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Pokefan Billy
April 20th, 2009, 6:10 AM
This is a club dedicated to the pokemon Shuckle so if you like Shuckle or admire him or just use him in battle then why dont you apply for a membership ill accept anyone into the club just follow the rules and they are:

1: NO flameing or spaming(i dont know what ham from a can has to do with this)Just a little joke LOL
2: STICK to topic and dont change eg: from Shuckle to Charizard
3: DONT disrespect Shuckle this is a club to reapect and worship Shuckle if you wanna dis Shuckle then make a I Hate Shuckle Fanclub or something i dont care just dont dis Shuckle on my club
4: HAVE FUN this club is about having fun so join up and you will have lots of fun i hope

Topic Qustions: Im gonna post as many question about Shuckle you may answer them if you want if you want to only answer the question you like/that appeal you or if your feeling adventurous answer all the questions im not stopping you

1 Why do you like Shuckle?
2 If you could change one of Shuckles def/sp def with anohter stat what one would it be and why?
3 Do you think Shuckle is better in battles or contests and why?
4 Do you like the look of shiny or original Shuckle better?
5 Whats the highest lvl you gotten Shuckle up to if not lvl 100?
6 If you could make and evolution of Shuckle would you make a pre evolution or evolution and why?
7 If you all of a suddon turned into a Shuckle what would you do first?
8 If pokemon was real and there was one Shuckle left in excistance and you found it just sitting there eating a berry what would you do (catch it, tag on it and research it, breed it ect.)?
Last question for now
9 Do you think the Shuckle Fanclub should of been made a while ago insted of now?

Oh i didnt ferget the Members List

Owner-Pokefan Billy
Co-Owner None :(
Members None :(
Thats why you must sign up today and keep Shuckle lovers like me alive with pride and let me know im not the only Shuckle lover around see you in the Shuckle Lovers Fanclub Peeps Bye