View Full Version : (RP) Dragon Ball- 100 years later...

October 2nd, 2004, 11:59 PM
If any of you watched the ending of GT, it showed Goku Jr. having a fight with Vegeta Jr. Well this is what happened after it.

Son Goku Jr finished the fight with Prince Vegeta II in the Child Division. It was a close fight, and both fighters have achieved their Super Saiya-Jin form at an age that is surprisingly young. Goku had been seen and caught for 2 seconds on the CCTV and Goku Jr has decided to set off and find him. Goku Jr had invited Vegeta Jr on his quest and had also set up a big sign in Papaya Island to look for anyone interested in joining.

Now you appear to come across this sign and happen to want to join. Under the sign is a stack of forms and a small box. You pick up a form and...

Relationships with Z-Fighters- doesn't have to but preferred
Special Items- e.g. Scouter

Right now you can't be too strong, so it what you can have is a Kamehameha, Ki Blast, *own attack* and SSJ if ur saiyan.

Name- Son Goku Jr.
Age- 6?
Gender- Male
Race- 1/32 saiyan?
Description- blue gi, black sandals and a red headband (the naruto style ones)
Techniques + Description- Kamehameha- Kamehameha, Super Saiyan- level 1, Ki Blast- ki blast, 1-star Dragon Punch- Goku charges his hand with energy and one star appears on it. Then he lunges it forward. Strong enough to go through a wall.
Relationships with Z-Fighters- Grandma- Pan, Great Grandparents- Gohan, Videl, Great Great Grandparents- Goku, Chi Chi, Hercule, Great Great Great Grandparents- Bardock, Ox King, Great Great Great Great Great Grandpa- Grandpa Gohan. Great Great Granduncle- Radditz and so on...
Special Items- Extending Stick of Doom? Nimbus!