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January 12th, 2010, 10:34 PM
Hello, I was just in #Thepokecommunity chatroom and I was having a rather pleasant convorsation with people until I was kicked and banned anonymously by an operator.

I was having a lively chat with Ray/Amachi until I was kicked and banned without a reason (in both ways. No manual kick reason or anything I can truly see offensive)

[23:19:48] <+mika> Ray why are you talking to yourself
[23:20:03] <@Ray> ahahahaha
[23:20:07] <@Ray> because
[23:20:10] <@Ray> I'm bored
[23:20:27] <EpsilonE> either that or Mika has me on ignore
[23:20:52] <&Bayonetta> i think yutss is talking mika
[23:20:54] <&Bayonetta> I'm not sure
[23:20:54] <@Ray> I'm pretty sure she does
[23:20:57] <&Bayonetta> lol
[23:21:01] <+mika> oh is that who that person is?
[23:21:05] <&Bayonetta> He was before I put him on ignore
[23:21:06] <&Bayonetta> lol
[23:21:12] <+mika> ooohh
[23:21:23] <@Ray> OH
[23:21:28] <@Ray> LUKE AND MIKA, GET THIS
[23:21:29] <+mika> that makes sense lol
[23:21:37] <+mika> Was it
[23:21:38] <+mika> Steve
[23:21:44] <+mika> who left the window open luke? :<
[23:21:48] <EpsilonE> It goes to show only anime fantards/homosexuals have me on ignore
[23:21:50] <EpsilonE> just saying
[23:21:50] <@Ray> ( Ctep ) I feel bad now, because I hated Amachi. >: But now I don't. o.o
[23:21:51] * blah ([email protected]) has joined #thepokecommunity
[23:21:54] <EpsilonE> \o/
[23:22:08] <EpsilonE> how can anyone hate that amachi guy
[23:22:16] <&Snapple> yyou have yourself on ignore ?
[23:22:29] <@Ray> well... :D
[23:22:35] <+mika> matt you're so late
[23:22:41] <+mika> where's your doctor's note
[23:22:44] * %bobandbill ([email protected]) Quit (NickServ (GHOST command used by blah))
[23:22:55] * blah is now known as bobandbill
[23:23:11] * PokeCom[bot] sets mode: +h bobandbill
[23:23:21] <EpsilonE> well I'm as straight as a flagpole and weabooless as a 16 year old punk who drinks monster and parties weekly
[23:23:26] <EpsilonE> so
[23:23:31] * PokeCom[bot] sets mode: +b [email protected]
[23:23:31] * You were kicked by PokeCom[bot] (Requested)
[23:23:31] * Attempting to rejoin channel #thepokecommunity
[23:23:32] * Unable to join channel (address is banned)

Now as you can see, Bayonetta (an op) says I'm on ignore, which can be provoking. What positive response could possibly come from openly telling someone you've blocked their messages?

Secondly, the ban and kick message have no description of my reason to be banned, and if the only reason is for "<EpsilonE> It goes to show only anime fantards/homosexuals have me on ignore" then maybe an operator shouldnt be openly flaming me and telling me I'm on ignore. It's the bully on the playground who's larger than the other kids, pushing them down and stealing their candy (which is very rude)

As my request, I wish to be unbanned

Thank you PC.

January 12th, 2010, 10:44 PM
not sure why or even who did that.. it will be removed shortly..