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poekmon dude
October 28th, 2009, 11:35 AM
This is my fan fiction that I've created, it's based on my fan comic - Diamond's adventures, but it follows a different storyline and different adventures...

So, here it is...
Pokemon Jewel Crust.

The Pokemon league, a place where a variation of trainers, who have endured the hard task of obtaining a certain number of badges, congregate for this once a year championship in an attempt to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the region. Many people want to become a Pokemon champion for mostly wealth and fame, but some (who tends to make it) just want to prove themselves…

Diamond Gates, a simple minded boy who has a passion for Pokemon attempted the Kanto league in 2008. His Pokemon weren’t strong, they weren’t legendary… they were just ordinary Pokemon, but they managed to end 4th place in the league, because of Diamond’s heart and passion. Diamond was happy with his result and headed back to his little village on the outskirts of Fuchsia City. He was welcomed home by his mum and grandpa who was glad to see him, like any other parent. Once returned, he resumed his previous live with his mum and grandpa.

However, one evening he went to visit Professor Jin’s house. Professor Jin welcomed him back from the league and mentioned how his friend, Lucy, just came 6th in the Johto League. Diamond didn’t know that other league excited and wanted to know more about this region, so Professor Jin explained how there was new Pokemon which can’t be obtained in Kanto naturally. He also mentioned how there was new badges and trainer to face. Like any other Pokemon fanatic, Diamond wanted to visit this new region for it’s unexplainable opportunities and challenges .

That further month, Diamond was permitted to start his new adventure in Johto by his mother, Adrian. Of course, she was sad that her child would be leaving her for other year or 2, but she accepted that he wanted to achieve his goal and his will was too powerful to break. Diamond’s mum, Adrian hired him a private boat , which would travel straight to Johto in less than 1 week.

He’s boat has just reached Johto now (Cherry grove city). I wonder what adventures and new found opportunities lie within Johto, we’ll just have to wait and see…

Book 1: The Johto Championships.

Chapter 1: Cherry Grove city.

The boat named, S.S.Grave lined up the docks of Cherry Grove city. The boat’s seamen threw down the anchor and docked in Cherry Grove. The S.S. Grave is a private boat company which lends fast express private voyages to customers such as Diamond’s mum, Adrian. Diamond was speechless by Cherry grove’s luscious cherry aroma. As the ship docked, Diamond got off the boat via the staircases. Diamond has a lot of thoughts when reaching new land but here, he just had one simple thought, to obtain the Johto badges and compete in the championships.

Diamond could feel the wind breeze as it wept through the city, the sun pulping down onto Diamond's body was quite painful because most people from other regions aren't used to Johto's unique climate, the climate is mostly cause by the number of volcanoes located within the Johto region. The volcanoes release a toxic fume which rising into the air to create thick dense clouds of nothing more than gas, once the clouds rise into the atmosphere, it then absorbs the heat from the sun and then evaporates into the air, which still carrying the heat from the sun. The Johto scientists call this effect the Volcano-Cloud effect.

“Ok, I’m in Johto. What should I do?” He thought. “ I should ask someone where this cities gym is!”

Diamond started to walk through Cherry Grove’s grassland, before meeting with a strange looking person. This person had grey/silver specks, short jet black spiky hair, a cherry coloured overall, with 2 deep pockets stiched onto each side of the overall and cherry coloured baggy jeans, which still had the logo hocked onto the side of the pocket of the jeans, Diamond noticed it said… “ Cherry Grove market”. The stranger stumbled up to Diamond, he walk like he was drunk on cherry soda.

“He~llo, my nume… have you~ my Pokemo-----n?” He mumbled, while grabbing onto Diamond’s shirt, at the same time he started to blush which creped out Diamond even more.

“Pardon, you don’t make any sense?” Diamond said, while stepping backwoods.

Diamond scratched his lustrous raven black hair, which was his sign that he felt uncomfortable.

“I said, *burp* where is my Pokemon?” he burped out.
“I don’t understand, I just got here from Kanto?” Diamond mumbled, you could hear the unease in Diamond’s voice.

The stranger, which seemed drunk, then threw off his cherry overall and revealed a t-shirt which was coloured deep sea blue and had the word “Fool” written across the top half of the T-shirt.

“Hah! Fool, I have surprised you with my act of drunkenness!” shouted the strange person, who now revealed himself as sober.

Diamond was confused, he just meet this person and already he thinks his annoying.

“My name is Hobo, Hobo Jenkins! The person who came number 43 in the Johto league, surprised huh? You’re looking at a Pokemon champion!” Hobo boasted, just then a he drew a cocky smile which he thought could drive the fishes out of the sea.

Diamond was further more surprised with this stranger, which we know now, is named Hobo. Diamond too a glace at him and started to walk away from him. You could see the embarrassment on Hobo’s face as his cheeks swell up like two fresh red apples.

“Hey, where are you going, don’t you dear walk away from a champion!” He yelled, suddenly he plunked a blue Poke-ball from his cherry coloured belt and threw it into the wind. The Poke-ball then opened up, in mid-air, and a red wave of light beamed out into the hard fresh, grass.

“Go, Bulbasure!” He cried! “Attack that boy with the orange and blue hat with one of your whips!”

Just as the red wave of light disappeared, it released a strange grass looking Pokemon named Bulbasure. It had luscious hazy coloured skin, with dark green patches going around the base of it’s body, and one large bud on it’s back, which resembled a flower bud. Suddenly, as the red grow dissolved into the wind, two rather long green whips, which looked like veins found on a tree, shot out from the two sides under it’s bud and whipped Diamond’s legs. Diamond tumbled over in pain and started to rub the mark of where Bulbasure hit him.

“What was that for!?” Diamond cried.

“You ignored me…”Hobo replied, while slowly stroking Bulbasure.
“That’s just cheating! The government law forbids unofficial battles, also, trainers using Pokemon on other trainers or people!” Yelled Diamond in pain.

“Rules…. Hah hah, I don’t play by the rules…” He laughed. “Bulbasure, attack that idiot over there with a tackle!” He ordered.

Just as Hobo finished his sentence, Bulbasure violently sprung forward, Diamond didn’t have enough time to think, so he let his reactions flow through his mind and he rolled forward just in time, Bulbasure just missed him by no more than an inch.

“Hey, that’s dirty! Stop ordering your Pokemon to attack me, I’m defenceless!” Cried Diamond.

“Just hurry up and summon your Pokemon…” He replied while scratching his head.

“Ugh, I didn’t want to waste my Pokemon’s energy this early. But you’ve asked for it!” Yelled Diamond and in a flash, he plucked a Sliver Poke-ball from his belt, and threw it into the air, just like what Hobo did.

“This Pokemon was the one who got to me to 4th place in the Kanto Championships!” Diamond said while smiling.

“4th…4th…place?” He mumbled while stepping back in fair.

“Hah, I congratulate you for achieve even the lowest place in the Championships, it still is a massive achievement, for an idiot that is.” Diamond chuckled.

Hobo’s legs were shaking in fair, he never met someone who has ever reached 10th+ place.

“Hahahahah! So what, that means nothing!” He said while trying to reassure himself that he could beat him.

“You’re right, it does mean nothing, but you know what?…” Diamond said

“…What…?” He replied.

“Coming 4th place is much better than coming number 43.” Diamond smirked.

Just then, the Poke-ball swung open and the same red wave of light beamed out onto the thick grass, and revealed other Pokemon.

“Sorry to keep you locked up inside that Poke-ball for so long, girl.” Diamond said. “It’s time to battle this idiot…”

“Oh crap…” Hobo said.

“That’s just my luck to get a Pokemon like you…”

~To be continued~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~