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December 6th, 2004, 8:53 PM
You are in school, eagerly awaiting the end of your sixth period so you can go home. When the bell rings though, you can't leave. Everyone else seems to be gone, except you and a few others. Slowly, weird things start happening. The lights flicker on and off, a strange fog fills the school, green ooze seeps through the walls, what could be happening? Soon, you start seeing things, strange things. Before you know it, there's one less of you. Then, another vanishes. What's causing this?
Backpack Items: *normal things please*
Other: *nothing to extreme, member, you're regular kid.*

Flygon trainer
December 6th, 2004, 9:01 PM
Name: Eclipse
Description: She's about 5'5" and she has raven black, wavy hair running to the center of her back. She tends to wear her black sweater, and black slacks. Her eyes are a blood red.
Personality: She's harsh, unforgiving, and viewed by many as evil.
Backpack Items: a folder, a container full of fake blood (actually cherry soda, but a bit redder), and water.
Other:She enjoys scaring others by acting like a vampire.

December 6th, 2004, 9:08 PM
Name: Raven
Description: He's got long black hair, curly, and piercing green eyes. He's 6 feet and has a semi muscular build.
Personality:He is the loner type, and befriends very few people. He likes being alone
Backpack Items: CD player, Meteora*CD*Hybrid Theory, Ocean Avenue. Binder, spanish and science books, pens and pencils.
Other: He prefers being off in dark corners listening to his music.

December 6th, 2004, 9:09 PM
6th period??? YOU ONLY HAVE 6 PERIODS OF SCHOOL?!?!?
... grr... you guys stink >=(

i dont think ill join this rpg :)

ill watch :) (*cough* *cough* not in high school :P*)

December 6th, 2004, 9:10 PM
OOC: You can still join ellen. BTW, are you back online now?

Flygon trainer
December 6th, 2004, 9:10 PM
OOC: Febbie... you don't need to make comments like that... it's rather spammy....

December 6th, 2004, 9:42 PM
I think I'll join too... its been a real long time since I Rped.

Name: Ken
Description: His hair is white due to a birth defect. He's 5'9, and enjoys working at the gym to pass the time. He wears his clothes baggy so bagy that his blue jeans touch the ground, and a fisherman style hat that covers his eyes.
Personality:He's usually with a friend or two, but rarely aound a large group of people.
Backpack Items: School Binder, pencils, pens, a 3 more hats just incase he looses one.
Other: He thinks too much of himself sometimes, which can get the best of him sometimes.

Flygon trainer
December 6th, 2004, 9:45 PM
OOC: two RP mods in the same RP.. scary... feel pity for anyone that breaks the rules..

Composer of Requiems
December 6th, 2004, 10:44 PM
Looks interesting ^^
Form: What form? =P
Name: Nic.
Description: Nerdy look, with thick square glasses. Baggy dark grey-green short sleeved shirt with stiff collars buttoned to the second highest button. Baggy dark greenish-grey cargo pants with lots of hidden pockets. Thick deep grey belt. Black hair combed back and parted on the right.
Personality: Bored with the people around him easily. Makes and loses friends at a very rapid rate.
Backpack Items: Doesn't use a backpack. Puts everything into pants ^^. Fountain pen, mechanical pencil, lead container, compass (to draw circles, not find the way ^^), the other kind of compass (which is never right due to the existence of a magnet), strong radio magnet (for misc. purposes), laser pointer (to shine in people's eyes ^^), metal 40cm ruler, metal 360 degree protractor, PDA ^^, container of black ink, rubber bands, container of toothpicks (XDDDDD)
Other: Maniac concerning mathematics (to tell the truth, I'm something like that in real life- this is mostly an exeggerated version of me XD)

December 7th, 2004, 7:08 AM
i'll join
Description: has Ambern hair and brown eyes
Personality: witty, sensitive, infernophobia XD
Backpack Items: Three folders: first one holds her Hebrew studies, second one holds her writeing studies, third one holds all her doodles XD a binder that holds all her homework and tests, and then a supplies box.
Other: only has four friends, other than that is pretty much ignored

December 7th, 2004, 7:51 AM
Name: Beacon
Age: 15
Description: Lonely kid who doesn't have too many friends. He says he has no fears, but there is something he does fear.
Personality: Smart, can be athletic, hates light
Backpack items: Pencils, paper, binder XD (binder with a lot of paper for drawing XD)
Other: Has NO friends, and everyone makes fun of him and is mean.

December 7th, 2004, 3:06 PM
Name: Jackie-O (a nickname I picked up in school *doesn't know how, considering her name is Sara*)
Age: 17
Description: Tall, thin. She's got clurly white, shoulder length hair, and dark violet coloured eyes. She always wears baggy black clothing, and she has rim-less, wire-armed glasses.
Personality: Quiet, shy. Will hang out with her friends, if invited. Not easy to scare.
Backpack Items: A red foulder and a blue one, covered with little doodles. There's a black, spiral notebook, missing only a few pages. Alot of the pages are covered with poems, with the margins covered in little etches. In her pants pocket, she carries a variaty of pens; a few different colours. As well as a couple mechanical pencils.

paige pelletier
December 7th, 2004, 3:33 PM
I will join if I can since I am 12........
Name: Paige
Age: 12
Description: long dark brown hair (down to her ankles) pulled into two ponytails jeans t shirt sneakers all baggy fingerless black gloves
Personality: she is odd because she likes fortune telling and dark things she can easily be described as insane
BackPackItems: she carries lots of strange things mostly books infact she has a knack for getting the biggest books she also has a water bottle a mirrow (not used for pruning but for fortune telling) and a pencil and a cople of papers

December 7th, 2004, 3:51 PM
Alright, we have more members than I suspected we'd get.
Are you all ready to start?

December 7th, 2004, 5:38 PM
I'm ready. this will be fun!

Composer of Requiems
December 8th, 2004, 7:49 PM
*is waiting to start*
What exactly are we waiting for?

December 8th, 2004, 8:35 PM
Name: Naomi
Age: 14
Description: Black hair, which is highlighted brown. Short and petite. Dresses in drak colors, goth style.
Personality: Gives people the feeling of not easy to approach, acts tough, is blunt, but really just wants a friend. Is actually shy and sweet. She likes to write poems and draw.
Backpack Items: CD player with various Rock CDs, Binder, Pens, a notebook to write poems. Some makeup. Some books.
Other: None... o.o;

((Yay! Another fun one. =]))

December 8th, 2004, 8:44 PM
OOC: Sorry for the late start! :D

IC: It was yet another boring day in my Intro to Human Services class and I was off on the computers with everyone else. We were supposed to be typing up a Persuasive Essay about the misuse of drugs, when I got bored. I went over to this new site I found called The PokeCommunity.
At first I was a bit skeptic about joining a Pokemon themed site, but after a bit of FAINT from LP, I thought, why not?
I joined under the name,"Flygon_Zero".
After making a few posts, I got really comfortable on this site, and the time flew. I was making post after post, and soon, I had over 100 posts. I had even confessed to them something dear, and before I knew, my teacher said it was time to log off.
I packed up my things, careful not to get caught with my CD player out, and awaited the bell.
When it finally rang though, there was no rushto get out as there usually is. There was a bright green flash, and then I was alone.
I walked out of the room as if nothing had happened, and realized the entire school was empty. I made my way to the first floor of the steps, and nothing but emptiness.
As I made my way to the front gates, they were locked, and it seemed as if they had been built up to prevent hopping over. I walked over to the other " exits" and found it impossible to leave. I made my way back to room 204, and turned on the T.v. I put in my CD to the DVD player, and relaxed.

December 8th, 2004, 9:28 PM
"Montrez-moi vos devoirs..." Madame said.
Naomi sighed deeply and looked at the clock.
Mon dieu, French is boring...
As soon as Madame finished checking her homework, the bell rang.

All ran out, leaving Naomi walking slowly in the deserted walkway.
As her hand toched the door, a bright green flash overcame her.
She muttered something unaudible and pushed on the door.

It wouldn't budge.
"What the...?!" she grumbled unhappily and walked off to find another exit.

December 8th, 2004, 11:28 PM
As Ken was in the weight room of the school alone after the students had left, he continued his workout until he finally began to sweat. "Don't wanna strain myself." He joked with himself.

He went and changed in the locker area, and emerged with his usual baggy clothing, remembering to keep his hat tilted to cover his eyes. As he was leaving, there was a flash of light that impaired his vision for a bit that seemed to be green.

Composer of Requiems
December 9th, 2004, 8:27 AM
The stupid sharperner wouldn't work again.

Nic was still in the classroom, trying to fix the public equipment. As always, someone had just decided to jam in something corrosive, and now it had to be taken apart, since this time, it got right into the inner mechanisms.

The screw fell off the table and went into the corner under the desk. He crept under.

There was a momentary flash of green light, contrasting against the yellow tint of the setting sun.

-What the h*** was that?!

He got up.

The table was empty. Then, he heard a faint metallic sound.

A screw fell from above. He decided not to look up, since whenever someone looks up at something that just fell from above, the rest will always tend to fall on that person.
Instead of that, he lept backwards before risking a glance.

The old rule always works. The rest of the public sharpener fell from above, in little fragments, scattering on the floor.


He pocketed the screw that he had retrieved from beneath the table, and left the room. Something was wrong.

The corridors were deserted. Then, all the lights went on at once.


Nic walked briskly to the main door. No point running. It was only noisier.

He opened the door a crack, and peeped out. The first thing he noticed was that something was wrong with the gate. It looked more... forbidding.

Nic decided that it was best not to stay out here. It was better to find someone else. It was just ... safer.

He walked to the common rooms, where pupils could spend their time when they were boarding.


Then, he heard some sound coming from Room 204. Nic made his way there.

December 9th, 2004, 3:42 PM
Soon, I had finished listening to Meteora, and decided to walk around a bit.
I was already outside when I realized something....
" I'm stupid, " I said, as I went inside to get my CD.
I made my way down to the weight room after hearing a strange noise from there. I didn't see anything, but I wasn't worried. I walked back to the cafeteria and started raiding the fridge....

Composer of Requiems
December 9th, 2004, 8:09 PM
Whoever was in the room had already left. It seemed that there was another door. A CD was playing in the room.

Nic decided not to stay there. He moved to the lockers. He couldn't remember what he had left in his, but there had to be something useful.

Then, he saw a muscular guy lying face down in the doorway of the locker room.

Nic rushed over and squatted down.

-Are you OK?

December 9th, 2004, 8:53 PM
"Ugh I'm fine" Ken said in a low tone of voice as he loked at the cargo pants of the person squatting down, then at his bold glasses, "something strange is going on here, this school seems to be completely empty, even the teachers are gone from what I've seen.

Suddenly, the dim lights that lighted the hallway began to flicker quickly, as if a person was blinking. This continued on for about 4 minutes until everything went back to normal, but the already dim lights were barely working now and struggling to keep from burning out.

"We've have got to get out of here before something else strange happens." Ken said, with a bit of fear in his husky, but light voice.

December 9th, 2004, 9:07 PM
After aquiring some pizzas, even packing in a small fork for a weapon, I made my way back towards the gym. I walked by the lockerrrooms and saw two people there. I saw they were still there after blinking. I tossed them a small Pizza, still in its Domino's box, and continued on to the gym.

Composer of Requiems
December 9th, 2004, 11:10 PM
OOC: PIZZAAAA~! Is it a weapon of mass destruction...?
-There's something very wrong here. The gates are locked. And fortified. Don't ask me how. I think we're stuck in here, unless you want to try to climb over.

He picked up the pizza and stared at it. The toppings looked mouldy.

December 10th, 2004, 9:20 AM
ARG! i keep falling behhind! i'm sry everyone!
Robin joted down notes, even if they wouldn't help her for her upcomming test she wanted to set a good example for the teachers so they might go easier on her. The bell rang evetuelly, she stood up and lifted her backpack, it was upsidedown. All of her stuff fell out, a boy started to laugh and picked up her doodle folder
"POKEMON!? WHO LIKES POKEMON? WHAT IS THIS? A PIKACHU?" everyone stopped what they were doing and looked at Robin, everyone burst out laughing. Robin clenched her fists "give me my folder back" she said angrilly.
"GOTTA CATCH ME FIRST POKEMON MASTER!" the boy laughed evilly and ran out of the class room. Robin burst into speed after him, this wouldn't be too hard to catch him considering he was so fat.
She ran down the hall way and noticed there were no students, the boy turned the corner and Robin turned after him. She ran faster and caught up to him, "Give me my folder!" she yelled, the boy looked back and smiled "CATCH! LOOSER!" he said, he threw the folder into the nearest class room, Rabin glared at him and ran into the class room, the boy slammed the door behind her and laughed it off.
Robin felt tears in her eyes, what was wrong about drawing pokemon? She picked up her folder and saw that half her pictures were crinkled from the boys tight grip. She put it in her backpack and walked out, it was dead silent in the hallways. Robin walked down the hallway and to the front door of the school-it was locked. She glared at the door, today was probably the worst day of her life. She walked to anothre exit, again it was locked. She sighed and decided to search for some janitors, "most likeley in lunchroom" she said to herself.
She started to walk towards the lunchroom, seeing not even janoitors around, she looked out the window and saw quick bright green flash, I wish this nightmare would end already' she thought, as if the longer she stayed the weirder things would get.
When she got to the lunch room she saw a boy there, stareing at a moldy pizza "hi, um do you know where everybody is? and why the front doors locked?" Robin asked

December 10th, 2004, 7:38 PM
Naomi kicked the front door angrily while muttering something that would have caused her mother to wash her mouth with soap.
She turned her head slightly, hearing some noises from the gym

As she walked, her heavy combat boots thudding on the floor. She thought it queer that no one was here.
Maybe the basketball team was practicing... she thought hopefully.
But as she walked inside, no one was there, except for a boy with long black hair, whom she reconized as an upper classman.

"Scuse me, are you on the basketball team?" she asked him.

Composer of Requiems
December 10th, 2004, 10:30 PM
Nic saw someone approach...
[i]-The three of us seems to be "Everyone" right now, so I suppose "Everyone" is right here. I'm going to try to break through the gates. Want to follow?

December 11th, 2004, 2:14 PM
Robin nodded "I don't know where else to go" she admitted and fallowed the boy " by the way my names Robin" she said

Composer of Requiems
December 12th, 2004, 1:01 AM
-Ok. I'll try to remember that.

He looked at the other guy.

-You coming?