View Full Version : The Assassins RP (Derived from the hitman series)

Elekid Kid
January 19th, 2009, 10:35 AM
You look like a human, you breathe like a human, you share the same features of the average human body. But you are only sub-human.

You are the most evil human possible, plus some more evil. That is the whole point of your existence. Bred from the genetic structure of the worlds most dangerous minds, you have been specially modified so you feel no pity, so you are at elite level in all forms of martial arts and at the highest level of fitness. You are the best men the world renowned Agency can provide. All the people that require the services of the Agency-and can afford the price, will get their problem done. But what makes the Agency different from other organizations, is that not only can they guarantee that whoever needs to be killed is killed, but there is no trace left behind. Of course, the secret to the Agency's success is that they have the right men for the job.

There are ten spaces open. Nine people will be the assassins and one will fill the role of a controller-someone who guides the Agents through the missions and gives them tips. This role must be female. I am the tenth assassin.

If you take part in the RP, use your imagination to make this a success. Through your missions, describe how you avoid guards, what the surroundings are like. Use items such as guns you find, poison, or even mops to help you avoid detection, eliminate targets and progress through the level.

The mission controller role is very important. It is your job to give mission briefings to the agents. Include all the objectives which should follow this sort of pattern: Enter compound undetected. Find the location of the commander and eliminate him as subtlety as possible. Locate the blueprints. Escape undetected with the blueprints. Also give hints and warnings to the agents if they are in danger.

But first, the rules:

MODERATE DRUG USE SUCH AS THIS: He looked around, in the corner of the room a biker was smoking a joint. IS ALLOWED, BUT NO EXTREME USAGE.

I reserve the right to boot somebody out if I fell they are not contributing well or breaking the rules.

A slightly unusual sign up form, for the purposes of the RP.


Number: (anything between one and one hundred excluding eighty eight because that is my number)
The one emotion you most feel: (choose one out of these: anger, lust, depression, thoughtfulness, greed, envy, spite, insanity, amusement.)
Choice of dress: (Should not be something flamboyant or extraordinary, I suggest that for men it is a dark suit and for women a dark business suit or black one-piece skin tight suit. Zero Suit Samus is a good example of this. Look it up on GOOGLE IMAGES.
Notable physical features: (scars, bald head, metallic teeth etc)
Weapons of choice: (Ah, the fun part. These are not the restrictions of all the weapons you can use, just the ones that you can take along at the beginning of a job. I strongly suggest that this is the surplus equipment you take with you. A sidearm pistol with suppressor, a knockout syringe, fiber wire, and a sniper rifle.)

The Mission Controller

Name: (Just a female first name, but nothing spectacular or something like "Britney" or "Gabriella"
Background info: (A good paragraph on her life and how she came to join the Agency)

Thats it. I really hope this is successful unlike my last RP.