View Full Version : How do I become a Super Moderator

E. Master
November 18th, 2003, 2:56 PM
How do I become a Super Moderator because I want to become one.

Fire Master
November 18th, 2003, 3:07 PM
Well you don't post here in R/S you would post in Questions and feedback. There are no positions for S-mods or Mods. Read the rules that Kairi made about the mod.

EDITE: If there where any postions a mod has to be nice to every one and can' ask to be one.He/She must also Treat evry member with respect.

EDITE: can a Mod lock this?

November 18th, 2003, 3:13 PM
ya, e master already poited this is the questions! its annoying to post the same thing in two places!

November 18th, 2003, 3:16 PM

Here's your answer, in this topic.