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January 28th, 2009, 10:42 PM
:pokeball: ~Well well, I've decided to Post a new thread, a game review and critic thread. Where you can talk about games, review them critic them and give others advice about which games to buy, download, borrow, try or return.

:pokeball: ~I might start first with a sorta Review and sorta Critic:

:pokeball: ~Wii: Brothers in Arms: Road to Hill 30 [Cover] (http://static.gamecrazy.com/images/games/boxart/11974.jpg)
Well first of all, i must say, this is a Very appealing game. And to add to this 'appealing-ness' it even came in a two-in-one gamepack. Well let me say so far, looks can surely be deceiving. Anyways playing the game, the menu pops up and i have a feeling it won't be so special. But playing the game, it starts of pretty average to above average. With easy controls, it is pretty easy to play. After playing a few missions it starts to get boring, doing the same thing over and over again. In-game a german soldier approaches me and to kill him easily, i need to hit him with the gun. I swing the Wii remote and knock him, he is dead. But as i knock him. The Wii sensor loses place and, you find yourself looking in the sky. Terrible. I later die, and do the whole thing again. Again, it was boring. I Later finish a few more missions. even more boring. and then i am not bothered to play. Ever. I returned the $100 Aus Dollar game(s) back the next day. Boring and boring. Not recommended and not worth buying.

Controls: 5/10 - Audio: 5/10 - Storyline: 6/10 - Overall: 6/10

:pokeball: Well any others? I will update more Reviews and stuff when i have time.
Have a good one.