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September 25th, 2009, 5:01 PM
Hey guys this is my first attempt at a fanfic, so hopefully it goes well. Not expecting many reviews as it is only my first but if I do manage to get a few I'd be greatful :)...anyway here is my fanfic...NEW REGION


TOA, a region containing 150 newly never seen before Pokémon, home of 8 new gym leaders and a brand new elite four. A young boy celebrates his 15th birthday as he parents hand over a box wrapped up in wrapping paper and a bow-tie.

"Happy Birthday Son"

The young child rips the box wide open as a card slides out.

"What's This?"

The child picks it up...

"Mum, Dad, Thank you sooo much, this is the best present any boy could wish for."

"Glad you like it kiddo, now I got to get back to work."

"Bye, dad"

The young boy hugs his dad as he leaves for work who grabs his belt which has 6 pokeballs strapped to it.

"So, Anthony, Now that you have you Trainer ID card, after you clean your room I will let you go to Galles Town to met Prof. Adams"

Anothny runs up the stairs as he swings his bedroom door open and begins cleaning, in what seemed to be an impossible mission, cleaning his room was no problem since he had a goal to aim for.

"MUM!! MUM!!! I've finished."

Chapter One.

TOA's Newest Trainer

Huffing and Puffing Anthony runs into Professor Adams' LAB.

"Professor! Professor! I got my trainers card, I got it, look, look,"

Showing the Professor his ID Card, Prof. Adams laughs, as he rolls out a bench containing 3 pokeballs along it.

"Okay Anthony, There are 3 pokeballs along the bench here. In the first one is Florcoon a grass type Pokemon, the second ball contains Pyrall a fire type Pokemon and the third ball contains Aquaff a water type Pokemon. Choose carefully as these Pokemon are uncatchable in any Region."

Anthony picks up each pokeball as he looks at each one carefully as the professor looks over him.

"Prof. Adams, I wish to have Aquaff, the water type Pokemon."

"Good choice, here you go. Also before I forget here is you're 'New Trainer Package' it contains 5 Pokeballs, a Pokedex which you will need, a map of TOA and a few other gizmos...I wish you luck on your adventures."

Anthony races out of the lab as he heads west of Galles Town. Chris knows alot about Pokemon seeing as his father is the third member of the elite four, his dream is not only to beat his father but to become a pokemon master and one day become the top elite four member.

West of Galles Town is one of the biggest forest in the TOA region, one wrong turn and you could be lost for day's maybe even weeks. Anthony loves going for adventures even as a little boy he would pretend he was in the jungle swinging from vines climbing trees and capturing pokemon. Now it's all real, Anthony is now not pretending anymore Anothony's dream is a reality. After all the running Anthony begins to get extremely tired as he finds a nice rock to rest upon.

Throwing his backpack to the floor his pokeball is flung off his belt as it hits the ground Aquaff emerges, Anthony not taking notice as he flips open his phone dialling away trying to get in contact with his mother.

"ahhh what the hell?" Anthony screams in a panic as he turned around to see his Aquaff ripping apart his backpack eating all the food he has in it. Anthony picks up the pokeball on the ground as he sits on the rock, putting the phone back in his pocket as he reaches in the New Trainer Package and grabbing some Pokemon food.

"Here you go little fella', eat up we have a long journey" Anthony throws the food to the ground as Aquaff hobbles around picking it up. While eating Aquaff notices movement in the bushes in front of him, still eating Aquaff keeps a close eye on the bush before a bird like Pokemon flies straight out of the bush into the sky out of sight. Aquaff startled as he runs behind Anthony, "What's wrong?" Aquaff tries to explain but Anthony doesn't talk Pokemon and none of it is making sense.

Leaning over to pick up the food Aquaff didn't eat Anthony is notices something fly straight past him stumbling back unable to make out what it was. "D...Don't Worry Aquaff, It...It was nothing..." unsure what the 'nothing' was Anthony leans over once again and tries grabbing the food only to be 'swooped' down upon once again this time the food that was in his head has vanished. Anthony slowly steps back away from the food as a blue bird lands in front of him picking up all the uneaten food along the ground.

Pokedex; Childir
A flying type Pokemon, Childir is the fastest bird in the TOA region able to reach up to speeds of 300mph within seconds. Childir is also known for its ability to find any food within a wide vicinity and with its speed snatching food from victims is no problem.

"Aquaff...you ready...our first fight...tackle now"

Aquaff leaps towards the Childir, who disappears before being hit...as Aquaff and Anthony look around trying to spot where it flew off to.

Anthony notices 5 pieces of food left along the floor but within a few seconds
5 pieces turned into 4 pieces
This soon after turned into 3 pieces
3 pieces to 2
2 pieces to 1
and within around 2 seconds all 5 pieces were gone.

"Whoa. The pokedex wasn't lying when it said it could reach up to speeds of 300mph"

Anthony calls Aquaff back into the pokeball as he picks up his backpack throwing it over his shoulder and continues down the road.


Minor Problem; I can't post images until i have reached 15 posts, so I am unable to post images of the new Pokemon, but once i reach 15 I'll begin posting images of each new Pokemon :)

Dark Sceptile
October 2nd, 2009, 7:02 PM
Pretty good. You could describe the pokemon a little. But im not an advanced reviewer so.....