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Foo Fighter
August 3rd, 2009, 5:34 PM
I know I probably should have included this one in with my other poem, obsession, but I felt them deserving of sepereate threads. If the mods are too disturbed by this they can delete this thread. ANYways, this poem idead came to me while at a party with a couplea' my friends.

Jagged little white pill rests in my hand.
I have a couple choices, now what’s my plan?
I can drop it. Go to school. And get a good job,
Or I can take it, fail out and be part of the next OD mob..

So I start on my daily regimen of white pills and smack.
One pill in and it’s clear that I can’t look back. It’s a trap!
Or so they said. I’m feeling f***ing great.
Losing my buzz and I just can’t wait.
So I double my intake, yeah, two at a time.
The pills don’t taste so bad with a bottle of wine.
If you just lift your head back and wait for the love
When you feel amazing is when you’ve caught ya’ buzz.
Don't lose track of it. Yeah, don't lose sight.
Block out their warnings with all your might.

Now I’m sittin’ in an alley, hungover again.
Little girl comes over. She looks to be about ten.,
She laughs, “He’s shaking! He’s shaking!,
This old man is breaking! His mind went blank, and
He started taking! What a shame, what a shame!
That’s what preacher says. Oh what a shame, what a shame.”
I’m too tired to tired to be angry. So I just grin.
Shakily get up and pass her the gin.
She says no and I fall down and start on my note.
Jagged little white pills, just acuttin’ my throat.