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Live in Color
March 3rd, 2009, 6:42 PM
Everything has a purpose, a meaning,
but what am I?
Where will the wind take me,
will it let me fly?

My direction is unknown,
I know not where I head.
Sitting here, I watch,
without knowing what is ahead.

The wind takes me now,
to a destination.
A place of bliss,
my salvation.

I test my patience,
as salvation comes near.
A place of imagination,
never will I fear.

But not too long ago,
I knew not where to look.
For this demon called time,
my life it took.

I've learned where I am,
no more am I falling.
This salvation now,
it is my calling.


A poem that I can relate to. I see it as I don't know where I'm headed in the future or what to expect, but if I wait it out and see what happens, hopefully it's what I'll end up liking to do with my life.