View Full Version : Give Me Vibrava or Give me nothing at all!

August 6th, 2010, 3:20 PM
Hello peoples,

I would like a vibrava. I don't care what gender or what moves as long as it is a vibrava some pokemon I have to offer include

Crobat lv 35
nature: lax
ability: inner focus


Mean Look

Side note: Perfect for catching entei lv 40 in hg ss I even tryed it and entei now has like 1 hp

onix lv 14 or 8
staravia lv 19
sudowodo lv 20
prinplup lv 19
kangashan lv 8
kenya the spearow lv 20
ditto lv 10
grotle lv 22
2 male nidoran
togetic lv 25
Shiny gyrados lv 30

If you like any of those pokemon and happen to have a vibrava them vm or pm me and i'll set up conditions to make a trade :)