View Full Version : Hey, I'm new! :D

March 22nd, 2010, 5:35 PM
Hey, everyone! I just joined 2 days ago and forgot to introduce myself!
I'm Shannon. I'm now, as of today, 14 years old! :) I love Pokemon and I own most of the games. I also enjoy watching the show! :D
I'm always looking for new friends! :)

March 22nd, 2010, 5:37 PM
Welcome welcome :) You seem bright and happy.

March 22nd, 2010, 5:45 PM
Well, Happy Birthday, Shannon. :D

I'm sure you'll find all kinds of friends around here. In fact, it's kinda hard not to find someone around these parts to spark up a conversation with. We're a gabby bunch, you see. ^^

Hope you have an awesome time, and feel free to contact ol' Hiidoran if ya have an questions, m'kay?

March 24th, 2010, 7:00 AM
welcome to the forums :) i love the avatar of the gangsta pikachu btw :3 and happy late birthday!

Elite Overlord LeSabre™
March 24th, 2010, 7:46 AM
Hey, and happy late birthday :) Please enjoy your stay on PC and if you need anything, just ask!

March 24th, 2010, 7:54 AM
Welcome. I'm sure you'll have fun here.