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November 14th, 2004, 1:16 AM
See I got three problems on my comp since I upgraded it to WinXP. That was just three days ago. I dont know if my upgrade was the latest one or anything or does it have one of those service pack thingys.....

my first problem goes with that I created three accounts for my family to use this comp with. the problem is that the three My Doccument folders... all the accounts are able to see them. The rite-click->properties->sharing tab->clicking the checkbox doesnt work cos that checkbox is disabled. u know.. when its all grey colored and ... disabled? how do i enable it to make it un-sharable?
and i checked, all three accounts are not admin accounts.

the next problem is with my CD Combo drive... CD, R/RW, DVD. its not working properly. i thought its lens was dirty so i tried using a lens cleaner cd on it. but thing is that the whole drive is not working. its taking in the cd, but cant read out of it. DVD's dont work on it anymore... anyone know what the problem is and how i can fix it?

the last problem is that MANY programs are not working on my comp anymore. some of them worked fine on my Win98 comp but now when i try to run them a message comes up saying "This program is not a valid Win32 application" and closes. what do i do?

thanx in advance.

November 14th, 2004, 7:52 AM
To make your account private, open My Computer, Double-Click on the hard drive (usually C). If the contents of the drive are hidden, click Show The Contents Of This Drive. Double Click the Documents and Settings folder. Right click your user folder. On the Sharing tab, select the Make This Folder Private So That Only I Have Access To It check box. I hope that solves the first problem.

For the second question- sometimes CD's won't start immeadately by themselves. They need a program to start on. Try opening Windows Media Player. As for the DVD's, your saved information about the use of the DVD drive (license) for it expired when you reset the system after upgrading. Try downloading a free one. Start ob Google or Yahoo, "free DVD license download". (Watch, though, using the word FREE on a search engine...)

Now, on to question 3. Windows XP runs an entirely different method than Windows 95 or 98. To fix the problem, right click on the program icon (or shortcut), and choose Properties. Go to the Compability Tab, and click Run In Compability for Windows 98. If that dosen't work, try the 256 color option, too.

I hope you can work out your problems! (Yes, I am somewhat of a computer nerd...)

November 14th, 2004, 9:53 AM
first problem. i tried doing that already. as i said before that the checkbox is disabled... i dunno why or how but i need to know how to enable it again. if u dont know what i mean check the screenie of my comp i attached.

second problem.... the i'll have to download to check.... but i forgot to say as well... the drives working a lil but the programs and files dont appear when i go inside the cd. in a normal DVD where id expect to see the audio and video files i just one folder or two but nothings in them... the dvd worked fine at the store when i checked it tho if u think i got a bad dvd.

third problem... i went clicking and tried the compatiblity thing. its not working my programs rite still.... but i didnt try tht 256 color thingy so i'll have to try that.

thanx for helping. i hope at least the third problem solves quick...

November 17th, 2004, 4:49 AM
2nd problem : I think u need to re-install ur CD drive's drivers...try that. Try the Roll-back driver or Update Driver options

3rd problem : Some programs are so old that they probably were made for win95 or 98. Some of these programs simply don't work for xp even if run in Compatibility mode. I tried too, but don't work. U need win98.

And I'm workin on ur 1st problem...it is grey for me too...disabled. U clicc on the ? button in the title bar and it says the setting is available only for my documents, favorites and one more, but it is disabled for that too..

November 17th, 2004, 12:18 PM
To make the accounts private, you first need to add passwords.
Go to the Users control panel, add passwords to each account, and then I -think- it'll prompt if you want to make them private.
This only applies to NTFS volumes, and I'm not sure weather it applies to limited accounts, but give it a shot.

November 17th, 2004, 10:46 PM
hm... i tried to make my comp at 256 color mode but all there is in the color mode list is 16bit low and 32bit high... im running on 32bit high now... the run as 95/98 mode works for a few of my programs.. others give a message saying i need to run my comp in 256 color mode....

i didnt try the driver update thing.. i'll try that now. and i'll re-install my old driver... problem is i didnt really get a driver for my Combo drive... when my comp was 98 i just bought the drive, opened the CPU case and plugged the drive in... i guess it was working with my other drive's driver..... then how come both my cd drives havent died cos my driver's dead? *confused*

and a1337a i have all my accounts on the comp password protected but that promt didnt come up....

edit: the driver update thing asks for a cd... i dont have the cd... and if i make it search automatic it cant find any better drivers.. i dunno how to run the online driver update so.... :(
i found the lil manual for setting up the cd-drive and all the instructions it has is--

-Turn of PC power and unplug AC power
-Remove PC Case
-Select one of these 3 locations for your IDE drive (this is refering to the pics in the middle of the page)
-Connect all cables into proper position
-Re Secure PC Case
-Plug in AC power
-Reboot PC

that doesnt help...

November 18th, 2004, 12:11 AM
driver update thing asks for a cd... i dont have the cd...
Wow, how can u not have the CD? The vendor should have given it to u! Or you can ask him to do it for u if u r still in the warranty period..U need a CD to install drivers, otherwise I suppose it wont work...

November 19th, 2004, 7:26 AM
err... no i dont have the cd....

the vendor guy just setup the cd-drive into my cpu thru the.. i think it was called the IDE drive.. or something.... he didnt use a cd and my drive worked fine...

and i still got a warrenty.. its supposed to last for a year and i bought this drive sometime in august...