View Full Version : Ladies and Gentleman...Hiya!!

May 9th, 2010, 10:22 PM
New to posting here in the forums, but been a long time spectator and decided it was finally time to be a part of the Poke Community. Specially since I got that Heartgold fever going.

A little bout myself:

* Been playing since the days of Red/Blue (nostalgia kicking in xP ). If it wasn't for those 2 games, the RPG category would be non-existent in my life as they were a gateway to this genre for me.

* Like many of us when this phenomena started a decade+ ago, I've been keeping up with the games, anime series, as well as other poke related material. Haha, putting effort into memorizing the OP lyrics back in the day and the PokeRaps was sure funny now that I think about it...yet still awesome.

* I own most of the main games and spinoff titles that have been released in the States, yes even "Hey You, Pikachu!." Pokemon has brought every kind of emotion out of me over the years. From being anxious before a new game is released, to frustration from trying to breed good pokes and capturing shiny's, and of course the happiness of enjoying a fantastic game franchise.

I hope to get along and share/discuss topics with many of you. Thank you for letting me into this great community and see ya in the forums, latez.