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November 17th, 2003, 12:21 PM
Ok, in Banjo-Tooie, I only need ONE more Jiggy, and it's the one from Canary Mary in that cloud place. No matter how fast I tap on the button (the blue one), the mechanical mouse barely moves, and that stupid bird lady always wins. How the frell do you beat her?

Oh yes, and doesn't Banjo-Tooie have the best graphics of any N64 games? I mean, some people say that Zelda had the best, but Tooie is full of wonderful colors and textures, and even when you're underwater the polygons in the room move so it has that ripply underwater effect. Zelda... well, some of the bg's are kinda realistic, but the colors in that game are too dull and there's too many moments where, for example, a fence, looks really flat and tacked on. However, the Kokiri Forest is gorgeous. Still, one cool looking place in Zelda cannot beat the countless cool looking places in all of Banjo-Tooie.

November 17th, 2003, 12:37 PM
I like to bring my thumb and closest finger so they are touching at their tips, and the rub them back and forth quickly over the button. It's how I win all mash quickly exercises in video games. A pen with the cap on does the same thing. She's not easy to beat, but with that method I have done it.

November 18th, 2003, 5:34 PM
We had an old topic (don't revive it, just veiw it) with several tips on how to beat that bird (I still can't do it, mainly because my buttons are starting to stick because of her, Mario Party, and Mario Kart).


Yeah the graphics are great, even though there are a few flaws, like they changed the color of Grunty's dress from the original game, and during the last battle they kind of slacked off on some of the graphics.....

Hiroshi Sotomura
November 20th, 2003, 2:17 AM
Either of you two can certainly borrow my brother if you like! XD