 20th, 2009, 5:16 PM
Aw man.. I wanted Flareolf... I dunno what other starter to get though.Hm...

January 20th, 2009, 5:23 PM
Aw man.. I wanted Flareolf... I dunno what other starter to get though.Hm...
I suppose I COULD make a special exception for you... But then again, I've giving everyone with a reservation 3-5 days to get an SU up, so if STL doesn't get his, then you can have Flareolf ^^

And Lime, yeah, it's gonna be chapter format ^^ So yeah ^^

Finally, I miss this, but Ninetales, of course you can! You now got... 10 Eeveelutions to pick from X_x

And I'll add special exceptions for evolution. For example, if Symph signs up and gets Horsea, instead of having to trade with someone to get Kingdra, it'll be something similar from Gale of Darkness - to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon, you needed them to hold a special ribbon, then level them up. It'll be the same thing with Seadra. Give it a Dragon Fang (it is Dragon Fang, right? X_x) and level it up, and you get Kingdra.

January 20th, 2009, 5:28 PM
I suppose I COULD make a special exception for you... But then again, I've giving everyone with a reservation 3-5 days to get an SU up, so if STL doesn't get his, then you can have Flareolf ^^

And Lime, yeah, it's gonna be chapter format ^^ So yeah ^^

Finally, I miss this, but Ninetales, of course you can! You now got... 10 Eeveelutions to pick from X_x

And I'll add special exceptions for evolution. For example, if Symph signs up and gets Horsea, instead of having to trade with someone to get Kingdra, it'll be something similar from Gale of Darkness - to evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon, you needed them to hold a special ribbon, then level them up. It'll be the same thing with Seadra. Give it a Dragon Fang (it is Dragon Fang, right? X_x) and level it up, and you get Kingdra.

Dragon Scale actually :x

Anyway, chapter format will be a big help :]
Also, I'm going to need to take up the second post in the OOC for Character bios and there current chapter/chapter post. Trainer cards would be helpful too :D

Snow Phoenix
January 20th, 2009, 5:29 PM
Can I reserve something? Anything is fine with me. I would perfer something new though.

January 20th, 2009, 5:30 PM
Can I reserve Chimchar please? also later on in the RP will we be able to catch Pokemon like Flareon and Eevee? I wanted to know because Eevee's new evolutions look sweet and Flameone looks cool too:)

January 20th, 2009, 5:39 PM
^^ Thanks Serene. But, most of the other poke are getting taken...

January 20th, 2009, 5:42 PM
I can co-own if you need another one, that is.


January 20th, 2009, 5:48 PM
FrozenSnowman - Sure, take whichever one is left.
Pikalover10 - Chimchar is Reserved for you. And yes, I was thinking about everyone being able to catch some of the other Pokemon people might start with sooner or later, so there will be a chance when Eevee becomes available ^^ (I'll definitely make it available; I love Eevee too much XD)
~|symphony♪ - That'll be helpful, thanks ^^

And thanks to you too, Lime XD I got 'em confused again~ And yeah, I was actually thinking of putting SUs in my first post and whatnot (rather then mention the whole plot; I'll link to my first post to give away the plot), and trainer cards are a must ^^

January 20th, 2009, 6:01 PM
Username: Pikalover10
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Pika or Pikalover10 is fine:)

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Silver Minato
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 12
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Rhinestone City, Necro Region

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Silver has long black hair with a few natural blode highlights from being out in the sun to long. He has very pale skin and has silver grey eyes. His eyes sometimes change color depending on what he wears, but very rarely does this happen. He stands at about five foot four and weighs about 95 lbs. His hair always is messy, because he never brushes it, and it stays at aboout his jaw height. When it is just hanging down his hair goes to about his shoulder height. His legs make up about 3/4 of his height.
Average Attire: Silver is usually found wearing a white T-shirt, a black hoodie with red stripes on the sides and down the middle, a pair of grey loose pants, and dark black and grey shoes. He wears a necklace with a black lace that has a Gyarados's scale encased at the end of it and wears a black fingerless glove for his right hand and a grey fingerless glove for his left hand. He also wears a silver grey watch on his right wrist.
Formal Attire: When he goes to formal occasions, Silver gels his hair down to make it look nice. He also puts on a blue button up undershirt, a black tuxedo top, and black tuxedo pants. He wears black dance shoes and keps his necklace on, but hidden under the shirt. He takes his fingerless gloves off and also carries with him a pocket watch, instead of his regular watch.
Attire for the Cold: When it is cold, Silver wears a white T-shirt, a black hoodie with red stripes on the sides and down the middle, a pair of grey loose pants, and his normal grey and black running shoes. He also wears a black hoodie, depending on how cold it is, and grey and black mittens with finger holes. His necklace and watch are both still on and sometimes he wears a pair of grey goggles.
Accessories: Silver carries around with him a black knapsack that is always slung over his shoulder. He wears a black watch on his right wrist, and also wears a necklace with black lacing and a scale from a Gyarados encased at the end of it. His knapsack has a bunch of side pockets for his items such as Pokeballs, food, Pokefood, and water. He has two big pockets to carry the food bowls and water bowls, along with about twenty black bandanas that he puts on all of his Pokemon. He also wears a black regular backpack and keeps his sleeping bag and clothes in that.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Silver loves to read, make stories, and write. He also looooves pizza.
Dislikes: Silver dislikes people or pokemon who pick on his Pokemon and he is also terrified of heights.
Strengths: Silver is very good at swiming, climbing trees, hiking, mostly athletic stuff you can think of. He is also smart.
Weaknesses: Silver isn't very good at forming friendships with Pokemon or people in a day. It takes about a week for him to pull off a very strong bond.
Personality: Silver is very funny and mischeveous. He loves to be the class clown and loves to play pranks on everyone he knows. Most peopel hate him for this and that is why Silver has been shuned out of everything his entire life. He loves to read books and play video games. He also makes and illustrates stories of his own. It is very hard for Silver to make friends and usually, he never gets a chance to make friends with anybody.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Silver's mother

Silver's Father

3(when died)
Silver's dead little brother

Silver's mean older brother

Silver's older sister
Acquaintances: Silver has a rival, Gold, who is 12 but Silver doesn't travel with him.
Past: Silver grew up and lived his entire life in Rhinestone. He had two brothers and one sister. He was tormented daily by his older brother, Maximillion, and never had any time to spend with Joshua. Joshua died from drowning when he was 3 and Silver was 6. Silver thought it was all his fault and always blamed himself for it. He never did much with his older sister, Crystal, except annoy the crap out of her, which she would then get Max to destroy Silver.

Silver never had or could never make a single friend. He turned to Pokemon to heal that emptiness and it did soon heal. When he turned 8 his parents opened a Pokemon Ranch, filled with Pokemon who were abandoned or Pokemon who's trainers abussed them. His best friend was a Chimchar, with blue flames instead of red and black palms instead of the normal tan they usually have.


Desired Starter: Chimchar
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Naughty/Male/Blaze
Any Oddities?: The flame on Chimchar's butt is blue flames instead of red and he also has black hands instead of regular tan.
Also! Chimchar's nickname is Flare!!

January 20th, 2009, 6:04 PM
I was looking at Serebii to see what kind of move set Larvitar had in Platiumn, and I noticed that he learned Snadstorm at level 5. You said all the pokemon started at level 5, right? I just felt like mentioning it.

January 20th, 2009, 6:08 PM
I was looking at Serebii to see what kind of move set Larvitar had in Platiumn, and I noticed that he learned Snadstorm at level 5. You said all the pokemon started at level 5, right? I just felt like mentioning it.
Eh...? Oops, I guess I might've been looking at the RSE/LGFR sets, because I might've used them as a basis for coming up with the movesets for the Fakemon starters. ^//////^ I'll go change it, but thanks for pointing it out.

January 21st, 2009, 7:21 AM
Can I reserve bagon or is it to late?

January 21st, 2009, 9:01 AM
Can I reserve bagon or is it to late?
I believe Bagon is still available, so it isn't too late yet ^^

And I'll get my own SU up. Probably in this post ><'

And you know what? I forgot to add nicknames to the options for starters XP So yeah.

Username: Serene
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Serene, Mizu, Pika (for those who knew me by my previous username)

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Cierra "Crimson" Riley Clover
Nicknames: Crimson, Clove
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Hometown and Region: Phenac City, Orre; currently residing in Ecruteak City, Johto

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: You know what? I should've allowed pictures XD So shoot me >.> But there are some changes with the pic below, so...
Cierra is very sexy pretty in the eyes of many. She stands at about 5'10", being a bit tall for her age, supposedly. Her eyes are a bronze-red, but may sometimes seem chocolate brown. Her hair is a scarlet/crimson red, depending on how you want to look at it, and like it is in the picture, is long and straight, ending roughly at her hips. Her chest size is at least a D-cup, maybe even close to being an E-cup (to her dismay; she doesn't really like guys ^^'). Oh, and her weight isn't unreal, I swear.
Average Attire: First off, look at my pic above.

OK, see how the outfit is red with black outline, right? Well, my character's dress is black with red outline. She also does not carry around a sceptre, and her gloves are a lot shorter. The gloves are also black with red outline. And as for the shoes (as they aren't shown in the pic), they are short black "uggs" with red outlines. OK, not red, but rather scarlet and crimson. This applies to all her clothes.
Formal Attire: Her average attire is her formal attire XD Although Cierra may wear a ruby-red gem on a gold chain around her neck. It's roughly the same circumference as a brooch.
Attire for the Cold: All Cierra adds oon is a nice scarlet/crimson fur coat with black faux panther fur.
Accessories: Ah yes, the witch hat. Though she doesn't wear it all the time, Cierra's witch hat is just like the one in the above pic. When she doesn't wear it, she stores it in a black sack with straps that close the opening as they are stretched out, and become smaller when the sack is opened. The sack has a scarlet/crimson stripe in the middle, which stretches around. Cierra tends to carry it with her, and it often carries not only her hat, but also her necklace (in a small hidden pocket), a light black cauldron, and vials containing various herbs or liquids extracted from herbs.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Witchcraft (the Wicca kind), sewing/knitting, singing
Dislikes: Guys (she can't understand why, though), "fatty" foods (though she loves gelato :3)
Strengths: Being a Wiccan, sewing/knitting, cooking, *somewhat* battling
Weaknesses: Art, staying alert
Personality: In a nutshell, Cierra is klutzy and kind-hearted, but can be a real witch when she gets ticked off enough. But that doesn't follow my own guidelines, so... Although she honestly hates being a klutz, Cierra believes it is what makes her her own self. She tends to trip over things often, usually knocking someone or something down. She also mixes the wrong herbs together and makes a literal "recipe for disaster", but this seldom happens. Overall, she is kind-hearted and loves Pokemon and children. She almost always stays optimistic and never gets angry, unless ticked off enough. Though that seldom happens, when Cierra gets ticked off, her personality becomes real witchy, and sometimes she can't control it. But most of the time, she sings to soothe her anger, even though she doesn't know many songs.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Secret <3
Acquaintances: Well, these'll be actual game/show people, so I don't know if they have ages listed, but...

Morty (Ecruteak Gym Leader) - Cierra met and befriended him during her time in Ecruteak
Justy (Pre-Gym Owner) - Cierra knew him since she was little; he was good friends with her parents
Past: As a child, Cierra was quite the troublemaker. Whenever possible, she would look up any woman's skirt/dress (regardless of age), and pull their panties down. She would also reach for places in any man's groin, and often got hit for doing so, though she never got any punishment pulling down a woman's panties. This is a general theory as to how Cierra began to dislike men. But overtime, her parents soon realized Cierra's troublesome demeanor, and sent her off to Ecruteak to become acquainted with the Kimono Girls, so she would become a "lady".

This was a huge mistake, for as soon as Cierra entered the building, she did what she always did, and was soon booted out. After a while of crying, Morty found Cierra in the Burned Tower. He took her into his gym, and although she really disliked men, for some reason she didn't mind being with Morty. While staying with him, Cierra overtime learned to be a bit kinder towards others, and as she matured so did her looks, and soon it was time for her to set out on her own. She chose to stay in Ecruteak, but occasionally traveled to other parts of Johto, and sometimes even to Kanto, so she could take in as many sights as possible.

As you've probably noticed, Cierra practices Wicca. Wicca is a more modern witchcraft, but it isn't the kind of witchcraft you'd see in Scooby Doo or in a monster movie. Cierra is a nature lover (a bit of a tree hugger too), as Wiccans are, and she mixes herbs to make potions - she believes the potions supplied at the Pokemarts are too processed and made with chemicals, which could harm the environment. Though the potions are not always equivalent to the ones sold at Pokemarts, they are still used to cure illnesses of all sorts.

Desired Starter: Ralts
Nickname: Ruri
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Calm (+Sp. Def. -Atk.)/Female/Trace
Any Oddities?: Although unable to be seen because of her "cap", there is some sapphire blue mixed in with Ruri's ruby-red eyes

January 21st, 2009, 9:42 AM
Username: Dboring
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Dboring is fine

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Beo zyph
Nicknames: Optional
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Small island off the coast of Kanto known as leypeg

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Beo is very athletic looking but his age can sometime be mistaken becuase of his height. He is only 5'6 and at 18 years old that's small especially for a guy. His eyes are a light blue, and has medium blond spiky hair. There is a scar that goes slightly underneath his right eye and goes to his ear.
Average Attire: Usually you will see Beo wearing a regular Black t-shirt with an unknown symbol on it. He wears a pair of jeans that have some holes in them. On his wrist are wrist bands and he wears a a blue head band on his head.
Accessories: Beo carries around a backpack on his back.. Inside of it are many items such as pokeballs, compass, food, and extra clothing, also a first aid kit.. In Beo's back right pocket he carries a very personal item, its a letter from someone very close to him and he will at times bring it out and read it to himself when he feels depressed or that he cant handle something.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Food,his pokemon
Dislikes: people who think they are better then everyone else.
Strengths: Anything that requires athletic abilities.. Also impressions and disgusies.
Weaknesses: People skills.
Personality: Beo is a very un emotional person, and doesn't really interact well with others. If he does try to get emotional it really just ends up bad. Although he doesnt interact with people well, his interaction with pokemon make him the perfect trainer he loves and cares for them as if they were his best friends and family.
More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Father: Kane- Top pokemon trainer
Mother: Kathy- great coordinator
Twin brother- Flare- rival trainer
Acquaintances: Friend- Josh- rivals with Beo and may see him throughout Rpg same with twin brother.
Past: Your character's past, minimum five-seven lines or two-three paragraphs

Just list anything else unmentioned here

Desired Starter: Bagon
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Male
Any Oddities?: A scar under his right eye that goes back to his ear.. like i mentioned in apperance

January 21st, 2009, 12:26 PM
Okay, finally done. ^^ Sorry, |:Hiro:|. D:

Username: Soluna
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Soluna / Luna

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Soluna Indigo Gray
Nicknames: Luna
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Hometown and Region: Celadon City, Kanto; currently living in Fuschia City, Kanto

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Luna was the kind of person who was all about simplicity. She wore her long, straight hair loose, or occasionally pulled it back into a low ponytail. On a whim, she had streaked some strands near her face with dark purple hair dye, a decision she now regretted because you could barely see the purple against the deep black of her hair. She had pale skin, accenting eyes that were a bizzare shade of gray-green. Unfortunately for Luna, she was cursed with horrible eyesight and wore thick, black-rimmed glasses to make up for her loss. She was tall, with an average build, and unnaturally long-fingered hands. She also wore purple braces, which were barely visible because she talked in such a way so that they were concealed.
Average Attire: Convenience was Luna's thing. She pretty much wore the same thing every day: a dark purple zip-up hoodie; gray-T-shirt with maroon flower motif; dark flare jeans, and black running shoes. Her hoodie was pretty much the equivalent of her soul - it went everywhere with her, and she almost never took it off. She never wore jewerly, because she would always end up tugging incessantly at it and (eventually) breaking it. However, she did have a worn shoelace looped around her neck for fending off muggers if she was attacked at night. At least, that was what she liked to tell people. In reality, it made a perfectly decent string for a round or two of cat's cradle.
Formal Attire: Luna absolutely hated skirts. But, on the rare occasion that they were necessary, she was just barely willing to pull out the new dress stashed in the very, very back of her closet. Like most everything else she wore, it was a shade of violet, and very simple. It was loose, sleeveless and off-the-shoulder, with just the slightest hint of ruffle at the edge around her knees. Of course, she would much rather prefer that it stayed where it belonged, in the very darkest depths of her closet.
Attire for the Cold: Cold was good, in Luna's opinion, and being the overprepared packing manaic that she was, she always brought cold-weather gear with her. She wore her pale gray raincoat with red trim over her hoodie, when necessary, and changed from her running shoes to her bulky black snow boots when it came to walking through snow. Of course, she'd much rather watch snow from inside a nice warm house, but maybe that was just her.
Accessories: Luna always carried a black rucksack with her, bulging with all sorts of miscellaneous objects from a bedroll and trail mix to her cell phone and textbooks. It was almost as tall as her waist, and decorated with a generous assortment of random buttons, pins, and stickers she had collected and stuck on while she was bored.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Luna was a self-proclaimed devotee of the color purple. Almost everything she owned was some shade of violet to dark purple. Pretty much whatever she owned that wasn't purple was gray, black, or maroon - her other favorite colors. She was a cat person, albeit slightly allergic to the house breeds such as Meowth and Glameow. Her favorite Pokemon were Absol, Aerodactyl, Meganium, and Jolteon - for the time being, that was, for they were subject to change rapidly and without a moment's notice. She was a proud bookworm, and always carried some fantasy book or other in her backpack. She was also, admittedly, addicted to gaming and the Internet, but not so much that she absolutely couldn't live without them. She was also an artist, and occasionally liked to sit down and sketch. Mainly, Luna was an aspiring writer who wrote snippets of Pokemon fiction in her spare time.
Dislikes: Ignorant/dull/prejudiced/rude people, needles/shots, some heights, deep/dark water, rap music, people who used bad grammar and spelling ... The list went on, but most of her dislikes were minor and easily squelched. She was only human, after all.
Strengths: Luna, despite her outward dorkiness, was pretty fit for someone who never excersized. She was a good sprinter, an excellent hiker/climber, and a mediocre swimmer. She also had a good hold on her temper and personality, and could hold her tongue quite easily, if she wanted to. Which, unfortunately, was not very often.
Weaknesses: She was sometimes selfish, jealous, agressive, egotistical, and overly competetive, but these mood swings passed quickly. However, she did have a habit of sometimes being too cold and ignoring people in need. Physically, she wasn't that strong or agile, but she was fast.
Personality: Luna was a rather unpredictable person - she could be furious one moment and cheerful the next. She had a habit of experiencing rapid mood swings; however, she normally was a cheerful and supportive person. She was a bit shy when meeting new people and usually wasn't that talkative around them. However, with people that she knew reasonably well, she could be crazy, cheerful, and more than a little sarcastic. She was intelligent and quick-thinking, but, unfortunately, also more than a little bit lazy when it came to thinking and completing tasks. She was a bit of a daydreamer at times, but could become rational and grounded when need be. She also possessed a rather odd and quirky sense of humor. Depending on her mood, she could be bold and impulsive, but was usually rather pessemistic in a charming, gloomy way.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Simon Gray (father), age 46 - Cassandra Dare (mother), age 44 - Marissa Dare (aunt), age 35
Acquaintances: Rue Juniper Wythe (best friend & roommate), age 13
Past: Luna was one of those people who had encountered the chance to live an exciting life but had simply chosen not to. Her parents were self-proclaimed Pokemon researchers, and Luna had originally been born in Celadon City, Kanto. However, when she was five months old, her parents had departed to Sinnoh on a research expedition and sent her to stay with her aunt in Fuschia City. Her aunt Marissa Dare just happened to be the headmistress of the prestigeous Fuschia Academy for Girls, and had enrolled Luna as soon as she turned seven. There she met Rue Wythe, who would become her best friend and partner-in-crime. When her parents unexpectedly returned the night of her ninth birthday, they offered Luna the chance to travel around the world with them and learn more about Pokemon. Luna declined, having grown fond of Fuschia City, her aunt, and the school - even though her once high grades were slipping as she spent more and more time sneaking out into the academy grounds at night. Her parents left shortly after her birthday party, and Luna lost touch with them soon afterwards as they sailed off to explore the Sevii Islands. Unlike her parents, she has had little experience with Pokemon, though they had been a topic of great interest to her and she spent many hours researching them in her spare time. She was also quite streetwise, no matter how much she might look otherwise, for her aunt was notably lax on discipline and had often left her alone for hours at a time, during which she would slip out of the house and visit the Fuschia City Zoo and Safari Zone.

Luna had no experience whatsoever with actual Pokemon battling, but she knew the theory well. She was willing to give it a try, but wasn't sure if she wanted to become a full-blown battler or coordinator just yet. Also, she's more than a little clumsy and disorientated at times.

Desired Starter: Chikorita
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Female, if possible.
Any Oddities?: A pale, mint-green birthmark on Chikorita's leaf (on its head) shaped like a spiral

-shot for having really, really long descriptions- Sorry. :O

Gah, this took forever. x_X Basing a character off of myself was harder than I expected. And I didn't even notice that my PC username was the same name I picked as a pen name until just now.

January 21st, 2009, 1:47 PM
I've decided that since I am going to co-own, that I'll drop my reservation.


January 21st, 2009, 2:05 PM
Hey, Serene, since Symphony dropped the reservation for a wild card, could I use it so I could have Flareolf?... Just wondering if I could do that...

January 21st, 2009, 2:25 PM
I've decided that since I am going to co-own, that I'll drop my reservation.


*high fives symph*

Anyway, just to clarify, you guys can call me Sublime, Limey, Lime, or even Army if you knew me before Dec. 16th xD

Have you submitted the OOC yet, Pika?

January 21st, 2009, 2:29 PM
Serene said I could help out the co-owners so is there anything I can do for you?

Might as well call me you little servant:)

Man of Faith
January 21st, 2009, 2:32 PM
Okay, finally done. ^^ Sorry, |:Hiro:|. D:


Well I'll go edit my post... -emo-

January 21st, 2009, 4:26 PM
hey I finished my SU Serene(We're the Pika buddies!!)

January 21st, 2009, 4:31 PM
Before this starts, I'd like to introduce myself, because I am a co-owner. Some of you might or might not know, but I've been Roleplaying at PC since the day I joined, in both Other and Pokemon Roleplay. I've created many roleplays, some a long time ago, and some more recently. Some of you might know me better as chi-zukasi, Ikasu, Sigma_Crobat, Wooper14, or weavile3. Anyways, I'm glad to be helping Serene with her roleplay, and happy roleplaying [When it starts, of course XD]

January 21st, 2009, 4:34 PM
Before this starts, I'd like to introduce myself, because I am a co-owner. Some of you might or might not know, but I've been Roleplaying at PC since the day I joined, in both Other and Pokemon Roleplay. I've created many roleplays, some a long time ago, and some more recently. Some of you might know me better as chi-zukasi, Ikasu, Sigma_Crobat, Wooper14, or weavile3. Anyways, I'm glad to be helping Serene with her roleplay, and happy roleplaying [When it starts, of course XD]

Hats off to you.........

JX Valentine
January 21st, 2009, 5:08 PM
Finally got done with my SU. Sorry it took so long (and that the app itself is long). ^_^;

Username: Xanthine
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Jax. Old username, so most people call me that.

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Isidora Wheeler
Nicknames: Izzy
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Hometown and Region: Vermilion City, Kanto

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Naked, Izzy is a young woman of average height (roughly five-six) and average build. (Muscular, but not overly so.) She boasts smooth, tan skin and a long face with narrow, hazel eyes set high on it. Crowing her head are soft, chin-length waves, very clearly dyed golden blonde and almost always pulled back in a ponytail. (As a note, her hair color is artificial, but it's clear that her skin color is not.) There's really nothing else that's particularly striking about her, save for a blue butterfly tattoo at the small of her back, just to the right side. Good luck spotting it, however.
Average Attire: Izzy feels most comfortable in dark green cargo pants (loose fit), a pair of black jump boots, and a dark purple t-shirt with a rose done in silver on its face. On top of the t-shirt is a brown G-1 fighter jacket (the kind with the fur collar), usually open and dotted with patches on the breasts. (The patch on the right depicts a space shuttle surrounded by silver stars on a black background. The one on the left appears to be a silver Pidgeot on a red background.)
Formal Attire: For special occasions, Izzy puts up all of her hair (save for a few curling locks in the front to frame her face) in a bun. Apart from that, it depends on her mood. She'll just as likely be wearing a black tuxedo with a dark purple cummerbund (along with a white dress shirt, black bow tie, and shined, black shoes) just as much as she would women's wear. Should she choose to dress appropriately for her gender, she'll don a long, dark purple evening gown with silver sequins sewn in a wave starting from the bottom hem and sweeping up and to the left to her left hip. Additionally, she'll wear a simple, dark purple choker and a pair of diamond earrings.
Attire for the Cold: Izzy adores her fighter jacket, and for that reason, she'll try to wear it, even if it's bitter cold. Underneath that, she'll switch her t-shirt for a black turtleneck and keep the same pants and boots. Additionally, if it's particularly cold, she'll don a brightly colored (predominantly pink and brown) scarf, a pair of dark purple earmuffs, and brown faux suede gloves.
Accessories: Unfortunately, Izzy is practically blind, and as a result, she wears a pair of wire-rimmed, oval-shaped glasses at all times. Additionally, she'll never go anywhere without a beige messenger bag decorated with patches of various colors similar to the ones on her jacket. Around her waist, because of the bagginess of her jeans, she wears a black belt that also secures her Poké Balls. Finally, she often wears a pair of rainbow, star-shaped earrings and a pink watch.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Coffee, spicy foods, and tinkering with mechanical things. (Her bag carries a small tool kit more than it does a makeup kit.) She's also very fond of company of all kinds, and battling often gives her a thrill.
Dislikes: Clingy people, people who constantly complain, people who patronize her, people who attempt to confront those she cares about, and, for whatever reason, cake.
Strengths: Izzy is, well, smart. Very smart. Remember that bit about loving to tinker? She can pretty much take a heap of scraps and turn it into something she can use. She's also fairly good at science, so for that matter, not only can she figure out, on the field, what combined with what makes a big boom but also how fast a Pokémon needs to go for its attack to hurt. Additionally, she can also spot small details and draw from situations logical conclusions.
Weaknesses: She's not good at giving advice, but unfortunately, she thinks she is. Izzy is more of a doer than a sayer, so she can think clearly if she's the one in the situation (as in, if she's the one on the battlefield), but if it's someone else? "Yeah, sure, go ahead and use Thunderbolt on that Starmie while you and your Pokémon are standing in a pool of water. That'll go over great. Trust me." On top of that, she also doesn't quite know when to shut up, she's a bit on the tactless side, and I'm not kidding when I say she's blind without her glasses.
Personality: Izzy is, in short, perky. Despite her leanings towards logic and her somewhat sarcastic tongue, she's at heart an optimist. For example, if her house burst into a ball of flame, her pet Pokémon died, her manager (if she had one) decided to fire her, and she just stepped in a pile of Pokémon feces, she'd simply shrug and say, "Well, it could be worse." For this, she's also incredibly friendly and very happy to help others (even if they don't want her help), and she's a bit of a social butterfly. She's the kind of person who would sit down at a truck stop and talk to all the truckers, simply because she likes spreading around her sunny disposition.

That isn't to say she's not at all capable of negativity. In fact, she's actually quite critical of other people and can potentially be blunt, particularly to people she either knows well or doesn't particularly care for. However, when she does it, she tries to be on the motherly side and thus has a tendency baby people she thinks need her help. For that, it can be said she's incredibly loyal and a bit too much on the generous side, given that she's willing to give a lot of what she owns to other people (save for, oddly enough, that jacket she's so fond of). She's also intensely confrontational when someone attempts to harm or insult her friends or family (or, for that matter, herself). Unfortunately, this also means she gets into her fair share of fights, which, frankly, she doesn't particularly mind because she also has a fondness for coming out as the victor in any argument she can.

Additionally, Izzy is the opposite of lazy. She's always on the go, and she needs to be doing something at all times. If she isn't, she starts getting bored, and when she gets bored, she starts doing things like taking apart all the appliances in a house. She's smart and can easily put them back together, but still, her mind wanders, and that's a bad thing.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Alexander (father), Yolanda (mother), Felix (older brother by three years), Rosario (older brother by one year), Paulino (younger brother by two years).
Acquaintances: Her best friend is a young man (of the same age) by the name of Ethan Spencer. He's currently in Johto, and the two haven't spoken for quite some time.
Past: Once upon a time, a young sailor traveled all around the world on a cruise liner. He was a fairly clean sailor. Never drank, never swore, definitely didn't get into many brawls. He simply did his job and enjoyed whatever sights he might have gotten. One day, however, when his ship was docked, he went onto land to see what he could find, and there, he found a beautiful coordinator and instantly fell in love. He paid for her boat ticket with his own earnings (after buying her a drink or two), and the two were married onboard after a year of traveling together. Eventually, they chose to settle down in Vermilion City, a port city far from their original homes but filled with life and culture that they could experience together.

Not long after, Izzy and her brothers were born.

Izzy's childhood wasn't particularly exciting or filled with wealth. Her mother went back to school and eventually became an assistant at the Pokémon Center. Her father took up a job as a trainer and janitor for the Vermilion Gym. She, meanwhile, went through school (where she'd met her best friend, Ethan), tried her best to keep up with grades, and, when the opportunity came to get her trainer's license, opted for staying in Vermilion to study. (After all, she wanted to be a rocket scientist, not a Pokémon trainer.)

What really changed her mind, however, were the stories her brothers and best friend sent home. Each one leapt at the chance to leave, and now, her oldest brother was a tournament champion, her next one was a famous coordinator, and the last was taking on the Battle Frontier. As different as they were, each brother told Izzy all about vast, unexplored lands and exciting adventures with Pokémon partners, and Ethan himself was going to the Ruins of Alph as a trainer-turned-fledgling researcher. Listening to each story, for once, Izzy's heart yearned to leave the port town. In response, her eldest brother forwarded an invitation to go to the Necro Region, suggesting she go in his place.

So, for that, she was on the next boat there.

Nothing to note. Sorry, guys.

Desired Starter: Misdreavus
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Male, no preference for nature.
Any Oddities?: Nope. The Misdreavus is completely normal.

January 22nd, 2009, 5:02 AM

Username: Dark_Link12
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Link

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Ashley Lightnin
Nicknames: Ash
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Hometown and Region: New bark Town, Johto. She has mainly lived on the outskirts of New Bark town, but moved to Violet City when she was ten to start pokemon school. This lasted about two years until Ash’s family packed up and moved to Hoenn, the last place Ash lived before coming to this region.

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Personality seems to come clear for most people just by looking at how they look. From first looks at Ash, they can tell think that she is two things—shy and isolated from the world. Her most noticeable feature is her body, a tall and slender built from much training and conditioning done over the years. Ash never shows off her body by wearing flashy clothing, but when she does on a rare occasion, the amount of work done on her body is clear. She has the looks of her mom, long, dark, and uncontrollable bushy brown hair and the same smile. Her eyes match her father’s, serious and sharp, as if Ash is on top of everything and not missing a single thing happening around her. The only difference is that they’re a dark green instead of hazel like his. She is sometimes picked on for some odd features of her like her long fingers and abnormally sized feet. Ash is quite self-esteemed, though, and just shoves the comments back in the speaker’s face.
Average Attire: Ash isn’t a girly girl. In fact, it’s hard to call her a true female by the way she dresses. Once in a while, you will see Ash wear a cute outfit, but for the most part, jeans and sweats it is. Her favorite attire is her sports warm-ups and hoodies that she wears for team pride—and comfort. When she decided to go on a journey with pokemon, Ash changed her average clothes to trainer clothes, with them being an average trainer suit. The only problem is that her trainer clothes are for boys, not girls. Whatever. That is all Ash has to say. Who is entitled to say she can’t wear whatever she wants?
Formal Attire: Ash refuses to wear dresses, no matter what the occasion is. She refuses to do it for anything in the world. It is the way she got kicked out of a private school in New Bark town, for not coming in proper attire. It is not to say that Ash is not capable of dressing up though. She has worked hard to make up for lack in dresses by being very stiff with what she wears. It mainly turns down to be wearing a blouse and dark pants that show off her slim legs in a fashionable way. It seems that this would be very casual, but Ash makes it a point to make it look very formal and dressy. She shows that anything can be turned into pure beauty with a little work and without what you think is mandatory for any formal occasion.
Attire for the Cold: More sports clothes and casual wear. This is exactly what Ash wears in the cold. Trading her shorts for sweats and t-shirts for hoodies, Ash carries on the traditional laid-back, casual clothes from the hottest weather to the coldest of the year. For back-up clothes, Ash loves to wear jeans as well to show off her legs and an assortment of different jackets she has. You will never see Ash in a big coat. She puts those in the “lame” category and instead wears two jackets, a jacket and a hoodie, or so on. During the winter when some other females manage to continue to wear their pretty dress up clothes, Ash looks over them without a second thought. Her policy is that if she isn’t freezing to death like other girls and is warm, who gives a care, really? Clothes bug Ash. Period.
Accessories: Ash isn’t much of an accessory person. She has never carried around a purse—they’re hard to keep up with. She never carries around a backpack if she can help it—they’re too much trouble to carry. And Ash never likes to wear jewelry—she could be spending her money on better things. There is one thing though that Ash loves to wear and give her close friends. They’re little armbands she has made herself out of silk thread. A beautiful yellow and blue color, Ash makes each one out of love and determination for her friends to wear. In her eyes, they symbolize her team colors and dedication it takes to be part of a team and work hard. When she wears her own armband that she never takes off, it is a reminder to her to work hard everyday—especially for her own pokemon’s sake.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Ash is an athlete which means she loves sports, of course. Ash is all about getting into good physical shape so that she could be a much happier and healthier person, along with maybe placing an impact on everyone else. Ash has many other interests too like doing various activities with friends and family and working hard in everything she does.
Dislikes: Ash doesn’t hate anything in particular more than attitude and people who think they have the right to judge others. She tries to enjoy everything about life, but she finds that people try to ruin this for her. Her biggest dislike is watching people who act like they have nothing better to do than insult and destroy other people’s lives.
Strengths: Ash is a great fighter. She never turns to violence to solve problems, but she is in fact a great fighter and could most likely beat up the strongest of males. Besides that, Ash is just generally a good person in listening to others and being there to fulfill promises and be there for people who need her the most. Many people rely on her for advice and some wisdom on what they should do about a certain situation or with a certain person. Ash has the power to be a very feared person, but tries not to let it overcome her.
Weaknesses: Ash isn’t great at expressing herself and what she might be feeling at the moment. Though people look up to her, they don’t really know Ash, the straight A, athletic kid. She gets this lack of expression from her parents and it has always been something that has bugged her about herself. Ash also has the weakness of her family. If something happened to them or was happening to them, Ash would immediately lose her courage and get on her knees for anything, to protect and save them for anything bad happening. She doesn’t have the courage to do anything stupid when her family’s life is at stake.
Personality: Ash considers herself strong willed, very self-esteemed, and powerful then many people around her, but not perfect, as anybody isn’t. She works hard at anything she does, but many people do not know who she is, keeping her social life at a minimum. Everyday, she makes it a point to exercise a little each day. It makes her feel proud and strong, even without anybody by her side that she can call a true friend.
Ash even has some clashing traits around her. One is that she can fight amazing, but holds herself back from ever turning to violence for help. Many kids do not say anything to her about this, especially after looking at her arms and how toned they are. But then Ash is extremely clumsy and uncoordinated. Sometimes during school, she can’t find it in herself to stay on her feet. Many kids find this extremely funny about her, and luckily Ash has the laugh in her to let these silly little mistakes go and move on with her life. But now, she wants to make a new life. She wants a life with friends, and love, and happiness.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Mother: Laura Lightnin
Age: 39
Status: Living
Title/Position: Former Pokemon Coordinator, Stay-at home Mom

Father: Bobby Lightnin
Age: 42
Status: Living
Title/Position: Former Pokemon Trainer, Pokemon Ranger

Brother: Ralph (Ralphie) Lightnin
Age: 16
Status: Living
Title/Position: Pokemon Trainer

Sister: Sarah Lightnin
Age: 13
Status: Living
Title/Position: Pokemon Student

Brother: Eddie Lightnin
Age: 11
Status: Unknown
Title/Position: Runaway

Acquaintances: None, for the moment
Past: Ash’s journey for herself began when she was born on the outskirts of New Bark Town in the woods. Her parents never wanted her to have a city life and get caught up in acts she shouldn’t get caught up in. As Ash grew older, she realized what her parents really meant. In the city, you couldn’t even see the stars at night, but here, you could see everything. Ash watched everyday as the bird pokemon flew through the sky and the bugs nestled together in the trees. Every one of them looked so happy—so free.
When Ash was old enough, she was split from this happy life her parents blessed her with and escorted her and her older brother to Violet City so they could get a good education there. Everyday, Ash learned something new everyday in the school, but it just wasn’t enough. It wasn’t like learning out there, where the pokemon really were. Where Ash could really see how they lived, instead of seeing them in a textbook.
Then, something Ash never imagined happening did. Her rebellious little brother had run away from home and promised his family to never return. He left absolutely no sign of where he was or where he might be going. Ash’s parents decided to move the family to Hoenn to forget about the tragedy for a little while while the police handled finding the runaway boy. Ash couldn’t take the madness anymore. She told her parents clearly that she was ready to start her own journey, somewhere far away and left for another region without hearing another word.

I think I have everything covered.

Desired Starter: Mudkip
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Timid/Male/Torrent (only ability XD)
Any Oddities?: The only thing different about Mudkip is a bandanna tied around its neck, one of the ones that Ash has made. He wears it proudly!

January 22nd, 2009, 9:58 AM
Just wanted to say that I won't be able to post for a week, since I'm leaving on vacation in about an hour. ^^ Good luck getting started.

The warden
January 23rd, 2009, 4:30 AM
Username: The warden
What You Would Like Us to Call You: warden

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Ryan Walker
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Dewford Town, Hoenn

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Ryan has blond hair that is always spiked up and light blue eye's. He is quite slim and at 6 ft rather tall. He has a scar on his left fore-arm from a surfing acident.
Average Attire: Ryan's normal clothes consits of a Hawian shirt, shorts and sandals. He has at several Hawian shirts, most of them are red but a few are blue. His shorts are bright red and his sandles are black. On some occasions you may see him wearing a wetsuit, it is black with a yellow stripe running down each arm.
Formal Attire: For formal occasions Ryan wears a Hawian shirt, a pair of black trousers, a black jacket and black shoes. He doesn't realy like formal occasions and will avoid them where ever he can but when he is forced to go he make a small effort to look formal.
Attire for the Cold: In the cold Ryan wears a Hawian shirt, a pair of jeans that normaly have holes in them, his black jacket and a pair of brown walking boot's.
Accessories: His most prized possesion is purple surf board with a picture of a Dusclops on it, it is signed by Pheobe. Ryan has a plain black backpack. He also has a blue wallet with a surf board logo on it. He stores his pokeballs on a blue belt.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Surfing, swimming, sunny weather, beaches, the sea
Dislikes: Cold weater, large towns, caves
Strengths: Surfing, swimming, climbing
Weaknesses: Running, pokemon tatics for battle
Personality: Ryan is a laid back guy. He loves to surf and he loves pokemon battling just as much. Normaly Ryan just goes with the flow, he tend's not to think to far ahead, just waiting to see what will happen. It is hard to get Ryan angry but when he is he becomes moody and will snap at people for the rest of the day. His laid back mood is due to his optamistic veiw on life, "When things are bad they can only get better." he is often heard saying.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Non
Acquaintances: Brawly and Ryan have know each other for most of thier lives, in Dewford they would often go surfing together. It was watching battles at Brawly's gym that gave Ryan his love of battling. Brawly and Ryan weren't close friends but often compeated with each other either out on the waves surfing or in the gym with thier pokemon.
Ryan also met Pheobe when he visited the pokemon legue, at the time he was only forteen and not yet a trainer so he was their to watch but while thier he got Pheobe to sign his surf board.
Past: Ryan was born in Dewford. His mum and dad died when he was young on a boating trip. Since then he was raised by his uncle Eric who runs a surf board shop in the town. Eric taught him to surf and how to make surf board's at the shop, when he was ten Ryan started to work at the shop. Inbetween work and school Ryan and the other boys would go surfing, swiming, climbing and exploring the island. Once while exploring Ryan got lost in Dewford cave, he was found unhurt but was scared of the dark for several weeks afterwards and hasn't liked cave since.

Ryan caught his first pokemon whe he was sixteen, it was a horsea. When Ryan was seventeen Eric died and Ryan was left the surf shop. He decide to leave, so he rented the shop out, took his best surf board and set off on the road to become a trainer. Ryan traveled for five years using the rent to pay for his travles, until he recived the letter from Prof. Synclair, when he ricived the letter he decided to travel over and start again. So he returnad to Dewford to his appartment where he prepared for the journey and left his pokemon with a trusted friend on the island and then set out for Slateport to catch a ferrie.

Desired Starter: Bagon
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Non
Any Oddities?: Non

January 23rd, 2009, 12:57 PM
Good lord, I think PC went down on me when I tried getting on, but anyways...

dboring - Hate to say it, but you're Rejected. Too many grammar errors, if you ask me DX
Soluna - Accepted.
Neku - Sorry, one Poke per person. Although if STL doesn't post his SU soon...

You know what?

Xanthine, Dark_Link12, and Pikalover10 - You are all Accepted ^^
The warden - You're Pending. Add a bit more detail to your appearance and I'll probably accept you.

And I'll get mine done today. Honestly.

But yeah, Limey and Symph are the co-owners, it is understood that Soluna will be gone for a week, and King900000 will help the co-owners.

So yeah :3 I'll get the first chapter up probably after I make the OOC and finish my SU (or start after doing one of those, if I'm up to it XD).

January 23rd, 2009, 1:03 PM
Hm... I thought the wild card would work.. But hasn't it been, like, 4 days and STL still hasn't made his SU...?

January 23rd, 2009, 1:11 PM
I'll give him 'til the end of today, and then his reservation will be dropped. Seeing how everyone else managed to get their SUs completed ><'

And I'll drop the reservation for AndreTemari101, too, so Puppyseed will be open as well. But I bet you still want Flareolf? (I love the thing too, Chimi did a great job on the Fakemon :3)

January 23rd, 2009, 1:15 PM
Alright, and Flareolf looks sooooo cool. Plus, wolves are awsome, and fire types too, ^^. All, of the sprites for the fakemon are cool, but Flareolf is the best.

January 23rd, 2009, 1:45 PM
Well, give chanchimi credit, then. She did do a good job, after all ^^

By the way, finished my SU, I am of course Rejected Accepted, so I'm gonna work on the OOC now, 'k?

Man of Faith
January 23rd, 2009, 4:37 PM
Dislikes: Guys (she can't understand why, though), "fatty" foods (though she loves gelato :3)

Seems like our characters won't get along much... D:

The warden
January 24th, 2009, 5:49 AM
Username: The warden
What You Would Like Us to Call You: warden

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Ryan Walker
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Dewford Town, Hoenn

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Ryan has blond hair that is always spiked up and light blue eye's. He is quite slim and at 6 ft rather tall. He has a scar on his left fore-arm from a surfing acident. His skin looks quite rough up close, from the sea round Dewford, making him look older than he is. He only shaves when he realy need's it, so most the time he has quite a bit of stubble, but he never get's a full beard.
Average Attire: Ryan's normal clothes consits of a Hawian shirt, shorts and sandals. He has at several Hawian shirts, most of them are red but a few are blue. His shorts are bright red and his sandles are black. On some occasions you may see him wearing a wetsuit, it is black with a yellow stripe running down each arm.
Formal Attire: For formal occasions Ryan wears a Hawian shirt, a pair of black trousers, a black jacket and black shoes. He doesn't realy like formal occasions and will avoid them where ever he can but when he is forced to go he make a small effort to look formal.
Attire for the Cold: In the cold Ryan wears a Hawian shirt, a pair of jeans that normaly have holes in them, his black jacket and a pair of brown walking boot's.
Accessories: His most prized possesion is purple surf board with a picture of a Dusclops on it, it is signed by Pheobe. Ryan has a plain black backpack. He also has a blue wallet with a surf board logo on it. He stores his pokeballs on a blue belt.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Surfing, swimming, sunny weather, beaches, the sea
Dislikes: Cold weater, large towns, caves
Strengths: Surfing, swimming, climbing
Weaknesses: Running, pokemon tatics for battle
Personality: Ryan is a laid back guy. He loves to surf and he loves pokemon battling just as much. Normaly Ryan just goes with the flow, he tend's not to think to far ahead, just waiting to see what will happen. It is hard to get Ryan angry but when he is he becomes moody and will snap at people for the rest of the day. His laid back mood is due to his optamistic veiw on life, "When things are bad they can only get better." he is often heard saying.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Non
Acquaintances: Brawly and Ryan have know each other for most of thier lives, in Dewford they would often go surfing together. It was watching battles at Brawly's gym that gave Ryan his love of battling. Brawly and Ryan weren't close friends but often compeated with each other either out on the waves surfing or in the gym with thier pokemon.
Ryan also met Pheobe when he visited the pokemon legue, at the time he was only forteen and not yet a trainer so he was their to watch but while thier he got Pheobe to sign his surf board.
Past: Ryan was born in Dewford. His mum and dad died when he was young on a boating trip. Since then he was raised by his uncle Eric who runs a surf board shop in the town. Eric taught him to surf and how to make surf board's at the shop, when he was ten Ryan started to work at the shop. Inbetween work and school Ryan and the other boys would go surfing, swiming, climbing and exploring the island. Once while exploring Ryan got lost in Dewford cave, he was found unhurt but was scared of the dark for several weeks afterwards and hasn't liked cave since.

Ryan caught his first pokemon whe he was sixteen, it was a horsea. When Ryan was seventeen Eric died and Ryan was left the surf shop. He decide to leave, so he rented the shop out, took his best surf board and set off on the road to become a trainer. Ryan traveled for five years using the rent to pay for his travles, until he recived the letter from Prof. Synclair, when he ricived the letter he decided to travel over and start again. So he returnad to Dewford to his appartment where he prepared for the journey and left his pokemon with a trusted friend on the island and then set out for Slateport to catch a ferrie.

Desired Starter: Bagon
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Non
Any Oddities?: Non

January 24th, 2009, 2:03 PM
Er.. Is it too late to join? It looks like there's already a handful of people who joined.

January 24th, 2009, 6:24 PM
The warden - Accepted.
STL and AndrewTemari, your reservations have been Dropped. Neku, if you still want Flareolf, you may have it :3
Flax - Um, Puppyseed, Hydrocub, and Wildcard1 are still available ^^

January 24th, 2009, 6:26 PM
Cool! I'll take Flareolf then, ^^.

January 24th, 2009, 6:31 PM

I noticed your request for Blaze, but like any original starter, they only have one ability. Besides, if you choose to evolve them, their abilities will come in handy :3

I'll get an OOC up, then we can start.

January 24th, 2009, 6:35 PM
Oh, ok. I just put it in my SU because I thought I had too. Also... can Flareolf or it's evolved forms learn flamethrower?

January 24th, 2009, 6:44 PM
I never noticed I didn't put Flamethrower in ><' But don't worry, I will allow TMs, but I will mention when they can be found throughout the RP. So yeah, it'll be able to learn Flamethrower :3

I'm gonna hope the OOC gets accepted, so...

January 24th, 2009, 6:53 PM
Ok, just wondering. Flamethrower is the best fire type move, so yeah ^^.

January 26th, 2009, 5:12 PM
Well, I'm finally putting the first chapter up. The OOC isn't up yet, but I did post it, so look for it in the near future ;D


-Arrival in Garnetville-


Gem Island
Garnetville - "Where dreams are a small step away!"

Minimum Posts: 2-3
Maximum Posts: 5 (though I highly doubt you need five to get from your starting point to Garnetville)

What to Do in Your Posts:
-Get to Garnetville (not an option)
-Wait outside Prof. Sinclair's lab (also not an option; you may be in the area and not exactly outside her lab)
-Talk with People/Other RPers' characters

I will post my own character's arrival soon enough, so...


I waited patiently inside my lab. I noticed the helpers of mine scurrying about, looking for papers and other important files. I sat at my desk, and took out 13 accessories for the 13 Pokemon I was going to give out. I had received notice of about 10 people who were going to arrive, and I chose Pokemon that I believed matched each of their individual personalities. The accessories I had out were specifically for the Pokemon they were getting, and powered up whatever types the Pokemon may have. I waited, waited, waited. I hope they arrive soon...

January 26th, 2009, 5:46 PM
Skye was on the boat on his way to Garnetville to get his starter pokemon. He was leaning on the railway, staring at the sea wondering how his journey would turn out. I hope I get a awesome starter, Skye thought. He wondered about the other trainers who were going to be getting their starters. He thought back to his mom and dad, who were both great trainers when they were his age. He hoped he could be as strong as they were and make as many friends as they did on their journey... It also made him remember when he left Sunyshore City. He almost missed the ferry due to his mom hugging him for about 20 minutes and his dad saying goodbye to him. He continued to think of his parents and soon began to think of what his journey would turn out. Skye began to miss his parents, but he knew he would be able to see them later and show them all of his pokemon that he caught in the Necro region. Skye began to think of what kind of pokemon he'd catch during his journey. Then, Skye heard the intercom of the ferry say "Passengers, we are nearing Garnetville's port, please get ready to disembark...". He stared at the sea, beggining to see the port to Garnetville, where his journey would begin. Skye grinned while staring at the port. This is gonna be fun...! Skye thought.

January 26th, 2009, 5:55 PM
OoC: Wewt! My job begins now!

@Neku: Your post is going to have to be much longer than that :/ The rules state a needed four lines of text, but it's very easy to go above and beyond that. Edit please? :3

January 26th, 2009, 6:02 PM
OOC: I knew that, but I had to do something, so I just posted it the way it was. I just edited it, so yeah. ^^

January 26th, 2009, 9:10 PM
Username: Oh, I dunno.
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Guy

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Gear Akune (Gi-ya / A-Ku-Nei)
Nicknames: Helmet Boy, Demon Arm (or Monster Arm) due to his "Magic Catch"
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Apparently born in Orre, Pyrite Town

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: http://img142.imageshack.us/img142/8365/picgearrv6.png

He's often known for his mischievous snake-like eyes. Gear is a little short for his age, having a height of 150 cm. His skin is actually a little pale in comparison to other people's skins.

Average Attire: After taking a look at the picture, I'll explain what color his clothes are. His shirt is mostly colorless, being grey and black mostly though around his arm area sleeve, the shirt is colored crimson red. As you can see, his pants is half white and black. His belt is grey, with the buckle being a bronze color (in the picture, my name's written on the buckle). His shoes are colored half white (upper) and red (bottom) with the zipper being yellow. (Terrible color description I know..)
Formal Attire: Gear hates formality, though he wears a black tuxedo with a black fedora on rare occasions. He wears the fedora OVER his helmet, making him look silly. So much for formal.
Attire for the Cold: Due to his unnatural stand against the cold, Gear wears his average attire even during a blizzard. However, he does change his footwear to brown winter boots, in order to move efficiently on snow.
Accessories: Besides the red helmet and giant robotic arm, Gear is always seen wearing a red scarf. The robotic arm known as the "Magic Catch" has a green energy core (that crystal orb thing you see in the picture) located on the palm of the hand.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Pizza, Gambling, Sports, Gadgets and Gizmos
Dislikes: Girls, Sweets (Like candy)
Strengths: Quick and Cunning, Decisive, Ridiculously powerful (due to Magic Catch)
Weaknesses: Very Vain, Selfish, Irresponsible
Personality: Depicted as an arrogant and somewhat apathetic wild boy, Gear's true and only goal is to overcome any and all challenges that he encounters. He has a notable devil-may-care personality, often ignoring the consequences of his actions and getting himself into trouble frequently. He is also known to let his arrogance get the better of him, becoming very lazy and careless when given the advantage (which seems a bit ironic if you think about it). His malelovent and mischevious nature makes him untrustworthy, but as hard as it is to trust Gear, he himself also struggles trusting others - in particular, Gear seems to dislike socializing with girls, often acting sexist with them. One of his worst character trait is that Gear possesses such a massive ego, so large that he'd even get into a brawl with everyone just to prove a point of his. He also hides his true feelings shamelessly by "purging" them through the process of tormenting others.

Though seen as somewhat antagonistic, Gear does possess some good traits. Though much to his dismay, he seems to have a soft side for girls despite his unexplained disliking for them. He will often, if not, always make a stand for them when needed to. Gear also seems to avoid violence, being sly and making logical decisions instead of just charging head-on just to create fights. Though he claims that this is to make things a bit more "challenging", he really seems to dislike fighting, perhaps because of his feared power.

Gear's view on Pokemon seems to be a little twisted due to his time spent with machinery and technology. He sees Pokemon more as man-made tools rather then living creatures, so he treats them horribly. Though this was when Gear was younger, his view on Pokemon has slightly changed over time. He now shows respect to Pokemon that seem formidable to him.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Unknown
Professor Albert Genistein, age 78 (Inventor and researcher) - Met in an unknown region. Genistein was the one who gave Gear his helmet.

Dizzy, age 15 (Rival) - Gear's close friend. The two grew up together and became small-time crooks. Afterwards, the two seperated and took different paths. Currently, it seems Dizzy is in the Necro region - apart of Team Starlight. It was only a rumor of which Gear got ahold of.. Dizzy specializes in Bug-types.

Boomer, age 14 (Cousin) - Gear's cousin, who's coincidentally is the same age as him. Boomer acts and even looks identical to Gear, except Boomer doesn't have a robotic arm. He has a giant boomerang instead. Boomer developed a uncontrollable hatred for Pokemon and trainers, often stating on how "weak" and "worthless" they are. Boomer is much more violent and immature then Gear.

Mint, age 14 - A girl who Gear once knew. She appears to be the main reason why Gear dislikes girls so much..

Past: Raised in Orre. Homeless, Gear and his friend Dizzy roamed around the streets, often trying to find something to do in their spare times. Eventually the two became small-time crooks, pickpocketing off random strangers who pass by the two boys. The two continued committing these minor and petty crimes. Eventually, Dizzy became a con-artist who often attracted a small group of people, selling priceless junk for a fortune. Meanwhile, Gear steals several items from cheap stores - these items are usually the priceless junk Dizzy sells. The two boys eventually became "serious" in their criminal ways. Gear, having most of his time spent on either thievery and technology, eventually came up with a way to hack into people's PCs, stealing their Pokemon and any other valuable items. Using this technique, Dizzy was able to get his personal team of Bug Pokemon which he often used to rob houses in town. But after a while, both were ultimately caught afterwards. In his attempt to save himself, Dizzy fled using his Bug Pokemon and left Gear by himself. Frustrated over this sudden betrayal, Gear somewhat managed to escape from his town and became a wandering fugitive.

After three years of running away, Gear came across an old man named Genistein who needed to test out his latest experiment. After a short discussion between the two, Gear volunteered to test out Genistein's latest experiment - this is how he got the helmet. Gear quickly fled, taking the professor's helmet and headed off. He eventually left the Orre region as a stowaway, boarding a ship. On the ship, he discovered the Magic Catch. Being curious and mischievous, he decided to take it. Not being able to predict what would happen, the Magic Catch quickly wrapped itself around Gear's left arm as if it had a mind of it's own. And eversince, Gear has been seen with this arm, often being known as a monster - not that it bothered Gear anyway.

With the Magic Catch's abilties, Gear began travelling around the world as a lone wanderer, eventually forgeting that he was a fugitive. Though he continued commiting petty crimes, often in all the regions he's been, he was always seen making a small alliance with the region's criminal organization as a mercenary. At the end, he always ended up leaving them for his own personal and selfish reasons.

An year passes. During his travels, Gear eventually steals two interesting letters from a oblivious trainer. It was the letter from Sinclair, the invitation to the Necro region. After reading it, he threw the letters away - not caring much about this region. A few days after, he eventually heard rumors with mentionings about his friend Dizzy and that he was apparently seen in the Necro region. Concerned, Gear leaves and heads for the Necro region, making plans for his little "reunion" with Dizzy.

Gear is equipped with a powerful utility device known as the "Magic Catch", a robotic arm that possesses several functions which have yet to be tested. The origin of the Magic Catch is unknown and it's rumored creator appears to be someone Gear once knew, although he himself doesn't quite remember who exactly. The Magic Catch now serves as Gear's left arm, as it is permanentaly attached to his arm, making the process of removal physically impossible. Taking the Magic Catch off would mean having to cut off Gear's arm as well. Of course, Gear doesn't seem to like this idea at all. He doesn't even seem to have any wish of removing the Magic Catch off his arm, seeing as how joyful he is with the Magic Catch's power. So far, the Magic Catch's known functions are:

- Enhances Gear's left arm strength, allowing him to pick up objects hundred times heavier then himself.
- The hand part of the Magic Catch can extend from the forearm, making it a superior grappling hook.
- The Magic Catch's primary function: It's ability to capture Pokemon by grabbing them with the Magic Catch. (Pokeballs need to be placed within the forearm part of the Magic Catch in order to capture Pokemon.)
- Aside from Pokeballs, Objects can be placed inside the Magic Catch forearm part and can be used as ammo for shooting projectiles. Of course.. Some objects can't fit inside the forearm..
- The Magic Catch appears to be indestructable, having no scratches or scrapes even though Gear has been using it recklessly for years.

Gear is also equipped with a helmet designed and created by a famous inventor "Professor Albert Genistein". This helmet stimulates Gear's brain and thinking capabilities, allowing him to remember things he wouldn't be able to recall normally (for example, being able to remember everything in a science textbook perfectly).

Gear's bloodtype is B. His birthday is October 11th. More of a meat eater, his favourite food is Sushi, though he also likes eating brown bread. He can't stand eating candy or any sweet food since he easily gets stomach aches for them. Also, he can't stand the taste of most sweets, perhaps being the "bitter" person he is right now..

Desired Starter: Roselia(?)
Nickname: Farah
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Sassy/Female/Ability doesn't really matter for me..
Any Oddities?: It's colored roses are reversed, with red being on it's left and blue on it's right.

Edit - DONE!

The warden
January 27th, 2009, 4:37 AM
In his appartment in Dewford Ryan had finishedpacking his rucksack with every thing he may need on his journey. He left the appartment on to the stairs that went down to the "Surf shop". The "Surf shop" used to sell surfboards but now Ryan rented it out it was a cafe. The back door wasn't locked so Ryan left that way and walked along the beach to the warf, where he sat down in the sand and looked out into the sunrise.

The boat arived around 10 minuets later and only took an hour to get to Slateport. Ryan went to a cafe to get some breakfast and then to the dock to cacth his ferrie.

January 27th, 2009, 4:47 AM
Warden: Well, its short, but I can understand why. For now, your off the hook but please make the next post longer:)

OOC: Am I doind an okay job? Sorry, I hypervenilate:)

January 27th, 2009, 6:55 AM
Neku I understand why posts are short for this Prologue, because there isn't much to do here. Nevertheless, it was a good post, but could use some bulking up. You could possibly edit to detail your character first getting to Garnetville, and describe things in more detail.
Warden Again, the same thing with you that is with Neku. A good post, but could also use some bulking up. I noticed a few spelling errors reading through, so you might want to type it in a program such as Mircosoft Word that will catch your mistakes.

January 27th, 2009, 9:40 AM
It had been a hard day for Ash. Those hugs from her parents and those stalking memories-- the reasons she was leaving-- split into her hard as those last few squeezes from her parents went away. She finally let go of both of them and gave them each a kiss on the cheek before turning around and walking on the boat.

She wasn't ashamed to leave, but it was still hard. Much had happened to her recently that made her want to leave. First, her brother, one of her best friends, left home finally to go on a journey of his own. Ash knew it was about time he left, but it left her in a state of depression. Shortly after, her rebellious little brother, Eddie, ran away and left no sign of where he was or where he was going. That didn't help the situation much. Stuck in the city-- stuck in school with all those memories, those hardships tore at Ash everyday. Police officers were at her home, and her both her brother's rooms were empty to remind her everyday.

Her parent's understood the situation and didn't try to stop her when she demanded that she wanted to go on a journey to get away from the pain. As Ash thought about it, she realized that this was probably harder for them than herself. They were losing three kids so suddenly. Ash quickly turned around to look at both her parents for one last time. They slowly got smaller and smaller as the boat drifted more into the ocean.

She was leaving at last...

Destination: Necro Region. Estimated Arrival Time: Five Days.

Well, here we go, Ash thought as she searched for her room. Her heart was pounding like crazy out of her chest. From what? Was she excited- scared? She really didn't know herself.

It was growing dark by the time Ash was completely settled in her small room. It was small and simple, with nothing more than a bed and a dresser in it. It was good enough to last for the lengthy journey. Ash tried to stay as neat as possible, laying her bag gently next to the dresser and stacking the books she had borrowed from some library located on the ship neatly on the bed. With no tv, Ash had to find some other way to entertain herself. The ship was too small to have any sort of gym or anything either. Books were her best option.

Ash decided to go outside for a bit to watch the sun go down before heading off for dinner. The boat was completely out in the ocean now, so Ash could hear the waves gently brush on it. A few Wingull's here and there were spectacularly flying over the glittering ocean.

"It's pretty, isn't it?"

"Huh?" Ash looked over to her side to see a boy her age standing next by. He smiled weakly at the ocean; his spiky black hair blowing in the salty wind. He was wearing a casual button up shirt, with half of them undone. He looked quite confident with his golden colored eyes.

"Ye- yeah, it is," Ash responded. "Most gorgeous sight I've ever seen."

The boy turned around to look at her. "Sorry, I didn't mean to scare you," he laughed. He held out a hand. "I'm Kai.


It was quiet for a moment as the two looked at the scene a little more. Ash blushed slightly, her heart beating like crazy. She had no idea what to say next.

"...So, I'm guessing you're going to the Necro Region too," Kai finally said as he looked at Ash again. She nodded slowly. He grinned as the sun finally went away and was replaced with darkness and the evening stars. "Well, I'm going to my room for the night. Hopefully I'll get to see you again."

"Yeah, maybe..." Ash mumbled. She watched Kai disappear into the darkness before heading off to the kitchen herself. Ash hoped she would see him again...

January 27th, 2009, 11:13 AM
Dark_Link 12 Good representation of you chracaters emotions, and good length. I didn't see spelling errors by just reading it, and I only noticed one grammatical errorL

"I'm Kai. Should have been "I'm Kai," but I can tell that was just a typo. All in all, it was a great post.

January 27th, 2009, 1:11 PM
Keh, well... Yeah, thanks Symph and Lime. But yeah, those posts need to be much longer. Dark_Link's is definitely fine (I don't think a minor grammatical error like that is too bad ><' If many grammatical errors occured quite often, I'd be a bit more worried).

Oh, and Flax... I can tell you'll be Accepted. So take your time finishing it ><'


I need to get to posting Cierra's debut.

January 27th, 2009, 2:18 PM
Skye stepped on the port and took a breath of fresh air. He grinned and thought So this is Garnetville, where my journey will begin... Alright! Skye walked to the middle of the town, and took the sites in of the first town of the Necro region. It doesn't look like the other trainers are here yet... Skye thought. He decided to walk around Garnetville for a bit to pass the time.

He talked to the locals for a bit and continued to wander around in the small town. I wonder what the other towns and cities will be like... He felt a cool breeze while he continued to walk around. He scratched the back of his head thinking, Alright...where's the lab again...? It's supposed to be the biggest builing, right...?

Skye looked around for the lab, forgetting that he had a map on the invitation that he had been given... He wandered around aimlessly, with no sense of direction. Skye stared nowehere in particular thinking only one word... Crap....

January 27th, 2009, 2:34 PM
Neku: I still think you could do better with the posts. Although it does meet the RP post requirements, I'd prefer if you did at least two paragraphs. But anyways...


Ecruteak. A calm, nostalgic city filled with an ominous feeling. Many tourists came to this historical town each day, some came to battle the town's gym leader, others came to tour the Burned and Tin Towers. There were even some that came to see the Kimono Girls put on a performance. Nonetheless, Ecruteak was a stunning city, very popular among many despite its simple appearance.

The gym leader went by Morty, and if one could tell by his name, he used Ghost-type Pokemon. Generally, any single-type Ghost Pokemon only had two weaknesses, Pokemon like Gastly and its evolution line had a weakness against Psychic types, and even Ground types if one found a way to deprive the evolutionary chain from its Levitate ability. Morty knew much about Ghost Pokemon, and also tutored others in his gym.

One of his many fine students was a young woman by the name of Cierra. As a girl, Cierra always had an interest in the Wicca style of ways, and ever since then took up the opportunity to become a full-fledged Wiccan. Overtime, she grew to love many types of Pokemon that fell under the "dark" or "psychic" categories, along with Fire and Ice types. However, due to an incident that occured many years back, Cierra had taken a disliking to any boy, Morty disincluded. She preferred not to talk about it, but would occasionally bring it up when she felt it was important.

It was only recently that Cierra had received a letter from a mysterious Professor Sinclair. She took it to Morty, who told her it was of no concern. Besides being a gym leader, Morty was an acclaimed "all-seer", so many went to him for help. A while later, Cierra received another letter from the same person, this time warning her of the problems the region she was invited to was facing. Cierra looked at the letters over and over again, but couldn't figure out what to do. Was this what she really wanted?

In the morning, Morty received a knock on his bedroom door (which was in the gym in case an early challenger came along). Opening it, he found Cierra. After a few exchanges in the conversation, Morty seemed to sigh, and told Cierra that she should do what she felt was best. No doubt were they talking about the letters. Cierra nodded, gave Morty a quick hug goodbye, and dashed out. To get to this region, she decided, was to go on the S.S. Aqua, which was situated in Olivine. Fortunately, the trip wouldn't be that long, and she actually heard that the S.S. Aqua recently went global. Garnetville, huh? I can't wait!

January 27th, 2009, 2:47 PM
The journey was okay, actually. Ash spent her few days aboard the boat doing various things, most of it being trapped in her room reading and writing random stuff. Ash guessed she could call it notes. The books she had borrowed were all about Pokemon, of course. Some of was information, but some of it was actual stories, legends of trainers and pokemon alike. Ash could clearly remember one story she read in one of the various books. It was about a mythical creature that was said to be the watcher of all the seas-- its protector.

Ash couldn't contact any of her family during the whole journey. She hadn't been able to contact her older brother since he left, but their just wasn't any phones to get through to her parents on the boat. Her made her feel a little homesick already after only being on a boat for a few days. She wasn't even in the Necro region yet. Ash really wondered if she would be able to make it.

Now and then till the end of the trip, Ash spotted Kai here and there in random places, but they didn't have another conversation. Kai occasionally grinned at her with a heart-filled smile, and then walked off somewhere else. It made Ash just a little more curious who he really was and why he had a particular interest in her, but she wasn't about to go ask any questions. She would just return a smile and continue on her way as well.

Finally, after five days like predicted, the boat stopped for the first time in a while. Ash picked up her bag and left her room for the last time, leaving the books on the bed for someone to pick up. She had smuggled a special book in her bag to bring on her journeys. It was a book that had a lot of meaning to her and everything she thought about. All Ash hoped was that nobody would catch her. It would be bad to get thrown in jail or taken back to Hoenn over a stupid book being taken.

Everything was just plain instruction from then on. Some of the people aboard the boat, mainly adults, left on their own to do what they planned to do in the region. The only people who were left were the beginning trainers for the region. They were all escorted to the starting town where they would meet the professor.

After a few days, they arrived in the town and were taken to the lab, a large gorgeous building in the middle of a pleasant town.

"Wow, I can't believe it's already time."

It was Kai again. He was standing next to the building with his arms crossed over his chest, He had a large, brown bag slung over his shoulder and the same clothes on as before when Ash had met him on the boat. He was smiling, apparantly excited about going inside.

Ash gulped. "I've been waiting to go on a journey of my own for a while. I wonder what will happen?"

Kai shrugged and unlocked his arms, letting them swing to his sides. "Dunno, guess we just have to wait and see, huh?"

"I guess..." Ash replied. She looked up at the building with her heart pounding out of her chest. What could possibly happen?

Man of Faith
January 27th, 2009, 2:50 PM
Mal stood in the cold wind, waiting for the ship to finally appear. He had been waiting at the Olivine docks for a few hours now. The town was busy today, despite what little there was to do. Multiple trainers faced off against the town's gym leader, Jasmine, all but one losing. Tons of tourist were travelling to the lighthouse and there were atleast ten other people waiting for the ship with him.

Come on! he thought. As though it had heard him, the boat appeared in the horizon, inching closer and closer. He closed his eyes and took a few deep breaths as the ship finally arrived. His eyes flicked open and he picked up his luggage, looking back at what he was leaving behind. He smiled and turned away.

I'll miss you, mom...


He threw his heavy bag to floor and lie down on his bed. He pulled out a book, is sister's favorite, and held it close. He flipped through the pages. He put it back in his bag and closed his eyes.

"Attention passengers!"A booming, manly voice spoke through the intercom. "We will be arriving in the Necro Region in approximately three days. And please remember to have fun!"

"Yeah..." Mal said to himself. "Have fun..."

Mal jumped out of bed and searched through his belongings and found his wallet. He turned off the lights and headed for the game area.

OOC: Short, but I have little to no creativity after school... D:

January 27th, 2009, 4:00 PM
DarkLink12: Interesting post, I saw a few errors though. Well, overall, it was good.

Hiro: Interesting as well, and don't worry, the length is natural for a first post. Although, like above, I saw a couple of errors.

January 28th, 2009, 2:58 PM
Neku You could expand on your post, seeing as how you left it hanging and all. If you did plan to do that by editing, it would save a lot of problems in the future if you waited to post until you had your whole post written. On the hand of grammar and spelling, I didn't see any errors. It's a good post, but as I've said to other peoples' first post it could be longer.

Dark_Link12 I like how your character wan't to contact family and such but can't, mainly because of the way you can describe her feelings. I also like the mysterious guy, Kai, that keeps appearing and your character isn't always able to talk to him. Kai seems like a ghost or something, like Denny on Greys Anatomy, always appearing but hard to talk to. Good length, and only a few grammatical errors and no spelling errors that I could catch.

|:Hiro:| Though short, it was a good post. I didn't see any spelling or grammar issues, and length is kinda hard for this first chapter, considering that there isn't much to do. And I don't blame you about school, I'm the same way. But, luckily for me, I havn't had school for two days straight because of a really bad ice storm.

January 28th, 2009, 3:03 PM
Well, unfortunately, ninetales has Dropped Out, so Eevee is now available :/

January 28th, 2009, 3:18 PM
It was a bright, breezy summer morning in Fuschia City. On the ninth floor of an apartment block by the harbor, several unfortunate pigeons scattered from the windowsill, startled out of their lazy little pigeon reveries by a loud and very alarmed "Gaaaah!"

Luna Gray woke up late on the morning of her departure to the Necro Region, accompanied by the strangled choking sounds her alarm clock made as it finally beeped - half an hour off schedule. She was halfway out the door of her aunt's posh apartment before she remembered to change clothes and grab her bulging backpack from where she had tossed it the night before. By the time she descended the stairs to the kitchen again, her aunt had risen and was sleepily frying bacon on the stove. Marissa Dare was absolutely not your typical headmistress figure - she was young, with curly brown hair framing a round, friendly face and glazed hazel eyes failing to notice the sleeve of her expensive navy-colored pantsuit drooping dangerously close to the frying pan. Still, she was awake enough to stop Luna from rushing out the door a second time by sticking her high-heel clad foot right in her niece's path and plunking her down firmly at the table with a decisive "Eat your breakfast!"

Luna was halfway through a heaping plate of eggs and bacon before she realized that the clock hanging over the stove read 5:23 AM, as opposed to her alarm clock, which read 6:25. Note to self: buy new alarm clock. Still, she slowed down considerably after that.

Her aunt sat down across from her, a briefcase filled with various scattered forms spilling open across her lap. "Well, I'm leaving for the academy now. You be careful in this 'Necro Region,' now, and be sure to send me a postcard or something. Really, I'm not worried or anything. I'm sure you can take care of yourself. What with the neighbors sending their nine- and ten-year-olds off to faraway countries left and right ... hmph!" She frowned disapprovingly and slammed the briefcase shut with a loud click. "Really, those kids should be at school instead of traveling the world with only a bunch of wild animals for company --"

"My ticket," Luna prodded her hurriedly, before she could dive into her full-blown speech.

"What? Oh, right, your ticket and everything." Her aunt handed her a large envelope packed with papers. "Don't lose this, now. Have you told all your friends that you're leaving?"

"Yes," Luna told her irritably. "And just for laughs, I've also told the nonexistant milkman, the postman, all seven of our neighbors, and the random homeless man I passed on the way back from school yesterday."

"Oh, you're in one of those bizarre teenage moods again." Marissa Dare stood up, flicking crumbs off of her suit. "Well, best of luck to you. I'm off now. Make sure to call me as soon as you get on the ferry!"

And with that, she was gone with a hug and a wave. As soon as she was out of sight, Luna stashed the remains of her breakfast in the fridge and, slinging on her backpack, left the apartment for good. It was a bit of an odd farewell to Fuschia City, but that was the way things worked in her relationship with her aunt - more of a partnership than a family.

She strolled down the sidewalk, enjoying the early-morning silence before the rush of commuters and tourists. The Fuschia harbor was a ten-minute walk away, jutting out from the pristine public beach that would soon be packed with swimmers and their Water Pokemon. Up the street was the Fuschia Academy for Girls, where her aunt was headmistress and where she attended school during the year. Bobbing in the restless waves by the pier was a large, impressive-looking white ferryboat with the words "Necro Ferry" painted boldy on the side in olive-green paint.

She walked slowly down the beach, ignoring the sand seeping into her sneakers. There would be plenty of time during the two-day ferry ride to clean out her shoes, anyways. Not for the first time, Luna found herself wondering who else had recieved the mysterious invitation from the elusive Professor Sinclair. Were they a wide assortment of people from all different backgrounds or, like her, just people who had missed great opportunities to see the world?

Well, this is it, anyways. She took a deep breath of the salty sea air, savoring some of her last views of Fuschia City, before turning around and starting down the boardwalk toward the ferry. There was no turning back now, she supposed.

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January 28th, 2009, 3:25 PM
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January 28th, 2009, 5:17 PM
OOC: Er.....if I SU can I still help the co-owners, just not rate myself? Username: King900000
What You Would Like Us to Call You: King is fine;)

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Jasper Otz
Nicknames: N/A
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hometown and Region: Lilycove, Hoenn

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: Jasper has messy, dirty-blonde hair, that sticks out all over the place and sometimes looks like an explosion. He has an oval shaped head, and his eyes are big, and a jasper color( Jas per is an opaque quartz, often reddish, yellowish, or brownish in color) They are the part of his face that draws the most attention. His nose and mouth are small, almost half the size of his eyes. He is tall for his age, about 5'9, and has a skinny, and scrawny build. His skin is pale and white, but it is very smooth. His arms go down to just under his bottom( you know) and his hands and feet are small. His chest is set high, and the things that make him tall are his long legs.
Average Attire: Generally, the first glimpse at Jasper, would show you a boy in a hoodie, and dark jeans. Looking closer, you'd notice that his hoodie is a solid color, one for every different day of the week( he wears a different colored hoodie each day) The colors of his hoodie are: Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Light Blue; White; and Pink. He usually wears the hoodie half zipped, and with the hood pulled up. Underneath the hoodie, he wears either a black or white t-shirt. The design an the hoodie, is a sketched-looking, opening pokeball. His jeans are a dark blue color, and are badly ripped at the cuffs. He wears black and white, worn-out, converse shoes.
Formal Attire: For his Formal Attire, Jasper doesn't where anything too fancy. All he wears is a plain black tuxedo, with the normal white underneath, black tie, and black dressing shoes. Jasper has only been to one real fancy occasion in his life, his great aunt's wedding.
Attire for the Cold: In the cold, Jasper wheres the same shoes and pants, but wears two hoodies, with both hoods pulled up instead. When it's real cold, he'll throw on a pair of green, leather gloves.
Accessories: Jasper wears his hood up, as you should already know. He also has another important accesory, a silver backpack with the same sketched pokeball. Jasper wears two orange braclets(not real jewelrey) that say the words courage and truthful on them.

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Pokemon, Traveling, Rare Things(?), quiet, Soda, Pizza, Alteritive Music, Reading, Studying, History, etc. (I'll think of others...maybe)
Dislikes: Loudness(I don't think its a word, but you get it), Chinese Food, Milk, Math, Classical music, Decisions., Dark, Evil(not to sure), etc.(see above)
Strengths: Taking care of Pokemon(Brock-ish way), Taking Tests, Staying calm in situations, Again, Studying, Drawing/ Map-Making, Taking notes( Mentally and Physically), etc.
Weaknesses: Making Friends, Leading, etc.
Personality: Jasper is a little shy, but can come out of the shadows at some points. He is not a good leader, and would rather follow the ground and go with the flow. Jasper is kind to almost everyone, even if inside he dislikes them. He isn't very good at keeping secrets, but if its for someone he deeply cares about, he'll try his hardest. He tries very hard to reach his goals, that he usually sets high on himself. When Jasper is battling, he doesn't get very into it, and doesn't really care if he loses. On the other end, with contests, Jasper applies his whole heart into it, and will always try his best, though again, he is not a sore-loser. Jasper will learn from his mistakes, and always try to patch up what he did wrong the last time. He is very knowlegable, when it comes to History, but will process slow when its Math. He is very good with Pokemon, in the not battling way, and will often learn from them to. Once someone gets to know Jasper, he will open himself to them, and seem like a totally different person.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Jenny; 39; Mother
Jacob; 40; Father
?????; 17; Brother/Rival
Acquaintances: ???; 17; Brother/ Rival
Past: When Jasper was born, his eyes were open, and very wide and noticable. He was born in the Kanto region, a great place for his parents, because they were resarchers. Jasper was born with a few diseases, and got sick a lot as a baby. Jasper always had a peculiar interest in Pokemon, and enjoyed watching battles between them, as the moves often dazzled his little brain. He loved the way that they were all so diverse, none were the exact same. When Jasper was 5, his parents moved to the Johto region, because they thought it would be better for Jasper's health. With him, Jasper took an Eevee, a rare Pokemon his parents were studying.

When Jasper was 7, he started at an enhanced Pokemon Academy, near Goldenrod City, where Jasper lived. His parents felt that Jasper's edjucation(I have no idea how to spell it right now...:P) was the second most important thing. The kids at school made fun of Jasper, because he was was so different and acted differently also. Jasper never confronted his parents, until he was ten years old. He pleaded his parents to let him leave the academy, and that the kids had gone to far. Caring for their son, and going for research, the family once again packed their bags, this time brining with them an Elekid and Magby.

This time, the Otz's moved to the Hoenn region, Lilycove city, where Jasper took up another academy. The kids here were nicer, and he learned much more. His family had relatives in Verdanturf, so Jasper visited often.

(I'm gonna' add this in, I'm sorry I forgot to in the first part :() Jasper has a mysterious, that not much is known about. All that is, is that he left to go on his own journey, in Kanto.

Now, Jasper is ready for a journey of his own. He will be going to the Necro region, a mysterious, yet wonderous, newly discovered land. All new Pokemon are here too, with many new adventures. Jasper will be tested on his strength, friendship, and trust with his own Pokemon. Can he makle it, in the Necro region?


Desired Starter: Eevee (Will name)
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: N/A
Any Oddities?: N/A

There, all done!

The warden
January 29th, 2009, 4:47 AM
Ryan checked the ticket in his hand, wharf seven. He was stood in the middle of the Slateport dock completely lost, the dock was a lot bigger than he had expected, it not only catered for the ferry that travel between regions but also cargo ships that carry goods to and from the region. He put the ticket back in his wallet and slid it in to the right hand pocket of his bright red shorts. Looking round Ryan saw people carrying creates, driving forklift trucks and operating cranes but no directions wharf seven.

“Great!” he shouted to no one in particular, as he realised what he had done. The boat had dropped him off on the beach, this morning, which was to the south of here. Apart from breakfast he had headed straight to the dock, which meant he was at the south end, the industrial end. The ferry would be at the north end of the dock. Ryan set off jogging down to the other end of the dock.

The north end of the dock was vastly different to the south end, for a start there weren’t all the barbed wire fences and storage units. One thing was the same though and that was it was just as busy and noisy as the other end of the dock, since he had been here Ryan had encountered two of the reasons that he didn’t like built up areas. One they are often very crowded, two you get lost very easily in them. As Ryan looked round he noted the third reason he didn’t like cites, three advertising, thought as he added it to his mental list. This place was quite obviously based round tourism; there were shops, restaurants, a museum, arcades and billboards adverts everywhere. Ryan kept jogging until he arrived at wharf six, once there he walked the rest of the way to wharf seven. The ferry was white with a blue stripe running round it and the words S.S. Hydro written towards the front. At a guess, it might be able to carry two hundred people each with their own cabin, plus the crew of course. Ryan joined the queue to board the S.S. Hydro, behind a short lady carrying a Mawile in her arms. He was relieved when he got to the front of the queue in one piece, that Mawile had looked like it wanted to bite his arm off.
“Hello sir, may I see your ticket?” asked the stewardess, Lilly her name tag read, stood at the bottom of the steps leading up onto the ferry. Ryan opened his wallet and flashed the ticket.

“Your room is 22C, go straight to the staircase, down to floor C, turn left then it’s on you right. The boat will arrive at Garnetville in two days. If you need anything just ask, on behalf of the crew of the S.S. Hydro I hope you have a nice trip.” She said smiling as she waved him past though, it was quite obvious that this was exactly how she was trained to greet every guest and that she didn’t really want to be here.

As Ryan boarded the ferry he heard Lilly greeting the next passenger “Hello sir, may I see your ticket?”

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January 29th, 2009, 12:34 PM
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Man of Faith
January 29th, 2009, 3:11 PM
Mal walked through the door into the game room. People were gambling and spending. A few people sat at a bar, chatting happily, the whole room was oddly relaxing. He walked up to the bar and sat down. The bartender was busy with some others so he sat and waited.

After a few minutes, the man came over.

“What do ya want?” He growled.

“Just a Coke.” He sat a can and a cup of ice on the counter. Mal gave him a few bucks, poured the soda, then went into the crowd.


The following day, he decided to go to the on-ship bookstore. He picked up a few Pokemon books and spent the morning studying, picking out his perfect starter. The odds were, he wouldn't get what he wanted, but it was worth it to dream.

He decided to go to the Gym later, wanting to get rid of his energy before it got out of control. The gym was full of some of the most expensive equipment Mal had every seen. He spent an hour or two just running on the treadmill before finally giving into his hunger.

He headed to lunch where he stuffed himself with tacos and cake. He headed back to his room after and decided, after about an hour of indecision, to call home.


Mal woke up, his head slightly hurting. He had stayed up hours later than usual the previous night. And the night before that. And the night before that. And the night before that.
He checked his watch.

Hm... He thought. Just a day left...

He smiled and hopped out of bed. He quickly changed into a dark purple shirt and a pair of shorts, then headed for the breakfast buffet. He filled his plate with muffins and donuts. He walked around for ten minutes before finding the perfect place to sit. The sun was shining, bright and warm. The weather was just right.

Children ran around the deck, their parents trying to keep them under control. People were out sunbathing and swimming. There were people all around him, but one person caught his attention. She wore a hoodie, the same color as his shirt, and a thick pair of glasses. Mal felt like he knew her from... Somewhere...

He took his plate of food and moved over to the girl.

“Uh... Hi,” he started out. “My name's Mal... This may sound odd... But... It'll bug me if I don't ask...” He started to ramble for a moment, before realizing. “Anyway! Do I know you from somewhere?”

He stood their awkwardly, feeling odd about talking to a random girl four years younger than him.

January 29th, 2009, 5:06 PM
Username: Mewliveson
What You Would Like Us to Call You: Kit

Basic Character Info.:
Name: Emilee K. M. Knight
Nicknames: Emi
Age: 23
Gender: female
Hometown and Region: Born Cinnabar Island Kanto region

More Detailed Character Info. 1 - Appearance:
Appearance: She is tall for a girl at about 6'2". She has long green hair which she wears in a ponytail most of the time. She has pale skin and bright green eyes.
Average Attire: She usually wears "comfortable clothing" which includes a pair of tan shorts and a tan upper shirt that ends just below her chest. She has a green belt which attaches to her shorts. her shoes are tall flat bottomed boots also in a darker shade of tan.
Formal Attire: A short black dress that has white straps that look like small wings on top. She wears her hair down straight. She wears black bangle bracelets. She has a pair of tall black strapped heels which she reserves for special occasions. She wears a miniture fire stone pendant around her neck.
Attire for the Cold: Often when flying it gets quite chilly.
She puts on a long tan jacket with straps that fly in the wind. She has a dark green scarf which she wears around her neck when flying and a tan hat that she wears atop her head. She wears the same casual boots.
Accessories: She carries a tan bag where she keeps all her medical supplies and such. She is often found wearing a feather penadant around her neck that is extremly special to her. It is believed to be connected to the legendary bird Ho-oh

More Detailed Character Info. 2 - Personality:
Likes: Flying and fire type pokemon. She enjoys soaring atop her faithful pokemon Charizard who was given to her by her grandfather.
Dislikes: Fighting. She only joins in pokemon battles in the air.
Strengths: Flying anywhere. Working with herbs to heal both pokemon and people.
Weaknesses: Battling on land or water.
Personality: She is a very kind hearted person who enjoys working with other people as well as pokemon. She is a bit light headed at times forgetting some details, but she always comes through in the end. She is extremly loyal to her friends and pokemon. The only thing that really sets her off is when people abuse pokemon or hurt them. She can get pretty fired up when it comes to battling in the sky.

More Detailed Character Info. 3 - History:
Family: Theresa A.D. Knight twin sister. Professor Anna Ivy (Aunt) Gary Oak(older? cousin) Professor Oak(grandfather)
Acquaintances: unknown
Past: Born in Kanto she was like every other ten year old super excited to recieve her first pokemon. She got her pokemon from her grandfather in pallet town. It was a charmander. She raised it dilgintly until finally it evolved to Charmeleon and then Charizard. By this time she had gone exploring all of the Kanto region though she did not compete in any pokemon gym battles. After Charmeleon evolved she decided she was going to head out and discover new pokemon. She began to catch all types of flying pokemon. That was when she first found her dream. To become the greatest flying master of all time. However just when she was setting out she discovered she had another hobby herbology. She studied under her aunt (how ironic her name is) Professor Ivy and learned much about healing. From there she traveled off to Hoenn. She missed home though and she wanted to show her grandfater all the stuff she had learned so she went back to Kanto. thats when she got the letter. She was up for a new challenge especially if she could catch some new flying types :) So off she went again with her grandfathers best wishes.

She is what is referred to as a pokemon "flyer" a person who travels from place to place atop flying pokemon delivering messages and such.

Desired Starter: Wildcard!
Any Nature/Gender/Ability Preferences?: Must be flying type?
Any Oddities?: Wingspan?

January 30th, 2009, 7:11 AM
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JX Valentine
January 30th, 2009, 8:14 AM
The ship clipped along smoothly across the ocean waves. It never really occurred to Izzy how big the ocean was, even when she sat on the docks and beach fringing her hometown of Vermilion. It was a fact she simply knew before then. That is to say, she knew the ocean was big, but she didn't realize what "big" actually meant. Leaning over the railing of the S.S. Anne, she stared at the green waves, realized that was a bad idea (because she didn't realize she got seasick before then either) and opted for staring at the horizon with a deep breath to settle her stomach. Her glasses slipped down her nose and threatened to take a plunge into the water, so a tawny hand rose to push them back in their place.

It had been several days since she'd left the familiar port she called home. Not that she particularly regretted it, of course. In actuality, she was heavily excited. Not only was she going far away from Kanto, but she was also going to a place neither her brothers nor her best friend had been. It was a new place, untouched by their eyes, so only she could tell the stories of whatever happened there. A small smile crossed her face. Ethan, cooped up in that laboratory in Johto, would be entirely too jealous.

Still, she would miss her family, although she was growing to be too old to stay in the house anyway. She'd miss her mother's drawling, accented speech flowing from the kitchen with the smells of spicy food. She'd miss her father and his Pikachu sitting back at the end of the day with his stories of the latest trainer to leave in a hurry from the Vermilion Gym. She'd miss the familiar sights and sounds of Vermilion Harbor, of the Diglett-filled cave just to the east, of everything that was Kanto. Yet, when her brother held out the envelope in one large hand, of course she wouldn't refuse. The town was far too small for her by then, and the world with its Pokémon and its adventures just waiting for her was big.

Turning, she walked along the rail to the front of the ship. Her boots clopped on the deck like a Ponyta's hooves; the rhythm seemed like music to her. A hand ran along the metal railing, feeling the cool, painted surface and the slick coat of water covering it. She pursed her lips and tilted her head skyward to feel the sun on her face. Several people passed and gave her odd glances, but she didn't notice – or, if she did, didn't care. She was already enjoying herself. This was the furthest she'd been from home, after all.

Only when she got to the front of the ship did she tilt her head back down and stare at the horizon. There, a line of black appeared.

Just as soon as she realized what it meant, the PA system blared to life.

"Approaching Gem Island. We'll be docking in an hour."

It ran through a series of instructions on what to do when the ship docked, none of which Izzy paid particular attention to (although she knew she probably should have, given that it was her first time on a real liner). Instead, she made her way across the dock and back towards her cabin, pushing through crowds as she went.

Above her, the PA system finished with a cheerful note.

"Thank you for traveling Anne Liners. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Necro Region."

January 30th, 2009, 3:15 PM
After unceremoniously dumping her stuff in the corner of her small room, which, like any other overnight ferry, was mind-numbingly clean and plainly furnished, Luna went for a walk around the ship. It was more of a cruise ship than a real ferry: hall after hall of plain white doors, each marked with a number, filling the depths of the vessel to house its many passengers; an exercise room, filled with brand-new and expensive equipment; several bars, stocked day and night for the convienience of the passengers; a sundeck on top with lounge chairs scattered aimlessly around it; and, finally, even a small casino Luna had managed to peek into out of curiousity before being politely but firmly ushered out by a ferry attendant. Whatever - wherever - this Necro Region was, it had to be extremely wealthy in order to buy a fleet of such luxurious ships just to carry people back and forth from the four main regions, she thought.

As it turned out, the ship wasn't empty as she had originally hoped. Several floors were already filled with people from Sinnoh, Johto, and Hoenn, the regions the ferry had stopped at before sailing to Kanto. Eventually, Luna found herself standing on the sundeck and leaning over the rails to watch the water churn under her. Also, to be honest, she was feeling a bit seasick - not that she would ever admit it, though. It was then that she suddenly remembered her aunt's message: "Call me as soon as you get on the ship, okay?"

She pulled out her cell phone hastily and winced at the time. It was already nearly noon, which meant that her aunt had been frowning at the telephone all morning. She hurriedly punched in the number and held her breath.


Luna turned the volume down to minimum and cut her off. "Okay, I'm sorry already! I just got ... preoccupied, I guess."

Her aunt's voice suddenly became much calmer. "Well, at least you're safe. You're not calling from a lifeboat or anything, are you? I mean, the ocean pounding in my ear is a bit alarming."

"No," Luna assured her. "I'm on the top deck. I found my room and everything, and the captain just made an announcement saying that we're going to arrive around seven o' clock tomorrow morning."

"Good. Well, make sure you be careful, and keep in touch."

"I will," Luna told her, impatient now.

"Oh, speaking of keeping in touch," her aunt continued. "I called the phone company, and they told me that their service has limitations within this ... Necro Region. You can call any number within the borders, but the odd part is, your phone won't be able to contact anyone from any other region. So you won't be able to call me on your little journey of self-discovery or whatever it is."

"I'll call you from the Pokemon Center pay phones," Luna interrupted.

"Well, that works."

"Okay, that's great," Luna told her hurriedly, searching for an excuse. "Oh, wait, someone's going to make an announcement. I better go ... bye!" She hit the disconnect button with no small measure of relief.

She was tucking the phone back into her pocket when she heard someone approaching. It was a young man maybe five or so years older than she was, bearing a plate of food and looking rather awkward. She had never seen him before, and was more than a little surprised when he introduced himself. It was an odd situation - she wasn't really used to talking with random guys, especially older ones - but she was, admittedly, curious.

"Oh, hi. Well ... erm ... I'm Luna, I guess ... no, wait, scratch that, I don't guess. That didn't make a lot of sense, did it? Heh ... oh, wait, I'm off track. Hm ... I don't think I've met you before, so ... nice to meet you." She wasn't really sure whether it was a formal situation or not, so she offered him her hand and, out of pure curiousity, added, "Oh, by the way ... have you ever heard of Professor Sinclair?"

January 30th, 2009, 5:56 PM
Eep - Everyone who posted, good job. And it's OK, Callandor.

Oh, and Mewliveson, you are Accepted, I just need to know which Wildcard you want (you can choose the Pokemon).

And King's accepted, whether he's finished or not XD


The OOC is now up! I'll post it in the first post. Anybody else who wishes to sign up must post it there.

February 3rd, 2009, 1:33 PM
Skye continued to walk around aimlessly, with no idea where to go. Skye tripped on a branch and fell face first into the ground. "AHHHHH! That hurt!" Skye yelled. A few of the adults looked at him, but then went back to their business. Skye grumbled and felt something slip out of one of the pockets of his shorts.

"...Eh? What's this... The invitation?" He opened it and saw that a map to get to the lab was printed on one side of it. ".....Well, I guess I can go to the lab now...." He grumbled to himmself and got up. He began to follow the directions to the lab, and wished that he had remembered about having the directions in the first place.

OOC:.... Couldn't think of that much XD. Just forgetful Skye wandering around and eventually finding directions.

February 3rd, 2009, 2:54 PM
Neku: Well, I gave you a break, so... XD

ANYHOW! I'm gonna get this Second Chapter Started!

~Chapter 1~
-Meeting the Scatterbrained Sinclair!-

Final Destination:

Gem Island
Garnetville Dock

To get to Garnetville Dock, one must go through Island Path 1. So...

Minimum Posts: 2 (Post 1 requires that you at least get your Pokemon and stuff to all those who have arrived)
Maximum Posts: 4 (Posts 2 and up require that you get to the dock by at least the end of your second post and at most at the end of your fourth post)

New Area!
Island Path 1

What to do in Post 1:

Semi-explain meeting the professor
Get your first Pokemon, the Pokeballs, the Pokedex and the special item for your Pokemon (all come from the Professor)
End it either leaving to go to Island Path 1 or end it at the beginning of Island Path 1

What to do in any other Posts:

Catch Wild Pokemon
Battle Trainers (NPCs or other RPers; if you wish to battle another RPer, you two must agree on who will win (if the person you wish to battle agrees on battling) and whatnot, preferably through PMs)
Find Berries or Items

Wild Pokemon of Island Path 1:

Levels: 3-5
Abilities: Insomnia or Keen Eye
Time of Day: Anytime, actually
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Foresight, Hypnosis (level 5 only)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random
Rarity: Common
Shiny: 5%

Levels: 1-4
Ability: Static
Time of Day: Anytime
Moves: ThunderShock, Charm, Volt Tackle (10% chance)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random
Rarity: Common
Shiny: 5%

Levels: 2-6
Abilities: Water Absorb or Damp
Time of Day: Anytime
Moves: Water Sport, Bubble (level 5 only)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random
Rarity: Common
Shiny: 10%

Levels: 2-7
Abilities: Run Away or Quick Feet
Time of Day: Anytime
Moves: Tackle, Howl (level 5 only)
Nature: Random
Gender: Random
Rarity: Uncommon
Shiny: 10%

How percentages ("%") work: OK, you've probably noticed by now that for every Pokemon there is a percentage as to the chances of finding it shiny or not. You may also have noticed that some Pokemon have percentages if they have an Egg Move, although only few Pokemon (mainly baby Pokemon) will have Egg Moves. Here's how it works:

If you wish to have a shiny/get the Egg Move, PM me with a number between 1-100. If the chance of getting a shiny is 5%, and you're 5 or less away from the number I'm thinking of, it'll be shiny. The same applies for the Egg Moves, and for any other percentage (10% - guess a number 10 away from the number I'm thinking of, etc.).

If you're still confused about this process, PM me anyways. As for the rest of the things marked as "Random" (this applies for levels too), I'll choose on my own, though you can give me a preference at the end of your post if you wish. You can also not capture the Pokemon in the post you throw a Pokeball at, I'll decide that (or the co-owners will).


Items/Berries of Island Path 1:

Oran Berry
Chances of Finding: Very High
Quantity: 2-6

Cheri Berry
Chances of Finding: High
Quantity: 2-4

Pecha Berry
Chances of Finding: High
Quantity: 2-4

Rawst Berry
Chances of Finding: High
Quantity: 2-4

Chesto Berry
Chances of Finding: High
Quantity: 2-4

Aspear Berry
Chances of Finding: High
Quantity: 2-4

Chances of Finding: Very High
Quantity: 2-6

Nest Ball
Chances of Finding: High
Quanity: 2-4

Chances of Finding: High
Quantity: 1-4

Chances of Finding: Low
Quantity: 1-2

Once again, I decide what item/berry you get, and how much of each you get. So don't go saying in your post that you got Oran Berries (even though they are the most common berry ><'), wait until I tell you what kind of berry you got and how many.


"Um... Professor Sinclair?"


"Um... You need to go and hand out Pokemon to everyone..."

"Oh. Right. I almost forgot!" As the scatterbrained professor walked out the bold doors (a pack on her back), she thought merrily of this day. Finally...

"Hello, everyone!" she exclaimed to the few that were there. Oh no, does this mean I have to wait outside for the rest? she thought, groaning a bit. "Well, I'm glad to have you all here today! So, I have Pokemon for each and every one of you! When I call your name, coe up and get your Pokemon, item, Pokedex, and Pokeballs.

"Well, not every starter will get a designated owner. But they will sooner or later. I hope. Anyhow, Flynn Sarlif! You will receive a Puppyseed (in a jade-colored Pokeball, might I add!), an Emerald Leaf (which powers all the stats of Puppyseed and its evolutions and only Puppyseed and its evolutions), five Pokeballs, and an emerald-colored Pokedex!

"Skye Valor! You will receive a Flareolf (in a crimson-colored Pokeball, a Garnet Flame (which acts the same as the Emerald Leaf except for Flareolf and its evolution line), five Pokeballs, and a garnet-colored Pokedex!

"Soluna Indigo Gray! You will receive a Chikorita (in an emerald-colored Pokeball), a Jade Flower, five Pokeballs, and a jade-colored Pokedex!

"Silver Minato! You will receive a Chimchar (in a garnet-colored Pokeball), a Crimson Charcoal, five Pokeballs, and a crimson-colored Pokedex!

"Ashley Lightnin! You will receive a Mudkip (in a lapis lazuli-colored Pokeball), a Cobalt Glass, five Pokeballs, and a cobalt-colored Pokedex!

"Jasper Otz! You will receive an Eevee (in a bronze-colored Pokeball), an Amber Ribbon, five Pokeballs, and an amber-colored Pokedex!

"Malcolm Holder! You will receive a Togepi (in an opal-colored Pokeball), a Pearl Sphere, five Pokeballs, and a pearl-colored Pokedex!

"Jake Vokanavich! You will receive a Larvitar (in a platinum-colored Pokeball), a Diamond Spike, five Pokeballs, and a diamond-colored Pokedex!

"Ryan Walker! You will receive a Bagon (in a crystal-colored Pokeball), a Topaz Wing, and a topaz-colored Pokedex!

"Emilee K. M. Knight! You will receive a Farfetch'd (in a rainbow-colored Pokeball), a Rainbow Pendant, five Pokeballs, and a rainbow-colored Pokedex!

"Isidora Wheeler! You will receive a Misdreavus (in a sapphire-colored Pokeball), a Sapphire Tiara, five Pokeballs, and a sapphire-colored Pokedex!

"And finally, Cierra Riley Clover! You will get a Ralts (in a ruby-colored Pokeball), a Ruby Sceptre, five Pokeballs, and a ruby-colored Pokedex!"

Sighing as the children filed in line to get the Pokemon and items, Professor Sinclair looked out into the horizon. I hope they can help us...

After all the children had received what they needed to get, Professor Sinclair walked around back and forth, and decided she'd yell at anyone who'd try and leave.

"Alright," she continued. "Take the Island Path 1. You'll meet other trainers, wild Pokemon, and come across items. From there on, go to Garnetville Harbor. Take the boat to the next island, where Aquamarine City is. That'll be all." As she watched the trainers leave, Professor Sinclair nearly forgot one last detail.

"Wait!" she called repeatedly until every kid had turned around. "Your Pokedex not only records data on whatever Pokemon you find, it also has a map of the region, and you'll be able to install new features from time to time! Sorry!" She let them go, knowing she didn't forget anything. Now to check on my special Pokemon... Sinclair thought as she headed back to the lab. It was a Snorunt, encased in a gold Pokeball. A Silver Shard was beside it, as were five more Pokeballs and a silver-colored Pokedex. She hoped they wouldn't be gone by then...


Have any questions? Drop me a VM or PM. That'll be all :3


And because the prologue isn't of that much importance (XD), anyone who has not posted at all or hasn't arrived at Sinclair's lab can reminisce as to how they got there and go straight into chapter 1. And you will be able to get the other starters sooner or later; I'll think of ways :3

February 3rd, 2009, 4:50 PM
Flynn quietly walked up to the small crowd of other people around the professor. He said a few words, and handed out the pokeballs, pokedex, and a small item to each person. When it was her turn, she took the items, and moved away. The professor called for them, and she turned. So the pokedex had a map? Perfect! She turned about, and strode out the door.

Flynn smiled as she looked down at the pokeball. She headed out the door happily, and flipped open the pokedex she had received. She started looking over the controls, trying to find the map.. She clicked a small button, and a map similar to the one on the invitation appeared. She grinned. “Perfect.” She said, looking at the small dot of where she was. “Okay, so I just go through here… Got it.” She closed the pokedex, turning her head towards the road. She turned about, and headed towards the path.

February 3rd, 2009, 5:03 PM
Willoweon - Could be longer, but I'll let it slide :3 And by the way, Sinclair is female :3

Flynn received the following: A Puppyseed, five Pokeballs, an Emerald Leaf, and an emerald-colored Pokedex!

February 3rd, 2009, 5:47 PM
Chapter 1: A Path, A Professor, and A Pokemon

Jasper stood on the deck, as the big boat pulled into the port. "Here I am", he said, holding back his excitment. "The Necro region." A loud horn beeped, providing almost everyone with the knowledge of landing, and a headache, more or less. As the new trainers filed off the boat, and took step on land, Jasper sighed. "I'll miss you boat......or not", he said, sarcastically. Jasper often entertained himself that way. As his foot touched the land, two feelings crossed through his head.First, relief from making it off the boat without puking. Second, a exotic feeling, like something new had been born, something very important.

"That way, that way, that way to the Professor's, that way!", a tall, stern looking man called. "That way!"

"Oh, enough, I get it already!", Jasper thought, the headache coming back. He walked towards a tall building, the professor's lab. He got in line, a long one, that reached about fifteen feet from the lab.

As the line rolled on, finally, it was the person before Jasper. "Almost time to meet my new Pokemon!", Jasper thought, excitedly. "Ashley Lightnin!", the professor called. "You will recieve a Mudkip, a Colbalt Glass, five Pokeballs, and a colbalt colored Pokedex!"

Then, it was time. Here it was, the Pokemon, the start of a journey, the everything! "Jasper Otz! You will recieve an Eevee, an Amber Ribbon, five Pokeballs, and a Amber-Colored Pokedex!" Jasper took his items, with a thank you, and waited in a crowd with the others.

Once the comotion had died down, the Professor continued. "Alright! Take the Island Path 1. You will meet other trainers, fight wild Pokemon, and find items. From there on you will go to Garnetville Harbor. Take the boat to the next island, where Aquamarine City is. That is all."

Once she stopped speaking, the crowed started to drain away. "Wait!", the Professor called out. "Your Pokedex not only records data, it shows a map of the region, also. And, you'll be able to install new features from time to time. Sorry!" After the final dismissal, the crowed walked off, starting their journeys.

"Okay, time to meet you, Eevee!" Jasper pressed the button on the Pokeball, and out came the small, brown and tan, puppy-ish creature.

"Eevee!", it exclaimed, glad to be out.

"Nice to meet you Eevee! I'm Jasper, your new owner, we'll be great friends!", Jasper said, smoothly.


"Here, I made you something!" Jasper pulled out a small plastic plate from his bag. He un-wrapped the elastic seal, and set the plate down in front of Eevee. "These are Poffins, they're yummy!"

"Eeeeeee!", Eevee called, bending down towards plate. She took a bite out of the Poffin, a Red one. The reaction was immediate, as Eevee bent down again and gobbled the contents on the plate up, all but one Poffin, that it pushed towards Jasper with its little snout. "Eve!", it cried, pushing it with her paw.

"Do you want me to take a bite?", he asked, in a light voice. He picked up the small Poffin, and gobbled it down. "Yum!", Jasper said, as he rubbed his stomach. "Tasty!"

Eevee smiled, as she jumped up into Jasper's open backpack. "You want to ride in there?", Jasper asked.

"Eev, Eevee!", Eevee responded, excitedly.

"Okay girl", Jas per said, picking up the plate. They headed down a sandy path, towards a small sign that read: Island Path 1.

"here goes!", Jasper said, as he walked further down the trail, further down, his journey.

February 3rd, 2009, 6:28 PM
Skye had got to the lab and waited in line for his pokemon, pokedex and items. When he was called up, he got them and said thank you. He went back in the crowd with the others and waited until she finished. Skye walked out of the lab when the proffesor finished, but heard Proffesor Sinclairs' last words about the map in the pokedex. He grabbed the crimson pokeball containing his first pokemon, Flareolf.

He grinned and said, "Alright, time for both of us to say hello Flareolf!" He pressed the button on the pokeball and it opened and revealed a small orangish red wolf. "Flare, Flareolf!" the small wolf pokemon declared.

Skye grinned saying cheerfully "Hey Flareolf! I'm your trainer, Skye! We'll be great friends during our journey." Flareolf gave an excited look and barked "Flare! Flaaare!" Skye remembered the item that Professor Sinclair had given him for Flareolf. "Oh, this is yours Flareolf!" Skye said, putting the Garnet Flame on Flareolf. "Flare!" Flareolf replied.

"Come on Flareolf, let's go!" Skye said and began to walk down the trail leading to Island Path 1. Flareolf followed Skye and was padding along side him. Now my journey really begins...This is gonna be fun! Skye thought as they continued down the trail.

The warden
February 4th, 2009, 2:50 AM
Ryan was thinking about Seadra, as he had done for much of the journey to Gem Island. I’m sure she will be fine, John will take good care of her and I know she will love going down to the sea every day when John goes fishing.

"Ryan Walker!” The mention of his name awoke Ryan from his day dreaming, “You will receive a Bagon (in a crystal-coloured Pokeball), a Topaz Wing, and a topaz-coloured Pokedex!” He walked forward and collected the Pokeballs and items.

“Right let’s see what you can do. Go Bagon!” Ryan said throwing the Pokeball into the air. Bagon appeared in front of Ryan, the two looked at each other for a moment, Bagon took a step toward Ryan and nodded its head.

“Come on then let’s get going.” Ryan said as he attempted to pick the Bagon up so it could sit on his shoulders.

“Okay you’re heavier than you look.” Ryan sighed, and then he added “I guess you will just have to walk, let me know if you get tired. Oh and this is yours.” He passed Bagon the Topaz wing and together they set of walking towards Island Path 1.

February 4th, 2009, 12:41 PM
Flynn tossed the emerald pokeball in the air, and a small dog-like pokemon came out.
“Pup! Pup!”
Sitting down on the ground with a wagging tail, a Puppyseed looked up expectantly at her. Flynn started rummaging in her pack. While doing this, she quietly groaned amongst all the clutter.
“Hello Puppyseed.” She said, after pulling out the Emerald Leaf. Well, at least its not a fire type..
She held out the leaf delicately, and the pokemon took it eagerly, before licking its fur and hiding it amongst it.

Flynn stood up after this and looked about the small town. Many of the trainers had already sent out their pokemon, and were heading for the same path she was. She
Lightly tapped the ground near her Puppyseed, and started walking along the path. The Puppyseed followed, looking about like a lost child in a large museum. “Puppyseed! Pup!”
Flynn turned about quickly as a small figure stepped about nearby bushes. Suddenly, a pichu stumbled out, looking straight at them, glaring.
“Pii!” It said, preparing to jump or charge.. Flynn couldn’t tell.
“Puppyseed, use growl!”
Flynn commanded, and immediately Puppyseed started growling deeply. The pichu suddenly gave out a spark of electricity, and ran towards them. It released a small blast of energy at Puppyseed. Puppyseed, not expecting a attack, was hit full force by the thunder shock, but quickly shook it off.
“Okay! Puppyseed, use Tackle!” Flynn quickly uttered the command, stepping back one step. Puppyseed quickly ran at the Pichu, which was hit harshly in the side. “Piichuuu..” It squealed, before unleashing another thundershock attack, which missed as Puppuyseed jumped to the side. “Tackle, one more time!” Flynn shouted, grabbing a pokeball from the 5 she was given. Puppyseed ran at Pichu again, but missed, and hopped back alittle, and was hit by another thunder shock. Puppyseed seemed just about done, and the Pichu was rather roughed up. “Okay! Good job, Puppyseed!”
Flynn threw the pokeball right at the pichu, who was hit, and engulfed in a red light.
3.. 2… 1…

Man of Faith
February 4th, 2009, 5:39 PM
"Yeah I've heard of her!" He said. "Are you also headed to the Necro Region?"

He smiled as the two started discussing what lied ahead.


Chapter One: Meeting the Scatteredbrained Sinclair!

Mal stood in the line with the rest of the new trainers, noticeably taller than most of them. The professor walked and Mal glanced up. She started going through the list of trainers.

After a minute, she finally reached his name.

"Malcolm Holder! You will receive a Togepi (in an opal-colored Pokeball), a Pearl Sphere, five Pokeballs, and a pearl-colored Pokedex!" Mal stood in silence, trying not to make a noise. He had always wanted to see a Togepi. He walked up to receive his starter. He grabbed the pokeballs and stashed them away, taking the Pokedex and opal ball in hand.

He walked to the back of the room and tossed the ball. A bright beam shot from it and the tiny, shelled creature formed in front of him.

"Piiii!" She cried. It surveyed the room and hopped off. Mal picked up the ball and grabbed the pokemon before it could get to far. It tried to wriggle free, exasperated.

"PIII!" It dropped down from Mal's arms and bit into his leg.

"AH!" He yelled. The pokedex flew open.

"Peck. A flying-type move." It said in a creepy, automated voice.

It started to waddle away before Mal picked her up again.

"TOGA!" It yelled, wiggling around.

"Stop!" He yelled, still in pain. "No! Cordelia!"

The name slipped, coming from nowhere. The Togepi stopped.


"Yeah... Cordelia..."

"Pii!" She said, obviously content. He put her back on the ground and she started to skip again. She got a few feet before turning and motioning for Mal to follow.

February 4th, 2009, 7:58 PM
The warden: I, personally, would like to see some longer posts. You have good posts overall, but they could easily be longer. You can go into amazing detail about the environment around you, like what you see, smell, touch, taste and hear. Could you try to incorporate that?

Wiloweon: Good, but I'll leave capture posts up to Serene. :]

|:Hiro:|: Nice post! I love Togepi's attitude!

February 5th, 2009, 12:14 PM
.Sublime: Gah, I'll let co-owners decide, too. And remember (to co-owners), you can also grade my own posts, 'cause I'm nice like that XD


Flynn caught a level 3 Male Pichu with a Hardy Nature!

Yay for you :3

February 5th, 2009, 2:14 PM
Skye and Flareolf walked along on Island Path 1. Skye gazed around his surroundings... There were grassy patches where pokemon hid, but so far, he hasn't seen one. He didn't see any trainers to battle either... Skye sighed and looked down at Flareolf. "Flare....Flareollllllf...." Flareolf whined, obviously wanting to do something other than walk along a rocky path seeing no trainers or pokemon. Skye sighed and muttered quietly "I know, buddy, I know...."

They walked along the path for a few more minutes. Flareolf's ears suddenly perked up when it saw a figure walking around up ahead. "Flaaaare! Flareolf!!!" Flareolf barked excidedly and poked Skye's leg with his paw.

Skye looked ahead and saw a pokemon trainer. He grinned and noticed that the trainer saw him and quickly ran over to him. It was a boy who was probably the same age or younger than himmself. "Hey! Let's fight." The snotty kid replied. Skye said" Heh! Fine with me! Let's go, Flareolf!"
Flare quickly jumped infront of his trainer and barked "Flaaare! Olf, Olf!"

The kid threw his pokeball and a Poocheyana came out. Skye heard his pokedex say "Poocheyana, teh puppy type pokemon. It-" the rest was unheard because Skye instantly commanded "Flareolf, quick attack!"

Flareolf did a speedy attack and tackled the Poocheyana. "Poo-Pooch!" "Poocheyana, use tackle!" the young boy commanded. The Poocheyana tackled Flareolf, which fell to the ground from the blow, but quickly recovered from the attack.

"Okay Flareolf, use another quick attack!" Skye shouted. Flareolf did another speedy quick attack and hit the Poocheyana in the side. The Poocheyana hit the ground, but came back up. "Poochey..ana!" the Poocheyana growled.

"Use growl, Poocheyana! Then a tackle!" the kid yelled. Poocheyana used growl, and Flareolfs attack fell. "Flareolf, Flare!" Flareolf growled. "Flareolf, use leer! Then a quick attack again!" Skye commanded. Flareolf leered at the Poocheyana, making its defense fall.

Then, Flareolf did a quick attack once again and hit the Poochyeana. "Pooch, Pooch!" The Poocheyana cried, andhit the ground. It stuggled to get up, and stood for a few moments, but fell on it's side.

"Flare!! Flareolf!!!" Flareolf cried and did a few jumps before running twoards Skye in excitment. "Alright Flareolf, we won!" Skye cheered. The boy was upset that he lost and returned Poocheyana in its pokeball and grumbled something that Skye couldn't hear...

OOC: No idea if Poocheyana actually say "Pooch, Pooch!" but oh well, XD.

February 5th, 2009, 2:48 PM
Neku: Great job!

Oh, and I forgot to give out items to the people when they made their posts (and I won't bother Limey about it), so...

Skye received the following: A Flareolf, five Pokeballs, a Garnet Flame, and a garner-colored Pokedex!

Jasper received the following: An Eevee, five Pokeballs, an Amber Ribbon, and an amber-colored Pokedex!

Ryan received the following: A Bagon, five Pokeballs, a Topaz Wing, and a topaz-colored Pokedex!

Mal received the following: A Togepi, five Pokeballs, a Pearl Sphere, and a pearl-colored Pokedex!

And finally...

Flareolf is now level 6!

I REALLY need to post XD

Man of Faith
February 5th, 2009, 3:36 PM
"PIII!" Cordelia shouted as she fell to the ground. She hopped back up and climb up the tree again.

"Oh god... Stop!" Mal said as Cordelia fell again. She had been trying to get an apple for about three minutes. Mal grabbed a limb and pulled himself up. He stood, trying to keep his balance and took two apples.

"Here," he said, jumping down and hand her the second apple. She smiled and bit into it.


"Cordelia!" The Togepi had dashed off, following some other Pokemon. You are Now Entering Island Path 1. The sign was small and easy to miss. The grass was up to his waist. He surveyed the area.

"PIII!" Cordelia shouted. He followed the noise, finally reaching a clearing. Cordelia was surrounded by bubbles, scared.

"Cordelia!" Mal yelled. The Pokedex beeped.

"Poliwag. The Tadpole Pokemon," it said.

"Uh..." Mal couldn't think. "Uh... Peck!"

Cordelia, noticing Mal, stood tall. Well, as tall as she could. She ran towards the Poliwag and bit its arm.

"Poli!" It screeched in pain and flailed about. More bubbles came out of the spiral. They landed on Cordelia's skin and popped, making her fall to the ground. She jumped up, biting as hard as she could. The Poliwag screeched and fell down, unconscious.

Cordelia let go and tried to get back to Mal. She took a few steps and fell down too. Mal stood, confused. After a few seconds, he pulled out the opal ball and brought Cordelia back in. He clutched the ball, pulled out another and through it at the unconscious Poliwag.

The ball opened and a bright light surrounded the Pokemon. The light was sucked into the ball and it closed, starting to move back and forth. Mal got closer, the ball starting to move faster. Was it going to work?

The ball slowed. Mal put his hand on top and felt the metal. It was oddly warm. It rumbled in his hand, kind of like it was massaging it...

February 5th, 2009, 4:51 PM
Can i have flareolf plz plz!!!

February 5th, 2009, 4:52 PM
OOC: Hiro, you can't catch a pokemon without Serene or another co-owner saying that you caught it, it said so in the rules of Ch 1. Just look above at Willweons post, never said that her person caught the Pichu. I'm just stating this since co-owners or Serene isn't on, I'm just helping a bit... If that's ok.

The kid who Skye fought was annoyed and left. Skye was affectinatly petting Flareolf. "You were great Flareolf!" Skye said. Flareolf gave a cheerful look and barked "Flare, Flare." Skye got up and asked Flareolf "Do you want to go back in your pokeball? You got hurt, so..." "FLARE! Flare, Flare!!!" Flareolf interupted Skye and shook his head furiously.

Skye laughed and said "Okay, okay! Just wondering Flareolf... If you get tired, let me know though." Flare barked "Flare... Flare!" They continued to walk down the path. They walked down the path and Skye saw Hoothoots perched in trees, Poocheyanas running through the tall grass and occasionaly saw some Pichu's and a few Poliwags.

He decided not to catch any of them, he wanted to wait for another pokemon later in time and just be with Flareolf and train him. Skye looked ahead and saw another trainer. This trainer also ran over to Skye, like the first. "Hey, you! Let's battle!" A young girl said, who was probably the same age as that other kid Skye fought moments ago.

Skye looked down at Flareolf and asked him "You good enough to battle Flareolf?" Flareolf puffed his chest out and barked "Flare! Flareolf, Flare!" Skye grinned and said "Alright, if you say so! Go wild!!" Flareolf jumped infront of Skye barking "Flaaaare! Flare, Flareolf!" in agreement to Skye. The young girl threw out a pokeball revealing a Pichu.

"Pii! Pichu, Pii!" The Pichu cried. "Okay, Pichu, use thundershock!" the girl said and the Pichu used the attack, but Flareolf quickly dodged it. "Nice Flareolf! Now use a quick attack on Pichu!" Skye commanded and Flareolf did a quick attack on the Pichu, ramming it hard in the side.

"Pi-Piii!" the Pichu cried. "Alirght Flareolf, quick, while its down use leer!" Skye yelled before the Pichu's trainer could respond, and Flareolf leered at the Pichu, making its defense fall. "Pichu, quick, use another thundershock!" The girl cried. The Pichu, which was panting did a thundershock. This time, Flareolf wasn't able to dodge the attack and was hit by the thundershock attack, but he was able to shake it off.

"Flare... Olf!" Flareolf barked, the hit taking more damage then it seemed, adding to the damage he had already taken. Skye bit his lip and knew he needed to end the battle quick, or else Flareolf would faint. "Flareolf, use a quick attack again!" Skyen commanded, hoping that it would take the Pichu down.

Flareolf dashed using his quick attack and hit the Pichu head on. "Piii, Piiichuuu!" The Pichu cried, and fainted. "Noooo!" The girl cried and quickly returned her Pichu and ran off upset that she lost. "Flareolf, you did it!" Skye cheered, happy that Flareolf was able to make the hit. "Flare... Olf, Olf!" Flare barked cheerfully while panting a few times.

Skye walked over to Flareolf and picked him up. "...I know you don't want to go in your pokeball, right?" Flareolf nodded his head barking "Flare...Flareolf, Olf..." Skye grinned and said "No problem! Though, you're going to go in there sometime before we leave Island Path 1."

Flareolf nodded his head in agreement again, and Skye began to walk off again carrying Flareolf.

OOC: I might change this so he'll arrive at the port or whatever in this post, so yeah.

Man of Faith
February 5th, 2009, 4:54 PM
OOC: Hiro, you can't catch a pokemon without Serene or another co-owner saying that you caught it, it said so in the rules of Ch 1. Just look above at Willweons post, never said that her person caught the Pichu. I'm just stating this since co-owners or Serene isn't on, I'm just helping a bit... If that's ok.

OOC: Forgot about that, but I PMed Serene before making that post.

February 5th, 2009, 4:56 PM
OOC: Did she say that you were able to catch it...? Sorry, I'm like this because I was a mod. on a diffrent site, so I'm like this on some things XD. But was it only to get a shiny or whatever it was? And we should probably move this to the OOC thread.... XD

.......And Leonik, I already HAVE Flareolf.... Hydrocub is the only one left...

February 5th, 2009, 6:14 PM
Oi, oi, what's this now?

I only mentioned to Hiro that he would get a shiny Poliwag, since he got a number close to the one I was thinking of. But yeah, like most chapter RPs, you must wait for the GM/Co-owners to say if you caught it or not, what level, what nature, etc.


Mal caught a level 4 shiny female Poliwag with a Mild nature!


Flareolf is now level 6.5 7! Flareolf learned Fire Spin!


Neku is right, Leonik. Hydrocub is the only one left. I'd pull some strings for you, but I've already done that enough. So sorry :/ The only one I may pull strings for now is FrozenSnowman if he's still interested in getting an Eevee and using his own Eeveelution (you are a he, right Frozen? XD).

February 5th, 2009, 6:28 PM
-Island Path 1-
As seen coming from Island Path 1, a mysterious figure who is wearing a dirty brown cloak that covers most of his upper body, hiding his entire left arm and vaguely shielding his mouth - heads toward Sinclair's lab, walking at a constant speed as if he's in a hurry but tried to remain patient in an impressive manner. The figure is wearing a vivid red helmet that reflects a shining strange light. The look on his eyes just shouts malevolence and in spite of whatever his intentions maybe, it seemed obvious that he's up to no good. Overall, his appearence *undoubtably* attracted unwanted attention - something in which he personally wanted to avoid for the sake of his goal.

Gear. Gear Akune is the name of this corrupted person. Born in a rough, twisted life, he soon became a notable dirty crook in most regions. His reason for coming to this region are due to his personal reasons. Gear managed to arrive in Necro region as a stowaway, boarding a ship unnoticed. Typical for someone like him.. but that doesn't really matter right now, does it? It seems that Gear's "primary" objective in the Necro region to verify the location of an old friend of his, who was rumored to be in the Necro Region.

Gear continues walking, heading towards his destination. He doesn't seem to be distracted by anything in particular, not bothering to fully adapt to the environment surrounding him. After a while, Gear eventually passed by all or most of the trainers who just recieved their Pokemon and Pokedex, as well as miscellaneous items from Sinclair's lab. They all head the opposite direction, while Gear continued to make his way towards Sinclair's lab. Gear almost walked into a trainer but he quickly pushed them away, rudely.

"Get out of my way, punk.." He snarled with a cold accent, not giving a care about the person he pushed. He didn't even look at the person - the jerk. He went back minding his own business, heading to Sinclair's lab.. for whatever reason he might have.

-Arrival at Sinclair's labortory-
Gear eventually arrives at the lab and heads inside without consideration or without a thought - he just went in. Two steps inside, he sneaks in and immdeiately looks around, scanning his eyesight in search of something in particular, something that would catch his eye. He pulls his cloak down, revealing his dirty mouth. "This must be the place.." He thought quietly to himself as he continued to look around some more. He marches foward, with an oblivious look on his face.

(ooc: Excuse me but my post might seem a little weird and lacking.. It might also seem a little reckless to the story, as I'm trying to make Gear a "false" antagonist in his debut in this story. Mind you, this isn't how I usually RP as I like to focus on dialogue the most, having my characters interact with everyone else's (that's my favourite part in RPing!). Maybe, it's a little short especially for someone like me who has a habit of making posts as long as a 6000 word essay.)

February 5th, 2009, 7:02 PM
Skye walked down the rocky path of Island Path 1. He was still holding Flareolf, who was relaxing in Skye's arms. Skye continued down the path until he saw a sign that said 'Port to Aquamarine City'. Skye looked down at Flareolf and said "Well, looks like you're going back in your pokeball." Flareolf barked "Flare, Flareolf..."

Skye took out Flareolfs crimson pokeball and clicked the button. The bright light came out of the ball and took Flareolf into the pokeball. Skye walked up the path, and saw a pokemon center ahead when he passed the sign.

Skye walked up to the pokemon center and looked around. It doesn't look like any of the other trainers got here yet... Skye thought. He opened the door to the pokemon center and looked around inside.

It was the same as an ordinary pokemon center, Nurse Joy at the desk ahead of him, and a few other people. But, there were no other trainer in there that he had saw at the meeting where they all got their pokemon.

Skye walked up to the desk where Nurse Joy was and said "Here's my Flareolf Nurse Joy..." and he handed her his crimson pokeball containing Flareolf. "Alright, just wait a moment and Flareolf will be fine" Nurse Joy said taking Flareolf's pokeball and putting it on the machine that healed pokemon.

Skye waited for a few moments, and then Nurse Joy handed him back the pokeball containing Flareolf. "Please come again if you need anything" Nurse Joy said cheerfully. Skye nodded and walked out of the pokemon center.

"Alright, come on out Flareolf!" Skye said pushing the button on Flareolfs pokeball. Flareolf came out, completly healed. Skye kneeled down to Flareolf and asked "Feeling better after those battles Flareolf?" Flaaare! Flareolf!!!" Flareolf replied jumping on Skye and licking his face.

Skye laughed and then heard his pokedex beep. "...Eh?" Skye muttered and took out his garnet colored pokedex. In a creepy electronic voice it said "Flareolf, movesets are quick attack, leer, and fire spin..."

Skye gave a suprised look and said "Oh! You learned fire spin Flareolf? Must've been after those battles, huh?" Flareolf gave a proud look and barked "Flare!" Skye grinned and said "Alright Flareolf, we'll test out fire spin in our next battle!"

Flareolf gave an excited look and barked "Flare! Olf, Flare!" Skye looked around the port, seeing that some of the trainers still weren't there. "Come on Flareolf, let's wait in the Pokemon Center" Skye said walking into the pokemon center, with Flareolf following him.

OOC: Didn't know if I could play as Nurse Joy or not, but I did anyway XD

The warden
February 6th, 2009, 6:53 AM
(OOC In this post I'm going to have Ryan stop over night let me know if you want me to change it.)

Walking through the long grass that reached up to his waist, Ryan looked round he had lost sight of the other trainers who set off with him.

"I' don't think we should have taken this shortcut." Ryan said to Bagon who was walking just ahead of him. It was starting to get dark and cold, and Ryan even though he wouldn't admit it disliked to travel in the dark.

"Right I think we ought to find some where to stop for the night. What do you think?" Ryan asked Bagon, who responded by nooding her head.

"How about by that tree over there?" Ryan asked Bagon pointing to a tree that had killed the long grass growing in it's shade.

"Gon Ba-gon" Bagon replied again nodding her head. Ryan and Bagon walked over to the tree and began to settle down near the tree, Ryan spreading a black sleeping bag out on the floor and Bagon by clearing a patch of ground of stones and dirt to sleep on. Next Ryan arranged a circle of stones on the floor and made a fire, both Bagon and Ryan sat close to the fire happy to be warm, Ryan after all was only wearing a shirt and shorts. Ryan pulled a tin of beans and sausages out of his bag along with a suacepan and placed it on the fire.

"Here try this." Ryan said to Bagon pouring some beans in to a bowl, then picking out a couple of sausages with a fork and putting them on top. He placed the bowl in front of Bagon, who sniffed it once and then started to eat it happily.

"I guess you like it then." Ryan said as he ate from the saucepan. After eating they both went to sleep.

In the middle of the night Ryan was awoken by movement near by, it seemed that the smell of sausages had attracted a Poochyena to the camp.

February 6th, 2009, 1:46 PM
Everyone who posted after me: Your posts are all good :3 So yeah. And don't worry Flax, I don't think you have to make your posts a whole chapter of a story long XD

Anyhow, I've said this a trillion times, but I REALLY need to post with Cierra (by the way, I like character interaction too; 'tis definitely the best part of an RP :3).


As we all know, Cierra was on the S. S. Aqua, on the way to Gem Island. During her trip, because it was unmentioned until now, our heroine encountered someone who claimed he could beat her at fashion shows in the Necro Region. Not wanting to lose to this impudent boy, Cierra made a bet with him, claiming that she could not only beat him at the fashion shows, but also win at all the tournaments, which she had originally planned on doing. The boy accepted, and the two walked away from each other, a grimace on each face.

Cierra is now in Necro. Late coming in, she notices Sinclair with some other people. She rushes over, ready to receive her Pokemon.


Chapter 1 Begin:

"Isidora Wheeler! You will receive a Misdreavus (in a sapphire-colored Pokeball), a Sapphire Tiara, five Pokeballs, and a sapphire-colored Pokedex!

"And finally, Cierra Riley Clover! You will get a Ralts (in a ruby-colored Pokeball), a Ruby Sceptre, five Pokeballs, and a ruby-colored Pokedex!" That was all Cierra heard. Too late to see what the others got, I guess... she sighed as she walked up quickly to receive her Pokeball. The top was made of what seemed to be pure ruby, while the bottom seemed to have a more opal sort of color. The texture was smooth, sure enough, and when Cierra tapped it against one of her other Pokeballs, it seemed to nearly get a scratch. Whew, really delicate. Better be careful with this one, she thought as she brought out a cloth, cleaning the place where she had bumped the Pokeball.

Turning her attention to the item, Cierra noticed how it was a very gorgeous gold (was it real?) made up the rod and the arc where the jewel went. The jewel was a cross between a diamond-like shape and an egg-like shape; well, it was more or less like a ruby teardrop, to make things clear and simple. Cierra felt the somewhat rough texture of the jewel; it seemed though the roughness only came from the points. The gold part was also smooth (except at the tips of the arc), and it seemed to shine even brighter in the sunlight.

As Cierra walked away from the crowd, she heard the professor call from behind them. It had to do something with a Pokedex. Riiiiight, Cierra thought. Can't start a journey without a Pokedex. She walked back over calmly and picked up what seemed to be hers; it had a ruby color to it as well. She left the professor at will, finally. As she headed towards the Island Path, she looked at her Pokeball. Time to call the little one out, she thought. She pressed the button in the center, and it opened with a red light. As the creature began to take form, Cierra took note of its humanoid features.

"Rauroo!" the creature exclaimed. what was it now? Ralts! Right! Cierra took one look at the small creature, then at her Pokedex. She didn't bother reading the info., but noticed something rather bizarre. Her Ralts had different colored eyes than the Ralts in the Pokedex, and she knew all Pokemon generally had similar features. But as she looked at a shiny Ralts, she noticed how it was blue on the cap-like thing. Definitely like this Ralts.

"Well, you need a name," Cierra said, putting away the Pokedex. "How about Ruri?" The Ralts nodded at the idea, and Cierra smiled. Ruri... Sounds kind of cute, actually. As she headed towards her next destination, she was stopped short by a low growling sound. Turning around, Cierra came face-to-face (or rather, leg-to-face) with a Poochyena. Turning on her Pokedex yet again, Cierra noticed a huge difference with this one. It was a topaz-like color, while the one in the Pokedex was black. She looked at the shiny Poochyena, and recognized it as the one that was looking at her with scorn at the moment. Gasping, Cierra immediately pointed to Ruri.

"Ruri! The time for you to fight is now!" Ruri looked at her, then at the Poochyena, then back at Cierra, a confused look on her face. Oh... wait a second... Ruri is a Psychic type, while the Poochyena is a Dark type... Oh, well, what does Ruri know? Looking at the team stats in her Pokedex (one of the many handy features it had), Cierra noticed Ruri knew Growl, but also knew one more move that proved to be useful.

"Ruri, Will-O-Wisp!" Cierra commanded. The Ralts lifted up her arms and connected them on her chest. A blue flame appeared, and Ruri blew on it. The flames that came at a blinding speed hit the Poochyena on the mark. The creature fell backwards, most likely afflicted with a burn. Unfortunately, there was nothing else Ruri could do now that the Pokemon was burned. But, as she learned from a Capture Specialist back in Johto, Cierra recalled how each Pokemon had a certain capture point. She looked at the Poochyena, and as it rolled over she noticed its chest. That must be it, she thought.

"Pokeball, go!!!" she cried out, releasing one of the five Pokeballs onto the puppy. The ball opened up, and the Poochyena was engulfed in a red light. After waiting a couple seconds, the ball began twitching back in forth. A few more seconds past, and Cierra became tense. Finally, the ball ceased its twitching, and Cierra knew she had caught a Poochyena. Nari... That name is perfect, she thought, smiling at the Pokeball.

"Good job, Ruri," she said to her Ralts, who seemed quite pleased. Recalling her Ralts back, Cierra walked on towards her destination. As she did, she noticed a berry tree containing two Rawst Berries. Perfect timing, Nari will need them. she grabbed the Rawst Berries off the tree, and pushed one towards Nari's Pokeball. A red light appeared, though the ball did not open, and the Rawst Berry vanished, most likely inside the ball.


I need to leave, but yeah. Cierra caught a level 4 shiny Female Poochyena with a Lonely Nature! Cierra gained two Rawst Berries, but now has one.

And don't worry; I'm not gonna have Cierra luck out every time. That wouldn't be fair now, would it? Oh, and I don't have to have anyone say if I catch the Pokemon/gain an item and whatnot, since I am the GM XD But co-owners can still grade me. That is all.

February 6th, 2009, 6:20 PM
(OOC: Finally finished ... whew.)

Luna woke on board the ferry to a maid poking her tentatively in the side. "Excuse me, miss, but the ferry's about to depart, and if you were headed to the Necro Region I think you'd better get off now ..."

"Mhm ... whaa ... wait ... what time is it? Huh? Oh SNAP!"

She was up in a matter of seconds with a hasty thank-you to the maid, who dodged out of the way as Luna practically bolted off the ship and onto the jetty. The little boardwalk in front of her leading to the pristine town was completely devoid of any other people, which could only mean one thing. "Oh ... snapsnapsnapsnapsnap!"

She sprinted up the path into the town, swerving around several astonished locals as she hastily checked the directions she'd scribbled onto her palm in ink the night before. "Turn right at the bakery and follow the path up the hill to ..."

At the top of a shallow hill covered in long, obviously neglected grass was a large brick building, a sign proclaiming "Garnetville Pokemon Laboratory" planted firmly into the ground beside the door. Luna pulled the heavy door open with a desperate wrench and skidded to a stop in a large auditorium, where a small group of maybe ten or so people waited patiently as a woman in a white lab coat handed out packages. It was a diverse group - mainly teenagers, although they looked like they ranged in age from about twelve to twenty-five. She thought she even spotted Mal's purple jacket in the crowd, though the flash of violet was gone the moment she turned around.

The wait seemed to take forever as the woman - who could only be the mysterious Professor Sinclair - handed out whatever she had to give the assembled group. This Professor Sinclair ... is a woman?

At last, Luna trudged up rather sullenly to recieve her items, keeping her gaze fixed rebelliously on the tips of the professor's very shiny shoes. She took the bundle with a mumbled word of thanks and was out the door before the professor made her last announcement, which was when she realized. "Wait ... Pokedexes? We get Pokedexes?"

She ripped the bundle open excitedly. Hm ... nice color. Not purple, but it's a nice shade of green. What'd she call it? Oh, jade.

By this time everyone else was heading for the door at the same time, so she retreated outside and sat down at the side of the building to rummage through her new stuff. The empty Pokeballs went in her backpack, as did everything else except the Pokedex, which she tucked carefully into her pocket. She would have missed the green Pokeball if not for it tumbling forlornly from her lap as she stood up. Oh, right. A starter Pokemon. Wait ... which one did I get again?

Luna tossed the ball rather clumsily - it was much easier-looking in the movies - and watched expectantly as it opened with a flash, revealing a little green dinosaur with a large leaf on its head. Hey, look. A Chikorita. Aww, how cute.

"So ..."

The little dinosaur looked up and seemed to notice its trainer for the first time. Its enormous, quavering black eyes instantly screwed up into a look of what Luna could only describe as ferocity. "Chika-riiiiiiiiiiiiii!"

With a massive screech, the Chikorita leaped. Luna fell back onto the ground, banging her head on the wall - half from shock and half from the force of the impact - as Chikorita sat on her stomach and glared menacingly at her. Ow! Well, this is definitely not what I expected.

"Chikor --" she started, but Chikorita whacked her hard with the leaf on its head. It hurt, too. "Ow!"

Chikorita hopped off with a huff and ran off around the side of the building without a backwards glance. Luna scrambled after it - her? - and rounded the corner just in time to see a flash of green as the Pokemon hopped up the steps and retreated back into the lab.

She sprinted up the stairs after it, only to be confronted by a white-coated lab assistant who was holding the indignant creature tightly, trying to avoid its furious pecks and headbutts. "Um ... excuse me, but I think Chikorita --"

The aide sighed knowingly. "She won't listen? Tell me about it. She goes nuts every time we take her out of sight of Professor Sinclair." He squinted at Luna suspiciously through his crooked and smudged glasses. "Don't tell me you're one of those kids who just happened to pick Fern up as a starter Pokemon."

"Fern?" Luna asked him, momentarily distracted. "She has a nickname already?"

"No," he said huffily. "Everyone just calls her that, for some reason. I guess with her, you've just got to be polite and put up with her. That's what the professor did. Well, good luck with the little laboratory demon." He handed her Chikorita and walked away without a backwards glance.

Luna glanced at Fern. The little green Pokemon glared rebelliously back. She could have sworn that if Chikorita had been human, she would be pouting at her.

"So," she told Fern, "I guess I don't have to nickname you after all."

Fern scowled.

"Well, we're stuck with each other," Luna told her. "So you'd better get used to it, unless you want to spend most of your time inside your Pokeball." She held the bright green sphere up with her free hand for emphasis.

She could have sworn Fern sighed in surrender. Carefully, she put the Pokemon down.

"Well, let's go then." Luna opened the heavy doors for the second - and hopefully last - time, nudging Fern along with her foot. Was that what you were supposed to do with rebellious Pokemon?

Ugh, this trip is going to drive me insane.

February 7th, 2009, 4:31 AM
Soluna: That made me crack up XD I love Chikorita's demeanor towards Luna XD But then again, maybe it's because I also like Chikorita as well ><' (then again, I love every Johto starter)

Man of Faith
February 7th, 2009, 1:15 PM
"PIII!" Cordelia licked the Poliwag, now known as River. River shivered and hopped away, hiding behind Mal.

"Wag!" she cried. "POLI!"

Cordelia dashed after her new friend. The two ran in circle for a while before Cordelia fell down next to Mal, too tired to move. River curled up next to his chest.

Finally... Mal thought. I can finally get some sleep...

He turned over, asleep within a minute.


"We're finally here!" Mal said to Cordelia and River. The PokeCenter was straight ahead. On Garnetville Dock. He finally made it.

"Hey!" someone said from behind him. Mal turned a young boy, looking to be about fourteen, was holding a pokeball. "How about a battle?"

"Sure," Mal said, a grin on his face. "I've been waiting for one."

"Go Vulpix!" He threw a pokeball, the bright flash forming a little, red creature with six tails.

Vulpix, the Fox Pokemon. It conto- Mal shut the Pokedex before it could finish.

"River!" The Poliwag, gazed up at her trainer. Her eyes widened when she realized what was going on. She quickly waddled out into the battle.

"Ember!" The other trainer pointed to the Poliwag. River, quickly dashed around in circles, not wanting to be hit. The Vulpix, chased River in circles for a quite a while. They both slowed and eventually stopped, exhausted. River, with the last of her strength, turned and blew some bubbles in the Vulpix's face. It howled and fell over.

That was a bit... Mal thought. Anticlimactic...

"NO!" The other trainer yelled. He rushed over to the defeated Vulpix and put it back in the ball. "You'll pay for this!"

Mal, ignoring the child's comments, picked up the tired River and carried her to the PokeCenter, Cordelia hopping along side him.

February 8th, 2009, 1:28 PM
The tall grass lining the path that cut through the town was fluffy, itchy, and very, very annoying. Luna surpressed a sneeze as she struggled to keep Fern's trademark green leaf in sight as the Chikorita ran straight through the field as if she knew where she was going. Barely after they had hurriedly passed through town, Fern had suddenly sprinted off into the grass without a backwards glance.

"Fern! Wai -- AUGH!"

The toe of her sneaker had snagged a root and she slammed, facefirst, into the ground. As Luna sat up painfully and wiped mud from her glasses she could have sworn she heard Fern snickering at her. Wonderful ... of all the starters, I get the Pokemon brat. What to do ...?

"Fern, if you don't come back here right now, you're going to be sitting in your Pokeball until the end of time!"

There was an angry silence before Fern reemerged from the grass, nose as high in the air as she could possibly get it. Luna stood up and tried to look commanding as she towered menacingly over the Chikorita.

"If you want this little relationship to work out, we're both going to have to cooperate. And right now, you're putting in zero effort. So slow down and try to actually warn me before you run off, okay?" Inside, she smacked herself mentally. Great, now I'm sounding like my aunt.

Fern rolled her huge eyes - was that even possible, for a Pokemon to roll its eyes? - and trotted back off into the grass at a much more reasonable pace. Luna followed her closely until they came to a bare patch in the grass where an odd little bush squatted all by itself, looking very out of place in the sea of wheat-grass-stuff.

"A Berry bush?"

Fern nodded with exaggurated slowness, as if she were talking to an idiot.

"Is this what you wanted to show me?"

The Chikorita nodded again, even more slowly this time.

"Are there any berries on it?"

Fern rolled her eyes again but didn't say anything. Luna got her drift, though.

She reached cautiously into the bush, half expecting a wild Pokemon to leap out and bite her hand off at any moment, courtesy of Fern. Instead, after a while, nothing happened, and she was left with an empty bush, an impatient Fern, and three round, speckled blue berries. "Hmm, Oran Berries."

"Chikaaaaaaaa," Fern drawled impatiently.

"Okay, okay, I'm coming." Luna got to her feet and cautiously followed Fern back out through the maze of grass until they were back where they had left the path: next to the short, battered, almost camoflauged sign reading "Island Path 1."

Fern glared at her trainer as if to say, See, I didn't lead you into a pit of Sevipers after all, you big dumb human.

Luna ignored her. "Okay, let's keep going."

"Chiko - riiiiita." Translation: "Um ... duh?"

Luna ignored her. Again.

And so the first day went by.


When Luna woke the next morning on Island Path 1, Fern was already awake and had helped herself to a bag of peanuts from Luna's backpack. She glared at her trainer, daring her to say something.

"It's okay," Luna told her cheerfully, knowing that it would drive her crazy. "I don't like peanuts anyway. They get stuck in my braces."

Fern scowled, swallowed the last few bites, and kicked the plastic bag away. Luna watched the wind catch the slip of plastic and carry it high into the branches of a lone oak tree, which they had rested under for the night. Their first day had pretty much been spent running around looking for wild Pokemon to battle and/or catch, of which there had been absolutely none.

Luna watched Fern scuffle around in the dirt as she packed up her bedroll and brushed twigs and dust off her clothes. Maybe there are no more wild Pokemon because the other trainers got them all. It was a depressing thought.

At that moment, almost on cue, there was a pained screech from above them. Luna scrambled back automatically as something tumbled down from the branches of the oak tree. "Fern, get back!"

Fern, fearless and rebellious as usual, ignored her and instead rammed into the thing with a full-blown Tackle. They smashed into the trunk of the tree with a bone-jarring crash. As the triumphant Chikorita leapt back, Luna saw, for the first time, what had tumbled into their camp. It was a tiny, dazed Hoothoot, wings tangled hopelessly in the plastic bag Fern had carelessly tossed up and watched float away.

Her spirits soared for a moment, and she hastily grabbed an empty Pokeball and tossed it clumsily. It sailed off to the right, missing the Pokemon by a full three feet.

"Chikkkkkkka," Fern sighed, which Luna guessed meant, "My trainer is a moron."

She grabbed for another Pokeball and paused for a moment to aim before throwing it with all her might, straight at the trapped Pokemon. Luna gnawed nervously on her lip as the ball opened, sucking the Pokemon in with a flash of red light, and fell onto the ground. It wobbled for a moment, teetering dangerously as if about to fall.




February 9th, 2009, 1:52 PM

River is now level 5! River learned Bubble!
Well, unless you considered Water Sport to be useful... XD

Luna caught a level 3 Male Hoothoot with a Rash nature! Luna found three Oran Berries!

I was out sick today, so yeah XD

Royal pokemon
June 9th, 2009, 5:09 PM
im kind of confuse how to get there and what to do to get there.. some help

June 11th, 2009, 10:54 AM
can i reserve hydrocub please?

June 13th, 2009, 11:01 AM
Royal pokemon, please don't revive RPs (or any thread, for that matter) over a month old. D;