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April 30th, 2010, 8:59 PM
~The Nuzlocke Challenge Thread~

Hello and welcome to the Nuzlocke Challenge Thread. Here you can post about your Nuzlocke adventures and experience another new and exciting way to play your Pokemon games. The Nuzlocke Challenge can have many different rule sets to make the challenge harder or easier on oneself, but the main idea of the Nuzlocke challenge is that if your Pokemon faints, they are "dead" and you must release them or just box them away and not use them for the rest of the challenge. Really, you're goal should be to make things as hard as you honestly think you can handle and see how it goes. This thread's main ruleset will be based on my own modified rules but you can change them in any way you'd like in the spirit of the challenge.


If a Pokemon in your party faints, you must release it ASAP. You cannot use Revives.
When you reach a new Route/Cave/Town/Ect. you can only catch the first Pokemon you see in that Area. You are allowed to have Pokemon in your PC box as "backup" for when you need new members to replace fainted ones.
If you fail to catch the first Pokemon you see for ANY reason then you've missed out on your chance to get a Pokemon from that area. Because of this rule, you cannot catch any Pokemon on Route 1, ect. if you saw one there.
You may only buy up to 10 Pokeballs from each Pokemart.
You are not allowed to use Legendary Pokemon.
If a town contains Gift Pokemon, you may treat these as your captured Pokemon for said area. For example, the Eevee you obtain from Bill in Goldenrod.
Nickname all of your Pokemon so you have an attachment to them. "Each Pokemon is a best friend to you, to see them die is heartbreaking." (Not really a required rule, but makes things fun.)
If you black out (all party Pokemon faint) and you have no backups in your PC, it's Game Over.
You are not allowed to use any healing items outside of battle.
You are not allowed to switch out before the trainer sends in his next Pokemon. (Change that setting in the Options Menu)
No trading between games, hacking pokemon, ect. You know, stay in the spirit of the challenge...

~Challengers Post saying which game you're doing the challenge on if you'd like to be on this list.




~SapphireDoctor Who


~Other Rules You can add these to make your hell more special. Post if you have a suggestion for this list.

You may only heal at a town's Pokemon Center's once.
You may not buy any pokeballs.
You may not buy any healing items.
You may not use any healing items.

~Sig Add-ons


May 2nd, 2010, 4:07 PM
Talked with someone and I've decided to change this to a general Nuzlocke thread. If anyone's interested in the challenge feel free to post. :)

Also, I'll be adding more areas to the OP talking about ways to share your Nuzlocking adventures.

May 2nd, 2010, 9:58 PM
Oh cool, you made this for all of them. I'll be able to start this sooner. As in, probably tomorrow.

May 2nd, 2010, 10:13 PM
Yeah, I just need to get one for the D/P/Pt board and I'll have em all. Hoping this gets as popular as the other challenge threads. :)

As for my run of Emerald, I've got 7 more episodes up for your viewing pleasure.

Part 8 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=75nmI7mnJkE) Part 9 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WE-lDbrQ-D0) Part 10 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJ-2kI0wE3M) Part 11 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LObvq023v5k) Part 12 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvYnES9GwA0) Part 13 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHq10JPkzY8) PaRT 14 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar_QCjvqHVo)

May 2nd, 2010, 11:07 PM
Hey, just a question. Do I have to post pictures or a video? Because I'd rather just write about what happened.

Anyway, I'm entering for Pokemon Ruby, because that cartridge o' mine's been gathering dust lately.

May 3rd, 2010, 2:17 AM
Yeah, you can just write about it here, in a blog, w/e. I've seen people on Smogon make really long posts making a "story" out of their Nuzlocking stuff.

May 3rd, 2010, 3:39 AM
Mmmkay. I'm already up to Rustboro City, and I have already restarted once and in this file lost a Wurmple named JiggIt. Just caught a Zigzagoon on the way to Rusturf Tunnel, even though I haven't beaten Roxxane yet. Going to grind 'till itls safe to face her with my retardedly rock-weak team. Don't blame me if several 'mon die.

Current Team:
Ninjaido (Torchic)
GigaGullet (Taillow)
Rippo (Zigzagoon)

May 3rd, 2010, 4:58 AM
A quick question, can we soft reset?

I mean, if I want a better Pokemon on a said route/cave/town, I'd reset.

May 3rd, 2010, 8:31 AM
A quick question, can we soft reset?

I mean, if I want a better Pokemon on a said route/cave/town, I'd reset.

If I were you, I wouldn't. That takes the fun out of the challenge.

May 3rd, 2010, 12:36 PM
A quick question, can we soft reset?

I mean, if I want a better Pokemon on a said route/cave/town, I'd reset.

Yeah, as I said, it's good to stay in the spirit of the challenge. Some people do SR but that's not really fair game.

FinalMaster, if you want to be on the list, I at least need to know which game your using.

May 3rd, 2010, 5:15 PM
I'm gonna try this out. I'll be using Ruby. I might not update a lot but I'll do my best to do so.

EDIT: Here's a copy-paste from the text file I'm keeping track of this challenge with:











EDIT2: By the way, I came up with "BOBERTO" on my own, but the Pokemon nicknames are all generated with this (http://www.behindthename.com/random/) random name generator. Just thought I'd include that tidbit of information.

I'll try to update again as soon as I complete more of the game.

May 3rd, 2010, 10:01 PM
Cartridge already mentioned in my first post. 0=

May 3rd, 2010, 10:07 PM
Just because I'm curious, minchan, which language will you be using?

May 4th, 2010, 1:25 PM
Just because I'm curious, minchan, which language will you be using?

English. Why does it matter? And why would I not use English? It's the only language I can speak and understand fluently...

May 7th, 2010, 5:38 AM
Hey, are you allowed to use Fire Red or Leaf Green in this challenge? I didn't find a specific thread for those games. If so I would like to do the challenge on leaf green.

EDIT: I've started the challenge, but if I'm not allowed to do it on Leaf Green for this topic I will do it for myself since it sounds like fun.

Doctor Who
May 7th, 2010, 3:17 PM
Taking the run on Sapphire, okay?

May 9th, 2010, 3:41 AM
I'm taking Emerald. First update coming soon.

Update 1

-Told stupid professor that I'm a boy
-Named myself xD for no logical reason
-I'm on a moving truck for some reason
-Jumped out, saw my Mom
-Setted clock in my room
-Went out
-Saw a Pokeball on my neigbour's room
-Tried to stole it
-A random girl stopped me :(
-Went to route 101
-Idiot professor was attacked by Zigzagoon
-Saved him with a Mudkip
-Stoled Mudkip, named it Yay!
-Went to route 101 again
-Killed few wild Pokemons and grinded Yay! to lv. 6
-Saw a Pokemon on route 103 :(
-Tossed May, and Yay! grew to level 7 :)
-Got Pokeballs and Dex from Birch
-Got runnung shoes
-Entered to route 102... What pokemon will I get...?
-A Lotad! It's better than a Zigzagoon :)
-Grinded them...

End of update 1

EDIT: I'm on rustrobo now. I captured Poochyena, Wurmple and Nincada but Poochyena and Nincada died :(

May 14th, 2010, 9:54 PM
Hey, are you allowed to use Fire Red or Leaf Green in this challenge? I didn't find a specific thread for those games. If so I would like to do the challenge on leaf green.

EDIT: I've started the challenge, but if I'm not allowed to do it on Leaf Green for this topic I will do it for myself since it sounds like fun.

I somehow forgot about FR and LG when making this thread. I'll add it in the OP and get a mod to edit it in later.

Adding in new challengers and here's a few updates from me as well.


Check out my Playlist to catch up on my Nuzlocke run of Moemon Emerald! (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftEeT8tAMcI&feature=PlayList&p=251CEA9B82BC527D&playnext_from=PL&index=0&playnext=1)

Episode 20: TIME WARP (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Oj4yWaASYJQ)
Due to technical difficulties and me not learning my lesson, you get to miss out on some mostly unexciting trainer battles and skip on to Meteor Falls. One pokemon caught off screen during the broken recording and we finally advance the plot some. Onward to Mt. Chimney!

Episode 21: Aaxie and Mrchie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r-hHlTG838w)
You'll understand the title (maybe) as you watch the segment. We head up to Mt.Chimney and beat the snot out of some pirates and occult members. Then we get some DELICIOUS cookies. Soon we'll get to the next town and fight Flannery The Flamer.

Team Pre and Post Episodes 20-21

Those who have died
http://veekun.com/dex/media/overworld/right/293.png AKA - MS Rival's Torchic
http://veekun.com/dex/media/overworld/right/276.png AKA - Tailow or Super Tailow Brawly's Makuhita

May 16th, 2010, 3:34 AM
nice! just when i was getting bored of monotypes, there suddenly is this awesome concept! :D
i'll start on ruby! x)

so far i've:threw a die and picked torchic (this is the first time i ever use torchic so it'll be interesting)
and yeah… more to come :P

EDIT: I got up to Roxanne and whited out… T_T

anyways, I started with a Mudkip this time (so hopefully that'll help :\)
and upon reaching route 102 the first Pokémon I ran into was Ralts!!! (which made me jolt and hit my head on the roof from my bunk), I caught it, and two Zigzagoons after that I ran into a Surskit!!! (… I don't know about you guys, but this is only second time I ever run into one this early, and it's freaking cool!)… so I caught it, and as of now it is sitting in a box in my PC which I named PURGATRY (purgatory… ¬¬)… and I was wondering if it was cool if I used it? :]

I'll leave it in PURGATRY until I hear from you, just keep in mind that it isn't a nice place to be in!… it's not bad, but it's not good either :| :P

QUESTIONS:1.) May I use Surskit as an exception even though I caught it in the same route after Ralts?
2.) Can we catch Pokémon in the 'area' of route 104 after the Petalburg Woods? (I haven't gotten the items behind the Flower Shop just because I don't know if I can catch them or not :\)

May 16th, 2010, 11:06 PM
To greyfish: Q2: Personnely I wouldn't because it is the same route but that my opinion

Also I have started a Nuzlocke on Fire Red.

I am at cerulean I think but I might still be In mt.moon.

My team is around 15-17 And I have a Watotle named avenger \, a Pidgey named slicer, a Geodude named Roller, and a Mankey(forgot Nickname)

Ihaveonly had one death which was arattata named cruncher who died from a crit.

I also have 2 backups.
Weedle and Spearow

May 17th, 2010, 4:05 AM
Brawly killed my team... Can I start on Fire Red?

May 17th, 2010, 10:34 AM
nice! just when i was getting bored of monotypes, there suddenly is this awesome concept! :D
i'll start on ruby! x)

so far i've:threw a die and picked torchic (this is the first time i ever use torchic so it'll be interesting)
and yeah… more to come :PEDIT: I got up to Roxanne and whited out… T_T

anyways, I started with a Mudkip this time (so hopefully that'll help :\)
and upon reaching route 102 the first Pokémon I ran into was Ralts!!! (which made me jolt and hit my head on the roof from my bunk), I caught it, and two Zigzagoons after that I ran into a Surskit!!! (… I don't know about you guys, but this is only second time I ever run into one this early, and it's freaking cool!)… so I caught it, and as of now it is sitting in a box in my PC which I named PURGATRY (purgatory… ¬¬)… and I was wondering if it was cool if I used it? :]

I'll leave it in PURGATRY until I hear from you, just keep in mind that it isn't a nice place to be in!… it's not bad, but it's not good either :| :P

QUESTIONS:1.) May I use Surskit as an exception even though I caught it in the same route after Ralts?
2.) Can we catch Pokémon in the 'area' of route 104 after the Petalburg Woods? (I haven't gotten the items behind the Flower Shop just because I don't know if I can catch them or not :\)

Nope, rules state you can only catch the first one you find. Since you already caught it you can just keep it there if you want and just not use it.

No, different areas of the same route are still the same route. This extends even to the desert area of Route 111, diffrent floors in caves, all that jazz.

Will edit in new challengers after I'm off work. Also, I found a Super Hard set of Nuzlocke rules made by Dracoyoshi8 of Smogon. I'll quote it in the OP later as well. Once I finish with Moemon Emerald I'll be doing Draco's Nuzlocke (I call it Dracolocke.) in some other pokemon hack. Most likely one that's been competed here on PC so any suggestions for which one I should use would be good (other than Quartz!). :)

Also, is anyone interested in making add-ons? We could really use some.

May 18th, 2010, 6:14 AM
Update 1:


Adventure begins.


Let's go away from this town.


Oh, really? I have that giant ? thing, you know.


Let's stole this then...


...And give it a nice nickname.


Oh, cops.

:t001: VS :t004:


I know, I know.


This is not good.


I have potionz.


:t001: Wins
End of update 1.

Update 2:


Hopefully I won't run into wild Pokemons.


On last patch of grass :(


Let's head to Route 22.


Yay! Let's train it.




Let's capture something from route 2.



End of update 2.

May 21st, 2010, 5:58 AM
You can watch the challenge here (http://www.youtube.com/user/Cephix#p/c/FA85A2A67147E45C) if you like as well =P

I've beaten Brock and I'm on my way to Misty atm.

Pokémon Successfully Caught:.
Pallet Town - Charmander :: Chizu ::
Route 22 - Mankey :: Primea ::
Mt. Moon - Geodude :: Gloria ::
Viridan Forest - Kakuna :: Beebe ::
Route 03 - Mankey :: Pia ::

Pokémon I failed to Catch:.
Route 01 - Pidgey
Route 02 - Pidgey

May 24th, 2010, 4:24 AM
I just beat Steven on Ruby, so I'll migrate some Pokemon over to HeartGold and restart !
QUESTION : Can I catch some legenddaries then box them and never use them ? I want to migrate Groudon and Regis to my HeartGold. So can I ??

UPDATE 1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------

-Hi Prof. Bitchrch !
-I am a boy !
-My name is ... ummm, yeah, I kinda forgot ...
-Yes ! It's DINELUS ! Who was so stupid to name me like this !
-I'll get a Pokemon ? COOL !
-Wait, why am I draining away ?
-Oh ... a truck ?
-It stopped !
-Where am I ? Hell ?
-Oh, hi mum ! Are we dead ?
-NO ! Go to your room and set the clock !
-*sets clock, sees dad on TV, met May, saves the b***h from a Poochyena*
Coward ...
-Woah ! This Torchic was quite good !
-It's mine ? Yes, a nickname ...
-Hmmm ....
-No Pokemon on Rt. 101 ?? I must be lucky !
-Odd town ! *heals, moves on*
-On ...
-And on ...
-Encounters Wingull ! *no POKEBALLS !!*
-Whoa ! May !
-Phew !!
-Gets PokeBalls and PokeDex !
-It seems I can run only with these shoes ... ?
-Catches *DRUMROLL* .... On route 101
-Catches (see above) on Route 104.
-Nickes BOIJDERIH (I stopped RNGing).
_End of Update 1.

Party :
:t255: OLEKARULA Lv. 6 ; Scratch, Growl -> Littleroot Town
:t265: BIJEFKRAB Lv. 3 ; Tackle, String Shot -> Rt. 101

Boxed :

:t265: BOIJDERIH Lv. 3 ; Tackle, String Shot -> Rt. 102

Dead :


Failed to catch Pokemon : Rt. 103

Normal text and bottom pictures updates from now on.


Well, quite a lot happened in a little time ...
I grinded Bijefkrab (f***ing nickname) and ...
I battled trainers, grinded, Wallyed ...

No certain losses. But...
On my Rt. 104 and Petalburg Woods Encounters I got ...
And killed them for XP. >.<
Stocked up on PokeBalls ...
I once got into trouble with a wild Wurmple (I am a bug magnet) which poisoned me with Poison Sting. I was in Petalburg Woods with Bijefkrab poisoned and no Antidotes. Then, he used Shed Skin and saved himself ...
Now I saved in Petalburg. Next update coming soon !

Team :

:t255:OLEKARULA Lv. 8 ; Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy -> Littleroot Town
:t266:BIJEFKRAB Lv. 7 : Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden -> Rt. 101

Boxed :

:t265: BOIJDERIH Lv. 3 : Tackle, String Shot -> Rt. 102

Dead :


Failed to catch Pokemon :
Rt. 103, Rt. 104, Petalburg Woods.


Doom happens.
For pictures, see lower part ! Also have DSi change to contain text.
Okay. So things were OK. No particular horrors, criticals, misses.
The worst thing was when the youngster on the beach lowered Bijefkrab to 5 HP with Bide and Olekarula to 1 HP with his Taillow. I managed to heal, but ...
Against the rich boy's Zigzagoon. Critical Tackle with Tail Whip was enough to get him down.
Okay, I had Boijderih as backup and grinded. Still haven't done Petalburg.

Team :

:t255:OLEKARULA Lv. 10 ; Scratch, Growl, Focus Energy, Ember -> Littleroot Town
:t266:BOIJDERIH Lv. 7 : Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden -> Rt. 101

Boxed :

-None- I'm in trouble down here ...

DEAD : (boxed away in Box 14) :

:t266:BIJEFKRAB Lv. 7 : Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden -> Rt. 101 <- Zigzagoon


No photos this time ! :(
Okay, so I rese, fell and rose again ...
I've done Petalburg Woods and beat anything in my way. BOIJDERIH even evolved into Beautifly and learned Absorb for PWNing Roxanne. I found a Nincada I killed on Rt. 116 and, thus, missed my chance. I got a Whismur in Rusturf Tunnel and deposited it. I named it HATE U because it almot killed OLEKARULA with a critical Uproar.
I was confident that, befor attempting Roxanne, I should grind carefully to make Olekarula evolve into Combusken and Boijderih to learn Absorb. And so I did. And I challenged the gym ...

BOSS BATTLE vs. ROXANNE - Rock type Gym Leader !

I began the fight with Boijderih attempting to use Absorb on her Geodude. He remained with 1/5 of its HP, then used Rock Tomb which landed critical and killed darlinng Boijderih ... :( :(
Of course Olekarula then beat Roxanne ruthlessly... at least to avenge Boijderih ...

Losses : Boijderih the Beautifly...

Out of desperation, I took the backup Whismur and it died in the 1st battle !;_;. And so, I kept going to beat Team Magma in Rusturf Tunnel, then headed for Dewford. I caught a Magikarp with an Old Rod in Dewford itself, and accidentaly forgot to nickname it. It lulls around in my box for now !
On Rt. 106 I caaught a Tentacool which poisoned my Olekarula. NO big DMG, I was close to the PC anyways. Decided to use it, nicknamed PSN DUDE. (she's a girl, I'll rename her PSN LASS !).
In Granite Cave, I caught the diseaseous, annoying, and always-present ... ZUBAT ! Also forgot to give a nickname (lol, I should be more patient) and grew PSN DUDE from Lv. 8 to ... Lv.9.
Grinding to be continued, then to attemtp Brawly !



:t256: OLEKARULA Lv.17; f; @Quick Claw; Ember, Double Kick, Cut, Peck, Littleroot Town

:t072: PSN DUDE Lv. 8; f; Poison Sting, Supersonic; Rt. 116


aka Backup Box :

:t129: MAGIKARP Lv. 8; f; Splash; Dewford Town
:t041: ZUBAT; Lv.7; f; Leech Life, Supersonic; Granite Cave


aka RIP Box

:t266:BIJEFKRAB Lv. 7 : Tackle, String Shot, Poison Sting, Harden -> Rt. 101 <- Zigzagoon

:t293: HATE U Lv.5 : Uproar, Pound; Granite Cave; Whismur

:t267: BOIJDERIH Lv. 13; f; Gust, Absorb, Poison Sting, String Shot; Rt. 102; Geodude.

Also, I'm noticing this is quite dead... I'll inform RaveSage right away ! :)
Thanks, 560cool !

El Roco
May 27th, 2010, 5:52 PM
OK just started out and hoping of some success with this challenge. Will be playing through on Sapphire.

Got starter treecko and caught zigzagoon on route 103 no deaths yet. Also pickup= ultra ball opening up go zigzagoon go.

Zigzagoon- Chong
Treecko- Cheech

Caught another 2 zigzagoon named chong jr and chong 3. chong 3 died (Oh well to many zigzagoons). Owned rock gym. Caught Wishmur named it Bullma. Went to dewford island caught zubat in cave named it batman trained and went to fighting gym..... owned hard all dead


Groovyle- Cheech
Zigzagoon- Chong
Zigzagoon- Chong Jr
Zigzagoon- Chong 3
Whismur- Bulma
Zubat- Batman

Goona try again and hope for something other than zigzagoon three areas opening in a row......
will update then with new starter and pokémon and will have routes captured and failed to catch anything at all.


OK this time I got a mudkip opening up and caught a

Catch List:
Starter- Blue Baron (Mudkip) lvl 5
Route 101- failed
Route 102- Gregory (Wurmple) lvl 4 Odd I know
Route 103- Garurumon (Poochyena) lvl 3 Didn't see any on the way to May very strange...
Route 104- BOB! (Zigzagoon) lvl 4 I hate zigzagoon

Blue Baron lvl 7
Gregory lvl 5
Garurumon lvl 3


none (yet)

Itz Spadezz
May 29th, 2010, 1:32 PM
I wanna try this out

I have a question though can u fish for a pokemon if u haven't encountered a pokemon on that route yet????
Someone please answer k thanks.

El Roco
May 29th, 2010, 6:55 PM
I wanna try this out

I have a question though can u fish for a pokemon if u haven't encountered a pokemon on that route yet????
Someone please answer k thanks.

You should because it will be the first Pokemon you have seen in the area so no rule against it.

June 1st, 2010, 7:24 AM
Okay, I'll take this challenge :)

Name: Rantis
Game: Leaf Green

I'll post updates later when I've played a short while. Until then, see ya!

June 1st, 2010, 11:11 PM
First update...

-Did some stuff in the beginning
-Took Squirtle as starter.
-Beat Rival
-Got pokédex
-Caught Mankey on Route 22
-Caught Pidgey on Route 2
-Beat Brock

Currently I'm at Route 3

Current team
-Mankey lvl 11
-Squirtle lvl 12
-Pidgey lvl 4



EDIT: seems that I can't write...

June 2nd, 2010, 2:21 AM
Okay, I have 2 badges now. Team additions:

BIRDY II - Pidgey
HIYA! PECK - Spearow

Old team:

DINO THING - Bulbasaur

No images this time.

June 4th, 2010, 6:03 AM

GAME: Pokémon Emerald



Please tell me if I do something wrong, I'm not used to the rules yet. Can we fish? Can we use breeding? What should I do to win the game? I don't have a choice but playing it in an emulator, so don't get upset if I move on very fast.

Cheers :)

Picked Torchic, defeated zigzagoon.


STATS: 20 12 10 12 9 11

Passed through route 101, without any encounters.

Reached May, without encounters. Defeated may.

Reached Littleroot, without encounters.



STATS: 15 8 7 6 7 7

Finished training in Route 101, YASLIKURT is lev 8, MANADURA is lev 9.

Went to route 103 to catch a pokemon. Encountered another POOCHYENA, lev 2, and caught it after 2 tries, so 2 pokeballs left.



STATS: 13 7 5 6 6 6

Went to pokemart, bought 10+1 pokeballs.
Bought 3 antidotes
Bought 3 potions

Defeated dog trainer @ 102
Defeated bug trainer @ 102
Defeated youngster @ 102

YASLIKURT leveled up to 9

Defeated lass @ 102
Picked up POTION
Picked up berries

Encountered and caught POOCHYENA!


STATS: 15 8 6 7 7 7


I'm getting a bit less-detailed from now on.

Went to route 104.

MANADURA leveled up to 10.

MANADURA leveled up to 11.

Encountered and caught MARILL(BALON)!


STATS: 20 6 9 6 8 9

**TRAINING** RESULTS: QWERTY leveled up to 5.


Encountered and caught SILCOON(KEPENEK)!


STATS: 20 9 11 8 7 7

Started training in petalburg woods, switching to either yaslikurt or manadura if opponent is able to attack, if not, just defeating them with low level pokemons I have.

***TRAINING*** Results:

BALON lv10

These three will be my primary pokemons. I will replace with YASLIKURT if one of them faints.


Entered GYM.

Balon leveled up to 11
Kepenek leveled up to 10


Roxanne wasn't that hard. Went in with Balon, used 6xdefense curl and I was invincible. I used watergun to kill em all. Balon leveled up to 13.


Went to route 116.

KEPENEK leveled up to 11
MANADURA leveled up to 14
KEPENEK leveled up to 12

Encountered and caught WHISMUR(AMELE) in Rusturf Tunnel!


STATS: 27 13 9 11 9 10

KEPENEK leveled up to 13, and learnt GUST

Encountered and caught TAILLOW(CREMEBRULE) at route 116!


STATS: 21 13 10 9 9 14

Defeated MAY(marill > torkoal, beautifly > mudkipz)


Went inside the GRANITE CAVE(1)

Encountered and caught MAKUHITA(KALAMAR)!

Entered the GYM!

I just wiped everyone clean off with KEPENEK's Gust.



Encountered and caught ZUBAT(CIKKIDICIK)!


Encountered and caught SABLEYE(HACIEMMI)!

I'm seriously thinking about training the sableye. Its type is very attractive, you know...



Current party:

BALON(marill) lev 16
MANADURA(combusken) lev 16
KEPENEK(beautifly) lev 18

Thats it for today, probably.

June 4th, 2010, 10:49 AM
I may start this, but I have one question. Do we HAVE to catch the first pokemon on each route, or can we skip some?

June 4th, 2010, 1:01 PM
I may start this, but I have one question. Do we HAVE to catch the first pokemon on each route, or can we skip some?

You can "accidently" kill them I guess :)

June 5th, 2010, 9:48 PM
This sounds like a great idea. A more realistic and difficult Pokémon challenge? Of course I'll have a go.

Edit: Putting this on hold for now.
Game: FireRed
Wartortle Lv. 17 (Al)
Pidgey Lv. 17 (Jim)
Nidorino Lv. 17 (Chuck)
Zubat Lv 9 (Henderson)
Ratatta Lv 10 (Sam)

--Progess: Cerulean City.
Gym Badges: Boulder

--R. I. P.:
Caterpie Lv. 6 (Shanaynay)

mondays suck
June 16th, 2010, 12:01 PM
Just a day or two after the inglorious end of my Ultimate Stantler Solo Nuzlocke, I'm already ready to try something new. In Nuzlocke mode, of course.
I was going to do a hack called Pokemon Crystal World, but I'm more in a 3rd gen. mood now, therefore I'm going to play Pokemon Mystical version instead, a Ruby hack. I haven't even seen anything of this up to now, so this is going to be a totally blind run.
Let's see how this turns out.

Wait, rules.
>Only first Pokemon in new area
>Set mode

Yes, just the two basic rules and set mode. Anything else would be suicide. In Brown I already knew half of the game, here I don't know anything.

Edit: argh, I already had finished my first update, but the database error screwed me over. So, tomorrow instead.

June 17th, 2010, 4:33 AM
More Nuzlocke OMFG

As Being my 3rd Nuzlocke Challenge (all going it the sam time) I may be a little slow to post. Right now I just defeated Wattson


Lvl 22 Grovyle
Lvl 22 Makuhita
Lvl 9 Whismur
Lvl 13 Electrike

mondays suck
June 17th, 2010, 8:38 AM
Here's yesterday evening's update. I had to find all the screenshots on photobucket again because stupid MS Word saved the pictures, not the stuff...

(for some reason I lost the screenshot of the title screen. It shows a Deoxyis. I had almost forgotten about that thing's existence.
Spanish! I'm going to die.
Options are still the same though.
Wait, isn't this a ruby hack?
But, at least I did actually understand this sentence.
So Larvitar takes this spot in this game....
I had to look this up in a dictionary. And I don't even know whether this is plural (which I hope) or not. Yeah, I suck at spanish.
I don't start in a bedroom, I start in a cave. Pretty unexpected. And my sprite looks gaaaay, all light blue and pink
But, I don't even have Pokemon yet... Or is this thing going to be my starter...?
Oh, so it was a dream.
It's still there, and it's even still called Potion.
Necross? This includes "necro", so I'm thinking even more that I'm going to die soon in this run now...
For some reason, I cannot enter this house.
No one there. Looks like I have to walk into some high grass first.
And I already don't know where to go...
This was the north, so I guess the east it is.
Yes, that's a Pikachu down there. Dammit, I don't want that as my starter, it's way too frail...
Wait, where did just that Larvitar come from? But, I'm ok with this.
Suddenly, a cave. Without an exit.
No wild Pokemon here, by the way.
Again, there were two ways to go. This was the west, and as you can see, it's blocked.
To the east, there's Deoxys. It flees. Already more annoying that all that Suicune stuff in Crystal.
There are still no stairs, and that triangle at the point where Oak was, also disappeared. But, now I can fight these rockets.
4th generation Pokemon. Again, unexpected.
By the way, these Rocket's (there were 3 of them) didn't have anything else than this. Only level 2 and 3 Shinxes, Kricketunes and a Drifloon.
This guy looks like some kind of boss, especially because the name sounds like it.
But, this was actually not much of a deal
Two ways to go, once again.
Which one will I choose? Next time.

The team at this point. Except that's not a team yet. And no, I didn't have a chance to nickname Larvitar yet. I don't even have the Pokedex yet ... at least I think so, because I don't understand much of the dialogue.

Well, the last Database error took quite a while (even after I went away for 30 minutes, it was still there...), so I almost forgot the stuff I did already.

I missed it last time, but this time here it is: the title screen.
And I get out of the cave, just to get to a place that looks almost exactly like the one where the entrance was...except that it's a bit further north.
Next Town. Riolu? What?
I go back to Pueblo Necross, and have to find out Oak's lab is still empty. Damn.
The only way back was through grass, because the southern cave entrance had disappered. So, no Bidoof for me :(
There's no market in Pueblo Riolu, but this person apparenty serves as one instead.
This guy is a douche, he doesn't let me pass for some reason.
In the middle of Pueblo Riulo, there's this empty cave.
Looked through anything I already was again, and no Oak. So I guess I have to go to this route here.
May. Pretty easy, but when that thing evolves, it will be hell. Especially when Larvitar becomes a Tyranitar.
So, I enter that one cave again, and suddenly the entrance I just walked into is blocked. Also, the rockets are back, but don't fight.
Are you kidding me?
The same weak trainer again? Someone screwed the programming up I guess...
But, later, I finally found out where to continue: This old man gives out the Pokedex.

Next: That route south of Pueblo Riolu. If I'm guessing right, I will be able to buy Pokeballs now, and that scientist who blocked my way will have gone away.

Team didn't change much, except that Larvitar is now level 11. And still doesn't have a nickname...

June 17th, 2010, 3:11 PM
This has peeked my interest so I'm gonna try this....

Name: Sammy
Game: Sapphire

I'm probably not update till I'm up to the 3rd or 4th gym...but I'm going to be keeping track....
Gonna be awkward plying this on my DS....well here I go...<blows dust off cartridge>

June 17th, 2010, 3:49 PM
Makuhita evolved and I'll grind my Electrike tommorow.Oh and Whismur Died :(

(Im not at my Gameboy atm so I dont know the nicknames and the levels may not be correct)

Lvl 23 Grovyle
Lvll 25 Haryama
Lvl 15 Electrike

June 18th, 2010, 8:25 AM
I'm gonna start whit a Nuzlocke on Ruby. I use the normal rules

First at all i did al the name and gender stuff. A boy named Nuzzy
I came out the truck go in my room set the clock en picked the potion and saved the prof with a Mudkip. I named the Mudkip Tuff. travelt trough the two routes but at al routes appearerd a pokémon. I defeated May and get my pokéballs. I catcht a Zigzagoon, Zaggo. I trainend until Petalburg and let Wally be damn lucky and catcht his Ralts. On the next route i catcht a Wingull and named it Gull. The wild Wurmple i faced in the Petalburg woods was killed by a crit. Trained an trainend at the route above Rustboro and failed to catch a pokémon. Also at the tunnel i failed... Trainend and trainend and then i beated the first gym and i give rock tomb to Tuff.

Then i did al the other stuff and take the boat to Dewford. Catch a Makuhita and named it Sumo. I trainend it and but then a Aron appeard. I switcht to Gull and fired a Water gun who almost killt it. He tackeld me. I used Wing attack because i toucht the wrong button and Aron headbutt critted my poor Wingull dead.



Tuff, Marshtomp
lv. 16
- Tackle
- Rock tomb
- Mud slap
- Water gun

Zaggo, Zigzagoon
lv. 16
- Cut
- Sand attack
- Tail whip
- Headbutt

Sumo, Makuhita
lv. 10
- Tackle
- Focus energy
- Sand attack
- Arm thrust



Gull, Wingull lv. 4 to lv. 15
Killed by a Aron

June 19th, 2010, 9:58 PM
I think I'll make this my first challenge on the Pokemon games. I'm going to use Emerald with the normal rules. My life is pretty busy at the moment, but I'll try to update weekly at the least.

Day 1:

Character Name: Emilie

- Took potion from the PC.
- Met Brendan before I could steal the item in his room.
- Chose Torchic against my better judgment. Roxanne is going to be annoying.
- Was impatient and accidentally missed nicknaming Torchic. This rule might be hard to get used to.
- Route 101: Encountered Poochyena without Pokeballs. No chance for pokemon from this route. :(
- Route 103: Ran into a Poochyena without Pokeballs again. Torchic grew to level 6.
- Battled Brendan. Torchic grew to level 7.
- Route 102: Caught a Wurmple (Roy).
- Route 104: Caught a Wingull and forgot to nickname it.
- Petalburg Woods: Finally was able to catch a Poochyena (Cody).
- Cody died on Route 104 due to a critical hit from a wild Wingull. T-T
- Had my first battle with a Team Aqua grunt. Thankfully, he wasn't too much trouble.
- Arrived in Rustboro, healed, and saved.


Torchic => Lv 11
Roy (Wurmple) => Lv 8
Wingull => Lv 9


None yet...


Cody (Poochyena) => Lv 7

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June 20th, 2010, 10:57 AM
I was being busy with other stuff the last few days, but today I finally continued:

I got the Pokedex, but still no Pokeballs here...
So, I searched everywhere, and after hell of a time, I ran across Gary...
who almost killed me. I sadly didn't screenshot any details.
At least he gave me some Pokeballs.
New Route!
I'm using this (http://www.behindthename.com/random/) Name Generator, and Spanish names only
Did I mention it also has Pickup? Yeah, it's pretty much a Bug type Zigzagoon.
Again, a May battle. And she already has 3 Pokemon.
And I forgot to heal...
But, even with only Tackle, Buizel fell quickly to the Wrath of Prudencio the Krickzagoon.
Chimchar was a bit more annoying, but Bite+Sandstorm brought it down.
I hate you.
Grasswhistle. That thing should go die in a fire.
And Prudencio kept sleeping.

Ummm, let's pretend that never happened...

So, let's just...

..let's just assume that Lunes died,
but one year later...
...his brother mondays (I decided to go with my standard name this time) became a trainer to avenge his death...
...and for some reason had an extremely similar start in his trainer carreer.
Ok, plot aside. I beat May, got a Pokedex and beat Gary (who has a Starly and a Piplup).
Dammit, not THAT Pokemon...
so, what might I call you...
That's for what your species did. Be loyal and I might change that name into something acceptable.
(Yeah, I'm so mature, throwing around insults as nicknames for Pokemon I dislike for some reason)
And then I grinded, and I grinded a lot.
Prepare to die...
Did I mention that Cherubi did for some reason learn Fury Swipes at some point?
Screw type disadvantages, I have Leech Seed.
The bastard went down surprsingly easy this time. Only got one Tackle off.


The team. See how Larvitar got an awful nature and is still doing great.

Finally, new places.

Weird house guarded by tons of Police. A have a feeling that the evil team will take this over at some point.
And here's the new city. With a 0 in its name.
A gym. But what the hell is that guy in front of it? The dive sprite?
But, there's more in this town.
Yet another cave with nothing but talking people in it. And a market. I bought some more Pokeballs there.
In the south, there's a cave, and in the east, there's a route.
Hell yes.
Meh... Well, at least I will be able to spam Magnitude soon.

Next: Going further to the east. Or maybe I'll talk to that weird dive guy in front of the gym.

June 21st, 2010, 4:51 AM
ok...I got really far... Farther than i thought i would. I'll just start now...

-Started new game-went through the boring intro-Said i was a girl-Named her Sammy-Got out of the moving truck(Why was i riding in the back and not the front?!?)-Met Rival-Saw Prof Birch get attacked by a Poochyena(Weak!)-Chose Mudkip(Named Mimi afterwards)-Got to Odale town's Pokemon Center and organized my PC Boxes(named the last 5 boxes DEAD cause i didn't want to release the 'Dead' Pokemon)-Saw Poochyena on Route 103 but had no pokeballs :(-Owned my Rival-Got the Pokedex and some Pokeballs-Caught a Wurmple on Route 101 (named Slicks)-Grinded Slicks to level 5-Caught Zigzagoon on Route 102 (named Mugsy)-Mugsy picked up a useless Revive so I just sold it-Reached Petalburg and went to see my daddy and help Wally-Slicks died in battle against Rich Boy Winston-Caught a Silcoon in Petalburg Woods and named it Slicky in memory of Slicks(what a great Pokemon....)-Saved the Devon person-Got to Rustboro-Caught Whismur on Route 116 and named it Sheep for a weird reason.....**NOTE: I encountered a Skitty and being them so rare and that I loved Skitty, I caught it but put it in my PC DEAD box**-Sheep died in training for Roxanne :(-Went to Rusturf Tunnel and caught another Whismur (named Sheepy)-Mimi evolved into a Marshtomp-Went to challenge Roxanne and won :)-Ran into Devon person and he told me his troubles-Ventured to Rusturf Tunnel and rescued Peeko and the Devon Goods-Sailed to Dewford-Changed the trendy phrase to "ADULT TOYS" XD- Spent about 5 minutes laughing at the things the people said XD-Got a Silk Scarf from a random dude that i didn't know-Caught Makuhita in Granite Cave and named it Smacker-Got through Granite Cave without Flash because i played this game too many times and delivered Mr. Stone's Letter-Sailed to Slateport City-Caught Plusle on Route 110 and named Mimzy-Went back to Brawly after grinding a couple of more levels(this battle ate PP up like crazy!!)-Sheepy evolved!-Delivered the Devon Goods-Owned my Rival with level 17+ Pokemon on Route 110 **NOTE: I encountered a Minun before the Rival battle so I did the same thing as with the Skitty except I named it Mumzy (Mumzy and Mimzy...Makes sense right?)**-Caught Volbeat on Routee 117 (named Squishy)-Got really cocky and challenged Wattson before training and luckily I won (mostly OHKOs and 2HKOs)-Bought some Great Balls in Mauville cause I was running low after I got the Mach Bike-Traveled to the Rusturf Tunnel and cleared it and finally realized why it was called Rusturf Tunnel (I never payed much attention to it cause it was so small and only had Whismar in it)-Ventured through Route 111 fighting Trainers as I went along-Arrived at Feiry Path and caught a Torkoal and named it Smokes-Caught a Numel on Route 112 (named Lemun)-Caught Sandshrew on route 113 (named Spins)- Grinded levels- Grinded some more levels-Mugsy finally evolved-Arrived at Fallarbor Town-Caught Lotad on Routh 114 (was hoping for a Swablu) and named it Dots-Caught a Lunatone in Meteor Falls and named it Luna-Rescued Prof. Cozmo-Grind more than people at a skate demo-backtracked to Fiery Path and fought Archie and retrieved the Meteorite (Mimi got very close to fainting but he pulled through for me:) )-Owned Flannery didn't need to train for her-Recived Go-Goggles from Rival-Went to desert part of Route 111 and caught a Trapinch and named it Click-Meant to grab Root Fossil before I left the desert but totally forgot-Caught another Numel on Jagged Pass and named it Num-Nums-Went to Petalburg Gym and defeated all the Trainers 'cept for daddy (stupid Delcatties kept putting me to sleep but Mimi pulled through several, several times)-Went back to the desert to grab the Root Fossil and to grind some more levels

Mimi/Marshtomp, Level 29
Mimzy/Plusle, Level 22 (Route 110)
Click/Trapinch, Level 23 (Route 111)
Smacker/Makuhita, Level 22 (Granite Cave)
Num-Nums/Numel, Level 21 (Jagged Pass)
Luna/Lunatone, Level 22 (Meteor Falls)

Slicks/Wurmple, Level 6 (Routh 101)
Sheep/Whismur, Level 9 (Route 116)
Slicky/Silcoon, Level 5 (Petalburg Woods) (Not really dead, but might as well be...)

mondays suck
June 21st, 2010, 6:28 AM
Massive update (including the first gym battle) ahead.

The first thing I did today was grinding my newest friends, Celino the Ralts and Elisa the Geodude to a decent level.
Talked to that Wailmer guy. Apparently he's there to tell people that the gym leader is not there.
Decided to explore the cave further before doing anything else. aAnd suddenly, May.
But, this time she doesn't want to murder me, and asks for help instead.
...the hell? First May killed me, and then she is afraid of a Poochyena...?
Someone in the cave gave me a Miracle Seed. Puta doesn't know any grass-type moves yet, but why not?
The cave has two exits. This was the first one.
Suddenly, some guy jumps out of nowhere and tells me stuff I don't understand.
Also, after returning into the cave, there were more Rockets.
I thought this would turn out into an epic battle, but the Rocket Executive wasn't that strong.
Well, he did have that Bronzor that almost killed Larvitar, but apart from that, Larvitar and later Elisa killed everything with ease.
And then, I was alone.
And then, the gym was open.
But, I decided to look what's behind the second cave exit. And, it turned out there isn't much.
Also, there's not much to do on Route 304.
So, I decided to go to ... Petalburg Gym (haha) instead
Surprisingly, the guy who replaced Norman didn't sent me and some other guy away to go catch a Ralts but he challenged me.
Luckily, I was leading with the right Pokemon.
MAGNI- Oh wait.
Yeah, overall this battle wasn't too hard. The Hippopotas growled Elisa's attack stat down quite a lot (and would have been bulky enough without doing that), but nothing Jose had could really hurt her, so I won after using Magnitude MANY times.
...Surf? Already?
Also, instead of a TM, I got some pretty damn weird item. And that's an understatement.

Team at this point
See how the alpha male is Ralts.

More Update. Tragedy strikes.

Better not. I don't want to fight a level 30-ish Swellow (or what was in that room again?) now.
I'm heading north on Route 304. This guy gave me a Bullet Seed TM, but Puta can't learn it.
And I arrive at a new city.
Suddenly, I don't pay attention for a second and run into Gary.
Of course, I'm leading with the wrong Pokemon.
Starly died easy, but this thing was a major pain.
Like, for example when it almost killed Puta.
But, in the end it went down.
This thing went down surprisingly easily, I love Double Team.
The last Pokemon is a Gible.
Dragon Rage? At level 14? What is this I don't even...
Die in a fire, murderer.

More update, more tragedy.

RIP, Celino Lv.4-17. You brought down most of Gary's team and then died a completely unexpected and unfair death. You shall be avenged.
Continued exploring the current city. Found a pink Pikachu in a house.
I thought drugged people see pink elephants, not pink Pikachus...
Also, I get a Cut HM. I teach it to Puta.
Looks like a trade. But I don't have any of these, so no trade for me.
Also, somewhere around is a route. Which is blocked at this point.
Water type? Great, my Grass type doesn't know a Grass-type attack and my other two Pokemon are 4x weak to Water.
But, since the gym trainers were pretty weak, I decide to take on the leader.
This thing was annoying, but didn't do any major damage.
But suddenly, Puta was dead. I underestimated the danger of having a lowered defense stat, but I also didn't dare to switch and risk a water attack. And, I was thinking Puta could take that one more hit and then finish off Croconaw, but everything went wrong.
There's no way I can outspeed this thing, and there's also no way not to get OHKOd. But, I have still a chance to win...
Leech Seed.
Victory. But, at what cost?
There was no way to win this without a loss, but I could still have saved Puta by switching in the right moment and sacrificing Elisa. But, I failed.
RIP, Puta (Lv.8-18) and Elisa (Lv.6-19)


If I don't update in a while it's not going to mean anything. The problem is just that I have to evolve Larvitar into Tyranitar before I can do anything.
Why, you ask? Because Tyranitar can learn Cut.
This is going to take a while, especially when considering the highest-leveled wild Pokemon I can battle are at level 9.
Forget it, with less than 100 Exp per battle and something like 100k or 200k Exp needed to even be able to learn Cut, this would take way too long. This run is over, I guess. Gonna try something easier the next time before I get back to stuff like this.

June 21st, 2010, 8:51 PM
Here's an update of my progress:

Day 2:

- Route 116: I was unable to catch Abra. That’s the worse pokemon to be my first encounter.
- Rusturf Tunnel: I caught a Whismur (Jet) at level 8.
- Beat Roxanne.
- Received PokeNav and headed to Dewford.
- Granite Cave: Caught a Makuhita (Bob) at level 10.
- Dewford Town: Obtained Old Rod and caught a Tentacool (Jellyman) at level 5, which I boxed as a back-up.


Bob (Makuhita) => Level 13
Roy (Dustox) => Level 15
Torchic => Level 15
Jet (Whismur) => Level 16
Wingull => Level 18


Jellyman (Tentacool) => Level 5


Cody (Poochyena) => Level 7

Badges: 1

Day 3

- Trained Bob to catch up to the rest of my team.
- Route 106: Caught Magikarp (Ai) at level 10.
- Torchic evolved into Combusken.
- Beat Brawly.
- Delivered the letter to Steven.
- Went back to Devon Corp and received Exp. Share, which I gave to Ai.
- Sailed to Slateport and got ambushed by people under umbrellas.
- Bought pokeballs.
- Met with the name rater and renamed Combusken, ColSanders and renamed Wingull, Scuttle.
- Beat Team Aqua and delivered the Devon Goods to Capt. Stern.
- Route 110: Caught another Poochyena (Cody II) at level 12.
- Ran into Brendan before healing my pokemon. Jet (Whismur, level 18), unfortunately, was killed by his Lombre. Roy (Dustox) was down to 12 hp against Marshtomp but was able to finish him before being killed.
- Received Itemfinder from Brendan. A poor payoff after he killed Jet.
- Replaced Jet with Cody II (Poochyena) and gave Cody II Exp. Share to help it catch up to the other pokemon.
- Saved in Mauville.


Ai (Magikarp) => Level 18
Bob (Makuhita) => Level 18
Roy (Dustox) => Level 19
ColSanders (Combusken) => Level 19
Scuttle (Wingull) => Level 19
Cody II (Poochyena) => Level 15


Jellyman (Tentacool) => Level 5


Cody (Poochyena) => Level 7
Jet (Whismur) => Level 18

Badges: 2

mondays suck
June 22nd, 2010, 10:38 AM
Time to stop my negative series of 3 failed runs, but I also don't feel like playing a regular game... Emerald 386 is my choice, and this time I'm for once not going to die. No screenshots, just regular progress updates and stuff. Because I don't feel like thinking of funny (or not) comments.

Rules: Basic Nuzlocke rules+Set mode.

Ok, first Update. In Boring log mode because I'm lazy.

Started. Chose Treecko because I never used one before. Named (or, let the random name generator generate a name) him Fran. Did usual early stuff and failed not to meet a Pokemon on the route north of Oldale.
Caught a Zigzagoon named Sevda on Route 102. Grinded and killed everyone.
I also caught a Surskit named Askr on the next route, I think I'm going to box him, just in case...

Current Team (in very short form because all have their standard movesets anyways):
:t252: Fran Lv. 10
:t263: Sevda Lv. 11
:t283: Askr Lv. 6

More Update

In Petalburg Woods, I caught a Caterpie named Uzziel. Grinded Uzziel to level 10 before doing anything and then breezed through the woods and northern part rest of Route 104.
In Rustboro, I let Fran (all alone since everyone else would have had a type disadvantage) take on the gym. Successfully.
Oh yeah, I decided to screenshot badges.

Suddenly, spoiler splitting. Haven't had this problem for weeks. Dammit.
Current Team:
:t253:m Fran @/ - Lv.17 - Pursuit, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack - Brave, Overgrow - Route 301
:t263:f Sevda @/ - Lv.13 - Tackle, Sand Attack, Tail Whip, Headbutt - Calm, Pickup - Route 302
:t012:m Uzziel @/ - Lv.12 - Tackle, String Shot, Harden, Confusion - Gentle, Compuoundeyes - Petalburg Woods

:t283:m Askr Lv.6 - Route 304

Dead (Box "Hell"):
None yet, thankfully

No catches: Route 303

After doing the easy Rusturf Tunnel quest (on the way there I caught a Skitty and an Igglybuff, both of them are enjoying the box currently), there was this one May battle. She had a Lotad, that Sevda killed with ease, but then there was Torchic. And it critted with Ember on Sevda, leaving her with 3 HP. And both of my other Pokemon at that point were weak to Fire. So, I had to let Sevda use Headbutt, die so that Torchic was in Quick Attack KO range for Fran. This seems like too early for a sacrifice death, so I probably undergrinded.
Anyways, I then arrived at Dewford, and caught 4 Pokemon at various places:
3 Magikarps (I was hoping they put in something else for the Old Rod, otherwise I would have only fished one) and a Sableye (I used one of Sevda's Repels for this). I chose the highest Magikarp for my team and then proceeded to rape Brawley's gym with Malene the Sableye. Piece of cake since nothing could even hit her.

Current Team:
:t253:m Fran @/ - Lv.19 - Pursuit, Leer, Absorb, Quick Attack - Brave, Overgrow - Route 101
:t012:m Uzziel @/ - Lv.17 - Tackle, Poison Powder, Sleep Powder, Confusion - Gentle, Compuoundeyes - Petalburg Woods
:t129:m Hazael @/ - Lv.11 - Splash - Bashful, Swift Swim - Route 106
:t302:f Malene @SilkScarf - Lv.19 - Scratch, Fury Swipes, Night Shade, Astonish - Hasty, Keen Eye - Granite Cave


:t283:m Askr Lv.6 - Route 104
:t300:f Luiza Lv.9 - Route 116
:t174:f Roxelana Lv.8 - Rusturf Tunnel
:t129:m Kgosi Lv.8 - Petalburg City
:t129:f Jelka Lv.7 - Dewford Town

Dead (Box "Hell"):
:t263:f Sevda - Lv.4-14 - Route 102 - May's Torchic, Rustboro

No catches: Route 103

Arrived at Slateport and caught a Meowth named Hristofor. Grinded Hristofor and Hazael up to a decent level. It was a pain.
Then, after beign Team Aqua, I had to fight these two Pokefans north of Slateport. The first one went down easily, but the second one... not.
Due to hax reasons, I had the following situation: Uzziel was out against either Plusle or Minun (I can't tell them apart), in Spark KO range and paralyzed. Everyone else but Hazael whom I didn't even send out was at extremely low health and paralyzed. I decide not to switch and hope for Quick Attack or Growl. It didn't happen. Already the second time one of my Pokemon had to sacrifice itself to make Fran able to safe anyone else's life with a Quick Attack. I don't like this tendency...
Currently grinding the rest of my team + Askr the Surskit to level 25. Why 25? Some awesome moves are learned there, like Dragon Rage or Bubblebeam.

June 22nd, 2010, 7:51 PM
Another Update:

Day 4

- Had an annoying battle with Wally. It reinforced my hatred of the move Double Team.
- Having not played through Emerald before, I have a right to say Scott looks really suspicious.
- Cody II (level 15) met a similar fate of Cody (Both Poochyenas) thanks to a crit., this time to a wild level 12 Poochyena.
- Looked at the gym and realized quite a few of my pokemon are at a type disadvantage. Wonderful.
- Route 117: Caught another Poochyena (Codi) at level 13. Hopefully this one will survive more than a few levels. -_-
- Ai evolved into Gyarados. No more leeching with Exp. Share! ^-^
- Gave Jellyman (Tentacool) to the daycare.


Codi (Poochyena) => Level 17
Scuttle (Wingull) => Level 20
Ai (Gyarados) => Level 20
ColSanders => Level 20
Roy => Level 20
Bob => Level 20


Jellyman (Tentacool) => Level 5


Cody (Poochyena) => Level 7
Jet (Whismur) => Level 18
Cody II (Poochyena) => Level 15

Badges: 2

June 22nd, 2010, 8:50 PM
Yay! I wasn't interested in these kinds of challenges until reading the comic strip. But now I'm really excited!

I'm ChrisTom, this is the first challenge I'm participating in and I'm picking Sapphire. My starter will be Treecko(not because it was in the comic, but because it's the only one I haven't used for Hoenn). I'll keep you posted!

With all regards,


mondays suck
June 23rd, 2010, 3:02 AM
New update.

Grinded the team to level 25. Went northwards. Found...Altering Cave? I thought it only existed in FRLG... Well, I caught a Totodile named Eibhear there. Then, proceeded to beat May. Hazael beat her on his own, but only barely. Fought Wally (he had a level 28 Kirlia, Malene killed it anyways) and then cleared the route on the east and cycling road. At some point, I was pretty damn close to a loss. Enemy had a Magnemite. 4 Pokemon were paralyzed and at low healh. Hazael was not paralyzed but in KO range for Magnemite anyways. Askr was out, and it did somehow manage to beat both the Magnemite and the follwing Loudred without dying.

Next: All that stuff in the West and North of Mauville. Wattson can wait, I'm not eager to fight him early.

Current Team:
:t253:m Fran @/ - Lv.26 - Pursuit, Screech, Absorb, Quick Attack - Brave, Overgrow - Route 101
:t130:m Hazael @KingsRock - Lv.26 - Splash, Tackle, Bite, Dragon Rage - Bashful, Intimidate - Route 106
:t302:f Malene @SilkScarf - Lv.28 - Scratch, Fake Out, Night Shade, Astonish - Hasty, Keen Eye - Granite Cave
:t052:m Hristofor @/ - Lv.26 - Scratch, Growl, Bite, Pay Day - Bold, Pickup - Route 110
:t284:m Askr Lv.27 @/ - Bubble, Quick Attack, Gust, Bubblebeam - Careful, Intimidate - Route 104
:t159:m Eibhear Lv.26 @/ - Scratch, Leer, Bite, Water Gun - Naive, Torrent - Altering Cave


:t300:f Luiza Lv.9 - Route 116
:t174:f Roxelana Lv.8 - Rusturf Tunnel
:t129:m Kgosi Lv.8 - Petalburg City
:t129:f Jelka Lv.7 - Dewford Town

Dead (Box "Hell"):
:t263:f Sevda - Lv.4-14 - Route 102 - May's Torchic, Rustboro
:t012:m Uzziel - Lv.6-21 - Petalburg Woods - Pokefan's Plusle or Minun, north of Slateport

No catches: Route 103

Looking at it, only Sableye can actually fight Wattson. Groyvle and Meowth can't touch Magnemite/ton (not even with Screech, I tried it), and while Gyara, Masquerain and Croconaw can deal some nice damage to these things, they're all weak to Electric, so I can't use them. Looks like it will soon be massive grinding time again, especially since some of the normal trainers are already giving me problems.
Well, I might consider getting a Flamethrower Jigglypuff, but that's not going to be easy... It would definetely be helpful though.

June 23rd, 2010, 7:11 AM
Here is my current progress:

I have my first gym badge and have just set foot in Dewford. The only Pokemon who has died so far is Zig the Zigsagoon but that wasn't a big deal because I only caught him as a backup anyways.

My current team is:

Malakai the Treecko at Lvl 14

Nippers the Poochyena at Lvl 10

Mr.Chirps the Taillow at Lvl 11

Jared the Wingull at Lvl 11

Miran the Nincada at Lvl 10

I'll be sure to keep you posted! ^_^

mondays suck
June 23rd, 2010, 7:31 AM
Emerald 386 is seriously harder than I was thinking. After managing most of the rest of the Mauville area without major problems and evolving Eibhear into Feraligatr, I took on the Winstrate family. The first three had already died without causing any greater troubles, but then suddenly that Meditite killed Fran (Groyvle), who still had quite a lot of HP with High Jump Kick after not getting OHKOd by Leaf Blade. Great, my only Pokemon that's good against Electric types just died.
Currently grinding Roxelana (now already a Jigglypuff) and Alastriona the Illumise (dammit, I wanted an Oddish) up to the rest of the remaining team, and then I'll proceed to grind everyone to level 35 or so.

June 23rd, 2010, 9:50 AM
Alright. Luckily I haven't lost any friends yet. I've just now defeated May at the underpass. All of my Pokemon are level 15 with the exception of my newly evolved Grovyle. I do have a question though:

If I save the game before battle, and faint in battle, can I simply open up that save file and try again?

I've been doing that for a while now and I just wanted to make sure before I make large progress in the game. Thank you so much! ^_^

With all regards,


June 23rd, 2010, 9:54 AM
Okay from where I left off from last time... Went trained in the desert until my team was level 30+ and grabbed the Root Fossil-Click, Smacker and Num-Nums evolved-Went to challenge Daddy and won!(the second Slaking was hard...)-Got Surf from Wally's parents-Taught Surf to Smacker(didnot know that Hariyama can learn Surf)-Caught Electrike on Route 118 and named it Volts-Cleared the Weather Institute of Team Aqua...need to go back and get Castform-Defeated Rival on Route 119 but lost Num-Nums in battle-Replaced Num-Nums with Smokes-Went to Route 120 and caught Kecleon and recieved the Devon Scope-Defeated Winona but lost Volts (stupid Skarmory)-Traversed to Route 121 and Caught Shuppet (Spooks)-Trained a bit and Click and Spooks evolved-Visited Lilycove before i went to Mt. Pyre-Encountered Tentacool on Route 122 but didn't feel like catching it-Encountered another Shuppet in Mt. Pyre....wanted to get a Vulpix...didn't catch it-Archie stole the Red Orb and I received the Blue Orb-Flew to Slateport City and witnessed Team Aqua steal the Sub-Flew to Lilycove and surfed to the Team Aqua Hideout-Was gonna try to Catch the Electrode but it used Selfdestruct before i had a chance-Found the Masterball (Yay!)-Team Aqua escaped with the Sub-Surf to Mossdeep City(used some Repels to keep Pokemon away...didn't feel like fighting)-Defeated Tate & Liza (didn't need to train...my Pokemon was level 43+)-Received Dive from Steven-Went to Route 127 and 128 and found the Seafloor Cavern-fought Archie and defeated him-He awoken Kyogre and it started raining....very hard-Went to Sootopolis City (Too many o's in that city)-Went to the Cave of Origin and used my Masterball on Kyogre-Trained to level 49+-Challenged Wallace and won the Rain Badge(not so tough)-Ventured to Ever Grande City (not much of a city...again used Repels)-Victory Road was a breeze-Wally was a breeze(Delcatty gave me trouble with it's Assist)-Somehow managed to grind till my team was level 60+-The time has come....I challenged the Elite Four but spent all my money on Full Restores first-Arrived at Sidney-Used Smacker the whole time and it was super easy(OHKO's)-One down...four to go-Arrived at Phoebe-Used Spooks and Phoebe went easily...although the Sableye gave me trouble-Two down....Three to go-Arrived at Glacia-Used Mimzy, Smacker and Smokes and she went down like a charm...So far so good-three down...Two to go-Arrived at Drake-Used Click-All was good until Drake's last Pokemon, Salamence, came out and Click fainted so i used Mimzy and Mimzy avenged Click-Four down....one left....this is it-Made sure everyone was ready....then proceeded to the room with Steven, the Champion-Most of his Pokemon went out with 2HKO's- it was down to Me, with 5 Pokemon, to Steven, with only his Armadlo left-Thinking I was gonna win, I went all out (kinda was a bad idea)-Used Mimi's Muddy Water-Mimi ended up fainting from Aerial Ace-Sent out Smokes, knowing that fire is super-effetive agaist bug but Armadlo was too fast and OHKOed Smokes-Used Smacker and, alas! He went down too-I was down to two Pokemon, Mimzy and Spooks-I decided to play it safe....a tactic i never really used before...-Sent out Mimzy...three turns later she fainted-My last Pokemon...-GOOOOO...SPOOKS! AVENGE THEM ALL!!!-Used Curse at the start and then just waited it out...when i felt it was safe i would use Shadow Ball- Just kept using Full Restores whenever Spooks got hit ( I had like 30 of them in my bag at that point and wasn't really using them up until now)-After about 20 turns, my patience paid off and Armadlo fainted-stared at the screen for a while, processing what just happened then started shouting-YAY!!! I JUST DID IT!!!!

Hall of Fame Debut: 32:36

Winning team(or who was left):
Spooks/Banette, Level 60 (Route 121)

Mimi/Swampert, Level 65
Mimzy/Plusle, Level 66 (Route 110)
Smokes/Torkoal, Level 63 (Fiery Path)
Click/Flygon, Level 67 (Route 111)
Smacker/Hariyama, Level 64 (Granite Cave)
Num-Nums/Camerupt, Level 34 (Jagged Pass)

July 4th, 2010, 10:39 AM
*attempts to raise popularity*
in other words, BUMP.
But seriously i will try this challenge on Sapphire.
(Oh yeah, i added a challenge, i cannot use healing items except during Gym leaders and E4)
Chose Treecko, named Draeae.
Decided to not count pokemon encountered until i get pokeballs.
So on Route 101 i got Poochyena.
called Arooo
On Route 103 I got Zigzagoon called Zagzig (will not use)
On Route 102 got a Taillow named Kaw, will be on team.
Did Wally Stuff
On route 104 caught a Wurmple called Xoth and desperately hoped for a Cascoon.
In Petalburg woods, encountered a Silcoon which i wanted, but accidently killed it with a crit.
Got my wish when Xoth evolved.
On route 116 caught a Whismur called Whiner. Do not want.
Challenged Roxanne. Bad idea, as my pokemon were underleveled.
Xoth switched out to Draeae first, but Draeae took heavy damage from Geodude. Used Absorb, halfway healing me and leaving Geodude with 1 hp
Roxanne healed Geodude, leaving him open for another absorb, fully healing Draeae. Geodude fainted. Nosepass came out, i used absorb, Nosepass had 2/3 health left, he used Rock tomb and got Draeae down to 3 hp. Fearing for my life, i used absorb, Nosepass has 1/3. Nosepass killed Draeae. Thinking that was it for me, i switched in to Kaw, who was very lucky and got 4 Wing Attacks in, while Nosepass kept missing Rock Tomb. Finally he hit, but Nosepass had a tiny amount. Kaw died, and Xoth finished it off with Confusion. Wow. That sucks.
I really suck at this dont i? Arooo, which i was grindin', died from a critted Water gun by a wild Wingull. All I want is a decent battling team.
Went to Granite Cave, lucked out, and caught a Makuhita, which i called Dosukoi. (You know, that sumo shout)
Got Old rod, fished in Dewford for a Magikarp. Caught it, unfortunately it was at lv 5. named it Grashcrash. Beat Brawly with barely a scratch with my Xoth.
Went to Slateport, did stuff, and got a Plusle at Route 110. Disappointed, I named it addend.
Went up to Mauville, got Lucky and caught a Volbeat on route whatever is left of Mauville.
Thats rare right? Wait, who am i talking to, nobody reads this.
*sighs* Okay I went north. Caught a Grimer at steam cave and numel at route 112. Grimers are cool, but i already have a poison type.
caught a Spinda. called it Pachiri. Still looking for trainable pokemon. tried Numel, decided he was too pathetic.
Went Down, got a Swablu, which was worth training. called it elegy. Got screwed over in Meteor falls, where i wanted a lunatone but got a zubat instead. (called it No. Why? Just ... no.)
RIP Xoth. Lost it against Archie on Mt. Chimney. There goes my longest-lived pokemon.
RIP Elegy. I know. I wanted to train it so bad, but it instantly went down by an OHKO critted Karate Chop by a WILD Machop (Jagged Pass). Caught the machop and called it I HATE YOU. and i dont even need it.
My team
Dosukoi/Hariyama lv 31
Zagzig/Zigzagoon lv 6
Splund/Grimer lv 16
In box

I know you dont care about boxed pokemon.
Elegy/Swablu lv 17 wild Machop
Xoth/Dustox lv 29 Archie's Golbat
Arooo/Poochyena lv 5 wild Wingull
Draeae/Treecko lv 14 Roxanne's Nosepass
Kaw/Taillow lv 13 Roxanne's Nosepass

July 4th, 2010, 11:32 PM
Is this still open for takers? I'll sign up for LeafGreen.

July 5th, 2010, 6:59 PM
meh. Swept Lavaridge with just dosukoi, and trying to train Splund. got go-goggles, and caught an useless Sandshrew in the desert. Picked a Lileep fossil, and restored it at Rustboro. Happy, called it gneiss. Swept Norman with Vital Throw, but i admit it was close. While surfing at route 11...whatevers right of Mauville, gneiss died from a Tentacool. First used Wrap so i couldnt escape, then proceeded to Acid it to death (I got a Linoone there). Its like the whole world is against me. But i got this far, so i shouldnt complain. got an awesome Magnemite at New mauville, called it Rarecoil, and proceeded to use on team. On route 119, caught an Oddish. I wanted a cool pokemon, but oddish's not bad, providing i can find a leaf stone. (or sun) named it ploom after the oddish in my failed blue nuzlocke. Got Leaf stone and evolved ploom into Vileplume. Rarecoil evolved. And then i challenged Winona. I seriously thought i was going to win. and then... boom. Altaria used Earthquake. Come on, how does that thing know earthquake? Needless to say, my rarecoil was owned. My whole team, including dosukoi, was taken out. Thankfully, i had the sense to deposit Ploom in a box before, but i dont think i stand a chance anymore. So thats it. im giving up. for now.
My team
Ploom/Vileplume lv 28
In box

I know you dont care about boxed pokemon.
Elegy/Swablu lv 17 wild Machop
Xoth/Dustox lv 29 Archie's Golbat
Arooo/Poochyena lv 5 wild Wingull
Draeae/Treecko lv 14 Roxanne's Nosepass
Kaw/Taillow lv 13 Roxanne's Nosepass
Gneiss/Lileep lv 21 wild Tentacool
Dosukoi/Hariyama lv 36 Winona's Skarmory
Rarecoil/Magneton lv 32 Winona's Altaria
and a lot more trash.

July 6th, 2010, 12:25 PM
Soooooo I was going to try this on my LeafGreen but then when I started, my rival's Charmander critted Scratch and KO'd my Astro. Do I get the record for fastest loss? D:

July 7th, 2010, 5:11 AM
I'm In for Emerald 386 !
Shall update later ... when my 3G Network Downloads this damn ROM :O

July 7th, 2010, 7:35 AM
I'll give it a go for Sapphire, although I'm new to this and haven't even completed a Solo yet :/

Ok so far I have a Torchic named KAIN (Route 101) and a Shroomish named EUTYCHUS (Petalburg Woods). KAIN is level 12 and EUTYCHUS is level 8. Already had a Wurmple named BOAZ and a Zigzagoon named HELLADIOS die :/

I'll try and keep you updated.

July 7th, 2010, 1:40 PM
I'll enter too with Pökémon Fire Red.

July 7th, 2010, 1:57 PM
OK quite a bit has happened since,

I caught a Tailow and named it MERCURY, two Magikarps called Matthias and Oceanus, who are currently in the daycare centre becoming gyarados', and a third magikarp called KYRIAKOS. I also caught a Tentacool named ODIN, a Plusle named ARISTOTLE and a Zigzagoon who I named HELLIADAS in memory of the poisoned HELLIADOS. ARISTOTLE unfortunately died.

I faced the 1st gym with a level 16 Shroomish, a level 13 Torchic and a level 13 Tailow. Breezed through with Shroomish and bullet seed OHKOing everything except nosepass.

2nd Gym faced with a Combusken, Shroomish and Tailow all at level 20, pretty easy as the trainer's and leader's pokemon were weak to flying type moves, e.g peck (which Combusken also knew) and wing attack.

I then made my way to the third gym taking on trainers on the way and managed to get my Combusken to level 24 and the rest were around 21,22. I decided to take on the Winstrate family. Horror Struck. I got to the last one, a level 18 Meditate, who Hi top kicked me to hell :surprised:
I know have to release my beloved Kain and stick with my level 22 Tailow (MERCURY) and level 21 Shroomish (EUTYCHUS) and a couple others.

I don't hold out much hope for me now but like I said this is my first proper challenge and I'mma stick it out. Grinding time. Wish me luck.

Current Team:

Mercury (Swellow) Level 37.

Steel Wing
Wing Attack
Quick Attack

Eutychus (Shroomish) Level 21.
@Miracle Seed

Mega Drain
Leech Seed
Bullet Seed

Helladias (Zigzagoon) Level 13

Tail Whip
Sand Attack

Odin (Tentacool) Level 14
@exp share

Poison Sting

2 Magikarp in daycare ready to evolve into Gyarados' if need be.
Will update on results of the 3rd gym which will be a ***** if Voltorb uses self destruct because if Mercury dies I am stuffed.

Leveled Mercury to 38 and Odin to 18 and took on the gym. Easily beat two trainers and the first two of Wattson's pokemon. Magneton screwed me, and my whole team over :/ I am now left with a level 5 magikarp and two other magikarps high enough to be gyardos'. But even if i managed to grind all my magikarps to level 40 gyarados' they would still get buttraped by the electric type gym. My first Nuzlocke comes to an end, but I loved it. I'mma start again in another thread on a different game, surprisingly not one in Hoenn :O

July 8th, 2010, 1:00 AM
UPDATE 1 : This Game is Tough !


I never played Emerald 386 before, and after the fact that May had a Lv. 7 Treecko which spammed Absorb (and got 2 crits. :O) against Kalle the Squirtle shows how hard is it !
Anyways, my name is RUBY (comic reference ?) and I have RNGd 6 names for both males and females. I just beat May with no encounters on Rt. 101 but meeting a Bellsprout on Rt. 103. Thus, I used it as a grinding spot !


Later, I got some PokeBalls and my PokeDex. I went hunting on Rt. 101 and met a ... Lv. 2 Poochyena ... T_T.
Nicknamed her Salma.
Later, on Rt. 102, I met
a Zigzagoon ... WHY ? Caught her and nicknamed her Aisha. Done some grinding and finally reached Petalburg. I helped Wally and headed west, where I directly went into the grass and found a Surskit ! Caught it and nicknamed him Ugo. The box is good for him (for now, at least). Further north, in Petalburg Woods, I encounterd a wild Shroomish ! AWESOME ! Caught her (too many girls ?) and gave it the nickname : Earline (blame the RNG, not me !). She's level 6 so that only means one thing : GRINDAN TIMEZ !


After grinding to Lv. 10, I smoked the woods and had my first encounter with Team Aqua (his Poochyena was Lv. 12 lol). I've finished remaining stuff and rushed to Rustboro. West of the city, I met a Whismur ... caught it and named him Mikolas and deposited it.


Later on, Youngster Joey of Hoenn Low Kicked Salma and the poor thing fainted in a OHKO. DAMN ! I always have bad luck (coughplatinumnuzlockecough). HE ALSO KILLED KALLE IN A CRITICAL HIT ! >.< Hmmmh ... I CAN withdraw Ugo and start training him, but there's one problem : he's Bug and if he can't OHKO Nosepass, he'll get OHKOd by Rock throw... I'm in a huge dillema here !


OK, done for today. I'll keep grinding to the low 20s (seriously) and post my progress tomorrow !



Earline f Lv. 11 @ - Effect Spore - Docile -

Bullet Seed
Leech Seed
Stun Spore

Aisha f Lv. 11 @ - Pickup - Jolly -

Cut (I decided to teach HMs to my mains and see how it turns out)
Tail Whip


Dead :

:t261: Salma f : Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack - Machop

:t007: Kalle m : Bubble, Tackle, Withdraw, Tail Whip - Machop

Alive :

:t283: Ugo m : Bubble

:t293: Mikolas m : Pound, Uproar

July 8th, 2010, 2:39 AM
Okay after my horrific attempt at a Nuzlocke yesterday I have decided to try again. Here are the results from the first gym,


Started game.
Did the boring stuff
Chose Torchic, named it BLAZE
Beat Poochyena
Encountered a Wurmple on route 101 but no pokeballs :/
Encountered a Poochyena on route 103 but still no pokeballs :/
Beat May's Mudkip
Aqcuired Pokedex, pokeballs and running shoes
Caught Level 4 Zigzagoon on route 102, named it ZIGGY (Originality right?)
Beat Youngster
Beat Bug Catcher
Beat Youngster
Beat Lass
Caught a level 4 Wingull named it WIN GULL. Gotta love these names.
Beat Rich Boy
[WIN GULL BECAME LEVEL 5] down to 1 hp :/
Caught level 5 Wurmple. Named it SKWIDJ. Dunno why.
Beat Bug Catcher
[SKWIDJ BECAME LEVEL 7] became Silcoon
~Grinding stopped~
Beat Magma Grunt
Beat Bug Catcher
Obtained bullet seed
Beat Lady
Beat Lass
Beat Twins
[BLAZE BECAME LEVEL 16] became Combusken
Caught a level 7 Nincada, called it NINJADA
Obtained HM 01 Cut
Taught ZIGGY Cut





Current Team:

BLAZE level 18
@quick claw

Double Kick

SKWIDJ level 8

String Shot
Poison Sting

ZIGGY level 7

Tail Whip

WIN GULL level 7

Water Gun

NINJADA level 7

Leech Life

I'll update again later with the results of the next gym and any other pokemon caught etc. Gym to should be easy ish as most of the pokemon are weak to flying moves so i'll just keep pecking, although makuhita's arm thrust can be a ***** :/

Gym Leader 2, Brawly (Brawl y)

Obtained Quick Claw
Gave Blaze Quick Claw
Battle some trainers and magma grunt, retrieved devon goods.
Traveled to Dewford
Caught a Magikarp, Named it Oceanus. will give to daycare centre when I get there
fought a couple of fisherman
[SKWIDJ BECAME LEVEL 10] Became Beautifly
Caught Makuhita, named it ROCKY
2HKO first two trainers pokemon
OHKO all 3 of other trainers pokemon
Pokecenter to heal
2HKO'd both of Brawly's pokemon without taking damage xD

Easier than I thought but the calm before the storm. Gym three is a SOAB with magneton who is resistant to near everything and self destructing Voltorb's. But I'll get some more pokemon on the way, hopefully a tailow (superspeedy) or a shroomish (so i can teach it bullet seed) and do some grinding of BLAZE, make him a Blaziken :) grind others to low 20's and see how it goes. BLAZE's ember should be enough to deal with the magnetons though.

Current Team:

Current Team:

BLAZE level 22
@quick claw

Double Kick

SKWIDJ level 10

String Shot
Poison Sting

ZIGGY level 7

Tail Whip

WIN GULL level 7

Water Gun

NINJADA level 7

Leech Life

ROCKY level 7

Focus Energy
Sand Attack




OCEANUS level 6


July 8th, 2010, 5:33 AM
UPDATE 2 : Dammit ! MAGBY ! Roxanne (Rocks-anne) falls ! DEWFORD - IT'S ON !

Well, the title says it : a Magby wasted 10 POKEBALLS to get caught in Rusturf tunnel ! It was tough, but I have Doris the Magby ! Which I'm gonna grind, of course ! This chapter will also contain the fall of Rocks-anne (also, I remade the first update to make it readable).

Versus : GYM LEADER ROXANNE (Rocks-Anne -> Rock-Type)

Earline only. Mega Drain and Bullet Seed. She also owned an Onix. Note : It's true that I used a Super Potion : Stun Spore missed while Earline got hit by Screech and had Rock Throw spammed on her by Nosepass. A tough one indeed ! But I earned ... :

STONE BADGE ! xD My first Emerald 386 Badge ! Giggle...

So, yeah, I head towards Dewford and get the Old Rod. In Dewford and North of it, I fish for a Magikarp and yeat another Magikarp. Nicknamed one Relenski and another one Chitzoiu. DEPOSIT !!

What ? Doris is evolving at Lv. 15, not 30 ! WTF ? At least I have a Magmar early on ! ;)

In Granite Cave, I meet a Tyrogue ! :o lol. I catch it and nickname him Samuel and deposit him for time being (I don't necesarilly need him).

Tomorrow is time for Brawly, today is grinding !



:t126: Doris Lv. 15 f : Ember, Smog, Leer
:t263: Aisha Lv. 16 f : Headbutt, Cut, Sand-Attack, Tail Whip
:t285: Earline Lv. 18 f : Bullet Seed, Mega Drain, Leech Seed, Stun Spore


Dead :

:t261: Salma f Lv. 10 : Tackle, Howl, Sand Attack - Machop
:t007: Kalle m Lv. 12 : Bubble, Tackle, Withdraw, Tail Whip - Machop

Alive :

:t283: Ugo m Lv. 6 : Bubble
:t293: Mikolas m Lv. 9 : Pound, Uproar
:t129: Relenski f Lv. 5 : Splash
:t129: Chitzoiu m Lv. 6 : Splash

July 9th, 2010, 12:38 PM
I obviously don't have enough patience for this, I blazed my way through with BLAZE, not grinding at all after the 3rd gym and got all the way to the 8th gym where BLAZE died :/ I wasn't too upset because I had caught myself a Groudon earlier. Then I remembered the rule about no legendaries. I'm gunna finish off this run through with blaziken and grouden, nuzlocke challenged finished, but only my second attemot and made it to 8th gym, with 57 Blaziken.

I'm gunna try another challenge soon but I won't update until I know I'm doing alright or until I'm finished because I just keep updating and failing lol, plus I'm not a very good story teller :/

EDIT: Okay here we go.

Chose a Mudkip, because I hear it's the easiest but I would argue Torchic is "/ Also It can learn Surf, Diveand Waterfall I believe but i'll try and teach them to others. Made it past route 101 without encountering a Pokemon! XD Means I can catch one when I actually get some balls. Not so lucky on route 103 :( Kicked Brendan's bum with my level 6 Mudkip, named SERJ. Now it's level 7 XDXD. May obtained Balls XD. Short lived excitement about route 101. I caught a level 2 Wurmple "/ Named it Ozzy because he happened to be on the TV at the time. My Pokemon on route 102 was a... level 3 wurmple. FML. Named it Slipknot because they were on next. Ah well maybe I can get 1 Silcoon/Beautifly and 1 Cascoon/Dustox.Barely made it to Petalburg because I didn't pick up any of the 3 potions "/ In Petalburg Woods I caught a Silcoon "/ arguably worse than a wurmple. Named it Scuzz. Ozzy evolved into Silcoon. I'm counting on Slipknot evolving into Cascoon. ****YEAH. I think this is actually my first Cascoon. Why am I so happy about a cascoon lol. Scuzz died :( I have a lvl 12 mudkip and a lvl 7 Silcoon and Duscoon.
Beat Roxanne XD. Pretty Easy with Serj's watergun.

EDIT2: Caught a level 7 Whismur in route 116. Named it hurt. Beat Magma Grunt to retrieve the Devon goods. SERJ became a marshtomp XDXD. OZZY became a beautifly. Maybe Ozzy and Slipknot aren't good names for butterflies "/ Boxed my Whismur as a backup. Caught a level 9 Aron in Granite cave and named it IRONMAIDEN XD. Delivered Steven's letter without Flash xD. Spent some time grinding my pomemon to take on Brawly. Grinded until SERJ was level 21 and so was SLIPKNOT. SLIPKNOT took he whole gym down with gust XD.

EDIT3: Sailed to Slateport :) Gave SERJ soft sand to hold. Battled the Magma grunts in the museum, kicked them in their whiny asses with SERJ. Delivered Devon goods. Thrashed Brendan, SERJ to take out Numel, then SLIPKNOT to take out Grovyle and Wailmer. Caught a Gulpin in route 110. Named it Flash. (AAAAHHH) Boxed it because I don't need it. Beat Wally with a OHKO :) Challenged the gym. OHKO'd EVERYONE in the gym with Mud-Shot combined with soft sand XDXD. Sorry for small update this time.

EDIT4: Got myself a Mach bike, don't see the point in acro tbh. Also got Rock Smash and taught it to SERJ, because it really didn't need Bide "/ Caught a sonofa***** geodude that ambushed me from a rock that I smashed >:( named it ASEVENX XD. Caught a Machop in route 112, Running out of heavy metal linked names. Decided on Dio. Boxed 'em both. Accidentaly killed a Spinda on route 113 :( no Pokemon for me. Caught a Seedot on route 114, named it Trivium XD. Boxed that too. Caught a zubat at meteor falls, called it Airborne. Also going in the box as a backup, I only really need my two mains atm. Took on Magma leader Maxie and Lost SERJ, SLIPKNOT and IRONMAIDEN. May come back to this at a later date and grind my backups but atm, I cba :|

My team atm is:



Hurt level 6
IronMaiden level 9
Ozzy level 10
Flash level 13

July 14th, 2010, 8:42 PM
I just began my challenge and in summary this is what happened.

Started my game.
Did some things.
Obtained Mudkip (John).
Went to Oldale Town.
Defeated May at Route 103.
Obtained the Pokédex and Poké Balls at Prof. Birch's Lab.
Caught a Zigzagoon (Anne) at Route 103.
Caught a Seedot (Chandra) at Route 102.
Trained Anne and Chandra.
Helped Wally catch his Ralts.
Caught a Taillow (Paul) at Route 104.
Trained Paul.
Caught another Zigzagoon (Unnamed) at Petalburg Woods.
Trained Anne, Chandra, Paul and Zigzagoon at Petalburg Woods.
Chandra died (A Zigzagoon killed her).:(
Defeated the Team Aqua Grunt at Petalburg Woods.
Arrived to Rustboro City.
Failed to catch a Nincada at Route 116.
John evolved into Marshtomp.
Trained Anne, Paul and Zigzagoon at Route 116.
Defeated Roxanne and got the Stone Badge.


John (Marshtomp) Lv18: Tackle, Growl, Mud Shot and Water Gun.
Anne (Zigzagoon) Lv10: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip and Headbutt.
Paul (Taillow) Lv10: Peck, Growl, Focus Energy and Quick Attack.
Unnamed Zigzagoon Lv10: Headbutt, Growl, Tail Whip and Cut.


Chandra (Seedot) Lv7: Bide, Harden and Growth. (Killed by a Zigzagoon).

July 16th, 2010, 5:09 PM
sounds hawt I am in :D

Games: Fire Red
Emerald (if I am allowed to do both)

and one question does the safari zone count as one area or each individual area in it?

July 23rd, 2010, 5:22 PM
I'm going to start a challenge on my emerald.

I started by choosing Torchic and Nicknamed him MEGAFOOT. I then encountered wild pokemon on both route 101 and 103 which annoyed me a bit. I caught a Poochyena on Route 102 after defeating my rival and nicknamed her HECTIC. When I finally got to Route 104 after almost losing HECTIC to a Zigzagoon, I caught another Poochyena called SLOPPY which came with a Pecha Berry.

Three battles later, SLOPPY died against a Marill. No one liked SLOPPY anyway. I went into Petalburg Forest and guess what I found? NAPPY the duhduhduh!!! Poochyena. Sadness.

Death to the Poochyena's! NAPPY died. Grrr! Hell Yeah! I finally got something that isn't Poochyena, and I now have RIPPAH the Nincada. And the dead bug isn't so good. R.I.P RIPPAH. I needed more pokemon so I went to Rusturf Tunnel and found a Whismur called WIZARD! It better not die. Yay I got the first badge and defeated the Team Aqua grunt.

Poor HECTIC got murdered by May's Mudkip and now im sad, three dead Poochyena's and one dead Nincada :(. I just saw a shiny Cascoon in Petalburg forst, but wont use it as it isn't my first pokemon there but I am going to keep it. I used my Old Rod to catch a Goldeen in Petalburg City and have named it KALDAS. I have caught a Magikarp in Dewford Town called GAZZA and I am going to train it soon. I am done for today and will update soonm, maybe today or tomorrow.

My Team is:

KALDAS / Goldeen Lv17: Horn Attack, Peck, Water Sport, Supersonic.
MEGAFOOT / Combusken Lv17: Ember, Double Kick, Cut, Peck.
WIZARD / Whismur Lv17: Uproar, Pound, Astonish, Howl.
GAZZA / Magikarp Lv5: Splash.


SLOPPY / Poochyena Lv5
NAPPY / Poochyena Lv6
RIPPAH / Nincada Lv8
HECTIC / Poochyena Lv17

July 23rd, 2010, 7:39 PM
I'll be entering with pokemon Fire Red. I'll start within the hour and post youtube updates. I hope I don't suck! =D

EDIT: I'll post my updates for the night tomorrow afternoon. Need to get to sleep. I've made some progress. Just beat Brock and I have a lv 17 Ivysaur. I have 2 pokemon in my PC for emergencies. Like I always say, hope I don't suck! =D lol

mondays suck
July 24th, 2010, 3:06 AM
Ok, so I grinded like forever and challenged Wattson. The result:


Which means...

...That all I have left are a Skitty, 2 Magikarps and a Gyarados. Yeah, I'm screwed. No way I'm going to win this.
But seriously, I did A TON of grinding, and still get wiped by a ****ing Manectric? Whoever made this hack can go to hell. These games are supposed to be fun, not grindfests.

July 24th, 2010, 1:56 PM
EDIT: All 4 episodes are up. "ViridiansPokeMaster" is the channel. Can't put link cause I lack posts, so go there if you're wondering how I'm doing.

July 26th, 2010, 1:28 AM
I caught Stingy the Tentacool on Route 107 but died while I was training it so oh well. I then headed over to Granite Cave and caught a Zubat called Zoomba. On Route 106 I caught Flappy the Magikarp with my old rod and have put in in the PC for backup. After training all of my pokemon to level 18, i got to Brawly after losing Zoomba and Megafoot and the got owned by his Makuhita leaving only Flappy, aka, I lose. :(

August 2nd, 2010, 7:20 AM
Is this thread still open? If so I'd like to start a Sapphire Nuzlocke run. I've never done Nuzlocke before so I'll probably update regularly and keep a detailed log of everything I do.

EDIT: No response, so I figured I'd start anyway and post the first chapter of my first Nuzlocke adventure :)

CHAPTER 1 – Leaving Littleroot

- Called myself Locke, moved into my new place

- Started up Route 101, found Professor Birch being chased by a Pokemon

- Picked Mudkip out of his bag, took out the Poochyena with no trouble. I chose Mudkip because even though I like Torchic best of the Gen III starters, I wanted a chance against the first Gym, and I don’t like Treecko much.

- Prof Birch gave me the Mudkip, which I named Crash. Serious nature… Good to know, because I have a feeling this game will get pretty serious…

- Headed up Route 101, suddenly becoming aware of how nervous the tall grass made me feel

- Took a deep breath, and headed into my first patch of grass in my first ever Nuzlocke challenge… hoped I’d make it through safely, but as I reached the last square of grass, was attacked by a lv.3 Zigzagoon

- Beat Zigzagoon after he Growled repeatedly, but was annoyed that I wouldn’t be able to catch a Route 101 Pokemon

- Headed up to Oldale town with no further battles, healed, sold my only Potion (not gonna be using it!)

- Headed up to Route 103, attacked again by a lv.4 Zigzagoon (damnit, no catching Pokemon on Route 103 either!)

- Zigzagoon took Crash down to 8/20 health – Growling 6 times made it difficult to finish the bugger off!

- Crash hit level 6 and learned Mud Slap. Suddenly I remembered that the Physical/Special split didn’t exist in Gen. III. I’ll need to get used to that again…

- Headed back to Oldale town, healed up, then set off for Route 103, looking for May

- Reached May… she attacked! Her Treecko started off with Leer, which made me nervous. Mudkip used Tackle, scored a Critical hit to put my mind a bit more at ease. Treecko used Pound. My heart was in my mouth – I had no idea how much damage to expect after the Leer earlier… phew, only 5 damage. Another Tackle and Treecko’s down to 1 HP. Another Pound and another Tackle and Crash has beaten Treecko with 12/22 HP remaining! Even better, he’s up to lv.7! Make that 14/24 HP remaining…

- Back to Oldale to heal up. May mentioned going back to her dad’s lab for something… maybe I’ll follow her… I meet her by Route 101, she tells me to hurry home. Will do! I jump all the fences and reach Littleroot Town again unscathed.

- Straight to the lab to meet May and Birch – he tells me beating May is quite an achievement as she has an extensive history as a trainer. Obviously not that extensive as Treecko, her only Pokemon, is only lv.5…

- Birch gives me a Pokedex, and May challenges me to finish it before her. Probably not going to happen, that. She gives me some Pokeballs though, which is nice. Off to get some backup for poor lonely Crash!

- On the way, chatted to Mum, who gave me running shoes. About time; did she let me walk about barefoot before?!

- Back out to Route 101. Can’t catch anything here, so ran straight through, and avoided all wild Pokemon. Straight to the Mart to buy my 10 Pokeball allowance – plus a free Premier Ball. Next stop, Route 102!

August 3rd, 2010, 8:06 AM
Short update here - not had much playtime.

CHAPTER 2 – Into the big wide world

- Headed onto Route 102. First Pokemon I ran across was, thankfully, not a Zigzagoon. Instead it was a lv. 3 female Poochyena, Sassy nature. Promptly caught her and named her Pepper. She was a bit behind Crash so I decided to stay around and level her up a bit before heading any further.

- Levelled Crash up to 10, when he learned Water Gun. Nice! Pepper learned Howl at lv. 6. Kept grinding for a while, rushing back to the Oldale Pokemon Centre every now and then with my tail between my legs when I got critted. Realised how much I like the music on Route 102! Also, turns out wild Lotad are a real bonus for Pepper – only damaging attack is Astonish, which is not very effective against Dark types, and give 42 whole XP!

- Survived a hairy moment when a rogue crit from a wild Wurmple took Pepper down to just 3HP. Scraped through though and headed back to heal.

- Got Pepper to lv.8, had to turn off for now. Next up, I’ll head down Route 102 proper, and brave the Bug Catchers!

August 3rd, 2010, 11:37 AM
this is cool with a capitol CO

August 4th, 2010, 7:53 AM
CHAPTER 3 – I am your father…

- Carried on past a few more trainers on Route 102, disposed of them easily enough. Hit Petalburg City. Healed up and sold a Potion I picked up, then tried to continue onto Route 104 towards Rustboro City, but was stopped by someone who thought it was very important I saw the Gym.

- Went into the Gym and bumped into none other than… Dad! Had a chat, helped some frail fellow called Wally catch a Ralts. Dad said I had to get stronger before I challenged him.

- Finally got onto Route 104. First wild Pokemon… a female Taillow, lv.4. Caught her, named her Swift. Calm nature… just about the least useful nature for a Taillow ever… Ah well, I’ll make do.

- Started to grind Taillow, including in a battle against Rich Boy Winstone which nearly got Pepper killed. Back to Petalburg to heal, then I took the plunge into Petalburg Woods… High risk of poisoning here, but hopefully a brand new Pokemon too.

- First to attack me was… Wurmple, female, lv.5. Oh good. Even better, it promptly poisoned Pepper. Argh. Switched Pepper out… it poisoned Crash too. ARGH. Considered running for a Pokemon Centre but stuck it out to catch the Bug-type. Called her Jabs because of her ability to infect my poor Pokemon. Naughty nature… too right… Naughty’s my favourite Nature though, so good stuff.

- Made it to the Pokemon Centre by the skin of my teeth, no casualties. Thank God for that. Back to the Woods! Might be spending as little time here as possible… Soon as I see a Wurmple I’m running for the hills!

- Make my way through the woods, discover some tool trying to find a Shroomish. And failing. And then getting ambushed by a Team Aqua drone, who proceeds to attack me instead! The injustice of it all… Lv.9 Poochyena goes down quickly to Crash’s Water Gun. A Great Ball is my reward.

- Remembered the first Gym is Rock-type, so any time spent levelling Pepper , Swift and especially Jabs at the moment is a waste, even if Pepper takes about 3XP to gain a level…

- Made it through the woods. Got a TM for… Bullet Seed! Oo, that might help against Roxane. Oh wait… None of my Pokemon can learn it. Balls.

- Came across a trainer with a Lotad. I feared for Crash… then remembered that Mudkip isn’t Ground-type yet  dead Lotad. Followed up with a Shroomish, which paralysed poor Crash… switched in lv.6 Swift, and hurrah! Absorb only does 1HP damage! I never said I disliked Calm natures…

- Got to Rustboro! Next up, Gym number 1…

CHAPTER 4 – Rustboro or Bust(boro)

I’ve decided to carry on in prose rather than bullet points. Much nicer on the eye, y’know.

Anyway, I bumped into a Shroomish while grinding Crash for the Gym. Really, really wanted it – a Breloom would be amazing – but I couldn’t catch her, having already picked up Jabs in Petalburg Woods! I realised then the real difficulty of the Nuzlocke challenge; there really is no guarantee I’ll ever catch any of the Pokemon I actually want or need.

Crash hit lv.15 against the Gym trainers, and tried to learn Bide. I decided against learning what is essentially a high-risk suicide move on my Nuzlocke challenge… Imagine if I got Encored… the thought makes me slightly nauseous…

Anyway, Crash carved a Water Gun OHKO path through the residents of Petalburg Woods and hit lv.16, evolving into a Marshtomp and learning Mud Shot. Hoo-rah. Suddenly I felt a little more confident about taking on Roxane. So that’s where I headed – with Pepper, at lv.11, my only real backup! All or bust…

After all that buildup, Roxane was a cinch. OHKO’d Geodude, then set Nosepass up with a Mud Shot, expecting that A) Water Gun wouldn’t OHKO him, and B) it’d reduce his Speed to counter his inevitable Rock Tomb reducing Crash’s. Water Gun finished him off in style, and Crash hit lv.17. One Gym down, 7 to go!

Got Rock Tomb, didn’t teach it to anyone – only Crash could learn it, and it’s not much use to him, seeing as it sucks against Grass, his only weakness. Left the Gym and saw a Team Aqua member run off with that tool’s “goods.” Ho hum. Best follow him…

…Or not. Instead I left the moron to his crying and went back to get Swift some easy levels in the woods. She hit lv.13 and learned… Wing Attack?

Oh yes.

While levelling Jabs, who evolved into a Silcoon at lv.7, I came across a Shroomish. I got the Shroomish down to within one hit of fainting, but Jabs herself was also just 2 hits – or 1 critical hit – away from death. I could have switched Jabs out, or run away, but I decided to gamble and hope that Shroomish didn’t crit me. As I pressed the button, though, on Poison Sting, I realised I wished I hadn’t. I wasn’t just risking fainting, which is easily repaired at a Pokemon Centre. I was gambling with Jabs’ very life.

As it happened, Shroomish didn’t crit Jabs, it was fainted by Poison Sting, and Jabs hit lv.8. But I learned me a valuable lesson – not to gamble with my Pokemon’s lives. Not even with Jabs, by some distance my weakest Pokemon.

Then the unthinkable happened. Grinding happily away, 1 level away from a Beautifly… Poisoned by a rogue Wurmple. I didn’t make it to the Pokemon Centre in time (and I’m playing with no healing items at all, in or out of battle). Jabs died.

Wow, that was unexpected. Killed by one of her own. I really have to make sure I keep grinding throughout this challenge, or the same fate may befall any of my other Pokemon. With that in mind, I set to grinding Pepper. First Pokemon she came up against was another Wurmple… was this the same Wurmple that killed Jabs? Probably not. Kicked its ass regardless.

Onto Route 106. First Pokemon was a Taillow. Caught her, and on auto-pilot (never usually nickname my Pokemon) forgot to give her a name. Boxed her away, will have to remember to name her later.

Phew, this is a time-consuming challenge, what with having to keep running back to the Pokemon Centre every time I want to heal (poisoned by three consecutive Poison Stings… I lost my sense of humour at this point). Finally, Pepper hit lv.13 and learned… Bite?

Oh yes.

Current team:

http://pokemondb.net/images/sprites/diamond-pearl/icon/poochyena.png PEPPER - Female - Sassy - Lv.13
http://www.serebii.net/red_green/sprites/276.gif SWIFT - Female - Calm - Lv.14
http://www.serebii.net/red_green/sprites/259.gif CRASH - Male - Serious - Lv.17

In PC:

http://www.serebii.net/red_green/sprites/276.gif TAILLOW - Female - Lax - Lv.7


http://www.poke-amph.com/heartgoldsoulsilver/sprites/small/266.gif JABS - Female - Naughty - Lv.9 - Died from poison

August 5th, 2010, 3:16 AM
can you not double post please and edit your previous post please. Thanks

August 7th, 2010, 6:47 AM
can you not double post please and edit your previous post please. Thanks

Right. Firstly, you're not even a moderator. Secondly, the double posts were a day apart; it's not my fault no-one else is posting in this thread, and I'm not going to continually re-edit the same post for the rest of time, it'd become ridiculously long.

Anyway, next chapter ahoy:

CHAPTER 5 – Brawling with Brawly

Beat a few more trainers, then found an old guy at the entrance to Rusturf tunnel whining about losing his “darling” Peeko (something concerning about that… I fear for that Wingull’s safety). Went into the cave and added a new Pokemon to my team – Charlie the Whismur, lv.7, Serious nature. Should be useful when it comes to learning Strength. Assuming he’s still alive, of course. Unlike Jabs… Poor Jabs.

Anyways, beat up the Aqua Grunt using Swift’s Wing Attack. It pleases me to have that move already, considering it’ll probably stay on Swift’s moveset forever. And hooray, Darling Peeko is saved. Well, assuming you consider being forced back into a life of being chased “playfully” around an old pervert’s log cabin as “being saved.” I bet the poor budgie was just trying to escape, and I ruined it all.

The tool who lost his Devon Goods abducted me and took me to his boss, another dubious old man. Oh, I take it back, he gave me a Pokenav. Good bloke. I found a girl wanting to trade my Slakoth for her Makuhita. I was keen, until I realised I didn’t have a Slakoth, and I had no way of getting one just yet. Maybe later young girl.

Got a Quick Claw from the Trainers’ School, gave it to Pepper. Got Cut from “Cutter’s” house – sounds like a self-harmer – but had no-one to teach it to. Discovered I couldn’t proceed any further without Rock Smash, so headed back to Mr. Briney’s house, stopping off to grind a bit with Charlie on Route 104 (yes, I skipped Petalburg Woods. Damn Wurmple).

Sailed to Dewford with Mr. Briney, and obtained a Silk Scary for Charlie. Got an Old Rod from a fisherman by the Gym, and used it to obtain my newest team member – a Magikarp, lv.9, female, whom I forgot to nickname. Again. Argh. She will be named Marjorie at the first opportunity.

Headed up to the cave in Dewford. A nice Hiker gave me the Flash HM, and I realised I needed a Zubat or I wouldn’t be able to use it. Instead I ran into a Makuhita, lv.9. Caught him and named him Thumper, Hasty nature. ARGH. Hasty?! Awful. Couldn’t it have been… I dunno, Brave? Or Impish? Or ANYTHING other than Hasty? And it’ll be a dark time in this cave when I look for Steven later.

Stuck around in the cave to grind a bit and get Crash ready to face the Gym – didn’t want to take any chances, I’ve read about people failing Nuzlocke runs on Brawly before and I didn’t feel particularly secure that I’d beat him, given that both Charlie and Pepper were weak to Fighting moves. I realised that not being allowed to use Flash without the Dewford Gym Badge meant nothing seeing as I couldn’t teach it to any of my Pokemon anyway, so I headed through the cave to find Steven. On the basement floor I ran into an Aron, and was sorely tempted to break the rules to catch it. I like Aggron. Didn’t break the rules though, and on I went, killing Aron all the while and gaining truckloads of XP from them.

After stumbling in the dark for a while I tracked down Steven and obtained the Steel Wing TM. Sweet. Taught it to Swift. Escape Roped out to heal, then headed back into the cave basement to train where the Aron were.

Then it happened again.

I switched in Thumper to train him up a bit, when the Aron I was facing critted Headbutt. Thumper went down in one. First battle, first attack. This Nuzlocke thing is pretty brutal.

Crash finished the Aron off and I scarpered, seeing as Crash hadd hit lv.20 by this point, Swift had evolved into aSwellow at lv.22 and I felt ready to take on the Gym. It’s lucky in a way that I hadn’t had Thumper for long enough by this point to get attached to him. Still, poor little fella. I mentally added Aron to the list of Pokemon I no longer liked (so far: Wurmple, Aron).

Into the Gym I went, nearly 7 hours playtime on the clock – probably more to do with the time I’ve spent typing this up rather than how long I’ve spent grinding. And in the end, Brawly was a complete non-event; Swift had steamrollered the Gym trainers on the way to evolving, and Crash OHKOd both of Brawly’s Pokemon with critted Mud Shots.

I couldn’t teach Bulk Up to any of my Pokemon, so I moved onto Slateport, trying to bump up Pepper and Charlie’s levels by using them against the beach trainers and those in the lemonade hut, nipping to the Slateport Pokemon Centre every now and then to heal. I decided against fishing for a Route 107 Pokemon until I got a better rod – no sense just getting another Magikarp to not use.

Current team:

http://www.serebii.net/red_green/sprites/293.gifCHARLIE - Male - Serious - Lv.15
http://www.serebii.net/red_green/sprites/261.gifPEPPER - Female - Sassy - Lv.15
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon026.gifSWIFT - Female - Calm - Lv.22
http://www.serebii.net/red_green/sprites/259.gif CRASH - Male - Serious - Lv.22

In PC:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon025.gif ARIEL - Female - Lax - Lv.7
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon052.gif MARJORIE - Female - Naughty - Lv.9


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon015.gif JABS - Female - Naughty - Lv.9 - Died from poison - Petalburg Woods
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon048.gif THUMPER - Male - Hasty - Lv.9 - Critted by an Aron Headbutt - Granite Cave

August 9th, 2010, 2:03 AM
It seems I'm singlehandedly keeping this thread alive. If any moderators want me to stop, then please tell me. Anyway, this is the next chapter of my journey:

CHAPTER 6 – The casualties pile up

Cheerful title to the chapter, isn’t it. I got a lot of playtime in today, partly due to the fact that I was away from my computer so I wasn’t stopping to type every minute or so. As a result I’ll probably omit a few details here and there but the general theme is still intact.

I headed north from Slateport City on Route 110, battling a few trainers and May, who wasn’t much of a competitor, despite her Wailmer having a lot of HP. I passed straight by the Trick House as I had no Pokemon who could use Cut at this point. First Pokemon I bumped into was a lv.12 Wingull, male, which I caught and named George. Careful nature. Not much use though.

I reached Mauville and healed up and got the Rock Smash HM, which I taught to Crash for lack of better options (Mud Shot and Water Gun still meant that his movepool was good at this point). I decided to get another Pokemon from Route 117, which turned out to be a male Roselia, lv.13. Named him Curly, and he had a Calm nature.

I beat up all the trainers around Route 117 and 118, then got a bike and headed down the Cycle Path and beat all those trainers. I then taught Cut to Curly, headed back to the Trick House, beat it and got a Rare Candy. I gave that to Curly, then regretted it immediately when I realised I’d never use him in battle.

Anyway by the time I challenged the Mauville Gym all my Pokemon were at lv.24 except Crash, who was at lv.27. Wattson was an absolute piece of cake – 3 Mud Shots took care of all his Pokemon, and the only move they even managed to attempt was a Sonicboom from his Magneton, which obligingly missed. Three Gyms down, 5 to go…

Headed north from Mauville on Route 111, beating the Winstrate family with Swift alone. Further north I found an impassable (for now) sandstorm, so I banked left and headed along Route 112, hoping to bump into a Pokemon I could actually use in my team… a Numel! Male, lv.14. Sweet. I love Numel. Caught him and named him Tiny; he had a Relaxed nature. I liked him immediately, and set about grinding him as I headed through the Fiery Path, catching a female Slugma (lv.15, Docile, named Wanda) along the way.

I popped out back onto Route 112 again – so I couldn’t catch any more Pokemon here – and kept going, stopping at a kind old lady’s house to rest. Hit Route 113, the one with all the volcanic ash, and failed to catch a Spinda (what a shame) because Tiny accidentally destroyed him. Went through Fallarbor and into the patch of grass in Route 114, meeting a Swablu! I was really keen to catch this little fella, but Numel critted his second Ember and the chance was gone. Real shame that, a Dragon-type would have come in very handy indeed, especially one with good defences like Altaria.

I headed into Meteor Falls, catching a Zubat, lv.17, male. I named him Laser, then boxed him away.

On a sidenote, I do find it entertaining that it’d taken me about 8 or 9 hours to actually catch a Zubat. I mean, they’re hardly rare… I haven’t even got a Zigzagoon either!

Onwards. I met Team Aqua, Magma and Dr. Cozmo, then continued on my way, after hearing that Aqua were up to some funny business at the volcano. I ploughed back through the Rusturf Tunnel using Rock Smash to clear the way, earning the Strength HM for my troubles, which I promptly taught to Pepper and Charlie. I went back up to Route 112 and up the newly free cable car to the top of the volcano, dispatching a couple of Team Aqua Grunts and setting up a showdown with their Boss, Archie.

Wow, Archie proved a tough battle. He really was a step above any other trainers I’d faced to this point; 3 evolved Pokemon gave my team a bit of a scare, especially his Golbat (which, worryingly, isn’t even fully evolved yet). I just scraped past the Golbat using Shockwave, which I taught Charlie after winning it back at the Mauville Gym.

With Archie dead, I trekked back down to the Jagged Pass, hoping beyond hope that I’d find a Spoink. I love Grumpig. Instead I bumped into another Numel, which Tiny accidentally killed outright with a high powered Magnitude. Given what was to come, this was an irony I’d come to regret.

I decided to stay in the Jagged Pass to get my team up to lv.30 before taking on the Gym leader in Lavaridge. Big mistake, as it turned out. Tiny was making his way happily up to lv.29 when he tried using Magnitude on a wild Numel. I got Magnitude 5, which didn’t kill the wild Pokemon. The wilder got Magnitude 9. Tiny was dead. At this point I seriously considered just healing him and forgetting it had happened, until I realised that there was no point Nuzlocking if I wasn’t going to do it properly. Tiny was gone and I had to move on. I released him, and replaced him in my team with Laser, thinking that in the long run, a Crobat would be pretty handy.

Back to the Jagged Pass I went. Laser had nearly hit lv.18 when I decided to take a risk and let him actually take on the wild Pokemon himself, because switching him out was painfully slow. First Pokemon he came up against was a Spoink; forgetting Laser was part-Poison for a split second, I led with Supersonic, which missed, and then Laser was OHKO’d by Psybeam. Argh… Another loss. I’d had Laser for such a short time that I didn’t even know his nature.

Shaken from my losses, I got the rest of my dwindling team up to lv.30 and challenged the gym – after picking up the egg from the lady next to the hot springs (Togepi, I seem to recall… if only Togekiss existed in Gen III).

I defeated the Gym trainers with ease, then headed onto Flannery. Crash took out her two Slugmas with ease, but Torkoal was proving a challenge – Crash could easily get her down to red health, but couldn’t quite finish her off before Flannery used a Hyper Potion (cheap trick if you ask me – I’m not using them). Torkoal then used Attract on Crash and I had to switch in Pepper. Big mistake.

Pepper was OHKO’d by Overheat. Pepper, the first Pokemon I caught on this Nuzlocke challenge, my trusted companion, was dead. This loss hit me harder than any of the others so far.

I switched Crash back in and managed to avenge Pepper without any paralysis from repeated Body Slams. I won the Heat Badge and the Overheat TM, which I couldn’t use since Tiny’s demise. Neither seemed like compensation for the loss I’d just suffered. Damn you Flannery, and damn you Torkoal.

May showed up to give me some Goggles to help me through the sandstorm on Route 111; my next stop is to limp that way with the three remaining members of my team, plus Curly my Flash/Cut slave and an unhatched egg.


CHAPTER 7 – Like father, like son

I did everything there is to do in the Desert, choosing the Claw Fossil. In my view, Generation III’s fossils are by some distance the worst yet, at least until Gen IV when both Armaldo and Cradily figure out how to use a few half decent moves. As it is though, that fossil will probably never be hatched. The first Pokemon I bumped into was a male Sandshrew, lv.20. Another Serious nature, which is ok, but I was hoping for a Trapinch. Digger the Sandshrew was promptly boxed away.

The next thing to do is to beat my dad. This means a big, long grinding session, because if there is one Gym in the entire series of Pokemon games that I loathe, it’s the Petalburg Gym. I just HATE those Slaking. Essentially I’d like to have about a 10 level headstart on Norman, so I’d like all my Pokemon to be level 40 before I start this Gym, as I have no Ghost- or Fighting-type Pokemon (if only Thumper hadn’t died…). I might settle for getting Crash fully evolved and then giving it a go, though.

On with the grind, then.

After getting a few levels, my egg hatched, and to my surprise, it wasn’t a Togepi, but a Wynaut… Interesting. Nicknamed him Rebound. Quirky nature. Rebound may be an inspired addition to my team, if I ever have the patience to raise him. For now, though, the grind was more important.

…or was it?

Dig. I hadn’t taught the Dig TM to any of my Pokemon. Dig, the move that protects a Pokemon from all harm for a turn. I think I may have just stumbled upon the secret of how to beat those damn Slaking… Still, I wanted Crash to evolve just to be sure. I hate training in a sandstorm. The animation does my head in.

After Crash evolved I realised his most powerful Special move was still Water Gun, so I spent every penny I possessed on coins at the Game Corner and taught him Ice Beam. Then I decided to take the plunge against Norman.

And my oh my, what a plunge it was. Crash avoided every attack bar one by Digging when it attacked (I wasn’t sure if Norman using a Hyper Potion counted as one of Slaking’s “active” turns – as it happens, it did, and Crash took a Façade for about 40 damage). Crash then powered past Vigoroth with a Dig and an Ice Beam, before facing the final Slaking.

The second Slaking was faster than Crash, completely destroying the Dig tactic. Vigoroth had taken Crash’s health down to 44/120, and Slaking’s Façade took him down to just 2HP. Another Façade would spell the end for my first Nuzlocke Pokemon… but no! Slaking used Focus Punch! And I’d used Ice Beam, which actually froze Slaking! The match had turned on its head in an instant. Finishing Slaking off was a simple matter of spamming Mud Shot and Ice Beam until he went down, and the Balance Badge was mine, along with Surf, which I taught to Crash as a reward. Charlie got Façade. The whole game can turn on such small margins.

I caught a lv.24 Marill in the pond next to Petalburg Gym just to celebrate being able to Surf. I named him Bubble.

My next stop, after I met Wattson in Mauville, was to head to New Mauville.

Current team:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon046.gif CHARLIE - Male - Serious - Lv.34
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon026.gif SWIFT - Female - Calm - Lv.31
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon009.gif CRASH - Male - Serious - Lv.36
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon094.gif CURLY - Male - Calm - Lv.14

In PC:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon025.gif ARIEL - Female - Lax - Lv.7
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon052.gif MARJORIE - Female - Naughty - Lv.9
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon027.gif GEORGE - Male - Careful - Lv.12
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon103.gif WANDA - Female - Docile - Lv.15
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon160.gif REBOUND - Male - Quirky - Lv.5
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon054.gif BUBBLE - Male - Hardy - Lv.24


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon015.gif JABS - Female - Naughty - Lv.9 - Died from poison - Petalburg Woods
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon048.gif THUMPER - Male - Hasty - Lv.9 - Critted by an Aron Headbutt - Granite Cave
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon101.gif TINY - Male - Relaxed - Lv.28 - Killed by a wild Numel's lucky Magnitude 9 - Jagged Pass
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon063.gif LASER - Male - Hardy - Lv.17 - Killed by a wild Spoink's Psybeam - Jagged Pass
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon011.gif PEPPER - Female - Sassy - Lv.30 - Killed by Flannery's Torkoal - Lavaridge Gym

August 9th, 2010, 8:00 PM

August 11th, 2010, 3:00 AM
CHAPTER 8 – A shocking new addition

My entry into New Mauville was celebrated with the newest addition to my team’s ranks – Dash the Voltorb, lv.24, Naïve nature. New Mauville was a piece of cake and I headed onwards.

I Surfed across the little stretch of water on Route 118 hoping not to get Tentacool’d, - I wanted an Electrike in the grass beyond – and was successful. Picked up the Good Rod from the Fisherman and headed further down Route 118. I bumped into Steven for a pointless conversation and delved into the grass. First Pokemon I encountered was… a Manectric! What are the chances?! Oh, 10% according to Bulbapedia… Male, lv.26, Static as his ability (I found this out when Crash was paralysed on contact with him). Named him Major. His nature was Quiet… Ok I guess. Now I can stick Dash the Voltorb in the PC and concentrate on my new, 4th team member. Bulbapedia told me that Major wouldn’t learn Thunderbolt naturally so I used the TM24 Wattson had rewarded me with for sorting out New Mauville.

Route 119 sucks. It’s long and a Breloom nearly killed Major and you have to sit through the “It is raining” animation every damn turn… At least the Weather Institute was amusingly easy and has a bed to heal in. I obtained a Castform for saving the scientists, which I wasn’t able to nickname for some reason. Female, lv.25, Timid nature. I’m not 100% sure I’m allowed to use her though, as she’s the second Pokemon I obtained on Route 119 after catching Streaky the Linoone (lv.25, Male, Calm). I boxed Castform away just in case (not that I would have used her otherwise) and carried on, beating up May to obtain HM02. Swift was the lucky learner of Fly.

I reached Fortree City with little trouble, and looked around. An old lady gave me Hidden Power because I have psychic powers, a stupid girl wants to trade my Pikachu for her Skitty (why would I do that?!) and that’s about it. Bulbapedia told me that Winona, the Gym leader, had an Altaria at level 33. A quick Ice Beam from Crash should sort that out quite nicely, so I figured I was already prepared to take her on… but something invisible was blocking the route to the Gym so I carried on down Route 120.

The first Pokemon I encountered on Route 120 was another Linoone, which I killed instead of capturing. I headed onwards and found Steven, who gave me the Devon Scope. He used it to make a Kecleon appear and attack; Major made short work of the Kecleon, which I couldn’t catch anyway. Something tells me this Devon Scope will get me into Fortree Gym…

It did. I progressed with minimal difficulty past the Gym trainers (and don’t you just love the puzzle in this Gym? I do) and set up a showdown with Winona… which was a complete anti-climax. I absolutely destroyed her, even though she switched in her Altaria a lot sooner than expected. 4 OHKOs later and I was outta there with a new Badge and the TM for Aerial Ace. I decided against teaching it to Swift as she was getting left behind level-wise – she was only lv.32 while Major, Charlie and Crash were at 37, 37 and 39 respectively.

Next up, I’ll head down to Lilycove City and finally help Crash forget Rock Smash!

Current team:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon046.gif CHARLIE - Male - Serious - Lv.37
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon026.gif SWIFT - Female - Calm - Lv.32
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon009.gif CRASH - Male - Serious - Lv.39
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon079.gif MAJOR - Male - Quiet - Lv.37
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon094.gif CURLY - Male - Calm - Lv.14

In PC:

http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon025.gif ARIEL - Female - Lax - Lv.7
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon052.gif MARJORIE - Female - Naughty - Lv.9
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon027.gif GEORGE - Male - Careful - Lv.12
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon103.gif WANDA - Female - Docile - Lv.15
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon112.gif DIGGER - Male - Serious - Lv.20
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon160.gif REBOUND - Male - Quirky - Lv.5
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon055.gif BUBBLE - Male - Quirky - Lv.24
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon084.gif DASH - N/A - Naive - Lv.24
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon013.gif STREAKY - Male - Calm - Lv.25
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon142.gif CASTFORM - Female - Timid - Lv.25


http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon015.gif JABS - Female - Naughty - Lv.9 - Died from poison - Petalburg Woods
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon048.gif THUMPER - Male - Hasty - Lv.9 - Critted by an Aron Headbutt - Granite Cave
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon101.gif TINY - Male - Relaxed - Lv.28 - Killed by a wild Numel's lucky Magnitude 9 - Jagged Pass
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon063.gif LASER - Male - Hardy - Lv.17 - Killed by a wild Spoink's Psybeam - Jagged Pass
http://www.pokemonelite2000.com/rsicon011.gif PEPPER - Female - Sassy - Lv.30 - Killed by Flannery's Torkoal - Lavaridge Gym