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Nitrous Oxide
March 17th, 2009, 9:16 PM

So, a couple of days ago, I finally found a great deck that fits my style of play in the Stormfront Dark Rampage deck. However, Fighting types aren't my favorite, and I always wanted to make a Dark/Psychic deck, so I figured why not. Here's what I cooked up and might head out to Montreal on Saturday to have some fun at the Provincial Championships.


Pokémon (25)

Tyranitar LV.61 [SF] x1
Pupitar LV.33 [SF] x2
Larvitar LV.19 [SF] x4
Mewtwo LV.42 [LA] x1
Staraptor LV.64 [SF] x1
Staravia LV.18 [SF] x2
Starly LV.7 [SF] x4
Toxicroak LV.39 [MT] x1
Croagunk LV.13 [MD] x3
Skuntank LV.40 [SF] x1
Stunky LV.18 [SF] x3
Bronzor LV.11 [MD] x2


Supporters (2)

Cynthia's Feelings [LA] x2


Trainers (8)

Luxury Ball [SF] x1
Dusk Ball [MD] x1
Great Ball [SF] x2
Energy Search [MD] x2
Night Maintenance [SW] x2


Energy Cards (25)

Multi Energy [MT] x4
Dark Energy x11
Psychic Energy x10


Skuntank and Toxicroak for Poison.
Tyranitar tanks and deals massive damage.
Staraptor is a beastly normal type that can tank.
Bronzor and Mewtwo are basics with status inflicting.
Mewtwo can dish out damage as well.
Trainers and Supporters mostly for quick drawing and getting Energy for Tyranitar.
Multi Energy just because of Larvitar and because most of these cards only need one type specific Energy Card.

What do you think?

March 18th, 2009, 4:27 PM
I actually think it's a very good deck, but they're all strong.