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October 1st, 2009, 3:33 PM
Pokemon: Raistor (Raichu)
Item: Shell Bell - restore health by damage dealt.
Move 1: Volt Tackle
Move 2: Charge
Move 3: Wish
Move 4: Protect
Purpose: Use wish when health gets low. combine wish with protect/charge. charge before volt tackle to make move 240 strength.

Pokemon: Champstor (Machamp)
Item: Focus Band - Survive with at least 1 HP at times.
Move 1: Revenge
Move 2: Bulk Up
Move 3: Earthquake
Move 4: Light Screen
Purpose: Use revenge when opponent deals heavy damage. Use light screen to raise sp def and help other team members in double battle. use earthquake alongside chimecho since chimecho has levitate ability.

Pokemon: Cacstor (Cacturne)
Item: Miracle Seed - powers up grass moves
Move 1: Leech Seed
Move 2: Teeter Dance
Move 3: Secret Power
Move 4: Needle Arm
Purpose: use teeter dance to confuse enemy(s). then use leech seed to drain health. then use secret power for a 30 percent of status effect on opponent. then use needle arm to make opponent flinch 30 percent of time. so opponent has a chance of either attacking from confusion, a status effect such as paralysis, or flinching, and while sapping health by leech seed.

Pokemon: Chimstor (chimecho)
Item: Quick Claw
Move 1: Yawn
Move 2: Dream Eater
Move 3: Calm Mind
Move 4: Shock Wave
Purpose: Use yawn to make opponent sleep. then use calm mind the turn before opponent sleeps. then use dream eater to recover lost health. shock wave used for sure hit on almost dead pokemon (finisher).

Pokemon: Darkstor (Sableye)
Item: Mystic Water
Move 1: Psychic
Move 2: Water Pulse
Move 3: Calm Mind
Move 4: Recover
Purpose: Use calm mind up to 6 times and recover to maintain steady health. over power enemies with psychic and water pulse.

Pokemon: Camstor (Kecleon)
Item: Leftovers
Move 1: Thunder Wave
Move 2: Slash
Move 3: Brick Break
Move 4: Substitute
Purpose: Use thunder wave first turn so camstor can switch types with color change ability. use substitute second turn for defense purposes and inability for opponent to lower camstor's status. recover health with leftovers while opponent is paralyzed/attacking substitute. slowly bring the enemy down with slash and brick break.

thank you for any answers :)

October 1st, 2009, 5:36 PM
Wrong forum. Might try Strategies and Movesets, however, I think they only rate competitive teams. Either way, this has got to go.