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November 27th, 2004, 1:59 PM
According to legend, there once was a ferocious battle that was played out. It was a war, like all the others, between Gaia and Hairo. The leaders of each side held vast armies at their disposal and this war decided the fate of both worlds. Since that time, this war has been played out countless times. Each time resulting in Hairo's victory, and the destruction of the weak. The outcome of the original war was never found however and we may never know. The war is to be played out once again, this time by young and ruthless. The outcome is unsure, but the end draws near.

There is a universe in which two worlds are connected. They are connected by the force of a vortex. Neither world is superior to the other. But that doesn’t stop the people from thinking they are superior to one another. The world closer to the sun is called Hairo, while the other is called Gaia. On Gaia there exist humans, orcs and many types of animals. On Hairo however there are only people of the elven descent. The racial difference is what has caused the dissension among the worlds. The general populace however, is not able to fight in major battles however, because of their ineptness. It’s up to a few individuals to do the fighting for them. These individuals are known as the elementals. Each possessing the power to reach a higher form of power by bursts of anger. The elements are thus: fire, water, earth, air, light, darkness, lightning and ice.

The future is never on a set path. Of course, fate plays a role in the future. But, there are always two paths in which the future can unfold. Neither path is right or wrong. It's simply a matter of opinion.

There comes a time when one has to choose between what they believe is right for the people and what is right for the world. This is the choice that 16 individuals had to decide upon.

Elementals of Hairo: The people of Hairo are bent upon destroying the world.
1. Forge Doomhallow (Lightning)
2. Zephyr Soulcrest (Wind)
3. Shadow Nighthell (Darkness)
4. Ayuska (Fire)
5. Kya Lombardo (Light)

Character Template:

Home: Hairo in this case
Weapon(s): no names yet since it will be like a FF where you start with a basic weapon
Fury(Limit Breaks):

Name: Tamoya Sentaru
Age: 17
Race: Full blooded Elven
Home: Hairo
Class: Swordsman
Element: Thunder
Weapon(s): Single handed Sword
Abilities: Thunder Blade
Fury(Limit Breaks): Level 1: Performance of Sword
Bio: Tamoya was raised up in a middle class elven family. He was very good friends with another boy named Aleksandar. When the two became older their views of the world changed. Tamoya thought that only the strong should survive, while Aleks believed that everyone should be given a chance at life. Aleks was eventually sent to Gaia as punishment by his older brother Zephyr and now has become a major enemy to Hairo.